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Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
08/25/16 new patent  Calculating and adjusting the perceived loudness and/or the perceived spectral balance of an audio signal
08/25/16 new patent  Workflow for content creation and guided display management of edr video
08/25/16 new patent  Method and system for video equalization
08/18/16Techniques for distortion reducing multi-band compressor with timbre preservation
08/18/16Displaying dci and other content on an enhanced dynamic range projector
08/18/16Transmitting display management metadata over hdmi
08/18/16Rendering of multichannel audio using interpolated matrices
08/18/16Adaptive diffuse signal generation in an upmixer
08/11/16Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environments
08/11/16High frequency regeneration of an audio signal by copying in a circular manner
08/11/16High frequency regeneration of an audio signal with temporal shaping
08/11/16High frequency regeneration of an audio signal by copying in a circular manner
08/04/16Apparatus for display systems
08/04/16Hybrid waveform-coded and parametric-coded speech enhancement
08/04/16Expedited display characterization using diffraction gratings
08/04/16Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environments
07/28/16Sound reflections for portable assemblies
07/28/16Loudness adjustment for downmixed audio content
07/28/16Loudness adjustment for downmixed audio content
07/28/16Loudness adjustment for downmixed audio content
07/21/16Selective watermarking of channels of multichannel audio
07/21/16Gamut mapping systems and methods
07/21/16Systems, mapping between video ranges of image data and a display
07/21/16Enabling delivery and synchronization of auxiliary content associated with multimedia data
07/21/16Panning of audio objects to arbitrary speaker layouts
07/14/16Adaptive ratio images in hdr image representation
07/07/16Hybrid automatic content recognition and watermarking
07/07/16Audio encoder and decoder with program information or substream structure metadata
07/07/16System aspects of an audio codec
07/07/16Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environments
06/30/16Multichannel audio coding
06/30/16Reconstructing audio signals with multiple decorrelation techniques
06/30/16Systems and methods for light field modeling techniques for multi-modulation displays
06/30/16Processing spatially diffuse or large audio objects
06/23/16Speaker identification using spatial information
06/23/16System and reducing temporal artifacts for transient signals in a decorrelator circuit
06/23/16Vector noise cancellation
06/23/16Encoding and decoding of 3d hdr images using a tapestry representation
06/16/16Method and system for shaped glasses and viewing 3d images
06/16/16Image display
06/09/16Processing of time-varying metadata for lossless resampling
06/02/16Theater entrance
06/02/16Bitstream syntax for spatial voice coding
05/26/16Packet loss concealment apparatus and method, and audio processing system
05/26/16Methods and systems for image intra-prediction mode management
05/26/16Adaptive audio content generation
05/26/16Bass management for audio rendering
05/19/16Projector display systems having non-mechanical mirror beam steering
05/19/16Adaptive filtering based upon boundary strength
05/19/16Adaptive filtering based upon boundary strength
05/19/16Optimized filter selection for reference picture processing
05/19/16Method and system for selectively breaking prediction in video coding
05/19/16Improved rendering of audio objects using discontinuous rendering-matrix updates
05/19/16Method for generating a surround sound field, apparatus and computer program product thereof
05/12/163d glasses and related systems
05/12/16Multi-stage quantization of parameter vectors from disparate signal dimensions
05/12/16Extending image dynamic range
05/12/16Rate control adaptation for high-dynamic range images
05/12/16Adaptive reshaping for layered coding of enhanced dynamic range signals
05/12/16Encoding, decoding, and representing high dynamic range images
05/05/16Systems and methods for rectifying image artifacts
05/05/16Local multiscale tone-mapping operator
05/05/16Color display based on spatial clustering
04/28/16Lighting for audio devices
04/28/16Multi-half-tone imaging and dual modulation projection/dual modulation laser projection
04/28/16Perceptual luminance nonlinearity-based image data exchange across different display capabilities
04/21/16Rapid estimation of effective illuminance patterns for projected light fields
04/21/16Audio data hiding based on perceptual masking and detection based on code multiplexing
04/14/16Stereoscopic dual modulator display device using full color anaglyph
04/14/16Transmitting display management metadata over hdmi
04/07/16Blending images using mismatched source and display electro-optical transfer functions
03/31/16Crosstalk cancellation in 3d displays
03/31/16Directed interpolation and data post-processing
03/24/16Projection display providing additional modulation and related methods
03/24/16Complexity scalable multilayer video coding
03/17/16Apparatuses and methods for audio classifying and processing
03/17/16Measuring content coherence and measuring similarity
03/17/16System and outputting multi-lingual audio and associated audio from a single container
03/17/16Dithering for chromatically subsampled image formats
03/17/16Graphics blending for high dynamic range video
03/17/16Encoding and decoding architecture of checkerboard multiplexed image data
03/10/16Method and image data transformation
03/10/16Method and system for scaling ducking of speech-relevant channels in multi-channel audio
03/10/16Compatible stereoscopic video delivery
03/03/16Methods and systems for generating and rendering object based audio with conditional rendering metadata
03/03/16Audio encoder and decoder
03/03/16Scene-change detection using video stream pairs
03/03/16Guided 3d display adaptation
03/03/16Overlapped rate control for video splicing applications
03/03/16Layered decomposition of chroma components in edr video coding
03/03/16Acquisition, recovery, and matching of unique information from file-based media for automated file detection
03/03/16Using single bitstream to produce tailored audio device mixes
02/25/16Digitally controlled ac protection and attenuation circuit
02/25/16Methods and apparatuses for generating and using low-resolution preview tracks with high-quality encoded object and multichannel audio signals
02/25/16Audio processing system
02/25/16Audio encoder and decoder
02/25/16Equalizer controller and controlling method
02/25/163d cameras for hdr
02/18/16Volume leveler controller and controlling method
02/18/16Image formats and related methods and apparatuses
02/18/16Depth map delivery formats for multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays
02/11/16Method and system for head-related transfer function generation by linear mixing of head-related transfer functions
02/11/16Rendering audio using speakers organized as a mesh of arbitrary n-gons
02/04/16Audio decoder and decoding method using efficient downmixing
02/04/16Speech dereverberation methods, devices and systems
02/04/16Normalization of soundfield orientations based on auditory scene analysis
02/04/16System and tools for enhanced 3d audio authoring and rendering
01/28/16Spatial comfort noise
01/28/163d visual dynamic range coding
01/28/16Methods and systems for interactive rendering of object based audio
01/28/16Methods and systems for generating and interactively rendering object based audio
01/28/16Method of rendering one or more captured audio soundfields to a listener
01/21/16Identifying multimedia objects based on multimedia fingerprint
01/21/16Companding apparatus and method to reduce quantization noise using advanced spectral extension
01/21/16Acoustic echo mitigation apparatus and method, audio processing apparatus and voice communication terminal
01/21/16Image decontouring in high dynamic range video processing
01/21/16System and adaptive audio signal generation, coding and rendering
01/14/16Encoding perceptually-quantized video content in multi-layer vdr coding
01/14/16Distribution of multi-format high dynamic range video using layered coding
01/07/16Display management for high dynamic range video
01/07/16Systems and methods for appearance mapping for compositing overlay graphics
01/07/16Display management for high dynamic range video
01/07/16Methods for audio signal transient detection and decorrelation control
01/07/16Methods for controlling the inter-channel coherence of upmixed audio signals
01/07/16Audio signal enhancement using estimated spatial parameters
01/07/16Systems and methods for detecting a synchronization code word
01/07/16Audio capture and render device having a visual display and user interface for audio conferencing
01/07/16Interpolation of video compression frames
01/07/16Interpolation of video compression frames
01/07/16Rendering of audio objects with apparent size to arbitrary loudspeaker layouts
12/31/15Method and system for shaped glasses and viewing 3d images
12/31/15Signal decorrelation in an audio processing system
12/31/15Audio spatial rendering apparatus and method
12/24/15Time-varying filters for generating decorrelation signals
12/24/15Processing audio signals with adaptive time or frequency resolution
12/24/15Echo control through hidden audio signals
12/24/15Metadata transcoding
12/17/15System and optimizing loudness and dynamic range across different playback devices
12/17/15Global display management based light modulation
12/17/15Efficient transcoding for backward-compatible wide dynamic range codec
12/17/15Automatic loudspeaker polarity detection
12/10/15Audio coding with gain profile extraction and transmission for speech enhancement at the decoder
12/10/15Method and system for improving compressed image chroma information
12/10/15Method and system for improving compressed image chroma information
12/03/15Audio processing apparatus and audio processing method
12/03/15Audio bitstreams with supplementary data and encoding and decoding of such bitstreams
12/03/15Controlling a jitter buffer
12/03/15High precision up-sampling in scalable coding of high bit-depth video
12/03/15Reflected sound rendering for object-based audio
11/26/15Systems and methods of managing metameric effects in narrowband primary display systems
11/26/15Audio burst collision resolution
11/26/15Backward-compatible coding for ultra high definition video signals with enhanced dynamic range
11/19/15Object clustering for rendering object-based audio content based on perceptual criteria
11/19/15Method for controlling acoustic echo cancellation and audio processing apparatus
11/12/15Audio encoder and decoder with program loudness and boundary metadata
11/12/15Inter-layer reference picture processing for coding standard scalability
11/12/15Coding and decoding of interleaved image data
11/05/15Guided color transient improvement filtering in video coding
10/29/15Multistage iir filter and parallelized filtering of data with same
10/22/15Ambient black level
10/22/15Systems for providing services in a voice conferencing environment
10/22/15Managing 3d edge effects on autostereoscopic displays
10/22/15Quantization control for variable bit depth
10/22/15Virtual height filter for reflected sound rendering using upward firing drivers
10/15/15Locally dimmed nano-crystal based display
10/15/15Placement of talkers in 2d or 3d conference scene
10/15/15Techniques for client device dependent filtering of metadata
10/08/15Techniques for dual modulation display with light conversion
10/08/15Teleconferencing using monophonic audio mixed with positional metadata
10/01/15Maximizing native capability across multiple monitors
10/01/15Reconstructing an audio signal with a noise parameter
10/01/15Processing audio signals with adaptive time or frequency resolution
10/01/15Vector noise cancellation
10/01/15Scalable systems for controlling color management comprising varying levels of metadata
10/01/15Device and improving the perceptual luminance nonlinearity-based image data exchange across different display capabilities
09/24/15Storing and searching fingerprints derived from media content based on a classification of the media content
09/24/15Alignment and re-association of metadata for media streams within a computing device
09/24/15Reduced complexity converter snr calculation
09/24/15Techniques for distortion reducing multi-band compressor with timbre preservation
09/24/15Interpolation of video compression frames
09/24/15Interpolation of video compression frames
09/24/15Processing audio or video signals captured by multiple devices
09/24/15Reflected and direct rendering of upmixed content to individually addressable drivers
09/17/15Systems and methods for initiating conferences using external devices
09/17/15Overlapped block disparity estimation and compensation architecture
09/17/15Telecommunications device
09/10/15Audio signal processing
09/10/15Image range expansion control methods and apparatus
09/10/15Position-dependent hybrid domain packet loss concealment
09/10/15Multi-field ccd capture for hdr imaging
09/10/15Graphics blending for high dynamic range video
09/03/15Display management for images with enhanced dynamic range
09/03/15Layered approach to spatial audio coding
09/03/15Hdr images with multiple color gamuts
08/27/15Multi-channel audio content analysis based upmix detection
08/27/15Reconstructing an audio signal with a noise parameter
08/27/15Voice activity detector for audio signals
08/27/15Method for improving perceptual continuity in a spatial teleconferencing system
08/27/15Spatial multiplexing in a soundfield teleconferencing system
08/27/15Virtual rendering of object-based audio
08/20/15Encoding and rendering of object based audio indicative of game audio content
08/20/15Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization
08/20/15Near-end indication that the end of speech is received by the far end in an audio or video conference
08/20/15Coding and decoding of interleaved image data
08/13/15Light directed modulation displays
08/13/15Dual modulator synchronization in a high dynamic range display system
08/13/15Processing audio objects in principal and supplementary encoded audio signals
08/13/15Method and system for object-dependent adjustment of levels of audio objects
08/06/15Coding of a sound field signal
08/06/15Methods and systems for selecting layers of encoded audio signals for teleconferencing
08/06/15Piecewise cross color channel predictor
08/06/15System for rendering and playback of object based audio in various listening environments
07/30/15Long term monitoring of transmission and voice activity patterns for regulating gain control
07/30/15Metadata for use in color grading
07/30/15Encoding, decoding, and representing high dynamic range images
07/30/15Percentile filtering of noise reduction gains
07/23/15Image processing for hdr images
07/23/15Call quality estimation by lost packet classification
07/23/15Quantization control for variable bit depth
07/23/15Bi-directional interconnect for communication between a renderer and an array of individually addressable drivers
07/16/15Frame compatible depth map delivery formats for stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic displays
07/16/15Multi-layer interlace frame-compatible enhanced resolution video delivery
07/09/15Color grading apparatus and methods
07/09/15Loudspeaker horn and cabinet
07/02/15Quantum dot modulation for displays
07/02/15Multichannel audio coding
07/02/15Digital communication system for loudspeakers
06/25/15Methods and image adjustment for displays having 2d and 3d display modes
06/25/15Adaptive quantization noise filtering of decoded audio data
06/25/15Coding and decoding of interleaved image data
06/18/15Reduced system latency for dominant speaker
06/11/15Image formats and related methods and apparatuses
06/11/15Metric for meeting commencement in a voice conferencing system
06/11/15Embedding data in stereo audio using saturation parameter modulation
06/04/15Haptic signal synthesis and transport in a bit stream
06/04/15Decoding and display of high dynamic range video
05/28/15Rendering and playback of spatial audio using channel-based audio systems
05/21/15Systems and methods for controlling dual modulation displays
05/21/15Enhancement of multichannel audio
05/21/15Error concealment strategy in a decoding system
05/14/15Efficient encoding and decoding of multi-channel audio signal with multiple substreams
05/07/15Enhanced global dimming for projector display systems
04/30/15Error control in multi-stream edr video codec
04/23/15Low latency and low complexity phase shift network
04/16/15Tone and gamut mapping methods and apparatus
04/16/15System for maintaining reversible dynamic range control information associated with parametric audio coders
04/16/15Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus
04/16/15Audio signal loudness determination and modification in the frequency domain
04/09/15Systems and methods to optimize conversions for wide gamut opponent color spaces

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