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Ebara Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Ebara Corporation. Ebara Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ebara Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ebara Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Substrate processing apparatus and pipe cleaning substrate processing apparatus
04/20/17Polishing apparatus
04/20/17Polishing apparatus and polishing method
04/20/17Substrate holding device, substrate polishing apparatus, and manufacturing the substrate holding device
04/13/17Polishing apparatus and polishing method
04/13/17Polishing method and polishing apparatus
04/06/17Polishing apparatus
03/30/17Pressure calibration jig and substrate processing apparatus
03/16/17Polishing apparatus and polishing method
03/16/17Reversing machine and substrate polishing apparatus
03/09/17Substrate processing system and substrate processing method
03/09/17Driving electric motor
03/02/17Polishing apparatus and polishing method
03/02/17Eddy current sensor
03/02/17Plating apparatus, plating method, and substrate holder
02/23/17Substrate adsorption method, substrate holding apparatus, substrate polishing apparatus, elastic film, substrate adsorption determination substrate holding apparatus, and pressure control substrate holding apparatus
02/16/17Dresser disk cleaning brush, cleaning apparatus, and cleaning method
02/16/17Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing system. and substrate processing method
01/12/17Fan scrubber and vacuum pump apparatus
01/12/17Cover for component of polishing apparatus, component of polishing apparatus, and polishing apparatus
12/22/16Polishing apparatus, polishing head, and retainer ring
12/22/16Anode holder and plating apparatus
12/22/16Method of adjusting plating apparatus, and measuring apparatus
12/22/16Wafer drying apparatus and wafer drying method
12/08/16Polishing apparatus
12/01/16Table for holding workpiece and processing apparatus with the table
12/01/16Substrate holder, plating apparatus, and plating method
11/10/16Polishing apparatus
11/03/16Abrasive film fabrication method and abrasive film
11/03/16Electrochemical deposition method
11/03/16Electrochemical deposition method
11/03/16Electrochemical deposition method
11/03/16Inspection apparatus
10/27/16Coupling guard
10/27/16Substrate processing detecting abnormality of substrate
10/20/16Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
10/20/16Coupling guard
10/20/16Inspection device
10/13/16Wafer polishing apparatus
10/06/16Condensate demineralization apparatus and condensate demineralization method
09/29/16Plating apparatus
09/29/16Substrate processing apparatus
09/29/16Polishing apparatus and polishing method
09/22/16Polishing apparatus, controlling the same, and outputting a dressing condition
09/15/16Substrate transfer hand
09/15/16Method of cleaning substrate holder
09/15/16Vacuum pump
09/08/16Substrate processing apparatus and hand shower gun
09/08/16Coupling mechanism, substrate polishing apparatus, determining position of rotational center of coupling mechanism, program of determining position of rotational center of coupling mechanism, determining maximum pressing load of rotating body, and program of determining maximum pressing load of rotating body
09/08/16Plating apparatus
09/08/16Driving electric motor
09/01/16Seawater desalination system and energy recovery device
09/01/16Polishing apparatus
08/25/16Load measuring apparatus and load measuring method
08/25/16Substrate cleaning apparatus,substrate cleaning method, and substrate processing apparatus
08/25/16Retainer ring, substrate holding apparatus, and polishing apparatus, and retainer ring maintenance method
08/11/16Workpiece transport device
08/04/16Seawater desalination system
08/04/16Plating method and plating apparatus
07/28/16Apparatus and alleviating and preventing cavitation surge of water supply conduit system
07/21/16Method and monitoring a polishing surface of a polishing pad used in polishing apparatus
07/07/16Substrate holder, a holding a substrate with a substrate holder, and a plating apparatus
06/30/16Method and measuring surface properties of polishing pad
06/30/16Polishing apparatus and controlling the same
06/23/16Polishing apparatus
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06/23/16Method and polishing a substrate
06/16/16Substrate processing apparatus
06/09/16Method and conditioning a polishing pad
06/09/16Electroless plating apparatus
05/26/16Cleaning device, manufacturing the same and substrate cleaning apparatus
05/26/16Apparatus for cleaning a polishing surface, polishing apparatus, and manufacturing an cleaning a polishing surface
05/26/16Plating apparatus and plating method
05/19/16Substrate cleaning apparatus, substrate processing apparatus, and substrate cleaning method
05/19/16Substrate holding apparatus
05/12/16Polishing method
05/12/16Method of operating an electroless plating apparatus
05/12/16Magnetic levitated pump
05/12/16Substrate gripping apparatus
05/05/16Polishing apparatus and polishing method
05/05/16Roll-type processing member, pencil-type processing member, and substrate processing apparatus including any one of these
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04/28/16Method of detecting abnormality in polishing of a substrate and polishing apparatus
04/28/16Polishing method and polishing apparatus
04/21/16Substrate holder and plating apparatus
04/21/16Pump impeller for submerged pump and submerged pump including same
04/14/16Buffing apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
04/07/16Adjusting a substrate polishing condition
04/07/16Plating method
04/07/16Substrate processing apparatus and processing method
03/17/16Film thickness signal processing apparatus, polishing apparatus, film thickness signal processing method, and polishing method
03/17/16Processing module, processing apparatus, and processing method
03/17/16Polishing apparatus and polishing method
03/17/16Polishing method
03/03/16Rinsing bath and substrate cleaning method using such rinsing bath
03/03/16Buffing apparatus, and substrate processing apparatus
03/03/16Substrate processing apparatus
03/03/16Rotary electrical machine having permanent magnet rotor
02/25/16Seawater desalination system and energy recovery apparatus
02/25/16Polishing apparatus
02/25/16Polishing method
02/11/16Etching liquid, etching method, and manufacturing solder bump
02/04/16Seawater desalination system and energy recovery apparatus
01/28/16Tape sticking apparatus and tape sticking method
01/21/16Seawater desalination system and energy recovery apparatus
01/14/16Polishing apparatus
01/14/16Canned motor and vacuum pump
12/31/15Recovery system using fluid coupling on power generating system
12/24/15Exhaust gas treatment apparatus
12/24/15Substrate electrolytic processing apparatus and paddle for use in such substrate electrolytic processing apparatus
12/24/15Surface processing apparatus
12/17/15Polishing apparatus and wear detection method
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12/10/15Substrate cleaning apparatus
12/10/15Polishing apparatus
12/10/15Plating apparatus and plating method
12/10/15Volute pump
12/10/15Cleaning chemical supplying device, cleaning chemical supplying method, and cleaning unit
12/10/15Substrate attaching/detaching unit for substrate holder, wet-type substrate processing apparatus including the same, substrate holder conveying method, substrate processing apparatus, and substrate conveying method
12/03/15Polishing apparatus
12/03/15Polishing apparatus
12/03/15Casing liner for sewage pump and sewage pump with the same
12/03/15Method and judging polishing performance of polishing liquid
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12/03/15Cleaning apparatus and cleaning method
11/26/15Substrate cleaning apparatus and method executed in the same
11/26/15Inspection apparatus
11/19/15Polishing apparatus
11/19/15Polishing apparatus
11/05/15Method and monitoring a polishing surface of a polishing pad used in polishing apparatus
11/05/15Substrate polishing apparatus
10/29/15Substrate processing method
10/29/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
10/22/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
10/22/15Substrate treatment device
10/22/15Rotatable apparatus
10/22/15Substrate drying apparatus, storage medium, and substrate drying method
10/15/15Substrate processing apparatus
10/15/15Substrate processing apparatus
10/15/15Rotary joint and polishing apparatus
10/08/15Polishing apparatus
10/08/15Control unit for generating timing signal for imaging unit in inspection sending out timing signal to imaging unit
10/08/15Inspection apparatus
10/08/15Method and cleaning substrate
10/01/15Polishing apparatus
10/01/15Polishing device and polishing method
10/01/15Elastic membrane, substrate holding apparatus, and polishing apparatus
10/01/15Substrate polishing apparatus
10/01/15Anode unit and plating apparatus having such anode unit
10/01/15Reflecting mirror posture adjustment structure, ceiling plate opening and closing mechanism, and inspection device
10/01/15Plating apparatus and determining electric resistance of electric contact of substrate holder
10/01/15Substrate holding mechanism, substrate transporting device, and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
10/01/15Substrate processing method
09/24/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
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09/24/15Electroless plating method
09/24/15Substrate processing apparatus and resist removing unit
09/24/15Substrate processing apparatus and substrate tranfser method
09/17/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
09/17/15Film thickness measuring device and polishing device
09/17/15Vacuum pump with abatement function
09/17/15Vacuum pump with abatement function
09/17/15Method of correcting film thickness measurement value, film thickness corrector and eddy current sensor
09/10/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
09/03/15Substrate holder, plating apparatus, and plating method
08/27/15Adjustment adjusting processing units provided in a substrate processing apparatus, and a substrate processing apparatus having such an adjustment apparatus
08/20/15Method and conditioning polishing pad
08/13/15Pressure regulator and polishing apparatus having the pressure regulator
08/13/15Method and polishing a substrate
08/06/15Top opening-closing mechanism and inspection apparatus
08/06/15Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
08/06/15Substrate processing apparatus, substrate transfer method and substrate transfer device
08/06/15Polishing method and polishing apparatus
07/23/15Substrate holding apparatus and polishing apparatus
07/23/15Plating method and plating apparatus
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07/23/15Calibration device and substrate treatment device
07/16/15Failure detection substrate processing apparatus, and substrate processing apparatus
07/09/15Etching liquid, etching method, and manufacturing solder bump
07/09/15Control device for substrate treatment apparatus, substrate treatment apparatus, and display control device
07/02/15Polishing end point detection method and polishing end point detection apparatus
06/25/15Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
06/04/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
06/04/15Polishing apparatus
06/04/15Polishing apparatus
05/28/15Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
05/21/15Erosion prediction method, erosion prediction system, erosion characteristics database used in this prediction, and method constructing the same
05/21/15Sn alloy plating apparatus and sn alloy plating method
05/21/15Electrochemical deposition method
05/21/15Polishing method and polishing apparatus
05/14/15Substrate holder, polishing apparatus, polishing method, and retaining ring
05/07/15Substrate processing apparatus
05/07/15Semiconductor wafer holder and electroplating system for plating a semiconductor wafer
05/07/15Testing apparatus using charged particles and device manufacturing method using the testing apparatus
05/07/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
04/30/15Flow passage connecting heat exchanger
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04/30/15Purification spent fuel pool water after nuclear power generation and treatment spent fuel pool water
04/30/15Polishing apparatus, attaching polishing pad, and replacing polishing pad
04/23/15A polishing a substrate having a film on a surface of the substrate for semiconductor manufacturing
04/16/15Substrate peripheral portion measuring device, and substrate peripheral portion polishing apparatus
04/16/15Polishing apparatus and polishing method
04/16/15Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
04/09/15Inspection apparatus
04/09/15Polishing method
04/09/15Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
04/02/15Exhaust flow rate control apparatus and substrate processing apparatus provided therewith
04/02/15Plating apparatus and cleaning device used in the plating apparatus
04/02/15Polishing apparatus and method
04/02/15Polishing apparatus and method
03/26/15Lifting device, substrate processing apparatus having lifting device, and unit transferring method
03/19/15Polishing method and polishing apparatus
03/12/15Polishing method, polishing apparatus and polishing tool
03/12/15Unit control panel, substrate transfer test method, and substrate processing apparatus
03/05/15Specimen observation using secondary emission electron and mirror electron detection
03/05/15Dressing device, chemical mechanical polishing apparatus including the same, and dresser disc used in the same
02/26/15Measuring surface roughness of polishing pad
02/19/15Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method, substrate holding mechanism, and substrate holding method
02/12/15Substrate cleaning and drying apparatus
02/12/15Image acquisition apparatus, image acquisition method and defect inspection apparatus
02/12/15Inspection system and inspection image data generation method
02/12/15Wet treatment apparatus and substrate treatment apparatus provided with the same
02/05/15Substrate cleaning apparatus and substrate cleaning method
01/22/15Substrate cleaning device, substrate cleaning apparatus, cleaned substrate manufacturing method and substrate processing apparatus
01/15/15Wet processing apparatus and plating apparatus
01/15/15Polishing method and polishing apparatus
01/15/15Film-thickness measuring apparatus, film-thickness measuring method, and polishing apparatus having the film-thickness measuring apparatus
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01/15/15Polishing apparatus and polished-state monitoring method
01/15/15Polishing apparatus
01/01/15Substrate processing apparatus
01/01/15Substrate processing apparatus
01/01/15Exhaust gas abatement system
01/01/15Polishing apparatus, polishing pad positioning method, and polishing pad
12/25/14Substrate holding apparatus and substrate cleaning apparatus
12/25/14Substrate processing apparatus
12/18/14Powder discharge system
12/18/14Substrate inspection method and a substrate processing method
12/18/14Polishing apparatus
12/04/14Substrate processing apparatus
12/04/14Vacuum pump with abatement function
12/04/14Robot arm control apparatus, substrate transfer apparatus, substrate processing apparatus, robot arm control method, and program
11/27/14Substrate processing apparatus
11/27/14Vacuum pump with abatement function
11/13/14Substrate cleaning apparatus
11/13/14Sn alloy plating apparatus and sn alloy plating method
10/30/14Inspection apparatus
10/30/14Inspection system by charged particle beam and manufacturing devices using the system
10/30/14Polishing method and polishing apparatus
10/23/14Substrate processing apparatus and processed substrate manufacturing method
10/23/14Inspection apparatus
10/23/14Substrate plating apparatus and substrate plating method
10/02/14Vacuum pump connecting installing vacuum pump connecting apparatus
10/02/14Stage device and electron beam application apparatus
09/18/14Substrate drying apparatus, substrate drying method and control program
09/11/14Installation structure of length meter

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