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Eads Deutschland Gmbh
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Eads Deutschland Gmbh_20131212
Eads Deutschland Gmbh_20100114

Eads Deutschland Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Eads Deutschland Gmbh. Eads Deutschland Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Eads Deutschland Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Eads Deutschland Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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07/14/16Friction stir tool, manufacturing the same, and friction stir method
06/30/16Auxiliary device for high-flying aircraft
03/10/16Multiuser-capable test environment for a plurality of test objects
01/28/16Stirling engine for an emission-free aircraft
01/07/16Method for nano-structuring polmer materials using pulsed laser radiation in an inert atmosphere
12/31/15Stealth aerial vehicle
11/05/15Intake for an engine of an aircraft
10/29/15Wireless remote energy supply for unmanned aerial vehicles
10/22/15Self-cleaning and superhydrophobic surfaces based on tio2 nanotubes
10/08/15Unmanned aircraft and operation the same
10/08/15Sensor for detecting and localising laser beam sources
10/01/15Method for the nanostructuring and anodization of a metal surface
09/03/15Rotorcraft with at least one main rotor and at least one counter-torque rotor
06/25/15Fiber-reinforced composite material with improved fire resistance, and structural component made thereof
06/04/15Aircraft fuselage
06/04/15Rotor blade with an integrated radar absorber for a wind power plant
04/23/15Method for producing a load introducing element
02/19/15High frequency-stabilized combustion in aircraft gas turbines
01/29/15Method and minimizing dynamic structural loads of an aircraft
01/22/15Method and minimizing dynamic structural loads of an aircraft
01/15/15Rotary piston engine and producing a rotary piston engine
01/08/15Hmd apparatus with adjustable eye tracking device
12/25/14Computer network, network node and providing certification information
12/18/14Angular display for the three-dimensional representation of a scenario
12/18/14Radar reflection absorbing glazing
12/11/14Maintenance information device, condition sensor for use therein and method which can be carried out therewith for arriving at a decision whether or not to perform servicing or maintenance
11/20/14Circuit layout and frequency-dependent matching of a high-frequency amplifier stage
11/20/14Device for reducing structural vibrations of airfoils
11/06/14Aircraft having an engine, a fuel tank, and a fuel cell
11/06/14Welding tool comprising a rotating probe, welding method and workpiece
11/06/14Automatic learning the automatic learning of forms of appearance of objects in images
10/23/14Dataglove having tactile feedback and method
09/25/14Cooperative 3d work station
09/18/14Interaction with a three-dimensional virtual scenario
09/11/14High altitude aircraft, aircraft unit and operating an aircraft unit
09/04/14Selection of objects in a three-dimensional virtual scene
08/07/14Actuator arrangement and control surface arrangement, especially for an aircraft
08/07/14Bus system
07/31/14Connection arrangement for connecting two profiled elements in an aerodynamically smooth manner, producing said connection arrangement, and device for carrying out the method
07/24/14Welding tool comprising a shoulder, welding method and workpiece
07/24/14Cleaning mixture for the removal or avoidance of insect deposits on surfaces
07/24/14Access control to a jointly exclusively usable transmission medium
07/17/14Method for producing a surface structure with lightning protection, and surface structure which can be produced in this way
07/10/14Device for inspecting a fibre-composite component for contaminations
07/10/14Conditioning of cabin air of an aircraft
07/03/14Surface component for an aircraft and manufacturing method thereof
06/26/14Electric drive device for an aircraft
06/19/14Method and system for inspecting a surface area for material defects
06/05/14Process for producing an adhesion-promoting layer on a surface of a titanium material
06/05/14Composite structure having an ice protection device, and production method
05/15/14Method for producing a surface of a component, said surface having reduced drag and component with reduced drag
04/17/14Method for simulating the movement behaviour of a fluid in a closed, moving container
03/27/14Interactive passenger cabin unit and controlling presentations thereon
03/27/14Detection the automatic detection of particles
03/20/14Solid propellant gas generator, extinguishing device, cooling a flowing mixture and extinguishing a fire
03/06/14Method and device for tracking a moving target object
03/06/14Device and producing a three dimensional object
03/06/14Device for visualizing military operations
02/27/14Device and generating light of a predetermined spectrum with at least four differently colored light sources
01/23/14Air surveillance system for detecting missiles launched from inside an area to be monitored and air surveillance method
01/16/14Method for determining integrity in an evolutionary collaborative information system
01/09/14Detachable connecting arrangement for fitting launchable external loads to an aircraft
01/09/14Methods for detecting the flight path of projectiles
01/09/14Camera observing objects at great distances, in particular for monitoring target objects at night, in mist, dust or rain
12/12/13Wind-powered rotor and energy generation method using said rotor
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12/12/13Camera system for recording and tracking remote moving objects
11/28/13Process for producing an alscca alloy and also an aiscca alloy
11/14/13Device for identifying biotic particles
10/24/13Annular slot antenna
08/29/13Method for presenting the drift values of an aircraft
08/15/13Driven aircraft, in particular to an aircraft designed as a flying wing and/or having a low radar signature
08/08/13Method and device for detecting explosive-substance particles in a gas flow
08/08/13Air-to-surface surveillance and/or weapons air-based inspection and/or engagement of objects on land or sea
08/08/13Method for recognition of a predetermined pattern in an image data set
08/01/13Monitoring device for repair patches, repair kit, and monitoring a repair patch
08/01/13System for optical open space data communication based on discrete output levels
08/01/13Adhesive composition for detachable adhesive bonds and modification of the encapsulation materials for a purposeful energy input
07/25/13Method for determining the ph value of a liquid and sensor arrangement
06/27/13Stirling engine for an emission-free aircraft
06/27/13Stirling engine with flapping wing for an emission-free aircraft
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06/13/13Thrust vector control
06/13/13Hybrid drive and energy system for aircraft
05/16/13Drive system for helicopters
04/25/13Tilt-wing aircraft
04/25/13Mold for producing fiber-reinforced components
04/18/13Hybrid drive for helicopters
04/18/13Ejection device for a flight data recorder
04/11/13Operating device with a plurality of actuating elements arranged next to and/or below one another
03/21/13Device for the radiometric calibration of infra-red measuring devices
03/21/13Corrosion detection monitoring a state of corrosion
03/21/13Apparatus for displaying terrain on a display apparatus of an airborne vehicle
03/07/13Computer comparing output signals
01/10/13Optical data transmission system
01/03/13Stacked microstrip antenna
12/13/12Method for pilot assistance for the landing of an aircraft in restricted visibility
12/13/12Miniaturized laser amplifier arrangement having a pump source
12/06/12Method of data fusion and providing information in a computer system
11/29/12Impact protection plate for vehicles
11/29/12Frequency hopping a radio device
11/22/12Image analysis for disposal of explosive ordinance and safety inspections
11/08/12Limiting circuit
10/04/12Shock-isolation structure
10/04/12Passenger motion prediction and optimization system
09/20/12Ionization method, ion producing device and uses of the same in ion mobility spectrometry
09/20/12Hermetically sealed radio-frequency front end
08/09/12Antenna array
08/09/12Unmanned aircraft with built-in collision warning system
07/05/12Detection of antigens
06/28/12Hybrid rotor
06/28/12Wind power hybrid rotor
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06/21/12Method for operating a jamming laser in a dircm system in a manner that is safe for eyes
06/14/12Apparatus for rendering surroundings and vehicle having such an rendering surroundings and depicting panoramic image
06/07/12High-altitude aerial vehicle
06/07/12Transmission of a control force
06/07/12Radiant energy powered electrical power supply device and operating such a power supply device
06/07/12Rotor blade for a wind turbine, and a combination of a radar station and a wind turbine
05/31/12Method for direction finding by means of monopulse formation
05/31/12Method for determining the geographic coordinates of pixels in sar images
05/31/12Foldable log-periodic antenna
05/24/12Particle filter and manufacturing method therefor
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05/24/12Method for producing sensor-supported, synthetic vision for landing support of helicopters under brown-out or white-out conditions
05/17/12Device for shaping a workpiece
05/17/12Wind farm, wind power plant in a wind farm and operating control for this purpose
05/17/12Holder for a movable sensor
05/10/12Adhesive composition for detachable adhesive bonds and modification of the encapsulation materials for a purposeful energy input
05/03/12Fuel line in an aircraft
04/12/12Aircraft having a variable geometry
04/12/12Laser detection device and laser detection method
03/08/12Method for pre-forming a textile semi-finished product and a pre-forming apparatus
03/08/12Method for detecting wind power plants using a radar system
03/08/12Method and device for localizing objects
03/01/12Method for identifying and classifying an object
02/09/12Method for entropy-based determination of object edge curves
02/02/12Method for assessing a ground area for suitability as a landing zone or taxi area for aircraft
01/26/12Anti-corrosion layer for aluminum and magnesium alloys
01/05/12Method and device for determining aspect angle progression
12/22/11Method for operating a pulsed interference laser in an eye-safe manner in a dircm system
12/22/11Optical particle detector and detection method
12/08/11Method and system for detecting target objects
12/01/11Detection device for detecting biological microparticles such as bacteria, viruses, spores, pollen or biological toxins, and detection method
11/03/11Device for collecting particles that have a strong electron affinity
11/03/11Device and process for oscillation insulation in a transmission path
10/27/11Sample collector and sample collecting device for an analysis device and the operation thereof
10/27/11Method and device for determining the position, radius and/or shape deviation of a ring structure
10/27/11Device and the automatic detection of biological particles
10/13/11Irregularity detection in a structure of an aircraft
09/29/11Hf-mems switch
09/08/11Speed brake for aircraft
09/08/11Method and device for optimized energy management
08/25/11Production of hydrogen from heavy hydrocarbons
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08/11/11Resonance filter having low loss
08/04/11Direct detection doppler lidar method and direction detection doppler lidar device
07/28/11Load disconnection lock
07/28/11Lidar measuring speeds and lidar device with time-controlled detection
07/28/11Method and device for generating images having a reduced error rate, high resolution and improved contrast
07/21/11Fabricating a part out of reinforced composite material, and a repairing such a part
06/16/11Device and the regeneration of biosensors
06/16/11Method and producing high dynamic range (hdr) pictures, and exposure apparatuses for use therein
06/02/11Rotor blade with an integrated radar absorber for a wind power plant
05/19/11Magnetorheological lubricant for metal forming processes
05/12/11Apparatus for contacting a t/r module with a test device
04/14/11Fiber optic scanner
03/24/11Device and detecting trace gases
03/17/11Method of joining a thermoplastic material to a fibre composite material
03/17/11Procedure for automatically landing an aircraft
03/10/11Method and determining the distance to an object emitting an ir signature
03/03/11Method and compensating for gain changes in an amplifier circuit
02/17/11Detection method and detection device for detecting core defects and delaminations in sandwich structures
02/10/11Laser multi-sensor system for the selective trace analysis of organic materials
02/03/11Optical system for projecting an ir or uv test signal with optical alignment of the projection axis in the visible spectral region
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12/16/10Method for object recognition
11/25/10Method and device for plasma reformation of fuel for engine applications
10/28/10Gas sensor with improved selectivity
10/21/10Method and device for the operation of an mox gas sensor
10/21/10Method of visualizing geometric uncertainties
09/23/10Fluorescence sensor for detecting gas compositions
08/12/10Motorized spindle drive with overload protection
08/05/10Adaptive calculation of pulse compression filter coefficients for a radar signal
07/22/10Rotor blade for a rotary wing aircraft
07/08/10Movable building
07/01/10Method for flight control of a plurality of aircraft flying in formation
06/03/10Detection device for detecting biological microparticles such as bacteria, viruses, spores, pollen or biological toxins, and detection method
05/06/10Spreading device for spreading out fiber filament bundles and spreading method carried out using the same
05/06/10Process and device for manufacturing a preform for a load path aligned fiber composite structure
04/29/10Computing-time-efficient route determination along several preset path points with given connecting routes in-between
04/15/10Computation-time-optimized route planning for aircraft
04/08/10Elastic fiber laying die, laying device comprising such a die, and use of said device
03/25/10Man-machine interface for pilot assistance
03/11/10Detector for the detection of chemical warfare agents and manufacture thereof
03/04/10Variable volume container unit hoisting device for lowering and raising a telescopable expansion element
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03/04/10Variable volume container unit hoisting device for lowering and raising a telescopable expansion element
02/04/10Method for determining the kinematic state of an object, by evaluating sensor measured values
01/14/10Method for surface stabilizing metal components
01/07/10Airplane having a fuselage shell and a floor structure
12/24/09Composite fiber component produced by braiding
09/17/09Method for producing a fiber connection component
08/27/09System for making contact between a transmit/receive module and a testing device
07/30/09Aerodynamic profile for aircraft and wind power stations and measuring the thickness of ice on an aerodynamic profile
07/09/09Closure system for a support structure
07/09/09Process for receiving a broadband electromagnetic signal
07/09/09Method and dynamic compression in images or signal series
07/02/09Rotor blade for a rotor airplane
05/28/09Process and system for creating internal stress in a metallic workpiece
05/28/09Pressure bulkhead for an aircraft
05/21/09Lift flap carrier system
04/30/09Radome with integrated plasma shutter
04/23/09Apparatus for detection of chemical or biological substances and cleaning the apparatus
04/16/09Method for determining the distance between two external stores on an aircraft or aerial vehicle during the separation of one of the external stores
03/26/09Three-dimensional stack-type piezo element and piezoelectric actuator having such a stack-type piezo element
03/26/09Method for data exchange between military aircraft and device for carrying out this method
03/19/09Process for transmitting an electronic message in a transport network
02/26/09Aircraft with emergency landing system
02/26/09Method for verifying plotting results
02/19/09Impulse-absorbing structural component
02/05/09Nozzle arrangement for a gas turbine engine
02/05/09Method and real-time analysis of chemical, biological and explosive substances in the air
12/12/13Camera system for recording and tracking remote moving objects
01/14/10Method for surface stabilizing metal components
01/07/10Airplane having a fuselage shell and a floor structure

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