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Continental Automotive Systems Inc
Continental Automotive Systems Inc_20131212

Continental Automotive Systems Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Continental Automotive Systems Inc. Continental Automotive Systems Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Continental Automotive Systems Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Continental Automotive Systems Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Oil separator for reducing residue deposits
11/16/17Pressure sensor device with anchors for die shrinkage and high sensitivity
11/02/17Thermal management of a system for transmission active warm up and internal electronics cooling
11/02/17Selectable input transient voltage suppressor
10/26/17Integrated fastener for plastic automotive components
10/26/17Internal electronic park actuator
10/26/17Non-intrusive short-circuit protection for power supply devices
10/19/17Integrated fastener for instrumentation cluster
09/28/17Decoupled alignment shroud for variable connector routing
09/14/17Electrolytic capacitor retention device
08/10/17Embedded structures for high glass strength and robust packaging
08/03/17Bonded guide tube and bellow assembly for air spring
07/20/17Bearing seal assembly for electronic throttle control valve
07/06/17Baby on board reminder
07/06/17Child video monitoring device
07/06/17Orifice plate flow path stabilizer
07/06/17Phantom dials for instrument cluster
07/06/17Button with flexible light conductor
06/22/17Brake system dig feature
06/22/17Arrangment and preventing false detection of electronic stability control primary circuit loss
06/22/17High light efficiency pointer illumination
06/22/17Stress-isolated absolute pressure sensor
06/22/17Motorcycle blind spot detection system and rear collision alert using mechanically aligned radar
06/22/17Sliding thermal shield
06/15/17Using biosensors to prevent impaired driving
06/15/17Vehicle garage door opener security
06/08/17Air suspension indvidual corner control to optimize traction
06/08/17Maximum hitch angle control for reversing a vehicle and trailer system
06/08/17Differential control user interface for reversing vehicle and trailer system
06/08/17Automotive electronic device having a cover with fins to reduce gel vibration
06/01/17Mold and fold vehicle display assembly
06/01/17Light guide assembly
06/01/17Position-based reconfigurable control knob
05/25/17Light guide assembly
05/25/17Wheel speed sensor and wheel speed sensing system
05/25/17Electronic throttle control assembly with default airflow adjustment pin
05/25/17Transmission park control with integrated brake function
05/25/17Holographic styling
05/25/17Multi-phase turn-on blanking time with vbatt-based fault threshold voltage
05/25/17Display system adjustable based on background
05/25/17Vehicle damage detection and notification system
05/25/17High side output driver
05/18/17Vehicle infotainment and connectivity system
05/18/17Gas introduction for urea solution freeze protection
05/18/17Traffic law indicator for vehicle
05/11/17Enhanced sound generation for quiet vehicles
05/11/17Enhanced sound generation for quiet vehicles with vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities
05/11/17Laser ablation for wirebonding surface on as-cast surface
05/04/17Misuse detection for display combiner
04/27/17On vehicle overweight system detector
04/27/17Humidity resistant sensors and methods of making same
04/20/17Latching solenoid exhaust gas recirculation valve assembly
04/06/17Apparatus and determining a resonant frequency of an lc circuit in situ, by comparing voltage and current polarity changes
03/23/17Discrete under voltage/over voltage monitoring circuit
03/09/17Speech probability presence modifier improving log-mmse based noise suppression performance
03/02/17Vehicle blind spot system operation with trailer tow
03/02/17System and reducing brake noise in a vehicle using electronic brake system
03/02/17Behavior trainable adaptive cruise control
03/02/17Thermostatic valve having anti-siphon feature
03/02/17Enhancement for power-down sequence
02/16/17Automatic activation of warning signal upon occurrence of unsafe condition detected by tire pressure monitoring system
02/16/17Gesture control from a remote position for reversing a vehicle and a vehicle-trailer system
02/09/17Apparatus, configuring a tire information sensor with a transmission protocol based on vehicle trigger characteristics
02/09/17Pressure control by phase current and initial adjustment at car line
01/26/17Cluster illumination by piezoelectric material
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01/12/17Low cost tire bubble fault diagnosis
01/12/17Traffic light replicator in a bus or truck
01/05/17Accurate forward snr estimation based on mmse speech probability presence
01/05/17Externally estimated snr based modifiers for internal mmse calculations
12/29/16Screw on throttle body adapter
12/29/16Pressure sensor device with a mems piezoresistive element attached to an in-circuit ceramic board
12/29/16System for warning a driver that a passenger is left in a vehicle
12/08/16Tire pressure monitoring sensor
12/01/16Apparatus and method to adjust lf sensitivity of tpm sensor
12/01/16Apparatus and changing frequency deviation
11/24/16Method and aparatus for high side transistor protection
11/03/16Digital linear actuator large port side-gated control valve for electronic throttle control
11/03/163d stacked piezoresistive pressure sensor
10/20/16Tire pressure monitoring sensor mounting tool and using the same
10/20/16Automated hitching assist system
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10/20/16Method, system and detecting injector closing time
10/20/16Synchronous buck regulator with short circuit to voltage source protection
10/13/16Collision avoidance based on front wheel off tracking during reverse operation
10/13/16Symmetrical piezoresistive pressure sensor with stacking ics
10/13/16Pulse width modulator for dc/dc converters
10/13/16Method for operating a security gateway of a communication system for vehicles
09/29/16Apparatus and opening a vehicle gate using a camera
09/29/16Gps selector from a diversity/mimo antenna cable
09/22/16System and method utilizing detected load for vehicle handling
09/22/16Gas direct injector with reduced leakage
09/22/16Shared vehicle camera
09/08/16Speech quality under heavy noise conditions in hands-free communication
08/25/16Rf transmission method and apparatus in a tire pressure monitoring system
08/25/16Embedded structures for high glass strength and robust packaging
08/18/16Negative battery main contactor status determination
08/18/16Apparatus and reverse battery protection
08/11/16Two gauge illumination with one light guide
07/28/16Telematics system with pin-controlled external sim to prevent vehicle piracy
07/28/16Fault-tolerant redundant by-wire brake system
07/28/16Hands accelerating control system
07/28/16Sealing structure for a device and method against fluid entry
07/21/16Sealed armature ball tube assembly
06/30/16Gauge with multiple color pointer tip
06/30/16Innovative knob with variable haptic feedback
06/23/16Apparatus and changing tpms sensor message preamble based upon mode
06/23/16Apparatus and compensating for atmospheric pressure in a tpms system
06/23/16Perspective shifting parking camera system
06/23/16Remote automatic closure of power windows, sun roof and convertible top
06/23/16Sensor cleaning system
06/23/16Electro-hydraulic traction support
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06/23/16Composite rocker button with capacitive sense technology
06/16/16Telematics enabled drivers education
06/16/16Throttle valve assembly blade
06/09/16Barometric pressure compensation for tire pressure monitoring system tool
06/09/16Vehicle position based fueling station reputation system
06/09/16Network access device faceplate
05/26/16Closing cover with integrated pressure retention valve housing for air spring applications
05/26/16Piezoresistive pressure sensor device
05/26/16Fuel dispenser with survey system
05/19/16Display system for mirror-less driving
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05/19/16Key fob seal structure with pressure release capability
05/12/16Air spring using laminated material to reduce nvh issues
05/12/16Head unit with interchangeble functional bezel
05/05/16Instrument cluster including telltale illumination
05/05/16Instrument cluster including telltale illumination
04/28/16Dash line pointer
04/21/16Instrument cluster including a pcb mounted light conductor
04/21/16Method of selecting mirrors for adjustment
04/21/16Collision avoidance system using driver eye monitoring during gear change
04/21/16Air spring hybrid piston assembly
04/21/16Pin to pcb connection structure and method
04/14/16Apparatus and an infrared pressure weld reservoir
04/14/16Vehicle blind spot system operation with trailer tow
04/14/16Drilling fluid system
04/14/16Air spring piston with integrated sealing
04/14/16Arrangement and connecting electronic components to a terminal for a sensor assembly
04/14/16Arrangement and connecting an electrical component to a leadframe
04/07/16Light propagation and even distribution using air channels
04/07/16Integrated fastener for plastic components
04/07/16Rolling distance detection system and strategy for vehicle
04/07/16Vehicle trailer control system with wireless capability
04/07/16Automatic door child safety lock release in a crash event
04/07/16Overcurrent protection for an automotive instrument cluster
04/07/16Laser trimming surface cleaning for adhesion to cast metals
03/31/16System and setting an environmental condition in or around a vehicle in response to a determined mood
03/31/16Gauge utilizing light leakage to illuminate the scale of a dial and instrument panel with the gauge
03/31/16Three dimensional view interactive activation system to deploy information
03/31/16Flexible light guide for vehicle display applications
03/31/16Flexible lighting system and component illuminated by the system
03/31/16Electronic brake support system for use when service brake system has failed or is degraded
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03/31/16Hands accelerating control system
03/31/16Solenoid fluid injector with corrosion prevention structure
03/31/16Led beam display for interior automotive applications
03/31/16Dead-front lens for interior vehicle display
03/31/16Stepper pointer
03/31/16Touring cam control
03/24/16Touch sensitive holographic display system and using the display system
03/24/16Increasing pointer brightness to indicate warning level
03/24/16Cargo area airbag
03/24/16Liquid cooled reductant dosing unit
03/24/16Pump control apparatus and method
03/24/16Speed sensor interface including differential comparator
03/17/16Bonded guide tube and bellow assembly for air spring
03/17/16Electronic brake system (ebs) utilizing integrated or non-integrated electronic trailer brake during ebs functions
03/17/16Switch array utilizing touch screen technology and haptics feedback
03/17/16Over-current protection circuit and method
03/17/16Boost converter apparatus and method
03/17/16Llc resonant converter apparatus and method
03/17/16Clamping apparatus and method
03/10/16Washer fluid delivery system
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03/10/16Adaptive driver assist
03/10/16Method and device for controlling a solenoid actuator
03/10/16Detection system for color blind drivers
03/10/16Head-up display system using auto-stereoscopy 3d transparent electronic display
03/03/16Tire pressure monitor system apparatus and method
03/03/16Quick mini-spare detection
03/03/16Differential control user interface for reversing vehicle and trailer system
03/03/16Idle air control valve for use in a small engine and having a protective shroud with valve seat
03/03/16Switch with user feedback
02/25/16Reductant delivery unit for automotive selective catalytic reduction with optimized fluid heating
02/25/16Cluster-radio information interchange system for enhancing human-machine interface experience
02/18/16Display pointer
02/18/16Vehicle cluster with high speed warning indicator
02/18/16Programmable standby voltage power supply
02/18/16High pressure gasoline injector seat to reduce particle emissions
02/18/16Active warning system using the detection of driver awareness of traffic signs
02/18/16Compliant staple pin for connecting multiple printed circuit boards
02/18/16Pwm generation for dc/dc converters with frequency switching
02/11/16Stepper motor with electromagnetic arrangements
02/11/16Stepper motor assembly having opposite shafts
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02/11/16Dynamically calibrated head-up display
02/04/16Back seat occupant detector and alarm
02/04/16Color on demand system with color gradient
01/21/16Charging notification and inquiry of an electric vehicle
01/21/16Light guide film applied at instrument cluster
01/21/16Procedure to automate/simplify internet search based on audio content from a vehicle radio
01/21/16Preventing voltage pulse propagation in a disabled capacitive feedback slew-controlled switch
01/14/16Pedalless electronically controlled hydraulic braking system with redundant pump
01/07/16Detection of air-fuel ratio rich-lean imbalance using an oxygen sensor
12/31/15Coated high pressure gasoline injector seat to reduce particle emissions
12/24/15Illuminated instrument cluster
12/24/15Led driver for vehicle display illumination
12/24/15Enhancement for power down sequence
12/24/15Electronics housing
12/17/15Integration of a radar sensor in a vehicle
12/10/15Trailer brake system having trailer gain optimization
12/03/15Stepped orifice hole
12/03/15Lataching valve assembly having position sensing
12/03/15Remote tuning and diagnostic interface for hands-free systems
11/26/15Electronic throttle body assembly
11/26/15Electronic throttle body assembly
11/26/15Electronic throttle body assembly
11/26/15Double-side thick film network on ceramic card
11/19/15Warning to a pedestrian in dangerous situation
11/19/15Pressure sensor device with high sensitivity and high accuracy
11/12/15Adjustable and flexible damper structure for instrument clusters
11/12/15Stoichiometric air to fuel ratio sensor system
11/12/15Battery sensor clamp assembly
11/05/15Tank pressure control solenoid with passive tank vacuum
11/05/15Light guide assembly for display illumination
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11/05/15Touchless human machine interface
11/05/15Instrument gauge
10/29/15Wire bundle overmold structure
10/29/15Instrument cluster including telltale illumination
10/29/15System and maneuvering a vehicle-trailer unit in reverse travel
10/22/15Method and apparatus to provide surroundings awareness using sound recognition
10/22/15Electronics enclosure
10/15/15Pointerless instrument cluster gauge
10/15/15Humidity resistant sensors and methods of making same
10/15/15Display module with integrated proximity sensor
10/08/15Adjustment of vehicle alerts based on response time learning
10/01/15Turbo purge module hose detection and blow off prevention check valve
09/24/15Method and reprogramming a vehcile component
09/17/15Method and system for displaying probability of a collision
09/10/15End of motion detection circuit for diesel engines
08/27/15Apparatus and cloning tire pressure monitor system information
08/27/15Pressure check tool and operating the same
08/20/15Apparatus and changing frequency deviation
08/13/15Updating vehicle software using a smartphone
07/30/15Method for reducing jerk when completing an automatic braking maneuver
07/30/15Method for reducing reverse vehicle stopping distance using brake pre-charge
07/30/15Reverse vehicle speed control using only the brake pedal
07/30/15System for accommodating a pedestrian during autonomous vehicle operation
07/30/15Method for minimizing automatic braking intrusion based on collision confidence
07/30/15Method for reducing false activations in reverse collision avoidance systems
07/30/15Passive bypass valve for an active purge pump system module
07/23/15Piston with crush fins
07/23/15Road departure protection system
07/09/15Flexible lead frame connection for electronic interconnects

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