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Denso International America Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Denso International America Inc. Denso International America Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso International America Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso International America Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Automotive hvac system
06/15/17Instrument panel meter
06/08/17Methods and systems for alerting drivers of hazards
06/08/17Systems and methods for alerting drivers that they have encroached a safety zone of another vehicle
05/25/17Heat exchanger and dynamic baffle
05/18/17Fuel injector device having pin retainer
05/18/17Sparkplug having variable spark gap and ignition device for the same
05/11/17Systems and methods for detecting a collision
05/04/17Air shower device and air conditioning device
05/04/17Exhaust gas recirculation system
05/04/17Methods and systems for facilitating vehicle lane change
04/27/17Indicating device with see-through configuration and pointer for the same
04/20/17Heat exchanger for vehicle and heat exchanging system having the same
04/20/17Connector for condenser header tank
04/20/17Light conductor device
04/13/17Illuminated operational device
04/13/17Detachable operational device
04/06/17Display devices
03/16/17Air conditioning system having cylindrical heat exchangers
03/16/17Fuel injector mounting device and fuel rail
03/16/17Self-calibrating indicating device
03/09/17Variable compressor
03/02/17Heat exchanger with replacement pin
03/02/17Heat exchanger having partition
03/02/17Heat exchanger shroud mount
02/23/17Projected display in control dial
02/09/17Flow funneling insert and heat exchanger with flow funneling element
02/02/17Vehicular air-conditioning system with a switching heat exchanger
01/26/17Haptic system and controlling a haptic system
01/26/17Human machine interface system for controlling vehicular graphical user interface display
01/19/17Heat exchanger side plate with fin
01/12/17Light conductor device for indicating light pointer and meter device including the same
01/05/17Exhaust device and manufacturing an exhaust device with a thermally enhanced substrate
12/29/16Pass-through seal and system having pass-through seal for sealing vehicular component
12/22/16Diagnostic function for brushless blower motor
12/22/16Heat exchanger having plate and holder and the plate for the heat exchanger
12/15/16Control device for vehicle and carwash preparation
12/15/16System and measurement a dedicated short-range communication on-vehicle coverage system
12/08/16Compression limiter
12/08/16Slide-on heat exchanger restraining bracket
12/01/16Systems and methods for delegating control of vehicle features to a wearable electronic device
12/01/16Fuel injector rail
11/17/16Vehicle finder
11/10/16Filter housing having vanes for filter optimization
10/20/16Direct injection pump control strategy for noise reduction
10/13/16Hvac heat exchanger air seal
10/13/16Magnetic clutch with foreign material extraction and cooling
10/06/16Visual alert system
10/06/16Catalyst light-off time reduction and maintenance
09/22/16Rotary door for ventilation apparatus and ventilation apparatus having the rotary door
09/15/16Regenerative rankine cycle for vehicles
09/15/16Emissions reduction system for an internal combustion engine
09/15/16Emissions reduction system for an internal combustion engine
09/15/16Noise reduction insert for an evaporator
08/25/16Indicating device and pointer for the same
08/04/16Hvac door indents for noise reduction
08/04/16Speed nut
07/14/16Egr device having deflector and egr mixer for egr device
07/07/16Variable evaporator outlet air pressure distribution
07/07/16Variable evaporator outlet air pressure distribution
06/23/16Vehicle keyless authentication and control of an ignition system
06/09/16Egr device having diffusing device and egr mixer for egr device
06/09/16Egr device having rotary valve
06/09/16Egr device having slidable valve
06/02/16Meter pointer for meter
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06/02/16Egr device having baffle and egr mixer for egr device
06/02/16Egr device having diffuser and egr mixer for egr device
06/02/16Wire ground electrode spark plug for super flow
05/26/16Fastening device integrated with alignment feature
05/19/16Egr device in intake manifold
05/05/16Mounting structure for in-tank oil cooler and radiator
05/05/16Quality test device for inspecting vehicular display module having thin-film transistors
03/31/16Vehicular power system for stop-start hvac system
03/31/16Vehicular battery system having switch device
03/24/16Non-removable discharge device
03/17/16Connector device, connector having the same and tank for heat exchanger having the connector
03/17/16Projected knob device
03/17/16Utilizing vehicle information as a security pin/passkey
03/10/16Evaporative system
02/18/16Method of determining user intent to use services based on proximity
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02/11/16Hvac auxiliary duct attachment
02/11/16Charge air cooling system and charge air cooler for the same
01/28/16Hvac system having linkage rod with mid-point movement control
01/28/16Manual valve, tank wall, and drain device having the same
01/14/16Bubble battery system
01/14/16Method and system for integrating wearable glasses to vehicle
01/07/16Low resistance flow regulator
12/31/15Method and device for locating automotive key fob, portable computing device, and vehicle
12/24/15Charge air cooler water protection
12/03/15Dual layer door
11/19/15Detachable holder
11/12/15Light conductor device and meter device including the same
11/05/15Situation awareness assistant for vehicle control
11/05/15Quieter centrifugal blower with suppressed bpf tone
11/05/15Method for detecting smart device use while operating a motor vehicle
10/29/15Catalytic converter substrate
10/15/15Navigation device and navigation system
10/08/15Partial recirculation vehicle hvac system
10/08/15Proxy dsrc basic safety message for unequipped vehicles
10/01/15Electric hybrid powertrain regeneration efficiency improvement
10/01/15Key fob and smartdevice gestures for vehicle functions
09/17/15Dc-to-dc converter with variable set-point control
09/17/15911 assist by wireless charger with nfc in the vehicle
09/10/15Housing for vehicular hvac system and dual hvac system
09/10/15Time to avoid collision for active steering safety systems
09/10/15System for reminding user to remove smartphone from vehicle when exiting
09/03/15Insert for heat exchanger and heat exchanger having the same
09/03/15Heat exchanger with integrated flexible baffle
09/03/15Insert for heat exchanger and heat exchanger having the same
08/27/15Heater-core cover with heat pickup for aspirator air nozzle
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08/20/15Tank for heat exchanger
08/20/15System for integrating smart device with vehicle
08/06/15Method to reduce fuel system power consumption
08/06/15Method for monitoring operation of a vehicle and graphically conveying g-force to a driver
08/06/15Method for off-loading driver wireless activities to passengers via the vehicle wireless interface
07/16/15Gesture based image capturing system for vehicle
06/25/15Heat exchanger pressure adjustable baffle
06/18/15Contamination avoidance combination high voltage interlock cover
04/30/15Viscous heater for heat pump system
04/30/15Thermostatic controlled heat pump water circuit
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04/23/15Servo locking snap feature
04/09/15Powered air ram with energy recovery
04/09/15Tank for heat exchanger
04/09/15Wire harness mounting assembly
04/09/15Hvac temperature control bypass throttle
04/02/15Prism for light reflecting/diffusion between led's
03/26/15Adaptive instrument display using eye tracking
03/19/15Vehicular air-conditioning system with a switching heat exchanger
03/12/15Removable feature to aid in assembly, disassembly, and service of a fan, motor, shroud
03/05/15Feed tube restriction for on board diagnostic compliance in secondary air injection applications on v-engines
03/05/15Exhaust gas temperature sensor with anti-resonance conical shaft feature
03/05/15Exhaust gas temperature sensor with anti-resonance finned shaft feature
02/26/15Head-up display and method with light intensity output monitoring
02/12/15Intake cooler for intake-exhaust gas handling system
02/12/15Valve controlled combustion system
02/12/15Two door structure for partial recirculation in an air conditioning system
02/05/15Method and system for securing in-vehicle communication with a portable device using nfc
01/22/15Fuel delivery system containing high pressure pump with isolation valves
01/15/15Head-up display and method with speed sensitive light intensity
12/25/14Tft display trim lighting structure
11/20/14Adding visual image of traffic condition to help driver determine a route from multiple options
11/13/14Convex grid shape to reduce turbulence under rotary door
11/06/14Fastener-less retained heat exchanger mounting bracket for low installation force
09/25/14Vehicle hvac system with lower mounted blower unit
09/25/14Extendable flex door for evaporator division
09/18/14Gear with idle zones
09/18/14Integrated sealing and positioning structure for fuel rail
09/18/14Rib maze that prevents flow along a wall
09/18/14Screw tightening rubbish vacuum
09/18/14Ac dual joint-block design
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09/18/14Vehicle tracking of personal devices with response system
09/11/14Self-retaining gasket and fastener retainer
09/11/14Self-retaining gasket
09/04/14Method of determining user intent to use services based on proximity
07/24/14Dual radiator engine cooling module - single coolant loop
07/24/14Stamped thermal expansion relief feature for heat exchangers
07/10/14Multi-function infrared heating device
07/10/14Meter with projector for vehicle
06/26/14Integrated hvac case and pipe retention feature
06/26/14Conical substrate
06/12/14Direct injection pump control strategy for noise reduction
06/12/14Direct injection pump control strategy for noise reduction
05/01/14Meter with pointer
05/01/14Meter with pointer
05/01/14Mounting feature to cross car beam
04/10/14Rotary mode door for constant demist bleed
04/10/14Hvac unit-txv positioning
04/03/14Multiple-force, dynamically-adjusted, 3-d touch surface with feedback for human machine interface (hmi)
03/13/14Complementary ribs for added structural strength
03/06/14Dedicated floor bleed for an air conditioning system
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03/06/14Quieter ihx design
03/06/14Steering wheel with rotatable display and fixed/movable images
03/06/14Three door structure for partial recirculation in an air conditioning system
03/06/14Three door structure for partial recirculation in an air conditioning system
02/20/14Low fuel warning
01/16/14Damped fuel delivery system
01/09/14Multiple skewed channel bricks mounted in opposing clocking directions
01/09/14Partial shroud of spark plug for ground electrode heat dispersion
01/02/14Snap on vibration damper
12/19/13Optimized face mode air flow path for rear quarter hvac
11/28/13Pressure release slot for fan noise improvement
11/21/13Hvac temperature stratification improvement technique
11/07/13Capacitive switch automatic adjustment
10/10/13Vehicle cooling module fan motor assembly water diverter
10/03/13Self-powered heat exchanger
08/01/13Mounting point injector clip
07/04/13Heat exchanger tank groove geometry
06/20/13Blower motor cooling tube noise suppressor for ticking/chirping
06/13/13Power saving compressor and control logic
05/23/13Enhanced surface area for sideplate heat exchanger bracket
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05/23/13Current switching pulse servo
04/18/13Variable displacement compressor shaft oil separator
12/27/12Fastener incorporated with nut provision
10/11/12System and handling bad bit errors
10/04/12Method and measuring expansion valve diaphragm stroke
10/04/12Backlit reflective pointer
10/04/12Cradled fuel injector mount assembly
10/04/12Flexible fuel module protected umbrella valve
10/04/12Fuel pump module including a reservoir having multiple zones
10/04/12Fuel pump module including a reservoir with mulitple walls
10/04/12Evaporative emission purging system
10/04/12Fuel pump module including a jet pump having multiple tubes
10/04/12Multi-blower hvac layout for improved evaporator performance
10/04/12Variable evaporator outlet air pressure distribution
10/04/12Nested heat exchangers
10/04/12Air conditioning apparatus
10/04/12Air conditioning apparatus
10/04/12Door for controlling temperature and airflow distribution of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in a vehicle
10/04/12Connecting block
10/04/12Pre-chamber spark plug including a gas thread cavity
10/04/12Systems and methods for vehicle passive entry
10/04/12Fuel pump module including a horizontal sender gauge
10/04/12Pump pressure control valve with shock reduction features
10/04/12Air conditioning apparatus
10/04/12Air conditioning apparatus
10/04/12Hvac control for multi-blower unit
10/04/12Cooling system compressor with variable operating range
10/04/12Systems and methods for haptic feedback control in a vehicle
10/04/12Method and system for controlling message traffic between two processors
10/04/12Method and system for restoring an application in a dynamically linked environment
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09/27/12Cooling circuit with transmission fluid warming function
09/27/12Copper core combustion cup for pre-chamber spark plug
09/27/12System and determining routes to desired locations
09/27/12Method for initiating a refresh operation in a solid-state nonvolatile memory device
09/20/12Fuel pump module including a flange groove rod attachment
09/20/12Battery heating and cooling system
09/20/12System and curing a read inability state in a memory device
09/13/12Driver recording apparatus
09/06/12Fuel tank locking ring mounted fuel pump controller
09/06/12Heat exchanger end cap
07/19/12Method and system for creating a voice recognition database for a mobile device using image processing and optical character recognition
07/05/12Method to determine driver workload function and usage of driver workload function for human-machine interface performance assessment
06/21/12Automotive heat recovery system
04/19/12Intelligent engine idle stop logic
03/29/12Car finder by cell phone
02/23/12Combined time-of-flight and image sensor systems
12/29/11Apparatus for automatically changing state of vehicle closure
12/08/11Customizable virtual lane mark display
11/03/11Direct injection pump control strategy for noise reduction
10/27/11Heat exchange device
10/06/11Air conditioning apparatus
10/06/11Diesel feedside boost pump
10/06/11Fluid temperature stabilization system
10/06/11Vibration stabilization system for multi-cooler
10/06/11Low thermal strain multi-cooler
10/06/11Thermal strain reducing mounting brackets for a heat exchanger
10/06/11Thermal expansion resistant heat exchanger seal
10/06/11Temperature control circuit for scr urea system
10/06/11Windshield de-icing duct system

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