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Denso Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso Corporation. Denso Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Actuator control system

An air conditioner ECU transmits a communication message in a format for controlling a stepper motor. Since a stepper motor and a DC motor are controlled by a communication message in respective predetermined formats, the DC motor cannot be controlled with the communication message transmitted by the air conditioner ECU.... Denso Corporation

Air blower device

An air blower device includes: a blow-out portion A having an outlet A opening in a meter peripheral region to blow out air from an air sending device to the vehicle rear side through an inner side of a steering wheel provided between the meter panel and the driver's seat... Denso Corporation

Hybrid vehicle

There is provided a hybrid vehicle configured to control an engine, a first motor, a second motor and a third motor such as to be driven based on a required torque for driving. When the second motor is undrivable, the hybrid vehicle is configured to control the engine, the first... Denso Corporation

Vehicle control device for controlling inertia operation of vehicle

A vehicle control device turns off a clutch to put a vehicle into an inertia operation state in response to a predetermined executing condition being met, and turns on the clutch to terminate the inertia operation state in response to a predetermined terminating condition being met during the inertia operation.... Denso Corporation

Driver assistance system

A driver assistance system that can reduce time delays in acquiring the traveling state of a vehicle and can stably control the vehicle. In the driver assistance system, a vehicle-mounted camera acquires an image including the boundary of a driving lane on which a vehicle travels. A target path generator... Denso Corporation

Variable valve system

A variable valve system including a crank angle sensor that measures a rotation angle of a crankshaft, a cam angle sensor that measures a rotation angle of a camshaft coupled to the crankshaft and which opens and closes valves, and a controller that controls the internal combustion engine. At least... Denso Corporation

Fuel vapor processing system

The present disclosure provides a fuel vapor processing system. The system includes a tank passage, a canister, a purge passage, an air passage, a purge valve, a controller, a fuel vapor processing portion, a pressure sensor, a fuel refill detecting portion, and an abnormality detecting portion. The fuel refill detecting... Denso Corporation

Fuel injector

In a fuel injector 10, a first injection hole 155a and a second injection hole 155b having reference inside diameters Dn1, Dn2 different from each other are formed as a plurality of injection holes 155. In such a configuration, an L/D value obtained by dividing the flow channel length Ln1... Denso Corporation

Ejector, manufacturing method thereof, and ejector-type refrigeration cycle

An ejector has a nozzle, a body, a passage defining member and a drive portion. The body has a refrigerant suction port and a pressure increasing portion. A nozzle passage is defined between an inner surface of the nozzle and an outer surface of the passage defining member and has... Denso Corporation

Shift controller for vehicle

A shift controller for a vehicle includes a shift switching unit, a rotation restricting element, and an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is configured to: acquire a count value corresponding to a degree of rotation of an actuator; set a rotational position of the actuator when the count... Denso Corporation

Force detection device

A force detection device includes: a substrate that includes a power supply wire, a reference wire, a first output wire, a second output wire and first to fourth mesa gauges extending along a first direction; and a force transmission block connected to the substrate. A pair of the first and... Denso Corporation

Battery state estimating apparatus

A battery state estimating apparatus includes an updating unit. The updating unit updates a charge-transfer impedance model in a battery model of a secondary battery, which is a series connection of a DC resistance model, a charge-transfer impedance model, and an diffusion impedance model, using the amount of change in... Denso Corporation

Battery monitoring apparatus

A battery monitoring apparatus that monitors a temperature of a battery includes a temperature detecting unit, a power supply, a limiting unit, a temperature acquiring unit, and determining unit. The temperature detecting unit is provided for the battery. Resistance of the temperature detecting unit changes with temperature. The power supply... Denso Corporation

Operation system

An operation system includes: an operation device manually operated by a user and inputting a command of an operation content to a command target apparatus selected from multiple apparatuses; a selection device selecting one apparatus as the command target apparatus according to multiple visual line regions individually set in relation... Denso Corporation

Semiconductor device

On a front surface side of an n− semiconductor substrate, an emitter electrode and trench gates each including a p base layer, a trench, a gate oxide film and a gate electrode are provided in an IGBT region and a FWD region. Among p base layers each between adjacent trenches,... Denso Corporation

Rotational electric machine

A stator is disposed inside a motor case having a cylindrical shape. A winding wire is wound around the stator. A rotor is rotatably disposed inside the stator. A shaft is disposed in a rotational center of the rotor. A first plate covers one side of the motor case. The... Denso Corporation

Rotary electric machine control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus using the same

A rotary electrical machine control apparatus is provided which controls drive of a rotary electrical machine having a plurality of winding sets. The apparatus includes inverters that are provided so as to respectively correspond to the winding sets, a temperature detection element that detects a base element that is used... Denso Corporation

Valve timing adjustment device

A planetary rotor includes: a planetary gear engaged with a driving rotor and a driven rotor on an eccentric side; and a single sequence type planetary bearing having an outer ring held by the planetary gear, an inner ring supported by a planetary carrier in the radial direction and receiving... Denso Corporation

Exhaust gas purification device

An exhaust gas purification device includes: an actual pressure difference obtainer that acquires an actual pressure difference which is an actual measurement value of a pressure difference of a filter; a flow rate obtainer that acquires a flow rate of exhaust gas flowing into the filter; a calculation pressure difference... Denso Corporation

Fuel pump

A fuel pump includes: an outer gear; an inner gear that is meshed with the outer gear and includes a receiving hole; a rotatable shaft; a contact portion that is formed to be contactable with the receiving hole; and a pump housing that rotatably receives the outer gear and the... Denso Corporation

Fuel supply device

A tank lid includes: a lid main body that covers an opening portion of a fuel tank; a metal terminal that is for electrical driving and penetrates through the lid main body between an inside and an outside of the fuel tank; a connector that includes an outer tubular portion,... Denso Corporation

Fuel injector and manufacturing fuel injector

A fuel injector 100 includes a nozzle member 60 having a fuel passage 60a leading to an injection port 60b; a valve main body 51 adapted to reciprocate for opening and closing the fuel passage 60a; an elastic portion 56 elastically deformable in closing the fuel passage 60a by movement... Denso Corporation

Ignition control system

An ignition control system is applied to an internal combustion engine having an ignition coil, a switching element and a measurement detection part which detects at least one of a primary and a secondary voltages and a secondary current. The ignition coil has a primary coil and a secondary coil.... Denso Corporation

Ignition internal combustion engines

An ignition apparatus for an internal combustion engine provided with an ignition coil and a spark plug. An ECU enables operation of a plurality of continuous discharges in the spark plug and also detects a flow speed of a combustible air/fuel mixture. In a first discharge, a supply of a... Denso Corporation

Rotating cylinder type compressor

A rotating cylinder type compressor includes: a cylinder having a cylindrical shape and rotating about a central axis; a first rotor and a second rotor each having a cylindrical shape and rotating about an eccentric axis eccentric to the central axis of the cylinder; a shaft; a first vane; and... Denso Corporation

Runout detection device

In a runout detection device for detecting runout of a rotating member, a displacement unit abuts on the rotating member, and is displaced in accordance with displacement of the rotating member while the rotor abuts on the displacement unit. An elastic member elastically deforms in accordance with displacement of the... Denso Corporation

Thermal flow-rate sensor

A thermal flow-rate sensor includes: a first temperature sensor that detects the temperature at a specified location of the outer-wall surface of a pipe; a heat-transfer element that is arranged on the outer-wall surface of the pipe in a state separated from the first temperature sensor, and that exchanges heat... Denso Corporation

Flow measuring device

A flow measuring device includes a housing including a bypass passage and a flow sensing chip located in the bypass passage and including a sensing surface portion. A throttle portion that is a part of a flowing passage wall facing a sensing surface portion throttles a cross-sectional area of a... Denso Corporation

Determining device for determining electrical leakage at specified period

A determining device determining electrical leakage in a specified circuit having a voltage source, includes: an AC-signal-output unit that outputs an AC signal to a signal line connected to the specified circuit; a detecting unit that detects a peak value of the AC signal; and a determining unit determining electrical... Denso Corporation

Optical scanning apparatus

A reflector has a reflective surface on first and second directions. Each of torsion beams extends to each opposite side of the reflective surface in the first direction. Each of coupling portions is to each opposite side of the reflector in the first direction and includes a central portion with... Denso Corporation

Safety verifying verifying tractor-trailer combination

The present disclosure provides a safety verifying system for a tractor-trailer combination. The system includes a trailer-data storing portion, a wireless reader, a determining portion, and a controlling portion. The trailer-data storing portion is disposed in a trailer that is to be towed by a tractor. The trailer-data storing portion... Denso Corporation

Efficient over-the-air software update for a connected vehicle

The disclosure includes a system and method for providing a wireless software update for a connected vehicle. The connected vehicle includes a processor, an engine, a battery, a non-transitory memory storing a vehicle application and a wireless antenna that is powered by the battery and operable to receive a monitor... Denso Corporation

Fleet-wide monitoring system for vehicles

The disclosure includes a system, method and tangible memory for providing a monitoring system for a fleet of vehicles. The method may include a monitoring server receiving a set of trace data associated with a vehicle application. The fleet of vehicles may include a plurality of vehicles that are communicatively... Denso Corporation

Electronic control device

An electronic control device includes: a thermoelectric element module that has a plurality of thermoelectric element groups, which are connected in parallel; and a control circuit that supplies a driving power to the thermoelectric element module to perform an operation control of the thermoelectric element module. Additionally, the plurality of... Denso Corporation

Battery pack

An inner case affixes single cells and has multiple individual storage chambers. A fluid drive device draws a fluid after passing through the individual storage chambers to form a circulation flow. A beam supports the inner case from the lower side. The inner case has an inlet port into which... Denso Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180041107

Semiconductor device having switching element suppressing potential variation

The semiconductor device is provided with a plurality of switching elements connected in parallel to each other, and a plurality of recirculation element connected in parallel to the aforementioned plurality of switching elements. An emitter electrode serves as a reference potential of the aforementioned plurality of switching elements and an... Denso Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180041240

Differential communication circuit

A differential communication circuit includes: a first switch in between a signal line and a power source, a second switch in between a signal line and a ground, a third switch in between the signal line and the ground, a fourth switch in between the signal line and the power... Denso Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180041358

Communications device

In a communication device, when an enabling signal is at a high level and a transmit data is at a high level, that is, in a recessive period, both transistors turn off and both transistors turn off. Thus, potentials of signal lines are determined by power supply from a second... Denso Corporation

02/08/18 / #20180041361

Transmission circuit

A transmission circuit includes a first transmitter and a second transmitter. The first transmitter turns OFF first transistors when a transmission data is in a high level, and turns ON the first transistors when the transmission data is in a low level. When a permission signal is in the high... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029441

Vehicle air-conditioning unit

A vehicle air-conditioning unit has an air conditioning case and a case interior member. The air conditioning case defines a case passage in which air flows toward a vehicle compartment. The air conditioning case has a recess defining portion that is located in the case passage and defines a recessed... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029445

Humidification device and air conditioner for vehicle

A humidification device includes: an adsorber having an adsorbent that adsorbs and desorbs moisture; an adsorption case that forms an accommodating space to accommodate the adsorber; a first introduction portion that introduces cooled air produced by a cooling portion into the adsorption case; a second introduction portion that introduces heated... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029447

Humidification device and air conditioner for vehicle

A humidification device for a vehicle air conditioner includes an adsorber having an adsorbent, an adsorption case configured to provide an accommodating space that accommodates the adsorber and includes a moisture-adsorption space and a moisture-desorption space, a humidification-side guiding portion that guides humidification air humidified by using the moisture desorbed... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029448

Humidification device and air conditioner for vehicle

A humidification device includes: an adsorber having an adsorbent that adsorbs and desorbs moisture; an adsorption case that forms an accommodating space to accommodate the adsorber; a first introduction portion that introduces cooled air produced by a cooling portion into the adsorption case; a second introduction portion that introduces heated... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029538

Short-range wireless communication system and short-range wireless communication device

A short-range wireless communication system mounted on a vehicle includes a master device and slave devices. Each of the master device and slave devices is a short-range wireless communication device that communicates with a mobile terminal located in a communication range to perform a wireless communication. The master device includes... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029595

Vehicle control device

Provided is a vehicle control device including an operation amount obtaining unit, a first setting unit, a second setting unit, and a third setting unit. The operation amount obtaining unit obtains a driver's driving operation amount. The first setting unit sets a first target value for vehicle travel control based... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029604

Evacuation control apparatus and evacuation control method

An evacuation control apparatus includes a decrease detecting unit, a rear monitoring unit, and an evacuation control unit. The decrease detecting unit detects decrease in a consciousness level of a driver of an own vehicle. The rear monitoring unit monitors a state behind the own vehicle. The evacuation control unit... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180029635

Electric power steering system

In an electric power steering system, a motor outputs, based on an AC voltage controlled by switching elements using a power-supply voltage from a power source, assist torque for assisting a driver's turning effort of a steering member. A voltage monitor monitors the power-supply voltage, and a determiner determines whether... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180030943

Fuel injection device

In a fuel injection device including a body portion that forms an injection hole through which a fuel is injected, the body portion includes an inlet-channel-forming portion that is connected to an inflow port of the fuel in the injection hole and forms an inlet channel which is a fuel... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031132

Valve device

A valve device includes: a valve having a ball surface having a convex spherical shape, and a first opening opened in the ball surface to allow fluid to pass through; and a seat having an annular shape and opposing the ball surface to be in sliding contact, the seat being... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031427

Temperature sensor and mounting structure for same

A second case includes a projection that projects on an opposite side of a threaded portion of the second case, which is opposite from a first case, while the projection is placed in a passage when the second case is installed to an installation-subject member. An opening is formed in... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031514

Gas sensor

A gas sensor has a structure in which a sensor body is secured to a sensor-mounting member using an attachment screw. The gas sensor is capable of ensuring the stability of installation of a protective cover. The gas sensor includes the sensor body in which a sensor device is disposed... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031518

Gas sensor

A gas sensor is equipped with a solid electrolyte body, a pump electrode, a sensor electrode, and a heater. In the gas sensor, a region of the whole of a front end portion of a heater base in which a heating element is disposed is broken down into three regions:... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180031519

Gas sensor

A gas sensor includes a solid electrolyte substrate that has oxygen-ion conductivity, and a counter plate, made of ceramic, that is arranged so as to face a first surface of the solid electrolyte substrate. The gas sensor further includes a first spacer, made of ceramic, that is held between the... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180032824

Vehicle display control device and vehicle display control method

A vehicle display control device, which controls a display of sensor information on a display unit corresponding to each external sensors, includes an opening detection unit, an image storage unit, and an opening control unit. The vehicle is equipped with the display unit and the external sensors detecting outside obstacles.... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180032865

Prediction apparatus, prediction method, and prediction program

In a prediction apparatus for a learning system, an obtaining unit obtains, as input variables, at least one parameter indicative of a structure of a convolutional neural network, the number of nodes of a learning system, and a sub-batch number indicative of the number of pieces of training data collectively... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180032920

Vehicle management system for vehicle-sharing service

A vehicle management system for handling vehicle reservations of a vehicle-sharing service includes a reservation request input device, a reservation result transmitter, and a reservation processor. When a new vehicle reservation request is input to the reservation request input device, the reservation processor performs a simple process for a vehicle... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180033680

Substrate bonding method

A substrate bonding method includes: preparing a first substrate having a first silicon oxide film with a film thickness of 50 nm or more arranged on the first substrate, and a second substrate having a second silicon oxide film arranged on the second substrate; bonding the first substrate and the... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034014

Battery pack

Each battery module of a battery pack includes a stack of serially connected battery cells, a gas discharge duct extending in a cell arrangement direction to guide gas discharged from a relief valve of each battery cell to an outside of the battery module, the gas discharge duct having a... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034021

Battery pack

A battery pack has bus bars, a battery stack which is an assembly of plural battery cells, a bus bar casing which supports a bus bar casing, and a cover member. Electrode terminals of battery cells adjacently arranged in the battery stack are connected together through the bus bars. An... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034245

Spark plug, spark plug gasket, and manufacturing method thereof

An angular gasket for a spark plug used for mounting a spark plug to a wall of a combustion engine. The gasket provided with a first section with predetermined thickness, having a plurality of concave portions provided as grooves intermittently disposed along a circumferential direction on a first surface being... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034246

Spark plug for internal combustion engine

A spark plug 1 includes a cylindrical housing, a cylindrical insulator, a center electrode, a terminal bracket, a ground electrode, and a resistor. The insulator is held on the inside of the housing. The center electrode 4 is held on the inside of the insulator, with a tip end being... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034332

Rotary electric machine

A rotary electric machine includes a rotor having a plurality of magnetic poles and a stator having a core and coil, the core including slots and the coil being formed of phase windings of three phases wound in the core. A slot multiple n is set to 2, each windings... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034384

Power converter

An inverter main circuit using high-side MOSFETS converts a power source voltage of a battery to an alternating current, and supplies the alternating current to a three-phase motor. A control circuit drives, via a high-side drive circuit and a low-side drive circuit, the MOSFETS. A charge pump circuit boosts the... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180034851

Electronic control apparatus

An electronic control apparatus includes a dummy data setting section and a transmission section. The dummy data setting section sets a dummy data in a free area of a format area that is previously defined. The electronic control apparatus configures a communication system as a transmission node and stores normal... Denso Corporation

02/01/18 / #20180035530

Heat dissipating structure and electronic device

A heat dissipating structure includes an integrated circuit; a bracket; a heat sink; a housing; a first fastening member that is inserted into a first fastening hole provided to the bracket, and is inserted into a fastening hole provided to the heat sink, and that assembles the integrated circuit to... Denso Corporation

Patent Packs
01/25/18 / #20180020838

Blower unit

An air passage forming member includes an air passage inner wall surface that forms a wall surface of a connecting air passage connected to a cushion air passage. A blower device case has an air intake opening that is connected to the connecting air passage. A centrifugal fan is received... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022171

Tire wheel position detection device and tire pressure monitoring system having the same

A tire wheel position detection device is provided. The tire wheel position detection device includes a transmitter attached to each tire wheel and including a first controller to transmit a frame including unique identification information, and a receiver including a second controller that performs tire wheel position detection through selecting,... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022184

Air conditioner for vehicle

An air conditioner for a vehicle has a compressor, a radiator, a first pressure reducer, a gas-liquid separator, a second pressure reducer, an exterior heat exchanger, an intermediate pressure refrigerant passage, a switching device, and a controller. The controller operates the switching device to switch from a refrigerant circuit of... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022185

Heat pump cycle

A heat pump cycle includes a compressor, a first interior heat exchanger, a separator that separates a refrigerant discharged from the compressor into a gas-phase refrigerant which does not include a lubricant and a remaining refrigerant, an exterior heat exchanger that performs heat exchange between the remaining refrigerant flowing out... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022192

Air-conditioning unit for vehicle

An air-conditioning unit for a vehicle includes an air-conditioning case; a cooler disposed in the air-conditioning case and adapted to cool air flowing through the air-conditioning case; and a blower disposed on an air-flow downstream side of the cooler and adapted to blow the air into a vehicle interior. The... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022224

Onboard charging apparatus

In an onboard charging apparatus, a plurality of main electric-power storage apparatuses are connected in series to one another. A main electric-power storage apparatus on a lowest potential side of the main electric-power storage apparatuses is a lowest potential electric-power storage apparatus. The lowest potential electric-power storage apparatus has a... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022315

Vehicle control system

A vehicle control system includes an in-vehicle device and a portable device. The in-vehicle device includes an in-vehicle communication portion. The in-vehicle communication portion transmits a regular collation signal searching the portable device, and receives a regular response signal, and receives reservation information reserving opening of an arbitrary door. The... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022327

Vehicle speed management apparatus and vehicle speed management method

A vehicle speed management apparatus acquires scene information about a driving scene of a host vehicle, estimates the driving scene based on the scene information acquired, acquires behavior information about a driving behavior of a user, determines a driving risk of the host vehicle driven by the user, based on... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022336

Travel control device

A travel control device repeats a burn control that accelerates a vehicle at a target acceleration until speed of the vehicle reaches an upper limit speed of a vehicle speed range and a coasting control that makes the vehicle travel by means of inertia until the speed of the vehicle... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022351

Travelled-route selecting apparatus and method

A travelled-route selecting apparatus includes a first route selecting unit to select, from travelled routes of other vehicles generated by a route generating unit, one or more travelled routes. The one or more travelled routes each have a relative distance relative to an own vehicle equal to or lower than... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022354

Driving support apparatus performing driving support based on reliability of each detection apparatus

A driving support apparatus performing a plurality of driving support includes: a reliability acquiring unit that acquires each reliability of a plurality of detection apparatus, the reliability representing likelihood of a detection result of the detection apparatus; a determination unit that determines whether or not each of the detection apparatus... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022382

Apparatus for controlling steering device of vehicle

A target steering angle calculator calculates, based on a target curvature, a target steering angle representing a steering angle of the vehicle at a target position. A current steering-angle obtainer obtains a current steering angle representing a steering angle of the vehicle at a current position. A steering controller controls... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180022384

Steering control apparatus

A steering control apparatus controls an assistance torque outputted by a motor connected to a steering system mechanism that generates a steering torque. In the steering control apparatus, a load calculating unit estimates or detects a load acting on a steering shaft of the steering system mechanism. A target steering... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023453

Engine warm-up vehicle

A warm-up device is provided in a cooling-water circuit, through which cooling water is circulated so as to pass through an engine. The warm-up device has a heat accumulating passage, in which a heat accumulating device is provided, and an accumulating-device bypassing passage bypassing the heat accumulating device. A waste-heat... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023496

Intake air flow rate measuring device

The present disclosure provides an intake air flow rate measuring device. The intake air flow rate measuring device includes a flange, a casing, a flow rate sensor, a humidity sensing element, an element terminal, and a humidity terminal. The humidity terminal is spaced away from the element terminal. A portion... Denso Corporation

Patent Packs
01/25/18 / #20180023835

Expansion valve device

An expansion valve device has a housing, a valve body, an actuator, a first, second, and third detectors, and a controller. The housing defines a first refrigerant path and a second refrigerant path therein. The first detector detects a temperature of the refrigerant flowing in the first refrigerant path. The... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023847

Ejector refrigeration cycle

An ejector refrigeration cycle has a compressor, a radiator, an ejector, a swirl flow generator, an evaporator, and an oil separator. The compressor compresses refrigerant, mixed with refrigerant oil compatible with a liquid-phase refrigerant, and discharges the high-pressure refrigerant. The ejector has a nozzle and a body having a refrigerant... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023872

Refrigerant evaporator

A refrigerant evaporator includes: a first heat exchange part in which refrigerant flows to exchange heat with fluid to be cooled; a second heat exchange part arranged to oppose the first heat exchange part; a first tank arranged below the first heat exchange part to distribute the refrigerant to the... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023898

Heat exchanger

A heat exchanger includes a duct, a stacked core, and a coupling plate. The duct includes a first plate that is disposed to face at least one of end faces of the stacked core in a core width direction, and a second plate that is disposed to face at least... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023903

Tank and heat exchanger

A tank has a tank body defining a passage therein, a plate to which tubes are attached, and an intermediate plate. The tank body has a space defining part and a tank junction part attached to the intermediate plate. A longitudinal direction and a stacking direction of the tubes are... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023965

Anomaly estimation apparatus and display apparatus

An anomaly estimation apparatus includes a collection section that collects vehicle data, a feature amount calculation section that calculates a feature amount from the vehicle data and stores the feature amount and a place corresponding thereto, an anomaly determination section that determines whether an anomaly occurrence point is present based... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180023970

Vehicle display control device and vehicle display control method

A vehicle display control device controls a virtual image display performed by a head-up display which superimposes a display image on outside scenery of the host vehicle. The host vehicle is equipped with an automatic control unit which executes an automatic control to the host vehicle. The vehicle display control... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180024014

Force detection device

A force detection device includes: a substrate; and a force transmission block. The substrate includes: a mesa gauge arranged on a principal plane of the substrate and providing a bridge circuit; a connection region arranged on the principal plane; and a sealing portion surrounding all around the mesa gauge and... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180024038

Particulate matter detection sensor and particulate matter detection apparatus

The particulate matter detection sensor includes a conductive part, and the pair of electrodes that are arranged at specified spacing so as to face each other. The conductive part is formed into a plate shape using a conductive material having electrical resistivity that is higher than particulate matter. One major... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180024159

Semiconductor device and manufacturing same

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: preparing a first substrate; forming a metal film having a Ti layer as the most outermost surface on one surface of the first substrate a metal film having a Ti layer as the outermost surface; patterning the metal film to form a... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180024354

Vehicle display control device and vehicle display unit

A vehicle display control device that controls to display a virtual image in a subject vehicle equipped with a head-up display that displays the virtual image in association with one front obstacle in outside scenery by projecting a display image on a projection member includes: an image storage device that... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180025642

Encounter vehicle determination apparatus

An encounter vehicle determination apparatus: estimates a probability of a host vehicle that enters a host-vehicle intersection on a host vehicle's course on a map; extracts a different-vehicle intersection on a course where a different vehicle matched either to the host-vehicle's course or to a connection road connected with the... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180025643

Inter-vehicle management apparatus and inter-vehicle management method

An inter-vehicle management apparatus acquires scene information about a driving scene of a host vehicle, estimates the driving scene based on the scene information acquired, acquires behavior information about a driving behavior of the host vehicle driven by the user, determines a driving risk of the host vehicle driven by... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180025961

Power conversion device including semiconductor module provided with laminated structure

A power conversion device includes a semiconductor module with switching elements incorporated therein, a plurality of components electrically connected to the semiconductor module, and a laminated cooler provided with a plurality of cooling plates. A laminate is constituted by laminating at least the plurality of cooling plates and the semiconductor... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180026021

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes: a first element formed of a first constituent as a main constituent; a second element formed of a second constituent as a main constituent; a heat sink on which the first element and the second element are disposed; a first connection layer electrically connecting the first... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180026532

Load driving control apparatus

A load driving control apparatus calculates current slopes in an on-period and an off-period in one PWM cycle period, respectively, by using actual currents at a start time point and an end time point of the PWM cycle period as well as two sets of data, as data including a... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180026559

Rotation angle estimation rotating electric machine

A rotation angle estimation apparatus includes: a high-frequency voltage setting unit that sets high-frequency voltages; a circuit operating unit that operates an electric power conversion circuit to apply each of the high-frequency voltages to a corresponding one of winding groups of a rotating electric machine; and a rotation angle estimating... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180027151

Vehicular camera apparatus

A vehicular camera apparatus includes a lens and a hood provided below the lens. The hood includes a rib structure and a hole structure. The rib structure is constituted of ribs that each protrude upward from a bottom wall of the hood and are arrayed in an optical axis direction... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180027388

Wireless communication device

A wireless communication device used in a vehicle is provided, includes a communicator that performs wireless communication with a service provider terminal, a vehicle condition acquirer that acquires a condition of the vehicle, a correspondence storage that stores a correspondence of what type of service is available under what condition... Denso Corporation

01/25/18 / #20180027504

On-vehicle device

An on-vehicle device, which is to be mounted on a vehicle, includes a wireless communication unit (11, 11a) which is connected to a mobile terminal located within a communication range to perform wireless communication with the mobile terminal, and provides a service using the wireless communication in the wireless communication... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180015923

Vehicle control device and vehicle control method

A vehicle control device mounted on the own vehicle and configured to control the own vehicle according to the position of another vehicle ahead of the own vehicle. The vehicle control device comprises an estimated course calculation means calculating an estimated course of the own vehicle; a setting means setting... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180015947

Driving support device for vehicle and vehicle driving support method

A driving support device for a vehicle includes an assist control unit for generating an assist command for generating an assist torque, a tracking control unit for generating a tracking command for generating an automatic steering torque, an intervention detection unit for detecting an intervention in a tracking process by... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180016959

Internal combustion engine control device

An internal combustion engine control device includes a partially-plugged filter capturing particulate matter in an exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine, having a plurality of cells, and having a structure in which some of the cells are closed on an inlet side and at least one of the other... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180016960

Particulate detection device

A particulate detection device has an insulation part, electrodes, an adhesion amount calculation section, a heater and a controller. The insulation part is located in an exhaust passage of an internal combustion engine and has an adhesion surface to which exhaust particulates emitted from the internal combustion engine adhere. The... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017056

Cylinder-rotation-type compressor

A primary groove, into which a primary vane is slidably fitted, and a primary rotor-side suction passage, which conducts refrigerant of a shaft-side suction passage of a shaft to a primary compression chamber, are formed at a primary rotor. The primary groove is shaped into a form that extends from... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017514

Gas sensor element

A gas sensor element with suppressed response deterioration even when poisoned with S when fuel or exhaust gas contains ethanol and the ethanol content is high. The element includes a detection portion, which includes a solid electrolyte layer having a pair of electrodes on opposite sides thereof, a shielding layer... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017520

Gas sensor

A gas sensor includes a sensor element. The sensor element includes; a solid electrolyte body that has oxygen ion conductivity and includes a first main surface exposed to a gas to be measured and a second main surface exposed to a reference gas; a sensor electrode that is provided on... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017627

Battery monitoring system

A battery monitoring system monitors a storage battery. The system includes a voltage detection section that detects voltage across terminals of the storage battery, a current detection section that detects charging/discharging current flowing to the storage battery, a first obtainment section that obtains a detection value of the voltage across... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017683

Location estimation device

In a location estimation device, a change detection unit detects a point of change in the width of a roadside structure as a width change point. A width correction unit calculates a width deviation between a first relative location of the roadside structure on a map data segment and a... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180017792

Head-up display device

A head-up display device includes a housing, a projection unit projecting light representing an image, and an optical unit leading the light projected from the projection unit to a windshield of a vehicle. The optical unit includes a magnifying optical unit attached to the housing and reflecting the light toward... Denso Corporation

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01/18/18 / #20180017793

Head-up display device

A HUD device mounted on a moving body that projects an image on a projection member to virtually display the image includes a projector, a reflector mirror, a stepper motor, a reduction gear mechanism that reduces rotation which is output from the stepper motor and transmitted to the reflector mirror,... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180018871

Driving assist system

In a driving assist system, a driving evaluator compares a driving feature data item sampled at each predetermined sampling point and obtained from a target vehicle with historical driving data items for the corresponding sampling point. The driving evaluator obtains, based on a result of the comparison, an evaluation value... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180018876

Vehicular communication device

A vehicular communication device is provided. The vehicular communication device includes a reception section that receives, from a periphery vehicle equipped with a narrow area communicator, a communication performance index representing performance of the narrow area communicator, and controller. The controller includes a reference value setup section that successively settles... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180019301

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device may include an element region and a peripheral voltage withstanding region. The peripheral voltage withstanding region includes inner circumferential guard rings; and outer circumferential guard rings having a width narrower than a width of the inner circumferential guard rings. An interval between the inner circumferential guard rings... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180019331

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate having a drift layer; a base layer and a carrier storage layer over the drift layer; a collector layer on the drift layer opposite to the base layer; multiple trenches penetrating the base layer and the carrier storage layer and reaching the drift... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180019670

Power supply control circuit

A power supply control circuit is connected to and controls a system power supply IC. The system power supply IC has multiple power supply circuits and is capable of outputting multiple power supply voltages. The system power supply IC activates the multiple power supply circuits at one time using a... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180019687

Rotating electric machine system

A rotating electric machine system includes a rotating electric machine and an electric power conversion circuit. The rotating electric machine includes N coils connected with each other to define a neutral point therebetween. The electric power conversion circuit includes N high-side switches, N low-side switches, a selector switch, a full-wave... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180019739

Switch drive circuit for switch reducing lc resonance

The drive circuit for driving voltage controlled switches includes: charge path connected to gate of the switch, through which gate charge current flows to turn the switch ON; discharge path connected to the gate and output terminal of the switch, through which gate discharge current flows to turn the switch... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180019747

Signal transmission circuit and driving device for switching element

A signal transmission circuit includes: a transformer; a primary side circuit that: generates a pulse signal, for flowing a current in a primary side coil of the transformer in one direction during a period in which an input signal changing at a binary level indicates a first level, in a... Denso Corporation

01/18/18 / #20180020332

Vehicular communication device

A vehicular communication device is provided. The vehicular communication device includes a reception section that, from a periphery vehicle equipped with a wide area communicator, receives a communication performance index representing performance of the wide area communicator, and a controller. The controller includes a reference value setup section that successively... Denso Corporation

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