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12/07/17 new patent  Hot plug carrier with push to release mechanism
12/07/17 new patent  System and sleeping states using non-volatile memory components
12/07/17 new patent  Mitigation of image degradation in displays
11/30/17Peripheral card holder for an information handling system
11/30/17System and intelligent discovery and rescue of devices in an internet-of-things network
11/23/17System and providing a remote keyboard/video/mouse in a headless server
11/16/17System and provisioning a virtual machine test environment
11/16/17System and optimizing the design of circuit traces in a printed circuit board for high speed communications
11/09/17Keyboard key with user-configurable typing force
11/02/17Folding computing device with bending display
11/02/17Graphene based conformal heat sink and method therefor
11/02/17System and performance optimal partial rank/bank interleaving for non-symmetrically populated dimms across ddr channels
11/02/17System and executing a high bandwidth network activity as a background activity in a virtual desktop environment
10/26/17System and surrogate locational determination
10/19/17Fast update of data packet checksums
10/19/17System and blind alignment to dock an information handling system
10/12/17Method for system debug and firmware update of a headless server
10/12/17Dynamically-adjusted host memory buffer
10/12/17System and providing kernel intrusion prevention and notification
10/12/17Rear pluggable hard disk drive with floating connecting mechanism
10/12/17Systems and methods for securing panels to information handling system chassis
10/12/17System and mitigating condensation in a liquid cooled information handling system
10/05/17System and device specific customer support
10/05/17System and utilizing smart data connectors with built in safely remove hardware functionality
09/28/17System for forecasting product sales using clustering in conjunction with bayesian modeling
09/28/17Integrated multiplexed rf-to-optical interconnect for portable electronic devices
09/28/17Security bezel for rack mountable server
09/21/17Method and adaptive transmission techniques with connection context aware radio communication management and path prediction
09/14/17System and method to assess anomalous behavior on an information handling system using indirect identifiers
09/14/17System for facilitating common purchases
09/14/17System and normalization of gpu workloads based on real-time gpu data
09/14/17System and optimized calculation of path maximum transmission unit discovery in a network
09/14/17System and generating a temperature map
09/14/17Dynamic spectrum sharing for wireless local area networks
09/14/17System and method to disable exposed electronics in a ruggedized electronic device
09/07/17Systems for flexible and localized additive manufacturing
09/07/17Method and a smart personal connect gateway multi-hop networked communication using context aware radio communication management
09/07/17System and method to identify resources used by applications in an information handling system
08/31/17Dynamic virtual testing environment for webpages
08/31/17Virtual test environment for webpages with automation features
08/31/17Apparatus and system profile learning in an information handling system
08/31/17System and creating an illusory third party buying experience
08/31/17System and multi-language classification in a search query system
08/24/17Data-category switch module in the control plane for use with internet of things devices
08/24/17System and an intelligent e-mail and content repository
08/24/17System and accelerated asset ownership registration
08/24/17Battery pack bussing plate with weld projection geometry as an identification key
08/24/17Inrush current limitation circuit and method
08/17/17System and method to assess information handling system health and resource utilization
08/17/17Provisioning and managing autonomous sensors
08/17/17Method and smart vehicle gateway multi-hop networked communication using context aware radio communication management
08/10/17System and utilizing fingerprints as user inputs
08/10/17System and redirection and processing of audio and video data based on gesture recognition
08/10/17System and encoding exception conditions included at a remediation database
08/10/17System and error handling based on a boot profile
08/10/17System aware transmitter adaptation for high speed serial interfaces
08/10/17System and providing management network communication and control in a data center
08/10/17Electrical breaks in pcb vias
08/10/17System and unified cooling solution in an iot device
08/03/17System and using a side camera for free space gesture inputs
08/03/17Dynamic hover sensitivity and gesture adaptation in a dual display system
08/03/17Information handling system to utilize multiple parameters to adjust the behavior of a live system
08/03/17Information handling system to calculate probabilistic strategies for a search query
08/03/17Information handling system to alter results for a query based on strategic inference
08/03/17Keyless access to laptop
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08/03/17Method and a determination of optimal wireless connectivity and connection via a smart personal connect gateway system
07/27/17Database report offload server
07/27/17System and special event high volume commerce experience and deals management
07/20/17Content sharing and storage of a plurality of remotely connected computing devices in physical or virtualized space
07/20/17Enterprise messaging system using an optimized queueing model
07/20/17Method and a smart vehicle gateway with connection context aware radio communication management and multi-radio technology
07/13/17Information handling system utilizing a smart logo to provide properties of the information handling system
07/06/17System and extracting device uniqueness to assign a license to the device
06/22/17System and dynamic thermal management in passively cooled device with a plurality of display surfaces
06/22/17System and production testing of an application
06/22/17Configuring a trusted platform module
06/22/17System and aggregating communication and control of wireless end-points in a data center
06/22/17Aperiodic routing to mitigate floquet mode resonances
06/15/17Systems and methods for cooling portable information handling systems
06/15/17Electrical connector for an information handling system
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06/15/17System and minimizing broadcast communications when allocating network addresses
06/08/17System and monitoring a battery status in a server in a data center
06/08/17Method to facilitate rapid deployment and rapid redeployment of an information handling system
06/08/17Efficient mechanism to replicate data for multiple controllers
06/08/17System and modelling time series data
06/08/17Managing heterogeneous product features using a unified license manager
06/08/17System and motion gesture access to an application and limited resources of an information handling system
06/01/17System and managing workloads and hot-swapping a co-processor of an information handling system
06/01/17Method for processing uefi protocols and system therefor
05/25/17Data storage device connector with integrated temperature sensor
05/25/17Method and gross-level user and input detection using similar or dissimilar camera pair
05/18/17System and providing a wireless failover of a management connection in a server rack of a data center
05/11/17System and provisioning a powered off server in a data center
05/11/17Seamless booting from a degraded software raid volume on a uefi system
05/11/17Unified extensible firmware interface system management mode initialization protections with system management interrupt transfer monitor sandboxing
05/11/17System and providing wireless communications to a boxed server
05/11/17Asynchronous notification including parameter values in serial advanced technology attachment protocol
05/11/17Method for generating and executing encrypted bios firmware and system therefor
05/11/17Data analytics model selection through champion challenger mechanism
05/11/17System and transferring data over available pins
05/11/17System and providing proxied virtual wireless end points in a server rack of a data center
05/11/17System and providing a wireless device connection in a server rack of a data center
05/11/17System and securing a wireless device connection in a server rack of a data center
05/11/17System and wireless handheld device security in a data center environment
05/11/17Method and connection context aware radio communication management for a predicted mobile path
05/11/17High capacity power distribution panel for a modular data center
05/04/17System and powering a wireless end point in a server rack of a data center
05/04/17System and assessing degree of impact of alerts in an information handling system
05/04/17Systems and methods for website improvement
05/04/17Depth masks for image segmentation for depth-based computational photography
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05/04/17Method and mechanism for mitigating signal attenuation in printed circuit board connections
04/27/17System and redefining depth-based edge snapping for three-dimensional point selection
04/27/17System and coordinating image capture in a camera hidden behind a display device
04/27/17System and transistor voltage control
04/20/17System and reducing boot time of a workload configuration on a target server
04/13/17System and method to proactively screen component wear through time domain response profiling
04/13/17System and monitoring parameters at a data storage device
04/13/17System and method to replicate server configurations across systems using sticky attributions
04/13/17Method and depth algorithm adjustment to images based on predictive analytics and sensor feedback in an information handling system
04/06/17Method for authenticating firmware volume and system therefor
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03/30/17System and predicting and mitigating corrosion in an information handling system
03/30/17System and constructive bifurcation of i/o unit ports in an information handling system
03/30/17System and method to blacklist equalization coefficients in a high-speed serial interface
03/30/17Information handling system with a double blue-blue pixel structure arrangement
03/30/17Universal power converter having variable voltage capability and method therefor
03/30/17System and selective encoding for enhanced serializer/deserializer throughput
03/23/17System and policy based management of a communication device configuration persistence
03/23/17System and providing personality switching in a solid state drive device
03/23/17System and cell block voltage analytics to improve balancing effectiveness and identify self-discharge rate
03/23/17Power aware receiver/transmitter adaptation for high speed serial interfaces
03/16/17System and adaptable fabric consistency validation and issue mitigation in an information handling system
03/16/17Mechanism to boot multiple hosts from a shared pcie device
03/16/17System and off-host abstraction of multifactor authentication
03/16/17System and method to disable the erasure of an administrator password in an information handling system
03/16/17Policy setting for content sharing of a plurality of remotely connected computing devices in physical or virtualized space
03/16/17Method and predicting mobile device wireless link quality of service requirements along a predicted path
03/09/17Method for out of band device configuration deployment and system therefor
03/02/17System and method to support shingled magnetic recording hard drives in a storage system
03/02/17Member replacement in an array of information storage devices
03/02/17Wireless power antenna winding including heat pipe and method therefor
03/02/17Articulating receiver for wireless power delivery system
03/02/17Wireless charging pad with natural draft cooling and method therefor
03/02/17Wireless charging pad with interdependent temperature control and method therefor
03/02/17Wireless power transmission antenna with thermally conductive magnetic shield and method therefor
03/02/17Cart for wirelessly recharging mobile computing devices
03/02/17Cover system for wireless power pad
03/02/17Peak power caching in a wireless power system
03/02/17Wireless power charging device with rear side magneto isolation marking
03/02/17Cover system for wireless power pad
03/02/17System and using open source management modules on hardware switch elements
Patent Packs
02/23/17System and positioning an application window based on usage context for dual screen display device
02/23/17System and dynamic generation of a management information base through common information model class transformation
02/16/17Method and optimizing end to end radio communication management for users with multiple devices
02/02/17Provisioning and managing autonomous sensors
02/02/17Method and compensating for camera error in a multi-camera stereo camera system
01/26/17Installation of device drivers from virtual media
01/26/17Apparatus and precision immobilization of multiple cameras in a multi-camera system
01/19/17Virtual network provisioning prior to virtual machine manager launch by loading a partitioned network device with attribute data
01/19/17Fabric independent pcie cluster manager
01/19/17System and green battery conditioning
01/19/17Apparatus and semi-circular routing for transmission line signals
01/12/17Method for deploying bios integrity measurement via bios update package and system therefor
01/12/17Secure shell authentication
01/05/17Information handling system configuration parameter history management
01/05/17Compute cluster load balancing based on memory page contents
01/05/17Compute cluster load balancing based on disk i/o cache contents
01/05/17Computing device service life management
01/05/17System and implementing an ecosystem based on policy exchanges in a network of devices with embedded electronics
01/05/17System and device optimization in a network of devices with embedded electronics
01/05/17System and device policy exchange in a network of devices with embedded electronics
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01/05/17Sensor data advertisement via network identifier in shared spaces
12/22/16Method and customized energy policy based on energy demand estimation for client systems
12/22/16System and method to discover virtual machines from a management controller
12/15/16Method and demand estimation for energy management of client systems
12/15/16System and hosting multiple recovery operating systems in memory
12/08/16Carbon fiber laminate piezoelectric cooler and method therefor
12/08/16Automatic tuning for a memory voltage regulator
12/01/16System and automatic document classification and grouping based on document topic
12/01/16System and cache reservation in an information handling system
11/24/16System and adjusting cooling fan control settings based on identification of a module
11/24/16System and providing multi-dimensional power supply efficiency profiles
11/24/16System and agglomerative clustering
11/24/16System and live migration of remote desktop session host sessions without data loss
11/17/16System and server rack power management
11/10/16System and self-healing basic input/output system boot image and secure recovery
11/10/16System and optimizing system memory and input/output operations memory
11/10/16System and securing embedded controller communications by verifying host system management mode execution
11/10/16Arbitrary code execution and restricted protected storage access to trusted code
11/03/16Protection layer on a flexible substrate
11/03/16Synchronizing a cursor from a managed system with a cursor from a remote system
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11/03/16System and detection and deployment of virtualization capable assets in a managed datacenter
10/27/16System and dynamically adjusting power supply efficiency
10/27/16Uefi virtual video controller
10/27/16System and polling with an information handling system
10/27/16System and retrieving wireless access point credentials from a bios nvram
10/20/16System and cloud remediation of a client with a non-bootable storage medium
10/13/16Architecture for variable pressure mouse
10/13/16System and method to view encrypted information on a security enabled display device
10/13/16Apparatus and signal aggregation in an information handling system
10/06/16System and preventing solid state drive corruption after dirty shutdown power loss
10/06/16Processing content sharing system data from a plurality of remotely connected computing devices in physical or virtualized space
10/06/16Policy setting for content sharing of a plurality of remotely connected computing devices in physical or virtualized space
10/06/16Content sharing and storage of a plurality of remotely connected computing devices in physical or virtualized space
10/06/16System and policy based wireless docking access and prioritization
09/29/16System and providing cooling support of cards in an information handling system
09/29/16System and error handling based on a boot profile
09/22/16Unibody construction triangular chassis
09/22/16System and transferring an active state between a powerful processor and a less powerful processor
09/22/16System and running a validation process for an information handling system during a factory process
09/22/16System and method to avoid smbus address conflicts via a baseboard management controller
09/22/16System and providing keyboard, video, and mouse functionality
09/22/16Computer data protection lock
09/22/16Air channel in storage media for chassis thermal design
09/22/16System and enhancing server media throughput in mismatched networks
09/15/16System and adaptive application self-updating
09/15/16System to schedule and perform automated software tasks during unattended system time using predicted knowledge of individual user behavior
09/15/16System and optimizing management controller access for multi-server management
09/08/16Containerized computational task execution management using a secure distributed transaction ledger
09/01/16Updating object attributes in a lock-coupled namespace traversal
09/01/16Method for detecting a unified extensible firmware interface protocol reload attack and system therefor
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09/01/16System and compensating for cable voltage loss at various output voltages
08/25/16User prompted volume recovery
08/25/16System and tracking peripheral proximity by multiple masters
08/25/16Method to protect bios nvram from malicious code injection by encrypting nvram variables and system therefor
08/25/16System and management network activity in a data center environment
08/25/16Display system having image capture device and adjustable visible light filter
08/25/16Method and system for optimizing shared spectrum utilizing context aware radio communication management
08/11/16Protection layer on a flexible substrate
08/11/16Method and system control of a central processing unit (cpu) maximum power detector
08/11/16Systems and methods for dynamic optimization of flash cache in storage devices
08/11/16System and reflection mitigation
08/11/16Double action compliant connector pin
08/11/16System and providing an authentication certificate for a wireless handheld device a data center environment
08/11/16System and wireless handheld device security in a data center environment
08/11/16System and wireless rack management controller communication
08/11/16System and automated open loop fan control
08/04/16Synchronous replication error detection and handling
08/04/16Efficient mechanism to replicate data for multiple controllers
08/04/16Hybrid light engine for projector
08/04/16Gearing solution for an external flexible substrate on a multi-use product
07/28/16One way clutch hinge for a base of a tablet computer
07/28/16System and context aware usability management of human machine interfaces
07/28/16System and determining high speed resonance due to coupling from broadside layers
07/28/16Method for logging firmware attack event and system therefor
07/28/16Display front of screen performance architecture
07/28/16System and sub-pixel color management
07/28/16Reduction of haptic noise feedback in system
07/28/16Enhanced receiver equalization
07/28/16Automated assessment report generation

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