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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Air conditioner for vehicle

The air conditioner for a vehicle has a centrifugal fan and a housing. The centrifugal fan has a fan suction port and a rotary shaft and rotates centering on a rotational axis of the rotary shaft. The housing has a fan housing chamber, an introduction passage, and a wall. The... Denso Corporation

Vehicle air-conditioning apparatus

A vehicle air-conditioning apparatus includes a casing that defines an air passage through which an air flows, and a blower that has a blower fan generating an airflow in the air passage. The vehicle air-conditioning apparatus includes an air-conditioning device that is provided in the air passage, and an air... Denso Corporation

Heater device

A heater device includes a heat generating body and a surface layer portion. The heat generating body includes a heating surface and radiates heat from the heating surface. The surface layer portion is stacked over the heating surface and is heated by the heat generating body. Furthermore, the surface layer... Denso Corporation

Vehicle air condition display device

A vehicle air condition display device used together with a vehicle air-conditioning apparatus includes a display unit and a display controller. The vehicle air-conditioning apparatus is capable of adjusting a direction of an air blown out from an outlet port in response to an operation made on an operation portion... Denso Corporation

Composite structure and valve timing adjustment device having the same

A composite structure includes: a cover plate having a countersunk hole and a plate side fitting hole; a bearing plate having a screw hole and a screw side fitting hole located opposite from the plate side fitting hole through the screw hole; and a plate screw component including a screw... Denso Corporation

Gas sensor control device

A NOx sensor includes a pump cell, a monitor cell, and a sensor cell, and the pump cell discharges an oxygen in an exhaust gas introduced into a chamber. The sensor cell outputs a detected signal depending on a concentration of a NOx according to a gas after the oxygen... Denso Corporation

Sensor system for vehicle

A sensor system for a vehicle including a first camera sensor and a second camera sensor configured to be mounted spaced apart from one another on a vehicle. A sensor module of the sensor system is configured to generate a three-dimensional image of an environment about the vehicle based on... Denso Corporation

Alert output apparatus

From each of in-vehicle units in vehicles, a travel behavior data indicating a travel behavior of the vehicle is received and recorded in a travel history database. The travel behavior data of the vehicles are read from the travel history database; an avoidance action arising in each of the vehicles... Denso Corporation

Semiconductor storage device and writing of the same

A semiconductor storage device includes a memory cell, a switch, a source driver, a drain driver, a voltage measurement circuit and a control electrode driver. The memory cell has a control electrode, a floating electrode, a source and a drain. In a writing to the memory cell, the voltage measurement... Denso Corporation

Ignition coil for internal combustion engine

An ignition coil for an internal combustion engine includes a coil main body portion, a connecting portion, and a conducting member. A convex surface forming portion, which is a portion constituting an inner peripheral convex surface, is disposed in the connecting portion. The convex surface forming portion has an outer... Denso Corporation

Ignition coil for internal combustion engine

In an ignition coil for an internal combustion engine, a spark plug is incorporated which has an insulator including an insulator head that has no corrugation. The ignition coil has a coil body part generating high voltage and a joint part, which holds therein a conducting member electrically connecting the... Denso Corporation

Electric power conversion apparatus

An electric power conversion apparatus includes at least one semiconductor module, a capacitor, a pair of positive and negative busbars and an insulator. The positive busbar includes a positive busbar base protruding from the capacitor in a Y direction and at least one positive busbar terminal extending perpendicular to an... Denso Corporation

Cooling device, and air-conditioner for vehicle

A cooling device is applied to an in-vehicle equipment having a cooling unit which cools air, and cools an in-vehicle heat-emitting apparatus with the air cooled by the cooling unit. The cooling device includes: an adsorption unit including an adsorption material which adsorbs moisture; an adsorption case that defines a... Denso Corporation

Passive entry / passive start vehicles

Systems and methods for vehicle passive entry/passive start (PEPS) are provided. A communication gateway establishes a Bluetooth low energy communication connection with a portable device. A localization module determines a portable device location based on two-way ranging using impulse radio ultra-side band. The PEPS system performs vehicle functions, such as... Denso Corporation

Evacuation travel assist apparatus

An evacuation travel assist apparatus includes a stop lane determination section that determines a stop lane and an evacuation place in the stop lane in which an own vehicle should be urgently stopped when the vehicle drive is detected to be in a state of being not able to drive... Denso Corporation

Apparatus and program for assisting drive of vehicle

In an apparatus, a first obtainer obtains a first travelling-condition parameter of a target vehicle. The first travelling-condition parameter shows one or more conditions under which the target vehicle is travelling on the road. A second obtainer obtains a second travelling-condition parameter of a preceding vehicle travelling on the road... Denso Corporation

Fuel vapor treatment system

A tank passage has one end connected to a fuel tank. A purge passage has one end connected to a canister and the other end connected to an intake passage. An atmospheric passage has one end connected to the canister and the other end communicated with the atmosphere. A purge... Denso Corporation

Low temperature cooling device for internal combustion engine

A low temperature cooling device applied to an internal combustion engine includes an EGR device returning a part of an exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine to an intake passage as an EGR gas, a low temperature coolant circuit circulating a coolant through an intercooler cooling an intake gas... Denso Corporation

Valve device and device for manufacturing valve device

A valve device includes a valve housing having a hole and a seat provided on a periphery of the hole, a tubular member, a valve member opening the hole when moving away from the seat and closing the hole when being in contact with the seat, an urging member urging... Denso Corporation

Valve device

The present disclosure provides a valve device including a housing, a shaft, a butterfly valve, and a sealing member. The butterfly valve has a disk shape and defines a groove formed on an outer circumferential surface. The butterfly valve is fixed to the shaft and housed in a passage in... Denso Corporation

Switching device

A switching device may be provided with: a semiconductor substrate; a trench provided in an upper surface of the semiconductor substrate; a gate insulating layer covering an inner surface of the trench; and a gate electrode located in the trench. The semiconductor substrate includes: a first semiconductor region being in... Denso Corporation

Sensor and producing same

A sensor includes: an integrated circuit having a power supply lead, a ground lead and a signal lead; a power supply terminal connected to the power supply lead; a ground terminal connected to the ground lead; a first signal terminal connected to the signal lead; a second signal terminal connected... Denso Corporation

Battery pack

A battery pack includes: a battery assembly including a plurality of batteries; a fluid drive member driving a fluid which cools the battery assembly; a housing that houses the battery assembly and the fluid drive member; and a beam provided integrally with a bottom wall of the housing to support... Denso Corporation

Drive circuit for switching elements

A drive circuit drives a plurality of switching elements connected in parallel to each other. The drive circuit includes an operating unit that performs first and second switching processes. In the first switching process, under a condition that a first current detection value acquired before next time an on-command is... Denso Corporation

Armature and rotating electric machine including armature

An armature includes a multi-phase armature coil and an armature core. The armature core includes a back yoke, a plurality of large-width teeth and a plurality of small-width teeth having a smaller circumferential width than the large-width teeth. The large-width teeth each radially protrude from the back yoke and are... Denso Corporation

Current sensor abnormality diagnosis device

In a current sensor abnormality diagnosis device, an abnormality judgment section determines that the phase current sensors are operating normally when a sum of three phase currents is not more than a threshold value, and a bus current sensor is operating normally based on a comparison result between three phase... Denso Corporation

Localization and passive entry / passive start vehicles

Systems and methods for localization and passive entry/passive start (PEPS) systems for vehicles are provided. A communication gateway in a vehicle establishes a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication connection with a portable device. Sensors are configured to receive connection information about the BLE communication connection from the communication gateway, eavesdrop... Denso Corporation

Aluminum heat exchanger

An aluminum heat exchanger is made by disposing an inner fin in a closed space formed by overlapping edge portions of a formed single tube plate or a plurality of formed tube plates, and brazing a first joint obtained by overlapping the edge portions of the tube plate and a... Denso Corporation

Vehicle air-conditioning unit

A vehicle air-conditioning unit includes an air-conditioning case and an inside/outside air switching door that is configured to change a ratio of a flow rate of an inside air to a flow rate of an outside air in an air introduced into the air-conditioning case. The vehicle air-conditioning unit includes... Denso Corporation

Head-up display device

A head-up display device includes a display unit that projects a display image to a windshield of a vehicle; a control board that has a control circuit, which controls the display unit; and a housing case that receives the control board and has a hollow space, which is in contact... Denso Corporation

In-vehicle camera

In an in-vehicle camera 1, when an in-vehicle camera body 5 is hooked on a hook portion 33 of a bracket 3 attached to a windshield, a leaf spring 34 presses the in-vehicle camera body 5 against the bracket 3 to fix the in-vehicle camera body to the bracket 3.... Denso Corporation

Physical quantity sensor and manufacturing method therefor

A physical quantity sensor includes: a detection element that outputs a sensor signal in accordance with a physical quantity; and a mount member. The detection element includes a sensor portion that has a first surface, includes a movable electrode, and a fixed electrode, and outputs the sensor signal, and a... Denso Corporation

Lens tube and imaging system having the same

The lens tube includes a cylindrical barrel, a holder, a cap, and a stress applying portion. The barrel houses at least one first lens. The holder houses an imaging element and is fixed to a substrate. The holder is configured to allow one end of the barrel in an axial... Denso Corporation

Driving area recognition device and method thereof

A driving area recognition device has an image acquiring section for acquiring image data transmitted from an in-vehicle monocular camera and an extraction section for extracting, from the acquired image data, edge points in boundary parts arranged at both the right side and the left side of a driving area... Denso Corporation

Vehicle control system

A vehicle control system includes a vehicular device mounted to a vehicle and a mobile key carried by a user. The vehicular device includes: a vehicular device communication unit communicating with the mobile key, and an acquisition unit acquiring vehicle state information reflecting a state of the vehicle. The vehicular... Denso Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180097637

Cryptographic security verification of incoming messages

Systems and methods for cryptographic security verification include receiving, using a dedicated short range communications system, a message from a remote vehicle or an infrastructure system. A processor determines whether a current number of attempted message verifications per second is less than a predetermined threshold. The processor performs verification of... Denso Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180097977

Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus provided with a lens module which has a main body and two vane members. The main body holds a lens on an inside thereof. The vane members are plate shaped sections projected from an outside surface of the main body, which are provided with through-holes enabling fastening... Denso Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180097984

Imaging device provided with high dynamic range rendering function

An imaging device performs imaging using an imaging element. The imaging device is provided with an imaging unit, a control unit and a synthesis unit. The imaging unit performs exposure with a predetermined exposure time, thereby performing image capture. The control unit successively performs an imaging process N-times. In each... Denso Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180098040

Image sensor

An image sensor includes a plurality of optical filters, a plurality of transmissive members, an imaging section, and a signal processing section. The optical filters transmit visible rays having a wavelength enabling visual recognition of a primary color, and the transmissive members transmit infrared rays. A plurality of imaging elements... Denso Corporation

04/05/18 / #20180098457

Power converter

A power converter includes a stack of a plurality of semiconductor modules, each of which incorporates semiconductor elements, and a plurality of cooling conduits, though each of which a coolant flows to cool the semiconductor modules, at least one electronic component electrically connected to the semiconductor modules, and a cooling... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180086179

Vehicle air conditioning setting device

A vehicle air conditioning setting device functioning with a vehicle air conditioning device for setting a direction of air blown out from an air outlet and a degree of concentration and diffusion of the air is provided. The vehicle air conditioning setting device includes: a display unit that displays an... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180086198

Cooling device and cooling module

A cooling device for an automobile that includes a front opening opened in a front engine room, a first air blower arranged in the front engine room on a front side of a drive engine, and an introduction passage for guiding, toward the first air blower, air to flow from... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180086337

Collision avoidance assistance device

A collision avoidance assistance device includes: a target detection unit for detecting a target; a process execution unit for executing a collision avoidance assistance process in the case where it is determined that the target satisfies an execution condition; an image recognition unit for recognizing a target in an image;... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180086346

Information presentation apparatus

An information presentation apparatus is provided. A light emission device and a HCU are mounted on a vehicle as the information presentation apparatus. The light emission device is arranged on an instrument panel, and displays at least one light emission spot in a linear light emission area arranged to extend... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180086367

Steering assist control system and steering assist control method

A steering assist control system causes multiple actuator units to control an assist torque that provides assistance in steering in accordance with a turning operation on a steering wheel in a vehicle having an information presentation apparatus. The steering assist control system includes: a monitoring part that monitors the actuator... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087462

Control device

A control device for a rotating element rotated by a four-stroke engine has a high degree of freedom in the choice of an apparatus to which the control device is applicable. The control device includes a rotation speed acquisition unit configured to obtain a rotation speed of the rotating element... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087463

Pressure reducing valve control apparatus

A pressure reducing valve control apparatus is provided for a fuel supply system having a common rail and a pressure reducing valve to control rail pressure in the common rail by controlling a current supply state of the pressure reducing valve. The pressure reducing valve operates to open a valve... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087481

High pressure pump

A valve member includes a specific range in which an overlap area that is an area in which a hole opening and a slide outer wall are overlapped with each other becomes gradually smaller and a minimum passage area that is a passage area between an intermediate chamber and a... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087504

Fuel pump

A pump housing includes: a slide surface, along which inner and outer gears are slid; a suction guide passage, which is recessed from the slide surface and guides the fuel at a suction side; a discharge passage, which is recessed from the slide surface-and guides the fuel at a discharge... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180087848

Ejector-integrated heat exchanger

An ejector-integrated heat exchanger includes multiple tube forming members. The tube forming member includes an ejector, a flow-out side refrigerant passage, and a suction side refrigerant passage. The ejector includes a nozzle portion decompressing a refrigerant, a refrigerant suction port, and a pressure increasing portion in which the refrigerant drawn... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180088178

Voltage-detecting device applied to battery pack having serially connected body

Serially connected bodies of at least two of the battery cells of the battery pack form detection blocks; each of the respective battery cells of a detection block, or a serially connected body of a number of battery cells in a detection block that is less than the number of... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180088589

Service cooperation system for vehicle

A service cooperation system enables a use of a function provided by an in-vehicle apparatus or an external apparatus as a service. The service cooperation system for the vehicle includes a service interface, a local service bus, a service bus, and an integrated application. The service interface of a subject... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180089987

Emergency report apparatus

In an emergency report apparatus, diagnostic data is modulated based on a preselected diagnostic modulation method by using a diagnostic carrier wave having a carrier wave frequency that is set within a range of frequencies detectable by a vehicle-mounted voice input instrument and is outside a voice band. A diagnostic... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090004

Driving assistance system and vehicle-mounted device

The present disclosure provides a driving assistance system and a vehicle-mounted device. Each vehicle-mounted device broadcasts own vehicle information, and transmits wide area vehicle information to a center. The wide area vehicle information includes the vehicle information and VIN of the own vehicle. The center receives the wide area vehicle... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090007

Image generation apparatus

An image generation apparatus that generates an image notifying an occupant of a vehicle about a notification target located in a traveling direction of the vehicle, and outputs a virtual image of the image to a head-up display device that displays the virtual image while superimposing the virtual image on... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180090990

Terminal device and wireless power feeding system

A terminal device configured in a system is provided. The system includes a power feeding apparatus and a power receiving apparatus. The power receiving apparatus receives an electric power waveform from the power feeding apparatus through a harness. The power feeding apparatus supplies the power receiving apparatus with an electric... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091009

Synchronous rotating electric machine

A synchronous rotating electric machine includes an armature and a rotor. The armature has an armature coil wound on an armature core. The rotor has permanent magnets embedded in a rotor core so as to be spaced from one another in a circumferential direction of the rotor core. The rotor... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091081

Motor control apparatus and electronic power steering system

In an apparatus, a motor current limit calculator calculates a motor current limit to which a motor current is to be limited. A motor current command calculator calculates a motor current command representing a target value for the motor current. A current command corrector corrects the motor current command as... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091085

Information presentation device and information presentation method

An information presentation device, mounted on a vehicle for which automatic evacuation control functions when it is difficult for a driver to continue driving the vehicle, and presenting information to an occupant of the vehicle except the driver by a display in a display area that is visually recognizable by... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091214


A repeater efficiently transfers frames addressed to the same destination address when the frames are received at the same time by a plurality of ports, by performing a distribute-transfer process, when a difference between a size of each of the frames received by a normal port and an average size... Denso Corporation

03/29/18 / #20180091740

Image signal processing apparatus and image signal processing program product

An image signal processing apparatus includes a first control unit, a second control unit starting activation when the first control unit completes activation and shifting from off-state to normal operating state, and a decoding unit. The second control unit processes an image included in a received image signal, and outputs... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180079381

Collision detection device for vehicle

A collision detection device for a vehicle includes: a bumper absorber disposed on a front side of a bumper reinforcement in a bumper of the vehicle; a detection tube component mounted in a groove portion defined in the bumper absorber to extend in a width direction of the vehicle, a... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180079408

Object detection apparatus and object detection method

An object detection apparatus acquires a lateral position which is a relative position of a target to the own vehicle, and determines that a first target is present, as the target, ahead of the own vehicle and that a second target is present between the first target and the own... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180079430

Information provision device

An information provision device includes a left vibrator disposed at left portion of a vehicle steering wheel and a right vibrator disposed at right portion of the vehicle steering wheel, a control unit vibrating the vibrators under a predetermined pattern with varying intensity, and a pattern setting unit. The pattern... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080249

Electronic key for vehicle

An electronic key for a vehicle includes an upper case component of a key case, a lower case component attachable to the upper case component, and a mechanical key that is selected from among a first mechanical key that is used in a state of being totally removed from the... Denso Corporation

Patent Packs
03/22/18 / #20180080355

Exhaust gas purification filter

An exhaust gas purification filter has a honeycomb structure body and upstream side plug members. Cell holes are composed of inlet cell holes and outlet cell holes. In a central area and an outer peripheral area, a gas flow channel cross sectional area Sc1 of the outlet cell holes is... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080415

Vaporized fuel processing apparatus

A pressure sensor is provided in a purge pipe connecting a fuel tank to a canister, so that the pressure sensor outputs an electrical signal of a first sensor value depending on an inside pressure of the canister. A control unit calculates an estimated sealed pressure, which corresponds to the... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080420

Fuel injection valve

A fuel injection valve includes: a housing that includes an injection hole and a valve seat; a needle that includes a flange at a radially outer side of the needle and opens or closes the injection hole; a movable core that is installed on the valve seat side of the... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080421

Fuel injection valve

A bush is disposed on an inner wall of a fixed core. A second spring, which biases a movable core in a valve-closing direction, has one end abutting the bush. The bush is formed separately from the fixed core, and is formed to be movable relative to the fixed core... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080425

Restart control device for internal combustion engine

A restart control device is applied to a vehicle which is provided with an internal combustion engine, an electric motor, a driving wheel, and a clutch. The restart control device has a restart-condition determining portion which determines whether a restart condition for restarting the internal combustion engine is established while... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080482

Ejector and ejector-type refrigeration cycle

An ejector includes a nozzle, a body including a refrigerant suction port and a pressure increasing portion, a passage forming member inserted into the nozzle, and an actuation device moving the passage forming member. A nozzle passage includes a smallest passage cross-sectional area portion, a convergent portion, and a divergent... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180080805

Method for making resin hollow body and flow measuring device

A metal mold includes a restraining part that is fitted in a recess provided at a part of surfaces of at least two resin parts that serves as an outer surface of a resin hollow body. A linear space is filled with high-pressure resin fluid injected at a predetermined injection... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180081048

Object detection apparatus

An object detection apparatus includes: a transmitter transmitting a radio wave with a predetermined intensity at the radio wave transmission end; a receiver receiving the radio wave, which is to be transmitted when the radio wave is transmitted from the transmitter, at the radio wave reception end; a setter setting... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180081172

Head-up display apparatus

A head-up display apparatus mounted on a moving body. The head-up display apparatus projects an image on a projecting portion. The head-up display apparatus includes a light source portion, an imaging element, a cold mirror, and a phase shifter. The light source portion emits a source light. The imaging element... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180081332

Signal processing device

A signal processing device includes a signal processor, a plurality of communicators, and a switch controller. The signal processor performs a preset signal processing for a detection signal that is output from a sensor. The plurality of communicators output communication data from an output terminal after converting data from the... Denso Corporation

03/22/18 / #20180082766

Cable, electric power steering device using the cable, and manufacturing the cable

A conductive wire has a peripheral disposition part disposed around a center member and an extension part integrally formed with the peripheral disposition part so as to extend from the peripheral disposition part. A plurality of conductive wires are disposed. A sheath is disposed so as to cover the center... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073456

Air-fuel ratio sensing device

An air-fuel ratio sensing device includes a resistor, an A/D converter, a parallel circuit unit, a second switch, a controlling unit, an air-fuel ratio sensing unit, and a deterioration sensing unit. The controlling unit controls to turn off the first switch and controls to turn on the second switch in... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180073936

Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor includes a temperature detector, an element electrode wire, a lead wire, and an intermediate member. Each of the lead wire and the intermediate member is made of a Ni-based alloy or an Fe-based alloy. The element electrode wire and the intermediate member are welded together in such... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074127

Voltage detection apparatus

A voltage detection apparatus is provided which is suitable for an assembled battery including a series connection of battery cells. The apparatus includes a monitoring section having battery input sections, a high-potential connection section, a low-potential connection section, and a main voltage detection section; a high-potential electrical path; a low-potential... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180074313

Projection member, head up display device, and polarized sunglasses

A head up display device mounted in a moving body uses a source light to project an image onto a projection member to display a virtual image so that the image is visible to a passenger, the projection member including a first transparent plate that maintains polarization state and has... Denso Corporation

Patent Packs
03/15/18 / #20180074510

Automatic traveling control apparatus and automatic traveling control system

An automatic traveling control apparatus includes an automatic traveling control unit, a function determining unit, a first notifying unit, an abnormality detecting unit, and a second notifying unit. The automatic traveling control unit makes an own vehicle automatically travel along a route to a destination. The function determining unit determines... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076289

Switching device and manufacturing the same

A switching device includes a semiconductor substrate; first and second trenches; gate insulating layers; and gate electrodes. The semiconductor substrate includes a first semiconductor region of a first conductivity type, a body region of a second conductivity type, a second semiconductor region of the first conductivity type, first and second... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076637

Control apparatus

A control apparatus of a storage battery system which discharges power from of storage batteries, converts the power, and supplies the power to a load, and which receives supply of power from an outside, converts the power, and charges the storage batteries is provided. The control apparatus includes: a reading... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076703

Load driving apparatus

A load driving apparatus supplies an electric power to a load via a full-bridge circuit. The load driving apparatus detects a load current by a current sensing resistor. A controller in the load driving apparatus generates a drive signal by switching between a first reference circuit outputting a first reference... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076905

Communication system

The present disclosure provides a communication system. The communication system includes a radio wave receiver; a transmission node that transmits data; and a reception node that receives the data from the transmission node. The transmission node changes a transmission rate of the data so that a notch point at which... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180076958

Vehicle communication system, onboard apparatus, and key issuing apparatus

A vehicle communication system includes an onboard apparatus, a mobile device, and a key issuing apparatus provided outside the vehicle for issuing a key for cryptographic communication between the mobile device and the onboard apparatus. The mobile device and the onboard apparatus store the key, and perform the cryptographic communication... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077002

Electronic control unit

An electronic control unit provides a transmission node in a communication system in which the transmission node stores first data in a transmission frame having a predetermined format and transmits the first data to a network, and a reception node receives the first data as a reception frame via the... Denso Corporation

03/15/18 / #20180077818

Cooler and power electronic module having the same

The present disclosure provides a power electronic module that includes a first power device having a first switching element and a second power device having a second switching element. The power electronic module further includes a cooler having a coolant passage to cool the first and second power devices. The... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180065149

Optical scanning apparatus

A control circuit includes: an angular velocity calculator calculating an angular velocity of a mirror based on an angle of the mirror; a target angular velocity calculator calculating a target value of the angular velocity; a resonance frequency detector detecting a frequency of vibration of the mirror using the angular... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180065657

Steering control apparatus

A motor controller of a steering control apparatus is configured to drive, based on an assist command and a tracking command, a motor to thereby generate assist torque and automatic steering torque. A state determiner of the steering control apparatus is configured to determine at least whether a driver's steering... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180065658

Steering control apparatus

In a steering control apparatus, a basic assistance torque calculating unit calculates a basic assistance torque. A correction torque calculating unit calculates a correction torque to be added to the basic assistance torque. In the correction torque calculating unit, a returning state determining unit determines whether a steering wheel is... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180065659

Steering control apparatus

In a steering control apparatus, a basic assistance torque calculating unit calculates a basic assistance torque. A return control unit calculates a return control amount to assist in returning a steering wheel to a neutral position, as a correction torque to be added to the basic assistance torque. In the... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180065660

Steering control apparatus

In a return control unit, a driver steering correcting unit calculates a correction amount outputted in relation to any calculation quantity in a calculation process for a return control amount, based on a steering torque and steering wheel position-related information, such that the return control amount is maintained or increased... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066549

Motor drive device for controlling valve timing of internal combustion engine

A motor drive device for valve timing control of an internal combustion engine includes: a motor drive unit that controls a phase of a camshaft to drive a motor for controlling opening and closing operation of a valve; and a determination unit that determines whether a timing is to start... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066624

Ignition apparatus

An ignition apparatus includes an ignition plug, a boost transformer, an ignition power source and a measurement unit. The ignition plug has a center electrode and a ground electrode. The boost transformer supplies the ignition plug with electric power generated in a secondary coil upon supply of AC power from... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066794

Body following support apparatus

A setting task of a setting unit includes a task to determine, based on a detection result of a detector, whether a click operation is carried out with a part of an operator's body mounted on a mount portion. The click operation is defined as an intentional movement of the... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066960

Apparatus and driving assistance

A method and apparatus for driving assisting provided with an ECU which includes an extraction unit extracting a shape and a distribution of a landmark on a plurality of routes leading to a destination on a map, an accuracy calculation unit calculating an estimated accuracy of a vehicle position at... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066964

Position detector with a minimum magnetic flux density position shifted from a center of a gap

A position detector includes a magnet disposed between first ends of first and second magnetic flux transmission parts and a magnet disposed between second ends of the first and second magnetic flux transmission parts. The position detector also includes a Hall IC that is positioned within a gap and moves... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180066967

Display device

A display device includes a dial, a substrate, a plurality of light source parts, and a transmittance adjustment part. The transmittance adjustment part has a low transmittance part in which a transmittance of light is lower than a predetermined value and a high transmittance part in which a transmittance of... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180067206

Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method

A driving assist ECU which performs collision avoidance control for the target based on a detection result of a target around an own vehicle by a radar device acquires, at a predetermined cycle, angle deviation information of the radar device in the vertical direction, the angle deviation information being calculated... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180068560

Vehicle driving assistance apparatus and vehicle driving assistance method

In a driving assistance apparatus, a start determiner determines whether or not during travel in a no-passing zone an own vehicle has laterally moved from a rearward position to a lateral position relative to the preceding vehicle, and if the own vehicle has laterally moved, then determine that the own... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069378

Spark plug

A spark plug for an internal combustion engine includes a cylindrical metal shell, a center electrode, and a ground electrode. The center electrode has an end portion which protrudes outside an end of the metal shell. The ground electrode is joined at an end thereof to the metal shell and... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180069994

Imaging device having heat radiation structure

An imaging device installed inside a windshield of a vehicle, capturing images from ahead of the vehicle is provided. The imaging device includes a housing, a lens, an imaging device and a processing board. The housing includes a first portion, facing the windshield, and a second portion located opposite to... Denso Corporation

03/08/18 / #20180070480

Power conversion apparatus provided with semiconductor module and electronic component pressurized by pressurizing member

A power conversion apparatus includes: a semiconductor module, an electronic component, a plurality of cooling pipes and a casing that accommodates the semiconductor module, the electronic component and the cooling pipes. An abutting surface is provided at a part of the casing, in which the electronic component comes into contact... Denso Corporation

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