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Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh
Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh_20100114


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Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh. Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024424808/27/15  new patent  Supply voltage management
22015024543808/27/15  new patent  Pdm modulation of led current
32015023667308/20/15 Apparatus and temperature measurement and/or calibration via resonant peaks in an oscillator
42015023769308/20/15 High voltage converter without auxiliary winding
52015023769408/20/15 Dual mode analog and digital led dimming via mains voltage
62015023769508/20/15 Powerless bleeder
72015022714608/13/15 High speed regulator with low capacitor values
82015022715608/13/15 Apparatus and a modified brokaw bandgap reference circuit for improved low voltage power supply
92015022921408/13/15 Switching control of a bipolar transistor for dcdc power converters
102015021497607/30/15 Method for improving the accuracy of an exponential current digital-to-analog (idac) using a binary-weighted msb
112015021497707/30/15 Apparatus for improving the accuracy of an exponential current digital-to-analog (idac) using a binary-weighted msb
122015020531907/23/15 Apparatus and low voltage reference and oscillator
132015020751107/23/15 Digital counter comprising reduced transition density
142015019488907/09/15 High voltage dc/dc converter with master/slave output stage
152015019489007/09/15 Dc/dc converter efficiency improvement for low current levels
162015017775406/25/15 Method and dc-dc converter with boost/low dropout (ldo) mode control
172015017775706/25/15 Cc-cv method to control the startup current for ldo
182015017776006/25/15 Method and system for gain boosting in linear regulators
192015016066906/11/15 Fast load transient response system for voltage regulators
202015014549305/28/15 Circuit with controlled inrush current
212015013777405/21/15 Current limit control with constant accuracy
222015012362805/07/15 Apparatus and a voltage regulator with improved power supply reduction ratio (psrr) with reduced parasitic capacitance on bias signal lines
232015011590804/30/15 Phase offset compensation for multiphase dc-dc converter
242015011592004/30/15 Continuous comparator with improved calibration
252015011598504/30/15 Temperature and supply voltage independent dc-dc current sensing
262015010883504/23/15 Dual input rtc supply generation with replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system supply
272015010274004/16/15 Circuit and detecting the duration of the interruption of a mains input
282015010277904/16/15 Device and charging a battery
292015010285404/16/15 High efficiency charge pump circuit
302015009753404/09/15 Circuits and controlling transient fault conditions in a low dropout voltage regulator
312015009754104/09/15 Apparatus and a voltage regulator with improved output voltage regulated loop biasing
322015009754204/09/15 Asymmetric inductors in multi-phase dcdc converters
332015009762104/09/15 Capacitance minimization switch
342015007707503/19/15 Control circuit for multiple high side switches
352015007707603/19/15 Dual mode low dropout voltage regulator
362015007708203/19/15 Apparatus and a boost converter with improved electrical overstress (eos) tolerance
372015007805903/19/15 On-chip voltage generation for a programmable memory device
382015007008503/12/15 Reduction in on-resistance in pass device
392015006162203/05/15 Method and limiting startup inrush current for low dropout regulator
402015006177203/05/15 Circuit to reduce output capacitor of ldos
412015002877501/29/15 Line voltage switch event detection for led assemblies
422015002877801/29/15 Programmable phase-cut dimmer operation
432015001508801/15/15 Capacitive dc power transformer
442015001533101/15/15 Method and circuit for controlled gain reduction of a differential pair
452015001533201/15/15 Method and circuit for controlled gain reduction of a gain stage
462015000890201/08/15 Highly accurate current measurement
472015000196501/01/15 Method for determining and operating temperature of an electronic component
482014037522512/25/14 Vcc charge and free-wheeling detection via source controlled mos transistor
492014037528912/25/14 Active clamps for multi-stage amplifiers in over/under-voltage condition
502014034710211/27/14 Anti-shoot-through automatic multiple feedback gate drive control circuit
512014034006511/20/14 Adaptive low-power zero-cross comparator for discontinuous current mode operated switching mode power supply
522014034013611/20/14 Dynamic level shifter circuit
532014030677110/16/14 Method for providing a stabilized oscillator signal
542014030029210/09/14 Programmable current source with optimized compliance region for efficient backlighting in portable applications
552014028509209/25/14 Magnetic coil / transformer modulation
562014028520709/25/14 Control circuit for determining a charge current of a battery
572014026608509/18/14 Control high efficient buck-boost switching regulator
582014026610009/18/14 Method to limit the inrush current in large output capacitance ldo's
592014026892109/18/14 Topology detection
602014025298909/11/14 Active avalanche protection for fly back converter
612014024677309/04/14 Chip on chip attach (passive ipd and pmic) flip chip bga using new cavity bga substrate
622014024702609/04/14 Loss-less coil current estimator for peak current mode control smps
632014024702709/04/14 Method of automatic mode change in switching regulators
642014024708709/04/14 Current control for output device biasing stage
652014024003408/28/14 Divide by 2 and 3 charge pump methods
662014022558808/14/14 Static offset reduction in a current conveyor
672014021788608/07/14 Programmable solid state light bulb assemblies
682014021788708/07/14 Controllers for solid state light bulb assemblies
692014021791808/07/14 Driver circuits for solid state light bulb assemblies
702014021037707/31/14 Converter one pin sensing
712014021043007/31/14 Maintaining the resistor divider ratio during start-up
722014021044007/31/14 Clean startup and power saving in pulsed enabling of ldo
732014020504707/24/14 Low latency synchronizer circuit
742014020154307/17/14 Recharging of the gate charge of a transistor
752014018418007/03/14 Phase lock loop controlled current mode buck converter
762014016763106/19/14 Circuit and detecting the duration of the interruption of a mains input
772014016764006/19/14 Back-up capacitor
782014016958806/19/14 Boosted differential class h amplifier
792014015227906/05/14 Circuit to control the effect of dielectric absorption in dynamic voltage scaling low dropout regulator
802014011796105/01/14 Hysteretic power converter with switch gate current sense
812014010389304/17/14 Load transient, reduced bond wires for circuits supplying large currents
822014009781504/10/14 Powering down switching regulator using a ramped reference voltage
832014009782304/10/14 Artificial ramp generating in pwm modulator for current control mode
842014009782404/10/14 Current measurement via gate of external transistor
852014009187004/03/14 Area efficient single capacitor cmos relaxation oscillator
862014007783003/20/14 High speed, high current, closed loop load transient tester
872014005505202/27/14 Solid state lightening driver with mixed control of power switch
882014002835601/30/14 Bypass for on-chip voltage regulator
892013033649412/19/13 Agc circuit for an echo cancelling circuit
902013030044211/14/13 Chip socket
912013029542411/07/13 Electrolyte-based battery cell, determining the state of charge of electrolyte-based batteries
922013028571010/31/13 High side driver with power supply function
932013026495310/10/13 Method of preventing spurious ringing during discontinuous conduction mode in inductive boost converters for white led drivers
942013026502010/10/13 Output transistor leakage compensation for ultra low-power ldo regulator
952013026506010/10/13 On-chip test technique for low drop-out regulators
962013025727710/03/13 High efficiency inductor-less off-line led driver
972013025753510/03/13 Fully differential amplifier topology to drive dynamic speakers in class ab mode
982013024942109/26/13 Method for optimizing efficiency versus load current in an inductive boost converter for white led driving
992013023563209/12/13 Active rectifier with modulation
1002013022186208/29/13 Method and system for avoiding flicker of ssl devices
1012013022194708/29/13 Battery wake-up
1022013021481908/22/13 Multi-level output comparator
1032013021482608/22/13 Fully digital generating sub clock division and clock waves
1042013020086808/08/13 Protection of an n-channel transistor
1052013020092808/08/13 External power transistor control
1062013019394108/01/13 Bypass control in a dc-to-dc converter
1072013018756807/25/13 Dimming led lamp assemblies
1082013016936107/04/13 Multi-stage fully differential amplifier with controlled common mode voltage
1092013014744706/13/13 High-speed ldo driver circuit using adaptive impedance control
1102013014099006/06/13 Open led detection and recovery system for led lighting system
1112013012006005/16/13 Sigma-delta modulator approach to increased volume resolution in audio output stages
1122013004985702/28/13 High gain amplifier method using low-valued resistances
1132013000969601/10/13 Triple mode charge-pump
1142012031948412/20/12 Current limited linear and switching regulators
1152012029956411/29/12 Low drop-out voltage regulator with dynamic voltage control
1162012028066711/08/12 Flexible load current dependent feedback compensation for linear regulators utilizing ultra-low bypass capacitances
1172012026807510/25/12 Bidirectional current sense
1182012026809410/25/12 Analog current limit adjustment for linear and switching regulators
1192012026199410/18/12 Dual input rtc supply generation with replica power path and autonomous mode of operation from the system supply
1202012026213510/18/12 Ldo with improved stability
1212012026213710/18/12 Current limitation for ldo
1222012026246910/18/12 Methods and driving matrix display panels
1232012024120809/27/12 Signal routing optimized ic package ball/pad layout
1242012022911709/13/12 Startup circuit for low voltage cascode beta multiplier current generator
1252012022917309/13/12 Rapid switchable hv p-mos power transistor driver with constant gate-source control voltage
1262012022920209/13/12 Power efficient generation of band gap referenced supply rail, voltage and current references, and dynamic control
1272012022931609/13/12 Delta-sigma modulator approach to increased amplifier gain resolution
1282012021235608/23/12 Tracking analog-to-digital converter (adc) with a self-controlled variable clock
1292012020628308/16/12 Minimum differential non-linearity trim dac
1302012015389906/21/12 Multiple battery charger with automatic charge current adjustment
1312012015404806/21/12 Amplifier common-mode control methods
1322012014659406/14/12 Circuit of high efficient buck-boost switching regulator and control method thereof
1332012014661106/14/12 Circuit to improve stability of boost-mode converters
1342012013976806/07/12 Device and the transmission and reception of high fidelity audio using a single wire
1352012014094206/07/12 Reduced delay digital active noise cancellation
1362012006867303/22/12 Startup circuit for self-supplied voltage regulator
1372012006240503/15/12 Compensation of loop-delay quantizer in continuous-time and hybrid sigma-delta analog-to-digital modulators
1382012005665503/08/12 Method and system for controlling hs-nmos power switches with slew-rate limitation
1392012004738202/23/12 Script engine for control of power management controllers
1402011031605312/29/11 Mos transistor structure with easy access to all nodes
1412011027912811/17/11 Driver chip based oled module connectivity test
1422011027915511/17/11 Slew rate pwm controlled charge pump for limited in-rush current switch driving
1432011026773111/03/11 Over-current protection for a switch mode class d audio amplifier
1442011024878110/13/11 Duplicate feedback network in class d amplifiers
1452011024898410/13/11 User programmable graphics in non-volatile memory for epd driver ic
1462011022781509/22/11 Pwm precharge of organic light emitting diodes
1472011020486108/25/11 Dc-dc converter efficiency improvement and area reduction using a novel switching technique
1482011019353808/11/11 Domino voltage regulator (dvr)
1492011012180005/26/11 Method for providing and operating an ldo
1502011012180105/26/11 Automatic current limit adjustment for linear and switching regulators
1512011011484205/19/11 Infrared photocurrent front-end adc for rain-sensing system with ambient light compensation
1522011008475604/14/11 Reduced capacitor charge-pump
1532011008475704/14/11 Vdd/5 or vdd/6 charge-pump
1542011008476804/14/11 Dual reference oscillator phase-lock loop
1552011008734704/14/11 Digital controller for automatic rate detection and tracking of audio interface clocks
1562011006289503/17/11 Circuit for driving an infrared transmitter led with temperature compensation
1572011005782503/10/11 Diode smart track
1582011003751702/17/11 Concept, method and apparatus of improved distortion switched-mode amplifier
1592011000674901/13/11 Startup circuit for bandgap voltage reference generators
1602010029576011/25/10 Advanced multi line addressing
1612010029584511/25/10 Back to back pre-charge scheme
1622010029586011/25/10 Tagged multi line address driving
1632010029586111/25/10 Extended multi line address driving
1642010028959011/18/10 Self-trim and self-test of on-chip values
1652010024478309/30/10 Load current dependent reduction of charge battery current
1662010024514209/30/10 Tri-level dynamic element matcher allowing reduced reference loading and dac element reduction
1672010023784509/23/10 Charge current reduction for current limited switched power supply
1682010015650106/24/10 Adjustable integrator using a single capacitance
1692010009712504/22/10 Hvnmos/hvpmos switched capacitor charge pump having ideal charge transfer
1702010004532902/25/10 Probeless dc testing of cmos i/o circuits
1712010000731801/14/10 Buck converter threshold detection for automatic pulse skipping mode
1722009031541012/24/09 Ultra-low current push-button switch interface circuit
1732009031982112/24/09 Glitch-free clock suspend and resume circuit
1742009026757110/29/09 Load current dependent reduction of charge battery current
1752009026188810/22/09 Autonomous control of multiple supply voltage generators for display drivers
1762009021276008/27/09 Supply current based testing of cmos output stages
1772010000731801/14/10 Buck converter threshold detection for automatic pulse skipping mode

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