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Continental Teves Ag & Co Ohg patents

Recent patent applications related to Continental Teves Ag & Co Ohg. Continental Teves Ag & Co Ohg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Continental Teves Ag & Co Ohg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Continental Teves Ag & Co Ohg, we're just tracking patents.

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04/06/17Ascertaining an offset of an inertial sensor
04/06/17Assembly for a hydraulic motor-vehicle brake system and brake system having such an assembly
03/30/17Method and system for adapting a navigation system
03/30/17Method and system for initializing a sensor fusion system
03/30/17Method for verifying the plausibility of gnss position signals
03/23/17True-power-on steering angle sensor with revolution counter
03/23/17Determination of redundant absolute positions by means of vehicle-dynamics sensors
03/16/17Brake system for motor vehicles
03/16/17Method for controlling a brake system
03/16/17Vehicle control system for autonomously guiding a vehicle
03/09/17Method for setting a slip threshold and vehicle movement dynamics control device
02/16/17Actuating unit for a hydraulic brake system
02/09/17Integrated air-supply unit
01/12/17Drum brake module which can be operated by electric motor
01/12/17Vehicle-to-x communication system, vehicle, and transmitting vehicle-to-x messages
01/12/17Method and system for improving the data security during a communication process
12/29/16Method and device for determining a roadway state by means of a vehicle camera system
11/24/16Brake control device and brake system for vehicles
11/24/16Electrohydraulic pressure control device for vehicle brake systems
11/10/16Brake system for vehicles
11/10/16Method for classifying a received vehicle-to-x message
10/27/16Method for regulating driving stability
10/27/16Method and identifying erroneous data in at least one memory element
10/20/16Sensor comprising an integrated identification device
10/13/16Sensor production by holding the intermediate injection-molded part
10/13/16Method and system for determining a number of vehicle-to-x messages to be discarded
10/13/16Method for operating a security gateway of a communication system for vehicles
09/29/16Retaining assembly
09/29/16Friction lining arrangement for a disk brake
09/29/16Rotational speed sensor which is installed in a mechanically overdetermined manner with an elastic injection-moulded encapsulation
09/29/16Tool for the primary shaping of a housing for a sensor
09/22/16Brake system for motor vehicles
09/15/16Electronic control unit and arranging electronic components on a circuit carrier and for electrically connecting said electronic components to a circuit carrier
09/08/16Method for actuating a brushless motor
08/18/16Method for operating a braking system and a braking system
08/11/16Method for monitoring a transmission link
08/04/16Method and displaying the surroundings of a vehicle, and driver assistance system
07/28/16Error transmission in two-level rotational speed sensor
07/21/16Method for controlling a brake system, and brake system in which the method is carried out
07/21/16Method, fusion filter, and system for fusing sensor signals with different temporal signal output delays into a fusion data set
07/21/16Method for testing a transformer
07/21/16Method and communication validating a data content in a wirelessly received communication signal, and use of the communication apparatus
07/21/16Processing-path-dependent filtering of data packets received in the car2x network
07/14/16Brake system for motor vehicles
07/14/16Method and device for an automatic steering intervention
07/14/16Filter adapting a computing load
07/07/16Brake system for motor vehicles
07/07/16Reducing received data in a v2x network based on received signal strength
07/07/16Filtering of data packets to be forwarded in the car2x network
07/07/16Car2x receiver filtering based on a receiving corridor in a geographic coordinate system
06/30/16Combined vehicle brake with a ball screw drive
06/02/16Method for conveying a metered hydraulic volume in a vehicle braking system by means of an electrically driven motor pump assembly and vehicle braking system
06/02/16Method for providing haptic information for a driver of a motor vehicle, and brake system
05/19/16Method for controlling an electromechanical actuator, and control device
05/19/16Hybrid cable, its manufacture and use of such a hybrid cable
04/28/16Method for communicating data, communication controller and circuit arrangement
04/21/16Air spring
04/21/16Brake actuation system
04/14/16Pump assembly
04/14/16Drum brake which can be operated by an electric motor
03/17/16Shunt current measurement with temperature compensation
03/03/16Air spring, in particular for vehicles
02/25/16Hydraulic fluid container with blocking device
02/18/16Interface for interchanging data between redundant programs for controlling a motor vehicle
02/11/16Method for determining the conditions of an underlying surface during unbraked or braked travel of a vehicle
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02/11/16Method for operating a brake system for motor vehicles and a brake system in which the method is carried out
02/11/16Method and system for preventing a following vehicle from driving up on a vehicle driving directly in front and use of the system
02/11/16Method for determining the conditions of an underlying surface during unbraked or braked travel of a vehicle
02/04/16Pressure provision device and brake system
01/28/16Brake system for motor vehicles
01/21/16Brake device having a travel sensor for integrated motor vehicle brake systems
01/14/16Brake actuation unit
01/07/16Method and device for detecting the presence of objects in a passenger compartment of a vehicle
01/07/16Fastening device for fixing a cable
01/07/16Sensor for detecting a position of a transducer magnet
12/31/15Method for determining a vehicle reference speed and vehicle controller having such a method
12/31/15Method for operating a brake system, brake system in which the method is performed, and uses of the brake system
12/31/15Method and beam sensor module for predictively determining the condition of the road in a vehicle
12/24/15Method for determining a reference position as the starting position for an inertial navigation system
12/24/15Method and determining a road condition
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12/24/15Electronic device and producing an electronic device
12/17/15Determination of the position of structural elements of a vehicle
12/17/15Friction lining with a steel wire bow spring
12/17/15Method for producing a sensing device
12/17/15Method for detecting a torque applied to a shaft
12/10/15Master brake cylinder for a hydraulic motor vehicle brake system
12/10/15Method for reducing a total computation compacity that needs to be kept, vehicle-to-x communication apparatus and use of the vehicle-to-x communication apparatus
12/03/15Sensor detecting a rotation of an object
12/03/15Holding assembly
12/03/15Sensor detecting a rotation of an object
12/03/15Sensor for emitting an electrical signal
12/03/15Method for setting up a current sensor
12/03/15Method for producing an electronic assembly
11/26/15Angle sensor
11/26/15Control device for a vehicle with a housing having a pressure sensor
11/19/15Pressure medium container for a hydraulic motor vehicle brake system
11/19/15Device for outputting a measurement signal indicating a physical measurement variable
11/19/15Method for determining initial data for determining position data of a vehicle
11/19/15Correction of angle errors in permanent magnets
11/19/15Method for producing a measuring pickup
11/12/15Switchover a solenoid valve operated in analogized form, electrohydraulic brake system, and use of the electrohydraulic brake system
11/12/15Method for the vacuum supply for a pneumatic brake booster of a motor vehicle braking system
11/12/15Method for adjusting a current sensor
11/12/15Electronic device and producing an electronic device
11/05/15Vehicle movement dynamics control method
11/05/15Method for determining the absolute position of a linear actuator
11/05/15Sensor for detecting the position of an encoder element
11/05/15Sensor for outputting an electric signal on the basis of a detected physical variable
11/05/15Device for determining the location of a vehicle
11/05/15Method and system for learning traffic events, and use of the system
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10/29/15Method for providing a gnss signal
10/22/15Method for operating a brake system, and brake system in which the method is carried out
10/22/15Method and device for the automated braking and steering of a vehicle
10/08/15Method and system for merging ambient sensor data with communication data, and use of the system
10/01/15Electrohydraulic or electromechanical motor vehicle control device
09/17/15Method of controlling electronic parking brake of vehicle having dual clutch transmission
09/10/15Friction coefficient estimation from camera and wheel speed data
08/27/15Method for controlling a braking system for motor vehicles
08/27/15Brake booster
08/27/15Combined vehicle brake
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08/27/15Linear unit and the manufacture of a linear unit
08/27/15Rotor for a permanent magnet electric machine and use thereof
08/20/15Pneumatic spring system incorporating overload detection
08/20/15Method for assisting a driver at a traffic light for a vehicle
08/13/15Method for determining a state of a pavement from surroundings sensor data
08/06/15Method and circuit for checking the plausibility of a current sensor measurement result
08/06/15Method for evaluating image data of a vehicle camera taking into account information about rain
08/06/15Method and system for compensating for a time discrepancy
07/30/15Air spring module
07/16/15Method and system for promoting a uniform driving style
07/02/15Method and device for recognizing marked hazard areas and/or construction areas in the region of lanes
07/02/15Wiring device for wiring an electronic apparatus
06/18/15Method and system for information use
06/18/15Method for determining a pressure/volume characteristic curve of a wheel brake
06/11/15Air spring strut
06/11/15Method and electronic device for improving the availability of an electromechanical actuator
05/28/15Method for determining a course of a traffic lane for a vehicle
05/21/15Braking device having a device spring
05/07/15Method and system for autonomous tracking of a following vehicle in the lane of a leading vehicle
04/23/15Air spring and folding over an air spring bellows of an air spring
04/23/15Method and system for adapting the driving-off behavior of a vehicle to a traffic signal installation, and use of the system
04/16/15Method for representing vehicle surroundings
04/16/15Method for supporting a traffic-light-sequence assistant of a vehicle, said assistant detecting traffic lights
03/05/15Method for providing haptic information to the driver of a motor vehicle
02/26/15Method and circuit arrangement for limiting peak currents and the slope of the current edges
02/19/15Electromagnetic valve, in particular for slip-controlled motor vehicle brake systems
02/12/15Orientation model for a sensor system
02/05/15Main brake cylinder having a device for the contactless monitoring of the position and movement of a linearly movable piston
02/05/15Method for operating a brake system and a brake system
01/29/15Electrohydraulic pressure control device for vehicle brake systems
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01/29/15Power brake system
01/29/15Pump unit driven by an electric motor
01/29/15Method for improving the functional security and increasing the availabiilty of an electronic control system, and electronic control system
01/22/15Method for calibrating analog-controlled hydraulic valves and brake system comprising an electronic control and regulating unit in which the method is carried out
01/22/15Method for operating a brake system, and brake system
01/22/15Method for representing a vehicle environment with position points
01/22/15Method for operating a brake system for motor vehicles, and brake system
01/15/15Method for identifying redundantly received information items, vehicle-to-x communication system and use of the system
01/15/15Method for ensuring a braking effect
01/08/15Method for calibrating a plurality of environment sensors in a vehicle
01/01/15Method for representing the surroundings of a vehicle
01/01/15Hydraulic unit
01/01/15Method for a driver assistance system for autonomous longitudinal and/or lateral control of a vehicle
12/25/14Air spring
12/25/14Method and device for an assistance system in a vehicle for performing an autonomous or semi-autonomous driving maneuver
12/25/14Method for performing a plausibility check for detecting a loss of load bearing capacity in a suspension system of a vehicle
12/18/14Electromagnetic valve
12/18/14Method for operating a brake system for motor vehicles, and brake system
12/18/14Sensor system comprising a vehicle model unit
12/18/14Electromagnetic valve
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11/27/14Frequency generator assembly
11/27/14Method for determining a model upstream pressure by means of a mathematical model in an electronically regulated motor vehicle brake system
11/06/14Method for filtering data in a tire pressure monitoring system for a vehicle
10/09/14Limiting the activation of an emergency steer assistant
10/09/14Method for operating a brake system, and brake system
10/02/14Combined steering torque-steering angle sensor
09/25/14Method and system for regulating driving stability
09/18/14Method and system for adaptively controlling distance and speed and for stopping a motor vehicle, and a motor vehicle which works with same
08/28/14Circuit for conducting an electric current
08/28/14Compressor circuit for a pneumatic control device of a motor vehicle
08/14/14Brake system for motor vehicles and operating the brake system
08/07/14Brake actuating unit
08/07/14Method for improving the driving stability
08/07/14Method for tightening an electromechanical brake, and electromechanical brake
07/31/14Piston for a brake caliper of a disk brake
07/31/14Device for measuring an electric current
07/31/14Method and device for an assistance system in a vehicle for performing an autonomous or semi-autonomous driving maneuver
07/31/14Device for distributing data about a vehicle
07/24/14Sensor with a single electrical carrier means
07/24/14Amplitude evaluation by means of a goertzel algorithm in a differential transformer displacement sensor
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07/17/14Actuator system and operating an actuator system
06/26/14Piston pump
06/12/14Method for monitoring and controlling a pneumatic ride-height control system of a chassis system
06/05/14Master cylinder, in particular for a controlled brake system
06/05/14Device for measuring the angular velocity or velocity of a moving part and for detecting the direction of motion of the moving part
06/05/14Brake system for motor vehicles. and operating the brake system
05/29/14Pedal travel simulator, actuating unit for a hydraulic brake system and brake system
05/01/14Motor-pump assembly
05/01/14Device for measuring angle and angular velocity of distance and speed
04/24/14Method for operating a braking system
03/27/14Solenoid valve, in particular for slip-controlled motor vehicle braking systems
03/27/14Distance measurement by means of a camera sensor
02/06/14Brake actuation unit for a motor vehicle brake system and motor-pump unit for providing a vacuum for a brake actuation unit of a motor vehicle brake system
01/30/14Housing-side separating layer for the stress decoupling of potted electronics
01/30/14Air spring having hybrid bellows
01/30/14Brake system for motor vehicles
01/23/14Drum brake module which can be operated by electric motor
01/16/14Device for measuring a supply voltage in electric vehicles
01/16/14Current sensor
01/16/14Method and vehicle-to-x communication system for selectively checking data security sequences of received vehicle-to-x messages
12/19/13Safety device for a motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle
12/19/13Method and distance control device for preventing collisions of a motor vehicle in a driving situation with little lateral distance
12/12/13Electromechanically actuated vehicle brake having an improved piston
12/12/13Intelligent vehicle sensor device
12/05/13Compensation tank for hydraulic motor vehicle brake systems
12/05/13Piston for an air spring
11/14/13Method and device for controlling an electrohydraulic brake system
11/07/13Bearing arrangement for torque sensors having supporting guidance of the stator, and torque sensor
11/07/13Method for monitoring the signal value of a vacuum sensor
10/10/13Electromechanically actuatable brake and operating an electromechanically actuatable brake
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09/26/13Device for monitoring the position and movement of a brake pedal
08/22/13Master cylinder for a regulated braking system
08/22/13Current sensor
08/15/13Master cylinder for a motor vehicle hydraulic brake system
08/15/13Pedal prop for imposing a load on a brake pedal and checking the sealing of one or more components of a hydraulic brake system
08/15/13Method for operating a brake system, brake systems in which the method is carried out and motor vehicles comprising said brake systems
08/08/13Method for the decoupled control of the quadrature and the resonance frequency of a micro-mechanical gyroscope
08/08/13Road safety communication system for increasing the road safety of pedestrians
08/01/13Brake servo
08/01/13Method for the decoupled control of the quadrature and the resonance frequency of a micro-mechanical rotation rate sensor by means of sigma-delta-modulation
07/18/13Retaining function for a motor vehicle
07/11/13Sensor element and carrier element for manufacturing a sensor
07/11/13Vehicle antenna apparatus with a horizontal main beam direction
07/04/13Torque sensor arrangement having an index magnet
07/04/13Controller in bidirectional adhoc network radio communication
07/04/13Method for synchronizing sensors
06/20/13Assembly made of a compensating tank and a master cylinder for a hydraulic motor vehicle brake system
06/20/13Vehicle-to-x communication by means of radio key
06/13/13Pneumatic spring strut having a resilient piston bearing
06/13/13Determination of steering angle for a motor vehicle
06/06/13Device for testing a safety and/or driver assistance system
05/16/13Device and c2x communication
05/16/13Method for controlling a compressor
04/25/13Altitude-dependent compressor control
04/25/13Operating a motor vehicle comprising in particular an electronically controlled parking brake system
04/11/13Method and system for validating information
03/21/13Speed sensor comprising a costas loop
03/21/13Fixed caliper brake and brake pad for a fixed caliper brake
03/21/13Sensor arrangement for speed measurement

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