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Ebay Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Ebay Inc. Ebay Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ebay Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ebay Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Quick trace navigator
12/07/17 new patent  Collaborative data based device maintenance
12/07/17 new patent  Endless search result page
12/07/17 new patent  Biometric data based notification system
12/07/17 new patent  Application program interface endpoint monitoring
12/07/17 new patent  Optimization of user interface data transmission for a consistent multi-platform experience service delivery
11/30/17Labeling query with aspects
11/30/17Identifying missing browse nodes
11/30/17Dynamic content delivery search system
11/30/17Document optical character recognition
11/30/17Presentation of digital data
11/23/17Systems and methods for providing an enhanced user experience at a venue or event
11/23/17Systems and methods for representing search query rewrites
11/23/17Content recommendation system
11/23/17Real-time recommendation of entities by projection and comparison in vector spaces
11/23/17Generating and displaying an actual sized interactive object
11/16/17Sharing item images based on a similarity score
11/16/17Method and system of bidding in a vehicle
11/16/17Managing data transmissions over a network connection
11/09/17Cpu performance profiling
11/09/17Finding products that are similar to a product selected from a plurality of products
11/09/17Database search optimizer and themed filters
11/09/17Multi-dimensional search
11/09/17Dissimilar but relevant search engine results
11/09/17Item recommendations using image feature data
11/09/17Using meta-information in neural machine translation
11/09/17Image-based listing using image of multiple items
11/02/17Proactive re-routing of vehicles using passive monitoring of occupant frustration level
11/02/17Systems and methods for saving and presenting a state of a communication session
11/02/17Systems and methods to detect and neutralize malware infected electronic communications
11/02/17Generating a personalized list of items
11/02/17Processing high volume network data
10/26/17Orthogonal experimentation in a computing environment
10/26/17Multi-factor authentication system and method
10/26/17Gift card conversion and digital wallet
10/26/17Providing an image of an item to advertise the item
10/26/17Mobile device self-identification system
10/26/17Image modification based on objects of interest
10/26/17Methods, apparatus and system for mobile piggybacking
10/19/17Method and system to process issue data pertaining to a system
10/19/17Context modification of queries
10/19/17Systems and methods to identify and present filters
10/19/17Methods and systems for social shopping on a network-based marketplace
10/19/17Heterogeneous pricing and payment system
10/19/17Source image providing multiple item views
10/19/17Adopting data across different sites
10/12/17Method and system to transmit data
10/12/17Optimizing similar item recommendations in a semi-structured environment
10/12/17Discovery engine storefront
10/05/17Trusted device identification and event monitoring
10/05/17Optimization of parralel processsing using waterfall reprsentations
10/05/17Analysis and linking of a set of images
10/05/17Preference clustering using distance and angular measurement
10/05/17Selective presentation of real-time contact options based on user and system parameters
10/05/17Digital model optimization responsive to orientation sensor data
10/05/17Computer system authentication using security indicator
10/05/17Methods and systems for recalling second party interactions with mobile devices
10/05/17Methods, systems, and providing video communications
10/05/17Super geo-fences and virtual fences to improve efficiency of geo-fences
09/28/17Compact index document generation for smart match autocomplete system
09/28/17Smart match autocomplete system
09/28/17Method and content distribution in online marketplace applications
09/28/17Personalized item trading card generation and management
09/28/17Token device re-synchronization through a network solution
09/28/17Systems and configuring mobile device applications based on location
Patent Packs
09/21/17Application inspector
09/21/17Graphical user interface element adjustment
09/21/17Dynamic topic adaptation for machine translation using user session context
09/21/17Systems and methods for customized fingerprint authentication
09/21/17Catalogue management
09/21/17Methods and systems for deriving a score with which item listings are ordered when presented in search results
09/21/17Pairable secure-access facilities
09/14/17Methods and systems to refine search results
09/14/17Multi-functional messaging system
09/14/17Online marketplace for wholesale deals
09/14/17System and managing shared collections
09/14/17Removal of listings based on similarity
09/14/17Searchable texture index
09/14/17Methods and querying a database for tail queries
09/07/17Database access using a space-filling curve
Patent Packs
09/07/17Product tags, systems, and methods for crowdsourcing and electronic article surveillance in retail inventory management
09/07/17Method and system for streamlining voting process
09/07/17Recommendation engine
09/07/17Intelligent audio output devices
08/31/17Self optimizing and reducing user experiences
08/31/17Generative grammar models for effective promotion and advertising
08/31/17Systems and methods for search term prioritization
08/31/17Method and system for providing a shopping cart with feedback information generated by user social network connections
08/24/17Systems and methods to build and utilize a search infrastructure
08/24/17Presentation of information on multiple devices
08/24/17Authentication data-enabled transfers
08/17/17Multi-directional and variable speed navigation of collage multi-media
08/17/17System and methods for multimedia "hot spot" enablement
08/17/17Semantic category classification
08/17/17Digital image presentation
08/17/17Multiple format search result sets
08/17/17System and detecting visually similar items
08/17/17Group alarms
08/17/17System and site traffic control
08/10/17Document generation based on referral
08/10/17System and content-based media analysis
08/10/17Blending electronic inventory
08/10/17Granting access through app instance-specific cryptography
08/03/17Api and business language schema design framework for message exchanges
08/03/17Methods, system and conducting point of sale transactions
08/03/17Personalized, real-time audio processing
07/27/17Simulating touch in a virtual environment
07/27/17Search based on diversity
07/27/17Text conversion
07/27/17System and providing an interactive shopping experience via webcam
Social Network Patent Pack
07/27/17Snippet extractor: recurrent neural networks for text summarization at industry scale
07/27/17Transaction verification through enhanced authentication
07/27/17Tracking of user interactions
07/20/17Smart cabinet
07/20/17Transforming character delimited values
07/20/17Method and system to categorize items automatically
07/20/17Systems and methods for data mining and automated generation of search query rewrites
07/20/17Systems and methods for reseller discovery and analysis
07/20/17Systems and methods to seed a search
07/20/17Systems and methods for resource sharing between two resource allocation systems
Patent Packs
07/13/17System and methods for automatic media population of a style presentation
07/13/17Specular highlights on photos of objects
07/13/17System and transferring states between electronic devices
07/13/17Wireless beacon devices for use in tracking user locations during group travel
07/06/17Customizable autocomplete option
07/06/17System and identifying miscategorization
07/06/17Generating structured queries from images
07/06/17System and computing features that apply to infrequent queries
07/06/17Data mining system
07/06/17Modification of content according to user engagement
07/06/17System and method to calculate session-based price demand on e-commerce site
07/06/17User interface for identifying top attributes
07/06/17Flaw analysis of images
07/06/17Background removal
07/06/17Estimating depth from a single image
07/06/17Machine monitoring
07/06/17User interface provisioning system
07/06/17Sound recognition
06/29/17Proactive re-routing of vehicles to control traffic flow
06/29/17Proactive re-routing of vehicles using passive monitoring of occupant frustration level
06/29/17Container touch-pairing device
06/29/17Methods and detection of spam publication
06/29/17Traffic disruption detection using passive monitoring of vehicle occupant frustration level
06/22/17Method and system for limiting share of voice of individual users
06/22/17Automatic taxonomy mapping using sequence semantic embedding
06/22/17Single step cross-linguistic search using semantic meaning vectors
06/22/17Mobile authentication using a wearable device
06/22/17Method and system of displaying information related to items offered for sale in a network-based marketplace
06/22/17Digital rights and integrity management in three-dimensional (3d) printing
06/22/17Source image providing multiple item views
Patent Packs
06/22/17Original image generation system
06/22/17Location-based display of pixel history
06/22/17Dynamic content authentication for secure merchant-customer communications
06/22/17Automatic detection of hidden link mismatches with spoofed metadata
06/22/17Dynamic geofence based on members within
06/15/17Method and system for magnetic stripe reading using mobile magnetometers
06/15/17Complementary activity based on availability of functionality
06/08/17Reflow of data presentation using tracking data
06/08/17Identifying account segments based on content impressions and purchase decisions
06/08/17Guided listing machine with authenticity support
06/08/17Discovering products in item inventory
06/08/17Garment tags for intelligent laundering alerts
06/08/17Method and system for detecting slow page load
06/08/17Automatic guided capturing and presentation of images
06/08/17User commentary systems and methods
06/01/17Adapting legacy endpoints to modern apis
06/01/17Automatic machine translation using user feedback
06/01/17Item matching
05/25/17System and methods for weak authentication data reinforcement
05/25/17Consistent schema-less scalable storage system for orders
Social Network Patent Pack
05/25/17Systems and methods for multi-signal fault analysis
05/18/17Presentation of information on multiple devices
05/18/17System and method to create listings using image and voice recognition
05/18/17On-line session trace system
05/11/17Systems and methods for in-vehicle navigated shopping
05/11/17Application module for managing jobs asynchronously
05/11/17Search and notification in response to a request
05/11/17Metadata refinement using behavioral patterns
05/11/17Presenting information for containers in search results
05/11/17Phone thermal context
05/11/17Guided video capture for item listings
05/04/17Mining product recommendation from query reformulations
05/04/17Systems and methods for providing search results along a corridor
05/04/17Presentation of digital data
05/04/17Electronic commerce file system
05/04/17Automatic sale listing generation
05/04/17Systems and methods for automatically saving a state of a communication session
04/27/17Systems and methods for matching a user to social data
04/27/17Method, medium, and system for keyword bidding in a market cooperative
04/27/17Call holding management
Social Network Patent Pack
04/27/17Methods, systems, and creating an item publication
04/20/17Generating personalized user recommendations using word vectors
04/20/17Comparison and visualization system
04/20/17Lockable widgets on a mobile device
04/20/17System and intelligently recommending based on social media
04/20/17Managing products at a physical marketplace
04/20/17On-line community network of sets
04/13/17Content recommendation system
04/13/17Methods and systems for detecting an electronic intrusion
04/06/17Distributed parallel build system
04/06/17Systems and methods to generate a concept graph
04/06/17Notification machine with dynamic messaging interval
03/30/17Automatic extraction of multilingual dictionary items from non-parallel, multilingual, semi-structured data
03/30/17System and mining category aspect information
03/30/17Personal augmented reality
03/30/17System and cloud deployment optimization
03/23/17System and method to provide a domain split display
03/23/17System and method to facilitate translation of communications between entities over a network
03/23/17Miscategorized outlier detection using unsupervised slm-gbm approach and structured data
03/23/17Automatic shopping cart checkout
03/23/17System and providing additional content on a webpage
03/16/17Assessing translation quality
03/16/17Buy now option from map view
03/09/17System and topic extraction and opinion mining
03/09/17System and selecting events or locations based on content
03/09/17Systems and methods for recommending a retail location
03/02/17System and modifying a user experience based on physical environment
03/02/17Displaying content using context-based interaction
03/02/17Unified cross-channel advertisement platform
03/02/17Systems and methods for facilitating electronic commerce over a network
Social Network Patent Pack
03/02/17Generating titles for a structured browse page
03/02/17Image generation for social media contact engagement
03/02/17Pairable secure-access facilities
03/02/17Systems and methods to consistently generate web content
03/02/17Passive social media contact engagement
02/23/17System and methods for soiled garment detection and notification
02/23/17Determining a response of a crowd
02/16/17Adjusting an interface based on a cognitive mode
02/16/17Identification of items depicted in images
02/16/17Social network-based inventory management
02/16/17Systems and methods to seed a search
02/16/17Interactive product review interface
02/09/17Virtual facility platform
02/09/17Reconciling detailed transaction feedback
02/09/17Probability modeling
02/09/17Auction price guidance
02/02/17Redirecting to a trusted device for secured data transmission
01/26/17Category recommendation using statistical language modeling and a gradient boosting machine
01/26/17Notification services for returning an item
01/26/17Techniques for displaying an animated calling card
01/19/17Correction of user input
01/19/17Enhanced shopping actions on a mobile device
01/19/17Dynamic content reordering
01/12/17Content extraction system
01/12/17Adaptive search refinement
01/12/17Public transport infrastructure facilitated drone delivery
01/12/17Modifying image parameters using wearable device input
01/05/17Search engine optimization by selective indexing
01/05/17Method and system of suggesting information used with items offered for sale in a network-based marketplace

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