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Cree Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Cree Inc. Cree Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cree Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cree Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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03/30/17 new patent  Field effect transistor devices with buried well protection regions
03/23/17Optical components for luminaire
03/23/17Methods of forming buried junction devices in silicon carbide using ion implant channeling and silicon carbide devices including buried junctions
03/16/17Ohmic contact structure for group iii nitride semiconductor device having improved surface morphology and well-defined edge features
03/16/17Dual mode power supply controller with charge balance multipliers and charge balance multiplier circuits
03/09/17Light emitting diodes, components and related methods
02/23/17Transistor structures having reduced electrical field at the gate oxide and methods for making same
02/16/17Power semiconductor devices having superjunction structures with implanted sidewalls and methods of fabricating such devices
02/16/17Lighting fixture sensor network
02/16/17Lighting fixture sensor network
02/16/17Wireless-enabled lighting fixture
02/09/17High speed, efficient sic power module
02/02/17Small form-factor led lamp with color-controlled dimming
02/02/17Luminaires utilizing optical waveguide
02/02/17Bias circuits and methods for depletion mode semiconductor devices
01/26/17Fabrication of single or multiple gate field plates
01/26/17Lighting apparatus using multiple led strings with current mirror circuitry and methods of operating same
01/19/17Led lamp with high color rendering index
01/19/17Solid state light emitter devices and methods
01/12/17Linear led lighting system with controlled distribution
01/12/17Method of forming vias in silicon carbide and resulting devices and circuits
01/12/17Led based lighting system
01/05/17Stabilized quantum dot structure and making a stabilized quantum dot structure
01/05/17Control circuit for modulating an analog dimming command signal
12/29/16Led lamp
12/29/16Adjustable retrofit led troffer
12/29/16Double fresnel pir lens
12/22/16Trapezoidal pir sensor lens
12/22/16Light emitting devices having closely-spaced broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum luminescent materials and related methods
12/15/16Led lamp
12/15/16Lighting apparatus and sensor
12/15/16Led lamp with reflector
12/08/16Led lamp
12/01/16Phosphor composition
12/01/16Lens with controlled light refraction
12/01/16Led board with peripheral thermal contact
11/24/16Led-based light emitting devices having metal spacer layers
11/03/16Solid state lighting components
11/03/16Voltage level shifting circuits for signal levels and/or power supply voltage levels using constant voltage circuit elements, lighting apparatuses and methods of operating the same
11/03/16Controlling the drive signal in a lighting fixture based on ambient temperature
10/27/16Load control system operable under different power supply conditions
10/13/16Led bulb with down-reflecting optic
10/13/16Daylighting for different groups of lighting fixtures
10/06/16Power converter control system
10/06/16Light emitting diodes and methods with encapsulation
09/29/16Lighting device with operation responsive to geospatial position
09/29/16Upgradeable lighting fixture
09/22/16Led lamp with refracting optic element
09/22/16High speed, efficient sic power module
09/15/16Solid-state lamp with angular distribution optic
09/01/16White light emitting devices including both red and multi-phosphor blue-shifted-yellow solid state emitters
09/01/16Non-magnified led for high center-beam candle power
08/25/16Led lamp
08/25/16Lens with facilitated light diffusion
08/18/16Led lamp with fusible metal heat management elements
08/18/16Lighting fixture with image sensor
08/18/16Lighting fixture with image sensor
08/11/16Led luminaire
08/04/16Solder-mask-related safety accommodation arrangement for led lighting modules
07/28/16High color-saturation lighting devices
07/28/16High color-saturation lighting devices with enhanced long wavelength illumination
07/21/16Lighting device and lighting method
07/21/16Vertical power transistor device
07/21/16Schottky structure employing central implants between junction barrier elements
07/21/16High efficiency leds and methods of manufacturing
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07/14/16High current, low switching loss sic power module
07/07/16Flat trim ring lens for occupancy sensors
07/07/16Light fixture with integrated sensor
07/07/16Power semiconductor devices having superjunction structures with implanted sidewalls and methods of fabricating such devices
06/30/16Luminaire utilizing light emitting diodes
06/30/16Luminaire utilizing waveguide
06/30/16Methods of performing semiconductor growth using reusable carrier substrates and related carrier substrates
06/23/16Lamp with diffusive enclosure
06/16/16Pecvd protective layers for semiconductor devices
06/09/16Led based candelabra lamp
06/09/16Solid state lighting apparatuses, systems, and related methods for improved heat distribution
06/09/16Voltage configurable solid state lighting apparatuses, systems, and related methods
06/02/16One-piece multi-lens optical member and manufacture
06/02/16Led light fixture
06/02/16Power converter circuitry with switching frequency control circuitry
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05/26/16Optical member with in-situ-formed gasket and manufacture
05/26/16Leadframe based light emitter components and related methods
05/26/16Light emitting diode (led) components including led dies that are directly attached to lead frames, and methods of fabricating same
05/26/16Lighting apparatus and methods providing variable illumination characteristics based on object detection
05/19/16Methods and systems for emergency lighting
05/12/16Fixture mounting system
05/12/16Light emitting diode (led) components and methods
05/12/16Optically assist-triggered wide bandgap thyristors having positive temperature coefficients
05/12/16Antenna arrangement for a solid-state lamp
05/05/16Optical waveguide bodies and luminaires utilizing same
05/05/16Semiconductor device with improved insulated gate
04/28/16Phosphor composition with enhanced emission under the eye sensitivity curve
04/28/16Edge lit fixture
04/28/16Multi-lens led-array optic system
04/28/16Edge lit fixture
04/21/16Semiconductor device with improved field plate
04/21/16Semiconductor device with improved field plate
04/07/16Apparatus and formation of multi-region articles
03/31/16Passivation for semiconductor devices
03/24/16Tunnel junction field effect transistors having self-aligned source and gate electrodes and methods of forming the same
03/24/16Self-aligned floating mirror for contact vias
03/24/16High power density, high efficiency power electronic converter
03/17/16Semiconductor devices and related methods
03/10/16Led packages with chips having insulated surfaces
03/03/16One-piece multi-lens optical member with ultraviolet inhibitor and manufacture
03/03/16Light emitting diode (led) component comprising a phosphor with improved excitation properties
02/25/16Lighting apparatus with variable current switching frequency and methods of operating same
02/25/16Solid-state lighting fixture with compound semiconductor driver circuitry
02/25/16High efficiency driver circuitry for a solid state lighting fixture
02/25/16Lighting apparatus using series-connected current sources and methods of operating same
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02/18/16Led lens
02/18/16Optical waveguide body
02/18/16Bias adjustment circuitry for balanced amplifiers
02/11/16Concealer plate for a lighting fixture
02/11/16Led based lighting system
02/04/16High voltage gan transistor
02/04/16Overheating safety device and luminaire
01/28/16Lighting devices with different gamut regions
01/28/16Solder pads, methods, and systems for circuitry components
01/21/16Optical waveguide and luminaire incorporating same
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01/14/16Solid-state luminaires for general illumination
01/14/16Light emitter devices and methods for light emitting diode (led) chips
01/14/16Method to form primary optic with variable shapes and/or geometries without a substrate
01/07/16Field effect transistor devices with buried well protection regions
01/07/16Led packages and luminaires incorporating same
01/07/16Light emitting diode (led) components including contact expansion frame and methods of fabricating same
12/24/15Optical element and forming an optical element
12/17/15Led lamp
12/17/15Gate contact for a semiconductor device and methods of fabrication thereof
12/17/15Igbt with bidirectional conduction
12/10/15Solid state lighting device including narrow spectrum emitter
12/10/15On-time control for switched mode power supplies
12/10/15Off-time control for switched mode power supplies
12/10/15Lighting devices with variable gamut
12/03/15Submount based light emitter components and methods
12/03/15Led luminaire and components therefor
12/03/15Flood optic
12/03/15Directional lighting
12/03/15Over-mold packaging for wide band-gap semiconductor devices
12/03/15Over-mold plastic packaged wide band-gap power transistors and mmics
12/03/15Multiple die light emitting diode (led) components and methods of fabricating same
12/03/15Submount based light emitter components and methods
12/03/15Bandwidth limiting methods for gan power transistors
12/03/15Digitally controlled driver for lighting fixture
12/03/15Lighting fixture providing variable cct
12/03/15Solid state lighting apparatuses, circuits, methods, and computer program products providing targeted spectral power distribution output using pulse width modulation control
12/03/15Wall controller controlling cct
11/26/15Low profile lighting module
11/26/15Thermal protection device
11/26/15Lighting apparatus with inductor current limiting for noise reduction
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11/19/15Led lamp with base electrical interconnect
11/19/15Led lamp with high color rendering index
11/19/15Schottky diode
11/19/15Solid state lighting devices with color point non-coincident with blackbody locus
11/12/15Led light fixture
11/12/15Transistors with a gate insulation layer having a channel depleting interfacial charge
11/12/15Optical element with integrated indicator
11/05/15Led light fixture
11/05/15Dual edge coupler
10/29/15Led lamp with led board heat sink
10/29/15Led lamp
10/29/15High cri solid state lighting devices with enhanced vividness
10/29/15Solid state light-emitting devices with improved contrast
10/29/15Igbt structure on sic for high performance
10/29/15Chip with enhanced light extraction
10/29/15Solid state lighting devices and methods incorporating notch filtering materials
10/29/15Sepic driver circuit with low input current ripple
10/29/15High efficiency driver circuit with fast response
10/29/15Solid state lighting devices with adjustable color point
10/22/15Led lamp with led assembly retention member
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10/15/15Led lamp
10/15/15Lighting apparatus with reflector and outer lens
10/15/15Gan amplifier for wifi applications
10/08/15Lens with controlled backlight management
10/08/15High power insulated gate bipolar transistors
10/08/15Lighting device with variable color rendering
10/01/15Frame and lens upgrade kits for lighting fixtures
10/01/15Led lamp
10/01/15Led lamp with led board brace
10/01/15Led lamp with led board brace
10/01/15Led lamp
10/01/15Solid state lighting apparatuses, systems, and related methods
09/24/15High efficiency led lamp
09/24/15Multiple voltage light emitter packages, systems, and related methods
09/24/15Three-way solid-state light bulb
09/17/15Adjustable photocontrol mounting assembly
09/17/15Multi-stage optical waveguide for a luminaire
09/17/15Igbt structure for wide band-gap semiconductor materials
09/17/15Power over ethernet lighting fixture
09/10/15Dual optical interface led lamp
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09/10/15Interface and fabrication lighting and other electrical devices
09/10/15Led fixture with integrated driver circuitry
09/10/15Modular driver module for light fixtures with led luminaires
09/10/15Standardized troffer fixture
09/10/15Led light bulbs
09/10/15Led light fixture
09/10/15Voltage monitoring circuit
09/10/15Luminaire utilizing waveguide
09/10/15Power supply that maintains auxiliary bias within target range
09/10/15Converter circuitry
09/10/15Solid state lighting apparatuses and related methods
09/10/15Switched-mode converter control for lighting applications
09/03/15Led lamp
09/03/15High voltage monolithic led chip with improved reliability
09/03/15Power conversion electronics
08/27/15Led lamp
08/27/15Led lensing arrangement
08/27/15Led lamp and heat sink
08/27/15Led light fixture
08/27/15Led lighting fixture
08/20/15Direct attach ceiling-mounted solid state downlights
08/20/15Remote phosphor element filled with transparent material and forming multisection optical elements
08/20/15Method of manufacturing precise semiconductor contacts
08/20/15Light emitting diode package and fabricating same
08/13/15Systems and methods for application of coatings including thixotropic agents onto optical elements, and optical elements having coatings including thixotropic agents
08/13/15Multi-segment monolithic led chip
08/06/15Stress mitigation for thin and thick films used in semiconductor circuitry
08/06/15Solid state lighting device with reduced luminous flux drop at elevated temperature
07/30/15Led lamp and heat sink
07/30/15Sensor module for a lighting fixture
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07/23/15Lighting device utilizing a double fresnel lens
07/23/15Light emitting devices for light emitting diodes (leds)
07/16/15Wafer level contact pad solder bumping for surface mount devices with non-planar recessed contacting surfaces
07/16/15Light emitting diode (led) devices, systems, and methods for providing customized beam shaping
07/16/15Outdoor and/or enclosed structure led luminaire
07/16/15Wafer level contact pad standoffs with integrated reflector
07/09/15Narrow-beam optic and lighting system using same
07/09/15Led lens
07/09/15Extraction film for optical waveguide and producing same
07/09/15Led package with encapsulant having planar surfaces
07/09/15Power over ethernet lighting fixture
07/09/15Solid state light emitting devices including adjustable melatonin supression effects
07/02/15Silazane-containing materials for light emitting diodes
07/02/15Methods for combining light emitting devices in a white light emitting apparatus that mimics incandescent dimming characteristics and solid state lighting general illumination that mimic incandescent dimming characteristics
06/25/15Led lamp
06/25/15Optical waveguide bodies and luminaires utilizing same
06/25/15Light emitter components and methods having improved performance
06/25/15Led package with multiple element light source and encapsulant having curved and/or planar surfaces
06/18/15Linear shelf light fixture with gap filler elements
06/18/15Linear shelf light fixture with reflectors
06/11/15Led lamp and modular lighting system
06/11/15Luminaire utilizing waveguide
06/11/15Dimmable lighting systems and methods of dimming lighting systems
05/28/15Ambient light regulation methods
05/21/15High power leds
05/21/15Systems and methods for a current sharing driver for light emitting diodes
05/21/15Lighting devices with removable light engine components, lighting device elements and methods
05/21/15Multiple-ply solid state light fixture
05/21/15Sensor module for a lighting fixture

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