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Continental Automotive Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Continental Automotive Gmbh. Continental Automotive Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Continental Automotive Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Continental Automotive Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Method and arrangement for locating the installation position of wheels in a vehicle
04/20/17 new patent  Device and monitoring an electrical insulation in a vehicle electrical system
04/20/17 new patent  Control electronics for an agricultural or forestry vehicle
04/20/17 new patent  Device for providing a liquid additive
04/20/17 new patent  Method and device for operating a pressure reservoir, in particular for common rail injection systems in automobile engineering
04/20/17 new patent  Method for operating a pump
04/20/17 new patent  Sensor for detecting a position of an actuator
04/20/17 new patent  Apparatus and monitoring an electrical insulation for an onboard power supply system of a vehicle
04/20/17 new patent  Method and circuit detecting a failure of at least one light emitting diode in a light emitting diode arrangement
04/13/17Method and monitoring the temperature of the coil wire of a solenoid valve
04/13/17Fluid injector, combustion engine and operating a combustion engine
04/13/17Fuel injector
04/13/17Fuel rail assembly
04/06/17Method and equipment for monitoring tyre wear, and vehicle on-board wear-monitoring system
04/06/17Fuel injection assembly
03/30/17Liquid purification element for purifying a liquid
03/30/17Device and controlling a fuel injection valve
03/30/17Fluid injector
03/30/17Device for determining a level of the surface of a fluid in a fluid container
03/30/17Assembly having two copper sheets screwed to each other and producing said assembly
03/23/17Measurement method and unit for a motor vehicle
03/23/17Method for producing a mechanical device with a transmission element and a transmission element for transmitting a manipulated variable
03/23/17Apparatus and determining a level of a fluid surface in a fluid container
03/23/17Method for producing a circuit board and circuit board
03/16/17Method for determining the closing characteristic of the control valve of a piezo servo injector
03/02/17Determining the amount of energy released in a cylinder of an internal combustion engine by evaluating tooth timings of a sensor disc that is connected to a crankshaft
03/02/17Method and device for detecting objects in the dark using a vehicle camera and a vehicle lighting system
03/02/17Method for producing an electronic structural element as a stack
03/02/17Method for identifying an overcurrent when charging a piezo actuator
03/02/17Method for field-oriented control of a frequency converter for a three-phase motor
03/02/17Key location system
03/02/17Method for locating, via ultra high frequency, a mobile device for "hands-free" access to an automotive vehicle and associated locating device
02/23/17Foreign-body detection device and power inductive charging device
02/16/17Method for influencing a fluid flow
02/16/17Method and device for producing a winding of an electric machine
02/09/17Exhaust system for a motor vehicle
02/09/17Liquid purification element
02/09/17Pressure accumulator device for a motor vehicle fuel injection system, and operating a pressure accumulator device of said type
02/09/17Position correction of a vehicle by referencing to objects in the surroundings
02/09/17Pressure compensation element having spring element, casing and electronic control device
02/02/17Method and operating a combustion machine
02/02/17Method for operating a high pressure pump of an injection system and an injection system
02/02/17Early logo display in a multiprocessor architecture
02/02/17Drive-by calibration from static targets
02/02/17Switching regulator for producing a plurality of dc voltages
01/26/17Fuel rail assembly for an internal combustion engine
01/26/17Device and bending winding segments to form a winding, winding carrier, electric machine
01/19/17Early rear view camera video display in a multiprocessor architecture
01/19/17Car theft tracking system and method
01/19/17Washing nozzle for a window washing system
01/19/17Device for detecting a user's intention to lock or unlock a motor vehicle door
01/19/17Pump for conveying a liquid, in particular an exhaust-gas cleaning additive
01/19/17Electric machine
01/12/17Injection valve for an accumulator injection system
01/12/17High pressure fuel pump and associated drive device
01/12/17Filter assembly and fuel injector
01/12/17Fault management a vehicle engine control system
01/12/17Open-circuit detection in a switching structure
01/12/17Vehicle-to-x communication system, vehicle, and transmitting vehicle-to-x messages
01/12/17Radiofrequency transmission device
01/05/17Method for transmitting a radio signal between an electronic unit of a vehicle wheel and an electronic centralized control unit attached to the vehicle
01/05/17Method for operating a display device for a vehicle
12/29/16Rotor for a turbocharger device, turbocharger device having a rotor, and shaft for a rotor of said type
12/29/16Method for determining deviations between actual measured current values and setpoint current values in a plurality of parallel-connected current-regulated circuit paths
12/22/16Controlled connection of multiple wiring system branches of a vehicle
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12/22/16Method and device for controlling an injector
12/15/16Method for determining a flow rate through a valve
12/08/16Method for checking a temperature sensor in an scr exhaust gas post-treatment system
12/01/16Display device for a motor vehicle
12/01/16Method for determining the position of a moving part along an axis, using an inductive sensor
11/17/16Nozzle assembly and fuel injection valve for a combustion engine
11/10/16Vehicle control system and method
11/10/16Filter assembly for a fuel injector
11/10/16Method and system for calibrating a camera of a vehicle
11/03/16Method for transmitting identification signals formulated according to n different protocols, using an electronic casing provided on a wheel of a vehicle
11/03/16Fuel collection device for a fuel tank in a motor vehicle
11/03/16Wireless charging for vehicle batteries
11/03/16Washer nozzle for a screen wash system
11/03/16Method for operating an injection valve
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11/03/16Nozzle body and fuel injection valve
11/03/16Nozzle head and fluid injection valve
10/27/16Piezoelectric injector for direct fuel injection
10/27/16Fuel cllection device for a motor vehicle
10/27/16Fuel feed module with integral resistor
10/27/16Heat pipe having displacement bodies
10/27/16Method for producing a display unit, and display unit
10/27/16System for providing data for vehicles
10/27/16Assembly with a carrier substrate and at least one electrical component arranged thereon, and electrical component
10/20/16Method for determining a wheel tire ground print
10/20/16Operating unit
10/20/16Supercharging device for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle, and producing the supercharging device
10/20/16Display device
10/13/16Method for controlling a hybrid drive of a vehicle and a computer program for controlling a hybrid drive of a vehicle
10/13/16Method for conrolling at least one first drive unit of a vehicle as a function of operating states of a second drive unit of the vehicle during a switchover operation, and control device
10/13/16Method for determining the valve opening moment in piezo servo-driven injectors
10/13/16Method for operating a piezo servo injector
10/13/16Method for operating an injector of an injection system of an internal combustion engine
10/13/16Method for operating injectors of an injection system
10/13/16Use of an electronic device for operating a dc motor to control two peak and hold loads
10/13/16Method and system for determining a number of vehicle-to-x messages to be discarded
10/13/16Method for operating a security gateway of a communication system for vehicles
10/06/16Device for supply of electrical power in a vehicle
10/06/16Valve assembly with a particle retainer element and fluid injection valve
10/06/16Sensor device
10/06/16Communication device for a motor vehicle, motor vehicle, and communication method
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09/29/16Injector and contact element for the same
09/29/16Layered glass assembly for optical light beam projection with 3d effects on seamless surfaces
09/22/16Dual graphics label for an input area of control device
09/22/16Navigation operating it
09/22/16Sensor for detecting a gas content
09/22/16Receiving circuit for a vehicle remote
09/22/16Antenna driver circuit
09/15/16Method and arrangement for locating the installation position of wheels in a motor vehicle
09/15/16Method for preventing an engine from stalling using an estimate of the rotatable speed of said engine
09/15/16Method for controlling an electric motor of a vehicle pump
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09/15/16Air intake system of an internal combustion engine
09/08/16Pointer instrument having a double pointer and an eccentrically arranged fastening column
09/08/16Linear actuator
09/08/16Injection vavle
09/08/16Method of manufacturing an injector for injecting fluid and injector for injecting fluid
09/08/16Impeller for a side channel flow machine in particular designed as a side channel blower
09/08/16Fill level sensor
09/01/16Driver circuit for an inductor coil, operating an inductor coil and active transmission system with a driver circuit
09/01/16Method for operating a motor vehicle and motor vehicle for carrying out the method
09/01/16Method and device for operating a fuel pump
09/01/16Injection valve and operation of an injection valve
09/01/16Device and reducing variants in fuel pump electronics
09/01/16Fuel injector
09/01/16Piezo actuator for a fuel injector, and fuel injector
09/01/16Method for updating an operating function of a sensor, and sensor module
09/01/16Component for electrically contacting a piezo stack, a piezo stack, and producing the same
09/01/16Module housing for electronic assembly
08/25/16Predictive operating a vehicle and corresponding driver assistance system for a vehicle
08/25/16Piezoelectric injector for direct fuel injection
08/25/16Valve assembly with a guide element
08/25/16Flow distribution measurement of a liquid spray stream
08/25/16Communication system for inter-chip communication
08/18/16System and operation of an internal combustion engine
08/18/16Control for overrun cutoff of internal combustion engine
08/18/16Injector for a combustion engine
08/18/16Pressure control vavle
08/18/16Compressor with variable compressor inlet
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08/18/16Device for introducing a freezable liquid into the exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle
08/18/16Sensor for measuring a property of an aggressive liquid
08/18/16Device for diagnosing the loss of a connection between an electronic control module and a ground
08/18/16System and transmitting data with useful signal detection at the receiver end
08/18/16Electric component and producing same
08/11/16Mobile inductive charging station for vehicles
08/11/16Fuel injector and fuel-injection system
08/11/16Fluid injector
08/11/16Plunger and fluid-line system
08/11/16Sensor element
08/11/16User message queue inter-process communication
08/11/16Electric machine and connecting unit for an electric machine
08/04/16Method and displaying the surroundings of a vehicle, and driver assistance system
08/04/16Fuel injection system
08/04/16Magnetic induction charging device
08/04/16Arrangement having a ferromagnetic work piece and a heating winding arranged around at least one section of the work piece
07/28/16Pressure-limiting valve for a fuel injection system and fuel injection system
07/28/16Valve arrangement
07/28/16Start/stop system for a motor vehicle drive
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07/28/16Cam gear and linear drive device comprising said cam gear
07/28/16Liquid tank with an ultrasonic sensor
07/28/16Sensor for detecting a gas
07/28/16Ultrasonic sensor having a deflecting element
07/28/16Card-type smart key apparatus and control method thereof
07/28/16Test a screen in a vehicle
07/21/16Fluid injection valve
07/21/16Plug-in pump for a common-rail system and engine arrangement having an internal combustion engine, having a common-rail system and having a plug-in pump
07/21/16High pressure pump
07/21/16Delivery device for delivering oil from a reservoir to a transmission of a motor vehicle
07/21/16Device for determining the torque applied to a crankset shaft
07/14/16Signal detection for balancing cylinders in a motor vehicle
07/14/16Actuating drive for an injection valve, and injection valve
07/14/16Linear driving device, connector and exhaust gas recirculation control valve
07/14/16Air mass flow meter
07/07/16Multifunctional monitoring of electrical systems
07/07/16Mixer valve of an internal combustion engine
07/07/16Valve device for a motor vehicle
07/07/16Damper for a high-pressure pump
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07/07/16Reducing agent tank
07/07/16Sensor for detecting oxidizable gases
06/30/16On-board electrical operating an on-board electrical system
06/30/16Turbocharger with a radial-axial turbine wheel
06/30/16Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
06/30/16Roller tappet
06/30/16High pressure pump
06/30/16Device for controlling a field effect transistor
06/23/16Low-frequency emission electronic unit emitting to a mobile wheel electronic unit of a vehicle and associated low-frequency signal transmission method
06/23/16Method for operating a fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine
06/23/16Fluid injection assembly for a combustion engine
06/23/16Method for estimating the reliability of measurements by wheel sensors of a vehicle and system for its application
06/23/16Method for establishing a functional diagnosis for a buck static dc-dc voltage converter
06/23/16Interface module
06/23/16Portable radio communication device with adjustable gain and associated gain adjustment method
06/16/16Assistance adjusting the pressure of a tire fitted to a wheel mounted on a motor vehicle
06/16/16Measurement module and assembly such a module on a wheel rim
06/16/16Fuel tank system
06/16/16Method for monitoring an oxidation catalysis device
06/16/16Coil assembly and fluid injection valve
06/16/16Contact device for establishing an electric contact between a printed circuit board and an electromotor
06/16/16Monitoring and diagnosis of a control device
06/16/16Housing for electronic control unit
06/09/16Determination of the point in time of a predetermined open state of a fuel injector
06/09/16Method for detecting the detachment of a sensor device mounted in a wheel of a vehicle
06/09/16Apparatus and narrowband data transmission by means of a dsss transmission system
06/02/16Pump arrangement and system for a motor vehicle
06/02/16Pump for metering a liquid additive for a selective catalytic reduction device
05/26/16Method of calibrating a standby duration of a proximity detection sensor and associated sensor
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05/26/16Pump for pumping a liquid
05/26/16Module for the metered provision of a liquid
05/26/16Method for producing injectors, in particular fuel injectors
05/26/16Delivery device for delivering oil from a reservoir to a transmission of a motor vehicle
05/26/16Inductive sensor for measuring the position of a shaft of a vehicle
05/26/16Detection of a wire-break fault during the operation of a brushless d.c. motor
05/19/16Fuel injection valve for a combustion engine
05/19/16Pump for delivering a liquid
05/12/16Method and device for locating wheels of a vehicle as well as a tire pressure monitoring system
05/12/16Method for operating a device for conveying a liquid
05/05/16Method and device for determining a driving state of an external motor vehicle
05/05/16Method for processing a voltage signal relating to the pressure prevailing in a combustion chamber of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine
04/28/16Method for operating a device for providing a liquid additive
04/28/16Method for optimizing the use of a non-volatile memory in a motor vehicle computer for monitoring a functional member
04/28/16Method for using a sensor to detect a user's presence for unlocking an access to a motor vehicle, and sensor associated therewith
04/21/16Method for operating a device for the dosed supply of a liquid
04/21/16Method for communicating a malfunction of a system for measuring speed and direction of rotation of a rotary shaft
04/21/16Filter for a fluid injection valve, fluid injection valve and producing a filter for a fluid injection valve
04/21/16Method for triggering a driver assistance function upon detection of a stop light by means of a camera
04/21/16Method for driving an inductive actuator
04/14/16Method and device for determining a reference current progression for a fuel injector, for determining the instant of a predetermined opening state of the fuel injector
04/14/16Valve assembly with a guiding element and fluid injector
04/14/16Fuel injection valve for an internal combustion engine
04/07/16I for operating an internal combustion engine
04/07/16Method for detecting a wiring fault in a capacitive sensor
03/31/16Wireless battery charging system having emergency shutdown for a traction battery of an electric vehicle
03/24/16Circuit arrangement having redundant half bridges for operating an electric machine
03/24/16Method for operating a regenerative braking device of a motor vehicle and regenerative braking device for a motor vehicle

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