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Cook Medical Technologies Llc
Cook Medical Technologies Llc_20131212

Cook Medical Technologies Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Cook Medical Technologies Llc. Cook Medical Technologies Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cook Medical Technologies Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cook Medical Technologies Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Medical assembly and device
03/23/17 new patent  Ureteral endoluminal device
03/16/17Forceps with locking mechanism
03/16/17Method and device for improving passage of electrohydraulic lithotripsy probe
03/16/17Surgical drape kit
03/16/17Variable radial stiffness and variable diameter intraluminal device
03/16/17High strength balloon with asymmetric strengthening
03/09/17Adjustable length dilatation balloon
03/09/17System for reducing local discomfort
03/02/17Needle and stylet management device with rotary handle
03/02/17System and containment and organization of medical wire
03/02/17Ratchet-slide handle and system for fiducial deployment
03/02/17Endograft with one or more apertures
03/02/17Pre-loaded multiport delivery device
03/02/17Modular handle for a prosthesis delivery device
03/02/17Modular handle comprising a trigger wire actuation mechanism for a prosthesis delivery device
03/02/17Stent delivery system
03/02/17Threaded modular handle for a prosthesis delivery device
03/02/17Prosthesis fixation system and method
03/02/17Split sheath prosthesis deployment system with divided tip
03/02/17Tubular drainage device
03/02/17Dialysis catheter and methods of use thereof
03/02/17Introducer assembly extension and use
03/02/17Electrotherapeutic systems, devices, and methods
02/23/17Stent graft with fenestration
02/23/17Endograft delivery device assembly
02/16/17Application of polymer-based materials to hydrophobic and adhesion-resistant surfaces
02/09/17Medical device and corresponding use for arteriovenous fistula creation
02/09/17Support device for gastrointestinal implant
02/09/17Medical device with selective rigidity
02/02/17Liquid stylet apparatus
02/02/17Methods of making a prosthesis with a smooth covering
01/26/17Introducer sheath with braided filament securement mechanism
01/26/17Variable diameter woven medical tube textiles and making same
01/19/17Prothesis having pivoting fenestration
01/19/17Stent anti-migration mechanism
01/12/17Deployment mechanism for implantable medical devices
01/12/17Antegrade flow maintenance sheath
01/12/17Endovascular compliance assembly
12/29/16Prosthesis delivery device
12/29/16Peritoneal dialysis systems and methods
12/22/16Cervical cerclage assistance device
12/22/16Implant introducer with helical trigger wire
12/15/16Anti-aspiration valve
12/15/16Spiral blood flow device with diameter independent helix angle
12/15/16Bioactive material coated medical device
12/08/16Medical device snare
12/08/16Laparoscopic medical device assembly with detachable end effector, and using same
12/01/16Snare auto micro-lock
11/24/16Medical siphon
11/24/16Low profile stepped delivery system
11/24/16Deployment handle for a pre-loaded iliac prosthesis delivery device
11/24/16Stent delivery system
11/17/16Device to aid the delivery of a coil of filament
11/17/16Endoscopic needle stylet with enhanced-flexibility lengths
11/17/16Expandable ablation catheter
11/10/16Anti-aspiration prosthesis
11/03/16Variable stiffness cannulae and associated delivery systems and methods
11/03/16Handle and cable assemblies for electrosurgical devices and cyst ablation techniques
11/03/16Medical cannulae, delivery systems and methods
11/03/16Transradial celiac artery catheter
10/27/16Biopsy tissue handling apparatus
10/20/16Steerable guide member and catheter
10/20/16Detachment mechanism for vascular devices
10/20/16Carotid artery blood filter plugging alarm
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10/13/16Medical device with connected legs
10/13/16Axial lock and release stent deployment system
10/13/16Sliding fenestration
10/13/16Injectable albumin based vascular occluder
10/13/16Introducer sheath having profiled reinforcing member
10/06/16Catheter and treatment methods for lower leg ischemia
09/29/16Vessel ablation system with adjustable ablation terminal
09/29/16Medical ablation system and method with reduced stray heating
09/29/16Bi-directional valve device for selective control of fluid flow through multiple converging paths
09/22/16Coaxial incisional full-core biopsy needle
09/22/16Devices, systems, and methods for repair of vascular defects
09/22/16System and the sequential expansion of a medical device
09/22/16Endograft introducer assembly having a transfer sheath
09/22/16Steerable catheter
09/22/16Coated medical device
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09/22/16Malecot enhancement with biasing spring member
09/15/16Devices and methods useful for sealing bodily openings
09/15/16Low profile non-symmetrical stent
09/15/16Prosthesis delivery device with a pusher extension and an extension dilator
09/15/16Multi-lumen biologic-delivering device
09/15/16Flexible hybrid wire guide
09/08/16Implantable medical device
09/08/16Bow stent
09/08/16Pre-loaded delivery device with tri-fold proximal prosthesis attachment
09/08/16Stent graft delivery device pre-loaded with a single wire for device tracking and cannulation
09/01/16Delivery catheter including collapsible sleeve and operating same
09/01/16Soft lock wire guide and neuro-surgery assembly using same
08/25/16Articulating surgical hand instrument
08/25/16Stent deployment system with overmolded tip
08/25/16Duet stent deployment system and performing a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunting procedure using same
08/18/16Delivery device and system for open surgical repair
08/18/16Coated stent
08/11/16Port access visualization platform
08/11/16Systems and methods for facilitating closure of bodily openings
08/11/16Medical devices for the identification and treatment of bodily passages
08/11/16Low maintenance endotracheal tube device and preventing ventilator associated pneumonia and tracheal ischemia
08/11/16Short wire cable catheter
08/04/16Space-optimized visualization catheter having a camera train holder in a catheter with off-centred lumens
08/04/16Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws
08/04/16Medical devices with detachable pivotable jaws
08/04/16Clot buster aspiration catheter
08/04/16Double ended vascular filter
08/04/16Variable stiffness catheter
07/28/16Catheter with an auger and use thereof
07/28/16Control system for a stent delivery system
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07/28/16Incremental inflation tool for extraction balloons
07/21/16Cone expanding collapsible medical device
07/21/16Ablation apparatus with thrombus detachment mechanism
07/21/16Spiral bird's nest filter
07/21/16Reduced wire profile stent
07/21/16Textile-reinforced high-pressure ballloon
07/21/16Cryocane with racking capability
07/14/16Delivery of thrombolytic agent through actuation member of thrombus retrieval device
07/14/16Ureteral stent with sideports
07/14/16Suture and wire stent deployment system
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07/14/16Medical balloon
07/14/16Locking loop catheter
07/07/16Reentry device
06/30/16Surgical needle with enhanced ultrasound reflectivity
06/30/16Tri-fluted vascular access needle
06/30/16Medical devices and methods of making
06/30/16Prosthesis having pivoting fenestration
06/30/16Support structures for prostheses with branching portions
06/30/16Trigger wire arrangements for endografts
06/30/16Deployment handle for a delivery device with mechanism for quick release of a prosthesis and re-sheathing of device tip
06/30/16Low profile prosthesis delivery device
06/30/16Circumferential trigger wire for deploying an endoluminal prosthesis
06/30/16Prosthesis delivery systems having an atraumatic tip for use with trigger wires
06/23/16Occluding device and occluding fluid flow through a body vessel
06/23/16Variable thickness electrosurgical snare
06/23/16Electrosurgical formation of pseudopolyps
06/23/16Introducer with side opening
06/23/16Implant release mechanism
06/23/16Orientation marker on pusher for deployment of endoluminal prostheses
06/23/16Delivery system for preloaded fenestrated device
06/23/16Medical devices for delivering a bioactive to a point of treatment and methods of making medical devices
06/23/16Medical devices for local bioactive delivery
06/23/16Medical devices for delivery and retention of bioactive agents
06/23/16Ultrasonically visible medical balloon assembly
06/23/16Hemostatic valve system
06/16/16Vascular plug
06/16/16Eus fiducial needle stylet handle assembly
06/16/16Cinching peritoneal dialysis catheter
06/09/16Medical implant detachment mechanism and introducer assembly
06/09/16Lumen re-entry system and method
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06/09/16Catheter with a collection chamber
06/09/16Cutting guide wire and use thereof
06/09/16Magnetic handle assembly for prosthesis delivery device
06/09/16Delivery device with an expandable positioner for positioning a prosthesis
06/09/16Two pronged handle
06/09/16Delivery device handle assembly for the sequential deployment of a prosthesis
06/09/16Integral dilation element for a balloon catheter
05/26/16Catheter tip to aid filament delivery
05/19/16Subintimal crossing wire guide
05/19/16Stent with a crush-resistant zone
05/19/16Deployment handle for a prosthesis delivery device
05/19/16Reduced friction introducer assembly
05/19/16Retrieval snare for extracting foreign objects from body cavities and manufacturing thereof
05/12/16Hex capture for self expanding and driven occluder
05/12/16Medical balloon
05/12/16Double conical ivc filter
05/12/16Compositions and devices incorporating water-insoluble therapeutic agents and methods of the use thereof
05/05/16Dissolvable sleeve configurations to aid graft deployment
05/05/16Swaged braided catheter and fabrication
05/05/16Hair pin ivc filter
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05/05/16Loop vascular device and method to retrieve
05/05/16Loop vascular device and method to retrieve
04/28/16Implantable medical device exhibiting diminishing radial force
04/28/16Elongate medical device
04/28/16Photoactivated crosslinking of a protein or peptide
04/21/16Transitional geometry for an expandable medical device
04/21/16Cervical cerclage assistance device
04/21/16Stent graft and introducer assembly
04/21/16Expanding sheath tip
04/21/16Endovascular stent graft assembly and delivery device
04/21/16Tube tip bevel to aid wire guide insertion
04/07/16Implantable medical device with improved orientation
04/07/16Stents having barbs protected during delivery
03/31/16Endoscope mountable visualization device quick-connect/release handle attachment mechanism
03/31/16Side branch stent graft
03/31/16Wire guide for traversing body passages
03/24/16Implanted magnets retrieval system and method
03/24/16Spring lock implantable vascular device
03/24/16Apparatus for accurately controlling needle extension
03/24/16Compliant sleeve for vascular balloon
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03/17/16Intraluminal occlusion devices and methods of blocking the entry of fluid into bodily passages
03/17/16Shaped echogenic needle groove
03/17/16Low profile non-symmetrical stent
03/17/16Ratchet operated vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Loading apparatus and system for expandable intraluminal medical devices
03/17/16Pull wire for vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Pivot operated vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Wedge holding mechanism for vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Thumbwheel actuated vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Thumbwheel actuated vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Termination assembly for vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Pull wire and spool for vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Ribbed handle for vascular intervention device delivery system
03/17/16Catheter clip
03/10/16A surgical clamp apparatus and a surgical clamp for use in keyhole surgery
03/10/16Visual stabilizer on anchor legs of vena cava filter
03/10/16Stent graft having movable fenestrated tubular bridge
03/10/16Low profile circuit board connectors for imaging systems
03/03/16Clot retrieval catheter
03/03/16Anti-leakage prosthesis
03/03/16Treatment fluid delivery method, and turbulator for promoting uptake of a treatment agent
03/03/16Shaped or textured medical balloon
02/25/16System and containment and organization of medical wire
02/25/16System for containment and organization of medical wire
02/18/16Endoluminal drug delivery device
02/18/16Double-ended wire guide and use thereof
02/11/16Occluding device and manufacturing occluding devices
02/11/16Low radial force filter
02/11/16Endovascular graft having a cannulation pocket
02/11/16Elongated dilator for pull peg tube without a loop
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02/11/16Thin-film coated fluoropolymer catheter
02/11/16Encapsulated drug compositions and methods of use thereof
02/11/16Cutting edge cutting catheter
02/04/16Stent graft adaptor
02/04/16Airway exchange catheter
02/04/16Elongate tubular member having a crossover port
01/28/16Rotating full-core biopsy needle
01/28/16Endoluminal prosthesis having multiple branches or fenestrations and methods of deployment
01/28/16Low profile non-symmetrical stent
01/28/16Locking mechanism for securing the interface between stent grafts
01/28/16Method of loading and delivering a self-expanding stent
01/28/16Supportive balloon catheter
01/28/16Methods for making a balloon catheter and for producing an inventory of balloon catheters
01/28/16Plastic welding system and making medical device
01/21/16Surface structure of a component of a medical device and a forming the surface structure
01/21/16Systems and methods for deploying a portion of a stent using at least one coiled member
01/14/16Medical devices having a releasable tubular member and methods of using the same
01/14/16Tonsillectomy sponge
01/07/16Migration-resistant gastrointestinal barrier
01/07/16Method for electrospinning a graft layer
12/31/15Implantable medical device with lumen constriction
12/31/15Surface energy enhancement of lubricious objects
12/31/15Expandable mesh with locking feature
12/31/15Vascular filter with pressure sensor and valve
12/31/15Vascular filter and anchoring arrangement thereof
12/24/15Mechanism of small drive wire retention on spool
12/24/15Brush system for a cell collecting device
12/24/15Device for cutting suture from a distance
12/24/15Apparatus and methods for maintaining a force upon tissue using a loop member

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