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Ebay Inc patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Ebay Inc. Ebay Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ebay Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ebay Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/16Mobile device visual browsing
12/22/16System and methods for the cluster of media
12/22/16Methods and systems to communicate information
12/22/16Systems and methods to facilitate transactions
12/22/16Generation of data source queries from vehicle diagnostic information
12/22/16Methods and systems for recalling second party interactions with mobile devices
12/22/16Methods, apparatus and system for mobile piggybacking
12/15/16Hybrid cloud identity mapping infrastructure
12/15/16Rewarding trusted persons based on a product purchase
12/15/16Retargeting based on user item interactions
12/15/16System and method for visualization of items in an environment using augmented reality
12/08/16Systems and methods of flexible payments for commute modification
12/08/16Movement based graphical user interface
12/08/16Systems and method for configuring mobile device applications based on location
12/08/16Wireless device pairing management
12/01/16Rotary dial
12/01/16Ticket value identification in an electronic marketplace
12/01/16High-quality image marketplace
12/01/16Mobile device auction paddle
12/01/16Automatic population of a network accessible content collection
11/24/16Controlling user devices based on biometric readings
11/24/16Intelligent highlighting of item listing features
11/24/16Near-identical multi-faceted entity identification in search
11/24/16Ranking algorithm for search queries
11/24/16Interestingness recommendations in a computing advice facility
11/24/16Biometric authentication of mobile financial transactions by trusted service managers
11/24/16Smart publication listings engine
11/24/16Replaced device handler
11/24/16System and method for providing a portable and interactive storefront
11/17/16Displaying a virtual environment of a session
11/17/16Method and system for limiting share of voice of individual users
11/17/16Updating asset references
11/17/16Augmented reality information system
11/17/16System and method for personalized actionable notifications
11/17/16Relisting physical auction items at a networked marketplace
11/17/16System and method of site traffic control
11/17/16User device detection and integration for an ivr system
11/10/16Three dimensional navigation of listing information
11/10/16Method and system for providing a pipeline infrastructure
11/10/16Method and system for providing a framework as a service
11/10/16Search guidance
11/10/16Method and system for log aggregation
11/10/16Transmitting data based on retrieval locations
11/10/16Enhanced supply and demand tool
11/10/16System and method to provide gesture functions at a device
11/10/16Dynamic geofence based on members within
11/03/16Constructing a data adaptor in an enterprise server data ingestion environment
11/03/16Soft recommendations
11/03/16Computer-implemented method and system for enabling the automated selection of keywords for rapid keyword portfolio expansion
11/03/16Enhancing search queries using user implicit data
11/03/16System and method for supplementing an image gallery with status indicators
11/03/16Methods and systems for assessing the quality of an item listing
11/03/16Business event processing
11/03/16Systems, methods, and computer program products for navigating through a virtual/augmented reality
10/27/16Graphical user interface for distraction free shopping on a mobile device
10/27/16Generating a discovery page depicting item aspects
10/27/16Similar item detection
10/27/16Automatic negotiation using real time messaging
10/27/16Presentation of bidding activity
10/27/16Identity data based on aggregating input data
10/20/16Standardizing user interface elements
10/20/16Methods and systems for assessing excessive accessory listings in search results
10/20/16Passing observer sensitive publication systems
10/20/16Adapting legacy endpoints to modern apis
10/20/16Virtual assistant server providing services requested through device communications
10/20/16Token device re-synchronization through a network solution
10/13/16Communication device interfaces providing courier service information
10/13/16Location detection devices for use in a courier services network
10/13/16Communication device interface alerts from a service provider server on detection of prior scheduled events
10/13/16Detector tags to determine perishability of food items
10/13/16View item related searches
10/13/16System and method for recommending home dÉcor items based on an image of a room
10/13/16Transmitting data to select users
10/06/16Dynamic generation of user interface elements
10/06/16User interface for controlling data navigation
10/06/16Method and system to automatically qualify a party to participate within a network-based commerce transaction
10/06/16Method and system for collaborative and private sessions
10/06/16System and method for automatically purchasing multiple items based on a budget
10/06/16Wireless beacon connections for providing digital letters of credit on detection of a user at a location
10/06/16Garment simulation using thread and data level parallelism
10/06/16Battery charge aware communications
09/29/16Instant messaging robot to provide product information
09/29/16Listing services within a networked environment
09/22/16Enabling secure transactions with an underpowered device
09/22/16Text translation using contextual information related to text objects in translated language
09/22/16System and methods for soiled garment detection and notification
09/22/16Alternate product recommendations
09/15/16Reflow of data presentation using tracking data
09/15/16System and method for generating an electronic catalog booklet for online computer users
09/15/16Method and system to process issue data pertaining to a system
09/08/16Methods and systems for displaying content on multiple networked devices with a simple command
09/01/16Systems and methods to provide visual browsing
09/01/16Image evaluation
09/01/16Systems and methods for trend aware self-correcting entity relationship extraction
09/01/16Dynamic predefined product reviews
09/01/16System and method for co-shipment recommendation
09/01/16Inferring user preferences from an internet based social interactive construct
09/01/16Data file and rule driven synchronous or asynchronous document generation
09/01/16Location-based budget alerts
08/25/16Extraction of multiple elements from a web page
08/25/16Inference of query relationships based on retrieved attributes
08/25/16Identification of content in an electronic document
08/25/16Affiliated individual identification and account recoupment
08/25/16Multi-currency cart and checkout
08/25/16Secure transaction processing through wearable device
08/18/16Personalized recommendation of a volatile item
08/18/16Automatic search based on detected user interest in vehicle
08/18/16Method and system to confirm ownership of digital goods
08/18/16System and method to retrieve relevant inventory using sketch-based query
08/18/16Mining product recommendation from query reformulations
08/18/16Portable electronic device with user-configurable api data endpoint
08/18/16Method and system for tracking web link usage
08/11/16Method and apparatus for providing predefined feedback
08/11/16Methods and systems to adjust a reserve price in a network-based commerce system
08/11/16Social networking connections through short range wireless devices
08/04/16Item listing categorization system
08/04/16Computer-implemented method and system for managing keyword bidding prices
08/04/16System and method for pool-based identity authentication for service access without use of stored credentials
07/28/16Recognition of items depicted in images
07/28/16Multi-dimensional query statement modification
07/28/16Predicting a status of a transaction
07/28/16Query suggestion for e-commerce sites
07/28/16Smart table devices and accessories for determining ordering aspects and bills
07/28/16Systems and methods for messaging and processing high volume data over networks
07/21/16Fine-grained categorization
07/21/16Pre-authorized device for shopping experience
07/21/16Reconciling detailed transaction feedback
07/21/16Systems and methods for online shopping cart management
07/21/16Systems for generating a global product taxonomy
07/21/16System and method for establishing and maintaining a connection between devices
07/14/16Joint-based item recognition
07/07/16System and method for mining category aspect information
07/07/16Risk assessment based on connected wearable devices
07/07/16System and method for handling complaints about unsolicited communications
07/07/16Collaborative content evaluation
07/07/16Method and system to process navigation information
07/07/16Methods, systems, and apparatus for a geo-fence system
07/07/16System and method for mining category aspect information
07/07/16Risk assessment based on connected wearable devices
07/07/16System and method for handling complaints about unsolicited communications
07/07/16Collaborative content evaluation
07/07/16Method and system to process navigation information
07/07/16Methods, systems, and apparatus for a geo-fence system
06/30/16Audience adjusted gaming
06/30/16Vehicle use and performance restrictions based on detected users
06/30/16Determining and dispatching a ride-share vehicle
06/30/16Smart shelves
06/30/16Audio control system
06/30/16Use of statistical flow data for machine translations between different languages
06/30/16Determining search results using session based refinements
06/30/16Method for performing sequence labelling on queries
06/30/16Proper dispensing of items through proximity detected devices with users
06/30/16Similar item detection
06/30/16Complementary item recommendations using image feature data
06/30/16Order modification
06/30/16Shipping option selection based on virtual shopping cart conversion data
06/30/16Low battery and digital wallet
06/30/16Collaborating user devices for security
06/30/16Authentication of mobile device for secure transaction
06/30/16Automotive optical communication system
06/30/16Biometric systems and methods for authentication and determination of group characteristics
06/30/16Dynamic authentication through user information and intent
06/30/16Systems and methods for online activity-based authentication
06/30/16Authentication device that enables transactions with a payment instrument
06/30/16Authenticating requests to access accounts based on prior requests
06/30/16Authentication schemes for activities of accounts
06/30/16Sentiment analysis
06/30/16Product-based advertising
06/30/16Targeted advertising using a crosswalk network and wireless proximity
06/30/16Systems and methods for inferred review
06/30/16Marketplace listing generation using message metadata
06/30/16Fashion administration
06/30/16Purchase option enablement for online tutorials
06/30/16Smart shopping list system
06/30/16Parking guidance and parking services provided through wireless beacons
06/30/16Trusted device identification and event monitoring
06/30/16Call holding management
06/30/16Systems and methods for wait time estimation
06/30/16Wireless beacon devices for use in tracking user locations during group travel
06/30/16Adaptive prediction and real time monitoring of beacons
06/30/16Selectively notifying users of incoming messages on a secondary electronic device
06/30/16Source control management system with contingent dependency handling
06/30/16Automatic adjustment of a display to obscure data
06/30/16Multi-lender servicing of a credit allowance
06/30/16Emergency monitoring of tagged objects
06/30/16Audible proximity messaging
06/23/16Wireless beacon devices used to track medical information at a hospital
06/23/16Incrementality modeling
06/23/16Communication device interfaces for transaction approval at a merchant location
06/23/16Displaying merchandise with avatars
06/23/16Retargeting consumers in a physical realm
06/23/16Automated extraction of product data from production data of visual media content
06/23/16Expressions of user interest
06/23/16Online recommendations based on off-site activity
06/23/16Virtual shopping
06/23/16Integrating a product model into a user supplied image
06/23/16Garment tags for intelligent laundering alerts
06/23/16Separated use mobile devices
06/23/16Attribute-based card combinations for digital wallets
06/16/16Body measurement garment for optimal garment fit
06/16/16Fit simulation garment
06/16/16Systems and methods for 3d digital printing
06/16/16Systems and methods for prototpye refinement and manufacture in 3d printing
06/16/16High-volume distributed script error handling
06/16/16Web content filtering
06/16/16Personal augmented reality
06/16/16Digital rights and integrity management in three-dimensional (3d) printing
06/16/16Geo-fenced marketplace
06/16/16Systems and methods for determining child clothing size
06/16/16Methods and systems for selecting an optimized scoring function for use in ranking item listings presented in search results
06/16/16Intelligent audio output devices
06/16/16Coordinating relationship wearables
06/16/16Reservation of resources and deployment of applications using an integrated development environment
06/16/16Topic-based messaging using consumer address and pool
06/09/16Delivering personalized content to authenticated user devices
06/09/16Orthogonal experimentation in a computing environment
06/09/16Medication management
06/09/16Compartmentalized smart refrigerator with automated item management
06/09/16Dynamically offering a competing price during purchasing
06/09/16Notification of possible customers
06/09/16Modular internet of things
06/09/16Systems, apparatus, and methods for configuring device data streams
06/09/16Predictive connection request shedding
06/09/16Request and response decoupling via pluggable transports in a service oriented pipeline architecture for a request response message exchange pattern
06/02/16Waist measuring belt
06/02/16Image quality assessment to merchandise an item
06/02/16Mobile optimized shopping comparison
06/02/16Reports of repairable objects and events
06/02/16User-friendly transaction interface
06/02/16Line position bidding
06/02/16Methods and systems to browse data items
06/02/16Digital wardrobe
06/02/16Interactive display based on near field communications
06/02/16Pairable secure-access facilities
06/02/16User commentary systems and methods
05/26/16Centralized client application management
05/26/16Batch scheduling
05/26/16Allocation of replica-sets in a storage cluster
05/26/16Diversifying search results
05/26/16Methods and systems for managing n-streams of recommendations
05/26/16Methods and systems for social network based content recommendations
05/26/16Navigation for large scale graphs
05/26/16Secure credit card with near field communications
05/26/16Line management based on user tolerance
05/26/16User interface for comparing items using gestures
05/26/16System and method for content integrated product purchasing
05/26/16Movement based shopping
05/26/16Method and system to modify function calls from within content published by a trusted web site
05/26/16Digital dye packs
05/26/16Classifying communications with human-based interactive questions
05/26/16Multi-display video conferencing
05/19/16Systems and methods for incremental software deployment
05/19/16Systems and methods for generating search query rewrites
05/19/16Systems and methods for encrypting information displayed on a user interface of a device
05/19/16Methods, systems and apparatus for human judges, products and services evaluations
05/19/16Systems and methods for generating suggestions and enforcing transaction restrictions
05/19/16Emd-spectral prediction (esp)
05/19/16Methods and systems to assess an ability to playback media content
05/19/16System and method for transferring states between electronic devices
05/19/16Wireless beacon devices for use in managing transportation service terminals
05/12/16Interactive venue assistant
05/12/16System and method for linking applications
05/12/16Communicable disease tracking
05/12/16Managed inventory
05/05/16Method and system to display a pop-up window when a user leaves a website
05/05/16Estimating depth from a single image
05/05/16Dynamic loading of contextual ontologies for predictive touch screen typing
05/05/16Biometric authentication of mobile financial transactions by trusted service managers
05/05/16Run-time utilization of contextual preferences for a search interface
05/05/16Wearable device with user authentication interface
05/05/16Communication apparatus with in-context messaging
05/05/16Detecting user devices to determine state of watched show
04/28/16Health issue detection and treatment system
04/28/16Systems and methods for extracting similar group elements
04/28/16Interactive mirror displays for presenting product recommendations
04/28/16Extraction of image feature data from images
04/28/16Secure seamless payments
04/28/16Error detection and correction in complex entitlement benefits
04/28/16Tracking, storing, and analyzing abandonment pattern data to improve marketing tools available on a network-based e-commerce system
04/28/16User-widget-based transaction system
04/28/16Methods and systems for storefront generation
04/28/16Interactive mirror displays for presenting product information
04/28/16Performance improvement of web pages by on-demand generation of composite images
04/21/16Systems and methods for tracking a user's location
04/21/16Session management in a mixed mode environment
04/21/16Identifying product metadata from an item image
04/21/16Concession preordering for pickup or delivery during an event
04/21/16Wireless beacon devices providing crosswalk management through communication device connections
04/21/16Api and business language schema design framework for message exchanges
04/14/16Bottomless inventory interface
04/14/16Virtual display device for an interactive merchant sales environment
04/07/16Vehicle identification based on an image
04/07/16System and method for scene text recognition
04/07/16Systems and methods for providing payment hotspots
04/07/16Using behavioral data in rating user reputation
04/07/16Systems and methods for recommending a retail location
04/07/16Methods and systems for detecting an electronic intrusion
03/31/16Communication device with contact information inference
03/31/16Method of identifying temporal demand of queries and metadata to give better autocomplete queries and improved search results
03/31/16System, method, and apparatus for predicting item characteristic popularity
03/31/16Utilizing a vehicle to determine an identity of a user
03/31/16Super geo-fences and virtual fences to improve efficiency of geo-fences
03/31/16Transaction verification through enhanced authentication
03/24/16Dynamic modifications of results for search interfaces
03/24/16System and method to identify machine-readable codes
03/24/16Machine generated recommendation and notification models
03/24/16Gift suggestion system
03/24/163d printing: marketplace with federated access to printers
03/24/16Interactive augmented reality function
03/17/16Methods, systems and apparatus for power monitoring
03/17/16Methods and systems for a closest match search
03/17/16Sharing item images based on a similarity score
03/17/16Enhanced search query suggestions
03/17/16Merchandising media based on ownership audit
03/17/16User device security manager
03/17/16Combining a qr code and an image
03/17/16Taxonomy based database partitioning
03/17/16Complex event processing as digital signals
03/17/16Systems and methods for contextual recommendations
03/17/16Methods and systems for recalling second party interactions with mobile devices
03/10/16Systems and methods for shopping detour during traffic congestion
03/10/16Automated splitting of costs incurred during a shared vehicle travel
03/10/16Systems and methods for implementing hybrid dynamic wallet tokens
03/10/16Requesting payments for selected items or services using payment tokens
03/10/16Systems and methods for managing loyalty reward programs
03/10/16Method and system to display and search in a language independent manner
03/10/16Mining product recommendation from query reformulations
03/10/16System to manage automated prize value accumulation and distribution
03/10/16Guided photography and video on a mobile device
03/03/16Systems and methods to provide visual browsing
03/03/16Travel health management system
03/03/16Payment authorization system
03/03/16Three dimensional proximity recommendation system
03/03/16Offers based on personal metrics
03/03/16Re-ranking item recommendations based on image feature data
03/03/16Favor detection and repayment system
03/03/16Application provisioning system
03/03/16Three dimensional proximity recommendation system
02/25/16Invoicing system
02/25/16Suspending and resuming transactions through wireless beacon communications
02/25/16Transaction fee surfacing system
02/25/16Wireless beacons for reporting of applications in the foreground of a user device interface
02/25/16Crowdsourcing seat quality in a venue
02/25/16Using a wireless beacon to provide access credentials to a secure network
02/18/16Key input using an active pixel camera
02/18/16Delivery confirmation using a wireless beacon
02/18/16Kiosk for receiving and delivering packages
02/18/16On-screen code stabilization
02/18/16Dynamically adjusted results for search interface
02/18/16Shopping list creator and optimizer
02/18/16Method and apparatus for facilitating user selection of a category item in a transaction
02/18/16Access control based on authentication
02/11/16Intelligent tipping
02/11/16Systems and methods for in-vehicle navigated shopping
02/11/16Mobile authentication using a wearable device
02/11/16Merchant item and service return processing using wireless beacons
02/11/16Determining a user's event experience through user actions
02/11/16System and method for providing automatic high-value listing feeds for online computer users
02/11/16Non-commerce data for commerce analytics
02/11/16Generating a recommendation
02/11/16Extensible framework to support different deployment architectures
02/04/16Systems and methods for facilitating real estate transactions using beacons
02/04/16Intelligent fuel purchasing recommendations
01/28/16Automated generation of qr codes with embedded images
01/28/16Smart line routing using wireless beacons
01/28/16System and method for key challenge validation
01/21/16Re-creating an internal shape of a clothing item
01/21/16Method and system for problem modification and processing
01/21/16Systems and methods for preferred payments using beacons
01/21/16Drive through monitoring using wireless beacons
01/21/16Augmented reality system method and appartus for displaying an item image in acontextual environment
01/21/16Systems and methods for context based screen display
01/21/16Secure cardless cash withdrawal
01/14/16Search based on diversity
01/14/16Methods, system and apparatus for conducting a point of sale transaction
01/14/16Business event processing
01/14/16Systems and methods to provide search results based on time to obtain
01/07/16Bill/item payment-for-another
01/07/16Secure elements broker (seb) for application communication channel selector optimization

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