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Denka Company Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Denka Company Limited. Denka Company Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denka Company Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denka Company Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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Potassium fluoromanganate for use as raw material of manganese-activated complex fluoride phosphor and manganese-activated complex fluoride phosphor production method using same

The potassium fluoromanganate of the present invention is characterized in that, in an orbital electron binding energy spectrum diagram for manganese obtained by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, a ratio (signal intensity value A/signal intensity value B) between a signal intensity value A obtained by subtracting a background value from a maximum... Denka Company Limited

Phosphor and light-emitting device

Provided is a phosphor that emits red light, is represented by the general formula, A2MF6:Mn, and exhibits little reduction in intensity even when exposed to a high-temperature, high-humidity atmosphere over a long period of time. Also provided is a light-emitting device using said phosphor. The present invention is a phosphor... Denka Company Limited

Fluorophore, light-emitting device, and manufacturing fluorophore

Provided is a phosphor represented by the general formula: A2MF6:Mn. The elements A each represents an alkali metal element, the element M represents one or more tetravalent metallic elements selected from Si, Ge, Sn, Ti, Zr and Hf. The phosphor has a minimal light absorption rate in a wavelength range... Denka Company Limited

Method for producing silicon carbide composite material

A silicon carbide composite that is lightweight and has high thermal conductivity as well as a low thermal expansion coefficient close to that of a ceramic substrate, particularly a silicon carbide composite material suitable for heat dissipating components that are required to be particularly free of warping, such as heat... Denka Company Limited

Process for producing fluorescent material

The present invention relates to a process for producing a composite-fluoride fluorescent material represented by the general formula A2MF6:Mn4+ (wherein A is at least one alkali metal element including K; M is one or more metallic elements including at least Si or Ge and selected from among Si, Ge, Sn,... Denka Company Limited

Beta-sialon phosphor and producing the same, and light-emitting member and light emitting device

Provided is a β-sialon phosphor having a β-sialon as a host crystal and containing Eu as a luminescent center, wherein when chemical states of Eu are classified into three states: Eu2+, Eu3+ and an intermediate state thereof (hereinafter, referred to as Eum), a ratio of them present in the β-sialon... Denka Company Limited

Transparent, highly heat resistant resin composition

A resin composition that is transparent and excellent in weather resistance and heat resistance, and a molded article thereof are provided. According to the present invention, a transparent and highly heat-resistant resin composition, comprising: an aromatic vinyl-(meth) acrylic acid ester-unsaturated dicarboxylic acid anhydride copolymer (A); and an ultraviolet absorbing agent... Denka Company Limited

Conductive polymer material and molded article using same

By using CNF excellent in dispersibility, conductivity, and crystallinity, a conductive polymer material having high conductivity even with a low CNF content and a shaped article thereof and a conductive polymer material with a less CNF content for same conductivity and a shaped article thereof are provided. A conductive polymer... Denka Company Limited

Adhesive sheet for laser dicing and manufacturing semiconductor

An adhesive sheet for laser dicing is provided that is capable of, in laser dicing by irradiation with laser light through the adhesive sheet, suppressing laser light scattering in the adhesive sheet while allowing easy chip division by expanding the adhesive sheet and enables inhibition of dust attachment during chip... Denka Company Limited

Thermoplastic resin composition

Provided are a polycarbonate/ABS-based thermoplastic resin composition excellent in hydrolysis resistance and impact resistance and a molded article thereof. A thermoplastic resin composition includes: polycarbonate (A); a graft copolymer (B) produced by graft copolymerization of a rubbery polymer at least with a styrene-based monomer and an acrylonitrile-based monomer and containing... Denka Company Limited

Agent for preserving biological component, and recovering biological component

Provided is an agent for preserving a biological component, comprising a hydrogel, the hydrogel comprising a crosslinked product formed from a compound having a plurality of hydroxyl groups and a modified hyaluronic acid having substituents capable of reacting with the hydroxyl groups to form a crosslinked structure.... Denka Company Limited

Chloroprene rubber composition, vulcanized molded article, and anti-vibration rubber

Provided is a chloroprene rubber composition giving a vulcanized molded article improved further in heat resistance without deterioration in mechanical properties such as anti-vibration rubber properties, durometer hardness, and elongation at break, a vulcanized molded article prepared and an anti-vibration rubber prepared from the composition. A chloroprene rubber composition, comprising... Denka Company Limited

Pentachlorodisilane production method and pentachlorodisilane produced by same

[Solution] A production method provided with: a high-temperature reaction step in which a raw material gas containing vaporized tetrachlorosilane and hydrogen is reacted at a high temperature in order to obtain a reaction product gas containing trichlorosilane; a pentachlorodisilane generation step in which the reaction product gas obtained in the... Denka Company Limited

Conductive composition for electrode, electrode using same, and lithium ion secondary battery

A conductive composition for electrode is provided that is excellent in conductivity and dispersibility. Further, an electrode for lithium ion secondary battery with lower plate resistance and a lithium ion secondary battery excellent in rate characteristics are provided that use this conductive composition. A conductive composition for electrode, including: carbon... Denka Company Limited

Soil erosion inhibitor

A soil erosion inhibitor is provided that includes resin powder excellent in moisture absorption resistance. According to the present invention, a soil erosion inhibitor is provided that includes redispersible synthetic resin powder having a bulk density of 0.50 g/mL or less.... Denka Company Limited

Heat dissipation component for semiconductor element

A heat dissipation component for a semiconductor element includes: a composite part containing 50-80 vol % diamond powder with the remainder having metal including aluminum, the diamond powder having a particle diameter volume distribution first peak at 5-25 μm and a second peak at 55-195 μm. A ratio between a... Denka Company Limited

Polyamide-based fiber for artificial hair having exceptional dripping resistance upon combustion

Polyamide-based fiber for artificial hair that is excellent in drip resistance, texture, and productivity is provided. According to the present invention, provided is fiber for artificial hair, including a resin composition containing: aliphatic polyamide; semi-aromatic polyamide with a skeleton obtained by polycondensation of aliphatic diamine and aromatic dicarboxylic acid; and... Denka Company Limited

Composite body and producing same

A composite production method includes impregnating a plate-shaped porous inorganic structure and a fibrous inorganic material with a metal while the fibrous inorganic material is arranged to be adjacent to the porous inorganic structure. In the composite structure, first and second phases are adjacent to each other by using a... Denka Company Limited

Wavelength converter, light-emitting device using same, and production wavelength converter

A wavelength converter is provided with a light-transmitting substrate and with a thin film that is formed on a surface of the light-transmitting substrate and that contains a phosphor. A sintered body that constitutes the light-transmitting substrate has an average particle size of 5-40 μm. The light-transmitting substrate contains at... Denka Company Limited

Aluminum-silicon carbide composite and production method therefor

An aluminum-silicon carbide composite including flat-plate-shaped composited portion containing silicon carbide and an aluminum alloy, and aluminum layers containing an aluminum alloy provided on both plate surfaces of composited portion, wherein circuit board is mounted on one plate surface and the other plate surface is used as heat-dissipating surface, wherein:... Denka Company Limited

Copolymer suitable for improving heat resistance of methacrylic resin

Provided is a copolymer that has a heat resistance improvement effect, with respect to a methacrylic resin, superior to that of the prior art, while not deteriorating compatibility with the methacrylic resin. According to the present invention, provided is a copolymer comprising 45 to 75% by mass of an aromatic... Denka Company Limited

Spherical alumina powder and resin composition using same

Provided is a spherical alumina powder which, when incorporated into resins in a high concentration, enables a resin composition to have low viscosity and which has reduced viscosity increase in the resin composition over time after surface treatment of the spherical alumina powder. The spherical alumina powder has an alkyl... Denka Company Limited

Rubber bearing

The rubber bearing comprises a laminate prepared by alternately laminating a plurality of soft layers having rubber elasticity and a plurality of hard layers having rigidity, and a covering layer covering an outer peripheral part of the laminate. The soft layer comprises a rubber composition containing a polychloroprene, and the... Denka Company Limited

Polyvinylidene fluoride resin adhesive film

Provided is a polyvinylidene fluoride resin adhesive film that restores the transparency of a damaged transparent base material by smoothing the surface irregularity generated by damaging and has surface-protecting properties superior in weather fastness and stain resistance. A polyvinylidene fluoride resin adhesive film, comprising a resin composition layer containing a... Denka Company Limited

Red phosphor and light emitting device

An object of the present invention is to provide a red phosphor having improved luminance. A further object of the present invention is to provide a light emitting device having higher luminance by using the red phosphor. There is provided a phosphor having the main crystal phase represented by the... Denka Company Limited

Resin composition containing block copolymer

(D) the loss tangent (tan δ) obtained by dynamic viscoelasticity measurement has one local maximum value (tan δ (max)) within a temperature range of from −90 to −30° C., and tan δ (tan δ (max+30° C.)) at a temperature higher by 30° C. than the temperature at the local maximum... Denka Company Limited

Silica fine powder and use thereof

Provided is an external additive for toner, which is suitable for producing a toner having excellent storage stability and chargeability. A silica fine powder suitable for being added to the external additive for toner is also provided. The silica fine powder has a specific surface area of 15 m2/g or... Denka Company Limited

Adhesive sheet and manufacturing electronic component

An adhesive sheet is provided that is capable of inhibiting scraping up of an adhesive in the dicing step, does not cause chip detachment during dicing processing, facilitates picking up, and does not readily develop adhesive transfer. According to the present invention, an adhesive sheet is provided that comprises a... Denka Company Limited

Soil erosion prevention agent

Provided is a soil erosion prevention agent which can suppress the amount of resin used without decreasing soil erosion prevention effect. A soil erosion prevention agent containing a water-borne resin emulsion, wherein: the emulsion has a solid content of 30 to 70 mass %; and the emulsion has a viscosity... Denka Company Limited

Hydrophobized phosphor and light-emitting device

The present invention is directed to provide a hydrophobized phosphor not susceptible to separation at the interface with sealing resins and, by using this hydrophobized phosphor, a light-emitting device having excellent long-term stability and little change in luminance and emission color over time. The hydrophobized phosphor is characterized in that... Denka Company Limited

Ceramic circuit board and producing same

[Solution] The abovementioned problem is solved by a ceramic circuit board characterized in that a metal circuit board is bonded to one surface of a ceramic substrate and a metal heat radiation plate is bonded to the other surface of the ceramic substrate, wherein the crystal grain size in the... Denka Company Limited

Silicon carbide complex, manufacturing same, and heat dissipation component using same

[Problem] To inexpensively provide a heat dissipating component that has thermal conductivity, as well as a low specific gravity, and a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of a ceramic substrate, and furthermore having warpage so as to be able to be joined with good closeness of contact to... Denka Company Limited

Heat-resistant adhesive sheet for semiconductor inspection and semiconductor inspection method

A heat resistant adhesive sheet is provided that does not easily develop deformation of an adhesive sheet due to heating. Such an adhesive sheet made by laminating an adhesive layer to a substrate is provided, characterized in that the substrate is heat shrinkable and the adhesive layer contains a (meth)acrylate... Denka Company Limited

Cross-copolymer and producing same

The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a cross-copolymer in which a residual catalyst component remains in a reduced amount and which has improved transparency, applicability to medical materials and yellowish discoloration resistance; and a method for producing the cross-copolymer. According to the present invention, a cross-copolymer is... Denka Company Limited

Heat-dissipating component and manufacturing same

A heat-dissipating component, and a method for manufacturing the same, the component provided with a composited portion including a plate-shaped molded body containing silicon carbide, and hole-formation portions formed in a peripheral edge portion of the composited portion; through-holes being formed in the hole formation sections; the hole-formation portions containing... Denka Company Limited

05/11/17 / #20170130300

Composite body and manufacturing same

A composite is obtained by press-molding a mixed powder comprising 20-50 vol % of a metal powder and 50-80 vol % of a diamond powder for which a first peak in a volumetric distribution of particle size lies at 5-25 μm, and a second peak lies at 55-195 μm, and... Denka Company Limited

04/20/17 / #20170107158

Aluminium-silicon carbide composite, and power-module base plate

To provide an aluminum-silicon carbide composite which is suitable for use as a power-module base plate. An aluminum-silicon carbide composite wherein a peripheral portion having, as a main component thereof, an aluminum-ceramic fiber composite containing ceramic fibers having an average fiber diameter of at most 20 μm and an average... Denka Company Limited

03/30/17 / #20170092560

Semiconductor package and manufacturing same

A semiconductor package having, stacked in the following order, a heat dissipating member, a joining layer and an insulation member, wherein the heat dissipating member has an aluminum-diamond composite containing diamond grains and a metal containing aluminum; and the joining layer that joins the heat dissipating member and the insulation... Denka Company Limited

02/16/17 / #20170045314

Aluminum-diamond composite, and heat dissipating component using same

An aluminum-diamond composite that exhibits both high thermal conductivity and a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of semiconductor devices, and that can suppress the occurrence of swelling, etc., of a surface metal layer portion even in actual use under a high load. An aluminum-diamond composite includes 65-80 vol... Denka Company Limited

02/09/17 / #20170036963

Resin-impregnated boron nitride sintered body and use for same

A resin-impregnated boron nitride sintered body having superior thermal conductivity and superior strength, and a resin-impregnated boron nitride sintered body having superior conductivity and small anisotropy of thermal conductivity are provided. A resin-impregnated boron nitride sintered body, including: 30 to 90 volume % of a boron nitride sintered body having... Denka Company Limited

02/09/17 / #20170037174

Cross-copolymer, and resin composition

The problem can be solved by a cross-copolymer produced by a polymerization process comprising a coordination polymerization step and a crossing step, wherein the coordination polymerization step comprises copolymerizing an ethylene monomer, a specific olefin monomer and an aromatic polyene together using a single site coordination polymerization catalyst to synthesize... Denka Company Limited

01/12/17 / #20170008767

Boron nitride fine particles and production method thereof

A boron nitride fine particle has low major diameter/thickness (aspect) ratio, high purity and high crystallinity, and also has an average particle diameter of 0.05 to 2.0 μm, a graphitization index of 3 or less, and a total oxygen content of 0.20% by mass or less, with an average value... Denka Company Limited

01/12/17 / #20170009071

Resin composition

A resin composition is provided that is capable of inhibiting degradation of the organic EL device. The resin composition, includes: (A) an alicyclic epoxy compound; (B) a bisphenol A epoxy resin; (C) a bisphenol F epoxy resin; and (D) a photocationic polymerization initiator. The bisphenol A epoxy resin (B) and... Denka Company Limited

01/12/17 / #20170009133

Phosphor, light emitting element, and light emitting device

The phosphor of the present invention is characterized in that it is represented by the general formula: A2MF6:Mn4+, wherein element A is an alkali metal element comprising at least K, element M is one or more metal elements chosen from among Si, Ge, Sn, Ti, Zr and Hf, F is... Denka Company Limited

01/12/17 / #20170012181

Phosphor, light emitting element, and light emitting device

The phosphor of the present invention is characterized in that it is represented by the general formula: A2MF6:Mn4−, wherein element A is an alkali metal element comprising at least K, element M is one or more metal elements chosen from among Si, Ge, Sn, Ti, Zr and Hf, F is... Denka Company Limited

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