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Edwards Lifesciences Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Edwards Lifesciences Corporation. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Texture woven fabric for use in implantable bioprostheses
06/22/17 new patent  Holder and deployment system for surgical heart valves
06/15/17Mitral valve prosthesis
06/15/17Systems for replacing a native heart valve and aorta with a prosthetic heart valve and conduit
06/08/17Knotless suture fastener installation system
06/08/17Systems for securing sutures
06/08/17Storage assembly for prosthetic valve
06/08/17Suture deployment of prosthetic heart valve
05/25/17High durability heart valve
05/18/17Safety systems for expansion of prosthetic heart valves
05/18/17Systems and devices for setting an anchor
05/18/17Ultrasound probe for cardiac treatment
05/11/17Prosthetic valve delivery apparatus having clutch mechanism
05/11/17Transcatheter heart valve for replacing natural mitral valve
05/11/17Implant delivery capsule
05/04/17Suture and repairing a heart
05/04/17Suture clip deployment devices
05/04/17Leaflet for low gradient prosthetic heart valve
05/04/17Replacement prosthetic heart valves
05/04/17Adapter for prosthesis delivery device and methods of use
04/27/17Dry prosthetic heart valve packaging system
04/27/17Implant delivery capsule
04/20/17Expandable cardiac shunt
04/13/17Systems and methods for monitoring and displaying a patient's status
04/06/17Prosthetic valve for replacing a mitral valve
04/06/17Method and reshaping a ventricle
03/30/17Heart valve with integrated stent and sewing ring
03/23/17Leaflet attachment frame for a prosthetic valve
03/23/17Cylindrical implant and balloon
03/23/17Method for stent shaping
03/16/17Systems for deploying knotless suture anchoring clamps
03/16/17Methods of conditioning sheet bioprosthetic tissue
03/16/17Limited expansion heart valve
03/16/17Methods of identifying and replacing implanted heart valves
03/16/17Perfusion balloon designs
03/16/17Prosthetic heart valve delivery systems and packaging
03/09/17Delivery system for prosthetic heart valve
03/02/17Method and system for packaging and preparing a prosthetic heart valve and associated delivery system
03/02/17Heart valve delivery system with valve catheter
03/02/17Covering and assembly transcatheter valve
03/02/17Controlled balloon deployment
03/02/17Treatments for mitral valve insufficiency
02/23/17Loader and retriever for transcatheter heart valve, and methods of crimping transcatheter heart valve
02/16/17Gripping and pushing device for medical instrument
02/16/17Annuloplasty ring with reduced dehiscence
02/16/17Systems for implanting annuloplasty rings with microanchors
02/09/17Devices for reducing cardiac valve regurgitation
02/02/17Cardiac implant with integrated suture fasteners
01/26/17Motion compensated biomedical sensing
01/26/17Spring cannulae
01/19/17Prosthetic heart valve
01/05/17Hybrid heart valves adapted for post-implant expansion
01/05/17Integrated hybrid heart valves
12/29/16Prosthetic heart valve
12/22/16Methods for anchoring a device at a native heart valve annulus
12/22/16Methods for repairing mitral valves
12/15/16Perivalvular sealing for transcatheter heart valve
12/08/16Annuloplasty ring with variable cross-section
12/01/16Cardiac valve repair devices configured for percutaneous delivery
12/01/16Suture and repairing a heart
11/24/16Atrial septal closure device for re-access
11/24/16Prosthetic valve for replacing mitral valve
11/24/16Self-expandable heart valve with stabilizers
11/17/16Heart valve sealing devices and delivery devices therefor
11/10/16Method and simulation of pressure transducer for measurement of blood pressure
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11/03/16Embolic deflection device
11/03/16Heart valve sealing devices
11/03/16Methods of delivering a flexible annuloplasty ring
11/03/16Laminated sealing member for prosthetic heart valve
10/27/16Percutaneous mitral valve replacement device
10/27/16Expandable sheath for introducing an endovascular delivery device into a body
10/20/16Low-profile prosthetic heart valve for replacing a mitral valve
10/20/16Low-profile prosthetic heart valve for replacing a mitral valve
10/20/16Devices, accurate positioning of a prosthetic valve
10/13/16Surgical heart valves adapted for post implant expansion
10/13/16Expandable sheath with elastomeric cross sectional portions
10/13/16Expandable sheath
10/06/16Heart valve repair devices
10/06/16Prosthetic heart valve and delivery apparatus
09/29/16Arterial pressure-based determination of cardiovascular parameters
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09/29/16Systems for assessing and cutting pericardial tissue
09/22/16Suture securement devices
09/22/16Double cross-linkage process to enhance post-implantation bioprosthetic tissue durablity
09/22/16Pre-assembled bioprosthetic valve conduit and delivery
09/15/16Retaining mechanisms for prosthetic valves
09/15/16Prosthetic heart valve packaging and deployment methods
09/15/16Surgical conduit leak testing
09/08/16Methods of dynamic annuloplasty ring sizing
08/18/16Bioprosthetic tissue with reduced calcification
08/18/16Delivery systems for prosthetic heart valve
08/11/16Retaining mechanisms for prosthetic valves
08/11/16Surgical heart valve for transcatheter heart valve implantation
08/11/16Offset cardiac leaflet coaptation element
08/11/16Heart valve docking devices and implanting methods
08/11/16Methods for retaining a prosthetic heart valve
08/11/16Low profile transseptal catheter and implant system for minimally invasive valve procedure
08/04/16Conformal expansion of prosthetic devices to anatomical shapes
07/28/16Systems for securing sutures
07/21/16Systems and methods for monitoring and displaying a patient's status
07/21/16Stability device for use with percutaneous delivery systems
07/14/16Crimping accessory devices and methods of use
07/14/16Methods of deploying a mitral heart valve
07/07/16Single catheter heart repair device and use
06/30/16Catheter-based clutched heart valve sizer
06/30/16Suture clip deployment devices
06/30/16Minimally-invasive heart valve with cusp positioners
06/30/16System and crimping a prosthetic heart valve
06/16/16Multiple-firing securing using and manufacturing same
06/16/16System and treating valve insufficiency or vessel dilatation
06/09/16Percutaneous clip for repairing a heart valve
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06/09/16Integrated heart valve delivery system
06/09/16Prosthetic mitral valve
06/09/16Steerable catheter with pull wire
06/09/16Peripheral antegrade perfusion and occlusion device
06/02/16Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
05/26/16Inflatable device with etched modifications
05/12/16Methods of implanting a heart valve at an aortic annulus
05/12/16Methods for ensuring safe and rapid deployment of prosthetic heart valves
05/05/16Implantable prosthetic valve with non-laminar flow
05/05/16Compression resistant hose
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05/05/16Bi-directional cannula
03/31/16Surgical stabilizer and closure system
03/31/16Method for treating a mitral valve
03/24/16Bio-absorbable wound closure device and method
03/24/16Aortic insufficiency repair device and method
03/17/16Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
03/17/16Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
03/10/16Finger-mounted surgical instruments and methods of use
03/10/16Valved aortic conduits
02/25/16Dual-flange prosthetic valve frame
02/18/16Prosthetic heart valve having improved commissure supports
02/18/16Artificial heart valve with scalloped frame design
02/18/16Annulus rings with suture clips
02/11/16Determination of a hemodynamic parameter
02/04/16Expandable member for deploying a prosthetic device
01/28/16Mitral valve anchoring
01/21/16Dynamic annuloplasty ring sizer
12/24/15Surgical heart valves identifiable post-implant
12/10/15Prosthetic valve for replacing a mitral valve
12/10/15Devices for remodeling a valve annulus and ventricle
12/03/15Delivery systems for prosthetic heart valve
11/26/15Systems and delivery handles for delivering prosthetic heart valves disposed on valve holders
11/26/15Crimping crimping prosthetic valve with protruding anchors
11/19/15Device and increasing flow through the left atrial appendage
11/19/15Glucose consumption monitor
11/12/15Methods of anchoring cardiac implants using knotless suture fasteners
11/12/15Prosthetic valve for replacing mitral valve
11/12/15Prosthetic heart valve
11/05/15System and blood sampling failure analysis and correction
11/05/15Methods of deploying knotless suture anchoring clamps
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11/05/15Holder and deployment system for surgical heart valves
11/05/15Ergonomic mitral heart valve holders
11/05/15Bioprosthetic tissue having a reduced propensity for in vivo calcification
10/29/15Intravascular introducer devices
10/29/15Method of delivering a prosthetic heart valve
10/29/15Prosthetic heart valve delivery apparatus
10/08/15Sensor systems and methods of using the same
10/08/15High durability heart valve
10/08/15Retaining mechanisms for prosthetic heart valves
10/01/15Apical puncture access and closure system
10/01/15Low profile delivery system for transcatheter heart valve
10/01/15Analyte sensor and fabrication methods
09/17/15Sealing connector assembly
09/10/15Methods for deploying self-expanding heart valves
08/27/15Bioprosthetic tissue with reduced calcification
08/20/15Percutaneous leaflet augmentation
08/20/15Methods for repair of abnormal mitral valves
08/20/15Prosthetic heart valve, system, and method
08/20/15Flexible commissure frame
08/13/15Mitral annuloplasty ring with suture line
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08/06/15Systems for quickly delivering a prosthetic heart valve
08/06/15Rapid deployment methods for prosthetic heart valves
07/16/15Mitral heart valve holder and storage system
07/09/15System and crimping a prosthetic heart valve
07/02/15Suture clip deployment devices
07/02/15Methods for stabilizing a bioprosthetic tissue by chemical modification of antigenic carbohydrates
06/25/15Self-cinching surgical clips and delivery system
06/25/15Prosthetic insert for treating a mitral valve
06/11/15Prosthetic heart valve and delivery apparatus
06/04/15Methods of valve delivery on a beating heart
05/28/15Aortic insufficiency repair device and method
05/21/15Tissue illumination system, device, and method
05/21/15Sealing devices, related delivery apparatuses, and uses thereof
05/14/15Low profile transcatheter heart valve
05/07/15Bioprosthetic heart valves having adaptive seals to minimize paravalvular leakage
05/07/15Magnetic retaining mechanisms for prosthetic valves
05/07/15Method for replacing mitral valve
05/07/15Methods of implanting an annuloplasty ring for reduced dehiscence
04/16/15Monitoring cardiovascular conditions using signal transit times
04/16/15Rapid deployment prosthetic heart valve
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04/09/15Method for directing cellular migration patterns on a biological tissue
04/02/15Method and preparing a contoured biological tissue
03/26/15Heart valves with increased effective orifice area
03/12/15Collapsible cardiac implant and deployment system and methods
03/05/15Method and continuous assessment of a cardiovascular parameter using the arterial pulse pressure propagation time and waveform
03/05/15Integrated balloon catheter inflation system
02/12/15Method and reshaping a ventricle
01/15/15Tissue retractor
01/15/15Disposable blood pressure transducer and monitor interface
01/15/15Knotless suture fastener installation system
01/08/15System and crimping a prosthetic valve
01/01/15Covered heart valve sizer
12/25/14Expandable sheath for introducing an endovascular delivery device into a body
12/18/14Expansion device and treating vascular passageways
12/18/14Cardiac implant with integrated suture fasteners
12/11/14Methods of delivery of flexible heart valves
12/04/14Preparation and maintenance of sensors
11/20/14Prosthetic heart valve delivery apparatus
11/20/14Perivalvular sealing for transcatheter heart valve
11/13/14Expandable clip for tissue repair
11/13/14Expandable member for deploying a prosthetic device
11/06/14System and transaortic delivery of a prosthetic heart valve
10/30/14Low-profile heart valve and delivery system
10/16/14Transapical delivering prosthetic heart valve
10/16/14Blood flow controlling apparatus
10/09/14Suture clip deployment devices
10/02/14Detection of parameters in cardiac output related waveforms
09/25/14Device and increasing flow through the left atrial appendage
09/18/14Automated crimping of transcatheter heart valves
09/18/14Multi-stranded heat set annuloplasty rings
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09/18/14Dynamic annuloplasty ring sizer
08/28/14Method for treating an aortic valve
08/21/14Detecting a vasoactive agent in the bloodstream
08/21/14System for a blood analyte sensor
08/14/14Artificial heart valve with scalloped frame design
08/14/14Apparatus for treating a mitral valve
08/07/14Clot detection based on signal-time history diagnostics
08/07/14Prosthetic valve for replacing mitral valve
08/07/14Expandable introducer sheath
08/07/14Methods of implanting minimally-invasive prosthetic heart valves
08/07/14Prosthetic mitral valve
07/31/14Methods of making encapsulated heart valves
07/31/14Membrane system with sufficient buffering capacity
07/31/14Arterial pressure-based, automatic determination of a cardiovascular parameter
07/31/14Catheter balloon and fabrication
07/31/14Catheter balloon and formation thereof
07/31/14Inflatable embolic deflector
07/24/14Dry prosthetic heart valve packaging system
07/17/14Capping bioprosthetic tissue to reduce calcification
07/17/14Rapidly deployable surgical heart valves
07/10/14Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
07/03/14Post-implant expandable surgical heart valve configurations
06/26/14System for securing sutures
06/19/14Analyte sensor and fabrication methods
06/12/14Prosthetic heart valve delivery system and method
05/15/14Treatment of bioprosthetic tissues to mitigate post implantation calcification
05/15/14Methods for cross-linking bioprosthetic tissue using bio-orthogonal binding pairs
05/15/14Device and reshaping tricuspid valve annulus
05/08/14Methods for treating bioprosthetic tissue using a nucleophile/electrophile in a catalytic system

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