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Depuy Synthes Products Llc
Depuy Synthes Products Llc F k a Depuy Products Inc
Depuy Synthes Products Llc_20131212

Depuy Synthes Products Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Depuy Synthes Products Llc. Depuy Synthes Products Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Depuy Synthes Products Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Depuy Synthes Products Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/26/17Vasculature occlusion device detachment system with tapered corewire and heater activated fiber detachment
09/07/17Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
06/22/17Non-planar heating chamber detachment mechanism of an implantable vaso-occluding device delivery system
06/22/17Graft preparation system
06/22/17Efficient delivery of phototherapy using an optical light fiber
03/30/17Transnasal delivery of low level light via the sphenoidal sinus to irradiate the substantia nigra
03/09/17Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
10/27/16Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
10/27/16Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
10/27/16Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
10/27/16Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
10/27/16Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
10/27/16Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
06/23/16Bending pin
04/28/16Intervertebral implants, systems, and methods of use
03/31/16Surgical tool with feedback
03/31/16Grater and trial liner
03/31/16Spinal connectors and related methods
03/24/16Vasculature occlusion device detachment system with tapered corewire and heater activated fiber detachment
03/24/16Vasculature occlusion device detachment system with tapered corewire and single loop fuse detachment
03/10/16Proximal-end securement of a minimally invasive working channel
03/10/16Proximal-end securement of a minimally invasive working channel
03/10/16Methods and devices for locating and adjusting an implantable valve
03/03/16Systems and methods for intraoperatively measuring anatomical orientation
03/03/16Cavitating ultrasonic surgical aspirator with rf electrodes
03/03/16Multi-strand implant with enhanced radiopacity
02/11/16Embolic coil delivery system with retractable mechanical release mechanism
02/11/16Step feature for steerable guidewires
02/04/16Flexible transport auger
02/04/16Methods and devices for spinal screw insertion
02/04/16Articulating disc implant
01/14/16Flexible maxillo-mandibular fixation device
01/07/16Rod attachment for head to head cross connector
12/31/15Flexible spinal driver or drill with a malleable core, and/or fixed core radius
12/31/15Phalangeal head plate
12/31/15Metacarpal neck plate
12/31/15Locking web plate
12/31/15Variable angle locking rotation correction plate
12/31/15Locking first metacarpal plate
12/31/15Bone reduction forceps and plate holding forceps
12/31/15Hex screwdriver handle
12/31/15Vertebral body augmentation systems comprising microbubbles
12/31/15System and determining position and pressure of an implantable shunt
12/24/15Anterolateral calcaneal plate
12/24/15Medial column fusion plates
12/03/15Optical trial device
11/19/15Device and opening an ampoule
10/29/15Patient-specific spinal fusion cage and methods of making same
10/22/15Surgical drill bits
10/01/15Aneurysm occlusion device
10/01/15External volume-limiting csf drainage system
09/17/15Bone plate
09/10/15Post-operative bone grown stimulant introduction method
08/20/15System and implating a secondary glenoid prosthesis
07/23/15Torque limiting instrument
07/23/15Torque limiting instrument
07/16/15Surgical drill with curved burr attachment and method
07/09/15Dilation system and method
07/02/15Method and device for attaching a bone plate
06/25/15Tracking medical devices
06/18/15Navigable device recognition system
06/18/15Assembly tool for modular implants, kit and associated method
06/11/15Aiming device for targeted drilling of bone
06/11/15Non-fusion scoliosis expandable spinal rod
06/11/15Bone plate
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06/11/15Implants with roughened surfaces
06/04/15Remotely adjustable tissue displacement device
06/04/15Push-off driver and inserting bone screws
05/21/15Anchor-in-anchor system for use in bone fixation
05/21/15Intervertebral implant
05/14/15Adjustable rod assembly
05/14/15Method of fixating two or more anatomical bodies
05/14/15Orthopaedic implant and installing same
05/07/15Fluid delivery system
05/07/15Clavicle reamer
05/07/15Reciprocating rasps for use in an orthopaedic surgical procedure
05/07/15Method of implanting a reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant having a metaglene component with a screw locking cap
04/30/15Methods and devices for treating intervertebral disc disease
04/16/15Spinal fusion implant
04/09/15Canal sizer and associated method
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04/09/15System and cervical midline fixation
04/02/15Systems and methods for tagging and tracking surgical devices and surgical accessories using radio frequency identification tags
04/02/15Adjustable height hydrocephalus valve location device
04/02/15Instrument for positioning a cup component of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis
04/02/15Acetabular cup inserter
04/02/15Hybrid spinal plates
04/02/15Cable tie l-pin
04/02/15Expandable intervertebral implant
04/02/15Expandable implant
03/26/15Method of using spine stabilization system with dynamic screw
03/26/15Reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant having an elliptical glenosphere component
03/26/15Method of implanting a reverse shoulder orthopaedic implant having an elliptical glenosphere component
03/19/15Coating process for non-conductive substrates and devices made from the coating process
03/19/15Protein stabilization formulations
03/19/15Disposable burr attachment
03/19/15Bone fixation system including k-wire compression
03/12/15Packaging for medical devices
03/12/15Dual modulus hip stem and making the same
03/12/15Minimally invasive biomaterial injection system
03/12/15Drill guide system
03/12/15Rod attachment for head to head cross connector
03/12/15Red light implants for treating osteoporosis
03/05/15Repair and regeneration of ocular tissue using postpartum-derived cells
02/19/15Apparatus and syndesmosis fixation
02/19/15Orthopaedic surgical instrumentation for performing a patellofemoral arthroplasty procedure
02/12/15Device and manipulating intervertebral tissue
02/12/15Reconstruction device
02/12/15Highly lordosed fusion cage
02/12/15Flexible vertebral spacer
02/05/15Low profile spinal tethering devices
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02/05/15Constrained mobile bearing hip assembly
01/29/15Fluid management catheter and methods of using same
01/29/15Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring system
01/29/15Surgical drill instrument with motor and locking mechanism to receive an attachment and a cutting burr
01/29/15Fixation assembly
01/29/15Lateral spondylolisthesis reduction cage
01/29/15Articulating disc implant
01/22/15Bone plate holder
01/22/15Self-pivoting spinal implant and associated instrumentation
01/22/15Mobile bearing glenoid prosthesis
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01/15/15Bone fixation system
01/15/15Bone plate
01/15/15Minimally invasive corpectomy cage and instrument
01/15/15Drug-impregnated encasement
01/08/15Posterior vertebral plating system
01/08/15Spinal fixation system
01/01/15Vertebral body replacement apparatus
12/25/14Distractor with removable footplates
12/25/14System and transmitting orthopaedic implant data
12/18/14Configured and sized cannula
12/18/14Impacting device and method
12/18/14Intervertebral implant
12/18/14Intervertebral disc
11/27/14Method and system for trans-lamina spinal fixation
11/06/14Methods and devices for tissue retraction
10/30/14Method of forming and the resulting membrane composition for surgical site preservation
10/30/14Instrumentation for recording and replicating orthopaedic implant orientation
10/23/14System, method, and device for monitoring orthopaedic implant data over a cellular network
10/23/14Expandable dilator
10/09/14Cutting burr shank configuration
10/09/14Dilation system
09/25/14Anchor/suture used for medical procedures
09/18/14Magnesium alloy with adjustable degradation rate
09/18/14System and determining position and pressure of an implantable shunt
09/18/14Detection and clearing of occlusions in catheters
09/18/14Bi-phase fluid surge suppressor device
09/18/14Adjustable resistance, gravitationally activated, anti-syphon valve
09/18/14Bone fixation device
09/18/14Modular tapered reamer for bone preparation and associated method
09/18/14Bone anchors and surgical instruments with integrated guide tips
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09/18/14Occlusive device delivery system with mechanical detachment
09/18/14Bone anchors and surgical instruments with integrated guide tips
09/18/14Braided stent with expansion ring and delivery
09/18/14Distal capture device for a self-expanding stent
09/18/14Striped stent introducer
09/18/14Capture tube mechanism for delivering and releasing a stent
09/18/14Delivery system for expandable stents
09/18/14Braid expansion ring with markers
09/18/14Braided flow diverter using flat-round technology
09/18/14Variable porosity intravascular implant and manufacturing method
09/18/14System and implanting a secondary glenoid prosthesis
09/18/14Mechanical assembly of pegs to prosthesis
09/11/14Stent delivery system and method
09/04/14Bone anchor with locking cap and spinal fixation
09/04/14Polyaxial bone anchors with increased angulation
08/28/14Surgical access tube
08/28/14Red light implant for treating the spine
08/28/14Intervertebral implant
08/21/14Hutc as therapy for alzheimer's disease
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08/21/14Tethered coil for treatment of body lumens
08/21/14Lock/floating marker band on pusher wire for self-expanding stents or medical devices
08/14/14Multi-lumen ventricular drainage catheter
08/14/14Noncircular inner lumen guiding catheter with assisted variable support
08/07/14Methods and devices for spinal fixation element placement
08/07/14Method of implanting a sterile, active agent-coated material and composition made according to same
08/07/14Bone support apparatus
08/07/14Methods and devices for minimally invasive spinal fixation element placement
08/07/14Steerable needle assembly for use in vertebral body augmentation
07/31/14Orthopaedic surgical saw assembly for removing an implanted glenoid component and using the same
07/31/14Bone fixation systems and methods of use
07/31/14Revision hip prosthesis having an implantable distal stem component
07/24/14Methods for the in situ treatment of bone cancer
07/24/14System and determining patient follow-up subsequent to an orthopaedic procedure
07/24/14Double helix reinforced catheter
07/24/14Dynamic bone fixation element and using the same
07/24/14Porous biocompatible polymer material and methods
07/17/14Transdiscal administration of specific inhibitors of pro-inflammatory cytokines
07/17/14Bone-regeneration material
07/03/14Passive screw locking mechanism
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07/03/14Composites for osteosynthesis
07/03/14Surgical nail
07/03/14Device for injecting bone cement
07/03/14Instruments and methods for manipulating vertebra
06/26/14Polyaxial bone screw
06/19/14Nutrient enriched media for hutc growth
06/19/14Intervertebral implant
06/12/14Method of treating cancer using a curcumin derivative
06/12/14Instruments and preparing an intervertebral space for receiving an artificial disc implant
06/12/14Uni-planer bone fixation assembly
06/12/14Stent delivery system with threaded engagement method
06/12/14Arcuate fixation member
06/12/14Minimally invasive intervertebral staple distraction devices
06/05/14Regeneration and repair of neural tissue using postpartum-derived cells
06/05/14Surgical cutting tool
05/29/14Tool with integrated navigation and guidance system and related apparatus and methods
05/29/14Intervertebral implant with fixation geometry
05/22/14Non-fusion scoliosis expandable spinal rod
05/22/14Polyaxial bone fixation element
05/22/14Bone fixation assembly
05/22/14Flexible chain implants and instrumentation
05/22/14Concave resurfacing prosthesis
05/15/14Apparatus and deployment of a therapeutic device using a catheter
05/15/14Reduction sleeve
05/15/14Endplate for a vertebral implant
05/15/14Joint prosthesis system with positionable head
05/08/14Acetabular cup having a wireless communication device
05/08/14Perfusion device and method
05/08/14Customized patient-specific orthopaedic pin guides
05/08/14Injectable fastener system and method
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05/08/14Rotatable reverse metaglene kit
05/08/14Aspheric hip bearing couple
05/01/14Super-hydrophobic hierarchical structures, forming them and medical devices incorporating them
05/01/14Bone plating system
04/24/14Guidewire insertion methods and devices
04/24/14Distractible intervertebral implant
04/17/14Hybrid bone fixation element and methods of using the same
04/17/14Dynamized interspinal implant
04/10/14Bone cement with adapted mechanical properties
04/10/14Method for cutting bone during an orthopaedic surgical procedure
04/10/14Intervertebral implant with fixation geometry
04/03/14Spinal stabilization device
04/03/14Radiopaque marker for vascular devices
03/27/14Radiopaque super-elastic intravascular stent
03/27/14Hydraulic device for the injection of bone cement in percutaneous vertebroplasty
03/27/14Intravascular flow modifier and reinforcement device and deployment system for same
03/20/14Hybrid femoral hip stem broach
03/20/14Multihole drill sleeve with protection sleeve
03/06/14Force dissipating impactor device
03/06/14Adjustable intervertebral implant
03/06/14Adjustable bone screw assembly
02/27/14Surgical retractor systems and illuminated cannulae
02/27/14Prosthetic ligament having a helical bone fastener
02/27/14Radiopaque super-elastic intravascular stent
02/27/14Intervertebral implant
02/20/14Configured and sized cannula
02/20/14Simulated bone or tissue manipulation
02/20/14Method and attaching soft tissue to bone
02/20/14Spinal fusion implant

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