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Denso Corporation
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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications which may be related to Denso Corporation. They are listed under Denso Corporation because the company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under a different name/spelling, and it's possible similarly-named companies could have patents on this list. Also, we're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Denso Corporation patents (updated weekly))
12011018199307/28/11Switching device
22014010241404/17/14 new patent  Fuel injection apparatus
32014010242104/17/14 new patent  Fuel vapor leakage detection method
42014010243004/17/14 new patent  Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
52014010384404/17/14 new patent  Control device of ac motor
62014010391104/17/14 new patent  Rotation angle detection device
72014010440804/17/14 new patent  Vehicle driving assistance system using image information
82014010442504/17/14 new patent  Image capturing apparatus
92014010508104/17/14 new patent  Communication network system
102014010574404/17/14 new patent  Blower
112014010576704/17/14 new patent  Power supply module
122014010786704/17/14 new patent  Convoy travel system and convoy travel apparatus
132014009663904/10/14Accelerator apparatus for vehicle
142014009673104/10/14Valve timing adjusting device
152014009777604/10/14Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus using the same
162014009785204/10/14Voltage monitoring device
172014009796804/10/14Display apparatus
182014009849604/10/14Power conversion apparatus including semiconductor modules and cooler
192014009922104/10/14Fuel pump
202014010073104/10/14Controller for hybrid vehicle
212014010073404/10/14Convoy travel apparatus
222014009663904/10/14Accelerator apparatus for vehicle
232014009673104/10/14Valve timing adjusting device
242014009777604/10/14Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus using the same
252014009785204/10/14Voltage monitoring device
262014009796804/10/14Display apparatus
272014009849604/10/14Power conversion apparatus including semiconductor modules and cooler
282014009922104/10/14Fuel pump
292014010073104/10/14Controller for hybrid vehicle
302014010073404/10/14Convoy travel apparatus
312014009061104/03/14Valve timing controller
322014009061204/03/14Valve timing control apparatus
332014009061304/03/14Valve timing controler
342014009061504/03/14Split cycle phase variable reciprocating piston spark ignition engine
352014009082604/03/14Cold-storage heat exchanger
362014009132504/03/14Sic single crystal, production method therefor, sic wafer and semiconductor device
372014009145204/03/14Semiconductor module with cooling mechanism and production method thereof
382014009170104/03/14Spark plug for internal combustion engine
392014009174004/03/14Control device for ac motor
402014009174204/03/14Control device for ac motor
412014009174304/03/14Control device for ac motor
422014009174404/03/14Control device for ac motor
432014009176704/03/14Power source apparatus for vehicle
442014009265304/03/14Electronic circuit operating based on isolated switching power source
452014009266304/03/14Electric power converter
462014009498104/03/14Availability prediction apparatus for electric power storage device
472014009505404/03/14Fuel supply system for internal combustion engine
482014009506704/03/14Travel trace storage apparatus
492014008338303/27/14Valve timing control apparatus
502014008339403/27/14Accelerator apparatus
512014008366203/27/14Cold-storage heat exchanger
522014008366303/27/14Cold-storage heat exchanger
532014008408503/27/14Fuel injector
542014008443703/27/14Semiconductor device including semiconductor chip mounted on lead frame
552014008472203/27/14Linked semiconductor module unit and electronic circuit-integrated motor device using same
562014008472903/27/14Electric rotating machine
572014008473203/27/14Rotor and electric rotating machine
582014008473603/27/14Stator for rotating electric machine
592014008474403/27/14Rotary electric machine
602014008496403/27/14Load driver with constant current variable structure
612014008496703/27/14Drive circuit for switching element
622014008724803/27/14Nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable battery
632014008764403/27/14Air-conditioner for vehicle
642014008845203/27/14Stress evaluation apparatus, stress evaluation method and stress evaluation program
652014008880803/27/14Motor control apparatus for hybrid vehicles
662014007719703/20/14Organic electroluminescence display device and method for manufacturing the same
672014007728903/20/14Semiconductor device having super junction structure and method for manufacturing the same
682014007765003/20/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
692014007765303/20/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
702014007773403/20/14Control system for brushless motor
712014007779403/20/14Position detection device
722014007782403/20/14Humidity sensor and method of manufacturing the same
732014007784603/20/14Switching element driver ic and switching element driver device equipped with the same
742014007802203/20/14Method, apparatus, computer and mobile device for display and vehicle having the apparatus
752014007848803/20/14Optical radar device
762014007848903/20/14Optical radar device
772014007896003/20/14Wireless communication system
782014008156603/20/14Method and apparatus for detecting vehicle running in blind spot, and method and apparatus for giving warning in changing cruising lane
792014006936203/13/14Control system for variable valve timing apparatus
802014006938903/13/14Fuel injection controller
812014006939003/13/14Fuel injection controller
822014006939103/13/14Fuel injection controller
832014006981803/13/14Anodizing method of aluminum
842014007027103/13/14Lateral insulated gate bipolar transistor
852014007063903/13/14Rotary electric machine
862014007517703/13/14Electronic control apparatus
872014006048403/06/14Electric actuator
882014006049803/06/14Fuel vapor treatment system
892014006058703/06/14Cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
902014006223003/06/14Stator of rotating electric machine
912014006223603/06/14Rotating electric machine drive system
922014006224503/06/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
932014006224803/06/14Electric rotating machine
942014006225003/06/14Rotary electric machine
952014006236103/06/14Driver for switching element and control system for rotary machine using the same
962014006255803/06/14Current mode controlled power converter
972014006268503/06/14Pedestrian notification apparatus
982014006280803/06/14Vehicular antenna apparatus
992014006438803/06/14Power line communication system for vehicle
1002014006548003/06/14Positive-electrode active material, manufacturing method of the same, and nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable battery having the same
1012014006548103/06/14Positive-electrode active material, manufacturing method of the same, and nonaqueous electrolyte rechargeable battery having the same
1032014006613303/06/14In-vehicle handsfree apparatus and data transfer method
1042014006715703/06/14Vehicle communication system
1052014006734403/06/14Method for determination of performance of an accumulator-unit
1062014006809903/06/14On-board network system
1072014006812603/06/14Communication system
1082014006859003/06/14Electronic control system for automobile
1092014005364602/27/14Rotation sensing apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
1102014005364802/27/14Physical quantity sensor and method of making the same
1112014005381702/27/14Internal combustion engine
1122014005448502/27/14Pressure control valve
1132014005505902/27/14Motor driving device and electric power steering apparatus including motor driving device
1142014005557202/27/14Image processing apparatus for a vehicle
1152014005588702/27/14Motor drive device
1162014005589702/27/14Switching module including switching element controlled to be turned off when conduction failure is detected
1172014005638802/27/14Receiver circuit
1182014004891102/20/14Lateral semiconductor device
1192014004892202/20/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
1202014004915102/20/14Spark plug for internal combustion engine
1212014004161302/13/14Engine start system minimizing mechanical impact or noise
1222014004174202/13/14Electromagnetic spool valve
1232014004182602/13/14Vehicle temperature control apparatus and in-vehicle thermal system
1242014004249702/13/14Semiconductor physical quantity sensor and method for manufacturing the same
1252014004283602/13/14Stator of electric rotating machine
1262014004299002/13/14Electric rotary machine for motor vehicle
1272014004315902/13/14Security system, program product therefor, and surveillance method
1282014004507102/13/14Magnesium secondary battery
1292014004714602/13/14Communication load determining apparatus
1302014004725502/13/14On-board network system
1312014003402902/06/14Valve apparatus
1332014003540602/06/14Stator for rotating electric machine and method of manufacturing the same
1342014003540702/06/14Rotating electric machine and electric power steering device
1352014003544502/06/14Rotating electric machine and electric power steering apparatus
1362014003549102/06/14Control apparatus of rotating device
1372014003562902/06/14Driver apparatus for switching elements
1382014003698702/06/14Decoder for decoding pwm code and communications system
1392014003698802/06/14Transceiver for serial data communication utilizing pwm encoded signal
1402014003800902/06/14Battery temperature regulating device
1412014003976402/06/14Controller pre-shipment inspection method
1422014003982902/06/14Position detector
1432014002683601/30/14Linear solenoid
1442014002709001/30/14Air-conditioner for vehicle
1452014002814201/30/14Double-stator motor
1462014002823101/30/14Range switchover apparatus
1472014002842201/30/14Linear solenoid
1482014002842301/30/14Linear solenoid
1492014002884801/30/14Drive video recording device and method, drive video recording system, and summarized moving image creating device
1502014003004201/30/14Cap structure for pulley-fixing nut of vehicle-use electric rotating machine
1512014002042401/23/14Decompression device and refrigeration cycle device
1522014002138601/23/14Solenoid valve
1532014002178201/23/14Power supply system
1542014002189301/23/14Driver for switching element and control system for rotary machine using the same
1552014002321101/23/14Apparatus and method for localizing sound image for vehicle's driver
1562014002525701/23/14Drive assist apparatus assisting driver to drive vehicle based on degree of fatigue of driver
1572014002529601/23/14Destination recommendation system, destination recommendation method and destination recommendation program product
1582014002529901/23/14Map data, storage medium, and electronic apparatus
1592014001381701/16/14Deformation processing apparatus and method for correcting surface runout
1602014001405601/16/14Intake manifold
1612014001512001/16/14Semiconductor device including cooler
1622014001565301/16/14Vehicle approach notification unit
1632014001573701/16/14Information presentation system and in-vehicle apparatus
1642014001584901/16/14Vehicular apparatus and external device screen image display system
1652014001691901/16/14In-vehicle camera unit having camera built into body
1662014001800301/16/14In-vehicle handsfree apparatus
1672014001805601/16/14Vehicular apparatus, mobile phone, and instrument coordination system
1682014001981601/16/14Error correction device
1692014000772301/09/14Drive force transmission apparatus
1702014000909401/09/14Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering system using the same
1712014000183901/02/14Power converter
1722014000592701/02/14Map display apparatus
1732013034041212/26/13Exhaust purifier of an internal combustion engine
1742013034073112/26/13Valve device
1752013034293912/26/13Circuit protector
1762013034597712/26/13Map updating system
1772013033491012/19/13Rotor for electric rotating machine and method of manufacturing the same
1782013033499512/19/13Motor control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus using the same
1792013033591912/19/13Electronic apparatus for vehicle
1802013033601412/19/13Electric power conversion circuit
1812013033887112/19/13Battery condition monitoring device
1822013032857712/12/13Capacitance-type occupant detection sensor
1832013032867312/12/13Driving ability reduction determining apparatus
1842013033089612/12/13Manufacturing method of silicon carbide semiconductor device
1852013032857712/12/13Capacitance-type occupant detection sensor
1862013032867312/12/13Driving ability reduction determining apparatus
1872013033089612/12/13Manufacturing method of silicon carbide semiconductor device
1882013031936012/05/13System for cranking internal combustion engine by engagement of pinion with ring gear
1892013031963012/05/13Vehicular air-conditioning system
1902013032021412/05/13Liquid component sensor
1912013032078812/05/13Brushless motor and fuel pump using the same
1922013032090512/05/13Electric motor drive apparatus and electric power steering apparatus having the same
1932013032091112/05/13Charge controller for vehicle
1942013032096712/05/13Rotation angle detection device
1952013032110612/05/13Electromagnetic switch
1962013032248712/05/13Temperature detecting device and method
1972013032309812/05/13Axial flow blower
1982013032360512/05/13Nonaqueous electrolyte solution for batteries, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery using same
1992013032367012/05/13Mouth opening instrument and method
2002013031422411/28/13Vehicle approach notification unit
2012013031244711/28/13Heat pump cycle
2022013031253911/28/13Torque sensor
2032013031272111/28/13Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
2042013031346011/28/13Valve device
2052013031348711/28/13Plastic molding composition and sintered product
2062013031394911/28/13Rotary actuator
2072013031431411/28/13Image display apparatus
2082013031541811/28/13Vehicle approach notification unit
2092013031575911/28/13Electric motor and fuel pump using the same
2102013031629811/28/13Method and apparatus for supporting dental implantation surgery
2112013031649811/28/13Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including insulated gate bipolar transistor and diode
2122013031670711/28/13Mobile terminal, vehicular device, and portable communication terminal
2132013030581111/21/13Gas sensor
2142013030603311/21/13Relief valve for high-pressure fuel pump
2152013030647511/21/13Gas sensor
2162013030697711/21/13Compound semiconductor substrate and manufacturing method of the same
2172013030712911/21/13Wiring member and semiconductor module having the same
2182013030774511/21/13Antenna for wireless apparatus
2192013030774711/21/13Vehicular antenna
2202013030823011/21/13Charging device
2222013031006711/21/13Wireless communication apparatus and wireless positioning system
2232013031065911/21/13Blood pressure measuring device
2242013031103711/21/13Vehicular device and portable communication terminal
2252013029853411/14/13Exhaust gas purifying system for internal combustion engine
2262013029857111/14/13Magnetic refrigeration system and vehicle air conditioning device
2272013030000711/14/13Fuel carburetor
2282013030033211/14/13Control apparatus for a power converter connected to a rotary machine which is operable as a drive motor of a vehicle
2292013030131811/14/13Drive unit for switching element and method thereof
2302013030132311/14/13Power conversion apparatus
2312013030428911/14/13In-vehicle apparatus for detecting collision of vehicle
2322013030431011/14/13Fail-safe control system for vehicle
2332013030432211/14/13Vehicle behavior control apparatus
2342013030435611/14/13Cylinder-by-cylinder air-fuel ratio controller for internal combustion engine
2352013030435911/14/13Diagnosis method
2362013030438211/14/13Navigation device, navigation method, and program
2372013028383510/31/13Heat exchange system
2382013028388610/31/13Particulate matter detection element and method of manufacturing same
2392013028415710/31/13Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
2402013028441510/31/13Refrigerant radiator
2412013028519110/31/13Power conversion apparatus
2422013028559110/31/13Control device for three-phase rotating machine
2432013028982810/31/13Occupant protection system
2452013027657610/24/13Drive force transmission apparatus
2462013027692910/24/13Damper device
2472013027713810/24/13Motor drive apparatus
2482013027818410/24/13Ac motor control apparatus
2492013027818510/24/13Ac motor control apparatus

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