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Corning Incorporated
Corning Incorporated A New York Corporation
Corning Incorporated A new York Corporation
Corning Incorporated Kyung Hee University
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Corning Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Corning Incorporated. Corning Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Corning Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Corning Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Vacuum assisted wound closure assembly and methods of irradiating a wound using the same
08/17/17 new patent  Edge finishing laminate production
08/17/17 new patent  Glass sealing with transparent materials having transient absorption properties
08/17/17 new patent  Apparatus and skinning articles
08/17/17 new patent  Optical fiber coating and composition
08/17/17 new patent  Low attenuation fiber with stress relieving layer and a making such
08/10/17End-of-arm tool
08/10/17Glass manufacturing apparatus and methods
08/10/17Laser cut composite glass article and cutting
08/10/17Intermediate cte glasses and glass articles comprising the same
08/10/17Methods and improving reliability of cover substrate against impact fractures
08/10/17Ion exchange processes and chemically strengthened glass substrates resulting therefrom
08/10/17Microwell design and fabrication for generation of cell culture aggregates
08/10/17Enhanced, durable silver coating stacks for highly reflective mirrors
08/10/17Piezoelectric film structures and sensors and display assemblies using same
08/03/17Esophageal marking, oct method, and treatment method using marks
08/03/17Therapeutic illumination assemblies and methods of illuminating medical devices and biological material using the same
08/03/17Screen printing apparatus and methods
08/03/17Screen printing apparatus and methods
08/03/17Method and adding thermal energy to a glass melt
08/03/17Prefining conditioning glasses
08/03/17Method and reforming ultra-thin glass sheets
08/03/17Thermal energy control system for an optical fiber
08/03/17Articles with patterned coatings
08/03/17Cell culture insert
08/03/17High rate deposition systems and processes for forming hermetic barrier layers
08/03/17Optical fiber span with low differential mode delay
08/03/17Low attenuation fiber with viscosity matched core and inner clad
08/03/17Device for displaying a backlit image
08/03/17Organic surface treatments for display glasses to reduce esd
07/27/17System, process and related sintered article
07/27/17Apparatus and methods for processing molten material
07/27/17Glass shaping apparatus and methods
07/27/17Photosensitive glasses and glass ceramics and composite glass materials made therefrom
07/27/17Non-contact coated glass and related coating system and method
07/27/17Polymer surfaces for cell growth
07/27/17Refractometer assemblies, methods of calibrating the same, and methods of determining unknown refractive indices using the same
07/27/17Wide field personal display
07/27/17All-optical mode division demultiplexing
07/27/17Silica content substrate such as for use harsh environment circuits and high frequency antennas
07/20/17Thermally stable glass tubing forming apparatuses
07/20/17Molds with coatings for high temperature use in shaping glass-based material
07/20/17Dual-airy-beam processing glass substrates
07/20/17Tempered and colorless antimicrobial soda lime glass and methods of making and using same
07/20/17Enclosures having an improved tactile surface
07/20/17Polymer clad fiber for evanescent coupling
07/20/17Method of forming light emitting diode with high-silica substrate
07/20/17Structure for transistor switching speed improvement utilizing polar elastomers
07/13/17Defect tolerant honeycomb structures
07/13/17Thin thermally and chemically strengthened glass-based articles
07/13/17Cold formed glass applique
07/13/17Methods and apparatuses for fabricating glass articles
07/13/17Methods and apparatuses for supporting forming bodies of glass forming apparatuses
07/13/17Chemically strengthenable lithium aluminosilicate glasses with inherent damage resistance
07/13/17Thin thermally and chemically strengthened glass-based articles
07/13/17Ultra-thin, non-frangible glass and methods of making
07/13/17Optical fiber with reducing hydrogen sensitivity
07/13/17Low contrast anti-reflection articles with reduced scratch and fingerprint visibility
07/06/17Systems and methods for processing transparent materials using adjustable laser beam focal lines
07/06/17Method and system for arresting crack propagation
07/06/17Flexible glass laminate structures for architectural design and other applications
07/06/17Alkali-doped and alkali-free boroaluminosilicate glass
07/06/17Bismuth borate glass encapsulant for led phosphors
07/06/17Cover glass article
06/29/17Asymmetric processing reducing bow in laminate structures
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06/29/17Device modified substrate article and methods for making
06/29/17Machining methods of forming laminated glass structures
06/29/17Transparent spinel article and tape cast methods for making
06/22/17Break away/tear away cryopreservation vial and methods for manufacturing and using same
06/22/17Antimicrobial glass compositions, glasses and polymeric articles incorporating the same
06/22/17Modular photochemical flow reactor system
06/22/17Regeneration process for metal catalyst based gas purifiers
06/22/17Method and system for scoring glass sheet
06/22/17Glass compositions with improved chemical and mechanical durability
06/22/17Glass compositions with improved chemical and mechanical durability
06/22/17Photochromic glass with sharp cutoff
06/22/17Borosilicate glasses with low alkali content
06/22/17Mirror with stress-compensated reflective coating
06/22/17Bromine-doped optical fiber
06/15/17Coated, antimicrobial, chemically strengthened glass and making
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06/15/17Methods of forming laminated glass structures
06/15/17Fusion-formable glass-based articles including a metal oxide concentration gradient
06/15/17Advanced flow reactor synthesis of semiconducting polymers
06/15/17High chlorine content low attenuation optical fiber
06/08/17Spray drying mixed batch material for plasma melting
06/08/17Methods and bonding and de-bonding a highly flexible substrate to a carrier
06/08/17Method and bending a glass sheet and an electronic device casing
06/08/17Interface block; system for and cutting a substrate being transparent within a range of wavelengths using such interface block
06/08/17Method and system for forming perforations
06/08/17S-shaped stress profiles and methods of making
06/08/17Optical fiber coating and composition with uv-absorbing additive
06/08/17High light transmission and scratch-resistant anti-reflective articles
06/08/17Optical fiber with large effective area and low bending loss
06/08/17Energy storage making and use
06/08/17Systems and methods for quantum key generation
06/01/17Reinforced microplate
06/01/17Dimensionally stable fast etching glasses
06/01/17Durable glass ceramic cover glass for electronic devices
06/01/17Flame-retardant optical fiber coating
05/25/17Doped ultra-low expansion glass and methods for annealing the same
05/25/17Glass with improved total pitch stability
05/25/17High strength glass-ceramics having petalite and lithium silicate structures
05/25/17Removal of inorganic coatings from glass substrates
05/25/17Optical fiber production producing coated optical fiber
05/25/17Distributed fiber sensors and systems employing multicore optical fibers
05/25/17Methods of selecting optical fibers that meet bandwidth requirements at different wavelengths
05/25/17Coating for light-diffusing optical fibers
05/25/17Method of applying adhesion promoter to optical fiber
05/25/17Raman-enhanced transmission fiber
05/25/17Poly-vinylidene difluoride anode binder in a lithium ion capacitor
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05/25/17Porous silicon compositions and devices and methods thereof
05/25/17Display screen protector
05/18/17Vessels and methods for cryopreservation
05/18/17Powder, process of making the powder, and articles made therefrom
05/18/17Silica-modified-fluoride broad angle antireflection coatings
05/11/17Laminated glass article and forming the same
05/11/17Strengthened glass with deep depth of compression
05/11/17Antimicrobial glass articles and methods of making and using same
05/11/17Apparatuses for screen testing an optical fiber and methods for using the same
05/11/17Algorithms and implementation of touch pressure sensors
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05/11/17Cross-cancellation of audio signals in a stereo flat panel speaker
05/04/17Insulated glass unit
05/04/17Abrasive jet forming laminated glass structures
05/04/17Extrudate transport apparatus having a free floating roller assembly
05/04/17Methods of manufacturing a die body
05/04/17Glass articles with mixed polymer and metal oxide coatings
05/04/17Shaped glass articles and methods for forming the same
05/04/17Cold set composition for ceramic bodies
05/04/17Method and system for measuring thickness of glass article
05/04/17Multicore optical fiber with a randomized core structure
05/04/17Monolithic, linear glass polarizer and attenuator
04/27/17Laminating thin glass structures
04/27/17Method and system for forming shaped glass articles
04/27/173-d glass enclosures for electronic devices
04/27/17Strengthened, antimicrobial glass articles and methods for making the same
04/27/17Optical stacks for sparkle reduction
04/27/17Bendable glass stack assemblies, articles and methods of making the same
04/27/17Ultraviolet light-resistant articles and methods for making the same
04/13/17Laser surface preparation of coated substrate
04/13/17Method to prevent cracks in optical fiber preforms
04/13/17Gas reclamation system for optical fiber production
04/13/17Method of assembling optical fiber preforms
04/13/17Glass-based substrate with vias and process of forming the same
04/06/17Optical fiber with large effective area and low bending loss
03/30/17Glass articles with low-friction coatings
03/30/17Skinning of ceramic honeycomb bodies
03/30/17Methods and material processing using plasma thermal source
03/30/17Selenium-free sunglass material with brown tint
03/30/17Halogenated polyimide siloxane chemical compositions and glass articles with halogenated polyimide siloxane low-friction coatings
03/30/17Composite thermal barrier for internal combustion engine component surfaces
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03/30/17Composite thermal barrier for combustion chamber surfaces
03/30/17Two-core optical fibers for distributed fiber sensors and systems
03/30/17Ultracapacitor with improved aging performance
03/30/17Anode for lithium ion capacitor
03/30/17Precoding method, transmitting device, and receiving device
03/23/17Layered glassy photosensitive article and making
03/23/17Radiation shield for shaping thin glass
03/23/17Methods and devices for measuring properties of coatings on optical fibers
03/23/17Methods of characterizing ion-exchanged chemically strengthened glasses containing lithium
03/23/17Multicore optical fibers and interconnection methods for the same
03/23/17Low resistance ultracapacitor electrode and manufacturing method thereof
03/23/17Oled light extraction using nanostructured coatings
03/16/17Optical fiber with low fictive temperature
03/16/17Glass article and forming the same
03/16/17High light transmission and scratch-resistant anti-reflective articles
03/16/17Multi-pane window with a low emissivity layer and a photochromic glass
03/16/17Low bend loss single mode optical fiber with chlorine updoped cladding
03/16/17Engineered antiglare surface to reduce display sparkle
03/16/17Methods and predicting glass dynamics
03/09/17Glass manufacturing apparatuses and methods for operating the same
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03/09/17Laminated and ion-exchanged strengthened glass laminates
03/09/17Methods for controlling the thickness wedge in a glass ribbon
03/09/17Method of making shaped glass articles
03/09/17Optical coatings including buffer layers
03/09/17Continuous synthesis of isooctyl nitrate in a flow reactor
03/09/17Methods of viral neutralizing antibody epitope mapping
03/09/17Multimode optical fibers operating over an extended wavelength range and system incorporating such
03/02/17Zeolite and redox oxide combined catalyst body
03/02/17Method of minimizing stacking element distortions in optical assemblies
03/02/17Glass treatment apparatus and methods of treating glass
03/02/17Glass substrate comprising an edge web portion
03/02/17White, opaque, ß-spodumene glass-ceramic articles with tunable color and methods for making the same
03/02/17Ceramic oxide body, manufacturing thereof, and manufacturing glass sheet
03/02/17Multilayered cell culture apparatus
03/02/17Method of pre-doping a lithium ion capacitor
02/23/17Methods and cutting radii in flexible thin glass
02/23/17Reverse photochromic borosilicate glasses
02/23/17Coating with adhesion layer for uv optics
02/23/17Uv-blocking coating with capping layer for optics
02/23/17Systems for and methods of ambient-light reduction in oled display systems and lcd systems
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02/23/17Carbon activation method and energy storage device thereof
02/23/17Low foaming carbon activation method and energy storage device thereof
02/16/17Glass forming apparatus and methods of forming a glass ribbon
02/16/17Apparatus and manufacturing composite glass articles
02/16/17Molds and methods to control mold surface quality
02/16/17Honeycomb structure comprising a cement skin composition with crystalline inorganic fibrous material
02/16/17Methods for making optical devices
02/16/17Laser welding of high thermal expansion glasses and glass-ceramics
02/16/17Multimode optical transmission system and method employing hom-filter fiber
02/09/17Articles and methods for controlled bonding of thin sheets with carriers
02/09/17Methods of cutting glass using a laser
02/09/17Antimicrobial articles with silver-containing alkali silicate coating and methods of making thereof
02/09/17Glass articles with low-friction coatings
02/09/17Glass containers with improved strength and improved damage tolerance
02/09/17Strengthened glass with deep depth of compression
02/09/17Strengthened glass with deep depth of compression
02/09/17Methods of making antimicrobial glass articles
02/09/17Vessel for growth of biological entities
02/09/17Metal-free cvd coating of graphene on glass and other dielectric substrates
02/02/17Laminate structures with enhanced damping properties
02/02/17Ultralow expansion glass
02/02/17High index glasses
02/02/17Antimicrobial and strengthened-glass articles through pressurized ion exchange
02/02/17Method and material for lithium ion battery anodes
01/26/17Glass articles exhibiting improved fracture performance
01/26/17Glass articles exhibiting improved fracture performance
01/26/17Electrochemical methods for chemical strengthening of glass and glass ceramics
01/26/17Glass bumps on glass articles and methods of laser-induced growth
01/26/17Methods for controlled laser-induced growth of glass bumps on glass articles
01/26/17Methods for controlled laser-induced growth of glass bumps on glass articles
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01/26/17Apparatus and methods for inspecting bodies having a plurality of channels
01/26/17Electrochromic coated glass articles and methods for laser processing the same
01/26/17Methods and providing an interposer for interconnecting semiconductor chips
01/19/17Methods and apparatuses for steering flexible glass webs
01/19/17Treatment of glass surfaces for improved adhesion
01/19/17Optical fiber with macrobend loss mitigating layer
01/12/17Antimicrobial phase-separating glass and glass ceramic articles and laminates
01/12/17Methods of continuous fabrication of holes in flexible substrate sheets and products relating to the same
01/12/17Cold formed laminates
01/12/17Edge chamfering by mechanically processing laser cut glass
01/12/17Glass articles with infrared reflectivity and methods for making the same
01/05/17Edge chamfering methods
01/05/17Interferometric roll-off measurement using a static fringe pattern
01/05/17Optical fiber with large effective area and low bending loss
12/29/16Manufacturing line, process, and sintered article
12/29/16Apparatus and reforming sheet material
12/29/16Glass with high surface strength
12/29/16Glass with high surface strength
12/29/16Composition for improved manufacture of substrates
12/29/16Optical fiber for multimode and single-mode transmission
12/29/16Sapphire cover with increased survivability
12/22/16Method for rapid laser drilling of holes in glass and products made therefrom
12/22/16Glass processing apparatus and methods
12/22/16Method of decorating a substrate surface and articles thereby
12/22/16Methods and apparatuses for producing laminated glass sheets
12/22/16Systems and methods for thermally controlling warp
12/22/16Laser processing of slots and holes
12/22/16Strengthened glass articles and methods of making
12/22/16Fusion formed and ion exchanged glass-ceramics

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