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Council Of Scientific x26 Industrial Research
Council Of Scientific x26 Industrial Research An Indian Corporation
Council Of Scientific x26 Industrial Research_20131212
Council Of Scientific x26 Industrial Research And School Of Environmental Studies


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Recent patent applications related to Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research. Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research, we're just tracking patents.

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12015013926905/21/15 new patent  Device for thermokinetic property measurement
22015013991005/21/15 new patent  Fluorecscent, spherical sophorolipid mesostructures for imaging and therapeutic applications
32015013997605/21/15 new patent  Novel insecticidal chitinase protein its encoding nucleotide and application thereof
42015014165705/21/15 new patent  2-phenyl benzothiazole linked imidazole compounds as potential anticancer agents and process for the preparation thereof
52015014169005/21/15 new patent  Process for making dimethyl carbonate
62015011379304/30/15Method to design a security feature on the substrate of security documents using sub wavelength grating
72015011821204/30/15Mutants of staphylokinase carrying amino and carboxy-terminal extensions for polyethylene glycol conjugation
82015011960504/30/15Process for the preparation of pillar[5]quinone
92015010798304/23/15Household solar still with easy operation and maintenance and enhanced output
102015011066204/23/15Boron doped manganese antimonide as a useful permanent magnet material
112015011198204/23/15Comb-coil spramolecular crosslinked polymer
122015009990004/09/15Process for producing amide compounds
132015009427304/02/15Pharmaceutical composition comprising sophorolipid in combination with an antibiotic
142015008060903/19/15Process for reducing chloronitrobenzene catalyzed by platinum-nanoparticles stabilized on modified montmorillonite clay
152015008061403/19/15Process for the preparation of nanocrystalline pt-ce oxide catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of phenol and its derivatives
162015007195203/12/15Synthetic peptides capable of binding to influenza hemagglutinin protein
172015007302603/12/151, 2, 4-triazole derivatives and their anti-microbial activity
182015005912903/05/15Production of high purity salt with reduced levels of impurities
192015006170603/05/15Resistive type humidity sensor based on porous magnesium ferrite pellet
202015006573103/05/15Process for microwave assisted synthesis of n-methyl pyrrolidone
212015005357202/26/15Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of tellurium from high lead bearing copper refinery anode slime
222015005745902/26/15Solar driven solvent extractor and process for extraction of microalgal lipids using the same
232015005117302/19/15Boronic acid bearing liphagane compounds as inhibitors of p13k- a and/or b
242015005127702/19/15Compounds from anisomeles heyneana
252015005142202/19/15Solvent free process for purification of free bio-amino acids
262015004556402/12/15Cu-mediated annulation for the effective synthesis of 3-substituted phthalides
272015003746602/05/15Double fortified salt composition containing iron and iodine and process for the preparation thereof
282015003871402/05/15Process for synthesis of chiral 3-substituted tetrahydroquinoline derivatives
292015003189901/29/15Cucn-mediated one pot production of cinnamonitrile derivatives
302015002526901/22/15Process for preparation of alkynyl carboxylic acids
312015001459701/15/15Coating composition for prevention of substrate oxidation
322015001846301/15/15Modified polypropylene compositions for reduced necking in extrusion film casting or extrusion coating processes
332015001846501/15/15Reversible switching between super hydrophobic and super hydrophilic states
342015001044801/08/15Selective extraction of potassium chloride employing tartaric acid as safe, benign and recyclable extractant
352015001178101/08/15Cu-mediated annulation for the production of 1-amino-2-naphthalenecarboxylic acid derivatives
362015001178201/08/15Process for synthesis of syn azido epoxide and its use as intermediate for the synthesis of amprenavir & saquinavir
372015000441501/01/15Electronically conducting carbon and carbon-based material by pyrolysis of dead leaves and other similar natural waste
382015000467301/01/15Process for the preparation of natural salt formulations for seawater substitution, mineral fortification
392015000535701/01/15Substituted 4,5-dihydro-2h-benzo[e]indazole-9-carboxylates for the treatment of diabetes and related disorders
402014036993812/18/14Curcumin coated magnetite nanoparticles for biomedical applications
412014034878811/27/14Method to modulate pigmentation process in the melanocytes of skin
422014035027111/27/14Process for chemical conversion of cellulose isolated from aromatic spent biomass to hydroxy methyl furfural
432014032907311/06/14Solar selective coating having high thermal stability and a process for the preparation thereof
442014031524410/23/14Novel fungal strain beauveria sp. mtcc 5184 and a process for the preparation of enzymes therefrom
452014030943410/16/14Synthesis of psuedo indoxyl derivatives
462014030160810/09/14Chemical structure recognition tool
472014029551810/02/14Process for generation of hydrogen and syngas
482014029613310/02/14Sila analogs of oxazolidinone derivatives and synthesis thereof
492014029653010/02/14Indolizinone based derivatives as potential phosphodiesterase 3 (pde3) inhibitors and a process for the preparation thereof
502014028753409/25/14Highly sensitive magnetic tunable heterojunction device for resistive switching
512014024919409/04/14Optically active fluconazole analogues containing thiophenes as antifungal agents
522014024353708/28/14Process for the preparation of oseltamivir and methyl 3-epi-shikimate
532014023586308/21/14Substituted 4-arylthiazoles and process of preparation thereof
542014022859208/14/14Arylated beta-dicarbonyl compounds and process for the preparation thereof
552014022119908/07/14Stable oxide encapsulated metal clusters and nanoparticles
562014022165108/07/14Pyridopyrimidine based derivatives as potential phosphodiesterase 3 (pde3) inhibitors and a process for the preparation thereof
572014021353507/31/14Novel flavonol compounds, compositions thereof and treating bone disorders
582014019702407/17/14Microwave induced single step green synthesis of some novel 2-aryl aldehydes and their analogues
592014019838007/17/14Planar solar concentrators using subwavelength gratings
602014018345007/03/14Catalyst free synthesis of vertically aligned cnts on sinw arrays
612014018624807/03/14Process for the adsorption of toxic sulphur bearing gases
622014017003706/19/14Dye entrapped sol-gel film based test strip sensor for nitrite and a process of preparing said strip sensor
632014017166206/19/14Pimarane diterpenes from anisochilus verticillatus
642014015565306/05/14An improved process for catalytic dehydration of lactic acid to acrylic acid
652014014511705/29/14Coke resistant solid catalyst, process for the preparation thereof and a process for vapour phase dry reforming of methane
662014013439505/15/14Laced composite system
672014013539305/15/14Substituted cathechols as inhibitors of il-4 and il-5 for the treatment bronchial asthma
682014012739705/08/14Process for the preparation of kish graphitic lithium-insertion anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
692014012863205/08/14Catalyst for single step conversion of glycerol to acrylic acid and process for the preparation thereof
702014012865305/08/14Catalyst for selective dehydrogenation / oxidative dehydrogenation reactions and process for the preparation thereof
712014009968404/10/14Engine worthy fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel) from naturally occuring marine microalgal mats and marine microalgae cultured in open salt pans together with value addition of co-products
722014009345604/03/14Tumor model system useful to study multistage cancer
732014008725703/27/14Cathode material and lithium ion battery therefrom
742014007983403/20/14Bioactive fractions and compounds from dalbergia sissoo for the prevention or treatment of osteo-health related disorders
752014008018403/20/14Novel isolated bacterial strain of gluconacetobacter oboediens and an optimized economic process for microbial cellulose production therefrom
762014008106303/20/14Catalyst and process for the conversion of bio-ethanol into gasoline
772014006932703/13/14Process for developing a composite coating of diamond like carbon and graphite on silicon carbide grain by indirect arc plasma heating dissociation
782014005777802/27/14Sulfonated carbon silica composite material and a process for the preparation thereof
792014004609002/13/14Process for continous flow synthesis of beta-amino crotonate
802014003824902/06/14Integrated process for the production of jatropha methyl ester and by products
812014003887902/06/14Surface induced disassembly of nano containers
822014002678701/30/14Composition for advanced hybrid geopolymeric functional materials and a process for the preparation thereof
832014003070901/30/14Biomarker for detecting high-altitude adaptation and high-altitude pulmonary edema
842014002388301/23/14Carbazole end capped bipyridine compounds and process for preparation thereof
852014001759501/16/14Process for the preparation of membrane electrode assemblies (meas)
862014001823801/16/14Activated carbon-metal organic framework composite materials with enhanced gas adsorption capacity and process for the preparation thereof
872014000824301/09/14Carbon bed electrolyser for treatment of liquid effluents and a process thereof
882014001122401/09/14Novel bacterial strain of achromobacter sp. mtcc 5605 and a highly enantioselective epoxide hydrolase isolated therefrom
892014001204401/09/14Process for the synthesis of antiepileptic drug lacosamide
902014000512101/02/14Oligopeptides and process for preparation thereof
912013034545412/26/13A process for the preparation of phytosteryl ferulate
922013033819312/19/13Chiral 1-(4-methylphenylmethyl)-5-oxo--pyrrolidine-2-carboxamides as inhibitors of collagen induced platelet activation and adhesion
932013033146712/12/13Process for the modification of curcuma aromatica essential oil
942013033154212/12/13Process for preparing hyperbranched polyesters
952013033158112/12/131,2,3-triazole containing artemisinin compounds and process for preparation thereof
962013033159612/12/13Process for the eco-friendly preparation of 3, 5-dibromo-4-hydroxybenzonitrile
972013032457312/05/13Substituted 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroquinolin-7-yl carbamates as acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for treatment of alzheimer's disease
982013032467312/05/13Process for the removal of arsenic and chromium from water
992013032467912/05/13Perylenebisimide-polyester blend
1002013031580511/28/13Process for simultaneous production of potassium sulphate, ammonium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide and/or magnesium oxide from kainite mixed salt and ammonia
1012013031721111/28/13Pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]naphthodiazepine linked piperazine compounds and a process for the preparation thereof
1022013031722111/28/133-arylethynyl substituted quinazolinone compounds
1032013031724411/28/13Organic-inorganic hybrid chiral sorbent and process for the preparation thereof
1042013030648511/21/13Molecularly imprinted conducting polymer film based aqueous amino acid sensors
1052013031027911/21/13Novel simultaneous detection and discrimination of bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections of eye and central nervous system
1062013028926610/31/13Spiroannulated nucleosides and process for the preparation thereof
1072013027761910/24/13Process for the preparation of high voltage nano composite cathode (4.9vv) for lithium ion batteries
1082013028070710/24/13Top2a inhibition by temozolomide and its predictive value of gbm patients survival
1092013026694110/10/13Diagnostic assays for the detection and identification of aspergilli
1102013025309309/26/13Adhesive composition and uses thereof
1112013024504809/19/134-aza-2, 3-didehydropodophyllotoxin compounds and process for the preparation thereof
1122013021387508/22/13High flux hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes and process for the preparation thereof
1132013020856008/15/13Fractal impeller for stirring
1142013021090908/15/13Coumarin-chalcones as anticancer agents
1152013019705208/01/13Tryptamine derivatives, their preparation and their use in gastropathy
1162013018337707/18/13Synthetic immunogen useful for generating long lasting immunity and protection against pathogens
1172013018441207/18/13Quaternised polybenzimidazole
1182013018446207/18/13Method for predicting and modeling anti-psychotic activity using virtual screening model
1192013017518207/11/13Electrochemical process for synthesis of graphene
1202013016479906/27/13Integrated process for the production of oil bearing chlorella variabilis for lipid extraction utilizing by products of jatropha methyl ester (jme) production
1212013013673105/30/13Protein fusion constructs possessing thrombolytic and anticoagulant properties
1222013013789505/30/13Method for the extraction of shikimic acid
1232013012961005/23/13Hydrogen/syngas generator
1242013012975805/23/13Novel cationic amphiphiles with mannose-mimicking head-groups and a process for the preparation thereof
1252013013030605/23/13Zn (ii) based colorimetric sensor and process for the preparation thereof
1262013013135005/23/13Pyridin-2yl sulfanyl acid esters and process for the preparation thereof
1272013012355505/16/13Modified zeolite catalyst useful for the conversion of paraffins, olefins and aromatics in a mixed feedstock into isoparaffins and a process thereof
1282013011645305/09/13Ordered mesoporous titanosilicate and the process for the preparation thereof
1292013010539705/02/13Magnetic dye-adsorbent catalyst
1302013009552304/18/13Novel fungal strain beauveria sp. mtcc 5184 and a process for the preparation of enzymes therefrom
1312013009633304/18/13Chiral heterogeneous catalyst for assymmetric nitroaldol reaction
1322013009635104/18/13Process for the selective hydroxylation of benzene with molecular oxygen
1332013008764204/11/13Free flowing 100-500 micrometer size spherical crystals of common salt and process for preparation thereof
1342013008530504/04/13Process for the preparation of cu-cr oxides for selective oxidation reactions
1352013007473503/28/13Process for the production of violacein and its derivative deoxyviolacein containing bioactive pigment from chromobacterium sp. (mtcc5522)
1362013007954503/28/13Substituted cyclohexane-1, 3-dione compounds, process for preparation thereof and its applications
1372013005993203/07/13Surface modified porous polymers for enhanced cell growth
1382013005998603/07/13Graft copolymer with ph dependent behaviour
1392013006004503/07/131, 2, 4-triazole derivatives and their anti mycobacterial activity
1402013004778202/28/13Green process for the preparation of direct reduced iron (dri)
1412013004000702/14/13Antituberculosis composition of byttneria species
1422013003449102/07/13Shape preserving chemical transformation of zno mesostructures into anatase tio2 mesostructures for optoelectronic application
1432013003004401/31/13New series of artemisinin derivatives and process for preparation thereof
1442012033003112/27/12Process for the preparation of beta-amino alcohol
1452012031817312/20/12Composition for building material and a process for the preparation thereof
1462012028326311/08/12Triazine-aryl-bis-indoles and process for preparation thereof
1472012027894511/01/12Novel autotetraploid clone 'cimap-khus 40' of vetiver (vetiveria zizaniodes) useful for carbon sequestration and soil conservation
1482012026459710/18/12Cealo3 perovskites containing transition metal
1492012024501809/27/12High aspect ratio nanoscale multifunctional materials
1502012024535709/27/12Alr2 inhibitors and their synthesis from a natural source
1512012023848209/20/12Process for the preparation of multifunctional additive for aqueous lubricants
1522012022512709/06/12Clay nanocomposite forming microcapsule useful for guest encapsulation and process thereof
1532012021501108/23/12Aziridination of olefins
1542012021501708/23/12Process for producing fatty acids
1552012020286808/09/12Method for treatment of bronchial asthma
1562012019007107/26/12Lipa and its variant useful for biofuel production
1572012017861407/12/12Ruthenium complex intercalated n-doped or n,s-codoped titania pillared montmorillonite and a process for the preparation thereof
1582012014191506/07/12Process for the preparation of sol-gel modified alternative nafion-silica composite membrane useful for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
1592012012584405/24/12Removal of organic dyes and organic pollutants by titanium peroxide gel
1602012012922305/24/12Dna loaded supported gold nanoparticles, process for the preparation and use thereof
1612012013004705/24/12Accelerated gelation of regenerated fibroin
1622012009816904/26/12Process for manufacturing high density slip-cast fused silica bodies
1632012010127004/26/12Novel pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4] benzodiazepine derivatives with dithiocarbamate side chains and process for the preparation thereof
1642012009521404/19/12Quinazolinone linked pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine hybrids as potential anticancer agents and process for the preparation thereof
1652012007083503/22/12Method of cloning stable stress tolerant superoxide dismutase using universal primers
1662012005913103/08/12Ph sensitive graft copolymer
1672012000913201/12/12Transparent xyloglucan/chitosan gel and a process for the preparation thereof
1682012000141201/05/12Surface modified optically variable product for security feature
1692011031977712/29/11Ecg device with impulse and channel switching adc noise filter and error corrector for derived leads
1702011028963111/24/11Method for producing male sterile plants
1712011028208411/17/11Castor oil fatty acid based estolide esters and their derivatives as potential lubricant base stocks
1722011026998711/03/11Process for preparation of hexadecyl cis-9-tetradecenoate and hexadecyl cis-10-tetradecenoate
1732011025743910/20/11Process for the preparation of 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-one using solid acid clay catalyst
1742011024400310/06/11Self standing nanoparticle networks/scaffolds with controllable void dimensions
1752011023747109/29/11Process for metalworking fluid from heavy alkylate
1762011022057709/15/11Process for the removal of arsenic and chromium from water
1772011021316509/01/11Novel 4beta-amino podophyllotoxin congeners as anti tumour antibiotics a process for the preparation thereof
1782011020792408/25/11New phenanthrylphenol linked pyrrolo [2, l-c] [l, 4] benzodiazepine hybrids as potential antitumour agents and process for the preparation thereof
1792011020149508/18/11Process for the preparation of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
1802011020166108/18/11Spiro derivatives of parthenin as novel anticancer agents
1812011020179608/18/11Dna sequence in plant caragana jubata with freeze tolerance
1822011019614108/11/11Locked and unlocked 2'-o phosphoramidite nucleosides, process of preparation thereof and oligomers comprising the nucleosides
1832011018396807/28/11Antifungal compounds containing benzothiazinone, benzoxazinone or benzoxazolinone and process thereof
1842011017156107/14/11Composition with enhanced proton conductivity
1852011014296906/16/11Extract of piper betel leaves for the treatment of human malignancies by inducing oxidative stress
1862011013166706/02/11Tumor model system useful to study multistage cancer
1872011012489605/26/11A 9,10,12-triacyloxy octadecanoic acid alkyl ester and 9,10,12-triacyloxy octadecanoic acid alkyl ester rich fatty acid alkyl esters mixture and a process for preparation thereof
1882011011752205/19/11Dental implant system
1892011011823705/19/11Isoxazoline linked pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4]benzodiazepine hybrids as potential anticancer agents and the process for preparation thereof
1902011010746105/05/11Cloning of novel gene sequences expressed and repressed during winter dormancy in the apical buds of tea
1912011002778402/03/11Novel primers for identification of astrocytoma, its grades and glioblastoma prognosis
1922011002844002/03/11Simultaneous the preparation of a mixture of 3-acetoxy-17-acetamido-16-formyl-androst-5,17-diene and 3-acetoxy-2'-chloro-5-androsteno[17,16-b]pyridine
1932010033027712/30/10Nanocomposite material useful for the preparation superhydrophobic coating and a process for the preparation thereof
1942010030427212/02/10Proton conducting polymer electrolyte membrane useful in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
1952010028485811/11/10Pyrrole end-capped bipyridine assay powder for selective detection of zinc ions and a process for the preparation thereof
1962010028642511/11/10Organic-inorganic hybrid chiral sorbent and process for the preparation thereof
1972010024945109/30/10Process for the preparation of substituted benzilic acid from substituted benzils
1982010020585308/19/10Process for the preparation of biodiesel from vegetable oils containing high ffa
1992010017281207/08/10Process for the preparation of magnesia (mgo)
2002010014768306/17/10Novel potentiometric cholesterol sensor for the quantitative estimation of total cholesterol in human blood serum
2012010013663506/03/10Method of inducing chirality to epoxides using 2,3:4,6 di-o-isopropylidene-2-keto-l-gulonic acid monohydrate
2022010008914204/15/10Process utilizing natural carbon-13 isotope for identification of early breakthrough of injection water in oil wells
2032010007751103/25/10Caffeine fraction obtained from tea leaves and a inducing agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated genetic transformation in plants using said caffeine fraction
2042009030226312/10/09Conducting copolymer ferromagnetic composite and a process for the preparation thereof
2052009030621312/10/09Process for synthesis of glycomimicking cationic amphiphiles
2062009029893812/03/09Use of semi synthetic analogues of boswellic acids for anticancer activity
2072009029215411/26/09Modified zeolite catalyst useful for the conversion of paraffins, olefins and aromatics in a mixed feedstock into isoparaffins and a process thereof
2082009025066010/08/09Composition for building material and a process for the preparation thereof
2092009024630210/01/09Composition and protecting agricultural crops and/or agricultural products
2102009024762610/01/09Method of treating dyslipidemia using naturally occurring diterpene
2112009023333709/17/09Chemoenzymatic process for the stereoselective preparation of (r)-gamma-amino-beta-hydroxybutyric acid [(r)-gabob) and (r)-carnitine
2122009022699309/10/09Novel strain and a novel process for ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass at high temperature
2132009020943708/20/09Temperature regulated promoters from schizosaccharomyces pombe for expression of proteins
2142009018881007/30/09Process for the preparation of stable iodate-exchanged synthetic hydrotalcite with zero effluent discharge
2152009019233707/30/09Process for direct hydroxylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
2162009017578107/09/09Process for the preparation of common salt of high purity from brines in solar salt pans
2172009017609607/09/09Free flowing 100-500 micrometer size spherical crystals of common salt and process for preparation thereof
2182009017626807/09/09Solid nutrient media useful for isolating and identifying alkaliphilic bacteria
2192009014274706/04/09Development of diagnostic kit for the detection of chrysanthemum virus b
2202009003665702/05/09Pyrrolo[2, 1-c][1, 4]benzodiazepine-glycoside prodrug useful as a selective anti tumor agent
2212013033159612/12/13Process for the eco-friendly preparation of 3, 5-dibromo-4-hydroxybenzonitrile
2222012029529311/22/12Novel enhanced surface area conico-cylindrical flask (es-ccf) for biofilm cultivation
2232010016838707/01/10Chimeric cryle delta endotoxin and methods of controlling insects

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