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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Denso Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12011018199307/28/11 Switching device
22016014468505/26/16  new patent  Air conditioner for vehicle
32016014468605/26/16  new patent  Air-conditioning device for vehicle seat
42016014472605/26/16  new patent  Vehicular wireless power feeding system, vehicle-side power feeding system and portable apparatus
52016014481605/26/16  new patent  Vehicle-mounted emergency report device
62016014485705/26/16  new patent  Automatic driving system for automatically driven vehicle
72016014486105/26/16  new patent  Driving assistance apparatus
82016014591605/26/16  new patent  Fastening device integrated with alignment feature
92016014609305/26/16  new patent  Radiator reservoir tank and radiator structure
102016014614305/26/16  new patent  Communication system, flow measuring device and control device
112016014617605/26/16  new patent  Ignition control device
122016014620905/26/16  new patent  Motor-driven compressor
132016014660205/26/16  new patent  Distance detection device
142016014661205/26/16  new patent  Terminal device
152016014676805/26/16  new patent  Gas sensor
162016014706105/26/16  new patent  Head-up display device and illuminating device for head-up display device
172016014707305/26/16  new patent  Head-up display and program product
182016014805905/26/16  new patent  Travel lane marking recognition apparatus
192016014845005/26/16  new patent  Vehicle remote control system and vehicle-mounted apparatus incorporated in the same
202016014873905/26/16  new patent  Electromagnetic switch for engine starter
212016014885605/26/16  new patent  Electronic device having heat conducting member
222016014988405/26/16  new patent  Electronic key system and information registration system
232016015035605/26/16  new patent  Communication device
242016015065505/26/16  new patent  Electronic apparatus
252016015066005/26/16  new patent  Electronic control unit and protective case
262016013702205/19/16 Air conditioning device for vehicle
272016013702405/19/16 Air conditioner for vehicle
282016013706705/19/16 Motor controller
292016013720205/19/16 Travel lane marking recognition apparatus
302016013819005/19/16 Silicon carbide semiconductor film-forming apparatus and film-forming method using the same
312016013852505/19/16 Egr device in intake manifold
322016013859905/19/16 Centrifugal pump
332016013920705/19/16 Apparatus for calculating state of charge of storage battery
342016013957205/19/16 Control apparatus
352016014040105/19/16 Road surface information acquisition apparatus
362016014077905/19/16 Drive data collection system
372016014078205/19/16 Electronic control unit that performs a life-extending control, and a vehicle control system that includes the electronic control unit
382016014122105/19/16 Electronic device having heat conducting member
392016014173305/19/16 Heat quantity control device
402016014178205/19/16 Electric connection structure
412016014198105/19/16 Motor controller having a power-saving control, and a motor control system including the motor controller
422016014204405/19/16 Signal processing device
432016014207905/19/16 In-vehicle communication apparatus
442016014268505/19/16 Image switching device for vehicle
452016014268905/19/16 Vehicle display device
462016014309805/19/16 Led drive device
472016012975605/12/16 Vehicular heat management system
482016012981705/12/16 Comfortable temperature control apparatus using heat flux sensor
492016012993305/12/16 Electric power steering system with motor controller
502016012993405/12/16 Electric power steering system with motor controller
512016012993505/12/16 Electric power steering system with motor controller
522016013109705/12/16 High pressure pump
532016013124805/12/16 Control unit of automatic transmission
542016013134905/12/16 Lighting device and lighting appliance having the lighting device
552016013151505/12/16 Liquid-level detection device
562016013153805/12/16 Temperature detection device
572016013168005/12/16 Capacitive physical quantity sensor
582016013176305/12/16 Positioning apparatus
592016013272505/12/16 Control vehicle
602016013353905/12/16 Mold package and manufacturing method thereof
612016013359705/12/16 Semiconductor device
622016013375705/12/16 Diode
632016012175505/05/16 Control apparatus
642016012179405/05/16 In-vehicle display apparatus and program product
652016012184705/05/16 Biological object detector, vehicle seat occupancy detector, and seat belt non-wearing warning system
662016012188905/05/16 Travel lane marking recognition system
672016012201805/05/16 Observation device
682016012319705/05/16 Valve timing controller
692016012325505/05/16 Controller
702016012326205/05/16 Gas sensor control device
712016012374305/05/16 Classifying routes of travel
722016012376705/05/16 Rotation position detection device
732016012376905/05/16 Rotation angle and stroke amount detection device
742016012377705/05/16 Rotation number detector
752016012377805/05/16 Rotation state detection device
762016012379105/05/16 Liquid level detector
772016012392205/05/16 Gas sensor control apparatus
782016012407605/05/16 Radar apparatus, inspecting axis deviation thereof, and computer-readable recording medium with program recorded thereon
792016012459105/05/16 Item selection apparatus and item selection method
802016012527105/05/16 Feature amount conversion apparatus, learning apparatus, recognition apparatus, and feature amount conversion program product
812016012567105/05/16 Abnormality determination vehicle
822016012572205/05/16 Portable device searching device, portable device searching method, portable device searching program
832016012616705/05/16 Semiconductor module, semiconductor device having semiconductor module, and manufacturing semiconductor module
842016012672305/05/16 Protection circuit of semiconductor device
852016012674105/05/16 Storage battery equipment
862016012687705/05/16 Motor control apparatus
872016012821605/05/16 Electric power converter
882016011464604/28/16 Cold storage heat exchanger
892016011465204/28/16 Engine control apparatus
902016011480404/28/16 Apparatus and identifying target object
912016011589604/28/16 Fuel injection device
922016011592704/28/16 Fuel injection valve
932016011595304/28/16 High-pressure pump
942016011595704/28/16 Rotary compression mechanism
952016011619504/28/16 Ejector
962016011619704/28/16 Refrigeration cycle device
972016011644104/28/16 Object detection apparatus
982016011658304/28/16 Object detection apparatus
992016011658404/28/16 Object detection apparatus
1002016011658504/28/16 Object detection apparatus
1012016011658604/28/16 Object detection apparatus
1022016011658804/28/16 Object detection apparatus
1032016011658904/28/16 Object detecting apparatus
1042016011659004/28/16 Object detection apparatus
1052016011659104/28/16 Object detecting apparatus
1062016011721404/28/16 Controller
1072016011783104/28/16 Image processing apparatus
1082016011784104/28/16 Object detection apparatus
1092016011890404/28/16 Power conversion apparatus
1102016011891804/28/16 Drive controller and motor drive system
1112016011892004/28/16 Power generator with load-dump protection
1122016011892304/28/16 Brushless motor and motor control device
1132016011950904/28/16 In-vehicle camera device and in-vehicle system
1142016012004404/28/16 Electronic control unit and protective case
1152016012007604/28/16 Display device
1162016010731404/21/16 Robot and designing robot shape
1172016010760904/21/16 Emergency reporting system
1182016010764504/21/16 Departure prevention support apparatus
1192016010877104/21/16 Variable valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
1202016010887704/21/16 Fuel injection nozzle
1212016010916304/21/16 Vehicle air conditioning apparatus
1222016010916804/21/16 Refrigerant evaporator
1232016010926504/21/16 Apparatus for estimating rotational position of predetermined magnetic pole of rotary electric machine
1242016010928604/21/16 Vibration detector
1252016010988104/21/16 Driving assist device
1262016011061604/21/16 Apparatus for recognizing lane partition lines
1272016011061704/21/16 Apparatus for recognizing lane partition lines
1282016011069104/21/16 Action proposal device
1292016011198804/21/16 Rotating electric machine control device and electric power steering device using the same
1302016010166604/14/16 Vehicular heat management system
1312016010180804/14/16 Drive device and electric power steering apparatus
1322016010264804/14/16 Ignition control apparatus
1332016010266604/14/16 Vane pump and fuel vapor leakage detection device using the same
1342016010268304/14/16 Jet pump, manufacturing jet pump, and fuel supply device having jet pump
1352016010289304/14/16 Refrigerant evaporator
1362016010298504/14/16 Apparatus using radio reception for detecting displacement of a vehicle in a direction at right angles to its advancement direction
1372016010301004/14/16 Liquid level detector
1382016010314904/14/16 Capacitive physical quantity sensor
1392016010315904/14/16 Semiconductor device
1402016010318404/14/16 Battery state estimation apparatus
1412016010368704/14/16 Display control device, and display control method
1422016010433204/14/16 Electronic control apparatus
1432016010465304/14/16 Electronic device and manufacturing same
1442016010479404/14/16 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
1452016010494604/14/16 Radar apparatus
1462016010506504/14/16 Rotating electric machine for vehicle
1472016010513804/14/16 Motor drive device
1482016010567904/14/16 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
1492016010595804/14/16 Multi-layer substrate, electronic device using multi-layer substrate, manufacturing multilayer substrate, substrate, and electronic device using substrate
1502016010601104/14/16 Electric power converter
1512016009646604/07/16 Light control device
1522016009733904/07/16 Controller for diesel engine
1532016009759704/07/16 Refrigerant evaporator
1542016009807104/07/16 Electronic control unit
1552016009807704/07/16 Electronic control unit
1562016009860504/07/16 Lane boundary line information acquiring device
1572016009955104/07/16 Spark plug for internal combustion engine
1582016009961804/07/16 Electric rotating machine
1592016009965504/07/16 Power conversion apparatus
1602016009004203/31/16 Display control device, and display control method
1612016009094503/31/16 Two-stage changeover valve
1622016009099503/31/16 Ejector
1632016009132403/31/16 Travel route information generation apparatus
1642016009157203/31/16 Battery monitoring system
1652016009188503/31/16 Machining machining workpiece with tool
1662016009191703/31/16 Constant current-constant voltage circuit
1672016009275203/31/16 Image recognition apparatus
1682016009409803/31/16 Rotor and rotating electric machine
1692016009410403/31/16 Drive apparatus
1702016009410603/31/16 Drive apparatus
1712016009413403/31/16 Power conversion apparatus
1722016009416303/31/16 Apparatus for controlling first and second rotary electric machines
1732016009417503/31/16 Electrical rotating machine controller
1742016008413003/24/16 Reducing agent supplying device
1752016008421303/24/16 Control internal combustion engine
1762016008421503/24/16 Ignition apparatus
1772016008426203/24/16 Centrifugal blower
1782016008434803/24/16 Planetary gear train of internal engagement type
1792016008454803/24/16 Refrigerant evaporator
1802016008481203/24/16 Control apparatus
1812016008493903/24/16 Radar apparatus and inspection system
1822016008494203/24/16 Target detection apparatus and vehicle control system
1832016008586403/24/16 Vehicle-repair support system, server, and computer program
1842016008639503/24/16 Vehicle operation sensing system, vehicle operation sensing unit, and vehicle operation sensing device
1852016008649003/24/16 Driving support device
1862016008669103/24/16 Insulated wire
1872016008687303/24/16 Electric power converter
1882016008752603/24/16 Switching power device
1892016008875903/24/16 Electronic device
1902016007501303/17/16 Positioning control apparatus
1912016007521303/17/16 Vehicle heat management device
1922016007649903/17/16 Fuel injection valve
1932016007659703/17/16 Drive force transmission device
1942016007667603/17/16 Connector device, connector having the same and tank for heat exchanger having the connector
1952016007759003/17/16 Operation device
1962016007901303/17/16 Projected knob device
1972016007910303/17/16 Transfer system
1982016007914503/17/16 Electric power converter and manufacturing the same
1992016007990003/17/16 Motor control device
2002016006767603/10/16 Honeycomb structure body and producing the same
2012016006803903/10/16 Vehicle air-conditioning device
2022016006804403/10/16 Radiant heater air-conditioning system
2032016006804703/10/16 Refrigeration cycle device
2042016006930403/10/16 Evaporative system
2052016006933303/10/16 High-pressure pump
2062016006970103/10/16 Navigation device and navigation program product
2072016006999003/10/16 Obstacle detection device
2082016006999803/10/16 Vehicle-mounted device and vehicle-mounted ranging system
2092016007000003/10/16 In-vehicle apparatus performing an operation based on a distance measured, and in-vehicle system including the in-vehicle apparatus
2102016007009903/10/16 Head-up display apparatus
2112016007141503/10/16 Parking space recognition apparatus and parking space recognition system
2122016007164003/10/16 Solenoid actuator
2132016007225903/10/16 Spark plug for internal combustion engine
2142016007231303/10/16 Charging control lithium-ion battery, charging control lithium-ion battery and lithium-ion battery system
2152016007236903/10/16 Rotating electrical machine
2162016007237903/10/16 Power supply device
2172016007355603/10/16 Electric power convertor
2182016005966903/03/16 Radiant heater device
2192016005971503/03/16 Power source system
2202016006106303/03/16 Valve timing controller
2212016006113903/03/16 Fuel injection control device and fuel injection system
2222016006115503/03/16 Fuel vapor leakage detection device and controlling the same
2232016006117703/03/16 Ignition control apparatus
2242016006117803/03/16 Drive control circuit, and ignition device for internal combustion engine
2252016006124003/03/16 Stud bolt and coupling structure
2262016006134703/03/16 Valve control apparatus
2272016006161503/03/16 Map data storage device, map data updating method, and computer program
2282016006170503/03/16 Fuel density detection device
2292016006190303/03/16 Apparatus for monitoring voltage across any unit battery in battery pack
2302016006190903/03/16 Battery monitoring apparatus
2312016006194303/03/16 Reception signal processing device, radar, and object detection method
2322016006250703/03/16 Input device
2332016006413803/03/16 Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
2342016006464503/03/16 Piezoelectric thin film and producing the same
2352016006490303/03/16 Spark plug for internal combustion engine and manufacturing spark plug
2362016006501003/03/16 Double-stator electric rotating machine
2372016006502703/03/16 Electric rotating machine
2382016006507303/03/16 Voltage converter control apparatus
2392016006508703/03/16 Current detecting circuit for power element
2402016006510003/03/16 Motor control apparatus
2412016006529803/03/16 Relay apparatus
2422016006641503/03/16 Multilayer wiring board
2432016006643903/03/16 Electronic device for vehicle
2442016006645803/03/16 Electronic device accommodating housing and attaching the same
2452016005239202/25/16 Vehicle display device
2462016005242202/25/16 Apparatus for controlling rotary machine
2472016005254402/25/16 Vehicle control apparatus
2482016005370102/25/16 Individual cylinder air-fuel ratio control device of internal combustion engine
2492016005373302/25/16 Spark plug for internal combustion engine

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