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Recent patent applications related to Eaton Corporation. Eaton Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Eaton Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Eaton Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/08/16 new patent  Elastomer series coupling damper for supercharger
12/08/16 new patent  Control and protection electric motor
12/08/16 new patent  Bucket assemblies for motor control centers and related motor control centers
12/08/16 new patent  Ceramic plated materials for electrical isolation and thermal transfer
12/01/16Method and apparatus to commission voltage sensors and branch circuit current sensors for branch circuit monitoring systems
12/01/16Method and apparatus to commission voltage sensors and branch circuit current sensors for branch circuit monitoring systems
12/01/16Inductor coil and electromagnetic component
12/01/16Multi-purpose mounting for an electrical switching apparatus
12/01/16Speaker system with acoustic event detection, modification kit for speaker system and modifying a speaker system
11/24/16In-wall room freshener modules and related devices and systems
11/24/16Supercharger spring loaded bearing cartridge
11/24/16Electrical switching apparatus and stored energy assembly therefor
11/17/16Circuit breaker panel board including illumination unit
11/17/16Direct current arc fault detector and circuit interrupter, and detecting an arc in a direct current power circuit
11/10/16Cooling system and air delivery system for a farm machine
11/10/16Air delivery system for a farm machine
11/10/16Dual clutch powershifting transmission
11/10/16Fluid connector with a hose cutting clip
11/10/16Electrical switching apparatus and trip assembly therefor
11/10/16Busway systems and related assemblies and methods
11/10/16Bus bar apparatus usable in high-temperature cable termination applications
11/03/16Engine valve lifter oil flow control and anti-rotation feature
11/03/16Boost system including hybrid drive supercharger with compact configuration
11/03/16Hydraulic radial piston devices
11/03/16Method of optimizing supercharger performance
11/03/16Locking differential assembly
11/03/16Compact dual feeders for circuit breakers and related buckets and motor control centers (mccs)
11/03/16Automatic transfer switch (ats) bypass switch
10/27/16System and clutch pressure control
10/27/16Dual clutch transmission
10/27/16Integrated inductor
10/20/16Pressure vessel graded media for heat exchange in a compression system
10/20/16Flame arrestor
10/20/16Microgrid system structured to detect overload conditions and take corrective actions relating thereto
10/20/16Power system including a circuit providing smart zone selective interlocking communication
10/13/16Pilot control mechanism for boom bounce reduction
10/13/16Control strategy for reducing boom oscillation
10/13/16Self regulating pressure throttle
10/13/16Vacuum interrupter, retaining clip therefor and associated method
10/06/16Ball plunger for use in a hydraulic lash adjuster and making same
10/06/16Fuel limit vent valve having vapor permeable membrane
10/06/16Apparatus and methods for battery monitoring using discharge pulse measurements
10/06/16Circuit interrupter with wireless unit, communication system including the same and associated method
10/06/16Electrical switching apparatus and secondary disconnect assembly with contact alignment features therefor
10/06/16Electrical switching apparatus and secondary disconnect assembly with error-proofing features therefor
10/06/16Electrical switching apparatus and secondary disconnect assembly with cradle assembly alignment and positioning features therefor
10/06/16Energy combiner
09/29/16Motor control center subunit having moveable line contacts and manufacture
09/29/16Electrical switching apparatus and trip assembly therefor
09/29/16Arc flash mitigation switch for quenching external arc faults in low voltage switchgear
09/22/16Valve actuating device and making same
09/22/16High output hydraulic cylinder and piston arrangement
09/22/16Shaft assemblies suitable for circuit breakers and related circuit breakers
09/22/16Electrically conductive polymers as sensing media to detect leaks in aerospace pneumatic ducts
09/22/16Ground fault monitoring system
09/22/16Electronic trip units powered by current transformers and circuit breakers comprising the same
09/15/16Method for non-microslip based dual clutch transmission power on up shift
09/15/16Electronic control for a rotary fluid device
09/15/16Wire wound resistor arrangement and sensing arrangement including the same
09/15/16Solenoid and associated control method
09/15/16Electrical switching apparatus and retention system therefor
09/15/16Interlocking outlet and associated method
09/15/16Variable frequency drive circuit with overvoltage protection
09/08/16Activation assembly for a press apparatus
09/08/16Collapse resistant hose and the manufacture of the same
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09/08/16Multiple layer capacitor divider voltage sensors suitable for circuit breakers and related circuit breakers
09/08/16Heater apparatus, circuit interrupter, and related method
09/01/16Electric motor driven pump
09/01/16Inboard spring arrangement for a clutch actuated differential
09/01/16Connecting device for motor and supply network
08/25/16Two path two step actuator
08/25/16Vacuum switching apparatus and contact assembly therefor
08/25/16Electrical switching apparatus, and interface assembly and display apparatus therefor
08/18/16Boost system including turbo and hybrid drive supercharger
08/18/16Supercharger having pre-boosting configuration
08/18/16Gear pump for hydroelectric power generation
08/18/16Hydraulic system sensor
08/18/16Complex electrically operated ground and test device using vacuum circuit interrupters and methods of operating the same
08/18/16Adaptable external battery modules and related systems
08/11/16Dual forging system and method
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08/11/16A limiting clutch torque to reduce high mu wheel slip
08/11/16Custom vva rocker arms for left hand and right hand orientations
08/11/16Double hinge flex joint
08/04/16System and optimizing fuel economy using predictive environment and driver behavior information
08/04/16Supercharger having multiple speeds
08/04/16Supercharger having integrated clutch and torsional damper
08/04/16Variable output centrifugal pump
08/04/16Control using a pair of independent hydraulic metering valves to reduce boom oscillations
08/04/16Mechanical wear, wipe and stroke measurement system for circuit breakers
08/04/16Breaker secondary terminal block isolation chamber
08/04/16Transfer switch including management system and associated method
08/04/16V/f control suppressing current oscillation of induction motor
07/28/16Wear resistant alloy
07/28/16Switching roller finger follower latch pin anti-rotation device
07/21/16Hose end clean-up fixture
07/21/16Hydraulic radial piston device with improved pressure transition mechanism
07/21/16Modular cross shaft yoke
07/21/16Seal ring composite for improved hydrodynamic seal performance
07/21/16System and providing information to and/or obtaining information from a component of an electrical distribution system
07/21/16Electrical system, electrical switching apparatus and guard assembly therefor
07/21/16Battery modules having detection connectors and related systems
07/14/16Fluid device output shaft with coating
07/14/16Electro-optic liquid sensor enabling in-liquid testing
07/07/16Hose assembly with multistage abrasion indicator
07/07/16Methods, circuits and articles of manufacture for controlling wireless power transfer responsive to controller circuit states
06/30/16Fault detection, isolation and reconfiguration controlling electrohydraulic systems used in construction equipment
06/30/16Method for detecting a burst hose in a hydraulic system
06/30/16Voltage sensor housing and assembly including the same
06/30/16Voltage sensor system
06/30/16Arc fault detection system and method and circuit interrupter employing same
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06/30/16Arc fault detection system and method and circuit interrupter employing same
06/30/16Arc fault detection system and method and circuit interrupter employing same
06/30/16Arc fault detection system and method and circuit interrupter employing same
06/30/16Self-identifying control switch
06/30/16Control switch with integrated rfid tag
06/30/16Electrical switch and slider assembly therefor
06/30/16Magnetic control switch
06/30/16Rfid tag based state monitoring of contactors
06/30/16Vacuum fuse
06/30/16Protection device comprising a plurality of vacuum fuses
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06/30/16Protection device employing current limiting fuse and vacuum fuse
06/30/16Electrical switch and mounting assembly therefor`
06/30/16Utility scale renewable energy system controls for ramp-rate, voltage, and frequency management
06/30/16Notification apparatus usable with cooling system or other system
06/30/16Methods and systems for operating hybrid power devices using driver circuits that perform indirect instantaneous load current sensing
06/30/16Methods and systems for operating hybrid power devices using multiple current-dependent switching patterns
06/23/16Bearing pin upset method to retain high hardness pins
06/23/16Fuel tank check valve
06/23/16Low profile arc resistant door latching mechanism
06/23/16Lash adjuster and making same
06/23/16Limited slip differential assembly
06/23/16Sensor system including wireless sensor
06/23/16Molded case circuit breaker accessory wiring improvement
06/23/16Circuit breakers with polarity sensitive shunt trip mechanisms and methods of operating the same
06/23/16Circuit breakers with common trip cams and related trip cams
06/23/16Molded case circuit breakers with recessed switches
06/23/16Break away door, trip unit and circuit breaker assembly including same
06/23/16String and system employing direct current electrical generating modules and a number of string protectors
06/23/16Circuit interruption apparatus providing automatic reduced arc mode and methods of operating the same
06/23/16Power systems and methods using voltage waveform signaling
06/23/16Partitioned motor drive subsea applications
06/23/16Apparatus and methods for monitoring subsea electrical systems using adaptive models
06/16/16Method for optimizing response time of hydraulic latch-pin in cylinder deactivation rocker arm
06/16/16System, for rocker arm position sensing
06/16/16Limited-slip driveline apparatus
06/16/16Leak detection system
06/16/16Panelboard, and switchgear assembly and stab assembly therefor
06/16/16Microgrid distribution manager with dynamically adjustable trip curves for multi-source microgrids
06/16/16Electrical device with power quality event protection and associated method
06/16/16Modular uninterruptible power supply apparatus and methods of operating same
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06/09/16Hydraulic control unit having interface plate disposed between housing and pump
06/09/16Testing apparatus usable with circuit interruption apparatus
06/09/16Actuator driver circuit
06/09/16Electrical switching apparatus and contact assembly therefor
06/09/16Circuit breaker including remote operation circuit
06/09/16Circuit breaker panel including remotely operated circuit breaker
06/09/16Electrical switching apparatus, and operating handle assembly and trip cam therefor
06/09/16Circuit breakers with moving contact having heel-toe action
06/09/16Vacuum assisted electrical disconnect with dynamic shield
06/09/16Electrical switching apparatus, and indication assembly and trip cam therefor
06/09/16Circuit breakers with moving contact arm with spaced apart contacts
06/09/16Electrical switching apparatus and pole shaft catch assembly therefor
06/09/16Connection apparatus usable in vacuum interrupter
06/09/16Conduit apparatus usable with electrical enclosure apparatus
06/09/16Load power device, system and load control and management employing load identification
06/02/16Hydraulic system for pressurization of gas with reduction of dead volume
06/02/16Electronic limited slip differential with separation of clutch and actuator
06/02/16Arc extinguishing contact assembly for a circuit breaker assembly
06/02/16Load power device and system for real-time execution of hierarchical load identification algorithms
05/26/16Latch interface for a valve actuating device
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05/19/16Rocker arm assembly and components therefor
05/19/16Cylinder head arrangement for variable valve actuation rocker arm assemblies
05/19/16Systems, methods, and devices for valve stem position sensing
05/19/16System and self-testing a ground fault circuit interrupter
05/19/16Mechanical wear, wipe and stroke measurement system for circuit breakers
05/19/16Vacuum switching apparatus, and contact assembly and securing an electrical contact to an electrode therefor
05/19/16Circuit breaker having line terminal and associated indicating method
05/19/16Visible disconnect switch interlock assembly
05/12/16Rocker arm assembly and components therefor
05/12/16High voltage direct current transmission and distribution system
05/12/16Wireless power system
05/05/16Overmolded valve assembly
05/05/16Portable diagnostic testing circuit breakers
05/05/16Electrical system and operating handle interface assembly therefor
05/05/16Regenerative rectifier for a motor control drive
04/28/16Detection at least one of temperature and pressure in a cylinder of an internal combustion engine
04/28/16Latch interface for a valve actuating device
04/28/16Damper and pre-damper assembly
04/28/16System and method to characterize and identify operating modes of electric loads
04/28/16Motor control center subunit having moveable line contacts and manufacture
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04/21/16Golf grip with enhanced vibration transmission
04/21/16Method for diagnosing variable valve actuation malfunctions by monitoring fluid pressure in a control gallery
04/21/16Supercharger exhaust bypass
04/21/16Electrical switching apparatus and transmission assembly therefor
04/14/16Circuit breaker accessory data collector and related methods and computer program products
04/14/16Methods, systems and modules for testing uninterruptible power supply (ups) systems with multiple ups modules
04/14/16Composite arc shields for vacuum interrupters and methods for forming same
04/07/16Dual redundant aerial refueling coupling regulator assembly
04/07/16Electrical interruption apparatus with wear indicator
04/07/16Fuse with carbon fiber fusible element
04/07/16Switchgear system and restraint assembly therefor
04/07/16Electrical system and support assembly therefor
03/31/16Multi additive multifunctional composite for use in a non-metallic fuel conveyance system
03/31/16Transmission lubrication system
03/24/16Hydraulic axial-piston device with features to enhance efficiency and power-density
03/24/16System to diagnose variable valve actuation malfunctions by monitoring fluid pressure in a hydraulic lash adjuster gallery
03/24/16Multi-cylinder assembly
03/24/16Differential housing cover and assembly
03/17/16Method for improved diagnostic in determining and preventing inverter faults
03/10/16Modified tooth proportion gear cutter
03/10/16Fault tolerant electronic control architecture for aircraft actuation system
03/10/16System and clutch pressure control
03/10/16Bonding clip for fluid conduit coupling
03/10/16Active impact force/torque control for an electromechanical actuator
03/03/16Rocker assembly having improved durability
03/03/16Switching rocker arm
03/03/16Balanced poppet float vent valve
03/03/16Interchangable flow restricting orifice for clamshell coupler
03/03/16Arc extinguishing contact assembly for a circuit breaker assembly
03/03/16Arc extinguishing contact assembly for a circuit breaker assembly
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03/03/16Bus bar apparatus usable in high temperature cable termination applications
03/03/16Modular accessory system for panel board
02/25/16Electromagnetic clutch assembly
02/25/16Switch connection with a dc circuit
02/25/16Switchgear system and electrical switching apparatus assembly therefor
02/18/16Thermal abatement systems
02/18/16Hydrodynamic mating ring with integrated groove inlet pressure control
02/18/16Circuit breakers with handle bearing pins
02/18/16Circuit breakers with handle bearing sleeves
02/11/16Hydrant coupler with articulating handle assembly
02/11/16System and dpf passive enhancement through powertrain torque-speed management
02/11/16Circuit breakers with secondary displacement springs
02/11/16Trip bar stop
02/04/16Coupling for supercharger
02/04/16Switchgear enclosure housing assembly including an extendable conductor assembly
02/04/16Junction assembly and wiring device therefor
01/28/16Transmission lubrication system and apparatus
01/28/16Position and speed synchronization for a dual linear actuator flap system
01/21/16Oil control valve system for valve actuation switching
01/21/16Nested redundant uninterruptible power supply apparatus and methods
01/14/16Circuit breaker and apparatus including slot-retained armature linkage and methods of fabricating the same
01/07/16Dual ratio drive for variable speed hybrid electric supercharger assembly
01/07/16Integrated volumetric energy recovery and compression device
01/07/16Bearing plate bleed port for roots-type superchargers
01/07/16Low inertia laminated rotor
01/07/16Axial seal for roots-style supercharger
01/07/16Noise cancellation by phase-matching communicating ducts of roots-type blower and expander
01/07/16Constructions for load-bearing structures; advantageous metal-plastic composite constructions; methods of preparation and assembly; systems and methods

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