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Recent patent applications related to Eaton Corporation. Eaton Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Eaton Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Eaton Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Eaton Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024076408/27/15  new patent  Liquid trap with integral jet pump
22015024097208/27/15  new patent  Wave contact arrangement for hose assembly
32015024346408/27/15  new patent  Circuit protection apparatus and setting trip parameters thereof
42015024415308/27/15  new patent  Load center and switchgear mounting assembly therefor
52015023397408/20/15 Meter or display device for calculation and display of arc flash incident energy
62015023648008/20/15 Triggered arc flash arrester and shield element for use therewith
72015023649508/20/15 Low voltage arc flash switch
82015023649608/20/15 Electronic circuit and low voltage arc flash system including an electromagnetic trigger
92015023663108/20/15 System and rotor time constant online identification in an ac induction machine
102015022632108/13/15 Full clutch slip power shift of a dual clutch transmission
112015021925208/06/15 Low permeation fuel hose
122015021969508/06/15 Power inductor and implementing shunting measurement through inductor winding
132015022145808/06/15 Disconnect operating handles suitable for circuit breakers and related bucket assemblies
142015022145908/06/15 Disconnect operating handles suitable for circuit breakers and related bucket assemblies and handle interlocks
152015021139407/30/15 Sensing and control of a variable valve actuation system
162015021158507/30/15 Transmission gear synchronizer blocker ring formed of a thermoplastic material
172015021189207/30/15 Pseudo-absolute position sensing algorithm
182015021477907/30/15 Three-source automatic redundant bypass-isolation switches and related power systems and methods
192015020305607/23/15 Vehicle control switch with capacitive touch redundancy actuation
202015020443107/23/15 Locking differential assembly
212015020667707/23/15 Vacuum interrupter with arc-resistant center shield
222015019815007/16/15 Integral resonators for roots-type supercharger
232015020052507/16/15 Power distribution system, and switchgear assembly, and mounting member therefor
242015019189807/09/15 Fault detection, isolation and reconfiguration controlling electrohydraulic systems used in construction equipment
252015019220407/09/15 Dampers at the main shift rod
262015019261807/09/15 Multiple layer capacitor divider voltage sensors suitable for circuit breakers and related circuit breakers
272015018342107/02/15 Control system for vehicle drive system having supercharger and accessories
282015018447007/02/15 Plunger-type wire riser tensioner
292015017451306/25/15 Self purge filtration discharge to subatmospheric conditions
302015017514806/25/15 Control strategy for awd connection and disconnection
312015017660706/25/15 Uninterruptible power supply systems using electrohydraulic energy storage
322015017717206/25/15 Methods and systems for measuring hose resistance
332015017728806/25/15 Metering load centers
342015017938006/25/15 D/c trip assembly
352015018027506/25/15 Automatic transfer switch (ats) bypass switch
362015018028106/25/15 Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods
372015018037706/25/15 Soft starter system and operating same
382015016775006/18/15 Dual piston disconnect actuator for power transfer unit
392015016848706/18/15 Remote diagnostic circuit protection devices such as miniature circuit breakers
402015016897506/18/15 Method and apparatus to optimize generator start delay and runtime following outage
412015016897606/18/15 Method and apparatus to change generator start delay and runtime following outage
422015016902006/18/15 Systems, methods and computer program products for controlling power system components using abstracted power network entity descriptors
432015017086206/18/15 Flux shunt trip actuator interface and breaker reset mechanism for circuit breaker
442015017161306/18/15 Electrical switching apparatus including alternating current electronic trip circuit with arc fault detection circuit and power supply
452015017161406/18/15 Shunt trip control circuits using shunt trip signal accumulator and methods of operating the same
462015017162006/18/15 Electrical switching apparatus including alternating current electronic trip circuit with arc fault detection circuit
472015017166206/18/15 Active engine cool down time delay for automatic transfer switch controllers
482015017166306/18/15 Uninterruptible power systems using current source rectifiers and methods of operating the same
492015015852206/11/15 Steered wheel visual feedback system for variable rate steering systems
502015015970406/11/15 Clutch backer plate with recessed rivets
512015016026706/11/15 Current sensing assembly employing magnetic sensors
522015016026806/11/15 Bi-directional direct current sensing circuit and current sensing assembly including the same
532015016027206/11/15 Electrical current sensing apparatus
542015016215706/11/15 System and adjusting the trip characteristics of a circuit breaker
552015016273906/11/15 Surge protection apparatus having multiple surge protection devices and display
562015015286106/04/15 Fault detection and mitigation in hybrid drive system
572015015292406/04/15 Low driven inertia dual clutch
582015015296106/04/15 Method and apparatus of preventing unintended gear selection in a compound transmission
592015015300106/04/15 Transmission pump
602015015321306/04/15 Visual indicator with sensor
612015014398705/28/15 Combined hydraulic/pneumatic actuation system with internal pneumatic piston
622015014420405/28/15 Valve assembly for a tank of a vehicle
632015014447405/28/15 Electrical switching apparatus and opening assembly therefor having engagement lug
642015014459705/28/15 Circuit breaker with low-clearance connections
652015014474505/28/15 Conduit apparatus usable with electrical enclosure apparatus
662015014481905/28/15 Isolation valve with fast depressurization for high-pressure fuel tank
672015014532505/28/15 Active power factor correction for aircraft power system harmonic mitigation
682015014555005/28/15 Solar array condition monitoring through controlled inverter voltage sweeping
692015013674005/21/15 Arc baffling device
702015014119405/21/15 Differential having light weight bevel gearing
712015013018305/14/15 Double wall tube adapter and joint
722015013028005/14/15 Variable neutral impedance for multi-source system
732015013058305/14/15 Wireless power transfer systems containing foil-type transmitter and receiver coils
742015013242605/14/15 Hydraulic drive circuit with parallel architectured accumulator
752015013304205/14/15 Vent electrical enclosure
762015013325405/14/15 Electronically actuated locking differential having non-rotating stator and armature
772015012166405/07/15 Multi-piece panel fastener
782015012260805/07/15 Piston for a clutch brake assembly
792015012339405/07/15 Dielectric isolators
802015012375205/07/15 Remotely operable electrical disconnect apparatus
812015012435805/07/15 Feeder power source providing open feeder detection for a network protector by shifted neutral
822015012531305/07/15 Pressure compensation control of a fixed displacement pump in a pumping and metering system and associated method
832015012632005/07/15 Differential assembly
842015011421604/30/15 Hydraulic radial piston devices
852015011480704/30/15 Withdrawable contactor trucks with integral motorized levering-in, related swtichgear, kits and methods
862015011493404/30/15 Bi-directional direct current electrical switching apparatus including small permanent magnets on ferromagnetic side members and one set of arc splitter plates
872015011691204/30/15 Circuit breakers having enlarged pressure relief valves and related electrical distribution panels and systems
882015011746304/30/15 Communication bridge between bus networks
892015011808604/30/15 Optimized helix angle rotors for roots-style supercharger
902015011809404/30/15 Positive displacement pump assembly with movable end plate for rotor face clearance control
912015011918104/30/15 Clutch system
922015010768904/23/15 Flapper valve with guide legs
932015010769004/23/15 Textured closure surface for fuel vapor valve
942015010770004/23/15 Redundant lip seal for valve
952015010793304/23/15 Torque limiting differential
962015010797004/23/15 Hybrid handle tie
972015010895804/23/15 Hybrid three-level t-type converter for power applications
982015010907804/23/15 Direct current sensing circuit and circuit interrupter including the same
992015011061004/23/15 Supercharger assembly with rotor end face seal and manufacturing a supercharger assembly
1002015011167904/23/15 Limited-slip driveline apparatus
1012015011168404/23/15 Differential having piston housing integrated with differential case
1022015011249904/23/15 Power system including a circuit providing smart zone selective interlocking communication
1032015010191304/16/15 Roll on the floor circuit breakers and related kits and methods
1042015010266504/16/15 Self-identifying switch system for vehicle control
1052015010347204/16/15 Bucket assemblies for motor control centers (mcc) with disconnect assemblies and related mcc cabinets and methods
1062015010520904/16/15 Locking differential having preload spring wear pads
1072015010521004/16/15 Mechanically actuated positive locking differential
1082015010599004/16/15 Predictive vehicle stability control method
1092015009644504/09/15 Self-closing filter
1102015009662504/09/15 Valve assembly for a tank of a vehicle and a creating a vacuum in the tank
1112015009663304/09/15 Valve assembly
1122015009663604/09/15 Engine valvetrain oil control valve
1132015009665704/09/15 Pneumatic control valve
1142015009034604/02/15 Quick response float-operated vapor vent valve
1152015009065504/02/15 Filtration assembly with backwashing for pressurized fluid system
1162015009238804/02/15 Component for electric power system and determining whether a power circuit in an electric power system is open or closed
1172015008455303/26/15 Synchronous transfer control system in an arc resistant enclosure
1182015008554603/26/15 Multi-level converter apparatus and methods using clamped node bias
1192015007563403/19/15 Hydromechanical pressure compensation control of a variable displacement pump in a centrifugal pumping and metering system and associated method
1202015007566603/19/15 Hose with rubber and plastic
1212015007677003/19/15 Insulated high temperature composite seal
1222015007715403/19/15 System for measuring soft starter current and making same
1232015007955003/19/15 Hydraulic training system and method
1242015006828603/12/15 Leak detection system
1252015006833603/12/15 Dual clutch transmission
1262015007082003/12/15 Modular bus plug apparatus
1272015007086003/12/15 Locking assembly for a panel board device
1282015007176503/12/15 Supercharger transmission
1292015007256403/12/15 Interface assembly having electrically connected stab coupling and secondary coupling assemblies
1302015005945503/05/15 In-cylinder pressure measurement utilizing a magneto-elastic element for measuring a force exerted on an engine valve assembly
1312015006024603/05/15 Inter-pole drive bar usable with switch apparatus having multiple poles
1322015006041003/05/15 Vacuum switching apparatus and contact assembly therefor
1332015006072303/05/15 Heat sink composition for electrically resistive and thermally conductive circuit breaker and load center and preparation therefor
1342015006179903/05/15 Solenoid assembly with anti-hysteresis feature
1352015006281903/05/15 Apparatus and methods using heat pipes for linking electronic assemblies that unequally produce heat
1362015006445803/05/15 Functionalizing injection molded parts using nanofibers
1372015006501603/05/15 Decontamination device and removing contaminants from electrical apparatus
1382015006627203/05/15 Electric energy generation using variable speed hybrid electric supercharger assembly
1392015005300402/26/15 Digital densitometer and fuel gauging system
1402015005789802/26/15 Method to initiate, manage, and adapt vehicle motion at low speeds in a wet clutch dual clutch transmission
1412015004761702/19/15 Variable speed hybrid electric supercharger assembly and control of vehicle having same
1422015004827002/19/15 Flux collector with interconnected portions and manufacturing solenoid valve assembly having same
1432015004869102/19/15 Ups systems and methods using current-controlling low-loss modes
1442015004943702/19/15 Medium voltage hybrid air/liquid cooled adjustable frequency drive
1452015004129002/12/15 Hidden/sliding door system for field-installed accessory access
1462015004231102/12/15 Method and apparatus to diagnose current sensor polarities and phase associations for a three-phase electric power system
1472015004313402/12/15 Circuit interrupters and electrical enclosures with rejection features
1482015003640202/05/15 Power system controlling and monitoring power semiconductor devices employing two serial signals
1492015003827802/05/15 Compact differential gear mechanism having a densely packed pinion bevel gear array
1502015002754901/29/15 Dual stage poppet
1512015002887701/29/15 Relay including processor providing control and/or monitoring
1522015003149001/29/15 Differential having steel hydraulic transfer bushing
1532015002198201/22/15 Direct current electrical generating system including a plurality of direct current electrical generating modules each having an electromechanical switch
1542015002490501/22/15 Method for non-microslip based dual clutch transmission power on up shift
1552015001412901/15/15 Fuse and trip mechanism therefor
1562015001427701/15/15 Interchangeable switching module and electrical switching apparatus including the same
1572015001599901/15/15 Method of tripping a circuit interrupter in a back fed configuration
1582015001608401/15/15 Breaker secondary terminal block isolation chamber
1592015000756901/08/15 Volumetric energy recovery device and systems
1602015000800701/08/15 Busway joint structural support assemblies and related systems
1612015000866601/08/15 Condulet coupler
1622015000874401/08/15 Ups systems and methods using dual mode rectifier/inverter
1632015000874501/08/15 Ups systems and methods using variable configuration modules
1642015000959701/08/15 Electronic fuse circuit and controlling the same
1652015001214401/08/15 Method and optimizing a hybrid power system with respect to long-term characteristics by online optimization, and real-time forecasts, prediction or processing
1662015000102401/01/15 Clutch spool valve assembly
1672015000103501/01/15 Shift rail rod seal with positioning feature
1682015000207101/01/15 System and rotor time constant online identification in an ac induction machine
1692015000207201/01/15 System and controlling regenerating energy in an adjustable speed drive
1702014037352012/25/14 System and maintaining constant loads in hydraulic systems
1712014037367112/25/14 Shaft assemblies suitable for circuit breakers and related circuit breakers
1722014037422712/25/14 Shunt separating cam followers for circuit breakers and related methods
1732014037462012/25/14 Uv lamp support assembly
1742014037614212/25/14 Fuse assembly including relay and string including the same
1752014036652012/18/14 Fluid controller with load sense and flow amplification
1762014036723512/18/14 Electrical switching apparatus including operating handle with dampening member
1772014036736312/18/14 High current vacuum interrupter with sectional electrode and multi heat pipes
1782014037193212/18/14 System and instantaneous power decomposition and estimation
1792014036153212/11/14 Fluid conveyence system connector
1802014036549012/11/14 Method and system employing graphical electric load categorization to identify one of a plurality of different electric load types
1812014035279112/04/14 Aircraft hydraulic air bleed valve system
1822014035282212/04/14 Air bleed valve float arrangement with restrictor
1832014035308712/04/14 Shield for transmission fluid sump
1842014035309212/04/14 High energy ventilated construction brake with dual drum
1852014035328012/04/14 Switch connection with a dc circuit
1862014035413012/04/14 Support apparatus usable with electrical enclosure
1872014035441512/04/14 Wireless transponder unit, electrical joint monitoring system including the same, and monitoring electrical joints
1882014035845612/04/14 Method and system employing finite state machine modeling to identify one of a plurality of different electric load types
1892014034789711/27/14 High voltage direct current transmission and distribution system
1902014034082211/20/14 Load panel including an aggregator component and a number of electrical switching apparatus assigning unique addresses thereto
1912014033233411/13/14 Two piece torque limiting clutch brake
1922014033235611/13/14 Handle tie g-frame 1 pole breakers
1932014033328611/13/14 Load panel branch circuit monitor employing an intelligent current sensor module
1942014033570811/13/14 Connection apparatus connectable with neutral bus
1952014033577611/13/14 Device and enhancing air cooling of electrical and mechanical systems
1962014032014810/30/14 System and detecting excess voltage drop in three-phase ac circuits
1972014032024210/30/14 Trip unit with captive trip bar
1982014032100510/30/14 Plug-on neutral breakers and related methods
1992014032106710/30/14 Apparatus and methods for powering motor control centers using backfeed modules
2002014032303010/30/14 System and controlling output flow of parallel connected blowers
2012014032424410/30/14 Centralized controller for intelligent control of thermostatically controlled devices
2022014031093110/23/14 Fluid filter installation tool
2032014031299610/23/14 Bimetal and magnetic armature providing an arc splatter resistant offset therebetween, and circuit breaker including the same
2042014031567710/23/14 Compact planetary differential gear set arrangement
2052014030517610/16/14 Universal roller swaging machine with tool wear monitor
2062014030671510/16/14 Missing or broken neutral monitoring circuit for split phase electrical distribution configurations
2072014030735010/16/14 Triggered arc flash arrester and shield element for use therewith
2082014030735310/16/14 Power system including a load panel protecting a facility from a broken or missing neutral of a split phase electrical distribution configuration
2092014029979210/09/14 Sealing about a quartz tube
2102014030048210/09/14 System including an indicator responsive to an electret for a power bus
2112014029062810/02/14 System with liquid containment tank including an in-line liquid vapor discriminating valve external to the tank
2122014029126110/02/14 Recycling filtrate to inlet during backwashing
2132014028376809/25/14 Valvetrain oil control system and oil control valve
2142014028416509/25/14 Cam hard stop for end of life
2152014026024509/18/14 Volumetric energy recovery device with variable speed drive
2162014026178209/18/14 Pressure relief valve assembly
2172014026263909/18/14 Drum and constricting drum assembly
2182014026265709/18/14 Drum and constricting drum assembly
2192014026266809/18/14 Inboard spring arrangement for a clutch actuated differential
2202014026270909/18/14 Heat reducing terminals including a surface having protrusions and electrical switching apparatus including the same
2212014026318809/18/14 Arc chamber for bi-directional dc
2222014026556109/18/14 Hose voltage carrier
2232014026651909/18/14 Electronic trip unit, circuit interrupter including the same, and setting trip unit settings
2242014026857009/18/14 Power pole isolated heat pipe inverter assembly
2252014026896909/18/14 Power pole inverter
2262014027113609/18/14 Supercharger
2272014027129709/18/14 Net-displacement control of fluid
2282014027130909/18/14 Torque-generating steering device
2292014027452909/18/14 Torque management unit with integrated hydraulic actuator
2302014027779909/18/14 Autonomous thermal event control and monitoring system for a network vault
2312014025174909/11/14 Quick change friction linings for constricting clutch brake element
2322014025177309/11/14 Electrical switching apparatus and link assembly therefor
2332014025326409/11/14 Circuit breaker slot motor
2342014025405209/11/14 Display unit configured to display trip information and circuit interrupter including the same
2352014024611209/04/14 Electrically conductive seals for fluid conveyance systems
2362014024753909/04/14 Enclosure for electrical distribution equipment and electrical distribution apparatus employing the same
2372014023810908/28/14 Flexible contact arrangement for hose assembly
2382014023878908/28/14 Disc brake assembly and making same
2392014024087908/28/14 High voltage electronic switches for controlling direct current arcs in high voltage direct current systems and methods of operating the same
2402014024416608/28/14 Apparatus and improved geo-location of utility equipment
2412014023054308/21/14 Two wire temperature and fluid level limit switch
2422014023327808/21/14 System and single-phase and three-phase current determination in power converters and inverters
2432014022422808/14/14 Supercharger assembly for regeneration of throttling losses and control
2442014022461208/14/14 Expander brake/clutch assembly and making same
2452014022570708/14/14 Heater apparatus, circuit interrupter, and related method
2462014021982608/07/14 Fuel system using dual pressure hi-speed centrifugal pump arrangement
2472014022231308/07/14 Method of controlling fluid pressure-actuated switching component and control system for same
2482014021020307/31/14 Fluid couplling assembly with integral plug retainer
2492014021134507/31/14 Annunciating or power vending circuit breaker for an electric load

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