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Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne
Ecole Polytechnique F xe9 d xe9 rale De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique F xc9 d xc9 rale De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne Epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Federal De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Dgar
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne epfl Epfl tto
Ecole Polytechnique De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne Epfl_20100114
Ecole Polytechnique F xe9 derale De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique F xe9 d xe9 rale De Lausanne epfl L
Ecole Polytechnique F xe9 d xe9 rale De Lausanne
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne Service Des Relations Industrielles sri
Ecole Polytechnique F e acu E ee D e acu E ee Rale De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Federal De Lausanne
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne epfl_20100107
Ecole Polytechnique Federate De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Federate De Lausanne Epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Ferderale De Lausanne epfl
Ecole Polytechnique Paris Tech
Ecole Polytechnique dgar
Ecole Polytechnique Federales De Lausanne
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Laussanne epfl

Ecole Polytechnique patents

Recent patent applications related to Ecole Polytechnique. Ecole Polytechnique is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ecole Polytechnique may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ecole Polytechnique, we're just tracking patents.

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09/07/17Method for handling microdrops which include samples
08/24/17Method for manufacturing an electronic device, particularly a device made of carbon nanotubes
05/18/17An acquisition device, a fabricating it, and a measuring force
04/13/17Device and remote polarimetric characterization
03/23/17Method and system for controlling ion flux in an rf plasma
02/09/17Device for forming a quasi-neutral beam of oppositely charged particles
08/04/16Free-electron laser driven by fiber laser-based laser plasma accelerator
06/23/16Piezoresistive material exhibiting an optimal gauge factor
06/16/16Creation of isotopes using laser beams
02/11/16Heuristic laser device using an producing laser pulses, and corresponding heuristic method
01/14/16Device for magnetizing laser plasma by means of a pulsed magnetic field
01/07/16Microscope having a multimode local probe, tip-enhanced raman microscope, and controlling the distance between the local probe and the sample
12/31/15Novel metallopolymers and use thereof
10/22/15Method and device for generating a focused strong-current charged-particle beam
09/24/15Microfluidic process for treating and analysing a solution containing a biological material and corresponding microfluidic circuit
09/17/15Microfluidic circuit allowing drops of several fluids to be brought into contact, and corresponding microfluidic method
08/20/15Arrangement for generating a proton beam and an installation for transmutation of nuclear wastes
07/23/15Method of manufacturing a transparent and birefringent thin solid mineral layer and optic component with a transparent and birefringent thin solid mineral layer
06/25/15Electrical circuit to impedance match a source and a load at multiple frequencies, method to design such a circuit
04/23/15Method for chemically passivating a surface of a product made of a iii-v semiconductor material and the product obtained by such a method
03/26/15All optical high energy radiation source
01/08/15Rare earth oxide particles and use thereof in particular imaging
01/01/15Method for the low-temperature production of radial-junction semiconductor nanostructures, radial junction device, and solar cell including radial-junction nanostructures
12/25/14Method for producing a graphene film
12/25/14Passive device and the coherent combination of a plurality of optical amplifiers
12/18/14Multicolour excitation module for a multiphoton imaging system and associated method and system
09/11/14Method and arrangement for generating a jet of fluid, transforming the jet into a plasma, and uses of said system
06/05/14Device and passive the coherent combination of two amplified and/or spectrally broadened optical beams
03/27/14Process for the growth of a crystalline solid, associated crystalline solid and device
11/14/13Method and device for forming a plasma beam
10/24/13Method and system for calibrating a spatial optical modulator in an optical microscope
08/29/13Frequency-drift amplification device for a pulsed laser
08/15/13Amplification device with frequency drift for a pulsed laser
05/30/13Plasma processing in a capacitively-coupled reactor with trapezoidal-waveform excitation
03/28/13Device for forming drops in a microfluidic circuit
03/07/13Multiscale modulus filter bank and applications to pattern detection, clustering, classification and registration
12/13/12Surface plasma gas processing
11/29/12Optimized dielectric reflective diffraction grating
11/08/12Device for measuring the activity of the spinal cord of a vertebra
08/16/12Method for producing a multilayer film including at least one ultrathin layer of crystalline silicon, and devices obtained by means of said method
06/14/12Method for cleaning the surface of a silicon substrate
06/14/12Texturing the surface of a silicon substrate, and textured silicon substrate for a solar cell
05/24/12Device for generating a secondary source by laser-material interaction comprising an optical device for controlling the orientation and the position of a surface in movement
12/08/11Device for generating a short duration laser pulse
12/01/11Method and device for acquiring signals in laser scanning microscopy
08/25/11Device and taking spectroscopic polarimetric measurements in the visible and near-infrared ranges
06/23/11Coherent nonlinear microscopy system and method with variation of the focal volume in order to probe the nanostructure of organized materials
10/28/10Crystallographically textured metal substrate, crystallographically textured device, cell and photovoltaic module including such device and thin layer deposition method
10/07/10Method of synthesizing phosphide materials
09/30/10Inductive plasma applicator
04/29/10Method and forming a film by deposition from a plasma
03/25/10Device for forming a film by deposition from a plasma
03/25/10Film deposition of amorphous films by electron cyclotron resonance
03/25/10Film deposition of amorphous films with a graded bandgap by electron cyclotron resonance
03/18/10Deposition of amorphous silicon films by electron cyclotron resonance
02/25/10Method of forming a film by deposition from a plasma
12/17/09Heterojunction with intrinsically amorphous interface
12/10/09Microelectromechanical system comprising a deformable portion and a stress sensor
02/05/09Process for fabricating a nanowire-based vertical transistor structure
06/07/12Use of an amorphous silicon layer and analysis methods
12/10/15System and high-intensity ultrashort pulse compression
07/25/13Mechanical positioning system for surgical instruments
08/04/16Inverted solar cell and process for producing the same
05/26/11Image sensor having nonlinear response
08/12/10Beam-induced etching
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09/23/10Method of providing scalable video coding (svc) video content with added media content
03/23/17Device for interacting with neurological tissue and methods of making and using the same
10/06/16Microfabricated neurostimulation device
03/17/16Microfabricated surface neurostimulation device and methods of making and using the same
02/04/16Method and head worn display with multiple exit pupils
11/26/15Apparatus and optimized stimulation of a neurological target
08/27/15Scale-out non-uniform memory access
07/09/15Apparatus and restoring voluntary control of locomotion in neuromotor impairments
01/01/15Electrostatic spray ionization method
11/06/14Inhibitors of notch signalling pathway and use thereof in treatment of cancers
09/18/14Microfabricated surface neurostimulation device and methods of making and using the same
07/03/14Mitochondrial ribosomal proteins as aging regulators
03/06/14Redox couple for electrochemical and optoelectronic devices
12/26/13Electron beam apparatus
08/15/13Adjustable fixation system for neurosurgical devices
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05/23/13Labelling of fusion proteins with synthetic probes
04/04/13Device for interacting with neurological tissue and methods of making and using the same
03/07/13Complex index refraction tomography with sub lambda/6-resolution
01/17/13Carbon nanotubes nanocomposites for microfabrication applications
12/13/12Encoding and decoding information
07/12/12Haptic interface for simulator, such as a colonoscopy simulator
05/31/12Vertical cavity surface emitting devices incorporating wafer fused reflectors
05/17/12Encoding and decoding information
12/08/11Error control coding for orthogonal differential vector signaling
12/08/11Microfabricated neurostimulation device
11/03/11Method to compensate the effect of the rolling shutter effect
09/29/11Coated medical device and coating a medical device to reduce fibrosis and capsule formation
08/25/11Labelling of fusion proteins with synthetic probes
08/18/11Methods using 06-alkylguanine-dna alkytransferase
07/07/11Mutants of 06-alkylguanine-dna alkyltransferase
05/05/11System and in vivo delivery of antibodies and fragments thereof
09/30/10Solid phase extraction and ionization device
06/03/10Single photon detector and associated methods for making the same
04/15/10Ionization device
04/01/10Polypeptide ligands for targeting cartilage and methods of use thereof
03/25/10Method of crosslinking two objects of interest
01/14/10Apparatus for manipulating, modifying and characterizing particles in a micro channel
01/14/10Molecular variant fibrinogen fusion proteins
12/10/09Method for the identification of suitable fragmentation sites in a reporter protein
09/17/09Gas viscosity sensor
06/04/09Ionic liquids based on imidazolium salts incorporating a nitrile functionality
01/14/10Molecular variant fibrinogen fusion proteins
08/18/16Sensing tip with electrical impedance sensor
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10/19/17 new patent  Glycotargeting therapeutics
10/19/17 new patent  Photodetector
10/12/17Foldable aircraft with protective cage for transportation and transportability
10/05/17Gas sensor
09/28/17Non-invasive drawable electrode for neuromuscular electric stimulation and biological signal sensing
09/28/17Device for photoactivation and reaction monitoring
09/21/17Capacitive sensor array for dental occlusion monitoring
09/07/17Methods & compounds useful in hematopoietic stem cell medicine
09/07/17Media item relighting technique
08/31/17Microwave to optical conversion device and converting a microwave photon to an optical photon
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08/24/17Method and the analysis of molecules using mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy
08/17/17Agents useful in diagnostic and therapy of beta-amyloid aggregation related disorders and screening methods
08/17/17Scale-adaptive media item segmentation technique
07/27/17Mesoscopic framework for organic-inorganic perovskite based photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing the same
07/20/17Compact multifunctional system for imaging spectroscopy
06/29/17Methods of treating mitochondrial dysfunction
06/29/17Method and presenting to a user of a wearable apparatus additional information related to an audio scene
06/22/17System for selective spatiotemporal stimulation of the spinal cord
06/22/17Majority logic synthesis
06/08/17Preparation and medical use of triazenes
06/08/17Template enhanced organic inorganic perovskite heterojunction photovoltaic device
06/01/17Reflective optical objective
05/25/17Method, apparatus and program for processing a circular light field
04/20/17Learning-based subsampling
04/06/17Sepiapterin reductase inhibitors
04/06/17Nanowires of organic-inorganic perovskites
03/30/17Method and device for implementing laser shock peening or warm laser shock peening during selective laser melting
03/30/17Unified prefetching into instruction cache and branch target buffer
03/30/17Point and sensor estimation from images
03/23/17Method for the electrical passivation of electrode arrays and/or conductive paths in general, and a producing stretchable electrode arrays and/or stretchable conductive paths in general
03/09/17Real-time control of microgrids with explicit power setpoints: unintentional islanding
03/02/17Active agent-particle combination supporting bone regeneration
03/02/17Molecular sensing device
02/16/17Method and device for non-invasive blood pressure measurement
02/02/17Compact drop-on-demand apparatus using light actuation through optical fibers
02/02/17Compact side and multi angle illumination lensless imager and operating the same
02/02/17Device and ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
02/02/17Media content processing method
01/26/17Apparatus and quantitive phase tomography through linear scanning with coherent and non-coherent detection
01/26/17Plasmonic nanohole arrays on hybrid substrate for highly sensitive label-free biosensing
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01/19/17Drug combination for treatment of proliferative diseases
01/19/17Vehicle having a high clearing capability
01/19/17Apparatus for imaging a page of a book or other similar document
01/12/17Large field of view multi-camera endoscopic apparatus with omni-directional illumination
12/29/16Method and coating nanoparticulate films on complex substrates
12/22/16Functional optical coherent imaging
12/15/16Autonomous and non-autonomous dynamic model based navigation system for unmanned vehicles
12/08/16Recommender system for an online multimedia content provider
12/01/16Boolean logic optimization in majority-inverter graphs
12/01/16Hole transporting and light absorbing material for solid state solar cells
11/24/16Systems and methods for moving and circulating fluid to treat alzheimer's disease
11/17/16Bidirectional limb neuro-prosthesis
11/10/16Hole transporting and light absorbing material for solid state solar cells
11/10/16General two degree of freedom isotropic harmonic oscillator and associated time base
11/10/16Isotropic harmonic oscillator and associated time base without escapement or with simplified escapement
11/03/16Resistive switching element and use thereof
10/20/16Neuroprosthetic system restoring upper limb function through coordinated electrical stimulation
10/20/16Transportable long-lived hyperpolarized samples
10/20/16Porphyrin based sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cell
10/06/16Non-invasively adjustable drainage device
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09/29/16Compact low-power recording architecture for multichannel acquisition of biological signals and compressing said biological signal data
09/29/16System to deliver adaptive epidural and/or subdural electrical spinal cord stimulation to facilitate and restore locomotion after a neuromotor impairment
09/15/16Inhibitors of notch signalling pathway and use thereof in treatment of cancers
08/25/16Glycotargeting therapeutics
08/18/16Sensing tip with electrical impedance sensor
08/11/16Cell permeable, fluorescent dye
08/11/16Metal complexes for use as dopants and other uses
08/04/16Privacy-enhancing technologies for medical tests using genomic data
07/14/16Method for preparing topographically structured microarrays
06/23/16Composable explicit power flow control in electrical grids
06/09/16Pharmacological stimulation to facilitate and restore standing and walking functions in spinal cord motor disorders
05/19/16Solar cell and process for producing the same
05/05/16Foldable and self-deployable aerial vehicle
05/05/16Method for privacy-preserving medical risk test
04/28/16Arrays of discrete cell culture microenvironments, making such arrays and uses thereof
03/17/16Method for speeding up boolean satisfiability
03/03/16Pattern-based fpga logic block and clustering algorithm
02/11/16Robotic spinal and other surgeries
02/11/16Semiconductor tunneling device
02/04/16Titanium oxide aerogel composites
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02/04/16Method for the generation of radicals for dynamic nuclear polarization and uses thereof for nmr, mrs and mri
02/04/16Method and head worn display with multiple exit pupils
01/28/16High-performance low-power near-vt resistive memory-based fpga
01/21/16Glycotargeting therapeutics
01/21/16Manufacturing of orifices in glass like materials, e.g. nanocapillaries, and objects obtained according to this process
01/21/16Optimal acoustic rake receiver
01/14/16Generating optical pulses via a soliton state of an optical microresonator
01/07/16Vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle
12/24/15Post-cmos processing and 3d integration based on dry-film lithography
12/17/15Vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle
12/17/15Transflective holographic film for head worn display
12/17/15Organizing neural networks
12/10/15Colorectal cancer classification with differential prognosis and personalized therapeutic responses
11/12/15System and producing optical sinc-shaped pulses
11/05/15Hardware-oriented dynamically adaptive disparity estimation algorithm and its real-time hardware
10/29/15Blends of oligopeptide terminal polyisobutylene or polystyrene
10/15/15Method, computer program and measuring a distribution of a physical variable in a region
10/15/15Method to determine a direction and amplitude of a current velocity estimate of a moving device
10/08/15High-throughput nanoimmunoassay chip
10/01/15Systems and methods for tracking interacting objects
09/24/15Method and a photoacoustic probe using a multimode fiber
09/24/15Method to fabricate finfet sensors, in particular, finfet sensors for ionic, chemical and biological applications on si-bulk
09/24/15Method for generating an html document that contains encrypted files and the code necessary for decrypting them when a valid passphrase is provided
09/17/15Method for detecting abnormalities in an electrocardiogram
09/17/15Method and device for proving his identity
08/20/15Privacy-enhancing technologies for medical tests using genomic data
08/13/15Glazing with embedded microstructures for daylighting and seasonal thermal control
08/06/15Method and low complexity spectral analysis of bio-signals
07/30/15Diketopyrrolopyrole (dpp)-based sensitizers for electrochemical or optoelectronic devices
07/23/15Recommendation strategy portfolios
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07/16/15Reflective optical objective
07/16/15Resistive switching element and use thereof
07/16/15Organo metal halide perovskite heterojunction solar cell and fabrication thereof
07/16/15Intelligent remote powering
06/25/15Method device and operation said device
06/25/15Calibration method and system
06/18/15Method and a system for determining the location of an object
06/04/15Method of real-time regulation compliance for wireless transmitters
05/28/15Stretchable electronic structures formed of thin films integrated with soft heterogeneous substrate
05/28/15Solar cell
05/21/15Junctionless nano-electro-mechanical resonant transistor
04/30/15Large area deposition in high vacuum with high thickness uniformity
04/16/15Method and a system for determining the location of an object
04/09/15Method for determining the walsh-hadamard transform of n samples of a signal and performing the same
03/05/15Self-tracking solar concentrator
02/19/15Method and device for sensing humidity with reversible molecular dimerization
02/12/15Robotic spinal and other surgeries
02/05/15Device for the transplantation of cells in suspension
01/22/15Universal sample holder
01/15/15Methods and imaging with multimode optical fibers
01/01/15Sample processing device with detachable slide
12/25/14Fiber sensing system based on a bragg grating and optical time domain reflectometry
12/25/14In-vivo condition monitoring of metallic implants by electrochemical techniques
11/27/14Apparatus and quantitive phase tomography through linear scanning with coherent and non-coherent detection
10/23/14Electronic elements based on quasitwo-dimensional electron/hole gas at charged domain walls in ferroelectrics
10/09/14Efficient method based on the electromagnetic time reversal to locate faults in power network
10/02/14High speed pocket milling optimisation
09/25/14Nanoscale motion detector
09/18/14Indoor localization method and system

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