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Dow Global Technologies Llc
Dow Global Technologies Llc formerly Known As Dow Global Technologies Inc
Dow Global Technologies Llc_20131212

Dow Global Technologies Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Dow Global Technologies Llc. Dow Global Technologies Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Dow Global Technologies Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Dow Global Technologies Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  Polyurethane microparticles coated with a zinc salt and methods for the preparation thereof
09/21/17 new patent  A multilayer structure and a packaging comprising the same
09/21/17 new patent  Five-coordinate bis-phenylphenoxy catalysts for the preparation of ethylene-based polymers
09/21/17 new patent  Ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers with improved pellet flowability
09/21/17 new patent  A curable epoxy resin composition and a curative therefor
09/21/17 new patent  Process for foaming polyolefin compositions using fluororesin/citrate mixture as nucleating agent
09/14/17Fluidized catalyst stripping unit for displacing entrained gas from catalyst particles
09/14/17A multilayer structure, a laminate comprising the same and articles comprising the laminate
09/14/17Shrink films, and methods of making thereof
09/14/17Hydrophilic prepolymer for polyurethane foams
09/14/17Polymer compositions, shrink films, and methods of making thereof
09/14/17Proppant comprising an oil well treatment agent coating
09/14/17Lubricant compositions for improved high pressure free-radical polymerizations
09/14/17Chalcogenide-based materials and improved methods of making such materials
09/07/17Polyolefin-based elastic film structures, laminates and methods thereof
09/07/17Microcapillary fluid absorbing sheet
09/07/17Water treatment compositions and methods of use
09/07/17Nitrone compounds and their use in personal care
09/07/17Lithium metal oxide containing batteries having improved rate capability
08/31/17Method for preparing a battered or breaded food
08/31/17Solid state synthesis of oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts
08/31/17Method for additive manufacturing
08/31/17Polyolefin-based elastic film structures, laminates and methods thereof
08/31/17Container storage system for flexible containers
08/31/17Water treatment assembly including hyperfiltration module and cation exchange resin
08/31/17Improved process for treating aqueous mineral suspensions
08/31/17Two component synthetic water retention agent and rheology modifier for use in cements, mortars and plasters
08/31/17Process for in situ water removal from an oxidative esterification reaction using a coupled reactor-distillation system
08/31/17Breaking a methanol/methyl methacrylate azeotrope using pressure swing distillation
08/31/17Flame retardant polyol
08/31/17Curable epoxy composition including accelerator
08/31/17Accelerator composition
08/31/17Carbon molecular sieve (cms) hollow fiber membranes and preparation thereof from pre-oxidized polyimides
08/31/17Plasticizer compositions and methods for making plasticizer compositions
08/31/17Thermoplastic vulcanizate with crosslinked olefin block copolymer
08/31/17Foil wrap with cling properties
08/31/17Hot melt adhesive composition including a cystalline block composite
08/31/17Hot melt adhesive composition
08/31/17Polyurethane adhesive composition
08/31/17B2 rated one component spray polyurethane foam formulation for fenestration openings
08/31/17Fast disintegrating nonwoven binder
08/31/17Base plate for photovoltaic module
08/31/17Process for increasing ethylene and propylene yield from a propylene plant
08/24/17Microbicidal composition
08/24/17Aqueous solution of 2-dimethylamino-2-hydroxymethyl-1, 3-propanediol useful for acid gas removal from gaseous mixtures
08/24/17Coextruded multilayer film with filler in transport layer
08/24/17Synthetic water retention agent and rheology modifier for use in cement admixtures
08/24/17Method for coupling a first compound to a second compound
08/24/17Process for in situ water removal from an oxidative esterification reaction using a coupled reactor-distillation system
08/24/17Esterified cellulose ethers of low acetone-insoluble content
08/24/17Using organic photoredox catalysts to achieve metal free photoregulated controlled radical polymerization
08/24/17Polyurethane mats
08/24/17Dual catalyst system for high primary hydroxyl polyols
08/24/17Nucleation with a block composite nucleator
08/24/17Adhesive composition with glass spheres
08/24/17Adhesive composition
08/24/17Hot melt adhesive composition including a block composite compatibilizer
08/24/17Low monomer laminating adhesive
08/24/17Staged steam extraction of in situ bitumen
08/24/17Compressor mounting base plate
08/17/17A multilayer metallized cast film and packaging made therefrom
08/17/17Flexible container and a process for making a flexible container
08/17/17Impact protection foam
08/17/17Fast curing high glass transition temperature epoxy resin system
08/17/17Process for reducing peroxide migration in crosslinkable ethylene-based polymer compositions
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08/17/17High frequency weldable ethylene-based polymer compositions with good flame retardancy
08/17/17Phthalocyanine compound used for color filter of lcd
08/17/17Sprayable polyurethane coating
08/17/17Temperature controlled adsorption process for recovering condensable components from a gas stream
08/17/17Fatty amine ethoxylate in polyalkylene glycol based engine oils
08/10/17Microbicidal composition
08/10/17Microbicidal composition
08/10/17Microbicidal composition
08/10/17Emulsifiable concentrates of indoxacarb
08/10/17Process for the removal of acid gases from gaseous mixtures using an aqueous solution of 2-dimethylamino-2-hydroxymethyl-1, 3-propanediol
08/10/17Two part molded part useful as a mixer for viscous curable materials
08/10/17Spiral wound filtration assembly including integral bioreactor
08/10/17Emulsion polymer two-component compositions for fast curing cementitious waterproofing membranes
08/10/17Polyolefin photovoltaic backsheet comprising a stabilized polypropylene layer
08/10/17Ethylcellulose dispersion and powder
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08/10/17Artificial turf filament and articles incorporating same
08/10/17A composition, a film made therefrom and an article including the film
08/10/17A binder composition and a paint formulation made thereof
08/10/17Methods for manufacturing block copolymers and articles manufactured therefrom
08/10/17Phosphate adhesion promoters
08/10/17Thermal grease based on hyperbranched olefinic fluid
08/10/17Lubricating compositions for motor vehicles
08/10/17Olefin block composite thermally conductive materials
08/10/17Benzocyclobutenes derived compositions, and electronic devices containing the same
08/10/17Copper (i) pyrazolate dimers for electroluminescent devices
08/03/17Method for treating food surfaces with antimicrobial acids
08/03/17Process for carbon dioxide recovery from a gas stream containing carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons
08/03/17In-line dynamic mixing flocculating and dewatering oil sands fine tailings
08/03/17Multilayer structure and thermoformed articles made therefrom
08/03/17Method for fabric-elastomer bonding
08/03/17Epoxy composition containing acrylate based toughening agent
08/03/17Urethane adhesive
08/03/17Thermosetting composition for use as lost circulation material
08/03/17Alkyl capped oil soluble polymer viscosity index improving additives for base oils in industrial lubricant applications
07/27/17Synergistic antimicrobial composition
07/27/17Ethylcellulose dispersion and film
07/27/17Polishing layer analyzer and method
07/27/17Conversion of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or a combination thereof over hybrid catalyst
07/27/17Method for coupling a first compound to a second compound
07/27/17A polyethylene blend composition and film made therefrom
07/27/17Ethylene-based resins for closure applications
07/27/17Stabilized moisture-curable polymeric compositions
07/27/17Vinyl acetate binders in an above-critical pvc coatings composition
07/27/17Vinyl acetate binders in an above-critical pigment volume concentration coatings composition
07/27/17Thermally unstable ammonium carboxylates for enhanced oil recovery
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07/27/17Capped oil soluble polyalkylene glycols with low viscosity and high viscosity index
07/27/17Alkyl capped oil soluble polymer viscosity index improving additives for base oils in automotive applications
07/20/17Composite polyamide membrane post-treated with nitrous acid
07/20/17Vinylidene chloride copolymer-based carbon molecular sieve adsorbent compositions and processes therefor
07/20/17Process for hydrogenating dichloroisopropyl ether
07/20/17Prepreg manufacturing and drying process
07/20/17Foamed polyethylene compositions and methods for making foamed polyethylene compositions
07/20/17Polydimethylsiloxane grafted polyethylene foam
07/20/17A composition and an article of manufacture comprising the same
07/20/17Dual cure 1k pu adhesive formulations using matrix encapsulated polyamines
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07/20/17Structural adhesives having improved wash-off resistance and dispensing same
07/13/17Reactive flow static mixer with cross-flow obstructions
07/13/17Chemical mechanical polishing pad, polishing layer analyzer and method
07/13/17Method of manufacturing chemical mechanical polishing pads
07/13/17Process for producing multilayer film
07/13/17Crash-durable adhesive with enhanced stress durability
07/13/17Inhibition of silica scale using amine-terminated polyoxyalkylene
07/13/17Functionalized block composite and crystalline block composite compositions
07/13/17Continuous process for pol ymerifiber molding compounds using polymer dispersions
07/13/17Photovoltaic modules comprising organoclay
07/13/17Photovoltaic devices with sealant layer and laminate assembly for improved wet insulation resistance
07/06/17Flexible container with fitment and process for producing same
07/06/17Inhibtion of silica scale using hydrophobically-modified alkylene oxide urethane copolymer
07/06/17Nitrone compounds and their use in personal care
07/06/17Method for reducing odoriferous and/or toxic residual monomer in a latex
07/06/17Sulfonylazide derivative for diene polymer
07/06/17Heat and flame resistant polyurethane foam
07/06/17Method for decreasing the concentration of sulfate reducing bacteria in an aqueous system
07/06/17Nanostructure material structures and methods
07/06/17Saturated-dimer-acid-diester dielectric fluid
07/06/17Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film
06/29/17Capsule shells comprising an esterified cellulose ether
06/29/17Dispersion comprising a partially neutralized esterified cellulose ether
06/29/17Composite polyamide membrane post-treated with nitrous acid
06/29/17Multi-layer films and articles made therefrom
06/29/17Microcapillary films
06/29/17Stabilized moisture-curable polymeric compositions
06/29/17Powder coatings
06/29/17Antimicrobial coating composition with improved yellowing resistance
06/29/17Polyether-urethane-urea additives for block resistance and open time
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06/29/17Polyhydric alcohol compositions for gas dehydration
06/29/17Elastomer-based polymeric compositions having amorphous silica fillers
06/29/17Lithium battery electrolyte solution containing methyl (2,2,3,3,-tetrafluoropropyl) carbonate
06/29/17Lithium battery electrolyte solution containing ethyl (2,2,3,3-tetrafluoropropyl) carbonate
06/29/17Lithium battery electrolyte solution containing (2,2-difluoroethyl) ethyl carbonate
06/22/17Dispersion comprising an esterified cellulose ether
06/22/17Process for synthesizing iron carbide fischer-tropsch catalysts
06/22/17Synthetic polymer rheology modifier and water retention agent replacement for cellulose ether in cement compositions
06/22/17Method for coupling a first aromatic compound to a second aromatic compound
06/22/17Di- or tristyrylphenol monogycidyl ether adduct of maltodextrin
06/22/17Acid-labile hyperbranched copolymer and associated photoresist composition and forming an electronic device
06/22/17Sizing compositions for carbon fibers
06/22/17Accelerate cure of moisture curable polyurethane adhesive compositions useful for bonding glass
06/22/17Suspensions for enhanced oil recovery
06/15/17Bi -material die and extruding abrasive extrudable materials
06/15/17Acrylic beads for enhancing matte appearance of polyolefin films
06/15/17Polyurethane based gel composition
06/15/17Aqueous pigment dispersion
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06/15/17Pattern treatment methods
06/15/17Oxygen substituted benzoclobutenes derived compositions for electronic devices
06/15/17Compositions comprising oxygen substituted benzocyclobutenes and dienophiles, and electronic devices containing the same
06/08/17Method for treating food surfaces with quaternary ammonium salts
06/08/17Dispenser for two-component spray polyurethane form that are free of gaseous blowing agents
06/08/17Nonionic surfactant compositions
06/08/17Molecular weight control of polyolefins using halogenated bis-phenylphenoxy catalysts
06/08/17Crosslinkable polymeric compositions with diallylamide crosslinking coagents, methods for making the same, and articles made therefrom
06/08/17Epoxy resin imbibed polymer particles
06/08/17Flexible elastic rubber compounds with improved dielectric and tear strength for cold shrink splices and preparation method thereof
06/08/17Thermosensitive recording material
06/08/17Paper coating composition
06/08/17Fibers made from polyethylene compositions, and making the same
06/01/17Fluidized catalyst stripping unit for displacing entrained gas from catalyst particles
06/01/17Breathable films and articles incorporating same
06/01/17Acrylic composition with olefin block copolymer
05/25/17Extractive dehydration process
05/25/17A poly(vinyl acetate) dispersion, and a paint formulation comprising thereof
05/25/17Aqueous dispersion and coating composition comprising the same
05/18/17Method for treating food surfaces with amino acid esters
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05/18/17Polymeric nitrones and their use in personal care
05/18/17Preparation and use of cyclododecatriene trialdehyde and related compounds
05/18/17Bis-biphenylphenoxy catalysts for polymerization of low molecular weight ethylene-based polymers
05/18/17A optimizing a hegman rating of a diluted emulsion, a diluted emulsion produced thereby, and a coating made
05/18/17In-situ compatibilization of silicone rubber/polyolefin elastomer blends by forming ionomers for cold shrink splice and preparation method thereof
05/18/17Anthraquinone compound used for color filter of lcd
05/18/17Method of manufacturing a patterned conductor
05/11/17Treated porous material
05/11/17Treated porous material
05/11/17Polyolefin based film with enhanced twist retention properties
05/11/17Blown films with improved toughness
05/11/17Cast films with improved toughness
05/11/17Process for producing low voc coalescing aids
05/11/17Improved process for producing pelletized polymer compositions
05/11/17Inorganic particles with improved flowability
05/11/17Cold shrink article for electrical device
05/04/17Microcapillary polymer films for drug delivery
05/04/17Mold process for making nanofoam
05/04/17Coextruded multilayer film with beta-propylene-based barrier layer
05/04/17Process for sealing flexible fitment to flexible film
05/04/17Stand-up container
05/04/17Painted polyolefin articles
05/04/17Moisture-curable polymeric compositions having halogenated polymers and metal mercaptides
05/04/17Stable coating composition
05/04/17Block copolymers and pattern treatment compositions and methods
04/27/17Treated porous material
04/27/17Treated porous material
04/27/17Process for producing low voc coalescing aids
04/27/17Processes to prepare ethylene-based polymers using a distribution of carbon monoxide
04/27/17Hydrophobic polyols for sealant applications
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04/27/17Epoxy systems employing triethylaminetetraamine and tin catalysts
04/27/17Process for making curable, multi-layer fiber-reinforced prepreg
04/20/17A coated substrate and articles made therefrom
04/20/17Stable pce and polysaccharide vma compositions for concrete admixtures and their uses
04/20/17Tristyrylphenol monogycidyl ether
04/20/17Delayed curing high tg crash durable adhesive
04/20/17Stabilization of isothiazolones in aqueous compositions
04/20/17Low foaming and high stability hydrotrope formulation
04/13/17Treated porous material
04/13/17Catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
04/13/17Polymerizations for olefin-based polymers
04/13/17Ethylene-based polymers
04/13/17Alkylene oxide polymerization using a double metal cyanide catalyst complex and a magnesium, group 3 - group 15 metal or lanthanide series metal compound
04/13/17Crosslinkable polymeric compositions with amine-functionalized interpolymers, methods for making the same, and articles made therefrom
04/06/17Polyethylene compositions, and articles made therefrom
04/06/17Fast curing resin compositions, manufacture and use thereof
04/06/17Multi-stage latex polymers, process of making the same, and coating compositions made thereof
04/06/17Photovoltaic device
03/30/17Synergistic antimicrobial composition
03/30/17Fluidized fuel gas combustor system for a catalytic dehydrogenation process
03/30/17Catalyst regenerator and a riser terminator used therein
03/30/17System, producing a multi-layer, annular microcapillary product
03/30/17Fitment with valve and ethylene/a-olefin multi-block copolymer
03/30/17Flexible container with extendable spout
03/30/17Plasticizer compositions and methods for making plasticizer compositions
03/23/17Nitrone compounds and their use in personal care
03/23/17Catalyst regeneration process
03/23/17Polymer film structures and articles made therefrom
03/23/17Ethylene-based polymer composition for films with improved toughness

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