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Cummins Inc
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Cummins Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Cummins Inc. Cummins Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Cummins Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Cummins Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Jointed stall bar attachment
11/09/17Camshaft with low lift dwell profile and methods for operating the same
11/02/17Mode 7 push-pull structure with external pulse width modulator control
10/19/17Natural gas fuel system for an internal combustion engine
10/19/17Systems and methods for controlling fuel injection into a plurality of fuel rails
10/05/17Electric engine accessory control
09/28/17Systems and methods using a gas quality sensor
09/21/17Systems and methods for determining the composition of gaseous fuel
09/07/17Systems and methods for reducing the oil volume and windage in fuel pumps
08/17/17Hybrid vehicle with low power battery
08/17/17Two-part structural oil pan
08/17/17Systems, methods, and operation of dual fuel engines
08/10/17System and managing contaminant storage in a storage catalyst
08/10/17Method for reducing carbon/coke in fuel injectors in dual fuel applications
08/03/17Gas quality virtual sensor for an internal combustion engine
08/03/17Method and device to control exhaust gas recirculation
08/03/17Variable hole size nozzle and spray angle fuel injector and mhbib
08/03/17Drive coupling for connecting drive shaft to output member
07/27/17Exhaust aftertreatment thermal management controls
07/27/17System and valve size ratio and igniter placement
07/27/17Methods and apparatuses for combustion diagnosis and control of internal combustion engines using accelerometers
07/20/17Ventilation controls for dual-fuel engines
07/20/17Techniques for controlling a dedicated egr engine
07/20/17Systems and methods for cylinder deactivation with deactivated cylinder pressure control
07/13/17Communication interface for start-stop systems and methods
07/06/17Systems and methods for reducing secondary emissions from catalyst components
07/06/17Systems and methods for adaptive acceleration based speed control
07/06/17Fuel pressure control for engine fuel systems
06/29/17Creation of injection molds via additive manufacturing
06/22/17Gasoline compression ignition (gci) engine with dedicated-egr cylinders
06/22/17Flow and pressure estimators in a waste heat recovery system
06/22/17Diagnosing cylinder pressure sensor gain and offset
06/15/17Systems for fuel pump adapters and methods of using the same
06/15/17Camshaft thrust control secured by drive gear
06/15/17Diagnostic data visualization methods
06/08/17System and control of volumetric efficiency in a direct injection engine
06/01/17System and method to improve aftertreatment in an internal combustion engine
06/01/17Air intake system for internal combustion engine
06/01/17Waste gate assembly
06/01/17Air intake system for internal combustion engine
05/25/17Forced air exhaust diffuser
05/25/17Systems and methods to reduce torsional conditions in an internal combustion engine
05/25/17Mult-mode controls for engines systems including scr aftertreatment
05/18/17Systems and methods for idle coasting management of a vehicle having predictive cruise control
05/18/17Pre-chamber nozzle
05/11/17Systems and methods for pre-hill cruise speed adjustment
05/04/17Scr exhaust aftertreatment apparatus, system and methods including multiple washcoat formulations
05/04/17Multi-pulse injection events for a dual-fuel engine
05/04/17Thermal management via exhaust gas recirculation
04/27/17Aftertreatment regeneration with variable time and temperature
04/27/17Systems and methods to reduce reductant consumption in exhaust aftertreatment systems
04/27/17Systems and methods of an on-board nox monitor reset test
04/27/17Apparatus and grouping vehicles for cooperative driving
04/13/17Fan cooled ignition coil method and apparatus
04/13/17Engine configuration having various displacements
04/13/17Idle engine operation based on vehicle cabin temperature
04/13/17Regulation of fuel rail pressure using electronic fuel transfer pump in low pressure fuel circuits
04/13/17Systems and methods for estimating fuel type and fuel properties using sonic speed
04/13/17Systems and methods for battery usage regulation for battery life protection
03/30/17Exhaust aftertreatment housed between cylinder heads
03/30/17Dual-fuel engine combustion mode transition controls
03/30/17Engine start/stop function management
03/30/17Gear mechanism providing passive ratio switching
03/30/17System, method, and driver optimization
03/23/17Intelligent coasting management
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03/23/17Systems and methods of engine stop/start control of an electrified powertrain
03/16/17Cylinder deactivation for catalyst drying
03/16/17Multi-fuel engine controls including multi-factor cost optimization
03/09/17System and diagnosing failures in brake systems and discrete vehicle inputs
03/02/17Cooling assembly for a filter head of an engine
03/02/17Electrically driven cooling system for vehicular applications
02/23/17Engine start/stop control system and method
02/23/17Modulated valve timing to achieve optimum cylinder pressure target
02/23/17Nozzle combustion shield and sealing member with improved heat transfer capabilities
02/23/17Diagnostic methods for a high efficiency exhaust aftertreatment system
02/16/17Mild hybrid powertrain controls
02/16/17Active acceleration limit management and gear shift scheduling based on driving environment
02/16/17Systems and methods for controlling a vehicle equipped with start-stop logic in response to vehicle mass and route grade
02/16/17Cooperative cam phaser and air throttle control
02/16/17Fuel cooled injector tip
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02/09/17Electric machine with variable torque drive
02/09/17Ammonia sensor control, with nox feedback, of an scr aftertreatment system
02/09/17System and optimizing the integration of engines and vehicle driveline retarders
02/09/17Pressure controlled dynamic seal with captured fluid transfer tubes
02/02/17Method and system for controlling operation of an engine powered device having cyclical duty cycles
01/26/17Two stage valve with conical seat for flow shut-off and spool knife edge for metering flow control
01/26/17System and service assessment
01/12/17Cylinder pressure based control of dual fuel engines
01/12/17Power regeneration optimization in a hybrid vehicle
01/05/17System and estimating turbocharger operating speed
01/05/17Engine arrangements with egr systems
01/05/17System and deciding when accessories are engine driven and when they are alternatively driven
01/05/17Vehicle speed management integrated with vehicle monitoring system
01/05/17Carbon scraper
12/29/16Diagnostic system, method, and a starting system
12/22/16Natural gas leak detection through pressure loss in pneumatic starter and prelube
12/15/16System, method, and managing aftertreatment component efficiency during motoring
12/01/16Fuel injector
12/01/16Fuel injector
12/01/16Dual coil ignition system
11/24/16Connector paint protection shield
11/17/16System, method, and individual innovator marketing and recognition
11/10/16Waste heat recovery hybrid power drive
11/10/16System and isolating component failures in an exhaust aftertreatment system
11/10/16Systems and methods for diagnosing a thermostat
11/03/16System and managing condensation in egr systems
11/03/16System and determining a pressure drop across a filter
10/27/16Advanced exhaust aftertreatment system architecture
10/13/16Fuel pressure control for engine fuel systems
10/06/16Techniques for control of an scr aftertreatment system in response to an ammonia slip condition
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10/06/16System and managing condensation in egr systems
09/29/16Engine brake lever
09/29/16Systems and methods for desulfation of an oxidation catalyst for dual fuel engines
09/29/16Chemical cleanliness test method prior to surface treatment
09/08/16Method of repairing a cracked head using an injector bore insert
09/08/16Engine accessory drive system
09/01/16Systems and methods for controlling egr flow during transients
08/25/16Engine-out emissions controls
08/18/16Engine control achieving a torque value
08/18/16Systems and methods for controlling egr flow during transient conditions
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08/11/16Electrical power generation system with multiple path cooling
08/11/16Scissors gear
08/04/16System for adjusting a fuel injector actuator drive signal during a fuel injection event
07/28/16Fuel control for dual fuel engines
06/30/16Thermal management of exhaust gas via cylinder deactivation
06/30/16System and isolating component failures in an exhaust aftertreatment system
06/30/16Nox sensor diagnostic for an exhaust aftertreatment system
06/23/16Fuel injector for common rail
06/16/16Method of spark timing adjustment for an internal combustion engine
06/09/16Multi-leg aftertreatment system
06/02/16System and fuel injector on-time calculation using fuel system pressure prediction
05/26/16Engine brake lash adjuster device and method
05/26/16System and estimating high-pressure fuel leakage in a common rail fuel system
05/19/16Heat transferring fuel injector combustion seal with load bearing capability
05/19/16System and estimating high-pressure fuel leakage in a common rail fuel system
05/19/16Fuel pump
05/12/16Oil pan design for drawing two sumps from a single drain plug
05/05/16Reduced emissions internal combustion engine systems
05/05/16Exhaust gas recirculation and control with twin scroll turbines
04/21/16Systems and methods for battery regeneration based on engine loading
04/07/16Variable ignition energy management
04/07/16Oxidation catalyst for waste heat recovery performance improvement
04/07/16Variable ignition energy management
03/24/16Vehicle controls including dynamic vehicle mass and road grade estimation during vehicle operation
03/24/16Engine feedback control system and method
03/24/16Thermal management for regenerating an aftertreatment device
03/24/16Engine control systems and methods
03/17/16Systems and methods for route planning
03/17/16Vented spark plug tube with flame arrestor
03/03/16System and recovering oxidation catalyst performance
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02/25/16Dual fuel systems and methods with advanced exhaust gas recirculation
02/25/16Configurable output driver asic
02/25/16Apparatus and grouping vehicles for cooperative driving
02/18/16Online optimal refueling management
02/18/16Systems and methods for aftertreatment regeneration with dedicated egr
02/11/16Powertrain controls including transient torque management with dynamic release compensation
02/11/16System, method, and managing aftertreatment temperature
02/11/16Engine ventilation system diagnostics using pressure measurement
02/11/16Systems and methods for management of fleet batteries
02/04/16Method of power split for hybrid powertrain
02/04/16Mechanical fuel pump deactivation
02/04/16Concentric dual independent camshaft phaser for dual overhead camshaft valve train
01/28/16Compression relief brake reset mechanism
01/28/16Optimization-based controls for diesel engine air-handling systems
01/28/16Dual-fuel engine with enhanced cold start capability
01/28/16System and improving a battery management and accumulator system
01/21/16System and injector control for multipulse fuel injection
01/21/16Fan cooled ignition coil method and apparatus
01/14/16Reduced emissions internal combustion engine systems
01/14/16Processing calculating pressure decreases due to injection events in a high-pressure fuel system
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01/14/16Intake manifold overpressure compensation for internal combustion engines
01/14/16B-lccr injector pilot valve orifice, armature and plunger guide arrangement
01/14/16Internal combustion engine start-stop controls
12/31/15Cam rocker lever for operating valves
12/31/15System and controlling and diagnosing passive storage devices in exhaust aftertreatment systems
12/31/15Selective cylinder deactivation high power diesel engines
12/24/15Systems and methods for driving intention prediction in vehicles
12/17/15Feed-back for closed-loop selective catalytic reduction control
12/17/15System, diverting airflow to a pressure source
12/17/15System variation adaption for feed-forward controller
12/17/15System and determining smart torque curve optimizing user performance
12/10/15System, method, and improved desulfurization of aftertreatment components
12/10/15Exhaust parameter based dual fuel engine power virtual sensor
12/10/15System and engine control using pre-chamber ignition
12/03/15System, methods, and engine cooling system management
12/03/15Systems and methods for controlling engine shutdown of a vehicle equipped with start-stop logic and vehicle launch
12/03/15System and detecting air fuel ratio imbalance
12/03/15Engine operating an engine
12/03/15Restrictive flow passage in common rail injectors
12/03/15Systems and methods for dynamic gear state and vehicle speed management
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12/03/15Fuel injector including an injection control valve having an improved stator core
12/03/15Systems and methods of adjusting a transmission shift schedule
11/19/15Conical pins for the structural repair of defects
11/19/15Aftertreatment thermal management via clutch assembly
11/19/15Fuel injector having a magnetostrictive actuator device
11/19/15High pressure, high speed regulating switch valve
11/19/15Vehicle coasting systems and methods
11/19/15Powertrain optimization
11/19/15Integrated powertrain system
11/19/15Methods and systems for monitoring loading of an air filter
11/12/15System and estimating engine exhaust manifold operating parameters
11/12/15Optimization-based predictive battery charging
11/05/15Stabilized engine casting core assembly, making an engine body, and engine body formed thereby
11/05/15Egr cooling system
10/29/15Systems and methods for vehicle speed management
10/22/15Cylinder block with integrated oil jacket
10/15/15System, method, and controlling power output distribution in a hybrid power train
10/15/15Cryogenic fuel injection and combustion
10/15/15System and turbocharger compressor surge control
10/15/15Mixer for dedicated exhaust gas recirculation systems
10/15/15Engine with cooling system
10/08/15Multi-stage turbocharger system with off-engine low pressure stage
10/08/15Hybrid engine aftertreatment thermal management strategy
10/01/15System and recovering waste heat
10/01/15Systems and methods to reduce reductant consumption in exhaust aftertreament systems
10/01/15Closed loop nox reference management for dpf regeneration based on engine out particulate matter variation controller
10/01/15Diesel piston with semi-hemispherical crown
10/01/15Fuel pump tappet assembly
10/01/15Driveability of a vehicle equipped with start/stop logic
10/01/15Fuel pump for an internal combustion engine
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09/24/15Engine arrangement for enhanced cooling
09/24/15Fault code hierarchy system
09/10/15Compression relief brake reset mechanism
09/10/15Nox sensor based output disablement in response to exhaust system high frequency pressure pulsations
09/10/15Systems and methods to reduce torsional conditions in an internal combustion engine
09/10/15Fuel injector with variable spray
09/10/15Engine start/stop function management and control architecture
09/10/15Crankshaft thrust bearing and engine containing same
09/03/15Systems, methods, and reductant dosing in an scr aftertreatment system
09/03/15Systems and methods for nox reduction and aftertreatment control using passive nox adsorption
08/27/15Route-vehicle road load management and/or operator notification thereof
08/27/15Systems and methods for control of powertrains with regenerative start/stop alternator functionality
08/27/15Systems and methods to mitigate nox and hc emissions
08/27/15Exhaust throttle control for aftertreatment system thermal management
08/27/15Turbocharger exhaust manifold system
08/27/15Systems and methods for determining combustion properties of wellhead gas
08/20/15Diagnosis and treatment of selective catalytic reduction catalyst
08/13/15Techniques for control of an scr aftertreatment system
08/13/15Controls for performance optimization of internal combustion engine systems
08/06/15Fuel injection pressure pulsation dampening system
08/06/15Targeted regeneration of a catalyst in an aftertreatment system
08/06/15Fuel selection dual fuel engines
08/06/15Cylinder pressure based control of dual fuel engines
08/06/15Fuel injection pressure pulsation dampening system
07/30/15Inductive harness coupling and communication for distributed architectures
07/30/15Systems and methods for optimization and control of internal combustion engine starting
07/23/15Two stage valve with conical seat for flow shut-off and spool knife edge for metering flow control
07/09/15Variable spray angle injector arrangement
06/25/15Control system for a model-based knock suppression system using a multiple actuation strategy

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