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Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Simultaneous broadcaster-mixed and receiver-mixed supplementary audio services

Dolby Laboratories Licensing

Simultaneous broadcaster-mixed and receiver-mixed supplementary audio services

Simultaneous broadcaster-mixed and receiver-mixed supplementary audio services

Dolby Laboratories Licensing

Piecewise cross color channel predictor

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Count Application # Date Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014036873212/18/14 new patent  Backwards-compatible delivery of digital cinema content with extended dynamic range
22014036940912/18/14 new patent  Piecewise cross color channel predictor
32014036950312/18/14 new patent  Simultaneous broadcaster-mixed and receiver-mixed supplementary audio services
42014036309312/11/14Device and method of improving the perceptual luminance nonlinearity-based image data exchange across different display capabilities
52014035569312/04/14Dual-layer frame-compatible full-resolution stereoscopic 3d video delivery
62014035826512/04/14Audio processing method and audio processing apparatus, and training method
72014034823211/27/14Multiview and bitdepth scalable video delivery
82014034842611/27/14Spectral image processing
92014034127211/20/14Backward compatible, extended dynamic range encoding of video
102014034127311/20/14Hybrid reference picture reconstruction method for single and multiple layered video coding systems
112014034130511/20/14Specifying visual dynamic range coding operations and parameters
122014033366011/13/14Mapping for display emulation based on image characteristics
132014033373711/13/14Digital point spread function (dpsf) and dual modulation projection (including lasers) using dpsf
142014033383511/13/14Multi-half-tone imaging and dual modulation projection/dual modulation laser projection
152014033680011/13/14Adaptive audio processing based on forensic detection of media processing history
162014032770711/06/14Custom psfs using clustered light sources
172014032771011/06/14Increasing spatial or temporal resolution for dual modulated display systems
182014032782111/06/14Backwards-compatible delivery of digital cinema content with higher dynamic range and related preprocessing and coding methods
192014032782211/06/14Backwards-compatible delivery of digital cinema content with extended dynamic range
202014033055611/06/14Low complexity repetition detection in media data
212014032154010/30/14Multi-layer interlace frame-compatible enhanced resolution video delivery
222014032155110/30/14Weighted predictions based on motion information
232014032155210/30/14Optimization of deblocking filter parameters
242014032444110/30/14Encoding audio data with adaptive low frequency compensation
252014031723410/23/14Bandwidth adaptation for dynamic adaptive transferring of multimedia
262014030701110/16/14Display systems having improved power profiles
272014030779610/16/14Multiple color channel multiple regression predictor
282014030075210/09/14Spectral synthesis for image capture device processing
292014029302510/02/14Method and apparatus of assembly and retention of 3d glasses
302014029339210/02/14Techniques for quantum dot illumination
312014029431310/02/14Adaptive false contouring prevention in layered coding of images with extended dynamic range
322014028577009/25/14System for 3d image projections and viewing
332014028639709/25/14Frame-compatible full-resolution stereoscopic 3d video delivery with symmetric picture resolution and quality
342014028643309/25/14Hierarchical motion estimation for video compression and motion analysis
352014028894009/25/14Generating an audio metadata quality score
362014027072109/18/14Upstream quality enhancement signal processing for resource constrained client devices
372014027838009/18/14Spectral and spatial modification of noise captured during teleconferencing
382014025360909/11/14Methods and apparatus for backlighting dual modulation display devices
392014024786909/04/14Layer decomposition in hierarchical vdr coding
402014024788809/04/14Reduced complexity motion compensated temporal processing
412014024061008/28/14Techniques for localized perceptual audio
422014024152808/28/14Sound field analysis system
432014023261408/21/14Synchronizing secondary display devices to a primary display
442014022613408/14/14Optical mixing and shaping system for display backlights and displays incorporating the same
452014021946008/07/14Generating a matrix-encoded two-channel audio signal
462014021087007/31/14Adjusting drive values for dual modulation displays
472014021185207/31/14Switch-select single frame reference
482014021185307/31/14Overlapped block disparity estimation and compensation architecture
492014021194607/31/14Loudness modification of multichannel audio signals
502014021443107/31/14Sample rate scalable lossless audio coding
512014020510307/24/14Measuring content coherence and measuring similarity
522014019814207/17/14Apparatus for providing light source modulation in dual modulator displays
532014019818207/17/14Representation and coding of multi-view images using tapestry encoding
542014019884207/17/14Hybrid encoding and decoding methods for single and multiple layered video coding systems
552014019207807/10/14High dynamic range displays having wide color gamut and energy efficiency
562014018500107/03/14Eyewear with lens retention feature and method of manufacture
572014018593007/03/14Image prediction based on primary color grading model
582014018848807/03/14Reduced complexity converter snr calculation
592014016824906/19/14Enhancing dynamic ranges of images
602014016828706/19/14Power management for modulated backlights
612014016014306/12/14Method of adapting a source image content to a target display
622014015271306/05/14Projection displays
632014015375306/05/14Object based audio rendering using visual tracking of at least one listener
642014013973805/22/14Synchronization and switch over methods and systems for an adaptive audio system
652014014052205/22/14Estimating nonlinear distortion and parameter tuning for boosting sound
662014013368205/15/14Upmixing object based audio
672014012618005/08/14Quantum dot modulation for displays
682014012674505/08/14Combined suppression of noise, echo, and out-of-location signals
692014012901105/08/14Audio data hiding based on perceptual masking and detection based on code multiplexing
702014011849105/01/14Encoder optimization of stereoscopic video delivery systems
712014011957005/01/14Equalization of speaker arrays
722014011958105/01/14System and tools for enhanced 3d audio authoring and rendering
732014011161404/24/14Multi-layered frame-compatible video delivery
742014011170104/24/14Audio data spread spectrum embedding and detection
752014011248004/24/14Method for capturing and playback of sound originating from a plurality of sound sources
762014010449204/17/14Transmitting video frames
772014010528904/17/14Efficient architecture for layered vdr coding
782014009724404/10/143d glasses and related systems
792014009885804/10/14High precision encoding and decoding of video images
802014009886404/10/14Referenceable frame expiration
812014009886904/10/14Fused region-based vdr prediction
822014009888604/10/14Video compression implementing resolution tradeoffs and optimization
832014008519003/27/14Display, imaging system and controller for eyewear display device
842014008631203/27/14Quantization control for variable bit depth
852014007871603/20/14Quantum dot/remote phosphor display system improvements
862014006304003/06/14Custom psfs using clustered light sources
872014006463403/06/14Enhancing dynamic ranges of images
882014004957102/20/14Dual lcd display with color correction to compensate for varying achromatic lcd panel drive conditions
892014004973402/20/14Dual panel display with cross bef collimator and polarization-preserving diffuser
902014005027102/20/14Non-linear vdr residual quantizer
912014005248602/20/143d glasses with rfid and methods and devices for improving management and distribution of sold commodities
922014004333602/13/14Rendering 3d image independent of display size and viewing distance
932014004335202/13/14High luminance projection displays and associated methods
942014004667302/13/14Multistage iir filter and parallelized filtering of data with same
952014003699602/06/14High precision encoding and decoding of video images
962014003720502/06/14Image prediction based on primary color grading model
972014002881501/30/14Flicker reduction and contrast enhancement in 3d displays
982014002924401/30/14Parallax reduction
992014002967501/30/14Multiple color channel multiple regression predictor
1002014002241001/23/14Spectral synthesis for image capture device processing
1012014002246001/23/14Quality assessment for images that have extended dynamic ranges or wide color gamuts
1022014002263701/23/14System for 3d image projections and viewing
1032014002538901/23/14Automatic configuration of metadata for use in mixing audio programs from two encoded bitstreams
1042014001030101/09/14Referenceable frame expiration
1052014001258801/09/14Reduced complexity transform for a low-frequency-effects channel
1062014000247801/02/14Image data transformation
1072014000251401/02/14Local dimming of a laser light source for projectors and other lighting devices including cinema, entertainment systems and displays
1082014000273701/02/14Generating alternative versions of image content using histograms
1092014000349901/02/14Quantization control for variable bit depth
1102014000352701/02/14Bitdepth and color scalable video coding
1112014000352801/02/14Pre-processing for bitdepth and color format scalable video coding
1122013034281412/26/13Multiview projector system
1132013034290412/26/133d projection system using laser light sources
1142013033543812/19/13Local multiscale tone-mapping operator
1152013033568212/19/13High contrast grayscale and color displays
1162013032890712/12/13Image data transformation
1172013032979512/12/13Floating point video coding
1182013032253412/05/13Motion vector regions
1192013032264012/05/13Post-processing including median filtering of noise suppression gains
1202013031783311/28/13Generating filter coefficients and configuring filters
1212013030878411/21/13Wind detection and suppression
1222013030885811/21/13Restoring color and non-color related integrity in an image
1232013028603710/31/13Display backlight normalization
1242013028721410/31/13Scene change detection around a set of seed points in media data
1252013027873310/24/13System for delivering stereoscopic images
1262013027974010/24/13Identifying multimedia objects based on multimedia fingerprint
1272013026534310/10/13Quantum dots for display panels
1282013025807310/03/13Methods and apparatus for image adjustment for displays having 2d and 3d display modes
1292013025820310/03/13Managing display limitations in color grading and content approval
1302013025102709/26/13Complexity scalable multilayer video coding
1312013025117709/26/13Techniques for localized perceptual audio
1322013025124109/26/13Applying perceptually correct 3d film noise
1332013024238909/19/13Shaped glasses and viewing 3d images
1342013024308009/19/13Overlapped rate control for video splicing applications
1352013024322209/19/13Audio control using auditory event detection
1362013024607709/19/13Adaptive processing with multiple media processing nodes
1372013023017709/05/13Downmix limiting
1382013022241208/29/13Individualized visual color matching system and methods
1392013022253908/29/13Scalable frame compatible multiview encoding and decoding methods
1402013022270808/29/13Optical mixing and shaping system for display backlights and displays incorporating the same
1412013022351308/29/13Error resilient rate distortion optimization for image and video encoding
1422013022352708/29/13Switch-select single frame reference
1432013022353008/29/13Referenceable frame expiration
1442013020891708/15/13Automatic equalization using adaptive frequency-domain filtering and dynamic fast convolution
1452013019432108/01/13Image processing methods and apparatus using localized gamut definitions
1462013019438608/01/13Joint layer optimization for a frame-compatible video delivery
1472013018207307/18/13Region based asymmetric coding for 3d video compression
1482013018297107/18/13Spatiotemporal metrics for rate distortion optimization
1492013017706607/11/13Context based inverse mapping method for layered codec
1502013017917507/11/13Encoding audio data with adaptive low frequency compensation
1512013016970107/04/13Display with red, green, and blue light sources
1522013017067207/04/13Audio stream mixing with dialog level normalization
1532013016266606/27/13Data transmission using out-of-gamut color coordinates
1542013016366606/27/13Illumination compensation and transition for video coding and processing
1552013016630706/27/13Efficient implementation of phase shift filtering for decorrelation and other applications in an audio coding system
1562013015533006/20/13Color grading apparatus and methods
1572013015633406/20/13Video codecs with integrated gamut management
1582013014777706/13/13Application of mems pixels in display and imaging devices
1592013014777806/13/13Ambient black level
1602013014786206/13/13Adjusting drive values for dual modulation displays
1612013014802906/13/13Extending image dynamic range
1622013014803706/13/13Projection displays
1632013014871906/13/13High precision encoding and decoding of video images
1642013014890706/13/13Guided post-prediction filtering in layered vdr coding
1652013014164706/06/13Metadata for use in color grading
1662013014226206/06/13Buffered adaptive filters
1672013014236006/06/13Controlling distortion in a critical frequency band of an audio signal
1682013012792705/23/13Optimizing light output profile for dual-modulation display performance
1692013012793505/23/13Compact arrangement of 3d filters and other apparatus/methods of lighting, recycling, and display
1702013012896305/23/13Multiple-pass rate control for video coding applications
1712013012023405/16/13High dynamic range display using led backlighting, stacked optical films, and lcd drive signals based on a low resolution light field simulation
1722013012065605/16/13Display management server
1732013012141605/16/13Reference processing using advanced motion models for video coding
1742013011388405/09/13Enhancement methods for sampled and multiplexed image and video data
1752013011400005/09/13Systems, apparatus and methods for mapping between video ranges of image data and display
1762013011468005/09/13Multi-layered frame-compatible video delivery
1772013010692305/02/13Accurately representing high contrast imagery on high dynamic range display systems
1782013010699805/02/13Multi-layered image and video delivery using reference processing signals
1792013010017804/25/13Displaying images on local-dimming displays
1802013010039704/25/13Eyewear with adjustable temple and method of manufacture
1812013010101504/25/13Complexity-adaptive scalable decoding and streaming for multi-layered video systems
1822013009380404/18/13Back light unit for stereoscopic display
1832013008864404/11/13Encoding, distributing and displaying video data containing customized video content versions
1842013008393904/04/13Reducing the effect of environmental noise on listeners
1852013007676303/28/13Tone and gamut mapping methods and apparatus
1862013007697403/28/13Image formats and related methods and apparatuses
1872013007768803/28/13Interpolation of video compression frames
1882013007769203/28/13Region sizing for macroblocks
1892013007769303/28/13Interpolation of video compression frames
1902013007085103/21/13Interpolation of video compression frames
1912013007085803/21/13Region sizing for macroblocks
1922013007102203/21/13Encoding, decoding, and representing high dynamic range images
1932013007103403/21/13Black bar identification
1942013006349603/14/13High dynamic range displays comprising mems/imod components
1952013006357303/14/13High dynamic range displays having improved field sequential processing
1962013006441603/14/13Extracting features of audio signal content to provide reliable identification of the signals
1972013006446203/14/13Efficient decoding and post-processing of high dynamic range images
1982013006645303/14/13Audio system equalization for portable media playback devices
1992013005848803/07/13Audio classification method and system
2002013005024202/28/13Anchoring viewer adaptation during color viewing tasks
2012013005024502/28/13Gamut compression for video display devices
2022013005166602/28/13Color-grading multi-view content
2032013004639902/21/13Methods and apparatus for detecting a repetitive pattern in a sequence of audio frames
2042013004640002/21/13Reiterative isolated independent transfer comparison methodology for audio preservation quality control
2052013004653602/21/13Performing song detection on audio signal
2062013003879002/14/13Display management methods and apparatus
2072013003943002/14/13Guided image up-sampling in video coding
2082013003349102/07/13Full resolution 3d display
2092013002761501/31/13Quality assessment of high dynamic range, visual dynamic range and wide color gamut image and video
2102013002831601/31/13High performance rate control for multi-layered video coding applications
2112013003115201/31/13Methods and apparatuses for convolutive blind source separation
2122013002139401/24/13Locally dimmed display
2132013002221401/24/13Touch gesture detection in response to microphone output
2142013001614201/17/13Systems and methods of managing metameric effects in narrowband primary display systems
2152013001097501/10/13Split client-server reverberation processing
2162013001309601/10/13Techniques for distortion reducing multi-band compressor with timbre preservation
2172013000130601/03/133d glasses and related systems
2182013000407401/03/13Quality assessment of images with extended dynamic range
2192013000661901/03/13Scaling ducking of speech-relevant channels in multi-channel audio
2202012032811512/27/12System for combining loudness measurements in a single playback mode
2212012032812112/27/12Reconstructing an audio signal by spectral component regeneration and noise blending
2222012032001412/20/12Adjusting display based on detected environment
2232012032034212/20/12Multi-segment imager
2242012032109612/20/12Audio gain control using specific-loudness-based auditory event detection
2252012032110512/20/12Using multichannel decorrelation for improved multichannel upmixing
2262012032127312/20/12Video display control using embedded metadata
2272012031477312/13/12Drift-free, backwards compatible, layered vdr coding
2282012031494412/13/12High dynamic range, backwards-compatible, digital cinema
2292012031501112/13/12Video delivery and control by overwriting video data
2302012030694312/06/12Reducing power consumption in dual modulation displays
2312012030711412/06/12Electronic camera having multiple sensors for capturing high dynamic range images and related methods
2322012030790012/06/12Interpolation of video compression frames
2332012030803812/06/12Sound source localization apparatus and method
2342012031063512/06/12Enhancement of multichannel audio
2352012031065412/06/12Non-destructively normalizing loudness of audio signals within portable devices
2362012029981711/29/12Systems and methods of image processing that adjust for viewer position, screen size and viewing distance
2372012030017511/29/12Light recapture and sequential channel illumination
2382012029362011/22/12Filtering for image and video enhancement using asymmetric samples
2392012029435611/22/12Quantization control for variable bit depth
2402012028725011/15/12Crosstalk cancellation in 3d displays
2412012028801311/15/12Reference processing in image and video codecs
2422012028100911/08/12Encoding, decoding, and representing high dynamic range images
2432012028102611/08/12Displays, including hdr and 3d, using notch filters and other techniques
2442012028102811/08/12Backlight control using statistical attributes of image data blocks
2452012028175111/08/12Multimedia coding and decoding with additional information capability
2462012027467411/01/12Locally dimmed display
2472012027551411/01/12Treating video information
2482012027832611/01/12Method to dynamically design and configure multimedia fingerprint databases
2492012025694110/11/12Local definition of global image transformations

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