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Recent patent applications related to Denso Wave Incorporated. Denso Wave Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Denso Wave Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Denso Wave Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Capacitive touch switch apparatus

A capacitive touch switch apparatus includes a touch electrode; a touch detection circuit that generates a capacitance signal indicative of a capacitance of the touch electrode in accordance with a touch to the touch electrode, and generates and outputs a touch detection signal indicative of presence or absence of the... Denso Wave Incorporated

Control device for robot

A control device controlling a robot including a driving unit, a moving unit that is slidable along a predetermined track and a predetermined shaft that is slidably supported by the moving unit includes an instruction value calculating unit calculating an instruction value that drives the driving unit such that the... Denso Wave Incorporated

Capacitance touch switch

A capacitance touch switch includes a touch electrode being flat and having a length longer in a first direction than a length in a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, a touch detection circuit which determines whether a touch operation is performed to the touch electrode based on a... Denso Wave Incorporated

Isolated signal transmission device and electronic apparatus

An isolated signal transmission device includes a resistor element and a heat flow sensor. The resistor element generates heat as a result of a current based on an inputted signal being applied to the resistor element. The heat flow sensor is provided such as to be electrically isolated from the... Denso Wave Incorporated

Deflection angle detection device

A deflection angle detection device includes an input shaft encoder, a disk attached to an output shaft of a speed reducer, an output shaft encoder having detection elements disposed at mutually different positions with respect to the disk to detect angular positions of the disk. A basic angular position of... Denso Wave Incorporated

Management system

A management system includes: an information terminal that reads an information code attached to a management target, the information code storing code identification information that specifies the management target; and a server communicable with the information terminal. The information terminal includes: a reading portion that optically reads display information including... Denso Wave Incorporated

I/o module

In an I/O module, a communication enables communications between first and second external devices upon a voltage being supplied from a power source thereto. A shutoff switch shuts off supply of the voltage to the communication controller when turned off. A capacitor is charged based on the voltage supplied from... Denso Wave Incorporated

Laser radar device

A laser radar device includes a storage unit, a sensing level setting unit, a time measuring unit and a correcting unit. The storage unit stores an emitting direction of an inner reflection-measurement laser light that is a second laser light of three laser lights include a first laser light, the... Denso Wave Incorporated

Information code reading system and information code reader

In an information code reader, an image is imaged by an imager. An information code contained in the image is quantified depending on light-dark levels thereof (tones, color depths, or luminance levels thereof), thereby providing cell information by this quantification. The obtained cell information is transmitted to from the information... Denso Wave Incorporated

Wireless communication system and wireless communication method

A wireless communication system performing wireless communication in carrier sense multiple access/collision avoidance system is provided. The wireless communication system includes: remote controllers that corresponding to control targets and transmitting control information for controlling each of the control targets through wireless communication; and an access point that receives and relays... Denso Wave Incorporated

System and reading information code from mobile terminal, and information code reader provided in the system

In the mobile terminal, a first information code is generated based on a terminal identification information and first determining information. The generated first information code is displayed by display unit provided in the mobile terminal. In the mobile terminal, the first and second determining information are acquired from a payment... Denso Wave Incorporated

Robot hand

A robot hand is designed to open or close fingers using a linear actuator disposed in a housing. The robot hand has linear motion shafts extending from inside to outside the housing through guide holes formed in a wall of the housing. Each of the fingers includes a base portion... Denso Wave Incorporated

Cell culture container, automatic cell culture apparatus, liquid container, robot hand, and robot system

A bottle includes a body, a cap mounted to a cap neck of the body. The cap has an outer peripheral portion which is provided with a protrusion. Around the cap, there is provided a position indicator indicating whether the cap is at a correctly closed position, based on the... Denso Wave Incorporated

Arithmetic processor, arithmetic processing method, and computer readable medium storing computer program

An arithmetic processor is provided to detect a background even when observed data values vary. The processor includes a background candidate data memory 20 storing data as a background candidate. In the data, an observation count, as the number of times of obtaining the same observation data, is correlated with... Denso Wave Incorporated

Apparatus and monitoring moving objects

A monitoring area is scanned by an area sensor device (e.g., an optical distance meter) detects objects. Moving objects are identified among the detected objects, and, among the identified moving objects, a moving object which is present in the monitoring area and which has been newest identified is set as... Denso Wave Incorporated

Object detection apparatus and object detection program

An object detection apparatus measures a distance to a detected object at each irradiation angle, based on reflected waves of electromagnetic waves irradiated from a laser light irradiating unit at each irradiation angle. The apparatus determines whether the measured distance remains unchanged for prescribed period of time, for each irradiation... Denso Wave Incorporated

Information code, information code producing method, information code reader, and system which uses information code

A two-dimensional information code is provided. In the code area of this information code, there are formed a specification pattern region in which predetermined-shape specification patterns, such as position detecting patterns, are arranged, a data recording region in which data are recorded using plural types of cells, and an error-correction... Denso Wave Incorporated

Information reading apparatus

An information reading apparatus is provided. The information reading apparatus enables stable contactless communication with a contactless communication medium even when the apparatus includes a display device for displaying information associated with reading results, in addition to an information reading device and a contactless communication device. The information stored in... Denso Wave Incorporated

Antenna communicating with noncontact communication medium via electromagnetic waves

An antenna apparatus includes: a switch having a single one-side terminal and four other-side terminals; and a distributor that distributes electric power supplied via the switch to a terminal and a terminal with a phase difference of 90 degrees. The apparatus further includes a switch that switches to either of... Denso Wave Incorporated

Co2 sensor reference value calibration calibrating reference value of co2 sensor

A controller as a CO2 sensor reference value calibration apparatus calibrates a reference value of the CO2 sensor in the following manner. Introduction of outside air is started after a person is not detected. A CO2 concentration, which is acquired when a preset first waiting time elapses, is set as... Denso Wave Incorporated

Robot safety system

In a robot safety system, a safety controller specifies a robot that a worker is looking at based on position of worker and/or visual field of worker, and acquires distance between robot and worker based on position information. Safety controller generates a fence image of which display mode is changed... Denso Wave Incorporated

Information displaying system provided with head-mounted type display

A system and method are provided for acquiring a respective position of a robot arm and a facility, and three-dimensional shape information according to a controller, and for acquiring a position of a worker and eye-gaze direction information acquired through a sensor unit. Furthermore, the controller is provided for calculating... Denso Wave Incorporated

Safety system for industrial robots

A system to secure people's safety in places such as a factory wherein people and industrial robot collaborate with each other in a state that a physical fence surrounding the preferred industrial robot's working region is excluded. The system is capable of acquiring respective distances between robot and a plurality... Denso Wave Incorporated

Optical code, and reading optical code

Provided is an optical code that retains compatibility with existing optical codes and is used for recording information different from the information recorded under prescribed conditions. Also provided are a method and a device for reading the optical code. The optical code includes a plurality of light color modules of... Denso Wave Incorporated

Rfid reader-writer

An RFID reader-writer includes a housing in which an antenna and a wireless tag processor are housed. The housing includes a front surface, a rear surface facing the front surface, and plural side surfaces connected to the front surface and the rear surface. A reading surface and a front-side gripping... Denso Wave Incorporated

Laser radar device

A laser radar device includes a laser diode and a photodiode. An optical isolator is disposed so as to tilt with respect to the optical axis of a laser beam by a predetermined angle, transmits a laser beam, and reflects reflected light toward the photodiode. A reflecting mirror is rotatably... Denso Wave Incorporated

System for reading information code

A system including a reader and an information terminal is provided. The information terminal displays an information code, while the reader optically reads the information code. The reader includes an emission unit and an imaging unit. The emission unit emits light in a predetermined emission state when the information code... Denso Wave Incorporated

Method and system for controlling robot

In a robot control system, the distance from an operating region of a robot arm to a person who is approaching the region is measured using a laser sensor. Information necessary to acquire a safety skill level that is stored in an RFID tag possessed by the person is acquired... Denso Wave Incorporated

Robot control device and robot system

A robot control device provided correspondingly to each of a plurality of robots, individually, includes an input interface unit, a control unit, an output interface unit, and a safety circuit unit. The input interface unit receives a signal from an outside of the robot control device. The control unit stops... Denso Wave Incorporated

Robot system

A robot system includes: a robot; a three-phase inverter having a high side switch and a low side switch connected in series; a power line electrically connecting a connection point between the high side switch and the low side switch to a stator winding of a motor; a short circuit... Denso Wave Incorporated

Traffic measuring device

A traffic measuring device includes: an irradiation part to irradiate laser light at an irradiation angle of predetermined interval to form a scan layer inclined upward or downward in a gravity direction; a light receiving part to receive the laser light irradiated from the irradiation part and reflected by a... Denso Wave Incorporated

Joint device for robot

A joint device for a robot includes a first frame, a motor fixed to the first frame, a flange rotated by the motor, and a second frame fixed to the flange. The first frame has an opening extending from a part of a lateral portion to a predetermined part of... Denso Wave Incorporated

Attachment structure for housing

An attachment structure for attaching a recess of a housing to a DIN rail includes first and second movable strips. The first movable strip extends continuously from an operable portion and being movable along a surface of the housing in a first direction toward the recess and in a second... Denso Wave Incorporated

Robot system

A robot system includes a motor, an inverter, a first control portion, and a second control portion. The motor includes stator windings for three phases. The inverter includes series-connection bodies of a high-side switch and a low-side switch for three phases. A connection point of the high-side switch and the... Denso Wave Incorporated

Optical information reader

An information code reader is provided to read an information code, such as a QR code (registered trademark). In this reader, a marker light irradiating unit is provided in a position farther away from a reading opening than a reflective mirror is, and disposed such that an optical axis of... Denso Wave Incorporated

02/02/17 / #20170032163

System and reading information code

In an information processing terminal, code image data acquired by an imaging unit imaging an information code and terminal identification information stored in a storage unit are transmitted to a server. A control unit performs a process based on information received from the server in response to the transmission. In... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/26/17 / #20170021496

Apparatus for operating robots

A pendant provided with a touch panel is provided as a robot operating apparatus. Using the pendant, an operating position of, for example, an operator's touch operation on the touch panel is detected. In the pendant, by calculation responding to the touch operation, a coordinate system having axes is set... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/19/17 / #20170018387

Operation device

An operation device driven by an internal battery includes: a casing; an operation element; a mechanical switch; a pressing part; and a support part. The operation element is located on a plane continuing from a front surface of the casing. The mechanical switch is disposed in the casing such that... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/12/17 / #20170010711

Electronic device

An electronic device includes a touch panel having a detection region and a transparent electrode sheet disposed in such a manner that at least a part of the transparent electrode sheet overlaps the detection region of the touch panel and including a transparent sheet, an operation electrode, and a detection... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/05/17 / #20170001301

Operation system of robot arm

An operation system of a robot arm includes the robot arm disposed in a work box which is sealed, an operation apparatus disposed outside the work box and including an operation device which is operated by an operator to input an operation command of the robot arm, a control apparatus... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/05/17 / #20170001304


A plurality of intermediate shafts, which are placed between an input shaft and an output shaft, respectively includes a large diameter gear and a small diameter gear. The large diameter gear of each intermediate shaft is meshed with a corresponding one of an input gear of the input shaft or... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/05/17 / #20170001315

Industrial robot system optically indicating motion area of robot

An industrial robot system is provided with a robot installed on a floor. In this robot system, a motion area is displayed visibly on the floor surface. The motion area is an area occupied on the floor surface by the robot when the robot executes a predetermined task.... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/05/17 / #20170001316

Industrial robot system optically indicating motion area of robot

There is provided a robot system including robots installed on a floor surface and configured to execute a plurality of tasks. The robot system further includes an irradiating unit capable of irradiating visible light onto the floor surface. The irradiating unit is controlled so as to irradiate the visible light... Denso Wave Incorporated

01/05/17 / #20170001317

Industrial robot system optically indicating motion area of robot

A robot system includes a robot installed on a floor surface, an irradiating unit irradiating visible light onto the floor surface, and a forcible stopping unit forcibly stopping the robot from moving when there occurs an abnormality. The radiating unit is controlled by a control unit such that visible light... Denso Wave Incorporated

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