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Delta Electronics Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Delta Electronics Inc. Delta Electronics Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Delta Electronics Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Delta Electronics Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes an active layer, a source electrode, a drain electrode, a gate electrode, a first insulating layer, a gate metal layer, a via, a first source metal layer, a drain metal layer, and a second source metal layer. The source electrode, the drain electrode, and the gate... Delta Electronics Inc

Method of controlling speed of electric vehicle in keeping with controller temperature

A method is provided to control speed of an electric vehicle. On operating the electric vehicle, temperature of a controller of the electric vehicle is monitored. The temperature of the controller monitored is compared with a preset temperature to find whether the temperature is too high. When the temperature of... Delta Electronics Inc

Heat pipe

A heat pipe is disclosed in the present invention. The heat pipe includes a first pipe and at least a second pipe. The first pipe is formed with an enclosed space. The second pipe is disposed in the enclosed space. There is no wick structure disposed between the first pipe... Delta Electronics Inc

Smart switch system and controlling switch box

A smart switch system (20) includes a smart switch box (10). The smart switch box (10) includes a switch box output side (102), an output-side voltage detection unit (104), a switch control unit (106), a switch unit (108) and a switch box input side (110). The output-side voltage detection unit... Delta Electronics Inc

Insulation detecting circuit, power converting device and insulation impedance value detecting method

An insulation detecting circuit includes a first switching unit, a second switching unit, a detecting resistor, a processing unit, and a voltage detecting unit. The second switching unit is electrically coupled to the first switching unit. The processing unit is configured to control the first and the second switching units.... Delta Electronics Inc

Led lighting module having tunable correlated color temperature and control method thereof

An LED lighting module comprises a plurality of serially-connected LED strings, which include N LED strings from a first LED string to an Nth LED string, and each LED string has a specific driven voltage. The control method comprises steps of: (a) receiving an AC voltage signal and converting the... Delta Electronics Inc

Heat dissipation module

A heat dissipation module is provided, including a frame, a base, and a fan. The frame has a depressed portion at an inner edge thereof. The base is connected to the frame and has a bottom surface. The fan is movably disposed on the base and has a plurality of... Delta Electronics Inc

Phosphor wheel

A phosphor wheel includes a substrate, at least a phosphor agent and a plurality of vortex generators. The substrate has a first region and a second region. The second region has a plurality of openings. The phosphor agent is disposed on the first region for converting the wavelength of waveband... Delta Electronics Inc

Power plug apparatus and over temperature protection method thereof

A power plug apparatus (10) includes a plug (102), a first temperature sensor (104) and a micro-control unit (108). The first temperature sensor (104) senses a temperature of the plug (102) and informs the micro-control unit (108) of the temperature of the plug (102). The micro-control unit (108) sends a... Delta Electronics Inc

Fan motor braking apparatus and the control method thereof

A fan motor braking apparatus is provided. The fan motor braking apparatus includes a fan motor, a conversion circuit and a motor driver circuit. The conversion circuit is respectively and electrically connected to the fan motor and the motor driver circuit. The conversion circuit includes bridge structures. After the fan... Delta Electronics Inc

Omnidirectional three-dimensional scanner

An omnidirectional three-dimensional scanner includes a first image capturing module, a second image capturing module, a third image capturing module, a fourth image capturing module, and a fifth image capturing module. The first image capturing module, the second image capturing module, the third image capturing module, the fourth image capturing... Delta Electronics Inc

Automatic screw tightening module and robot manipulator employing same

An automatic screw tightening module includes a plate assembly, an input module, a screwdriver module, a transmission module, a movable module, an elastic element and a position sensor. The screwdriver module includes a screwdriver and a screwdriver sleeve. The transmission module is connected with an input terminal of the input... Delta Electronics Inc

Stereo display device

A stereo display device includes a light source module, a display module, and first, second, and third lenticular lens. The light source module sequentially provides a plurality of groups of timing light. The first lenticular lens is disposed in front of the light source module. The second lenticular lens is... Delta Electronics Inc

Real-time color mapping system and method

A real-time color mapping system includes a memory and a converting module. The memory is configured for storing a mapping table. The converting module is configured for reading the mapping table stored in the memory, and for converting first image grayscale values corresponding to a first image signal into second... Delta Electronics Inc

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes an active layer, a source electrode, a drain electrode, a gate electrode, a source pad, a drain pad, and a source external connecting element. The source electrode, the drain electrode, and the gate electrode are disposed on an active region of the active layer. The source... Delta Electronics Inc

Micro fan

A micro fan is provided. The micro fan includes a rotor and a stator. The stator includes a plurality of axial induced coil units and a circuit board. The axial induced coil units are respectively preformed as a plurality of stator magnetic pole units, and are coupled to the circuit... Delta Electronics Inc

Micro fan

A micro fan is provided. The micro fan includes a rotor and a stator. The stator includes an axial induced coil unit and a circuit board. The axial induced coil unit is made by twining a coil in an axial direction for at least two layers and in a radial... Delta Electronics Inc

Backlight module and stereoscopic display device using the same

A backlight module includes a light source module, a light timing control unit, a light guide plate and a lenticular lens. The light source module includes first light sources and second light sources. The lenticular lens disposed beside a side surface of the light guide plate and optically coupled between... Delta Electronics Inc

Heat dissipation assembly

A heat dissipation assembly includes a heat sink, an electronic component and an elastic fastener. The heat sink includes a contact surface, an engaging part and a wing part. The engaging part and the wing part are protruded externally from the contact surface. An accommodation space is defined by the... Delta Electronics Inc

Linear-rotary actuator

A linear-rotary actuator includes a base, a first linear motor, a second linear motor, a linear rail, and a ball screw. The first and second linear motors are disposed on the base and respectively have a coil assembly and a magnet backplane. The linear rail is located on the base.... Delta Electronics Inc

Smart ventilation fan system and smart ventilation fan device

A smart ventilation fan device includes a fan, a light-emitting module, a sensor set, a wireless module and a control circuit. The fan includes a motor. The sensor set is for sensing environment information. The wireless module is for receiving a command signal from an electronic device and for transmitting... Delta Electronics Inc

Stereo display device

A stereo display device includes a light source module, an image determining array, an imaging module, and a spatial dividing element. The light source module sequentially emits first and second lights to target regions in different directions. The image determining array includes pixel units respectively disposed in the target regions,... Delta Electronics Inc

Power converting device and ground impedance value detecting method

A power converting device includes a DC-DC converting circuit, a DC-AC converting circuit, and an insulation detecting circuit. The DC-DC converting circuit is configured to convert a DC input voltage to a DC bus voltage. The DC-AC converting circuit is electrically coupled to the DC-DC converting circuit and configured to... Delta Electronics Inc

Microwave generator with power factor correction function and control method thereof

A microwave generator includes a power supply, an output circuit, a feedback oscillator, a pulse controller, a signal combination circuit and a semiconductor amplifier. The power supply converts input voltage and input current into output voltage and output current. The output circuit generates a microwave signal to an output terminal... Delta Electronics Inc

Waveform conversion circuit for gate driver

A waveform conversion circuit for turning a switch device on and off by applying a control signal from a controller to a gate terminal of the switch device is provided. The switch device has the wile terminal, a drain terminal, and a source terminal. The waveform conversion circuit includes a... Delta Electronics Inc

Test device and method

A test device and a method are provided in the invention. The test device includes a first connection interface, a storage device, a processor and a second connection interface. The first connection interface is coupled to a device under test (DUT) and obtains power information from the DUT according to... Delta Electronics Inc

Uninterruptible power system, control apparatus of the same and controlling the same

An uninterruptible power system includes a power conversion apparatus, a switch unit and a control apparatus. The switch unit outputs a mains voltage in a line mode, and output an alternating conversion voltage in a battery mode. The control apparatus is configured to generate a base triangular wave signal according... Delta Electronics Inc

Power module having packaging structure

A power module having a packaging structure includes a substrate having a first conductive area, a second conductive area, a third conductive area, a first fixing area and a second fixing area. The first, the second and the third conductive areas are electrically connected to a first terminal, a second... Delta Electronics Inc

Temperature plate and heat dissipation device

A temperature plate includes a plate body and a supporting structure. The plate body has a first plate and a second plat, and a vacuum chamber is defined by the first plate and the second plate. The first plate has a first surface away from the vacuum chamber. The plate... Delta Electronics Inc

Power converting device and control method thereof

A power converting device includes an AC/DC converter, a switch, and a controlling unit. The AC/DC converter converts AC power into a DC voltage, and provides the DC voltage to a load. The switch is coupled to a backup power source. The controlling unit receives the DC voltage. If the... Delta Electronics Inc

Power delivery device and control method thereof

A power delivery device and a control method are shown. The power delivery device includes a power conversion circuit, a power factor correction circuit, and an output voltage control circuit. The power conversion circuit includes a primary side and a secondary side, and is configured to receive an input voltage... Delta Electronics Inc

Wind power converter device and converter device

A wind power converter device is provided. The wind power converter device includes grid side converters, generator side converters and a DC bus module. Each of the grid side converters includes grid side outputs electrically coupled to a grid and a first and a second DC inputs. Each two of... Delta Electronics Inc

Electronic device

An electronic device is provided, including a first circuit board, a second circuit board, a supporting member, and a first locking member. The first circuit board has a first hole. The second circuit board has a second hole, a pin, and a metal connector, wherein the pin is connected to... Delta Electronics Inc

Manufacturing heat conducting device

A manufacturing method of a heat conducting device includes following steps: providing a first plate, which includes a plate body and at least a heat conducting element, wherein the plate body has at least an inserting end disposed corresponding to the heat conducting element and defining a tube, and the... Delta Electronics Inc

Electromagnetic interference shielding configuration of electronic device

An electromagnetic interference shielding configuration of an electronic device includes a housing, a connecting circuit board, at least one EMI filter, and a shielding component. The housing has an accommodating space and a shielding space. A mainboard is disposed in the accommodating space, and a connecting circuit board is disposed... Delta Electronics Inc

12/07/17 / #20170348913

Three-dimensional printer and imaging system thereof

An imaging system for a three-dimensional printer includes a light source component, at least one pattern determining element, a light splitter, a light directing component, and a lens component. The light source component emits a first light and a second light having different wavelengths. The pattern determining element provides the... Delta Electronics Inc

12/07/17 / #20170350607

Hybrid air conditioning apparatus

A hybrid air conditioning apparatus includes a first air conditioning device and a second air conditioning device. The first air conditioning device is a cooling and heating air conditioner, and the second air conditioning device communicates with the first air conditioning device. Air modulated by the second air conditioning device... Delta Electronics Inc

12/07/17 / #20170351638

Usb type-c adapter module and activating the same

A module comprising a USB Type-C receptacle, a USB Type-C plug and a logic unit is disclosed. A power pin of the receptacle is connected with another power pin of the plug via a switch. A CC pin of the receptacle is connected to ground through a pull-down resistance. Another... Delta Electronics Inc

11/30/17 / #20170343299

Heat pipe and making the same

A heat pipe is provided, including a capillary body. The capillary body has a condensation portion, an evaporation portion, and a connecting portion connecting the condensation portion with the evaporation portion. The capillary body is formed by metal weaving. A cross-section of the evaporation portion is larger than that of... Delta Electronics Inc

11/30/17 / #20170343829

Head mounted display

A head mounted display includes first and second light source modules, a light reversely turning module, an image output module, first and second eyepiece modules, and a beam splitting mirror. The first and second light source modules are respectively configured to emit first and second lights. The image output module... Delta Electronics Inc

11/23/17 / #20170334301

Charge gun, electric vehicle supply equipment, and electric vehicle charging method thereof

A charge gun and an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) are provided. The charge gun includes at least one charging terminal, a ground terminal, a control pilot terminal and an over temperature detecting circuit. The charging terminal is configured to be electrically coupled to an electric vehicle to charge the... Delta Electronics Inc

11/23/17 / #20170339798

Power module

The present invention provides a power module including a substrate and a modular housing structure. The substrate includes an electronic element disposed thereon. The modular housing structure is disposed on the substrate and located around the electronic element. The modular housing structure includes a plurality of sidewalls configured to connect... Delta Electronics Inc

11/16/17 / #20170331358

Actuator and linear motion module

An actuator is provided, including a fixed assembly and a movable assembly. The fixed assembly includes a coil module, a base, a first screwing member, and a linear rail. The first screwing member passes through the base and the linear rail, and the linear rail is positioned on the base.... Delta Electronics Inc

11/02/17 / #20170316955

Power module package having patterned insulation metal substrate

A power module package is provided, including a substrate, a first chip, and a second chip. The substrate includes a metal carrier, a patterned insulation layer disposed on the metal carrier and partially covering the metal carrier, and a patterned conductive layer disposed on the patterned insulation layer. The first... Delta Electronics Inc

11/02/17 / #20170317014

Power module package having patterned insulation metal substrate

A power module package is provided, including a substrate, a first chip, and a second chip. The substrate includes a metal carrier, a patterned insulation layer disposed on the metal carrier and partially covering the metal carrier, and a patterned conductive layer disposed on the patterned insulation layer. The first... Delta Electronics Inc

11/02/17 / #20170317015

Power module package having patterned insulation metal substrate

A packaging structure is provided, including a substrate, a first chip, a second chip, and a conductive unit. The substrate includes a metal carrier, a patterned insulation layer disposed on the metal carrier and partially covering the metal carrier, and a patterned conductive layer disposed on the patterned insulation layer.... Delta Electronics Inc

10/26/17 / #20170309746

Semiconductor packaging structure and semiconductor power device thereof

A semiconductor packaging structure includes a chip, a first pin, a second pin, and a third pin. The chip includes a first surface, a second surface, a first power switch, and a second switch, and both the first power switch and the second switch include a first terminal and a... Delta Electronics Inc

10/19/17 / #20170298950

Impeller and centrifugal fan with same

A centrifugal fan includes a frame and an impeller. The impeller is disposed within the frame. The impeller includes a hub, a first blade group and a second blade group. The hub includes a center part, an inclined part and a connection part. The first blade group is connected with... Delta Electronics Inc

10/19/17 / #20170299877

Near-eye display device

A near-eye display device includes at least one projection system configured to project an image to a target position. The projection system includes an image output module, an object lens group, an aperture-coded module, and an eyepiece. The image output module is configured to provide the image. The object lens... Delta Electronics Inc

10/19/17 / #20170299959

Light-source module

A light-source module includes a light-source unit, a first projection lens, a first lens, a mirror wheel, a first light-guiding unit, a second light-guiding unit, and a second projection lens. The first projection lens has an entrance pupil. The light beam provided by the light-source unit can pass through the... Delta Electronics Inc

10/19/17 / #20170302911

Autostereoscopic display device and autostereoscopic display method

An autostereoscopic display includes a plurality of projectors and a screen. Each of the projectors is configured to provide a corresponding lamp image unit. Each of the lamp image units includes array of lamp images actuated in time sequence and projecting to different directions. The screen has an image plane... Delta Electronics Inc

10/12/17 / #20170291302

Mechanism-parameter-calibration robotic arm system

A mechanism-parametric-calibration method for a robotic arm system is provided. The method includes controlling the robotic arm to perform a plurality of actions so that one end of the robotic arm moves toward corresponding predictive positioning-points; determining a predictive relative-displacement between each two of the predictive positioning-points; after the robotic... Delta Electronics Inc

10/12/17 / #20170295675

Heat exchanger, machine cabinet using the same, and assembling heat exchanger

A heat exchanger includes a chassis, and a mounting opening and an outer outlet formed at the bottom of the chassis. The cooling core is installed in the chassis and disposed above the mounting opening. The external circulation fan module is installed from the mounting opening into the chassis. The... Delta Electronics Inc

10/05/17 / #20170285356

Stereo display device

A stereo display device includes plural projectors, a lens array, and a concave axicon lens array. The projectors project images to plural viewing regions at an image side. The lens array is disposed between the projectors and the image side. The concave axicon lens array is disposed between the lens... Delta Electronics Inc

10/05/17 / #20170285357

Multi-view display device

A multi-view display device is provided, and the multi-view display device at least comprises a projector, a first lens set, and a second lens set. The projector contains a scan-lamp image, and the projector slants an incident ray corresponding to the scan-lamp image with a first angle. The first lens... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170276512

Monitor circuit and monitoring method

The invention provides a monitor circuit, which is used for a fan and receives a driving current and a driving voltage of the fan. The monitor circuit includes sensing circuits and a microcontroller. The sensing circuits respectively sense statuses of the fan and output sensing values. The microcontroller is used... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170276952

Autostereoscopic display screen and autostereoscopic display device using the same

An autostereoscopic display screen includes a light-deflecting component and a double-sided lenticular lens. The light-deflecting component is configured to deflect the light beam towards a plurality of directions. The double-sided lenticular includes a first cylindrical lens array, a second cylindrical lens array, and a central portion. The first cylindrical lens... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170276953

Autostereoscopic display screen and autostereoscopic display device using the same

An autostereoscopic display screen includes a light-deflecting component and a double-sided lenticular lens. The light-deflecting component is configured to deflect a light beam towards multiple directions. The double-sided lenticular lens includes a first cylindrical lens array, a second cylindrical lens array, and a central portion. The first cylindrical lens array... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170277029

Phosphor device

A phosphor device of an illumination system emitting a first waveband light and having an optical path includes a first section and a first phosphor agent. The first phosphor agent is coated on the first section. The first waveband light is received and converted into a second waveband light by... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170278622

Magnetic component

A magnetic component is disclosed. The magnetic component includes a magnetic core assembly, a fastening element, a first winding set and a second winding set. The magnetic core assembly includes at least a pillar. The fastening element is provided on an outer peripheral surface of the pillar. The first winding... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170278960

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

A semiconductor device including a substrate, a plurality of III-nitride semiconductor layers, a source electrode, a gate electrode, a drain electrode, and a doped layer. The III-nitride semiconductor layers are disposed on the substrate. A two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) channel is formed in the III-nitride semiconductor layers. The source... Delta Electronics Inc

09/28/17 / #20170279344

Controlling module, switch-mode power supply apparatus, and peak current mode controlling a switch-mode power supply apparatus

A controlling module includes a current-command generating unit for generating reference current signal based on an output voltage of a power conversion module, a current sensor configured to sense an inductor current of the power conversion module and generate current sense signal, a current comparator for generating current compare signal... Delta Electronics Inc

09/14/17 / #20170264072

Diffuser, laser-light-source module using the same, and manufacturing the same

A diffuser includes a first substrate and a gel layer. The first substrate has a first refractive index n1. The gel layer includes a body and at least one microstructure. The body is disposed on the first substrate. The microstructure is disposed on the body, wherein the dimension of the... Delta Electronics Inc

09/07/17 / #20170252957

Control system and injection molding machine

The present invention discloses a control system and method for injection molding machine. The control method comprises the following steps: establishing a work command according to a plurality of production process parameters; receiving a position information directly from an injection molding machine; and controlling a servo pump to drive the... Delta Electronics Inc

09/07/17 / #20170257976

Shelf thermostat device and thermostat system

A shelf thermostat device and a thermostat system. The shelf thermostat device includes a fixing bracket and a heat exchanger. An electronic device is detachably disposed at the fixing bracket. The heat exchanger is detachably disposed at the fixing bracket and layer arranged in a row with the electronic device.... Delta Electronics Inc

Patent Packs
08/31/17 / #20170248195

Speed reducer

A speed reducer includes a first transmission shaft, an eccentric wheel, a first roller assembly, a rotating wheel, a second roller assembly and a second transmission shaft. The rotating wheel includes a main body and an axle hole. The main body includes a convex structure and a concave structure. The... Delta Electronics Inc

08/31/17 / #20170250010

Power supply

A power supply includes a metal case, a power conversion module and an insulation connecting plate. The power conversion module is arranged in the metal case and at interval with the metal case. The power conversion module includes a circuit board. The insulation connecting plate is respectively connected with the... Delta Electronics Inc

08/31/17 / #20170250659

Radio frequency amplifier system and heat dissipation device thereof

In a radio frequency (RF) amplifier system and a heat dissipation device thereof, the RF amplifier system includes an RF amplifier and a heat dissipation device. The RF amplifier includes an RF power element. The heat dissipation device includes a heat conduction board, a plurality of heat pipes and fins.... Delta Electronics Inc

08/24/17 / #20170244225

Container energy storage system

A container energy storage system is provided, including a container, a plurality of functional assemblies, and a splitting plate, wherein the splitting plate has a connecting port electrically connected to the functional assemblies. The container includes a hollow main body having an opening and two doors pivotally connected to the... Delta Electronics Inc

08/03/17 / #20170218512

Method of fabricating high-conductivity thick-film copper paste coated with nano-silver for being sintered in the air

A thick-film copper paste is made. A displacement reaction with low cost is used to precipitate nano-silver (Ag) to be grown on copper particles. Thus, the thick-film copper paste is made of the copper powder coated with nano-Ag. The paste can be sintered in the air and is increased in... Delta Electronics Inc

08/03/17 / #20170218967

Plural-fans driving apparatus

A plural-fans driving apparatus includes a controller, a first fan driving circuit, a second fan driving circuit and a protection and input interface circuit. The controller controls the first fan driving circuit to drive a first fan apparatus. The controller controls the second fan driving circuit to drive a second... Delta Electronics Inc

08/03/17 / #20170222541

Power converter and operating method thereof

A power converter and a method are disclosed. The power converter includes a plurality of converting modules and a plurality of switching circuits. Each of the converting modules includes a bypass element configured to be shorted when a fault occurs. The switching circuits are electrically coupled in series to each... Delta Electronics Inc

08/03/17 / #20170223817

Thermoelectric cooling module

A thermoelectric cooling module includes a first circuit board, a second circuit board, first conducting members, second conducting members and TED chips. The first circuit board includes first circuit regions, each having a first conducting layer and first penetrating holes; the second circuit board includes second circuit regions, each having... Delta Electronics Inc

07/27/17 / #20170211825

Total heat exchanger

A total heat exchanger is provided. The total heat exchanger includes a housing, a total heat exchanging core, a first fan and a second fan. The housing includes a first side wall, a first receiving space, a second receiving space and a third receiving space. The third receiving space is... Delta Electronics Inc

07/20/17 / #20170205101

Power optimization system for air-side apparatus of air conditioning and power optimization the same

A power optimization system including an optimization processing unit and a plurality of air conditioning's air-side apparatuses is disclosed. The system obtains a target comfort value when people enter a zone, and calculates an improving demand for the zone's indoor environment to approach the target comfort value. The system then... Delta Electronics Inc

07/20/17 / #20170205106

Area abnormality detecting system and area abnormality detecting method

An area abnormality detecting system includes multiple apparatuses, multiple sensors and a detecting server. The system is adopted in a space, which is segmented into several blocks with same size. Multiple areas of the space are defined by the blocks separately. The apparatuses are respectively corresponding to each area for... Delta Electronics Inc

07/20/17 / #20170205226

Installation auxiliary device for facilitating installation of sensing device and method therefor

An auxiliary device for facilitating the installation of a sensing device and a method therefor are disclosed, and the installation support device includes a main body, a first light source assembly and a second light source assembly. The main body has a clamping mechanism configured for mounting the main body... Delta Electronics Inc

07/20/17 / #20170205257

Detecting apparatus having detachable detecting module

A detecting apparatus having a detachable detecting module is disclosed. The detecting apparatus includes a main body, a rotating and swing module, and at least one detachable detecting module. The main body has a receiving space. The rotating and swing module is disposed in the receiving space and has a... Delta Electronics Inc

07/13/17 / #20170201096

Inverter and control method thereof

An inverter and a control method are disclosed herein. The inverter includes a first switching circuit, a second switching circuit, and a DC-AC converting circuit. The first switching circuit is configured to selectively switch between connecting a first input terminal receiving an AC source and an output terminal of the... Delta Electronics Inc

07/13/17 / #20170201246

Driving circuit, converter and driving method

A driving circuit includes a main output terminal electrically coupled to a switch element, a first voltage generating circuit and a second voltage generating circuit. The first voltage generating circuit is electrically coupled with the main output terminal. The first voltage generating circuit comprises a first comparator and a voltage... Delta Electronics Inc

Patent Packs
07/06/17 / #20170191501


A fan includes a hub, a plurality of blades, and a heat dissipation module. The blades surround the hub. The heat dissipation module includes a plurality of fins. The fins are disposed around the hub with respect to the blades. The end face of each fin facing the blades includes... Delta Electronics Inc

07/06/17 / #20170194086

Magnetic component and magnetic core of the same

A magnetic core is provided. The magnetic core includes a plurality of magnetic core units each having at least one non-shared magnetic core part that is not shared with the neighboring magnetic core unit, wherein a reluctance of the shared magnetic core part is smaller than the reluctance of a... Delta Electronics Inc

07/06/17 / #20170194477

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a substrate, a power device, a protection circuit, a dielectric layer, a drain pad, a source pad, and a gate pad. The power device and the protection circuit are disposed on the substrate. The power device includes a drain electrode, a source electrode, and a gate... Delta Electronics Inc

06/29/17 / #20170184117

Centrifugal blower

A centrifugal blower is provided. The centrifugal blower includes a hub, a shaft, a motor, a plurality of blades, a rib, and a first fin. The shaft is connected to the hub. The motor rotates the shaft. Each blade includes a rib and a first fin. The rib is connected... Delta Electronics Inc

06/29/17 / #20170184353

Heat exchange device

A heat exchange device includes a housing, a heat exchange module, and a piezoelectric module. Isolated inner and outer circulation chambers are formed in the housing. The heat exchange module in the housing includes a stack of separated plates parallel to each other. An inner channel communicated with the inner... Delta Electronics Inc

06/29/17 / #20170184860

Display system and head mounted display using the same

A display system includes an optical integrated rod, a solid-state light-emitting device disposed on an entrance of the optical integrated rod, a first TIR prism, a reflection mirror, a second TIR prism, a digital micromirror device and an eyepiece. The first TIR prism has a first surface disposed adjacent to... Delta Electronics Inc

06/29/17 / #20170186529


A transformer includes a primary winding unit, a secondary winding unit and a magnetic core. The primary winding unit includes a first input primary winding part and a first shielding winding part. The first input primary winding part is electrically connected to at least one switch component, and the first... Delta Electronics Inc

06/29/17 / #20170186560

Asymmetric electrical double-layer capacitor using electrochemical activated carbon

An asymmetric supercapacitor includes a negative electrode made of a first carbon, a positive electrode made of a soft carbon, a separator and an electrolyte. The separator is disposed in between the negative and positive electrodes. The soft carbon has an activation threshold (AT) larger than 1400, and the activation... Delta Electronics Inc

06/22/17 / #20170176750

Display apparatus

A display apparatus and a display method are disclosed. The display apparatus includes a left eye block and a right eye block. Each of the left eye and right eye block includes a relay unit and an eyepiece unit. Relay unit including at least one first optical lens is configured... Delta Electronics Inc

06/15/17 / #20170167508

Impeller and fan

An impeller comprises a hub and a plurality of blades surrounding the hub. The hub comprises a shaft. Each blade includes a leading edge, an outer edge, a middle portion and a trailing edge. The leading edge, the outer edge and the trailing edge are around three sides of the... Delta Electronics Inc

06/08/17 / #20170160761

Power distribution unit and fault detecting method

A power distribution unit and a fault detecting method applied in the power distribution unit are disclosed herein. The power distribution unit includes an input terminal, an insulation fault detection circuit and a processing circuit. The input terminal is electrically coupled to a positive power line and a negative power... Delta Electronics Inc

06/08/17 / #20170163163

Soft-switched bidirectional buck-boost converters

A bidirectional buck-boost converter includes at least one soft-switching cell to reduce switching losses by providing soft-switching of all semiconductor devices. A soft-switching cell comprises an active switch coupled in series with an inductor, a two-winding transformer, and a reset-voltage circuit. The soft-switching cells enable the buck and boost rectifiers... Delta Electronics Inc

06/01/17 / #20170151511

Liquid cooling device and air collector thereof

A liquid-cooling device and an air collector thereof are provided. The air collector includes a tank, an inlet channel, an outlet channel, and a barrier plate. The inlet channel is located at one end of the tank and extended into the tank. The outlet channel is located at the other... Delta Electronics Inc

06/01/17 / #20170151670

Tool calibration apparatus of robot manipulator

A tool calibration apparatus for a robot manipulator having a tool is disclosed. The tool calibration apparatus comprises a base, an X-axis measurement device, a Y-axis measurement device and a Z-axis measurement device. Each of the X-axis measurement device, the Y-axis measurement device and the Z-axis measurement device comprises a... Delta Electronics Inc

06/01/17 / #20170154839

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes an active layer, a source electrode, a drain electrode, a gate electrode, a first insulating layer, a first source pad, and a first drain pad. The source electrode, the drain electrode, and the gate electrode are disposed, on an active region of the active layer. The... Delta Electronics Inc

06/01/17 / #20170155377

Driving circuit for power switch

A driving circuit for driving a power switch. The driving circuit and the power switch are collaboratively defined as an equivalent circuit. The equivalent circuit includes a first equivalent capacitor corresponding to an input capacitor of the power switch, an equivalent inductor, and a second equivalent capacitor corresponding to a... Delta Electronics Inc

06/01/17 / #20170156236

Heat dissipation device and portable electronic device

A heat dissipation device includes a first casing, a second casing, a thin pump, and a cooling member. The second casing is connected to the first casing to form a first accommodating space and a second accommodating space adjacent to and communicating with the first accommodating space. The thin pump... Delta Electronics Inc

05/25/17 / #20170146589

Arc detection apparatus

An arc detection apparatus (10) includes an arc detection circuit (102), a current transforming unit (128), a current input wire (108) and a current output wire (110). A power supply apparatus (20) sends an input current (Iin_a) to an electronic apparatus (30) through the current input wire (108), and the... Delta Electronics Inc

05/18/17 / #20170139220

Display device

A display device is provided. The display device includes a projection lens, a Fresnel lens, an angle magnifying screen, a vertical diffuser and a first micro-deflector. The projection lens is configured to provide an original image. The first micro-deflector is provided between the Fresnel lens and the angle magnifying screen,... Delta Electronics Inc

05/18/17 / #20170141707

Single phase brushless dc motor and adjusting output phase thereof

A single phase brushless DC motor comprises a Hall effect sensor, a coil assembly and a motor control circuit which generating a driving signal to guide a coil current flowing through the coil assembly. The Hall effect sensor senses the magnetic pole of the rotor to accordingly generate a Hall... Delta Electronics Inc

05/18/17 / #20170142794

Dimmable instant-start ballast

A dimmable instant-start ballast for a plurality of LED lamps and/or a plurality of fluorescent lamps is provided, which includes an isolated dimming interface, a duty control device, a dimming switch, and an inverter circuit. The isolated dimming interface receives a dimming signal to generate a dimming voltage. The duty... Delta Electronics Inc

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