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Denso Corporation
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Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Denso Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12011018199307/28/11Switching device
22015011401604/30/15 new patent  Vehicle air conditioner
32015011408104/30/15 new patent  Collision detection system and failure detection method
42015011409804/30/15 new patent  Airflow measuring device
52015011435704/30/15 new patent  Fuel injection control device and fuel injection control method
62015011528604/30/15 new patent  Silicon carbide semiconductor device and producing the same
72015011531404/30/15 new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
82015011531604/30/15 new patent  Semiconductor device
92015011543004/30/15 new patent  Semiconductor package and wiring board having the semiconductor package thereon
102015011575404/30/15 new patent  Rotating electric machine
112015011575504/30/15 new patent  Rotating electric machine
122015011771504/30/15 new patent  Recognition object detecting apparatus
132015011777304/30/15 new patent  Human detection apparatus
142015011779004/30/15 new patent  Person detection apparatus
152015011884904/30/15 new patent  Manufacturing semiconductor substrate
162015011894804/30/15 new patent  Air passage opening/closing device
172015012008504/30/15 new patent  Smart system
182015012012204/30/15 new patent  Hybrid vehicle control device
192015012014004/30/15 new patent  Steering device, steering control device, and steering control method
202015012016804/30/15 new patent  Vehicle control apparatus
212015010710504/23/15Manufacturing fuel pump
222015010756604/23/15Exhaust gas recirculation device
232015010781304/23/15Tube and heat exchanger provided with tube
242015010781504/23/15Vehicular air conditioner
252015010793404/23/15Power supply current monitoring device
262015010885704/23/15Stator and rotating electric machine including the stator
272015010889204/23/15Spark plug for internal combustion engine
282015010894604/23/15Charging cable for vehicle
292015010899204/23/15System for monitoring state of battery pack
302015010902004/23/15Power supply current monitoring device
312015010910304/23/15Vehicular portable device
322015010916404/23/15Target detection apparatus
332015010944704/23/15In-vehicle camera
342015010974604/23/15Electronic control device including interrupt wire
352015011039704/23/15Image processing device and method
362015011047704/23/15Radiation heater apparatus
372015011148204/23/15Servo locking snap feature
382015011251004/23/15Vehicle-mounted network system and management the same
392015011257504/23/15Method and diagnosing a fuel pressure sensor
402015011257604/23/15Pump control fuel supply system of fuel-injection engine
412015011258004/23/15Preceding vehicle selection apparatus
422015010153104/16/15Powder coating system
432015010169304/16/15Flow passage switching unit
442015010178904/16/15Thermal management system for vehicle
452015010278204/16/15Vehicle-mounted electric rotating machine
462015010282004/16/15Battery monitoring apparatus
472015010317304/16/15Synthesized image generation device
482015010341004/16/15Screen member and head-up display apparatus
492015010406304/16/15Cruising zone division line recognition apparatus
512015010468704/16/15Battery warming-up system
522015010502004/16/15Short-range wireless communication device
542015010595704/16/15Vehicle control device
552015010605104/16/15Operation position detection apparatus and vehicular apparatus
562015009629404/09/15Rotating pumping apparatus with seal mechanism
572015009630704/09/15Magneto-caloric effect element and thermo-magnetic cycle apparatus
582015009636004/09/15Airflow measuring device
592015009636504/09/15Manufacturing resin hollow member and airflow measuring device having the resin hollow member
602015009652004/09/15Vehicular air intake apparatus
612015009653304/09/15Electronic throttle
622015009771804/09/15Radar apparatus and processing incoming waves for the radar apparatus
632015009773804/09/15Antenna system and antenna unit
642015009861204/09/15Method and detecting light source of vehicle
652015009945204/09/15Hvac temperature control bypass throttle
662015009947504/09/15Wireless communication apparatus
672015010021704/09/15Preceding vehicle selection apparatus
682015010022804/09/15Preceding vehicle selection apparatus
692015010031704/09/15Speech recognition device
702015010053204/09/15Group information storing and recognizing apparatus
712015010081104/09/15Electronic control unit
722015008992604/02/15Exhaust gas purification system
732015008996904/02/15Vehicle air conditioner
742015009086204/02/15Lens and manufacturing the same
752015009148104/02/15Power converting device and power converting system
762015009152604/02/15Battery charge control apparatus
772015009238904/02/15Prism for light reflecting/diffusion between led's
782015009489404/02/15Controller for hybrid vehicle
792015009494204/02/15Preceding vehicle selection apparatus
802015009495404/02/15Information processing system
812015009532704/02/15Information retrieval system, vehicle device, mobile communication terminal, and information retrieval program product
822015008331603/26/15Method of manufacturing joint body of conductive ceramic body and metal body
832015008358803/26/15Gas concentration detector
842015008392103/26/15Approaching vehicle detection apparatus and method
852015008412403/26/15Semiconductor device
872015008455503/26/15Motor control apparatus and motor control method
882015008457003/26/15Motor control apparatus
892015008476403/26/15Adaptive instrument display using eye tracking
902015008479803/26/15A/d conversion system
912015008480703/26/15Apparatus for detecting creeping of radar waves
922015008514003/26/15Imaging apparatus
932015008541003/26/15Load driving device
942015008553603/26/15Insulated power supply apparatus
952015008553803/26/15Insulated power supply apparatus
962015008607903/26/15Vehicle control system and image sensor
972015008723403/26/15Vehicular communication system, vehicular communication apparatus and portable terminal apparatus
982015008832003/26/15Load drive controlling device
992015008835403/26/15Electric power supply controller for vehicle
1002015008841503/26/15Map display apparatus and navigation system
1012015008942603/26/15Device for vehicle, computer-readable medium for displaying information, and system for vehicle
1022015007720403/19/15Linear solenoid
1032015007528503/19/15Sensor device
1042015007531103/19/15Actuator and manufacturing the same
1052015007545103/19/15Fuel reformer for internal-combustion engine
1062015007546003/19/15Valve timing control apparatus
1072015007546203/19/15Valve timing adjusting device
1082015007550403/19/15Exhaust gas cooling device
1092015007550703/19/15Cylinder-by-cylinder air-fuel-ratio controller for internal combustion engine
1102015007557903/19/15Thermionic power generator
1112015007588503/19/15Fuel cell vehicle
1122015007588603/19/15Power transmission apparatus
1132015007589803/19/15Power conversion apparatus and electric power steering apparatus having the same
1142015007691803/19/15Contactless power supply device
1152015007693003/19/15Linear solenoid and manufacturing the same
1162015007694503/19/15Stator for rotating electric machine
1172015007694803/19/15Power transmission apparatus
1182015007695303/19/15Stator for rotating electric machine
1192015007697003/19/15Rotary electric machine
1202015007702503/19/15Power conversion apparatus and electric power steering apparatus having the same
1212015007706003/19/15Equalization device for assembled battery
1222015007730503/19/15Antenna device
1232015007795603/19/15Vehicular electronic control unit with drainage structure
1242015007803903/19/15Insulated power supply power conversion apparatus
1252015007863203/19/15Feeling monitoring system
1262015007881803/19/15Structure for fixing substrate
1272015007892203/19/15High pressure pump
1282015007978103/19/15Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1292015006850503/12/15Cylinder-by-cylinder air-fuel-ratio controller for internal combustion engine
1312015007007203/12/15Harmonic mixer
1322015007013603/12/15Keyless entry system
1332015007039403/12/15Vehicle surrounding image display control device, vehicle surrounding image display control method, non-transitory tangible computer-readable medium comprising command including the method, and image processing method executing top view conversion and display of image of vehicle surroundings
1342015007050103/12/15Boundary-line-detecting device, boundary-line-deviation detecting device, and boundary-line-detection program
1352015007223903/12/15Positive electrode active material, manufacturing the same, and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell
1362015007225903/12/15Fuel cell system
1372015007248503/12/15Manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
1382015007248603/12/15Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
1392015007269603/12/15Mobile communication apparatus, map generating apparatus, resource management apparatus and wireless station management apparatus, for use in wireless access system
1402015007364103/12/15Control apparatus and vehicle having the same
1412015006165703/05/15Position detector apparatus
1422015005932303/05/15Feed tube restriction for on board diagnostic compliance in secondary air injection applications on v-engines
1432015005937503/05/15Air conditioner for vehicle with heat pump cycle
1442015005946703/05/15Oscillator circuit
1452015005967403/05/15Torque control device and valve timing control apparatus
1462015005970503/05/15Fuel pump module and manufacturing the same
1472015005970603/05/15Fuel pump module
1482015005970703/05/15Fuel pump module
1492015005970803/05/15Fuel pump module
1502015005970903/05/15Fuel pump module
1512015005971103/05/15Flow control valve and vapor fuel processing apparatus having the same
1522015005988003/05/15High-pressure pump
1532015006011803/05/15Multilayer printed circuit board and manufacturing the same
1542015006034903/05/15Suction filter
1552015006042303/05/15Contact welding detection system
1562015006057603/05/15Fuel injector
1572015006109003/05/15Semiconductor device
1582015006143403/05/15Stator for rotating electric machine
1592015006144303/05/15Rotor and rotary electric machine having the same
1602015006144603/05/15Rotor of brushless motor
1612015006145303/05/15Stator core for electric rotary apparatus
1622015006147003/05/15Stator for rotating electric machine
1632015006158503/05/15Contactless feeding pad and contactless feeding device
1642015006196403/05/15Antenna device
1652015006256903/05/15Optical sensor
1662015006293703/05/15Device and controlling light distribution of vehicle headlight
1672015006351403/05/15Data reception apparatus and data communication system
1682015006364803/05/15Method and recognizing road shape
1692015006506703/05/15Vehicle communication apparatus
1702015006624403/05/15Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle provided with the same
1712015006630103/05/15Electronic control system
1722015006634803/05/15Collision probability determination apparatus and program
1732015006758603/05/15Display system, display device and operating device
1742015005315602/26/15Valve timing control apparatus
1752015005318202/26/15Fuel injection valve
1762015005399602/26/15Layered substrate with a miscut angle comprising a silicon single crystal substrate and a group-iii nitride single crystal layer
1772015005437502/26/15Stator for rotational electrical machine
1782015005443102/26/15Control device of ac motor
1792015005443202/26/15Control device of ac motor
1802015005443802/26/15Control device of ac motor
1812015005451902/26/15Route switching circuit and voltage detection device
1822015005463802/26/15Driving support apparatus and driving support method
1832015005467302/26/15Target detection apparatus and program
1842015005470702/26/15Antenna apparatus
1852015005569602/26/15Communication system
1862015005583102/26/15Apparatus and recognizing a lane
1872015005653002/26/15Heat-source cooling device
1882015005686402/26/15Connector with built-in electronic circuit board and manufacturing same
1892015005690602/26/15Air conditioner for vehicle seat
1902015005697602/26/15Operation regulation method, operation regulation program product, mobile terminal, vehicular apparatus, and vehicular communication system
1912015005740102/26/15Die release agent composition
1922015005784002/26/15Vehicle-mounted control system and vehicle-mounted control device
1932015005788002/26/15Head-up display and method with light intensity output monitoring
1942015004730702/19/15Honeycomb structural body
1952015004780802/19/15Heat exchanger mounting structure
1962015004838202/19/15Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1972015004841302/19/15Semiconductor device
1982015004851002/19/15Semiconductor device
1992015004891402/19/15Ignition coil with molding mark
2002015004896802/19/15In-vehicle radar apparatus and target detection method thereof
2012015004953102/19/15Driving device
2022015005177502/19/15Vehicle control apparatus
2032015005177602/19/15Vehicle control apparatus
2042015005178902/19/15Vehicle accident history recorder
2052015005213102/19/15Information provision system
2062015004066202/12/15Apparatus for detecting rotational speed and manufacturing same
2072015004102702/12/15High strength aluminum fin stock for heat exchanger
2082015004131802/12/15Gas sensor control apparatus
2092015004131902/12/15Gas sensor control apparatus
2102015004132002/12/15Gas sensor control apparatus
2112015004133402/12/15Gas sensor control apparatus and gas sensor control method
2122015004169902/12/15Intake system
2132015004185002/12/15Semiconductor device having switching element and free wheel diode and controlling the same
2142015004222602/12/15Vehicular lighting apparatus
2152015004228902/12/15Assembled battery
2162015004231902/12/15Magnetic sensor
2172015004254202/12/15Head-up display apparatus
2182015004280402/12/15In-vehicle camera
2192015004457702/12/15Magnesium ion-containing electrolyte
2202015004518102/12/15Vehicle power transmission device
2212015004603902/12/15Sensor device, motor control device, and electric power steering apparatus
2222015004606602/12/15Control device and control multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
2232015004606802/12/15Fuel injection controller
2242015004611502/12/15Circuit for monitoring abnormality of ecu
2272015003403202/05/15Valve timing adjusting device
2282015003404902/05/15Rolled steel bar for hot forging, hot-forged section material, and common rail and producing the same
2292015003428102/05/15Heat exchanging apparatus
2302015003444802/05/15Electromagnetic clutch
2312015003474202/05/15Fuel injector and fuel injection device using the same
2322015003513602/05/15Semiconductor device to be attached to heat radiation member
2332015003540002/05/15Motor apparatus including motor fixed to housing by flange being protruded in motor axial direction
2342015003546202/05/15Motor controller
2352015003546302/05/15Vehicle control system
2362015003548602/05/15Charge controller for vehicle
2372015003548702/05/15Equalization device for assembled battery
2382015003556502/05/15Communication circuit apparatus and transceiver having the same
2392015003556902/05/15Semiconductor element module and gate drive circuit
2402015003614302/05/15Rain sensor
2412015003620002/05/15Piezoelectric element and producing the same
2422015003638802/05/15Compact structure of power-supply apparatus capable of minimizing electromagnetic noise
2432015003763202/05/15Battery cooling system
2442015002967301/29/15Electronic element and electronic device
2452015002711401/29/15Air intake internal combustion engine
2462015002716301/29/15Refrigerant evaporator
2472015002741401/29/15Fuel injection controller
2482015002757101/29/15Fluid control valve device
2492015002757301/29/15Electromagnetic valve

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