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Ebay Inc patents (2012 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Ebay Inc. Ebay Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ebay Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ebay Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Ebay Inc patents (2012 archive) (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/27/12Business event processing
12/27/12Cash retrieval using payment provider
12/27/12Business intelligence based social network with virtual data-visualization cards
12/27/12Information repository search system
12/27/12Animated two-dimensional barcode checks
12/20/12Systems and methods for behavioral modeling to optimize shopping cart conversion
12/20/12Mapping descriptions
12/20/12Distributed commerce application-widget
12/20/12System and method for adaptive item pricing
12/20/12Systems and methods for incremental software development
12/20/12Systems and methods for incremental software deployment
12/20/12Passporting credentials between a mobile app and a web browser
12/13/12Marketing allocation request systems
12/13/12Methods and systems for facilitating comparison shopping with geographically-specific, real-time product inventory information
12/13/12Methods and apparatus for funding transactions using debit cards issued by one institution and funds from accounts at other institutions
12/13/12System and method for mining category aspect information
12/13/12System and method for dynamically changing the content of an internet web page
12/06/12Displaying listings based on listing activity
12/06/12Payer device that changes physical state based on payer information
12/06/12System for user to user payments facilitated by a third party
12/06/12Selecting diverse product titles to display on a website
12/06/12Method and system to narrow generic searches using related search terms
12/06/12System and method for determining query aspects at appropriate category levels
12/06/12Method and system to modify function calls from within content published by a trusted web site
12/06/12Focus-based challenge-response authentication
12/06/12Document generation based on referral
12/06/12Payment mechanism integration wizard
12/06/12Instant bank account verification through debit card network
11/29/12Automated user information provision using images
11/29/12Methods and systems for social shopping on a network-based marketplace
11/29/12Method and apparatus for facilitating online payment transactions in a network-based transaction facility using multiple payment instruments
11/29/12Method and apparatus for facilitating online payment transactions in a network-based transaction facility using multiple payment instruments
11/29/12Automatic update of searches
11/29/12Image-based popularity prediction
11/29/12Systems and methods for an electronic shopping list
11/22/12Generating a recommendation
11/22/12Method and system for facilitating product shopping
11/22/12Method for authorizing the activation of a spending card
11/22/12Systems and methods for making payments from selected funding sources
11/22/12Prioritization of third party access to an online commerce site
11/15/12Payment transactions on mobile device using mobile carrier
11/15/12Computer-implemented method and system for managing keyword bidding prices
11/15/12Method and system to identify a preferred domain of a plurality of domains
11/08/12Digital content hub
11/08/12Identifier-based charge on delivery transaction
11/08/12Method and system for providing a record
11/08/12Job planner and execution engine for automated, self-service data movement
11/08/12Barcode checkout at point of sale
11/08/12Advanced payment management system
11/08/12Password check by decomposing password
11/01/12Presentation of items based on a theme
10/25/12Method and system to facilitate a transfer of funds between parties using a telephone-enabled device
10/18/12Image categorization based on comparisons between images
10/18/12Integrated finding experience systems and methods
10/18/12On-demand software test environment generation
10/11/12Methods and systems for merchandising products in bundles in an online marketplace
10/11/12Method and system to confirm ownership of digital goods
10/11/12Seller initiated incentives based on profile information
10/11/12Item model based on descriptor and images
10/11/12System and method for providing proxy accounts
10/11/12Methods and systems for assessing excessive accessory listings in search results
10/11/12Methods and systems for storefront generation
10/04/12Method and system for filing a complaint related to network-based transactions
10/04/12System and method of a passphrase account identifier for use in a network environment
10/04/12Methods and systems to facilitate a purchase of an item on a network-based marketplace
10/04/12Simplified orders using words or phrases
10/04/12Systems and methods for inventory generation and management
10/04/12Friendly funding source
10/04/12Online payment for offline purchase
10/04/12System and method for keyword extraction
10/04/12Flow tracing though diverse logical and physical application and infrastructure layers/dependencies
10/04/12System for providing offers using a billing statement
10/04/12Authenticating online users with distorted challenges based on transaction histories
10/04/12Transactions via a user device in the proximity of a seller
10/04/12Device specific remote disabling of applications
09/27/12Method and system of building store product finders
09/27/12System and method to allow access to a value holding account
09/27/12Search result sort weighting
09/27/12Publishing user submissions
09/27/12Customer refunds using payment service providers
09/20/12Gift card conversion and digital wallet
09/20/12Gift card conversion and digital wallet
09/20/12Video processing system for identifying items in video frames
09/20/12Digital shoebox
09/20/12Targeted incentive actions based on location and intent
09/20/12Method and process of using a social network to retarget a personal advertisement
09/20/12Targeted incentive actions based on location and intent
09/20/12Personalizing search results
09/20/12Auction method and server
09/20/12Single digital wallet across multiple payment platforms
09/20/12Methods and systems to supplement a listing via a third party trust provider
09/20/12System to generate related search queries
09/20/12Method and system to locate a storage device
09/20/12Method and system for tracking web link usage
09/20/12On-demand image spriting
09/20/12Secure transaction through a television
09/20/12Payment authentication and authorization non-web devices
09/13/12Managing delivery of application server content
09/13/12Visualization of access information
09/13/12Method and apparatus for authorizing a payment via a remote device
09/13/12Device reputation
09/06/12Method and system for providing order status information using an update status flag
09/06/12Methods and systems of providing a supplemental experience based on concurrently viewed content
09/06/12Gift transactions via a client device
09/06/12Group electronic purchase
08/30/12Integrating third party shopping cart applications with an online payment service
08/30/12Shopping context engine
08/30/12Location-based automatic payment system
08/30/12Temporary session data storage
08/30/12Method and system for classifying queries to improve relevance of search results
08/30/12Method and system for a transparent application of multiple queries across multiple data sources
08/23/12Method and process of using a musical collective to determine preferences of a social group and target advertisements based upon that group
08/23/12Epurchase model
08/23/12Instant messaging robot to provide product information
08/23/12Using clock drift, clock slew, and network latency to enhance machine identification
08/23/12Identity assertion framework
08/16/12Identifying product metadata from an item image
08/16/12Unified identity verification
08/16/12Payment system with time restrictions
08/16/12Methods and systems for facilitating a subscription-based on-line property listing
08/16/12Method and system for ranking search results based on category demand normalized using impressions
08/16/12Systems and methods for facilitating user confidence over a network
08/16/12Payment system with location restrictions
08/16/12Fraud alerting using mobile phone location
08/09/12System and method for generating an electronic catalog for online computer users
08/09/12Centralized transaction record storage
08/09/12Automatically obtaining real-time, geographically-relevant product information from heterogeneus sources
08/09/12High-volume distributed script error handling
08/09/12Application above-the-fold rendering measurements
08/02/12System to solicit commitment to post information
08/02/12Method and apparatus for facilitating sales of goods by independent parties
08/02/12System and method for automatically publishing data items associated with an event
08/02/12Computation of user reputation based on transaction graph
08/02/12Method and process of using metadata associated with a digital media to search for local inventory
08/02/12System to solicit inventory information
08/02/12Commerce applications: data handshake between an on-line service and a third-party partner
08/02/12Dynamic hosting shopping cart
07/26/12Three dimensional proximity recommendation system
07/26/12System to solicit feedback
07/26/12Drag and drop purchasing bin
07/26/12Automatic detection and use of mobile payment applications
07/26/12System and method for transaction automation
07/26/12Expansion of database search queries
07/26/12Methods and apparatus for generating a data dictionary
07/26/12Method and system to transmit data
07/26/12System and method to transform results of client requests using client uploaded presentation formats
07/26/12Methods and systems for displaying content on multiple networked devices with a simple command
07/26/12Point of sale payment system
07/19/12System to feature a posting
07/19/12Method and system to pre-fetch data in a network
07/19/12Mobile barcode generation and payment
07/12/12Method and system for dynamic templatized query language in software
07/12/12Conducting transactions through a publisher
07/05/12Real-time global fund transfers
07/05/12Instant bank fund transfers
07/05/12Biometric authentication of mobile financial transactions by trusted service managers
07/05/12Systems and methods for attribute-based search filtering
07/05/12Dynamic product/service recommendations
07/05/12Visual transactions
07/05/12Rapid online payment system
06/28/12Enabling a second system to manage selected anonymous users of a first system in a performance of a task
06/28/12Bill splitting system
06/28/12Method and system to automate payment for a commerce transaction
06/28/12Systems and methods to detect and neutralize malware infected electronic communications
06/28/12Deferred payment and selective funding and payments
06/21/12Identifying purchase patterns and marketing based on user mood
06/21/12Systems and methods for authenticating payments over a network
06/21/12Payment system using images
06/21/12Search history navigation
06/21/12Item preview with aggregation to a list
06/21/12System and method for pool-based identity authentication for service access without use of stored credentials
06/21/12Efficient transactions at a point of sale location
06/21/12Mobile on-the-spot shopping and payments
06/14/12Providing an image of an item to advertise the item
06/14/12Payment service to efficiently enable electronic payment
06/14/12Marketplace payments
06/14/12Marketing goods and services with bar codes
06/14/12Providing an image of an item to advertise the item
06/14/12Rfid payment system
06/14/12Methods and systems for digital coupon redemption
06/14/12Method and system to enable navigation of data items
06/14/12Live search chat room
06/14/12Payment system using spending gates
06/07/12Method and system to implement seller authorized buying privileges within a network-based shopping facility
06/07/12Social network payment system
05/31/12Real-time payments through financial institution
05/24/12Location-based services
05/24/12Image quality assessment to merchandise an item
05/24/12Location-based services
05/24/12Systems and methods to analyze a seller inventory offered for sale on a network-based marketplace
05/24/12Transactions associated with a mobile device
05/24/12Online logo tool
05/17/12Methods and systems for real-time bidding
05/17/12External user identification and verification using reputation data
05/17/12Using behavioral data in rating user reputation
05/17/12Smart wallet
05/10/12System and method for correlating a seller's insurance claim with a buyer's complaint
05/10/12System and method for dynamic pricing of an insurance policy
05/10/12System and method for providing shipping insurance as a service
05/10/12Secure in-line payments for rich internet applications
05/10/12Consolidating leads into a lead group
05/03/12Methods and systems to supplement a listing via a third party trust provider
05/03/12Merchandising items of topical interest
05/03/12Method and system for presenting search requests in a plurality of tabs
05/03/12Automatic pin creation using password
04/26/12Method and system for categorizing items in both actual and virtual categories
04/26/12Configuring a service based on manipulations of graphical representations of abstractions of resources
04/19/12Method and system for mobile publication
04/19/12Escrow management system for marketplaces
04/19/12Method and system to facilitate a search of an information resource
04/12/12Systems and methods for facilitating payment reconciliation over a network
04/12/12Trusted service manager (tsm) architectures and methods
04/12/12Method and system for redisplaying a web page
04/12/12Escrow payment to faciliate on-line transactions
04/05/12Location based transactions
04/05/12Automatic form filling
03/29/12Portable computing device for posting goods to an electronic marketplace
03/29/12Instant financial account verification using direct connect data communication protocol and open financial exchange data-stream format
03/29/12Transactions by flicking
03/29/12Offline to online payment
03/29/12Search result ranking using machine learning
03/29/12Method and system for limiting share of voice of individual users
03/29/12Online help system using session details
03/29/12Identifier-based charge on delivery transaction
03/22/12Transaction split fees
03/22/12Payment service provision with reduced transaction costs
03/22/12Customizing an online shopping experience for a user
03/22/12Hybrid account
03/15/12Virtual-world benefit to motivate physical-world purchase
03/15/12Generating a user interface based on predicted revenue yield
03/15/12Online quick key pay
03/15/12Sizing content recommendation system
03/15/12Mining product recommendation from query reformulations
03/08/12Systems and methods to merchandise a product based on a compatibility
03/08/12Generating a search result ranking function
03/08/12Configurable interfaces
03/08/12Role-based attribute based access control (rabac)
03/08/12Behavioral stochastic authentication (bsa)
03/01/12Instructional interface machine
03/01/12Shopping profile in an online shopping environment
03/01/12Method and system for providing order status information using an update status flag
03/01/12Size mapping in an online shopping environment
03/01/12Multilevel silhouettes in an online shopping environment
03/01/12Systems and methods to determine item disposal options
03/01/12Generating a prediction function
03/01/12Identity and semaphore-based quality of service
02/23/12Systems and methods for facilitating financial transactions over a network
02/16/12Seller conversion factor to ranking score for presented item listings
02/16/12Wine list management and display on tablet and mobile devices using a world wine database
02/16/12Method and apparatus for processing on-line donations associated with media content
02/16/12Method and system for processing transfer requests
02/09/12Method and system to facilitate a payment in satisfaction of accumulated micropayment commitments to a vendor
02/09/12Session analysis systems and methods
02/02/12Application platform with flexible permissioning
01/19/12Dynamic content for online transactions
01/19/12Computer-implemented method and system for enabling the automated selection of keywords for rapid keyword portfolio expansion
01/05/12Linked identities
01/05/12Fees and foreign currency exchange calculation
01/05/12Inline link payment

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