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Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.. Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electro Scientific Industries, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014034050711/20/14Method of measuring narrow recessed features using machine vision
22014031201310/23/14Laser emission-based control of beam positioner
32014028869309/25/14Image recognition base ablation pattern position recall
42014025965909/18/14Phased array steering for laser beam positioning systems
52014026320109/18/14Laser systems and methods for aod rout processing
62014026321209/18/14Coordination of beam angle and workpiece movement for taper control
72014026322309/18/14Laser systems and methods for aod tool settling for aod travel reduction
82014026813409/18/14Laser sampling methods for reducing thermal effects
92014025620509/11/14Providing polarization compensated multi-spectral laser repair of liquid crystal display panels
102014023139308/21/14Program controlled dicing of a substrate using a pulsed laser beam
112014022399108/14/14In-chamber fluid handling system and methods handling fluids using the same
122014022477508/14/14Laser ablation cell and injector system for a compositional analysis system
132014022777608/14/14Laser ablation cell and torch system for a compositional analysis system
142014019714007/17/14Laser pulse energy control systems and methods
152014019087507/10/14Handling electrical components
162014018278607/03/14Etching a laser-cut semiconductor before dicing a die attach film (daf) or other material layer
172014017506706/26/14Methods of forming images by laser micromachining
182014013872705/22/14Processing a workpiece and an article formed thereby
192014011692205/01/14Configurations of apertures in a miniature electronic component carrier mask
202014011038404/24/14Marking an article
212014009841004/10/14Providing temperature stability of acousto-optic beam deflectors and acousto-optic modulators during use
222014009106904/03/14Ultrashort laser pulse wafer scribing
232014009182004/03/14Probe out-of-position sensing for automated test equipment
242014009369304/03/14Separation of strengthened glass and articles produced thereby
252014009495404/03/14Adaptively controlling a laser-based material processing process and method and system for qualifying same
262014008398303/27/14Separation of workpieces and articles produced thereby
272014008398603/27/14Machining a workpiece
282014008403903/27/14Separating workpieces
292014008404003/27/14Separating workpieces
302014002635101/30/14Collecting material produced by processing workpieces
312014000306701/02/14Panel with occluded microholes
322013031998212/05/13Processing workpieces
332013024956609/26/13Kelvin sense probe calibration
342013025196009/26/13Reliably laser marking articles
352013023414909/12/13Sidewall texturing of light emitting diode structures
362013023703509/12/13Laser singulation of brittle materials
372013022105308/29/13Separation of strengthened glass and articles produced thereby
382013022304408/29/13Products with a patterned light-transmissive portion
392013022443308/29/13Machining strengthened glass and articles produced thereby
402013022443908/29/13Separation of strengthened glass and articles produced thereby
412013020807408/15/13Reliably laser marking articles
422013019361708/01/13Separating non-metallic materials
432013016854507/04/13Spectroscopy data display systems and methods
442013016151006/27/13Adjusting radiation spot size
452013016299106/27/13Apparatus and method for transporting an aerosol
462013015415906/20/13Drilling holes with minimal taper in cured silicone
472013014641806/13/13Sorting apparatus and method of sorting components
482013014301306/06/13Reliably laser marking articles
492013012794805/23/13Reliably laser marking articles
502013008970104/11/13Substrate containing aperture and methods of forming the same
512013008244804/04/13Controlled surface roughness in vacuum retention
522013004270302/21/13Sample chamber for laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy
532013003071701/31/13Characterizing objects and monitoring manufacturing processes
542012032924612/27/12Etching a laser-cut semiconductor before dicing a die attach film (daf) or other material layer
552012031863912/20/12Shallow angle vertical rotary loader for electronic device testing
562012031877612/20/12Machining a workpiece
572012031971212/20/12Probe module with interleaved serpentine test contacts for electronic device testing
582012027347211/01/12Laser processing systems and methods for beam dithering and skiving
592012026735010/25/12Laser drilling holes with gaussian pulses
602012026355910/18/12Electronic component handler having gap set device
612012026423810/18/12Program controlled dicing of a substrate using a pulsed laser beam
622012024807510/04/12Laser direct ablation with picosecond laser pulses at high pulse repetition frequencies
632012024917210/04/12Alignment system for electronic device testing
642012024917510/04/12Conveyor-mountable carrier for electronic device testing
652012025013410/04/12Adaptive optic beamshaping in laser processing systems
662012025070710/04/12Stabilization of pulsed mode seed lasers
672012021147708/23/12Improved laser scribing of opto-electric devices
682012020834908/16/12Support for wafer singulation
692012017565207/12/12Improved singulation of light emitting devices
702012016841207/05/12Apparatus and method for forming an aperture in a substrate
712012016907907/05/12Apparatus and method for handling a substrate
722012017100207/05/12Apparatus and method for transferring a substrate
732012016081406/28/12Link processing using laser pulses with optimized temporal power profiles and polarizations
742012015291806/21/12Reducing back-reflection in laser micromachining systems
752012015816906/21/12Closed-loop silicon etching control method and system
762012014568606/14/12On-the-fly manipulation of spot size and cutting speed for real-time control of trench depth and width in laser operations
772012013262805/31/12Orthogonal integrated cleaving device
782012013262905/31/12Reducing taper of laser scribes
792012013338105/31/12Stackable semiconductor chip with edge features and methods of fabricating and processing same
802012010395305/03/12Laser machining of fired ceramic and other hard and/or thick materials
812012010034804/26/12Optimally laser marking articles
822012009275504/19/12Tandem photonic amplifier
832012006469503/15/12Dicing a semiconductor wafer
842012004985703/01/12Programmable gain trans-impedance amplifier overload recovery circuit
852012004330602/23/12Optimally laser marking articles
862011031566712/29/11Reliably laser marking articles
872011029815612/08/11Laser processing a workpiece using a plurality of tailored laser pulse shapes
882011028760711/24/11Improved wafer singulation
892011027238811/10/11Photonic clock stabilized laser comb processing
902011027318411/10/11Improved testing of electronic devices
912011026767111/03/11Combining multiple laser beams to form high repetition rate, high average power polarized laser beam
922011024061610/06/11Method and apparatus for laser singulation of brittle materials
932011024083910/06/11Sample chamber for laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy
942011024171810/06/11Test plate for electronic component handler
952011024230710/06/11Touch screen interface for laser processing
962011024263910/06/11Method for accomplishing high-speed intensity variation of a polarized output laser beam
972011024316310/06/11Wedge-faceted nonlinear crystal for harmonic generation
982011023664509/29/11Method of manufacturing a panel with occluded microholes and products made thereby
992011022059509/15/11High strength, high density carrier plate
1002011022229809/15/11Panel with micro-hole pattern in a structurally thin portion
1012011021010309/01/11Processing semiconductor structures using laser pulses laterally distributed in a scanning window
1022011020834308/25/11Tracking and marking specimens having defects formed during laser via drilling
1032011019392808/11/11Reliably laser marking articles
1042011019392908/11/11Reliably laser marking articles
1052011019457408/11/11Reliably laser marking articles
1062011017767407/21/11Processing of multilayer semiconductor wafers
1072011014706706/23/11Optically transparent via filling
1082011014734806/23/11Adaptive processing constraints for memory repair
1092011015104606/23/11Optically transparent via filling
1102011013180706/09/11Process for forming an isolated electrically conductive contact through a metal package
1112011008557404/14/11Generating pulse trains for material processing
1122011002912402/03/11Program controlled dicing of a substrate using a pulsed laser beam
1132010032149112/23/10Achieving convergent light rays emitted by planar array of light sources
1142010031020012/09/10Rotary flexure and air bearing support for rotary indexing system
1152010030102312/02/10Acousto-optic deflector applications in laser processing of dielectric or other materials
1162010030102412/02/10Laser processing systems using through-the-lens alignment of a laser beam with a target feature
1172010030102812/02/10Hybrid resolution feedback of a motion stage
1182010029896411/25/10Apparatus and method for non-contact sensing of transparent articles
1192010027640511/04/10Laser systems and methods using triangular-shaped tailored laser pulses for selected target classes
1202010025254010/07/10Brittle materials processing
1212010025295910/07/10Method for improved brittle materials processing
1222010025680210/07/10Improved testing of electronic devices
1232010024361709/30/10Printed circuit board via drilling stage assembly
1242010024362209/30/10Force reaction compensation system
1252010024362509/30/10Minimizing thermal effect during material removal using a laser
1262010024362609/30/10Laser machining
1272010024661109/30/10Laser micromachining with tailored bursts of short laser pulses
1282010024661509/30/10Intracavity harmonic generation using a recycled intermediate harmonic
1292010020669308/19/10Long axis component loader
1302010020676908/19/10High strength, high density carrier plate
1312010019348108/05/10Laser constructed with multiple output couplers to generate multiple output beams
1322010018914507/29/10Laser with gain medium suppressing higher order modes to provide lasing output with high beam quality
1332010017779407/15/10Pulse temporal programmable ultrafast burst mode laser for micromachining
1342010017151207/08/10Self-testing, monitoring and diagnostics in grouped circuitry modules
1352010016430507/01/10Monolithic stage positioning system and method
1362010014781306/17/10Method for laser processing glass with a chamfered edge
1372010014023706/10/10Controlling dynamic and thermal loads on laser beam positioning system to achieve high-throughput laser processing of workpiece features
1382010013365106/03/10Semiconductor structure processing using multiple laterally spaced laser beam spots with joint velocity profiling
1392010011889905/13/10Generating laser pulses of prescribed pulse shapes programmed through combination of separate electrical and optical modulators
1402010009923904/22/10Laser machining
1412010008988104/15/10Semiconductor structure processing using multiple laterally spaced laser beam spots delivering multiple blows
1422010008466204/08/10Semiconductor structure processing using multiple laser beam spots overlapping lengthwise on a structure
1432010007841904/01/10Post-lens steering of a laser beam for micro-machining applications
1442010007841804/01/10Method of laser micro-machining stainless steel with high cosmetic quality
1452010005949003/11/10Adaptive optic beamshaping in laser processing systems
1462010006077303/11/10Apparatus and method for optically converting a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional planar image
1472010004409202/25/10Optically transparent via filling
1482010004656102/25/10High energy pulse suppression method
1492010003241702/11/10Micromachining with short-pulsed, solid-state uv laser
1502009031475312/24/09Debris capture and removal for laser micromachining
1512009031475412/24/09Pre-process stress loading components for post-process warp control
1522009030885212/17/09Reducing back-reflections in laser processing systems
1532009030885312/17/09Eliminating head-to-head offsets along common chuck travel direction in multi-head laser machining systems
1542009031285812/17/09Method for defining safe zones in laser machining systems
1552009031285912/17/09Modifying entry angles associated with circular tooling actions to improve throughput in part machining
1562009024252110/01/09On-the-fly manipulation of spot size and cutting speed for real-time control of trench depth and width in laser operations
1572009024252210/01/09Photonic milling using dynamic beam arrays
1582009024252510/01/09Laser machining of fired ceramic and other hard and/or thick materials
1592009024252610/01/09Laser micromachining through a protective member
1602009024252810/01/09Laser drilling holes with gaussian pulses
1612009024253110/01/09Photonic clock stabilized laser comb processing
1622009024340310/01/09Recoilless voice coil actuator and method
1632009024363610/01/09Programmable gain trans-impedance amplifier overload recovery circuit
1642009024530010/01/09Laser pulse equalization
1652009024530210/01/09Dynamically generating tailored laser pulses
1662009024530410/01/09Multi-pass optical power amplifier
1672009024531710/01/09Laser with highly efficient gain medium
1682009024561410/01/09Detecting defects using structured light
1692009023632309/24/09Laser drilling holes with tailored laser pulses
1702009022478909/10/09Automated contact alignment tool
1712009022553909/10/09Optimizing use and performance of optical systems implemented with telecentric on-axis dark field illumination
1722009021951809/03/09Optimizing use and performance of optical systems implemented with telecentric on-axis dark field illumination
1732009017901707/16/09Process and system for quality management and analysis of via drilling
1742009017920107/16/09Laser chalcogenide phase change device
1752009016123806/25/09Flexure guide bearing for short stroke stage
1762009015593506/18/09Back side wafer dicing
1772009014711206/11/09Achieving panchromatic response from a color-mosaic imager
1782009014175006/04/09Link processing with ultrafast and nanosecond laser pulses
1792009012716905/21/09Electronic component handler test plate
1802009004583002/19/09Automated contact alignment tool

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