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Recent patent applications related to Covidien Lp. Covidien Lp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Covidien Lp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Covidien Lp, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Surgical device with dc power connection
08/17/17 new patent  Specimen retrieval bags and specimen retrieval systems
08/17/17 new patent  Stitching device with long needle
08/17/17 new patent  Buttress and surgical stapling apparatus
08/17/17 new patent  Surgical instrument for dispensing tacks and solution
08/17/17 new patent  Surgical stapler with small diameter endoscopic portion
08/17/17 new patent  Anvil assembly with sliding sleeve
08/17/17 new patent  Vascular device visibility
08/17/17 new patent  Hand-held electromechanical surgical system
08/17/17 new patent  Robotically controlling mechanical advantage gripping
08/17/17 new patent  Reciprocating rotary arthroscopic surgical instrument
08/17/17 new patent  Resonant inverter with a common mode choke
08/17/17 new patent  Powered bipolar resectoscope
08/17/17 new patent  Electrosurgical instrument
08/17/17 new patent  End effector assemblies and methods of manufacturing end effector assemblies for treating and/or cutting tissue
08/17/17 new patent  Apparatus for performing an electrosurgical procedure
08/17/17 new patent  Systems and methods for determining the status of a fluid-cooled microwave ablation system
08/17/17 new patent  Vascular device marker attachment
08/17/17 new patent  Vascular remodeling device
08/17/17 new patent  Anti-thrombogenic medical devices and methods
08/10/17Dynamic input scaling for controls of robotic surgical system
08/10/17Patient bed-exit prediction and detection
08/10/17Surgical stapler with articulation locking mechanism
08/10/17Adapter, extension, and connector assemblies for surgical devices
08/10/17Flexible circular stapler
08/10/17Adapter assemblies for interconnecting electromechanical handle assemblies and surgical loading units
08/10/17Robotically controlling mechanical advantage gripping
08/10/17Bipolar plasma catheter
08/10/17Colpotomy system for total laparoscopic hysterectomy
08/10/17Dynamic input scaling for controls of robotic surgical system
08/10/17Gastric tubes and methods of use
08/10/17Proximity-based medical data retrieval
08/03/17Tissue-removing catheter including force-transmitting member for actuating a cutter housing
08/03/17Surgical instrument with sensor
08/03/17Jaw aperture position sensor for electrosurgical forceps
07/27/17Surgical instrument with replaceable loading unit
07/27/17System and harmonic control of dual-output generators
07/27/17Knife trigger for vessel sealer
07/27/17Devices and methods for tissue sealing and mechanical clipping
07/27/17Method for volume determination and geometric reconstruction
07/27/17Instrument fixation device for depth and angle fixation
07/27/17Absorbent articles with non-adherent member
07/27/17Absorbent articles including silicone
07/27/17Adapter assembly with planetary gear drive for interconnecting electromechanical surgical devices and surgical loading units, and surgical systems thereof
07/27/17Systems and methods for credit-based usage of surgical instruments and components thereof
07/27/17Converting unorganized medical data for viewing
07/27/17System and detecting smoking behavior
07/20/173d laparoscopic image capture apparatus with a single image sensor
07/20/17Navigable endobronchial tool to access tissue outside a bronchus
07/20/17Centering mechanism for articulation joint
07/20/17Electrosurgical devices, directional reflector assemblies coupleable thereto, and electrosurgical systems including same
07/20/17Reinforcement device with dissolvable layer and its use
07/20/17Stents having radiopaque mesh
07/13/17System and monitoring cerebral activity
07/13/17Monitoring compliance using venous refill detection
07/13/17Surgical suturing instrument
07/13/17Suture packaging
07/13/17Surgical fastener apparatus
07/13/17Adapter assemblies for interconnecting surgical loading units and handle assemblies
07/13/17Surgical stapler
07/13/17Curvilinear surgical staples
07/13/17Adapter assembly including a removable trocar assembly
07/13/17Tissue-removing catheter, tissue-removing element, and making same
07/13/17Tissue-removing catheter with ball and socket deployment mechanism
07/13/17Surgical forceps
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07/13/17Jaw force control for electrosurgical forceps
07/13/17Surgical instrument
07/13/17Dual band power amplifier circuit for microwave ablation
07/13/17Motorized chest drainage system
07/13/17Internally pressurized medical devices
07/06/17Composite drive beam for surgical stapling
07/06/17Surgical stapling apparatus
07/06/17Surgical apparatus
07/06/17Switch assemblies for multi-function surgical instruments and surgical instruments incorporating the same
07/06/17Tissue sealing forceps
07/06/17Microwave energy-delivery device and system
07/06/17Fiber optic laser surgical instrument having a radial dispersion pattern
07/06/17Brachytherapy clip and applicator
06/29/17Systems for imaging of blood flow in laparoscopy
06/29/17Endoscopic purse string surgical device
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06/29/17Chip assembly for reusable surgical instruments
06/29/17Surgical instrument with double cartridge and anvil assemblies
06/29/17Circular surgical stapler with mating anvil and shell assembly
06/29/17Surgical device, surgical adapters for use between surgical handle assembly and surgical loading units, and methods of use
06/29/17Surgical instruments capable of being selectively disassembled to facilitate replacement of disposable components and/or sterilization of reusable components
06/29/17Electrosurgical instrument with a knife blade lockout mechanism
06/29/17Light energy sealing, cutting and sensing surgical device
06/29/17Embolic protection devices having short landing zones
06/29/17Methods and systems for exhalation control and trajectory optimization
06/29/17Multi-filament catheter
06/22/17Patient sensor intercommunication circuitry for a medical monitor
06/22/17Surgical instruments including sensors
06/22/17Surgical instruments and switch assemblies thereof
06/22/17Personalization of powered surgical devices
06/22/17Battery powered surgical instrument
06/22/17Powered surgical stapling device platform
06/22/17Buttress attachment to the cartridge surface
06/22/17Handheld surgical handle assembly, surgical adapters for use between surgical handle assembly and surgical end effectors, and methods of use
06/22/17Surgical stapling device
06/22/17Surgical instruments including touch-sensing actuation
06/22/17Devices and methods facilitating sleeve gastrectomy procedures
06/22/17Vacuum assisted surgical dissection tools
06/22/17Vibrating surgical instruments for blunt dissection
06/22/17Vibrating surgical instruments for blunt dissection and methods for use thereof
06/22/17Ultrasonic surgical instrument with cooling system
06/22/17Electrosurgical instrument including nested knife assembly
06/22/17Electrosurgical devices with balun structure for air exposure of antenna radiating section and directing energy to tissue using same
06/22/17Apparatus for tissue sealing
06/22/17Dynamic 3d lung map view for tool navigation inside the lung
06/22/17Tissue stop for surgical instrument
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06/22/17System and detecting bending of an electrosurgical device
06/22/17Stents and stent deployment devices
06/22/17Methods of performing a bariatric procedure and surgical devices for use therewith
06/22/17Electromechanical surgical devices with single motor drives and adapter assemblies therfor
06/15/17Work of breathing display for a ventilation system
06/15/17Handheld electromechanical surgical instruments
06/15/17Adapter assembly for surgical device
06/15/17Surgical fastener apparatus with linear position sensor
06/15/17Aneurysm treatment coils
06/15/17System and performing surgical procedures with a reusable instrument module
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06/15/17Power and bi directional data interface assembly and surgical system including the same
06/15/17Microwave ablation instrument with interchangeable antenna probe
06/15/17Surgical adapter assemblies and wireless detection of surgical loading units
06/15/17Hand-held spherical antenna system to detect transponder tagged objects, for example during surgery
06/08/17Laparoscopic visualization system
06/08/17Visualization, navigation, and planning with electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy and cone beam computed tomography integrated
06/08/17Surgical stapler flexible distal tip
06/08/17Surgical stapling apparatus
06/08/17Multiple layer filamenyary devices for treatment of vascular defects
06/08/17Retrieval catheter with expandable tip
06/08/17Electrosurgical instrument
06/08/17Flow rate monitor for fluid cooled microwave ablation probe
06/08/17Closure tape dispenser
06/08/17High-flow enteral feeding syringe assembly
06/08/17Pathway planning system and method
06/08/17Augmented surgical reality environment
06/08/17Region-growing algorithm
06/08/17Multifunctional conferencing systems and methods
06/01/17Powered endoscopic suturing device
06/01/17Endoscopic stitching devices
06/01/17Adapter assembly for surgical device
06/01/17Surgical apparatus including surgical buttress
06/01/17Ratcheting mechanism for surgical stapling device
06/01/17Hand held electromechanical surgical system including battery compartment diagnostic display
06/01/17Multi-function surgical instruments
06/01/17Dynamically matched microwave antenna for tissue ablation
06/01/17Shipping member for loading unit
06/01/17Expanding absorbable tack
06/01/17Patient positioning system
05/25/17Surgical devices and methods utilizing optical coherence tomography (oct) to monitor and control tissue sealing
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05/25/17Physiological monitoring methods and systems utilizing filter scaling
05/25/17Surgical fastener applying apparatus
05/25/17Surgical fastener applying apparatus
05/25/17Adapter assembly for interconnecting electromechanical surgical devices and surgical loading units, and surgical systems thereof
05/25/17Apparatus for forming variable height surgical fasteners
05/25/17Apparatus for endoscopic procedures
05/25/17Surgical fastener appliers
05/25/17Insertion shroud for surgical instrument
05/25/17Systems for venous occlusion for the treatment of venous insufficiency
05/25/17Surgical device with articulation and wrist rotation
05/25/17Tissue-removing catheter including operational control mechanism
05/25/17Devices, systems, and methods for treating ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases
05/25/17Instruments and methods for treating ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases
05/25/17Apparatuses, treating ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases
05/25/17Limited-use surgical devices
05/25/17System and laparoscopic use of hemostatic patch
05/25/17Stents twisted prior to deployment and untwisted during deployment
05/25/17Devices, treating ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases
05/25/17Wireless patient verification
05/18/17System and forming barbs on a suture
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05/18/17Loading unit with shipping member for surgical stapling device
05/18/17Powered stapling apparatus
05/18/17Positioning and detaching implants
05/18/17Balloon dissection kit with multiple balloons
05/18/17Articulating ultrasonic surgical instruments and systems
05/18/17Catheter with remotely extendible instruments
05/18/17System and return electrode monitoring
05/18/17Gap control via overmold teeth and hard stops
05/18/17Ablation device having an expandable chamber for anchoring the ablation device to tissue
05/18/17Systems and methods for ultrasound image-guided ablation antenna placement
05/18/17Adjustable tuning of a dielectrically loaded loop antenna
05/18/17Tissue ablation system with energy distribution
05/18/17Apparatus and using a remote control system in surgical procedures
05/18/17Implantable prosthesis for repairing or reinforcing an anatomical defect
05/18/17System and thermal management of electronic devices
05/11/17Device, measuring esophageal mucosal impedance
05/11/17Extended balloon assembly for a catheter
05/11/17Surgical stapling device with dissecting tip
05/11/17Circular stapler mechanical lockout
05/11/17Surgical apparatus
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05/11/17Surgical fastener applying apparatus, kits and methods for endoscopic procedures
05/11/17Adapter assemblies for interconnecting surgical loading units and handle assemblies
05/11/17Surgical stapling device with dissecting tip
05/11/17Endoscopic reposable surgical clip applier
05/11/17Adapter assembly for surgical device
05/11/17Deployment and safety mechanisms for surgical instruments
05/11/17Adapter, extension, and connector assemblies for surgical devices
05/11/17Surgical instruments including mems devices
05/04/17Staple line reinforcement for anvil and cartridge
05/04/17Surgical stapling device with tri-staples
05/04/17Clot removal by adhesion
05/04/17Surgical instruments including knife assemblies with reducible cutting height
05/04/17Surgical instruments including cam surfaces
05/04/17Cordless hand-held ultrasonic cautery device
05/04/17Non-stick coated electrosurgical instruments and manufacturing the same
05/04/17Non-stick coated electrosurgical instruments and manufacturing the same
05/04/17Endoscopic surgical instrument
05/04/17Ablation needle including fiber bragg grating
05/04/17Anti-thrombogenic medical devices
05/04/17Cleaning device for medical instrument and use
04/27/17Method of using lung airway carina locations to improve enb registration
04/27/17Surgical stapling apparatus including sensing mechanism
04/27/17Rotatable connection between an intervention member and a manipulation member of an endovascular device
04/27/17Surgical forceps
04/27/17Devices, systems, and methods facilitating insertion and removal of components from surgical instruments
04/27/17Foam introduction system including modified port geometry
04/27/17Surgical instruments with cooling assembly
04/27/17System and process monitoring and intelligent shut-off
04/20/17System and providing blood pressure safe zone indication during autoregulation monitoring
04/20/17System and identifying autoregulation zones
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04/20/17Adapter assembly for surgical devices
04/20/17Surgical stapling apparatus
04/20/17Loading unit with stretchable bushing
04/20/17High-strength microwave antenna assemblies
04/20/17Retrieval of medical devices
04/20/17Catheter body structural support member including a polymer hypotube
04/20/17Medical device delivery system
04/13/17Continuous flow scope configuration with optional tool usage
04/13/17Multi-fire surgical stapling apparatus including safety lockout and visual indicator
04/13/17Anvil assembly with frangible retaining member
04/13/17Tissue-removing catheter and tissue-removing element with depth stop
04/13/17Endoscopic ultrasound fine needle fiducial system
04/13/17Electrosurgical instrument
04/13/17Electrosurgical devices with directional radiation pattern
04/13/17Step-down coaxial microwave ablation applicators and methods for manufacturing same
04/13/17Compression garment compliance
04/13/17Symmetrical tip acute catheter
04/13/17Adapter assembly for surgical device
04/13/17System and detecting trachea
04/06/17System and monitoring autoregulation utilizing normalized regional oxygen saturation values
04/06/17Medical device with adaptive power consumption
04/06/17Multi-use loading unit
04/06/17Micro surgical instrument and loading unit for use therewith
04/06/17Cutter for tissue-removing catheter
04/06/17Ablation devices utilizing exothermic chemical reactions, system including same, and methods of ablating tissue using same
04/06/17Spindle assembly with mechanical fuse for surgical instruments
04/06/17Methods and systems for adaptive base flow and leak compensation
04/06/17Catheter with curvilinear polygon cross-sectional shape
04/06/17Crosslinked fibers and making same using uv radiation

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