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Disney Enterprises Inc
Disney Enterprises Inc A Delaware Corporation
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Disney Enterprises Inc burbank ca
Disney Enterprises Inc Burbank Ca
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Disney Enterprises Incorporated

Disney Enterprises Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Disney Enterprises Inc. Disney Enterprises Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Disney Enterprises Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Disney Enterprises Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/05/09Multiple artistic look rendering methods and apparatus
03/23/17 new patent  Adaptive rendered environments using user context
03/16/17Method and system for data collection using large-scale interactive user response
03/16/17Six degree of freedom (dof) motion platform without non-redundant load paths
03/16/17Systems and methods for contextual video shot aggregation
03/16/17Systems and methods for detecting free-standing groups of individuals
03/16/17Collaborative project management
03/16/17Color balancing based on reference points
03/16/17Systems and methods for providing a ratings version and a dynamic ad version of a video
03/09/17Story albums
03/09/17Intensity correction for projection systems
03/09/17High dynamic range tone mapping
03/02/17Visual salience of online video as a predictor of success
03/02/17Systems and methods for detecting keywords in multi-speaker environments
03/02/17Systems, methods, and apparatuses for stereoscopic imaging
02/23/17Contextual image presentation
02/23/17Deformable-surface tracking based augmented reality image generation
02/23/17Systems and methods for facilitating gameplay within messaging feeds
02/23/17Methods and systems for altering features of mobile devices
02/16/17Heat shrink laminated composite patch for repairing composite components
02/16/17Identifying hand gestures based on muscle movement in the arm
02/16/17Systems, methods, and storage media associated with facilitating interactions with mobile applications via messaging interfaces
02/09/17Linguistic analysis and correction
02/09/17Commercial drone detection
02/09/17Generating a visually consistent alternative audio for redubbing visual speech
02/09/17Switched emissive transparent display with controllable per-pixel opacity
02/09/17System and multi-device video image display and modification
01/26/17Sensing and managing vehicle behavior based on occupant awareness
01/26/17Systems and methods of visualizing multimedia content
01/26/17Transaction proposal generator
01/26/17Detailed spatio-temporal reconstruction of eyelids
01/26/17Real-time high-quality facial performance capture
01/26/17Systems and methods for delivery of personalized audio
01/26/17Systems and methods for delivery of personalized audio
01/19/17Media content ontology
01/19/17Methods and systems for conducting multi-user interactions on a device using biometric authentication
01/12/17Motorized monopod jib for cameras
01/12/17Systems and methods for automatic key frame extraction and storyboard interface generation for video
01/12/17Object deformation modeling
01/05/17Drip resistant wood graining process
12/29/16Speech-controlled actions based on keywords and context thereof
12/29/16Adjusting media availability via a content consumption activity dashboard
12/22/16Lightweight system for mounting hand-operated tools, objects, and interaction devices to a user's hand
12/22/16Componentized data storage
12/22/16Method and system for approximating fully calculated image sequence from a subset of calculated image data
12/22/16System and scene-space video processing
12/22/16Three dimensional (3d) stereo display systems for creating 3d effects for viewers wearing 3d glasses
12/22/16Interactive broadcast
12/22/16Generating dynamic temporal versions of content
12/15/16Fabricating a robotics skin system using a mold core or tool defining an inverse of an exterior surface topography
12/15/16Dynamically changing a 3d object into an interactive 3d menu
12/15/16Content development review system
12/15/16Systems and methods for finding nearby users with common interests
12/08/16Artificial eye with an internal electromagnetic drive
12/08/16Advertising inventory management system and method
12/08/16Sketch-based abstraction for character posing and synthesis
12/08/16Script-based multimedia presentation
12/08/16Output light monitoring for benchmarking and enhanced control of a display system
12/08/16Tracked automultiscopic 3d tabletop display
12/01/16Method and system for magnetic field based information transfer
12/01/16Systems and methods for association of virtual gaming to physical environments
12/01/16Methods and systems for playing an audio corresponding to a text medium
12/01/16Scanning laser-based three dimensional (3d) display systems for viewers wearing 3d glasses
12/01/16Methods for creating and distributing art-directable continuous dynamic range video
11/24/16Biomimetic skin for an animatronic figure and other applications
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11/24/16Virtual object discrimination for fast global illumination rendering
11/24/16Interactive book with proximity, touch, and/or gesture sensing
11/24/16Multi-channel video playback system with variable time delay
11/17/16Impact absorption unmanned aerial vehicle
11/17/16Authenticated content delivery platform
11/10/16Dynamic physical agent for a virtual game
11/10/16Adaptive multi-window configuration based upon gaze tracking
11/03/16Perceptual color transformations for wide color gamut video coding
10/27/16Video object tagging using segmentation hierarchy
10/27/16Indoor scene illumination
10/27/16Systems and methods for streaming content to nearby displays
10/20/16Artificial intelligence controlled entertainment performance
10/20/16System and providing personalization of a virtual space based on an individualized seed value
10/20/16Asset-data integration
10/20/16System and creating and inserting event tags into media content
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10/13/16Method and system for progressively sculpting three-dimensional geometry
10/06/16Three-dimensional printer with an inverted cutting surface and a movable platform for creating layered objects
10/06/16Haptic authoring tool for animated haptic media production
10/06/16Object classification through semantic mapping
10/06/16Geometric multigrid on incomplete linear octrees for simulating deformable animated characters
09/22/16Projection system for enhancing and modifying the appearance of a projection surface
09/22/16Holographic high power illumination distribution system
09/22/16Interactive story development creating a narrative of a storyline
09/22/16Combining sampling arrangements and distributions for stochastic integration in rendering
09/22/16Automatic device operation and object tracking based on learning of smooth predictors
09/22/16Method and prioritizing data transmission in a wireless broadcasting system
09/22/16Method and system for mimicking human camera operation
09/15/16Fail-safe projection system
09/08/16Light transport classification based ray tracing
09/08/16Sports formation retrieval
09/08/16Light transport classification based ray tracing
09/08/16Proximity based entitlement sharing
09/08/16System and increased spatial resolution
09/08/16Method and system for providing and displaying optional overlays
08/25/16Method for developing and controlling a robot to have movements matching an animation character
08/25/16Motorized monopod jib for cameras
08/25/16Guided authoring of interactive content
08/25/16Systems and methods for non-linear content creation
08/25/16Algorithmic transcoding
08/25/16Media processing node
08/18/16Control floating-base robots including generating feasible motions using time warping
08/18/16Multimedia presentation device with paper pages and an electronic display
08/18/16Systems and methods for embedding metadata into video contents
08/11/16Multi-user interactive media wall
08/04/16System and playsets using tracked objects and corresponding virtual worlds
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08/04/16Enhancing group decisions within social messaging applications
08/04/16Chromatic calibration of an hdr display using 3d octree forests
07/28/16Method and device for three-weight message-passing optimization scheme using splines
07/28/16System and a personalized venue experience
07/21/16Techniques for providing non-verbal speech recognition in an immersive playtime environment
07/21/16Tracking specific gestures relative to user movement
07/21/16Customizing a game entity associated with a physical object at a point of purchase
07/21/16Electronically enabled effect for a printed object
07/21/16Augmenting physical appearance using illumination
07/21/16Adaptive material point method
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07/21/16Image decomposition and path-space motion estimation
07/21/16Image decomposition and path-space motion estimation
07/14/16Robust artificial foliage
07/14/16Techniques for representing imaginary participants in an immersive play environment
07/14/16Audience interaction projection system
07/07/16System and synchronizing on-air commercial programming with interactive applications
06/23/16Selectively activated color changing hairpiece
06/23/16System and associating a universal user identification and a domain specific user identification
06/23/16Camera calibration
06/23/16System and real-time location-based advertisement insertion into online content
06/23/16Backlit luminous structure
06/16/16Authenticating users across applications and devices using biometric authentication or wearable devices
06/16/16Systems and methods for additive manufacturing of three-dimensional objects using needle felting
06/16/16Scalable and tileable holographic displays
06/09/16Automated selective scoring of user-generated content
06/09/16Rear projected screen materials and processes
06/09/16Systems and methods for disabling or expiring hyperlinks
06/09/16Resonant cavity mode enabled wireless power transfer
06/09/16Simultaneous operation of multiple communications protocols
06/02/16Avatar personalization in a virtual environment
06/02/16Content player with transference reader
05/26/16Techniques for processing reconstructed three-dimensional image data
05/26/16Systems and methods for estimating sky light probes for outdoor images
05/19/16System and/or processing three dimensional images
05/19/16Interactive design system for character crafting
05/19/16Customizable beacons to activate content on a user device
05/12/16Air delivered special effects
05/12/16Simulation and skinning of heterogeneous texture detail deformation
05/12/16System and providing media content
05/12/16Method and system for projector calibration
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05/12/16Content based partitioning of digital media content
05/05/16Game pieces for use with touch screen devices and related methods
05/05/16Method and device for fantasy sports auction recommendations
05/05/16Haptic interface for population of a three-dimensional virtual environment
05/05/16Systems and methods for using a product history to create a linguistic corpus for a product
05/05/16Managing a theme of a virtual space based on characters made accessible responsive to corresponding tokens being detected
05/05/16Computed information for metadata extraction applied to transcoding
04/28/16Controlling groups of game entities in a video game in a collective, coordinated, and/or collaborative manner using a group entity
04/28/16Passenger restraint for upright, straddle-type seating in an amusement park ride vehicle
04/28/16Passenger restraint providing lateral leg containment in an amusement park ride vehicle
04/28/16Descriptive metadata extraction and linkage with editorial content
04/28/16Descriptive metadata extraction and linkage with editorial content
04/21/16Three dimensional (3d) printer with near instantaneous object printing using a photo-curing liquid
04/21/16System and dynamically valuating players during a fantasy draft
04/21/16Content orchestration for assembly of customized content streams
04/21/16Displaying custom positioned overlays to a viewer
04/14/16Multi-touch surface extension using conductive traces and pads
04/14/16Location-based mobile storytelling using beacons
04/14/16Storage of tags in video for carriage in real-time
04/14/16Systems and methods for delivering secondary content to viewers
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04/14/16System for the delivery and dynamic presentation of large media assets over bandwidth constrained networks
04/14/16Measuring user engagement during presentation of media content
04/07/16Puppet control mechanism
04/07/16Three dimensional (3d) printer printing 3d objects with user-defined material parameters
04/07/16Electrical power source for a 3d printed object
04/07/16Voice searching metadata through media content
04/07/16Method and system for optimizing bitrate selection
03/31/16Three-dimensional object sculpting and deformation on a mobile device
03/31/16Gameplay in a chat thread
03/31/16Touch interface for precise rotation of an object
03/31/16Generating story graphs with large collections of online images
03/31/16Token-based enabling second sale of content associated with a media-bound content to a consumer
03/24/16Customized haptic effects
03/17/16Incremental category embedding for categorization
03/17/16Initiate events through hidden interactions
03/17/163d printing with custom surface reflectance
03/17/16Tracking subjects using ranging sensors
03/17/16Computational design of linkage-based characters
03/10/16Method and device for fantasy sport player recommendations
03/10/16Three dimensional (3d) printer with a build plate having multi-degree of freedom motion
Social Network Patent Pack
03/10/16Three dimensional (3d) printing by volumetric addition through selective curing of a fluid matrix
03/10/16Three dimensional (3d) printed objects with embedded identification (id) elements
03/10/16Smart captchas
03/10/16Distribution caching for direct lights
03/10/16Sectioned memory networks for online word-spotting in continuous speech
03/10/16Play sequence visualization and analysis
03/03/16Walking machines
03/03/16Residual ratio tracking for estimating attenuation in heterogeneous volumes
03/03/16System and visual search in a video media player
03/03/16System and transmitting a services list to a playback device
02/25/16Purchasing and viewing content based on a linear broadcast
02/25/16Method and system for providing and displaying optional overlays
02/18/16Pneumatically actuated and safely compliant skeletal joints for robotic characters
02/18/16Augmented reality context sensitive control system
02/18/16Object recognition for 3d printing
02/18/16Method and system for multimedia captures with remote triggering
02/11/16Robust and autonomous docking and recharging of quadrotors
02/11/16Reflective and refractive surfaces configured to project desired caustic pattern
02/11/16Systems and methods for providing media content
02/11/16Interactive three dimensional displays on handheld devices
02/11/16Systems and methods for customizing channel programming
02/04/16Projection assemblies for use with unmanned aerial vehicles
02/04/16Monitoring food products
01/28/16Temporally coherent local tone mapping of hdr video
01/28/16Temporally coherent local tone mapping of high dynamic range video
01/28/16Panoramic video from unstructured camera arrays with globally consistent parallax removal
01/28/16Enhancing tv with wireless broadcast messages
01/28/16Streaming playback and dynamic ad insertion
01/21/16Three dimensional (3d) printer and filament material providing scanning protection for 3d printed objects
01/21/16Selectively reenabling an interactive element for the collection of user feedback
Social Network Patent Pack
01/21/16System and method enabling visual filtering of content
01/21/16Method and system for encoding and transmitting high definition 3-d multimedia content
01/14/16Method and system for real-time audio broadcast
01/14/16Modular design of complex tensegrity structures
01/07/16Full-duplex, wireless control system for interactive costumed characters
01/07/16Systems and methods for networked media synchronization
01/07/16Systems and methods for digital library channel creation
12/31/15Inflatable bed mattress lifts
12/31/15Mapping for three dimensional surfaces
12/31/15Multi-color 3d printer
12/31/15Rear projected screen materials and processes
12/31/15Contextual media presentation
12/31/15Automated device authorizaton and deauthorization
12/31/15System and dynamically generated challenge-response passwords
12/10/15Digital purchase transfers between separate retailers
12/03/15Future event prediction using augmented conditional random field
12/03/15Depth modification for display applications
12/03/15Example based editing of virtual terrain maps
12/03/15Systems and methods for predictive delivery of high bit-rate content for playback
12/03/15Recall and triggering system for control of on-air content at remote locations
12/03/15System and multi-device video image display and modification
11/26/15Controlling unmanned aerial vehicles as a flock to synchronize flight in aerial displays
11/26/15System and rendering in accordance with location of virtual objects in real-time
11/26/15Utilizing heuristics to enable self-adjusting displays
11/26/15Parallax based monoscopic rendering
11/26/15Video system and methods for operating a video system
11/26/15Audiolocation method and system combining use of audio fingerprinting and audio watermarking
11/19/15Interactive synchronization of multiple videos
11/19/15Storage and compression methods for animated images

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