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Delphi Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Delphi Technologies Inc. Delphi Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Delphi Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Delphi Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Charge property based control of gdci combustion
04/27/17 new patent  Method for calibrating a mounting device
04/20/17Supervisory control of a compression ignition engine
04/20/17Shielded cable assembly
04/20/17Ignition coil being adjustable to accommodate different mounting environments
04/13/17Automated vehicle object detection device with level detection
04/06/17Humanized steering model for automated vehicles
04/06/17Automated vehicle radar system to determine yaw-rate of a target vehicle
04/06/17Thermoelectric generator to engine exhaust manifold interface using a direct-bond-copper (dbc) arrangement
03/30/17Exchangeable crimping die insert for a crimping die
03/30/17Double-sided heat exchanger for fluid-cooled electronics with a flat coplanar series-wise coolant flow path
03/23/17Adaptable electrical plug assembly
03/16/17Right angle connector with terminal contact protection
03/09/17Method for lane detection
03/02/17Pedestrian-intent-detection for automated vehicles
03/02/17Gps data correction for automated vehicle
03/02/17Vehicle-location system for an automated vehicle
03/02/17One-button vehicle security system
03/02/17Integrated camera, ambient light detection, and rain sensor assembly
03/02/17Electrical plug adapter
02/23/17Connector system with disconnection evident connector position assurance feature
02/16/17Control valve
02/02/17Fluid delivery module
02/02/17Variable object detection field-of-focus for automated vehicle control
02/02/17Dual coil wireless power transmitter
01/26/17Camshaft phaser with a rotary valve spool
01/26/17Fluid pump
01/26/17Fluid pump
01/26/17Pulsation damper
01/26/17Electrical connector with adjusted impedance
01/19/17Automated vehicle control take-over alert timing based on infotainment activation
01/19/17Wire harness assembly
01/19/17Circuit board assembly and manufacturing same
01/12/17Automated vehicle with erratic other vehicle avoidance
01/12/17Electrical plug connector for a safety restraint system
01/05/17Automated vehicle response to imminent rear-end collision
01/05/17Flexible mobile device connectivity to automotive systems with ubs hubs
12/29/16Cognitive driver assist with variable assistance for automated vehicles
12/29/16Radar signal processing for automated vehicles
12/29/16Automated vehicle control with time to take-over compensation
12/22/16Navigation system that displays other-vehicle information
12/22/16Flexible mobile device connectivity to automotive systems with usb hubs
12/15/16Ignition system with spark discharge truncation
12/15/16Method of manufacturing a heat exchanger assembly having a sheet metal distributor/collector tube
12/15/16Spark ignition transformer with a non-linear secondary current characteristic
12/08/16Automated vehicle control-rule selection based on operator state-of-awareness
12/01/16Automated vehicle with erratic other vehicle avoidance
11/24/16System for auto-updating route-data used by a plurality of automated vehicles
11/24/16Electroconductive material with an undulating surface, an electrical terminal formed of said material, and a producing said material
11/24/16Spliced shielded wire cable
11/10/16Impedance matching device
11/03/16Bifurcated balanced electromagnetic resonator
11/03/16Automated vehicle parameter modification based on operator override
11/03/16Electrical center with a bus bar retention system
11/03/16Wireless battery charger with wireless control system
10/27/16Extruding machine and operating same
10/20/16Steering autonomous vehicles
10/20/16Automated vehicle system with position bias for motorcycle lane splitting
10/20/16System for lane selection by an automated vehicle
10/13/16Heater and supporting structure thereof
10/06/16Fluid pump with a strainer
10/06/16Electrical connector system with laterally protruding releasing arm
09/22/16Arrangement for retaining a fuel injector to a fuel rail socket
09/22/16Radar object detection system
09/22/16Vehicle radar system with image reflection detection
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09/22/16Rectifier circuit with reduced reverse recovery time
09/22/16Electric motor driver with current sensor error correction
09/15/16Wireless electrical charging system and operating same
09/15/16Lightweight electrical assembly with enhanced electromagnetic shielding
09/08/16Method for providing a connection between at least two cables and device for providing an insulated cable connection
09/01/16Blind-spot radar system with improved semi-trailer tracking
09/01/16Connector assembly with integrated lever locking system
08/25/16Fluid pump
08/25/16Electrical shield connector
08/18/16Electrical load controller with fault detection
08/18/16Connector with pre-assembled conduit adapter
08/18/16Sealed electrical cable connector
08/11/16Heat exchanger with clam-shell header
08/11/16Vehicle instrument panel with pointer presence detection
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08/11/16System and method to operate an automated vehicle
08/11/16Birds-eye-view monitoring system with auto alignment
08/04/16Camshaft phaser and actuator for the same
07/28/16Engine restart aid
07/28/16Fuel pressure regulator
07/28/16Multisensing multiparameter design using dynamic parallel resistances on sensing element substrate
07/28/16Electrical assembly having a fibrous conductive interface between a conductive composite component and a metallic component
07/21/16Method and determining a location of a vehicle feature
07/21/16Method of calibrating an image detecting device for an automated vehicle
07/21/16Heater and operating
07/14/16System and method to detect an unattended occupant in a vehicle and take safety countermeasures
07/14/16Memory device with data validity check
07/07/16Radar antenna assembly with panoramic detection
07/07/16Validation circuit for reference voltage shifted data
07/07/16Circuit board assembly with high and low frequency substrates
06/23/16Interconnected wireless battery charging and regenerative braking systems for an electric vehicle
06/23/16Touch-sensitive display with hover location magnification
06/23/16Method to determine distance of an object from an automated vehicle with a monocular device
06/23/16Electronic assembly having a circuit board with a shock absorber device
06/16/16Sensor material and gas sensor element and gas sensor derived therefrom
06/16/16Battery pack interconnection system
06/09/16Ignition system for spark ignition engines and operating same
06/09/16Method of generating a training image for an automated vehicle object recognition system
06/09/16Apparatus to form a radiused bend in a flat flexible cable
06/09/16Electrical connector assembly with low terminal insertion force
05/26/16Camshaft phaser with position control valve
05/26/16Camshaft phaser with position control valve
05/26/16Ratcheting lever actuated connector assembly
05/19/16Hvac module with hinged clamp
05/19/16High voltage electrical center with connectorized bulkhead
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05/12/16Camshaft phaser
05/05/16Camshaft phaser
05/05/16Variable displacement compressor with an oil check vlave
05/05/16System and electric motor fault detection
05/05/16Electrical distribution center
05/05/16Battery charging device with charging profile data update facility
04/28/16Thermal shock resistant coated exhaust sensor
04/21/16Multiple imager vehicle optical sensor system
04/21/16Automatic volume control based on speech recognition
04/07/16Rearview camera with gps for image storage and retrieval
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04/07/16Lane departure steering correction with road camber and crosswind compensation
04/07/16Method for diagnosing particulate matter sensor deterioration
04/07/16Lever-type electrical connector with connector positioning assurance member
03/31/16Radar virtual antenna signals
03/31/16Vehicle imager assembly with localized window defogging
03/24/16Vehicle hvac system with cabin ventilation while parked
03/24/16Radar system with phase based multi-target detection
03/24/16Radar system for automated vehicle with phase change based target catagorization
03/17/16Heat exchanger distributor with intersecting streams
03/17/16Instrument panel assembly with variable length pointer
03/17/16Vehicle optical sensor system
03/17/16Serviceable fixing system for connectors
03/10/16Connector with connector position assurance device
03/03/16Heating ventilation and air-conditioning (hvac) module with a curved valve
03/03/16Heat exchanger with reduced length distributor tube
03/03/16Two-pass evaporator
03/03/16Heat exchanger fin retention feature
03/03/16Electrical contact element
03/03/16Electrical connector with mechanically assisted engagement
03/03/16Multiple imager camera
02/25/16Pipe retainer
02/25/16Electrical wiring assembly and vibration resistant electrical connector for same
02/11/16Vehicle radar system with trailer detection
02/04/16Internal combustion engine with a camshaft phaser
02/04/16Radar data compression system and method
02/04/16Mimo antenna with elevation detection
01/28/16Camshaft phaser
01/28/16Centrifugal fan with reduced motor cooling noise
01/28/16Tape wrapped unshielded twisted pair cable for high speed data transmissions
01/28/16Plzt capacitor on glass substrate
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01/14/16Transient voltage protection for bridge rectifier
01/14/16Light pipe for a four-way navigation switch
01/14/16Electrical connector with a terminal position assurance device
01/07/16Supercharge air cooler
01/07/16Dual thickness double-ended male blade terminal
01/07/16Molded camera
12/24/15Camshaft phaser
12/17/15Ignition coil
12/10/15Camshaft phaser actuated by an electric motor
12/10/15Gas sensor with a seal and making
12/10/15Gas sensor and making
12/10/15Control device having capacitive detection
12/03/15Switchable rocker arm with improved switching response time
11/26/15Un-partitioned hvac module control for multi-zone and high performance operation
11/26/15Active electromagnetic interference mitigation system and method
11/26/15Algorithm for detecting activation of a push button
11/26/15Satellite communication system with time-multiplexed communication from spot beam defined sub-regions
11/19/15Light weight hvac module
11/19/15Dual temperature hvac system
11/19/15Conductor harness assemby having a flexible sheath
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11/19/15Dual circuit refrigerant condenser
11/19/15Radar system with improved multi-target discrimination
11/12/15Heat exchanger having a plurality of thermoelectric modules connected in series
11/05/15Variable gain reference antenna for non-contact charging device
11/05/15Foreign object detector for non-contact charging device
10/29/15Differential pressure occupant detection
10/22/15Condensate drainage device for heat exchanger
10/22/15Method of manufacturing a fuel cell stack having an electrically conductive interconnect
10/22/15Connector backshell having multiple cable exit configurations
10/15/15Geothermic heater system
10/15/15Sealed connector with an extended seal sleeve and an anti-water pooling retainer
10/15/15Vibration resistant connector system with connector position assurance device
10/15/15Connector with vibratory connection feedback
10/08/15Heat exchanger with dimpled manifold
10/08/15Electrical distribution center
10/01/15Camshaft phaser
10/01/15Electrically actuated camshaft phaser
10/01/15Heater with a fuel cell stack assembly and a combustor and operating
09/24/15Method for controlling a fuel heater
09/17/15Camshaft phaser
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09/10/15Mimo antenna with improved grating lobe characteristics
09/10/15Mimo antenna with elevation detection
09/10/15Shielded cable assembly
08/27/15Wireless battery charging system varying magnetic field frequency to maintain a desired voltage-current phase relationship
08/27/15Occupant detection device with temperature compensation
08/27/15Modular electrically actuated camshaft phaser
08/27/15Wire cable assembly having a terminal with an encapsulated wire end
08/20/15Device with movable control element
08/13/15Combination linear adn rotary actuator
08/13/15Control module comprising a touch-sensitive surface
08/13/15Electrical relay assembly
08/13/15Electrical terminal with enhanced clamping force
08/13/15Device and splicing shielded wire cables
08/06/15Camshaft phaser
08/06/15Thermoelectric heat exchanger capable of providing two different discharge temperatures
08/06/15Occupant detection device
08/06/15Low insertion force terminal
08/06/15Automated arrangement of a mobile apparatus in equipment
07/30/15Method of verifying particulate matter sensor validity
07/23/15Heater and operating
06/18/15Fuel injector and calibration tube thereof
06/18/15Ignition coil and assembly
06/18/15Electronic control valve having an integral non-contact noise mitigation device
06/18/15Vehicle seat occupant detection device with an adjustable threshold
06/18/15Thermal shock resistant coated exhaust sensor
06/18/15Interconnect for fuel cell stack
06/18/15Fuel cell stack with enhanced seal
06/18/15Braided wire connection for an electronics assembly
06/11/15Light-pipe cut from sheet stock for instrument panel
06/11/15Radially compressed straight tube seal assembly
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06/11/15Heater and operating
06/11/15Electrical connection system
06/11/15Electrical connector terminal
06/11/15Low profile connector locking mechanism
06/11/15Grommet with spreader mounting feature
06/11/15Lightweight electronic device for automotive applications and method
06/04/15Fuel rail assembly with bracket and isolator for mounting
06/04/15Particulate sensor and operation
06/04/15Battery assembly internal connection device
06/04/15Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
05/28/15Electrochemical detection system and operation
05/21/15Camshaft and follower geometry
05/21/15Method of operating a heater
05/21/15Heater with a fuel cell stack assembly and a combustor and operating
05/21/15Air conditioning system
05/07/15Evaporator having a hybrid expansion device for improved aliquoting of refrigerant
05/07/15Heat pump heat exchanger having a low pressure drop distribution tube
05/07/15Radar antenna assembly
05/07/15Multiple imager vehicle optical sensor system
05/07/15Housing with self-mounting feature
04/30/15Cold start strategy and system for gasoline direct injection compression ignition engine
04/30/15Method for splicing shielded wire cables and cables made by same
04/30/15Plzt capacitor on glass substrate
04/30/15Electrical assembly with a solder sphere attached heat spreader
04/30/15Termination assembly for a shielded cable and assembling
04/23/15Evaporator with phase change material
04/23/15Coupler including clamp for connection to a corrugated tube
04/23/15Contact socket for an electrical plug connector
04/16/15Fluid pump

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