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Denso Corporation
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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Air intake  internal combustion engine


Air intake internal combustion engine

Electromagnetic valve


Electromagnetic valve

Electromagnetic valve


Electric power converter

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Count Application # Date Denso Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12011018199307/28/11Switching device
22015002967301/29/15 new patent  Electronic element and electronic device
32015002711401/29/15 new patent  Air intake internal combustion engine
42015002716301/29/15 new patent  Refrigerant evaporator
52015002741401/29/15 new patent  Fuel injection controller
62015002757101/29/15 new patent  Fluid control valve device
72015002757301/29/15 new patent  Electromagnetic valve
82015002758901/29/15 new patent  Solder paste
92015002846401/29/15 new patent  Lead frame, electric power converting device, semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
102015002846601/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
112015002859901/29/15 new patent  Electromagnetic relay
122015002874201/29/15 new patent  Headlamp light distribution control device
132015002966301/29/15 new patent  Electric power converter
142015002975701/29/15 new patent  Electric power source device equipped with transformer
152015002975901/29/15 new patent  Electric power source device
162015003089001/29/15 new patent  Battery pack
172015003093201/29/15 new patent  Secondary battery and producing alkali-metal-including active material
182015003317401/29/15 new patent  Vehicle user interface system
192015002036701/22/15Air flow measuring device
202015002058401/22/15Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same
212015002059601/22/15Vibration generation apparatus
222015002063201/22/15Automatic transmission control device
232015002077601/22/15Fuel delivery system containing high pressure pump with isolation valves
242015002168001/22/15Field effect transistor incorporating a schottky diode
252015002184001/22/15Vibration absorbing apparatus
262015002205201/22/15Stator for rotating electric machine
272015002224601/22/15Driver circuit for switching element
282015002227701/22/15Vibration generation apparatus
302015002498201/22/15Lubricating grease composition
312015002572801/22/15Vehicle control apparatus
322015002577301/22/15Fuel supplying controller
332015002577601/22/15Fuel supplying controller
342015002577801/22/15Gas-sensor-control device and control device of internal combustion engine
352015002580201/22/15Navigation apparatus
362015002650201/22/15Reset signal control apparatus
372015001336801/15/15Expansion valve
382015001343501/15/15Method of detecting defects in honeycomb structural body
392015001394701/15/15Surface treatment aluminum heat exchangers
402015001432401/15/15Tank for heat exchanger, and manufacturing the same
412015001517101/15/15Apparatus for carrying out improved control of rotary machine
422015001559601/15/15Driving support apparatus
432015001608901/15/15Display assembly hooks for installation improvement
442015001667801/15/15Apparatus and predicting turns of vehicle
452015001704001/15/15Pulsation damper and high-pressure pump having the same
462015001749201/15/15Temperature regulation device
472015001749501/15/15Battery temperature regulating device
482015001796901/15/15In-vehicle communication system, in-vehicle communication apparatus, and mobile communication terminal
492015001907201/15/15Head-up display and method with speed sensitive light intensity
502015001911001/15/15Fuel injection control device and fuel injection control internal combustion engine
512015001989801/15/15Data reception apparatus and determining identical-value bit length in received bit string
522015000768401/08/15Accelerator device
532015000778801/08/15Valve control apparatus
542015000780101/08/15Valve apparatus
552015000847801/08/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
562015000853401/08/15Semiconductor device
572015000865101/08/15Sealing arrangement
582015000873501/08/15Electric power system
592015000878501/08/15Armature for rotating electric machine
602015000897301/08/15Switching control circuit for target switching element
612015000898601/08/15Digital controlled oscillator and frequency variable oscillator
622015000910001/08/15Projection type image display device
632015000957301/08/15Projection type display device for vehicles
642015001020701/08/15Driving assistance device and driving assistance method
652015001080201/08/15Battery temperature adjustment apparatus
662015001217801/08/15Rotary electric machine control apparatus having abnormality detection function
672015001219801/08/15Device for controlling vehicle
682015000026601/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to improve mountability
692015000032701/01/15Heat exchanger
702015000044901/01/15Range switch device
712015000045001/01/15Shift-by-wire controller
722015000077201/01/15Valve device
732015000191501/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to produce braking force with minimized delay
742015000191601/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to produce braking force in case of loss of electric power
752015000191701/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to facilitate adjustment of braking hysteresis
762015000191801/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to ensure stability in motion of brake pedal
772015000191901/01/15Brake system for vehicle with collision avoidance mechanism
782015000192001/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to improve durability and maneuvering feeling
792015000192101/01/15Brake system for vehicle designed to facilitate air purging during braking
802015000226401/01/15Wireless communication system
812015000308701/01/15Vehicular headlight apparatus
822015000435301/01/15Honeycomb structural body
832015000442801/01/15High corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy brazing sheet and channel forming component for vehicular heat exchanger using same
842015000445901/01/15Battery pack
852015000515301/01/15Honeycomb structural body
862015000600401/01/15Torque transfer system
872015000610401/01/15Wheel position detecting device and tire pressure detecting apparatus having the same
882015000644401/01/15Method and system for obtaining improved structure of a target neural network
892014037351212/25/14Emission gas cleaning device of internal combustion engine
902014037356312/25/14Air conditioner for vehicle
912014037379612/25/14Valve timing control apparatus
922014037408112/25/14Vehicle thermal management system
932014037489512/25/14Semiconductor device
942014037515312/25/14Rotating electric machine for vehicles
952014037515412/25/14Rotating electric machine
962014037515612/25/14Stator for rotating electric machine
972014037518012/25/14Rotating electric machine for vehicles
982014037528212/25/14Rotating electric machine for vehicles
992014037529012/25/14Load drive control device
1002014037533912/25/14Fuel property sensor
1012014037540212/25/14Linear solenoid
1022014037544612/25/14Accident report system
1032014037592612/25/14Vehicular display apparatus
1042014037618812/25/14Electronic device
1052014037620412/25/14Tft display trim lighting structure
1062014037626212/25/14Vehicular display apparatus
1072014037918612/25/14Electronic control device
1082014037919412/25/14Power transmission device for vehicle
1092014037919512/25/14Power transmission device for vehicle
1102014037920112/25/14Apparatus and vehicular self-diagnosis
1112014037929112/25/14Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same
1122014037994912/25/14Data communication system, slave, and master
1132014038008612/25/14Load driving device
1142014036660712/18/14Air flow rate adjusting apparatus
1152014036682312/18/14Valve timing adjustment apparatus
1162014036682412/18/14Valve timing adjustment apparatus
1172014036685012/18/14Egr controller for internal combustion engine
1182014036685312/18/14Egr controller for internal combustion engine
1192014036759512/18/14Solenoid valve
1202014036806712/18/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
1212014036814512/18/14Electric power conversion circuit
1222014036817112/18/14Vehicle power generation control device
1232014036854012/18/14In-vehicle display apparatus and program product
1242014036909912/18/14Power converter including smoothing capacitor and discharge resistor
1252014037036612/18/14Structure of battery unit
1262014037036712/18/14Structure of battery unit
1272014037196912/18/14Information provision apparatus and information provision method
1282014037198012/18/14Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same
1292014037207012/18/14Wheel position detector and tire inflation pressure detector having the same
1302014037299512/18/14Parallelizing compile method, parallelizing compiler, parallelizing compile apparatus, and onboard apparatus
1312014036060212/11/14Fuel supply device
1322014036167712/11/14Spark plug for internal combustion engine
1332014036172012/11/14Apparatus for controlling rotating machine based on output signal of resolver
1342014036254012/11/14Semiconductor device
1352014036332012/11/14Motor stator bobbin
1362014036408812/11/14Message notification system, message transmitting and receiving apparatus, program, and recording medium
1372014035214212/04/14Wiring harness evaluation apparatus
1382014035263712/04/14Electric control device
1392014035368312/04/14Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1402014035405412/04/14Control apparatus
1412014035410812/04/14Stator for rotating electric machine
1422014035411112/04/14Ultrasonic wave converter, electric pulse generating device, and ultrasonic wave generating device comprising same
1432014035425412/04/14Power converter
1442014035426812/04/14Position sensing device
1452014035522112/04/14Power converter with bus bars
1462014035562212/04/14Communication system
1472014035572412/04/14Receiving detecting the number of bits of the same value in a received bit stream
1482014035665712/04/14Battery pack and battery pack apparatus
1492014035666012/04/14Battery cooling apparatus
1502014035731112/04/14Vehicular wireless transmission apparatus
1512014035836012/04/14In-vehicle control system and in-vehicle control apparatus
1522014035839112/04/14Apparatus for diagnosing element temperature sensor
1532014035841912/04/14Condition monitoring apparatus, security system, program and condition monitoring method
1542014034531811/27/14Ejector-type refrigeration cycle device
1552014034555011/27/14Valve timing control apparatus
1562014034651211/27/14Semiconductor integrated circuit device
1572014034663511/27/14Semiconductor module and driving device for switching element
1582014034671911/27/14Vibration insulating member
1592014034690511/27/14Rotating electric machine
1602014034690711/27/14Rotating electric machine
1612014034783811/27/14Electronic device and manufacturing electronic device
1622014034838311/27/14Object detection apparatus
1632014034867611/27/14High pressure pump
1642014035043011/27/14Apparatus for testing respiratory function
1652014035077911/27/14Anomaly diagnosis system
1662014035078511/27/14Collision mitigation apparatus
1672014035091111/27/14Apparatus for allocating functions to each of electronic control units of a vehicle
1682014033861911/20/14Valve timing control apparatus
1692014033956911/20/14Semiconductor device
1702014033996611/20/14Driving device
1712014034008111/20/14Magnetic sensor
1722014034021211/20/14Display control apparatus
1732014034094811/20/14Power conversion apparatus
1742014034177311/20/14Magnetic refrigeration material and manufacturing magnetic refrigeration material
1752014034374911/20/14Collision mitigation apparatus
1762014034375011/20/14Collision mitigation apparatus
1772014034481811/20/14Task scheduler, microprocessor, and task scheduling method
1782014033165711/13/14Catalyst warming-up control vehicle
1802014033176111/13/14Air flow measuring device
1812014033197611/13/14Canister module
1822014033329711/13/14Rotary position detection device
1832014033411711/13/14Electric device for vehicle and manufacturing the same
1842014033471911/13/14Object identification device
1852014033588811/13/14Communication system, transmission device and receiving device
1862014033686411/13/14Actuator control apparatus
1872014033690211/13/14Electrical control unit
1882014033690911/13/14System and using rotational speed predictions for starter control
1892014032743111/06/14Voltage detection device
1902014032753311/06/14Display control apparatus
1912014031851010/30/14Valve drive apparatus and supercharger having the same
1922014031874910/30/14Heat exchanger
1932014032011910/30/14Rotation sensing apparatus
1942014032094310/30/14Optical scanning device
1952014032175910/30/14Object detection apparatus
1962014032204610/30/14Valve drive apparatus and supercharger having the same
1972014032383810/30/14Electrocardiographic waveform measuring apparatus
1982014032427710/30/14Electronic control apparatus
1992014032428610/30/14Vehicle-use collision mitigation apparatus
2002014032428710/30/14Collision mitigation device
2012014032431210/30/14Vehicle identification apparatus and method
2022014032433010/30/14Collision determination device and collision mitigation device
2032014032433410/30/14Information processing system, information processing device and center server
2042014031116510/23/14Thermo-magnetic cycle apparatus
2052014031126210/23/14Electric actuator
2062014031143410/23/14Starter adapted to idle stop system of vehicle
2072014031145010/23/14Control device for internal combustion engine
2082014031145910/23/14Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine
2092014031146410/23/14Exhaust system for internal combustion engine
2102014031274610/23/14Rotary electric machine and driving apparatus using the same
2112014031280910/23/14Apparatus for controlling a multi-winding rotary machine
2122014031292110/23/14Fuel property sensor and detecting malfunction of the same
2132014031378810/23/14Power supply device
2142014031667110/23/14Platoon travel system
2152014031670310/23/14Vehicular navigation apparatus
2162014031686510/23/14Platoon travel system
2172014031738010/23/14Multi-core processor
2182014031772910/23/14Data communication authentication system for vehicle gateway vehicle data communication system for vehicle and data communication vehicle
2192014030513810/16/14Thermo-magnetic cycle apparatus
2202014030571310/16/14Occupant classification apparatus using load sensor
2212014030579710/16/14Lambda sensor element and manufacturing the same
2222014030579810/16/14A/f sensor element and manufacturing the same
2232014030657310/16/14Stator for electric rotating machine and manufacturing the same
2242014030669610/16/14Rotation angle detecting device
2252014030673910/16/14Drive circuit for switching element
2262014030678810/16/14Filter component
2272014030681610/16/14Charge control device
2282014030718210/16/14Capacitance operation device and manufacturing the same
2292014030748010/16/14Electric power conversion device
2302014030749210/16/14Drive unit for switching element
2312014030749510/16/14Driver for target switching element and control system for machine using the same
2322014029894810/09/14Accelerator device
2332014029908110/09/14Valve timing control apparatus
2342014029908710/09/14Spark plug for internal combustion engines and mounting structure for the spark plug
2352014029910310/09/14Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine
2362014029958810/09/14Method and arc welding by controlling welding current
2372014029980410/09/14Electromagnetic actuator
2382014029988610/09/14Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2392014030023710/09/14Stator for rotating electric machine
2402014030037710/09/14Processing circuit having self-diagnosis function
2412014030047810/09/14Awareness level improvement device
2422014030105910/09/14Power converter designed to minimize mechanical vibration of converter component
2432014030149110/09/14Power line data transmitter
2442014029022110/02/14Control unit for urea-water adding device
2452014029060510/02/14Valve timing adjusting device, manufacturing same and manufacturing same
2462014029077210/02/14Integration valve
2472014029104110/02/14Occupant determination apparatus using load sensor
2482014029156610/02/14Valve device
2492014029207110/02/14Power supply control apparatus

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