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12/14/17 new patent  Surgical fastening with w-shaped surgical fasteners
12/14/17 new patent  System and calibrating a surgical instrument
12/14/17 new patent  System and making tapered looped suture
12/14/17 new patent  Pair of double staple pusher in triple row stapler
12/14/17 new patent  Buttress attachment for surgical stapling instrument
12/14/17 new patent  Variable active snubber circuit to induce zero-voltage-switching in a current-fed power converter
12/14/17 new patent  System for manufacturing electrosurgical seal plates
12/14/17 new patent  Foldable sleeve for surgical instrument
12/07/17Stapler with auto-matic lockout mechanism
12/07/17Electrosurgical dissector with thermal management
12/07/17Cutting mechanisms for surgical end effector assemblies, instruments, and systems
12/07/17Re-hydration antenna for ablation
12/07/17Assessment of suture or staple line integrity and localization of potential tissue defects along the suture or staple line
12/07/17Method and apparatus to detect transponder tagged objects, for example during medical procedures
11/30/17Continuous flow endoscope
11/30/17Endoscopic stitching device
11/30/17Attachable clamp for use with surgical instruments
11/30/17Surgical stapling devices
11/30/17Endoscopic reposable surgical clip applier
11/30/17Surgical stapling loading unit
11/30/17Surgical clip applier with multiple clip feeding mechanism
11/30/17Articulating clip applier
11/30/17Surgical grasper with integrated probe
11/30/17Trocar tip protector
11/30/17Flexible trocar assembly for surgical circular stapling devices
11/30/17Surgical instrument incorporating a circuit board and methods of manufacturing the same
11/30/17Surgical forceps
11/30/17Seal anchor with non-parallel lumens
11/30/17Tissue dilators
11/23/17Surgical stapling apparatus employing a predictive stapling algorithm
11/23/17Loading unit including shipping assembly
11/23/17Seal element for anastomosis
11/23/17Adapter assembly for a flexible circular stapler
11/23/17Cutting member for a surgical instrument
11/23/17Adapter assembly including a removable trocar assembly
11/23/17System and temperature enhanced irreversible electroporation
11/23/17Ablation needle including fiber bragg grating
11/23/17Modular microwave generators and methods for operating modular microwave generators
11/23/17Microwave field-detecting needle assemblies, methods of manufacturing same, methods of adjusting an ablation field radiating into tissue using same, and systems including same
11/23/17Protuberant aneurysm bridging device deployment method
11/16/17Specimen retrieval bags and specimen retrieval systems
11/16/17Side-stream volumetric capnography
11/16/17Adapter assemblies for surgical devices
11/16/17Tissue dissectors
11/16/17Wound retractor specimen bag
11/16/17Wound retractor and specimen bag assembly
11/16/17Surgical fastener applying apparatus
11/16/17Surgical stapling apparatus
11/16/17Surgical clip applier
11/16/17Methods of inserting a circular stapling apparatus into a body lumen
11/16/17Brake for adapter assemblies for surgical devices
11/16/17Insertion instrument, adapter assemblies and protector assemblies for a flexible circular stapler
11/16/17Retrieval use thereof
11/16/17Jaw, blade and gap manufacturing for surgical instruments with small jaws
11/16/17Deployment mechanisms for surgical instruments
11/16/17Surgical stapling apparatus with curved cartridge and anvil assemblies
11/16/17Devices, systems, and methods for cooling a surgical instrument
11/16/17Uterine manipulator
11/16/17Methods of ablating tissue
11/16/17Ablation devices with dual operating frequencies, systems including same, and methods of adjusting ablation volume using same
11/16/17Electrosurgical generator with half-cycle power regulation
11/16/17Ancillary circuit to induce zero voltage switching in a power converter
11/16/17Microwave antenna having a coaxial cable with an adjustable outer conductor configuration
11/16/17System and performing treatment along a lumen network
11/16/17System and method to access lung tissue
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11/16/17Luminal stenting
11/16/17Unified coordinate system for multiple ct scans of patient lungs
11/09/17Bronchoscope coupler
11/09/17Systems for sensing position of imaging device
11/09/17Devices, systems, and methods for locating pressure sensitive critical structures
11/09/17Adapter assembly with pulley system and worm gear drive for interconnecting electromechanical surgical devices and surgical end effectors
11/09/17Suture delivery and/or retrieval device
11/09/17Compound barb medical device and method
11/09/17Powered end effector assembly with pivotable channel
11/09/17Surgical stapling device with firing indicator
11/09/17Ultrasonic surgical instrument
11/09/17Advanced simultaneous activation algorithm
11/09/17Method for manufacturing an electrode assembly configured for use with an electrosurgical instrument
11/09/17Ablation instruments with a member having a triangular cross-section
11/09/17Recirculating cooling systems for use with energy delivery devices
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11/09/17Systems and methods facilitating application of an appropriate thermal dosage in microwave ablation procedures
11/09/17Manual retraction tool for use with an electromechanical surgical device
11/09/17Vascular isolation systems and methods
11/09/17Fluid dispensing catheter
11/09/17Systems and methods for simulating prior use of a surgical instrument based on obtained surgical instrument data
11/02/17Non-invasively monitoring blood parameters
11/02/17Hand-held surgical devices
11/02/17Systems and methods for catheter advancement
11/02/17Catheter including drive assembly for rotating and reciprocating tissue-removing element
11/02/17Devices, systems, and methods for establishing electrical and fluid connections to surgical instruments
11/02/17Attachments for use with a surgical access device
11/02/17Surgical energy system with universal connection features
11/02/17System and high frequency leakage reduction through selective harmonic elimination in electrosurgical generators
11/02/17Microwave antenna with cooled handle
11/02/17Current sensor with reduced voltage coupling
11/02/17Systems and methods for improving the range of sensor systems
10/26/17Biopsy devices and methods of use thereof
10/26/17System and performing surgical procedures with a modular surgical system having a rail mechanism
10/26/17Surgical loading units and mounting members thereof
10/26/17Coaxial coil lock
10/26/17Switch assemblies for multi-function surgical instruments and surgical instruments incorporating the same
10/26/17Surgical instrument with fiber bragg grating
10/26/17Microwave thermometry for microwave ablation systems
10/26/17System and performing an electrosurgical procedure using an ablation device with an integrated imaging device
10/26/17Dual antenna assembly with user-controlled phase shifting
10/26/17Surgical robotic arm support systems and methods of use
10/26/17Procedures for vascular occlusion
10/26/17Absorbent article including reinforced backsheet
10/19/17Adaptor for surgical instrument for converting rotary input to linear output
10/19/17Handheld electromechanical surgical system
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10/19/17Apparatus for endoscopic procedures
10/19/17Staple line reinforcement for anvil and cartridge
10/19/17Laparoscopic gallbladder extraction device
10/19/17Surgical forceps for grasping, treating, and/or cutting tissue
10/19/17Tissue-removing catheter with adjustment mechanism
10/19/17Limited reuse ablation needles and ablation devices for use therewith
10/19/17Tunable microwave ablation probe
10/19/17Electro-mechanical surgical device
10/19/17Articulating surgical access system for laparoscopic surgery
10/19/17Method for sealing a reusable electrical surgical instrument
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10/19/17Mesh deployment devices and kits
10/19/17Injectable non-aqueous compositions and methods of treating vascular disease
10/19/17Endotracheal tube extubation detection
10/19/17Method of use of an embolic implant for radio-ablative treatment
10/19/17Authentication system for reusable surgical instruments
10/12/17Medical device imagable by ultrasound
10/12/17Material removal device and use
10/12/17Deployment mechanism for surgical instruments
10/12/17Deployment mechanism for surgical instruments
10/12/17Adaptive navigation technique for navigating a catheter through a body channel or cavity
10/05/17Thoracic endoscope for surface scanning
10/05/17Surgical apparatus
10/05/17Stand alone energy-based tissue clips
10/05/17Embolic medical devices
10/05/17Devices, systems, and methods for cooling a surgical instrument
10/05/17Devices, systems, and methods for cooling a surgical instrument
10/05/17Device for cutting tissue
10/05/17Energy-based medical devices
10/05/17Methods of manufacturing a pair of jaw members of an end-effector assembly for a surgical instrument
10/05/17System and treating tissue using an expandable antenna
10/05/17Multi-layer porous film material
10/05/17Anatomical structure access
10/05/17Medical catheter system
10/05/17System and treating tissue using an expandable antenna
09/28/17Apparatus and forming barbs on a suture
09/28/17Thin wall constructions for vascular flow diversion
09/28/17Extendable length surgical instruments
09/28/17Surgical instruments facilitating replacement of disposable components and/or sterilization of reusable components
09/28/17Surgical instruments facilitating replacement of disposable components and/or sterilization of reusable components
09/28/17Robotically controlling surgical assemblies
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09/28/17Vascular flow diversion
09/21/17Anvil assembly with sliding sleeve
09/21/17Articulating endoscopic procedures with timing system
09/21/17Powered surgical instrument
09/21/17Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes
09/21/17Staple cartridge with shipping wedge
09/21/17Methods and devices for cutting and abrading tissue
09/21/17Jaw assemblies for electrosurgical instruments and methods of manufacturing jaw assemblies
09/21/17Modular surgical instruments with contained electrical or mechanical systems
09/21/17Narrow gauge high strength choked wet tip microwave ablation antenna
09/21/17Robotic surgical systems and instrument drive units
09/21/17Vascular stenting for aneurysms
09/21/17Recirculating cooling system for energy delivery device
09/14/17Surgical tool with flex circuit ultrasound sensor
09/14/17Devices, systems, and methods for providing surgical access and facilitating closure of surgical access openings
09/14/17Surgical adapter assemblies for use between surgical handle assembly and surgical end effectors
09/14/17Battery powered surgical instrument
09/14/17Apparatus for applying surgical clips
09/14/17Galvanically assisted attachment of medical devices to thrombus
09/14/17Obturator tip with insufflation pathway
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09/14/17Compound curve navigation catheter
09/14/17Feature-based registration method
09/14/17Preventing falls using posture and movement detection
09/07/17System for myomectomy and morcellation
09/07/17Variable active clipper circuit to control crest factor in an ac power converter
09/07/17Device and energizing surgical instruments
09/07/17Surgical instruments and systems incorporating machine learning based tissue identification and methods thereof
09/07/17Ablation antenna including customizable reflectors
09/07/17Braid implant delivery systems
09/07/17Tool hub and access point and method
08/31/17Navigation system for ablation catheters
08/31/17Eea abdominal access device
08/31/17Device for monitoring physiological parameters in vivo
08/31/17Specimen retrieval systems
08/31/17Powered surgical stapling device
08/31/17Surgical stapling apparatus
08/31/17Anvil assembly delivery system
08/31/17Clip collar advanced fixation
08/31/17Devices and methods for optical detection of tissue contact
08/31/17Surgical instrument having a bipolar end effector assembly and a deployable monopolar assembly
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08/31/1790-degree interlocking geometry for introducer for facilitating deployment of microwave radiating catheter
08/31/17Flow rate verification monitor for fluid-cooled microwave ablation probe
08/31/17System and transferring power to intrabody instruments
08/31/17Devices and methods facilitating sleeve gastrectomy procedures
08/31/17Oxidized cellulose microspheres
08/31/17Bioadhesive for occluding vessels
08/31/17Methods and systems for leak estimation
08/24/17Endoscope structures and techniques for navigating to a target in a branched structure
08/24/17Systems and methods for video-based monitoring of vital signs
08/24/17Systems and methods for video-based monitoring of vital signs
08/24/17Devices, systems, and methods for wound closure
08/24/17Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes
08/24/17Surgical stapling instruments including a cartridge having multiple staples sizes
08/24/17Surgical instrument
08/24/17Circular surgical stapling device including buttress material
08/24/17Surgical instrument with preload assembly
08/24/17Endoscopic reposable surgical clip applier
08/24/17Surgical instruments and jaw members thereof
08/24/17Electro-thermal device
08/24/17Surgical forceps and methods of manufacturing jaw members of surgical forceps
08/24/17Surgical forceps
08/24/17Bed leveling systems for a surgical table
08/24/17Fluoroscopic pose estimation
08/17/17Surgical device with dc power connection
08/17/17Specimen retrieval bags and specimen retrieval systems
08/17/17Stitching device with long needle
08/17/17Buttress and surgical stapling apparatus
08/17/17Surgical instrument for dispensing tacks and solution
08/17/17Surgical stapler with small diameter endoscopic portion
08/17/17Anvil assembly with sliding sleeve
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08/17/17Vascular device visibility
08/17/17Hand-held electromechanical surgical system
08/17/17Robotically controlling mechanical advantage gripping
08/17/17Reciprocating rotary arthroscopic surgical instrument
08/17/17Resonant inverter with a common mode choke
08/17/17Powered bipolar resectoscope
08/17/17Electrosurgical instrument
08/17/17End effector assemblies and methods of manufacturing end effector assemblies for treating and/or cutting tissue
08/17/17Apparatus for performing an electrosurgical procedure
08/17/17Systems and methods for determining the status of a fluid-cooled microwave ablation system
08/17/17Vascular device marker attachment
08/17/17Vascular remodeling device
08/17/17Anti-thrombogenic medical devices and methods
08/10/17Dynamic input scaling for controls of robotic surgical system
08/10/17Patient bed-exit prediction and detection
08/10/17Surgical stapler with articulation locking mechanism
08/10/17Adapter, extension, and connector assemblies for surgical devices
08/10/17Flexible circular stapler
08/10/17Adapter assemblies for interconnecting electromechanical handle assemblies and surgical loading units
08/10/17Robotically controlling mechanical advantage gripping
08/10/17Bipolar plasma catheter
08/10/17Colpotomy system for total laparoscopic hysterectomy
08/10/17Dynamic input scaling for controls of robotic surgical system
08/10/17Gastric tubes and methods of use
08/10/17Proximity-based medical data retrieval
08/03/17Tissue-removing catheter including force-transmitting member for actuating a cutter housing
08/03/17Surgical instrument with sensor
08/03/17Jaw aperture position sensor for electrosurgical forceps
07/27/17Surgical instrument with replaceable loading unit

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