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Cornell University
Cornell University Cornell Center For Technology Enterprise x26 Commercialization cctec
Cornell University cornell Center For Technology Enterprise x26 Commercialization
Cornell University Cornell Center For Technology Enterprise x26 Commercialzation cctec
Cornell University Cornell Center For Technology Enterprise And Commercialization cctec
Cornell University A New York Corporation
Cornell University Cornell Center For Technology
Cornell University With Its Principal Place Of Business At Cornell Center For Technology
Cornell University_20131212
Cornell University cornell Center For Technology Enterprise x26 Commercialization cctec
Cornell University cctec
Cornell University The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Cornell University patents

Recent patent applications related to Cornell University. Cornell University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cornell University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cornell University, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Silyl monomers capable of multimerizing in an aqueous solution, and methods of using same
03/16/17Combination therapy for head and neck cancer
03/16/17Device and methods for epigenetic analysis
03/16/17Bio-adhesive gels and methods of use
03/09/17Green technology for crosslinking protein molecules for various uses
03/09/17Enhancing serological assays via fusion proteins
03/09/17Electrically gated three-terminal circuits and devices based on spin hall torque effects in magnetic nanostructures apparatus, methods and applications
03/02/17Use of aromatic-cationic peptides to treat cholesterol-induced mitochondrial dysfunction
03/02/17Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
03/02/17Optofluidic photobioreactor apparatus, method, and applications
02/16/17Modulation of fat storage in a subject by altering population levels of christensenellaceae in the gi tract
02/09/17Neat1 as a prognostic marker and therapeutic target for prostate cancer
02/09/17Spatially-annealed nanoparticle films and methods of making and using same
02/09/17System and methods for additive manufacturing of electromechanical assemblies
02/02/17Soft actuator and methods of fabrication
01/26/17Methods for treating peripheral nerve damage
01/26/17Multiblock copolymer films, methods of making same, and uses thereof
01/26/17Electropolymerization onto flexible substrates for electronic applications
01/26/17Misfit p-type transparent conductive oxide (tco) films, methods and applications
01/26/17Self-destructing chip
01/26/17Device for prevention of integrated circuit chip counterfeiting
01/19/17Materials and methods for producing cleaved, hiv-1 envelop glycoprotein trimers
01/12/17Methods and compositions for treating and preventing cognitive dysfunction
01/12/17Aromatic-cationic peptides and uses of same
01/12/17Multi-nozzle gas-assisted electrospinning apparatuses
01/05/17Methods for preventing and treating oral cancers
01/05/17Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
12/29/16Cardiolipin-targeted peptides inhibit beta-amyloid oligomer toxicity
12/22/16Laminated composite separator, method and application
12/08/16Gene therapy for alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases and conditions
12/01/16Adeno-associated virus mediated delivery of c1ei as a therapy for angioedema
12/01/16Divided pulse layers
11/24/16Optical sensing based on measurements of displacements induced by optical scattering forces in viscoelastic media using phase-sensitive optical coherence tomography
11/24/16Integrated circuits based biosensors
11/17/16Systems and methods for the secretion of recombinant proteins in gram negative bacteria
11/10/16Photonic chips based on multimode fiber-to-waveguide coupling
11/10/16Method to match organ donors to recipients for transplantation
11/03/16Prolylhydroxylase/atf4 inhibitors and methods of use for treating neural cell injury or death and conditions resulting therefrom
11/03/16Printable elastomer materials
11/03/16Method and apparatus to control interference in multi-hop network and relay node and node pair using the method
10/27/16Nicotinoyl riboside compositions and methods of use
10/27/16Increasing leaf longevity and disease resistance by altering salicylic acid catabolism
10/20/16Methods for treating b cell proliferative disorders
10/20/16Method of repairing an annulus and collagen gel composition
10/20/16Porous cyclodextrin polymeric materials and methods of making and using same
10/20/16Monolayer films of semiconducting metal dichalcogenides, methods of making same, and uses of same
10/20/16Ceramic-polymer hybrid nanostructures, methods for producing and applications thereof
10/13/16Gene therapy to prevent reactions to allergens
10/13/16Nad analogs and methods of using said nad analogs in determining ribosylation of proteins with parp mutants
10/13/16Methods and tools for analyzing brain images
10/13/16Sensing non-speech body sounds
10/06/16Tissue scaffold materials for tissue regeneration and methods of making
10/06/16Spectrum sharing in device-to-device communication systems
09/29/16Methods of treatment using modulators of sirt2
09/29/16Novel pneumovirus compositions and methods for using the same
09/29/16Drug delivery compositions and methods targeting p-glycoprotein
09/29/16Glycation cross-link breakers to increase resistance to enzymatic degradation
09/29/16Devices and methods for pharmacokinetic-based cell culture system
09/22/16Diagnosis of normal pressure hydrocephalus by automated processing of mri images
09/22/16Electro-ultrasonic devices for nerve stimulation and treatment
09/22/16Circuits and devices based on spin hall effect to apply a spin transfer torque with a component perpendicular to the plane of magnetic layers
09/22/16Solid polymer electrolyte composition
09/15/16Stimulation of neonatal immunity
09/15/16Retina prosthesis
09/08/16Signal processing device, amplifier, and method
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09/01/16Soft robot device and related fabrication methods
09/01/16Crystalline organic-inorganic halide perovskite thin films and methods of preparation
09/01/16Post-natal hematopoeitic endothelial cells and their isolation and use
09/01/16System and methods for actuating an object
09/01/16Programmable tracking device and related methods
08/25/16Adenoassociated viral mediated persistant anti-vegf therapy for ovarian cancer
08/25/16Nanostructures for lithium air batteries
08/18/16Compounds for inducing anti-tumor immunity and methods thereof
08/18/16Group iv nanowires grown from inductively or resistively heated substrates
08/11/16Multiblock copolymer films with inorganic nanoparticles, methods of making same, and uses thereof
08/11/16System and methods for computer clock synchronization
08/04/16Methods and compositions for treating bone diseases
08/04/16Compositions and methods for treating endocrine, gastrointestinal or autoimmune disorders
07/28/16Nanowire functionalized fibers and fabrics
07/14/16Porous carbon nanofibers and manufacturing thereof
Patent Packs
07/07/16Therapeutic treatment for drug poisoning and addiction
07/07/16Neurological prosthesis
07/07/16Method and providing transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms) to an individual
07/07/16Method and system for programming magnetic junctions utilizing high frequency magnetic oscillations
06/30/16Method to functionalize cells in human blood, other fluids and tissues using nanoparticles
06/23/16Dehydroleucodine derivatives and uses thereof
06/16/16Bcl6 inhibitors as anticancer agents
06/16/16Cyclic peptides with enhanced nerve-binding selectively, nanoparticles bound with said cyclic peptides, and use of same for real-time in vivo nerve tissue imaging
06/16/16Generation and acceleration of charged particles using compact devices and systems
06/02/16Algal-based animal feed composition containing exogenous protease animal feed supplement, and uses thereof
06/02/16Compact undulator system and methods
05/26/16Compositions and their use for removing cholesterol
05/19/16Modulators for sirt6 and assays for screening same
05/19/16Nanofibers, nanotubes and nanofiber mats comrpising crystalline metal oxides and methods of making the same
05/19/16Multimodal sensor, use and fabrication
05/12/16Thiourea compounds and their use as inhibitors of sirt2 or sirt5
05/12/16Carbon material supported hollow metal oxide nanoparticles, methods and applications
05/12/16Floating gate based sensor apparatus and related floating gate based senor applications
05/12/16Parametric comb generation via nonlinear wave mixing in high-q optical resonator coupled to built-in laser resonator
04/28/16Electrospinning apparatus and nanofibers produced therefrom
04/28/16Cortical interneurons and other neuronal cells produced by the directed differentiation of pluripotent and multipotent cells
04/28/16System and methods for processor-based memory scheduling
04/21/16Compositions and methods for enhancing germination
04/21/16Methods for the prevention or treatment of heart failure
04/21/16Learning content management methods for generating optimal test content
04/14/16Nasal spray delivery guide
04/14/16Novel immunogenic proteins of leptospira
04/07/16Branched chain fatty acids for prevention or treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
04/07/16Enhanced conductivity metal-chalcogenide films via post elecrophoretic deposition (epd) treatment
04/07/16Orthogonal processing of organic materials used in electronic and electrical devices
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03/24/16Production of bacterial microcompartments in eukaryotic cells
03/24/16Automated layout for integrated circuits with nonstandard cells
03/17/16Sequence-defined polymers and methods of making same and using same
03/17/16Fiber-waveguide evanescent coupler
03/17/16Smartphone-based apparatus and method
03/10/16Adaptive airway treatment of dorsal displacement disorders in horses
03/10/16System and methods for remote monitoring
03/10/16Athermal optical devices based on composite structures
03/10/16Monolithic pzt actuator, stage, and making
03/03/16Flexible wearable devices having embedded actuators providing motion stimulations
Patent Packs
03/03/16Mitochondrial-targeted antioxidants protect against mechanical ventilation-induced diaphragm dysfunction and skeletal muscle atrophy
03/03/16Methods and kit for characterizing the modified base status of a transcriptome
03/03/16Building power management systems
02/25/16Carbon-sulfur based core-shell materials compositions, methods, and applications
02/25/16Linear optical phase modulators
02/18/16Methods and monitoring interactions between particles and molecules using nanophotonic trapping
02/04/16Method for relative quantification of changes in dna methylation, using combined nuclease, ligation, and polymerase reactions
02/04/16Electron beam nucleic acid sequencing
01/28/16Purine nucleoside phosphorylase as enzymatic activator of nucleoside prodrugs
01/28/16Methods and pharmaceutical composition for the treatment and the prevention of cardiomyopathy due to energy failure
01/28/16Computer system methods for generating combined language content
01/21/16Methods to protect against and treat multiple sclerosis
01/21/16Multilayer fluorescent nanoparticles and methods of making and using same
01/21/16Low-power acoustic data acquisition system and methods
01/14/16System and methods for mapping and searching objects in multidimensional space
01/07/16Cross-linked polymer networks and methods of making and using same
01/07/16Photobioreactor apparatus, method and application
01/07/16Labeled glutaminase proteins, isolated glutaminase protein mutants, methods of use, and kit
01/07/16System and methods for abductive learning of quantized stochastic processes
01/07/16Event correlation using data having different time resolutions
12/24/15Mesoporous oxide nanoparticles and methods of making and using same
12/24/15Injectable peripheral nerve specific hydrogel
12/24/15Compositions and methods for the expansion of stem cells
12/24/15Quasi-linear spin torque nano-oscillators
12/17/15Smartphone-based obtaining repeatable, quantitative colorimetric measurement
12/17/15Methods for preventing or treating insulin resistance
12/17/15Device for recovery and isolation of biomolecules
12/17/15Broadly neutralizing antibody and uses thereof
12/17/15Reprogramming of human endothelium into hematopoietic multi-lineage progenitors by defined factors
12/17/15Biomolecular processing platform and uses thereof
Patent Packs
12/10/15Methods of treating diseases associated with high-fat diet and vitamin a deficiency using retinoic acid receptor agonists
12/10/15Methods for prevention and treatment of acute renal injury
12/10/15Polymers of thylene oxide and carbon dioxide
12/03/15An artificial hip joint replacement system
12/03/15Nanoparticle drug conjugates
12/03/15Compositions and methods for genotyping canines
12/03/15Spin hall effect magnetic apparatus, method and applications
11/26/15Vaccine for intrauterine disease
11/26/15Vaccine for intrauterine disease
11/26/15Microfluidic chip having on-chip electrically tunable high-throughput nanophotonic trap
11/26/15System and a practical, secure and verifiable cloud computing for mobile systems
11/26/15Apple tree named 'g.814'
11/19/15Methods and compositions for altering photophysical properties of fluorophores via proximal quenching
11/19/15System and automatically summarizing fine-grained opinions in digital text
11/12/15Cephalosporin derivatives and methods of use
11/12/15On-chip integrated gas sensor based on photonic sensing
11/05/15Methods for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer
11/05/15Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment and the prevention of cardiomyopathy due to friedreich ataxia
11/05/15Crosslinked thermoset resins and methods thereof
10/22/15Method of enhancing glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and of treating type 2 diabetes or hypoglycemia
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10/22/15Development of a highly efficient second generation nicotine-conjugate vaccine to treat nicotine addiction
10/22/15Compounds and methods for inhibiting fascin
10/22/15Novel pneumovirus compositions and methods for using the same
10/15/15Angiogenic conditioning to enhance cardiac cellular reprogramming of fibroblasts of the infarcted myocardium
10/15/15Rna aptamer isolation via dual-cycle (rapid) selection
10/15/15Carbon dioxide assisted metal-oxygen battery and related method
10/08/15Extrusion of agro-food industry byproducts and protein concentrates into value-added foods
10/08/15Ceramic nanofiber separators
10/08/15System and signal generation
10/01/15Robotic apparatus, method, and applications
10/01/15Biomimetic boundary lubricants for articular cartilage
09/17/15Neuromorphic event-driven neural computing architecture in a scalable neural network
09/10/15Magnetic hierarchical catalysts of nanoparticles and enzymes forming mesoporous assemblies embedded in macroporous scaffolds, and their use with magnetically-driven reactors and in chemical reactions
09/03/15Carbonaceous metal/ceramic nanofibers
09/03/15Structurally ordered nanoparticles, methods and applications
08/27/15Composite tissue-engineered intervertebral disc with self-assembled annular alignment
08/27/15Methods, systems, and applications for solar-thermal microfluidic pcr
08/27/15Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
08/27/15Pain treatment using erk2 inhibitors
08/27/15Non-invasive diagnosing renal fibrosis
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08/27/15Reinforcing nanofiber additives
08/27/15System and methods for analysis of data
08/27/15Apparatus and point-of-collection measurement of a biomolecular reaction
08/20/15Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
08/20/15Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
08/20/15Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
08/20/15Carbon-based fluorescent tracers as oil reservoir nano-agents
08/20/15Apparatus and methods for low temperature small angle x-ray scattering
08/20/15Identifying taxane sensitivity in prostate cancer patients
08/20/15Methods and detecting spoofing of global navigation satellite system signals using carrier phase measurements and known antenna motions
08/20/15Metal oxide nanoparticles and photoresist compositions
08/20/15Ultrasound wave generating apparatus
08/20/15System and methods for improved network routing
08/13/15High performance nanofibers and mats
08/13/15Metal chalcogenide synthesis method and applications
08/06/15Method and restricting flow through an opening in the side wall of a body lumen, and/or for reinforcing a weakness in the side wall of a body lumen, while still maintaining substantially normal flow through the body lumen
08/06/15Gripping and releasing apparatus and method
08/06/15C-rel inhibitors and uses thereof
08/06/15Methods for production of alcohols from carboxylic acids via fermentation
08/06/15Use of dna in circulating exosomes as a diagnostic marker for metastatic disease
08/06/15Solar-concentrating solarization apparatus, methods, and applications
07/30/15System and methods for actuation using electro-osmosis
07/23/15Algal-based animal feed composition, animal feed supplement, and uses thereof
07/23/15Crosslinked native and waxy starch resin compositions and processes for their manufacture
07/23/15Multiplexed microcolumn devices and processes for selection of nucleic acid aptamers
07/23/15Orthogonal processing of organic materials used in electronic and electrical devices
07/16/15Method and repairing vascular abnormalities and/or other body lumen abnormalities using an endoluminal approach and a flowable forming material
07/16/15Inhibitors of crl4 ubiquitin ligase and uses thereof
07/16/15Spectral imaging for measurement of nuclear pathology features in cancer cells prepared for in situ analysis
07/16/15Electrically gated three-terminal circuits and devices based on spin hall torque effects in magnetic nanostructures apparatus, methods and applications
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07/09/15Asymmetrical reversible neuromuscular blocking agents of ultra-short, short, or intermediate duration
07/09/15Urine mrna profile and acute dysfunction of kidney allograft
07/09/15System and methods for electrowetting based pick and place
07/02/15Systems, methods, and multichannel imaging of fluorescent sources in real time
07/02/15Virus-mediated delivery of bevacizumab for therapeutic applications
07/02/15Group iv nanowire structures, methods and applications
07/02/15Methods for detecting antibodies in mucosal samples and device for sampling mucosal material
07/02/15Multi-core computer processor based on a dynamic core-level power management for enhanced overall power efficiency
07/02/15Articulated character fabrication
07/02/15Binder-free and carbon-free nanoparticle containing component, methods and applications
07/02/15Optical mode-division multiplexing using selected mode coupling between an optical resonator and a signal transmission line
06/25/15Use of nicotinamide riboside to treat hearing loss
06/25/15Porous membrane apparatus, method, and applications
06/18/15Compositions and methods useful for making orthotopic tumors with controllable metastasis
06/18/15Reagents and methods for identifying anti-hiv compounds
06/18/15Programmable and reconfigurable microcolumn affinity chromatograpy device, system, and methods of use thereof
06/18/15Method for identifying increased risk of anxiety disorders
06/18/15Thyroid tumors identified
06/18/15Novel immunogenic proteins of leptospira
06/18/15High frequency resonator modulator apparatus, method and applications
06/18/15Methods and systems for providing hardware security functions using flash memories
06/18/15Managing dependencies between operations in a distributed system
06/11/15Nanosystems for formulation of effective minimum risk biocides
06/04/15Method and manipulating the side wall of a body lumen or body cavity so as to provide increased visualization of the same and/or increased access to the same, and/or for stabilizing instruments relative to the same
05/28/15Generation of functional and durable endothelial cells from human amniotic fluid-derived cells
05/28/15Button cell casings suitable for non-aqueous cells
05/21/15Methods to decrease susceptibility to asthmatic bronchoconstriction
05/21/15Thin film compositions and methods
05/21/15Microfluidic device, system, and tracking single cells and single cell lineages

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