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Cook Incorporated
Cook Incorporated d b a Cook Critical Care Incorporated
Cook Incorporated And Cook Ireland Limited
Cook Incorporated And Cook Medical Technologies Llc
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Cook Incorporated_20100128
Cook Incorporated_20100121
Cook Incorporated_20100107

Cook Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Cook Incorporated. Cook Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cook Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cook Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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05/04/17Cam suture retention mechanism
02/09/17Coaxial needle cannula with distal spiral mixer and side ports for fluid injection
07/28/16Methods, systems, and devices for the delivery of endoluminal prostheses
09/18/14Variable length balloon
09/18/14Multi-stage balloon catheter
12/26/13Introducer tactile feature
07/11/13Infusion catheter
04/25/13Femoral removal vena cava filter
02/07/13Cerebral aneurysm closure device
09/06/12Stent and forming a stent with integral barbs
07/05/12Ventricular assist device
07/05/12Venous nitinol embolization inserts
06/28/12Spring action wire guide
06/21/12System and gaining percutaneous access to a body lumen
06/21/12Pushable coaxial balloon catheter
04/26/12Hinged catheter
04/19/12Hemodialysis catheter with thrombus blocker
04/19/12Intraluminal medical device
04/12/12Filter with magnetic tip for clot fragmentation
04/05/12Balloon with integrally retained dilation element
03/29/12Flexible introducer sheath
02/09/12Aspirating and injecting device
02/09/12Tapered venous access introducer
02/09/12Infusion catheter and method
01/19/12Delivery system for simultaneous deployment of intraluminal device
01/19/12Stent and other object removal from a body
12/08/11Occlusion device
12/01/11Offset soft tip with proposed tooling
11/24/11Laser ablation process for removing a portion of dilation element from a balloon
11/24/11Layered manufacturing method and layered manufacturing device
11/24/11Balloon with integral retention of a dilation element
11/10/11Clear flush check flow
11/10/11Catheter, fluid conveying method, and percutaneous procedure
11/03/11Method and system for cleaning fluid reservoir of vascular access device
10/20/11Introducer sheath
10/20/11Vascular occlusion device
10/13/11Infusion mechanism and method
10/06/11Tapered sheath
09/22/11Introducer assembly extension and use
08/11/11Catheter assembly
06/30/11Wire guide with cannula
06/30/11Intraluminal occlusion devices and methods of blocking the entry of fluid into bodily passages
06/30/11Helically advancing constriction crossing mechanism and wire guide positioning performing percutaneous vascular procedures
06/30/11Cutting or scoring balloon, system and making a cutting or scoring balloon
06/30/11Rapid exchange catheter
06/23/11Biopsy needle with vacuum assist
06/23/11Deployment and dilation with an expandable roll sock delivery system
06/23/11Wound closure device
06/23/11Method for anchoring occlusion plug
06/23/11Balloon with scoring member
06/23/11Implantable device
06/23/11Taxane coatings for implantable medical devices
06/16/11Apparatus and preparing foam
06/02/11Balloon catheter
05/26/11Stent graft and introducer assembly
05/19/11Stent graft and introducer assembly
03/24/11Shape memory embolic particles having a high packing fraction
03/17/11Implantable medical device having an anti-gastric distress agent
03/03/11Hemodialysis catheter with thrombus removing device
03/03/11Occlusion device
03/03/11Prosthesis deployment system
02/24/11Over-the-wire detachment mechanism
02/24/11Implant release mechanism
02/24/11Loading apparatus and system for expandable intraluminal medical devices
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02/17/11Medical device and manufacturing same
02/17/11Implantable medical device
02/10/11Micro-needle array and use thereof
02/10/11Flexible medical device for clot removal from small vessels
01/27/11Detachable embolization coil
01/27/11Aspiration catheter
01/06/11Vascular therapy using negative pressure
12/30/10Therapeutic agent delivery device with a dual balloon having distal taper apertures
12/16/10Reinforcing ring
12/16/10Wire guide having distal coupling tip for attachment to a previously introduced wire guide
12/16/10Delivery system for endoluminal devices
12/09/10Closure device
12/09/10Embolization coil and delivery system
11/25/10Guidable cutting instrument
11/18/10Medical systems, devices and methods for coupling wire guides
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11/18/10Thrombus retrieval device
11/18/10Apparatus and cooling the brain using a liquid
11/11/10Device for treating hardened lesions and use thereof
11/11/10Stent graft
11/04/10Medical device with tensionably attached remodelable material
10/28/10Embolic protection device with maximized flow-through
10/28/10Deployment device
10/28/10Introducer assembly and manufacturing an introducer assembly
10/21/10Flexible sheath with polymer coil
10/21/10Stent introducer apparatus
10/14/10Graft with bioabsorbable support frame
10/07/10Introducer assembly and implantable medical device
10/07/10Modular stent assembly
09/30/10Everted sheath thrombectomy device
09/23/10Conformable stent structure and making same
09/16/10Coated wire guide and making same
09/16/10Preform and balloon having a non-uniform thickness
09/16/10Closure device with string retractable umbrella
09/02/10Methods for embolic protection during treatment of a stenotic lesion in a body vessel
08/26/10Low profile support frame and related intraluminal medical devices
08/19/10Systems and methods for treating superficial venous malformations like spider veins
08/19/10Loop thrombectomy device
08/19/10Umbrella distal embolic protection device
08/12/10Hemostasis valve system
08/05/10Vascular closure device
08/05/10Preloaded stent graft delivery device
07/22/10Method of electropolishing medical implants
07/08/10Implantable medical device using palladium
07/08/10Prosthetic valve with semi-rigid and flexible leaflets
07/01/10Large diameter delivery catheter/sheath
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07/01/10Combination wire guide and use thereof
07/01/10Embolic protection device and use
07/01/10Blood perfusion device
06/24/10Variable stiffness introducer sheath with transition zone
06/24/10Removable vena cava filter
06/24/10Gradually self-expanding stent
06/17/10Loading device for delivering an embolization coil into a microcatheter
06/17/10Anti-thrombogenic catheter and method
06/10/10Introducer sheath and manufacture
06/03/10System and sequentially deploying two or more implantable medical devices
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05/27/10Methods of reducing retrograde flow
05/27/10Artificial valve prosthesis with improved flow dynamics
05/20/10Exchangeable delivery system with distal protection
05/13/10Removable vena cava filter with improved leg
05/06/10Introducer for deploying a stent graft in a curved lumen
05/06/10Introducer for deploying a stent graft in a curved lumen and stent graft therefor
05/06/10Stent member
05/06/10Intralumenally-implantable frames
05/06/10Medical device with leak path
04/08/10Wire guide having variable flexibility and use thereof
04/08/10Mechanical thrombectomy device
03/25/10Multi-strand helical stent
03/18/10Dual balloon catheter assembly
03/11/10Medical balloon having a resistance to circumferential tearing and producing the balloon
03/11/10Prosthesis with moveable fenestration
03/11/10Method of implanting a prosthetic valve
03/04/10Vertebroplasty all in one mixer
03/04/10Malecot with textile cover
03/04/10Introducer for use in inserting a medical device into a body vessel and same
03/04/10Method of forming an introducer sheath
03/04/10Introducer sheath with encapsulated reinforcing member
03/04/10Intraluminal system for retrieving an implantable medical device
03/04/10Sliding split-sleeve implant compressor
03/04/10Prosthetic valve with vessel engaging member
02/25/10Guide wire and use thereof
02/25/10Device for crossing occlusions and use thereof
02/25/10Introducer sheath having reinforced distal taper
02/25/10Introducer sheath having dual reinforcing elements
02/25/10Drainage catheter and catheterizing a patient
02/18/10Embolization particles and making same
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02/18/10Temporary filter device
02/11/10Method of incorporating a tip into an endovascular device
02/11/10Balloon catheter and making same
01/28/10Low friction coated marked wire guide for over the wire insertion of a catheter
01/28/10Multi-stranded treating a medical condition
01/28/10Endoluminal prosthesis
01/28/10Valve device with biased leaflets
01/21/10Introducer sheath having a braided member and methods of manufacture
01/21/10Biodegradable filter
01/21/10Anchoring barb for attachment to a medical prosthesis
01/14/10Anchor assembly
01/14/10Hydraulic guidewire advancement system
01/14/10Cutting balloon with movable member
01/14/10Variable strength embolization coil
01/07/10Malecot gastronomy tube with splittable sheath
01/07/10Deployment assembly and introducer
01/07/10Occluding device for occlusion of a body vessel and making the same
12/24/09Gastric port system
12/24/09Bent obturator
12/24/09Medical malecot with magnets
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12/24/09Expandable tip delivery system for endoluminal prosthesis
12/24/09Stent graft
12/17/09Method of making a self-expanding stent
12/17/09Wire guide having a rib for coil attachment
12/17/09Wire guide having variable flexibility and use thereof
12/17/09Slip layer delivery catheter
12/10/09Device for retrieving a foreign object located in a body vessel
12/03/09Kyphoplasty banded balloon catheter
12/03/09Delivery system with helical shaft
12/03/09Scored catheter device
11/12/09Method and coating interior surfaces of medical devices
11/12/09Bone cement mixing and delivery device and use
11/12/09Pre-clot vessel dilator
11/12/09Delivery system with low longitudinal compressibility
11/05/09Guidewire and making same
11/05/09Cartridge delivery system for delivery of medical devices
10/29/09Shaping device
10/29/09Device and occlusion of fluid flow through a body vessel
10/22/09Branched vessel prosthesis
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10/15/09Loading expandable intraluminal medical devices
10/15/09Stent-graft and apparatus and fitting method
10/08/09Weeping balloon catheter
10/08/09Branch stent graft deployment and method
10/08/09Removable covering for implantable frame projections
10/01/09Embolic particle mixing syringe
08/27/09Occlusion device
08/27/09Curve forming apparatus and curvable stent graft
08/20/09Medical device packaging tray
08/20/09Implant deployment catheter
08/20/09Component of an implantable medical device comprising an oxide dispersion strengthened (ods) metal alloy
08/13/09Spiral occluding device with an occlusion sail
08/13/09Introducer for endovascular grafts and stents
08/13/09Apparatus for and fitting a stent-graft or similar device
07/23/09Introduction catheter set for a self-expandable implant
07/23/09Valve frame
07/09/09Deployment catheter
07/09/09Flow-deflecting prosthesis for treating venous disease
07/02/09Method for removing a medical device from a spasmodic constriction in a bodily passageway
07/02/09Balloon catheter assembly and controller therefor
07/02/09Method of bonding a dilation element to a surface of an angioplasty balloon
07/02/09Dilation system
07/02/09Device and mixing and dispensing a bone cement mixture
07/02/09Radially expandable stent
07/02/09Sequential implant delivery system
07/02/09Deployment handle for an implant deployment device
07/02/09Endovascular device delivery system
07/02/09Control handle
07/02/09Implantable graft device having treated yarn and making same
07/02/09Stent having less invasive ends
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07/02/09Woven fabric with carbon nanotube strands
07/02/09Endovascular graft with separately positionable and removable frame units
07/02/09Z-stent with incorporated barbs
07/02/09Stent graft having floating yarns
07/02/09Coated stent and methods of manufacture
06/25/09Drug eluting ocular conformer
06/25/09Bone cement needle
06/25/09Prosthetic flow modifying device
06/18/09Device for enabling repeated access to a vessel
06/18/09Device and introducing a bone cement mixture into a damaged bone
06/18/09Textile graft for in situ fenestration
06/11/09Mandrel coating assembly
06/11/09Rapid exchange balloon catheter and making same
06/11/09Reinforced delivery catheter
06/11/09Stent-graft comprising at least one reinforced hole
06/11/09Stent having at least one barb and methods of manufacture
06/04/09Method and introducing intraluminal prostheses
06/04/09Method and device for vascular therapy
05/21/09Valve frame
05/14/09Method and bone cement substitute kit for stabilizing a collapsed vertebra of a patient
05/14/09Method and introducing expandable intraluminal prosthesis
05/14/09Aortic valve stent graft
05/14/09Intraluminal bypass prosthesis and prosthesis delivery and deployment kit
05/14/09Haemostatic valve
05/14/09Monocusp valve design
05/07/09Apparatus and compressing a stent
05/07/09Guide wire for catheter
05/07/09Haemostatic valve
05/07/09Patent foramen ovale closure apparatus and method

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