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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17Apparatus for testing luminaire based on usb and method using the same
10/12/17Scanning device and operating method thereof
10/12/17Phase error compensating apparatus
10/12/17Rule based real-time data stream-processing method and apparatus thereof
10/12/17Apparatus and testing interoperability of robot software
10/12/17Method of improving bandwidth of antenna using transmission line stub
10/12/17Laser manufacturing the same
10/12/17Broadcast signal frame generation device and broadcast signal frame generation method using boundary of physical layer pipes of core layer
10/12/17Method and generating synchronization signal in internet of things
10/12/17Method and thing collaboration service based on social community
10/12/17Non-access stratum based access method and terminal supporting the same
10/05/17Pulse radar apparatus and operating pulse radar apparatus
10/05/17Apparatus and verifying cloud service compatibility
10/05/17On-chip network device capable of networking in dual swithching network modes and operation method thereof
10/05/17Apparatus and authentication based on cognitive information
10/05/17Method and device for encoding/decoding images
10/05/17Communication method and apparatus using network slice
10/05/17Method and controlling uplink transmission power
10/05/17Apparatus for generating broadcast signal frame for signaling time interleaving mode and method using the same
09/28/17Interaction device and interaction method thereof
09/28/17System and recommending a task to user using association pattern learning
09/28/17Apparatus and extracting object
09/28/17Encoder and encoding multi-channel signal, and decoder and decoding multi-channel signal
09/28/17Signal processing method and transmitter and receiver
09/28/17Method for sending and receiving data on a cooperative communications system and a cooperative communications method
09/28/17Method and setting quiet window in passive optical network system
09/28/17Apparatus for generating broadcast signal frame using enhanced layer dummy values and method using the same
09/28/17Apparatus and reducing peak to average power ratio (papr) in layer division multiplexing (ldm) system
09/21/17Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of 3/15 and 256-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
09/21/17Method of managing network bandwidth by control of image compression rate and frame generation and image transmission system using the same
09/21/17Cell capturing cartridge
09/21/17Method of manufacturing optical input/output device
09/21/17Method and scheduling threads in many-core system
09/21/17Query optimization method in distributed query engine and apparatus thereof
09/21/17Apparatus and detecting malware code by generating and analyzing behavior pattern
09/21/17Pre-training speech recognition
09/21/17Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of 4/15 and 256-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
09/21/17Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of 2/15 and 16-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
09/21/17Encrypting apparatus and method using logical complement values for enhanced security against side channel analysis
09/21/17Wireless communication increasing throughput using mimo in los environment and method therefor
09/21/17Apparatus for envelope delay control in an envelope-tracking power amplifier
09/21/17Apparatus and generating photonic frame
09/21/17Method and system for transmitting remote screen
09/21/17Broadcast signal frame generation apparatus and broadcast signal frame generation method using layered division multiplexing
09/21/17Apparatus and multi-view stereo
09/21/17Apparatus and performing routing using separate physical channel information in mobile ad-hoc network
09/14/17Optical receiver and laser radar including the same
09/14/17Dynamic code allocating apparatus and method
09/14/17Optical device manufacturing method
09/14/17Opto-electronic system including optical input/output device
09/14/17Processor system and fault detection method thereof
09/14/17Apparatus and providing image
09/14/17Situational awareness based login apparatus and method
09/14/17Flexible piezoelectric composite and piezoelectric device including the same
09/14/17Laser radar system
09/14/17Self-locked diode laser integrated with micro-disk resonator
09/14/17Low complexity decoder and decoding method based on code of bit node
09/14/17Receiver for human body communication and removing noise thereof
09/14/17Information collecting apparatus, information analyzing apparatus, and information transferring method based on different internet of things platforms
09/14/17Scanning device and operating method thereof
09/14/17Point of interest management method and system
09/07/17Apparatus for generating 3d volume mask model and method therefor
09/07/17Apparatus and surge prevention for centrifugal compressor
09/07/17Cache memory device and operating method thereof
09/07/17Device and configuring monitoring environment of application
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09/07/17Cache memory and operation method thereof
09/07/17Memory interface apparatus
09/07/17Micro server based on fabric network
09/07/17Automatic interpretation generating synthetic sound having characteristics similar to those of original speaker's voice
09/07/17Method and system for storing metadata of log-structured file system
09/07/17System and managing data
09/07/17Apparatus and generating 3d printing model using multiple textures
09/07/17Method and protecting privacy in consideration of application usage pattern
09/07/17Apparatus and extracting salient line for information sign
09/07/17Heterogeneous computing method
09/07/17Apparatus and detecting circle
09/07/17Apparatus for tracking trajectory of high-speed moving object and method therefor
09/07/17Apparatus and editing three-dimensional building data
09/07/17Schottky diode and manufacturing the same
09/07/17Method and device for calibrating iq imbalance and dc offset of rf tranceiver
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09/07/17Real-time quality of service monitoring apparatus and method
09/07/17Physical level-based security system for data security of security terminal and method using the same
09/07/17Electronic devices and performing authentication between electronic devices
09/07/17Apparatus and detecting distributed reflection denial of service attack based on flow information
09/07/17Apparatus and transmitting moving picture experts group (mpeg)-2 transport stream (ts) broadcasting data
09/07/17Apparatus and automatically recognizing object by using low-speed camera in dual photographing mode
09/07/17Encoding image encoding device
09/07/17Network cooperation-based low power type charged broadcasting set-top box and controlling method therefor
09/07/17Network join method and network device using the network join method
09/07/17Method for operating station in wireless lan
09/07/17Method for allocating resources in wireless lan system and wireless lan system
08/31/17Indoor positioning system and method
08/31/17Fire detecting device including metal-insulator transition (mit) device molded by clear compound epoxy
08/31/17Method and identifying audio signal by removing noise
08/31/17Electrode assembly and manufacturing same
08/31/17Stretchable substrate, electronic apparatus having the stretchable substrate, and manufacturing the electronic apparatus
08/31/17Analog optical transmission system using dispersion management technique
08/31/17Method and active queue management for wireless networks using shared wireless channel
08/31/17Method and synthesizing separated sound source
08/31/17Apparatus and creating multilingual audio content based on stereo audio signal
08/31/17Vehicle emergency notification apparatus and method using external terminal
08/31/17Node device and allocating resources in wireless sensor networks
08/24/17Bio-stimulating and bio-signal measuring circuit
08/24/17Assist device for elastography and digital breast tomosynthesis system and method using the same for breast lesion diagnosis
08/24/17Method and predicting vehicle route
08/24/17Pressure sensor and fabricating the same
08/24/17Optical module
08/24/17Method and relaying distributed energy resource trading and system thereof
08/24/17Vertical pin diode
08/24/17Solar cell
Social Network Patent Pack
08/24/17Optical sensor
08/24/17Method and terminal for performing beamforming based on sensor information of terminal
08/24/17Optical signal transmission system and allocating center frequencies of intermediate frequency (if) carriers for frequency division multiplexing (fdm) optical fiber link
08/24/17Smart label and optical network management apparatus using the same
08/24/17Mapreduce apparatus, and mapreduce control apparatus and method
08/24/17Operation method based on white-box cryptography and secure terminal for performing the method
08/24/17Method of using converged core network service, universal control entity, and converged core network system
08/24/17Method for providing browser using browser processes separated for respective access privileges and apparatus using the same
08/24/17Apparatus and frontal audio rendering in interaction with screen size
08/24/17Method and buffer status report in mobile communication system
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08/17/17Method and system for guiding route using smart signages
08/17/17Lidar system and multiple detection signal processing method thereof
08/17/17Control system for controlling goods sorter and operation method thereof
08/17/17Electronic device and reducing power thereof
08/17/17Network traffic recording apparatus and method
08/17/17Malicious code analysis device and method based on external device connected via usb cable
08/17/17Face recognition method
08/17/17Apparatus for bi-directional sign language/speech translation in real time and method
08/17/17High electron mobility transistor and fabrication method thereof
08/17/17Patch antenna
08/17/17Apparatus and reconstructing transmitted file in real time for broadband network environment
08/17/17System and interlocking intrusion information
08/17/17Method and system for reproducing situation using mobile device having image shooting function
08/17/17Method and setting reference picture index of temporal merging candidate
08/17/17Method and setting reference picture index of temporal merging candidate
08/17/17Method and setting reference picture index of temporal merging candidate
08/17/17Method for coding and decoding scalable video and apparatus using same
08/17/17Image processing device and processing method thereof
08/17/17Method and controlling location based mbms service
08/17/17Apparatus and generating broadcast signal frame using layered division multiplexing
08/10/17Imaging sensor and manufacturing the same
08/10/17Acceleration system and driving method thereof
08/10/17Midplane communication system
08/10/17Apparatus, portable detecting passive intermodulation
08/10/17Self-organizing network (son) system and operating the same
08/10/17Method for buffering media transport stream in heterogeneous network environment and image receiving apparatus using the same
08/03/17Method and validating location of vessel
08/03/17Transparent display apparatus
08/03/17Electrochromic device capable of preventing damage of electrode
08/03/17Method and system for constructing place database using crowdsourcing
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08/03/17Autonomous vehicle driving system and method
08/03/17Ultra low voltage digital circuit and operation method thereof
08/03/17Method and transceiving data in a mimo system
08/03/17Apparatus and localizing defect location and identifying cause of defect in optical transport network (otn) based on tandem connection monitoring (tcm) coordinates and defect traceback
08/03/17Apparatus and providing content
08/03/17Method and encoding video, and decoding method and apparatus
07/27/17Video encoding and decoding method and apparatus using the same
07/27/17Conveyance apparatus including variable jig and driving method thereof
07/27/17Color display devices
07/27/17Beam tracking method at the time of terminal blocking and terminal including the same
07/27/17Resonator and optical sensor using the same
07/27/17Distributed file system based on torus network
07/27/17File system for supporting time-series analysis and operating method thereof
07/27/17Apparatus and generating 3d face model using mobile device
07/27/17Self-learning based dialogue incremental dialogue knowledge
07/27/17Processing unit, in-memory data processing apparatus and method
07/27/17X-ray tube including hybrid electron emission source
07/27/17X-ray tube
07/27/17Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
07/27/17Optical imaging device
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07/27/17Firmware integrity verification method performed in virtualization system
07/27/17Method and synchronizing physical layer link channel
07/27/17Methods and procedures for dynamic channel assignment and change in unmanned aircraft system (uas) control and non-payload communication
07/27/17Method and receiving or transmitting data
07/27/17Methods for initial channel setting and connection establishment in unmanned aircraft systems (uas) control and non-payload communication (cnpc)
07/27/17Scanning method in wireless lan system and supporting device therefor
07/20/17Electronic device performing emulation-based forensic analysis and performing forensic analysis using the same
07/20/17Multi-input and multi-output communication method in large-scale antenna system
07/20/17Apparatus for manufacturing flexible substrate
07/20/17Method and measuring physical quantity based on time and wavelength division multiplexing (twdm)
07/20/17Method and energy storage virtualization
07/20/17Electronic device performing emulation-based forensic analysis and performing forensic analysis using the same
07/20/17Apparatus and managing document based on kernel
07/20/17Method and system for trading power of distributed energy resources
07/20/17Apparatus and food search service
07/20/17Apparatus and generating 3d character motion via timing transfer
07/20/17Apparatus and controlling hybrid display for providing both tactility and sense of temperature
07/20/17Apparatus and recognizing speech
07/20/17Method for manufacturing integrated substrate for organic light emitting diode, organic light emitting diode, and manufacturing organic light emitting diode
07/20/17Third order loop filter and delta-sigma modulator including the third order loop filter
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07/20/17Channel adaptive human body communication system
07/20/17Intra prediction mode encoding/decoding same
07/20/17Method and false contour detection and removal for video coding
07/20/17Inter-cell cooperative transmission-based transmission and reception method
07/20/17Apparatus and cell management in mobile communication system based on beam forming scheme, and mobile communication system
07/20/17Multi-input and multi-output communication method in large-scale antenna system
07/13/17Method and visualizing scheduling result in multicore system
07/13/17Server and providing city street search service
07/13/17User classification apparatus and method using keystroke pattern based on user posture
07/13/17Apparatus and providing surveillance image based on depth image
07/13/17System and authenticating user
07/13/17Apparatus and providing projection mapping-based augmented reality
07/13/17Apparatus and verifying utterance in speech recognition system
07/13/17Apparatus and receiving wireless power, and system for transmitting wireless power
07/13/17Cascode switch circuit
07/13/17Digital phase locked loop and driving the same
07/13/17Control device for multiplexing antenna and beam forming device including the same
07/13/17Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signal and transmitting broadcast signal using layered division multiplexing
07/13/17Device and transmitting reference signal
07/13/17Apparatus for managing optimized asset of distributed resources and operation the same
07/13/17Method for providing trusted service based on secure area and apparatus using the same
07/13/17Method and controlling functionality using codes
07/13/17System and automatically recreating personal media through fusion of multimodal features
07/13/17Measurement information utilization system, and user participation-based measurement information utilization method and apparatus
07/13/17Apparatus and providing ultra high definition video conference
07/13/17Method of providing object image based on object tracking
07/13/17Location estimation apparatus and method using combination of different positioning resources
07/13/17Method and transmitting downlink response to uplink transmission, and transmitting synchronization signal
07/13/17Base station, signal transmitting the same, communication system comprising thereof
07/13/17Random access in mobile communication system
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07/13/17Subframe structure and harq operating wireless communication system
07/13/17Method and transmitting downlink reference signal and transmitting control information in cooperative multi-point communication system
07/13/17Radio channel access method and apparatus
07/13/17Method and reusing access stratum context through unique base station identifier, and resuming radio resource control (rrc) connection by using the same
07/06/17Autonomous driving service system for autonomous driving vehicle, cloud server for the same, and operating the cloud server
07/06/17Apparatus and performing dynamic frequency control of central processing unit
07/06/17Apparatus and limiting power in symmetric multiprocessing system
07/06/17Multi-core simulation system and method based on shared translation block cache
07/06/17Distributed file system and operating the same
07/06/17Distributed file system and creating files effectively
07/06/17Method and deduplicating encrypted data
07/06/17Behavior-based malicious code detecting apparatus and method using multiple feature vectors
07/06/17Method for mutual verifying of data ownership
07/06/17Rfid tag and controlling the same
07/06/17Face recognition apparatus and method using physiognomic feature information
07/06/17Augmented reality device based on recognition of spatial structure and method thereof
07/06/17Apparatus and processing textured image
07/06/17Agricultural products processing center adaptive analysis system and processing method thereof
07/06/17System and detecting object from depth image
07/06/17Apparatus and reconstructing experience items
07/06/17Providing augmented reality service, display apparatus and providing system for augmented reality service comprising the same
07/06/17System and controlling safety message transmission between group driving vehicles
07/06/17Voice recognition terminal, voice recognition server, and voice recognition performing personalized voice recognition
07/06/17Method and identifying content and audio signal processing identifying content
07/06/17Micro-grid energy management system
07/06/17Method for enhancing performance of multi-input multi-output system on line-of-sight
07/06/17Protocol for cooperation communication between access points in overlapped basic service set (obss) environment
07/06/17Network interconnecting heterogeneous networks and interconnecting method thereof
07/06/17Apparatus and high-speed data transmission between virtual desktops

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