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08/17/17 new patent  Data deduplication with augmented cuckoo filters
08/17/17 new patent  Volatile/non-volatile memory device access provisioning system
08/17/17 new patent  Mirrored antenna beam steering for sar mitigation
08/17/17 new patent  Virtual network function resource allocation and management system
08/17/17 new patent  Leveraging continuous replication to copy snapshot backup image
08/17/17 new patent  License management in pre-boot environments
08/17/17 new patent  System and achieving controlled load transition between power supplies and battery backup units
08/10/17Floating fixing membrane cable for fan module lighting
08/10/17Systems and methods for configuring bootable network target for boot in a single reboot
08/10/17Systems and methods for data migration using multi-path input/output and snapshot-based replication
08/10/17Network change auditing system
08/10/17Sliding latch release for latched cables
08/10/17Datacenter cabling servicing system
08/10/17Accessibility for web sites
08/10/17Grooved vias for high-speed information handling systems
08/03/17Carbon fiber information handling system housing and process for manufacture
08/03/17Fan characterization and control system
08/03/17Display device with compact integrated structural design
08/03/17Enhanced convective cooling system
08/03/17Information handling system multiple port power source management
08/03/17Information handling system port power management and cable detect
08/03/17Systems and methods for management controller enhanced power supply unit current sharing
08/03/17Dynamic capacity expansion of raid volumes
08/03/17Self-healing of layer metadata within a layering system
08/03/17Information handling system automated wireless pairing of peripheral devices
08/03/17Protocol conversion system
08/03/17Securing a human interface device input to wireless display device
08/03/17Information handling system secure dock
08/03/17Information handling system external adapter and battery source
08/03/17Information handling system external adapter and battery source
08/03/17Information handling system multiport power management
08/03/17Information handling system reversible charge port and magnetic charge connector
08/03/17Method and system for syncronization and distribution of configuration cross cluster without blocking
08/03/17Multi-user peer-to-peer collaboration system and method
08/03/17Power monitoring calibration to a target performance level
08/03/17Visual indication of cable connection status
07/27/17Methods and systems for normalizing a read-write cache allocation pool for virtual desktop infrastructure workloads
07/27/17Using multicasting to concurrently image multiple client devices
07/27/17Conditioning cycle for determining battery capacity in an information handling system
07/20/17Systems and methods for proactively recommending input/output redirection using management controller
07/20/17Changing air flow direction on air-cooled electronic devices
07/13/17Emi testing deviation correction system
07/13/17Systems and methods for optimized utilization of storage resources based on performance and power characteristics
07/13/17Systems and methods for dynamic storage allocation among storage servers
07/13/17Workflow to generate metadata for new and updated products and augment short message system content
07/13/17User interface for automating sales training activities
07/13/17Systems and methods for management controller management of key encryption key
07/13/17Workflow to distribute content across a plurality of social media platforms
07/13/17Digital watermarking for securing remote display protocol output
07/13/17Synchronous power burst for system turbo
07/13/17Automatic mapping out of the faulty device/drivers during system boot-up
07/13/17Free device placement for wireless charging
07/06/17Systems and methods for zone page allocation for shingled media recording disks
07/06/17Systems and methods for hardware arbitration of a communications bus
07/06/17Method and system for generating out-of-band notifications of client activity in a network attached storage (nas) device
07/06/17Delivery of email to a mobile device
07/06/17Method and system for managing flat and routed clients in a cluster using single type of vips
06/29/17Drive carrier coupling system
06/29/17Power excursion warning system
06/29/17System and synchronization using device pairings with docking stations
06/29/17Mobile device management delegate for managing isolated devices
06/29/17Peer-to-peer wireless controller topology provisioning system
06/29/17Systems and methods for enabling a host system to use a network interface of a management controller
06/29/17Field replaceable unit authentication system
06/29/17Component carrier and guiding system for tunable, enhanced chassis airflow
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06/29/17System and aggressively budgetting power allocation for an information handling system using redundant configuration of power supply units
06/29/17Global throttling of computing nodes in a modular, rack-configured information handling system
06/29/17System and copying directory structures
06/29/17Workload optimized server for intelligent algorithm trading platforms
06/22/17Zero voltage switching flyback converter
06/22/17Information handling system dynamic antenna management
06/22/17Method and system for forming compute clusters using block chains
06/22/17Network cache deduplication analytics based compute cluster load balancer
06/22/17Rack location determination system
06/22/17Liquid flow control management for shared infrastructure servers
06/22/17Information handling system having fluid manifold with embedded heat exchanger system
06/22/17User aware digital vision correction
06/22/17Liquid cooled rack information handling system having storage drive carrier for leak containment and vibration mitigation
06/22/17Scalable rack-mount air-to-liquid heat exchanger
06/22/17Rack information handling system having modular liquid distribution (mld) conduits
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06/22/17Integrated air-spring for hydraulic force damping of a rigid liquid cooling subsystem
06/22/17Information handling system having flexible chassis block radiators
06/22/17Liquid flow control based upon energy balance and fan speed for controlling exhaust air temperature
06/22/17Runtime service of liquid cooled servers operating under positive hydraulic pressure without impacting component performance
06/22/17Rackmount appliance for server and rack liquid management and water control policy execution
06/22/17Liquid cooled rack information handling system having leak management system
06/15/17Raid-6 for storage system employing a hot spare drive
06/15/17Systems and methods for two layer three dimensional torus switched connectivity datacenter topology
06/15/17System and determining power supply unit configurations in an information handling system
06/15/17Managing dependencies for human interface infrastructure (hii) devices
06/08/17Method and system for efficient replication of files using shared null mappings when having trim operations on files
06/08/17Method and system for execution of disconnection from and reconnection to persistent handles
06/08/17Determining a risk indicator based on classifying documents using a classifier
06/08/17Information handling system encrypted image display through secondary device
06/08/17Multi-chassis lag access node determination system
06/08/17Student grouping and communication system
06/08/17Method and system for reconnecting server message block (smb) clients to persistent file handles
06/08/17Method and system for execution of client-initiated operations on file handles in a distributed server system
06/08/17Geo-tagged beacons for wi-fi performance optimization
06/08/17Method and system of thermal control using a chassis management controller
06/08/17Method and system of thermal control using a chassis management controller
06/01/17Information handling system folded display assembly
06/01/17System and display stream compression for remote desktop protocols
06/01/17Virtual resource bank for localized and self determined allocation of resources
06/01/17Safety-compliant psu fault diagnosis mechanism to reduce psu field returns
06/01/17Switching of host network traffic through baseboard management controller (bmc)
06/01/17Dry power supply assembly for immersion-cooled information handling systems
05/25/17Information handling system port seal
05/25/17Systems and methods for a multi-rail voltage regulator with configurable phase allocation
05/25/17Systems and methods for bios update optimization
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05/25/17Pre-boot authentication credential sharing system
05/25/17Information handling system port fluidic component manager
05/25/17Multiple backlight display system
05/25/17Video manipulation for privacy enhancement
05/25/17Resource aware classification system
05/25/17Systems and methods for tracking of cache sector status
05/25/17Simultaneous power control among multiple devices per context
05/25/17Stackable switch cooling system
05/18/17Information handling system desktop surface display touch input compensation
05/18/17Method to automatically create collaboration groups using multifactor relationship data provided by users and systems
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05/18/17Systems and methods for enabling a systems management interface with an alternate frame buffer
05/18/17Multicast routing via non-minimal paths
05/18/17Wireless mesh network repair system
05/18/17Mapped device/phy maintaining system
05/18/17System and thermal control of an information handling system
05/18/17Systems and methods for data storage tiering
05/18/17Detecting malign code in unused firmware memory
05/18/17Securely passing user authentication data between a pre-boot authentication environment and an operating system
05/11/17Dynamically controlled distributed workload execution
05/11/17Modular system awareness in virtualized information handling systems
05/11/17Systems and methods for providing a combination connector assembly in an information handling system
05/11/17System and a multi-coil wireless power transfer
05/11/17System and intercept of uefi block i/o protocol services for bios based hard drive encryption support
05/11/17Apparatus and enabling fingerprint-based secure access to a user-authenticated operational state of an information handling system
05/11/17Dynamic allocation of queue depths for virtual functions in a converged infrastructure
05/04/17Low profile information handling system keyboard
05/04/17Systems and methods for remotely resetting management controller via power over ethernet switch
05/04/17Dynamic power budget allocation
05/04/17Low profile information handling system keyboard
05/04/17Flexible roll-up information handling system
05/04/17Systems and methods for back up in scale-out storage area network
05/04/17Systems and methods for intelligent data manager for offloading of bulk data transfers
05/04/17Protecting files and folders on a shared application layer
05/04/17Oled degradation compensation system
05/04/17Systems and methods for dynamic wireless charging compensation
05/04/17Expandable distributed core architectures having reserved interconnect bandwidths
05/04/17Run-length encoded image decompressor for a remote desktop protocol client in a standards-based web browser
05/04/17Chassis external wall cooling system
05/04/17Tool-less air baffle
05/04/17Controlling redundant power supplies in an information handling system
Patent Packs
04/27/17Folded continuous multielement touch display
04/27/17Making user profile data portable across platforms
04/27/17Systems and methods for pre-population of graphics image cache in virtual desktop environment
04/27/17Power adapter warning system
04/27/17Hinge barrel antenna system
04/27/17Information handling system physical component inventory to aid operational management through near field communication device interaction
04/27/17Systems and methods for an intelligent, distributed, autonomous, and scalable resource discovery, management, and stitching
04/27/17Workflow to generate metadata for new and updated products and augment short message system content
04/27/17Current sense accuracy improvement for mosfet rds (on) sense based voltage regulator by adaptive temperature compensation
04/27/17Secure third-party document editing
04/27/17Controlling redundant power supplies in an information handling system
04/27/17Multi-function handle for information handling system (ihs) chassis
04/20/17Systems and methods for multi-root input/output virtualization-based management by single service processor
04/20/17Dynamic adjustment of instrumentation scope
04/20/17System and usb redirection for conferencing in an enterprise
04/20/17Secondary data channel communication system
04/20/17User-specific customization for command interface
04/20/17Document verification
04/20/17Test vector generation from documentation
04/20/17Systems and methods for revoking and replacing signing keys
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04/20/17Design validation using natural language processing
04/20/17Systems and methods for securing command and data interfaces to sensors and devices through the use of a protected security zone
04/20/17Session aware usb redirection for multi-server published applications
04/13/17Information handling system variable elevation for enhanced cooling airflow
04/13/17Systems and methods for management of an information handling system having no alternating current power source
04/13/17System and method to redirect display-port audio playback devices in a remote desktop protocol session
04/13/17Identifying a potential mentor for a computer-administered test
04/13/17Systems and methods for customizing indicator codes behavior
04/13/17Systems and methods for application-consistent disaster recovery using a virtual storage controller and remote storage
04/13/17Workflow to amplify content over a plurality of social media platforms in different regions
04/13/17Systems and methods for orchestrating external graphics
04/13/17System and multimedia redirection for cloud desktop conferencing
04/13/17System and replacing storage devices
04/13/17Accessing data stored in a remote target using a baseboard management controler (bmc) independently of the status of the remote target's operating system (os)
04/13/17Line frequency ripple reduction in a resonant converter
04/13/17Network element reachability
04/13/17System and performing intrusion detection in an information handling system
04/06/17Information handling system hinge and flexible cover
04/06/17License management using a basic input/output system (bios)
03/30/17Systems and methods for long soft start time load switch control
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03/30/17Systems and methods for control of a closed-loop system
03/30/17System and increasing current monitor power telemetry accuracy
03/30/17Information handling system defocus tracking video
03/30/17Delayed updating of forwarding databases for multicast transmissions over telecommunications networks
03/30/17Programmable data plane hardware load balancing system
03/30/17Electronic-messaging system interceptor forwarding client notifications
03/30/17Rack location determination system
03/30/17Cache load balancing by reclaimable block migration
03/23/17Reproducing problems in a cloud-based replica of a network
03/23/17Systems and methods for using non-medical devices to predict a health risk profile
03/23/17Fiber channel over ethernet (fcoe) frame forwarding system
03/23/17Multi-homing load balancing system
03/23/17Beam forming communication system
03/23/17Management of secured storage devices in an information handling system
03/23/17Reinforced right-angle type board edge connector
03/23/17Trusted support processor authentication of host bios/uefi
03/23/17System and determining a master remote access controller in an information handling system
03/16/17Temperature trend controlled cooling system
03/16/17Field replaceable unit authentication system
03/16/17Optimized service mode cooling
03/16/17Systems and methods to control transmit power and specific absorption rate (sar) for wireless devices
03/16/17Automation of matching of short message tags to content
03/16/17Regulation of airflow and performance in information handling systems after fan failure
03/16/17Interchangeable i/o modules with individual and shared personalities
03/16/17Browser-based virtual media administration
03/09/17Systems and methods for virtual current sharing between a power supply unit and a battery back-up unit
03/09/17System and method to attach a local file system to a remote disk stack
03/09/17Identifying issues prior to deploying software
03/09/17Basic input/output system (bios) security display
03/09/17Systems and methods for detecting memory faults in real-time via smi tests
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03/09/17System and method to support usb devices in an unsupported operating system in vdi environments
03/09/17Method and system for providing continuous reference architecture and bill of material modeling
03/09/17Information handling system selective color illumination
03/09/17Efficient boot from a connected device
03/09/17User interface enhanced storage sled handle with embedded security features
03/02/17Backplane testing system
03/02/17Systems and methods for setting the operating system properties for a storage device
03/02/17Managed boot process system
03/02/17System and dram-less ssd data protection during a power failure event
03/02/17Information handling system with persistent memory and alternate persistent memory
03/02/17System and methods to support vendor defined usb requests for application managed usb devices in vdi environments
03/02/17System and method to improve usb mass storage device arrival acceleration for redirected usb mass storage devices
03/02/17System and method to redirect and unlock software secure disk devices in a high latency environment
03/02/17Systems and methods for hidden battery cell charging and conditioning
03/02/17System and recovery key management
03/02/17System and base topology selection
03/02/17Layer 3 routing loop prevention system
03/02/17System and method to redirect hardware secure usb storage devices in high latency vdi environments
03/02/17Protocol independent way to selectively restrict write-access for redirected usb mass storage devices
03/02/17Correlating event logs to identify a potential security breach
03/02/17System and method to redirect usb mass storage devices in high latency vdi environments
03/02/17Quick-release device carrier
03/02/17Per-phase current calibration a multi-phase voltage regulator
03/02/17System and rendering video data
03/02/17Per-phase current calibration a multi-phase voltage regulator
02/23/17Systems and methods for persistent memory timing characterization
02/23/17System and reducing power consumption of memory
02/23/17Systems and methods for real-time cache flush measurements in an information handling system
02/23/17Systems and methods to optimize boot for information handling system comprising persistent memory

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