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Deere x26 Company
Deere x26 Company A Delaware Corporation
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Deere & Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Deere & Company. Deere & Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Deere & Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Deere & Company, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Parallel hitching for modular power units
08/17/17 new patent  System and calibrating a hydraulic drive system
08/10/17Commercial walk behind mower operator controls
08/10/17Force-based work vehicle blade pitch control
08/10/17Autonomous robotic agricultural machine and system thereof
08/10/17Plant emergence system
08/10/17Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for controlling a machine
08/03/17System and work vehicle operator identification
08/03/17Drive assembly with bimodal clutch module
08/03/17Compact multi-speed planetary drive assembly
08/03/17Planet carrier, output gear and spindle assembly
08/03/17Heat exchanger with improved plugging resistance
08/03/17System and work vehicle service verification
07/27/17Electrohydraulic dynamic spool position control for a proportional valve in a work vehicle
07/27/17Recess-mounted hydraulic pump cartridge and work vehicle drivetrain therewith
07/27/17Ejector control for spreading material
07/27/17Ejector control for spreading material
07/27/17Ejector control for spreading material according to a profile
07/27/17Long term repeatability of determined position in gnss navigation system
07/20/17Work vehicle multi-coupler with breakaway feature
07/20/17Mower deck side discharge chute mounting
07/20/17Machine operation enhancement
07/20/17Transmission with a mode selection apparatus
07/20/17Vehicle guidance system with a stepper motor
07/20/17Method for managing temperatures in an aftertreatment system
07/20/17Transmission cooling arrangement with overhead spray
07/20/17Fill level indicator for an automated unloading system
07/13/17Systems for monitoring seeds and methods thereof
07/13/17System and regulating exhaust emissions
07/06/17Rockshaft end cap
07/06/17Grass mowing machine with hydraulic circuit having diverter valve
07/06/17Agricultural machine performance improvement system
06/22/17Planting unit for a seeding machine having a seed meter and seed delivery system
06/22/17Map based seed vacuum control
06/22/17Strategic crop placement using a virtual trip line for a harvester and crop accumulator combination
06/22/17Electrohydraulic implement pressure cutoff
06/22/17Vehicle control system with track temperature sensing
06/15/17Electronic begin of regulation control for a hydraulic motor
05/25/17Method for guiding an off-road vehicle along a curved path
05/25/17Methods of estimating a position of a rotor in a motor under transient and systems thereof
05/18/17Method and system for monitoring electrical isolation
05/11/17Method for controlling the driving of a trailer of a traction vehicle-trailer combination
05/11/17Two stage moldboard rail cleaner
05/04/17Agricultural baler control system
05/04/17Apparatus and automatic tire pressure adjustment
05/04/17Work vehicles including implement-responsive optical systems
05/04/17Device and providing a vehicle surround view
05/04/17Device and providing a vehicle environment view for a vehicle
05/04/17System and assisted bucket load operation
05/04/17Distributed load bearing with an inner flex ring
05/04/17Distributed load bearing with an outer flex ring
05/04/17Method and system for guidance of off-road vehicles
05/04/17Method and system for guidance of off-road vehicles
04/27/17System and residue detection and implement control
04/27/17Harvester reversing engine fan
04/27/17System for evaluating agricultural material
04/27/17System for evaluating agricultural material
04/27/17Sugarcane compression thrower
04/27/17Variable speed elevator control system
04/27/17Harvester feed rate control
04/27/17Dual sugarcane billet transportation system
04/27/17Combine having cleaning venting by a suction blower driven by the straw chopper shaft
04/27/17Variable rate discharge system for crop accumulator
04/27/17Agricultural baler platform
04/27/17System to influence the position of a vehicle
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04/27/17Vehicle with axle suspension
04/27/17System and overload protection
04/27/17Operator control for work vehicles
04/27/17Work vehicle operator control with increment adjust
04/27/17Work vehicle operator control
04/27/17Distributed operator control for work vehicles
04/27/17Synchronizing device
04/27/17Group manual transmission
04/20/17System and a velocity control mechanism for a vehicle
04/13/17Work vehicles with cylinder cushioning arrangement
04/13/17Compact track loader with lockable suspension system
04/13/17Coordinated implement control for work vehicle
04/13/17Multi-mode infinitely variable transmission
04/13/17Watchdog scheme for monitoring a power electronic inverter and determining a manner of operating a load
04/13/17Satellite navigation receiver with fixed point sigma rho filter
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04/06/17Soil characteristic sensors on ground-engaging elements of a planting machine
04/06/17Automatic seeding system motor reversal
04/06/17Controlling an agricultural vehicle based on sensed inputs
04/06/17Seed boot assembly
04/06/17Probabilistic control of an agricultural machine
04/06/17System and clearing a feeder house and belt pickup
04/06/17Corn head row unit gearbox drive shaft seal
04/06/17Disc saw felling head for a feller buncher
04/06/17Temperature controlled axle cooling system and method
03/30/17Hitch module
03/30/17Agricultural planting depth sensor
03/30/17Seed dispersion unit
03/30/17Seed metering system and operating the same
03/30/17Seeding system
03/30/17Air seeding cart and manifold for same
03/30/17Rotational fluid joint for agricultural machine
03/30/17Seeding system
03/30/17System and distributing seeds and agricultural particles
03/30/17Multi-channel agricultural singulating meter
03/30/17System and consistent depth seeding to moisture
03/30/17Seed firmer
03/30/17Soil moisture-based planter downforce control
03/30/17Furrow following device
03/30/17Agricultural machine drive system
03/30/17Support bracket for combine header
03/30/17Crosswind compensation for residue processing
03/30/17Electrical power generation for header systems from a combine backshaft
03/30/17Straw chopper for a combine harvester having counter-blades and a straw dam
03/30/17Drive linkage for cleaning shoe
03/30/17System for prediction and control of drydown for windrowed agricultural products
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03/30/17Cut tree information system
03/30/17Felled tree lean control system and method
03/30/17System and regulating exhaust emissions
03/30/17Elevator paddle design to optimize sample bypass collection
03/30/17Front loader
03/30/17System and attaching and detaching a loader attachment implement
03/30/17Method for injecting reductant into an exhaust gas of an engine using an oscillating supply pressures
03/30/17Method for injecting reductant into an exhaust gas of an engine
03/30/17Variable geometry turbocharger prognostics
03/30/17Hydraulic alternating system for agricultural baler
Patent Packs
03/30/17High-speed snap ring and snap ring retention method
03/30/17Clutch release system
03/30/17Shift control for an automatic transmission
03/30/17Asymmetrical energized seal arrangement
03/30/17Stability warning and control intervention system for a forestry vehicle
03/30/17Methods to determine a bearing setting
03/30/17Virtual heads-up display application for a work machine
03/30/17Adaptive performance targets for controlling a mobile machine
03/30/17System and using geo-fenced guidance lines
03/30/17Machine diagnostics system
03/23/17Anti-tangle harrow attachment
03/23/17Harrow downforce adjustment
03/23/17Roller basket finishing attachment
03/23/17Compact tillage implement with independent rank adjustment
03/23/17Tillage implement with intra-wing gang offset
03/23/17Integrated drawbar for finishing attachments
03/23/17Agricultural vehicle pneumatic distribution system
03/23/17Spring-loaded guide to reduce variation in a volumetric meter
03/23/17System for chopping and spreading residue
03/23/17Double cut control for disc saw felling head
03/23/17Cutting device tooth mounting arrangement
03/23/17Mission and path planning using images of crop wind damage
03/23/17Control system for agricultural equipment
03/23/17Surfacing of subsystem power consumption on an agricultural machine
03/23/17Rolling return to neutral depressable control
03/16/17Method for planting seeds or plants and a corresponding machine
03/16/17Augmented crop loss sensing
03/16/17Rear mounted rotating mower assembly
03/16/17Harvester fan speed control based on yield
03/16/17Agricultual harvesting head with wiper for crop divider
Patent Packs
03/16/17Human presence detection on a mobile machine
03/16/17Sealed closure arrangement for tank opening of agricultural machine
03/16/17Closure arrangement for tank opening of agricultural machine
03/16/17Belt wear indication
03/16/17Method for testing a nox sensor
03/16/17Method and arrangement for monitoring the collection of plant material
03/09/17Multi head windrower
03/09/17System and reacting to wheel slip in a traction vehicle
03/09/17System and detecting load forces on a traction vehicle to predict wheel slip
03/09/17Arrangement for controlling a lighting device of a working vehicle
03/09/17System and regulating wheel slip in a traction vehicle
03/09/17System and reacting to wheel slip in a traction vehicle
03/02/17Mower deck grass collector chute
03/02/17Method and stereo vision system for managing the unloading of an agricultural material from a vehicle
03/02/17Zero turn mower light system
03/02/17Operator cabin post configuration in work vehicle
03/02/17System and adaptive aftertreatment control of nox
03/02/17Piston accumulator with integrated cylinder rod
03/02/17Hydraulic fluid warmup system and method
03/02/17Compact planetary arrangement for final drive
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03/02/17Cooling ring gear
02/23/17Modular crop divider and base cutter arrangement for sugarcane harvesters
02/23/17Control arrangement and controlling a position of a transfer device of a harvesting machine
02/23/17Motor-drive for application of wrap material to crop packages
02/23/17Spray nozzle mounting for receiving fluid from distribution pipe
02/23/17Air hammer tool for installing eccentric locking collar on a bearing
02/23/17Control device of a vehicle suspension
02/23/17Kit for converting a tandem arrangement into a single wheel arrangement for a towed agricultural machine
02/23/17Feed forward exhaust throttle and wastegate control for an engine
02/23/17Fluid connector with annular groove and seal
02/16/17Mower blade speed control system
02/16/17Method and stereo vision system for managing the unloading of an agricultural material from a vehicle
02/16/17Control arrangement and controlling a position of a transfer device of a harvesting machine
02/16/17Control arrangement and controlling a position of a transfer device of a harvesting machine
02/16/17Doffer for a cotton cleaner
02/16/17Guiding device for a baler
02/16/17Seal installation guide sleeve
02/16/17Fluid reservoir within a tire
02/16/17Valve stack assembly
02/16/17Continuously variable transmission belt guide
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02/16/17Continuously variable transmission clutch sheave cover
02/16/17Continuously variable transmission cooling fan
02/16/17Measurement device for testing harvested grain in a combine
02/09/17Drawbar apparatus of an agricultural implement
02/09/17Seed metering device
02/09/17Height of cut control system
02/09/17Shaft and bearing assemblies with reduced moments
01/26/17Blade rotor for a mowing device
01/26/17Quick attach rotary mower blade system
01/26/17Mower deck gauge wheel support
01/26/17Harvesting head support arrangement
01/26/17Scraper strip for a scraper device
01/26/17Securing attachments to work vehicles with suspension control
01/26/17Foldable light fixture
01/26/17Monitoring belt operation to predict belt lifespan
01/19/17Tailings plug reduction
01/19/17Vehicle brake system
01/19/17Drive system with hydraulic idler tensioner
01/12/17Method and harvesting crop material
01/12/17Sprayer fluid operation system
01/12/17Device for operating an all-wheel-drive agricultural commercial vehicle
01/12/17System and reducing engine flywheel power reduction while protecting drivetrain components
01/05/17Operating environment of an agricultural utility vehicle
01/05/17Friction material groove pattern
01/05/17Transmission vent
12/29/16Crop-package transfer system
12/29/16Round baler with wrapping a bale
12/29/16Round baler with guiding a pressing belt
12/29/16Operator station
12/29/16Engine cradle assembly
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12/29/16Roof for a work vehicle
12/29/16Valvetrain for an engine
12/29/16Drive assembly with multi-function actuator for motor and brake control
12/29/16Transmission assembly
12/29/16Drive assembly with a rotating housing attached to an output interface
12/29/16Drive assembly with a rotating housing attached to an output interface
12/29/16Satellite navigation receiver for relative positioning with bias estimation
12/22/16Round baler and feeding roller for wrapping material
12/22/16Unloading ramp for a round baler
12/22/16Round baler
12/22/16Over-center linkage system for an agricultural accumulator
12/22/16Spray pattern of nozzle systems
12/22/16Method and inverter with thermal management for controlling an electric machine
12/15/16Mulch kit control lever
12/15/16Catalytic device detection system
12/15/16Vehicle operation management system with automatic sequence detection
12/15/16Electronic inverter assembly with an integral snubber capacitor
12/15/16Electronic assembly having alignable stacked circuit boards
12/08/16Module wrap feed arrangement
12/08/16Module wrap guide arrangement
12/08/16Vehicle canopy
12/08/16Bracket for mounting an electronic assembly
12/08/16Bracket for mounting an electronic assembly
12/08/16Module wrap feed system
12/08/16Chassis for modular electronics assembly
12/01/16Two-sided cleaning arrangements for endless belts
12/01/16Vehicle cab
12/01/16Method for the power requirement-dependent operation of a generator unit
12/01/16Method for controlling a brake system

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