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Duke University patents

Recent patent applications related to Duke University. Duke University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Duke University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Duke University, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Genetic correction of mutated genes
10/19/17 new patent  Signal tracing using on-chip memory for in-system post-fabrication debug
10/19/17 new patent  Nanopatch antennas and related methods for tailoring the properties of optical materials and metasurfaces
10/12/17Implantable mesh and use
10/12/17Noble metal-coated nanostructures and related methods
10/05/17Compositions comprising ch505 envelopes, and trimers
10/05/17Methods and systems for deposition of blended polymer films
10/05/17Compositions and methods for enhancing odorant receptor activity
10/05/17Methods and therapeutics relating to mrna biomarkers for clinical prognosis of cancer
09/28/17Peptides for suppressing inflammation
09/21/17Trpa1 and trpv4 inhibitors and methods of using the same for organ-specific inflammation and itch
09/14/17Non-regular electrical stimulation patterns designed with a cost function for treating neurological disorders
09/14/17Kinase inhibitors and related methods of use
09/07/17Non-invasive thickness measurement using resonant frequency shift
09/07/17Multiscale telescopic imaging system
08/31/17Methods for rapid and sensitive detection of hotspot mutations
08/31/17Reconfigurable free-space quantum cryptography system
08/24/17Cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and methods using 2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico derivatives
08/24/17Combination drug therapy for the treatment of solid tumors
08/24/17Polymer conjugates having reduced antigenicity and methods of using the same
08/17/17Polymer conjugates having reduced antigenicity and methods of using the same
08/10/17Prochelators as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents and methods of use
08/10/17Compositions and methods for identifying and treating conditions involving hsf1 activity
08/03/17Compositions and methods for the treatment of cancer
08/03/17Oncolytic poliovirus for human tumors
08/03/17Compositions and methods for transient immune response modulation during vaccination
08/03/17Programmable liquid, gel and biohybrid compartments and methods of use
07/27/17Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) determining and adjusting inversion time (ti) using single-line acquisition and automatic compartment detection
07/20/17Method of treating cancer using selective estrogen receptor modulators
07/13/17Compositions and methods for the repair of myelin
07/13/17Vaccines against an oncogenic isoform of esr1 and methods of using the same
07/13/17Vaccines against an oncogenic isoform of her2 (erbb2) and methods of using the same
07/13/17Methods and systems for treating cell proliferation disorders using plasmonics enhanced photospectral therapy (pepst) and exciton-plasmon enhanced phototherapy (epep)
07/13/17Disposable pipette tip and methods of use
07/06/17Methods of limiting morbidity in hemoglobinopathies
07/06/17Contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging
07/06/17Ascorbate formulations and methods of use as contrast agents
07/06/17Metal complexes with bisphosphonate or pyrophosphate useful as imaging agents
07/06/17Chemical modulators of immune checkpoints and therapeutic use
06/29/17Systems and methods for spinal cord stimulation
06/29/17Linear-response nanocrystal scintillators and methods of using the same
06/29/17Spectral estimation and poly-energetic reconstruction methods and x-ray systems
06/22/17Arteriovenous graft for hemodialysis with puncture-resistant posterior and side walls
06/22/17Plasmonic assisted interior energy-activation from an exterior source
06/22/17Heat shock protein 70 (hsp-70) receptor ligands
06/22/17Systems and methods for assessing pulmonary gas transfer using hyperpolarized 129xe mri
06/15/17Methods and compositions for treatment of acute lung injury
06/15/17Method of reducing titers of antibodies specific for a therapeutic agent
06/15/17Biomarkers for the identification of prostate cancer and methods of use
06/08/17Methods of treating fragile x syndrome and related disorders
06/08/17X-ray psoralen activated cancer therapy (x-pact)
06/08/17Systems and methods for model-based optimization of spinal cord stimulation electrodes and devices
06/08/17Adhesive bonding composition and wafer-to-wafer bonded assembly prepared from the same
06/01/17Nanostars and nanoconstructs for detection, imaging, and therapy
05/18/17Metabolics biomarker for nafld and methods of use
05/18/17Segmentation and identification of layered structures in images
05/11/17Systems and methods for obtaining low-angle circumferential optical access to the eye
05/11/17Stem cell derived factors for treating pathologic conditions
05/11/17System and improved computational imaging
05/04/17Plasmonic assisted interior energy-activation from an exterior source
05/04/17Compositions and methods for rapid and dynamic flux control using synthetic metabolic valves
04/27/17Methods and systems for treating cell proliferation disorders with psoralen derivatives
04/27/17Methods for predicting the radiosensitivity of a cancer tumor and methods of treating cancer
04/20/17Liposome-peptide conjugate and using same to induce production of anti-hiv antibodies
04/20/17Phenyl-substituted nicotinic ligands, and methods of use thereof
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04/20/17Mosaic hiv-1 sequences and uses thereof
04/06/17Systems and methods for estimating irradiation dose for patient application based on a radiation field model and a patient anatomy model
04/06/17Inhibition of endosomal toll-like receptor activation
03/30/17Cd-20-specific antibodies and methods of employing same
03/30/17Electronic platform for sensing and control of electrochemical reactions
03/23/17Swarm immunization with envelopes from ch505
03/23/17Device for conducting biochemical or chemical reactions
03/23/17Genetic alterations in isocitrate dehydrogenase and other genes in malignant glioma
03/16/17Systems and methods for large scale face identification and verification
03/09/17Methods and compounds for calcium ion channel regulation
03/02/17Hyperpolarized noble gas production systems with nanocluster suppression, detection and/or filtering and related methods and devices
03/02/17Quasi-monocentric-lens-based multi-scale optical system
03/02/17Rapid radio frequency (rf) waveguide components and related methods
03/02/17Systems and methods for burst image delurring
02/23/17Compositions for the inactivation of virus replication and methods of making and using the same
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02/23/17Tumor imaging with x-rays and other high energy sources using as contrast agents photon-emitting phosphors having therapeutic properties
02/23/17Dual specific immunotoxin for brain tumor therapy
02/16/17Non-invasive energy upconversion methods and systems
02/09/172,5-disubstituted-pyridyl nicotinic ligands, and methods of use thereof
02/09/17Methods for diagnosing & treating copper-dependent diseases
02/09/17Electrospun cationic nanofibers and methods of making and using the same
02/02/17Camkk-beta as a target for treating cancer
01/26/17Use of disulfiram for inflammatory breast cancer therapy
01/26/17Materials and methods for the treatment of latent viral infection
01/26/17Method of regulating gene expression
01/19/17Systems and methods for extracting prognostic image features
01/19/17Methods and compositions for treating cancer through inhibition of pi3k
01/19/17Mper-liposome conjugates and uses thereof
01/19/17Compositions and methods for modulating and redirecting immune responses
01/19/17Screening targets and compositions and methods for treatment of ciliopathy disorders
01/05/17Compositions and methods relating to heat shock transcription factor activating compounds and targets thereof
01/05/17Compositions and methods for identifying altered effectiveness of beta blocker therapy
01/05/17Non-invasive pre-bond tsv using ring oscillators and multiple voltage levels
01/05/17Metamaterial devices and methods of using the same
12/29/16Slow-release formulations of 5-hydroxytryptophan as an adjunct to pro-serotonergic therapies
12/29/16Regulatory b cells and their uses
12/29/16Trpc6 involved in glomerulonephritis
12/29/16Immune monitoring to predict and prevent infection
12/22/16Ultrasound device and estimating tissue stiffness
12/01/16System for accurate measurement of dynamics and kinematics
12/01/16Systems and devices for protease detection based on engineered polymers and biopolymers and methods of use
11/24/16Systems and methods for eye tracking for motion corrected ophthalmic optical coherenece tomography
11/24/16Hiv-1 mother-to-child transmission correlates of protection and vaccine
11/24/16Mutations define clinical subgroups of gliomas
11/17/16Use of psoralen derivatives and combination therapy for treatment of cell proliferation disorders
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11/17/16Use of caspase-2 inhibitors to treat and prevent the metabolic syndrome
11/17/16Non-fouling polymeric surface modification and signal amplification biomolecular detection
11/10/16Method of treating cancer using selective estrogen receptor modulators
11/10/16Methods of treating pruritus
11/10/16Non-invasive in-situ photobiomodulation
11/03/16Cap260, cap174 and k0224 hiv-1 envelopes, peptide and compositions
10/27/16Inhibitors of complement factor h
10/27/16Multi-sensor compressive imaging
10/06/16Colposcopes having light emitters and image capture devices and associated methods
10/06/16Method and system for evaluating stability of cardiac propagation reserve
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10/06/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of diseases involving hippo pathway
10/06/16Reversible platelet inhibition
10/06/16Multiple window processing schemes for spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (oct) and fourier domain low coherence interferometry
09/29/16Synthetic regulation of gene expression
09/29/16Method for combining multiple image fields
09/22/16Tetanus toxoid and ccl3 improve dc vaccines
09/22/16Method of inducing the production of protective anti-hiv-1 antibodies
09/22/16Hydrogels formed from polypeptide micelles and methods of use thereof
09/22/16Antibodies for tumor gangliosides
09/15/16Non-invasive energy upconversion methods and systems for in-situ photobiomodulation
09/15/16Acid ceramidase polymorphisms and methods of predicting traits using the acid ceramidase polymorphisms
09/15/16Metamaterial devices and methods of using the same
09/01/16Method of modulating the activity of a nucleic acid molecule
08/25/16Compositions and methods for treating cancer with jak2 activity
08/25/16Co-releasing compounds & formulations thereof useful for inducing mitochondrial biogenesis and tissue repair
08/25/16Methods and systems for treating cell proliferation disorders using plasmonics enhanced photospectral therapy (pepst) and exciton-plasmon enhanced phototherapy (epep)
08/25/16Peptide compounds for suppressing inflammation
08/25/16Human monoclonal antibodies
08/18/16Method and system for improving aiming during optical coherence tomography on young children by synchronization with retinal bifringence scanning
08/18/16Mosaic hiv envelope immunogenic polypeptides
08/18/16Nav1.7 antibodies and methods of using the same
08/18/16Diagnostic and prognostic test for sturge-weber syndrome, klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome, and port-wine stains (pwss)
08/11/16Tetra-aryl cyclobutane inhibitors of androgen receptor action for the treatment of hormone refractory cancer
08/11/16Composition and methods for the treatment of camkk2-mediated disorders
08/11/16Droplet-based surface modification and washing
08/04/16Cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and methods using 2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico derivatives
08/04/16Prochelators as broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents and methods of use
08/04/16Substituted hydroxamic acid compounds
08/04/16Substituted pyrazoles as heat shock transcription factor activators
08/04/16Tunable nonfouling surface of oligoethylene glycol
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07/28/16Compositions, methods and kits for eliciting an immune response
07/14/16Trpa1 and trpv4 inhibitors and methods of using the same for organ-specific inflammation and itch
07/14/16Antibacterial compounds
07/14/162-piperidinyl substituted n,3-dihydroxybutanamides
07/14/16Rna-guided gene editing and gene regulation
07/14/16Discrete-dipole methods and systems for applications to complementary metamaterials
07/07/16Activation of trpv4 ion channel by physical stimuli and critical role for trpv4 in organ-specific inflammation and itch
07/07/16Molecular predictors of fungal infection
07/07/16Predicting coronary artery disease and risk of cardiovascular events
06/30/16Treatment of glycogen storage disease type ii
06/30/16Volumetric-molecular-imaging system and method therefor
06/30/16Polymer optical isolator
06/23/16Cancer treatment
06/16/16Certain improved human bispecific egfrviii antibody engaging molecules
06/16/16Method for creating hyperpolarization at microtesla magnetic fields
06/16/16Segmentation and identification of layered structures in images
06/09/16Non-regular electrical stimulation patterns for treating neurological disorders
06/09/16Peg-urate oxidase conjugates and use thereof
06/02/16Method of regulating gene expression
06/02/16Systems and methods for using time of flight measurements for imaging target objects
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05/26/16Use of tetrahydroindazolylbenzamide and tetrahydroindolylbenzamide derivatives for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids)
05/26/16Methods of developing a prognosis for pancreatic cancer and predicting responsiveness to cancer therapeutics
05/19/16Systems and methods for ultrasound motion display and analysis
05/19/16Non-regular electrical stimulation patterns designed with a cost function for treating neurological disorders
05/19/16Monocentric lens-based multi-scale optical systems and methods of use
05/12/16Waveform shapes for treating neurological disorders optimized for energy efficiency
05/12/16Systems and methods for specifying treatment criteria and treatment parameters for patient specific radiation therapy planning
05/05/16Therapeutic agents comprising elastin-like peptides
05/05/16Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of site-specific and stoichiometric biomolecule-polymer conjugates
05/05/16Method of treating glycogen storage disease
04/28/16Systems, methods, compositions and devices for in vivo magnetic resonance imaging of lungs using perfluorinated gas mixtures
04/28/16Methods and compositions for delivering active agents with enhanced pharmacological properties
04/28/16Droplet manipulation device
04/28/16Polyvalent hiv-1 immunogen
04/28/16Rf coil elements with split dc loops for magnetic resonance imaging systems for integrated parallel reception, excitation, and shimming and related methods and devices
04/21/16Compositions and methods for treating hair loss using non-naturally occurring prostaglandins
04/21/16Macrocyclic compounds and methods of treatment
04/21/16Treatment for diseases relying on discovery that thioredoxin mediates nitric oxide release in cells
04/21/16V3 immunogens
04/21/16Systems, apparatus, and methods for droplet-based microfluidics cell poration
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04/21/16Compositions and methods for heparan sulfate as a biomarker for transplant rejection
04/07/16Biomarkers for the molecular classification of bacterial infection
03/24/16Compositions and methods for the prevention of scarring and/or promotion of wound healing
03/24/16Immunomodulating gene therapy
03/24/16Systems, methods and computer program products for doppler spatial coherence imaging
03/17/16Compositions and methods for the treatment of drug-induced hand-foot syndrome
03/17/16Prosthetic compounds for labeling internalizing biomolecules
03/17/16Nano-plasmonic molecular probes and methods of use
03/17/16Method of isolating circulating tumor cells
03/10/16Polyvalent vaccine
03/10/16Glutamate dehydrogenase in idh1- and idh2-mutated cancers
02/18/16Signal tracing using on-chip memory for in-system post-fabrication debug
02/11/16Systems and methods for administering spinal cord stimulation based on temporal patterns of electrical stimulation
02/11/16Recombinant production of hiv-1 envelope glycoproteins
02/04/162-fluoro-modified rnas as immunostimulators
02/04/16Oncolytic poliovirus for human tumors
02/04/16Therapeutic agents comprising elastin-like peptides
02/04/16Human antibody fragments against chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 4 (cspg4)
01/28/16Cytokine receptors as targets for hypertension therapy and methods of use
01/28/16Systems and methods for applying electrical stimulation for optimizing spinal cord stimulation
01/28/16Compositions and methods relating to heat shock transcription factor activating compounds and targets thereof
01/28/16Methods of predicting responsiveness of a cancer to an agent and methods of determining a prognosis for a cancer patient
01/21/16Droplet-based nucleic acid amplification method and apparatus
01/21/16Devices, systems, and methods for acoustically-enhanced magnetophoresis
01/21/16Methods, systems and computer program products for estimating shear wave speed using statistical inference
01/07/16Diagnostic and treatment for chronic and acute phase myeloid leukemia
01/07/16Biomarkers for the prediction of preterm birth
01/07/16Mri with repeated k-t -sub-sampling and artifact minimization allowing for free breathing abdominal mri
01/07/16Plasmonic assisted interior energy-activation from an exterior source
12/31/15Compositions and methods for enhancing odorant receptor activity
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12/24/15Antibody evolution immunogens
12/24/15Anti-podoplanin antibodies and methods of use
12/24/15Segmentation and identification of closed-contour features in images using graph theory and quasi-polar transform
12/17/15Synthetic aperture ultrasound system
12/17/15Vaccine formulation
12/17/15Polyvalent vaccine
12/17/15Tert promoter mutations in gliomas and a subset of tumors
12/10/15System for improved compressive tomography and method therefor
12/10/15Systems and methods for optimizing cardiac resynchronization therapy (crt)
12/03/15Imaging and visualization systems, instruments, and methods using optical coherence tomography
12/03/15Substituted porphyrins
12/03/15Methods of subclassification of ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast
11/26/15Compositions, methods, and kits for eliciting an immune response
11/26/15Apparatuses and methods for manipulating droplets
11/19/15Small molecule agonists of neurotensin receptor 1
11/12/15Method for treating obesity
11/12/15Rna aptamers and methods for identifying the same
11/12/15Diagnostic markers for platelet function and methods of use
11/12/15Integrated droplet actuator for gel electrophoresis and molecular analysis
11/05/15Droplet actuator devices and methods employing magnetic beads
11/05/15Fusion molecules of rationally-designed dna-binding proteins and effector domains
11/05/15Software-based self-test and diagnosis using on-chip memory
10/29/15Methods, systems and computer program products for multi-resolution imaging and analysis
10/29/15Enhanced immunological responses
10/22/15Methods of treating pulmonary fibrosis
10/22/15Inhibition of histone methyltransferase for cardiac reprogramming
10/08/15Synthetic env proteins
10/08/15Up and down conversion systems for production of emitted light from various energy sources including radio frequency, microwave energy and magnetic induction sources for upconversion
10/08/15Systems and methods for deep spectroscopic imaging of biological samples

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