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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Electronic part and electronic control unit


Capacitance type occupant detection sensor


Compact structure of battery unit

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Count Application # Date Denso Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12011018199307/28/11Switching device
22014023806708/28/14 new patent  Integration valve and heat pump cycle
32014023835408/28/14 new patent  Fuel injection controller and fuel injection system
42014023873208/28/14 new patent  Electronic part and electronic control unit
52014023948908/28/14 new patent  Semiconductor device
62014023959808/28/14 new patent  Rotating pumping apparatus with seal mechanism
72014023964108/28/14 new patent  Apparatus for starting engine mounted on-vehicle
82014023985708/28/14 new patent  Control apparatus for a switched reluctance motor
92014023990408/28/14 new patent  Compact structure of battery unit
102014023997308/28/14 new patent  Printed board, electronic control apparatus and inspection method of printed board
112014023998008/28/14 new patent  Capacitance type occupant detection sensor
122014024008108/28/14 new patent  Electronic part and electronic control unit
132014024088508/28/14 new patent  Electronic part and electronic control unit
142014024094108/28/14 new patent  Electronic part and electronic control unit
152014024094208/28/14 new patent  Electronic part and electronic control unit
162014024137008/28/14 new patent  Data relay apparatus
172014024158008/28/14 new patent  Object detection apparatus
182014024192408/28/14 new patent  Electromagnetic valve and high pressure pump using the same
192014024235108/28/14 new patent  Method for laser marking and resin product
202014024297308/28/14 new patent  Control apparatus and wireless communication system
212014024411508/28/14 new patent  Driving support apparatus
222014024504608/28/14 new patent  Communication node
232014023187408/21/14Semiconductor device
242014023223308/21/14Multi-gap rotating electric machine
252014023243608/21/14Power semiconductor device driving circuit
262014023328108/21/14Power converter with noise-current reduction capacitor
272014023638308/21/14In-vehicle apparatus
282014023639208/21/14Mobile control system
292014022523408/14/14Semiconductor device having lateral diode
302014022548208/14/14Electronic control unit and rotating electric machine
312014022553508/14/14Rotating electrical machine drive system
322014022553708/14/14Control apparatus for ac motor
332014022553808/14/14Control device of ac motor
342014022553908/14/14Control device of ac motor
352014022554008/14/14Control apparatus for ac motor
362014022554108/14/14Control device of ac motor
372014022554208/14/14Control device of ac motor
382014022555108/14/14Control apparatus for ac motor
392014022569008/14/14Linear solenoid
402014022569308/14/14Linear solenoid
412014022625308/14/14Ignition coil for internal combustion engine
422014022634908/14/14Apparatus for detecting other vehicle lights and light control apparatus for vehicles
432014022636808/14/14Power conversion apparatus
442014022636908/14/14Power converter with dead-time control function
452014022673208/14/14Vehicular power line communication system and slave apparatus
462014022708208/14/14Fuel pump module
472014022819908/14/14Ammonia-producing catalyst
482014022975308/14/14Communication system and communication node
492014021582508/07/14Method and apparatus for manufacturing fin-integrated tube for use in heat exchanger
502014021615608/07/14Acceleration sensor
512014021620308/07/14Fuel supply pump
522014021640508/07/14Fuel injection nozzle
532014021640808/07/14Fuel supply apparatus
542014021640908/07/14Fuel injection apparatus
552014021657408/07/14Relief valve
562014021731708/07/14Electromagnetic valve
572014021746408/07/14Semiconductor device
582014021762008/07/14Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
592014021780908/07/14Actuator for controlling brake fluid pressure
602014021794208/07/14Driving system for driving switching element
612014021801208/07/14Detector of magnetic bias, magnetic saturation, or amount of magnetic flux
622014021807408/07/14Circuit control device
632014021809908/07/14Electronic apparatus
642014021822808/07/14Target recognition apparatus
652014021886908/07/14Heat radiation structure of electric device and method for manufacturing the same
662014021931608/07/14Temperature detection device
672014022029408/07/14Catalyst supporting body and method of manufacturing the same
682014022229008/07/14Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering system using the same
692014022230608/07/14Vehicle safety control system
702014020874407/31/14Egr apparatus for internal combustion engine
712014020997207/31/14Semiconductor device
722014021029807/31/14Stator of rotary electric machine
732014021030407/31/14Stator for rotating electrical machine
742014021039507/31/14Range switching device
752014021044207/31/14Switching regulator
762014021060407/31/14Control system for controlling display device
772014021420907/31/14Complex device and robot hand drive control apparatus
782014020243107/24/14Fuel injection apparatus
792014020243607/24/14Method for setting sensor output
802014020335607/24/14Semiconductor device including vertical semiconductor element
812014020342607/24/14Semiconductor device including cooler
822014020384807/24/14Electronic apparatus
832014020386007/24/14Gate drive circuit for transistor
842014020392807/24/14Display system
852014020426707/24/14Control of exposure of camera
862014020446507/24/14Head-up display device
872014020461707/24/14Power converter with current feedback loop
882014020463507/24/14Ac-dc converter
892014020514407/24/14In-vehicle target detecting device
902014020579407/24/14Honeycomb structural body
912014020734107/24/14Impact-injury predicting system
922014019725107/17/14Fuel injector and fuel injection device using the same
932014019781307/17/14Switching regulator
942014019784107/17/14Voltage monitoring apparatus
952014019786907/17/14Circuit control device
962014019853707/17/14Power conversion apparatus
972014019853807/17/14Power converter with current feedback loop
982014019882607/17/14Paired temperature sensor and method of manufacturing the same
992014019893307/17/14In-vehicle audio device
1002014020073807/17/14Vehicle accident history recorder
1012014020076807/17/14Vehicle travel assisting device
1022014020080107/17/14Vehicle travel path generating apparatus
1032014019142107/10/14Semiconductor device
1042014019162907/10/14Stator and rotating electric machine including the same
1052014019177307/10/14Control device for oxygen concentration sensor
1062014019507007/10/14Vehicle information recording apparatus
1072014019516907/10/14Apparatus for estimating bodily injury level of vehicle occupant
1082014018227407/03/14Urea-water addition control unit
1092014018245107/03/14Pressure relief valve and high pressure pump with such valve
1102014018338907/03/14Electromagnetic valve
1112014018387807/03/14Electric power generation control device and electric power generation control system
1122014018400907/03/14Rotating electric machine
1132014018401207/03/14Rotating electric machine
1142014018411407/03/14Control apparatus for ac motor
1152014018420107/03/14Position detector
1162014018420307/03/14Position detector
1172014018420407/03/14Position detector
1182014018420507/03/14Position detector
1192014018420807/03/14Position detector
1202014018420907/03/14Position detector
1212014018737307/03/14Rotation driving device
1222014017440506/26/14Fuel injection valve
1232014017441606/26/14Ignition system
1242014017493506/26/14Surface treating method of negative electrode for magnesium secondary battery, negative electrode for magnesium secondary battery, and magnesium secondary battery
1252014017519406/26/14Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engine
1262014017545906/26/14Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
1272014017550806/26/14Semiconductor device with schottky barrier diode
1282014017593906/26/14Rotor for automotive alternator
1292014017602706/26/14Control system for three-phase rotary machine
1302014017607906/26/14Battery system
1312014017610506/26/14Electronic control device including voltage converter
1322014017614806/26/14Voltage detecting device for assembled battery
1332014017614906/26/14Battery monitoring apparatus
1342014017823406/26/14Internal rotor-type fluid machine
1352014017916406/26/14Charge cable device
1362014018049706/26/14Road surface shape estimating device
1372014018053006/26/14System for detecting run over accident
1382014018054306/26/14Vehicle control device
1392014018056906/26/14Driving route generation device
1402014018174906/26/14User interface device and program for the same
1412014016613606/19/14Fuel supply apparatus
1422014016691506/19/14Electromagnetic valve device for high-pressure fluid
1432014016749506/19/14Hydraulic braking system
1442014016765906/19/14Motor control device and motor control method
1452014016789206/19/14Electromagnetic switch for starter
1462014016843106/19/14Method and apparatus for detecting moving objects
1472014016901006/19/14Headlight light distribution control device and method
1482014016941906/19/14Transceiver and communication apparatus transmitting and receiving data encoded by transmission code
1492014017219206/19/14Smartphone controller of vehicle settings
1502014017223706/19/14Vehicle-occupant protection system
1512014017226506/19/14Vehicle to vehicle communication device and convoy travel control device
1522014015790206/12/14Ultrasonic sensor device
1532014015817906/12/14Thermionic converter and manufacturing method of electrode of thermionic converter
1542014015844106/12/14Driving-power control device for vehicle
1552014015892106/12/14Electromagnetic valve device for high-pressure fluid
1562014015905806/12/14Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing method of silicon carbide semiconductor device
1572014015921606/12/14Semiconductor module, semiconductor device having semiconductor module, and method of manufacturing semiconductor module
1582014015953206/12/14Multi-gap type rotary electric machine
1592014015953306/12/14Multi-gap type rotary electric machine
1602014015953406/12/14Rotating electric machine
1612014015956306/12/14Spark plug for internal combustion engines
1622014016385906/12/14Apparatus for judging probability of collision between vehicle and object surrounding the vehicle
1632014016500506/12/14In-vehicle display apparatus and controlling program
1642014015074106/05/14Valve timing control apparatus
1652014015074206/05/14Valve timing control apparatus
1662014015097306/05/14Epoxy resin composition and manufacturing method of bonding structure
1672014015178506/05/14Semiconductor device
1682014015208406/05/14Rotating pump and brake system using same
1692014015213806/05/14Rotor and rotating electric machine having the same
1702014015220506/05/14Control device of ac motor
1712014015243306/05/14Display control apparatus
1722014015248806/05/14Target detecting device for avoiding collision between vehicle and target captured by sensor mounted to the vehicle
1732014015282906/05/14Cruising lane recognition device
1742014015318906/05/14Electric power converter
1752014015319806/05/14Drive apparatus
1762014015365506/05/14Vehicular power line communication system and transmitter
1772014014439905/29/14Valve timing adjusting system
1782014014440205/29/14Barrier discharge ignition apparatus for internal combustion engine
1792014014510005/29/14Electromagnetic valve device for high-pressure fluid
1802014014510105/29/14Electromagnetic valve device for high-pressure fluid
1812014014521205/29/14Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
1822014014550305/29/14Electric power control system
1832014014556405/29/14Rotary electric machine
1842014014571305/29/14Accelerator apparatus for vehicle
1852014014575505/29/14Integrated circuit
1862014014723505/29/14Transport system
1872014014771305/29/14Battery monitoring apparatus
1882014014806605/29/14Terminal arrangement device
1892014014899405/29/14In-vehicle apparatus
1902014013767505/22/14Drive apparatus
1912014013784105/22/14Fuel injector
1922014013796805/22/14Hydraulic pressure control valve
1932014013917105/22/14Range switching device
1942014013917205/22/14Motor control apparatus
1952014013920805/22/14Rotation detection device
1962014013924105/22/14Capacitive humidity sensor
1972014013936805/22/14Device and method for judging likelihood of collision between vehicle and target, vehicle collision avoidance system, and method for avoiding collision between vehicle and target
1982014013936905/22/14Object detection apparatus
1992014014003405/22/14Power conversion apparatus
2002014014039005/22/14Communication apparatus for transmission of binary coded signal
2012014014162705/22/14Connector apparatus
2022014014283705/22/14Object type determination apparatus
2032014013767505/22/14Drive apparatus
2042014013784105/22/14Fuel injector
2052014013796805/22/14Hydraulic pressure control valve
2062014013917105/22/14Range switching device
2072014013917205/22/14Motor control apparatus
2082014013920805/22/14Rotation detection device
2092014013924105/22/14Capacitive humidity sensor
2102014013936805/22/14Device and method for judging likelihood of collision between vehicle and target, vehicle collision avoidance system, and method for avoiding collision between vehicle and target
2112014013936905/22/14Object detection apparatus
2122014014003405/22/14Power conversion apparatus
2132014014039005/22/14Communication apparatus for transmission of binary coded signal
2142014014162705/22/14Connector apparatus
2152014014283705/22/14Object type determination apparatus
2162014013061205/15/14Torque sensor
2172014013092505/15/14Pressure control reservoir with check valve
2182014013148305/15/14Fuel injection valve
2192014013179805/15/14Semiconductor device
2202014013197705/15/14Driving support device and driving support system
2212014013240405/15/14Pedestrian collision detection system, pedestrian collision notification system, and vehicle collision detection system
2222014013349605/15/14Communication system
2232014013494905/15/14Short-range wireless communication device
2242014013608605/15/14Vehicle controller
2252014013609705/15/14Anti-collision system of vehicle
2262014013609805/15/14Automatic image capture
2272014013674205/15/14Communication system
2282014013061205/15/14Torque sensor
2292014013092505/15/14Pressure control reservoir with check valve
2302014013148305/15/14Fuel injection valve
2312014013179805/15/14Semiconductor device
2322014013197705/15/14Driving support device and driving support system
2332014013240405/15/14Pedestrian collision detection system, pedestrian collision notification system, and vehicle collision detection system
2342014013349605/15/14Communication system
2352014013494905/15/14Short-range wireless communication device
2362014013608605/15/14Vehicle controller
2372014013609705/15/14Anti-collision system of vehicle
2382014013609805/15/14Automatic image capture
2392014013674205/15/14Communication system
2402014012390105/08/14Silicon carbide single crystal manufacturing apparatus
2412014012396005/08/14Fuel injection controller and fuel injection system
2422014012396705/08/14Ignition device
2432014012460105/08/14Fuel injection controller and fuel-injection-control system
2442014012460205/08/14Fuel injection device
2452014012517305/08/14Rotating electric machine
2462014012518205/08/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
2472014012518305/08/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
2482014012518405/08/14Rotor for rotating electric machine
2492014012518505/08/14Stator and rotating electric machine

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