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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Actuator based on sensor actuator network and  actuating the same

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Actuator based on sensor actuator network and actuating the same

Electrical stimulation system and control  electrical stimulation system

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Electrical stimulation system and control electrical stimulation system

Electrical stimulation system and control  electrical stimulation system

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method for operating of peer aware communication network

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Count Application # Date Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015002171601/22/15 new patent  Low power micro semiconductor gas sensor and manufacturing the same
22015002237401/22/15 new patent  Actuator based on sensor actuator network and actuating the same
32015002319101/22/15 new patent  Cell and mobile terminal discoverly method
42015002334201/22/15 new patent  Method for operating of peer aware communication network
52015002341301/22/15 new patent  Method and device for controlling video bit rate
62015002350301/22/15 new patent  Apparatus and transmitting secure data in wireless communication system
72015002357401/22/15 new patent  Apparatus for providing medical image knowledge service and image processing device and the same
82015002412401/22/15 new patent  Method for manufacturing solid electrolyte
92015002428101/22/15 new patent  Method for manufacturing sulfide-based solid electrolyte
102015002559801/22/15 new patent  Electrical stimulation system and control electrical stimulation system
112015002570001/22/15 new patent  Apparatus and method remotely monitoring building state
122015002571001/22/15 new patent  Method and returning moving body
132015002573201/22/15 new patent  Apparatus and controlling automatic parking
142015002589401/22/15 new patent  Method for encoding and decoding of multi channel audio signal, encoder and decoder
152015002610901/22/15 new patent  Method and system for predicting power consumption
162015002612601/22/15 new patent  Method of replicating data in asymmetric file system
172015002624201/22/15 new patent  Apparatus and providing content
182015002625801/22/15 new patent  Method and determining participant discovery message period
192015002625901/22/15 new patent  Method and providing coping service based on context-aware information
202015002628801/22/15 new patent  Method for accelerating web server by predicting hypertext transfer protocol (http) requests and web server enabling the method
212015002630601/22/15 new patent  Method and providing virtual desktop service
222015002634601/22/15 new patent  Method and system for managing cloud centers
232015001654801/15/15Video decoding method and apparatus using the same
242015001593901/15/15Optical pumping few-mode fiber amplification
252015001981101/15/15Removable storage media control preventing data leakage and method thereof
262015001345401/15/15Method and detecting intrusion into vehicle
272015001566601/15/15Method and providing 3d video streaming service
282015001624501/15/15Method and protection switching in packet transport system
292015001633701/15/15Method for configuring radio frames and apparatus using the method
302015001637901/15/15Multi-input and multi-output communication method in large-scale antenna system
312015001645901/15/15Method and forwarding packet in identifier/locator separation environment
322015001655801/15/15Uplink multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output (ul mu-mimo) transmission request method in ul mu-mimo communication
332015001792601/15/15Scheme for monitoring battery of machine type communication device
342015001793201/15/15Signal amplification apparatus and method
352015001798301/15/15Method and system for providing physical cell identity assignment in heterogeneous networks
362015001960701/15/15Interpolation filter based on time assignment algorithm
372015001971801/15/15Method for service discovery in wireless personal area network
382015001981101/15/15Removable storage media control preventing data leakage and method thereof
392015002012401/15/15Method and providing broadcast contents
402015002013801/15/15Mmt asset structure for supporting random access to systems for transmitting coded media data in heterogeneous networks, and generating same
412015000928901/08/15Method and providing three-dimensional (3d) video
422015000991701/08/15Method and terminal for distributed access
432015000818701/08/15Blood-pretreating apparatus and method
442015000840101/08/15Electronic device and fabricating the same
452015000882301/08/15Apparatus and controlling taillight of vehicle, capable of brightness control and visible light wireless communication
462015000897401/08/15Mit transistor system including critical current supply device
472015000901401/08/15Apparatus and transmitting tag and reader receiving apparatus
482015000906901/08/15Multi-beam antenna controlling output power thereof
492015000929501/08/15Three-dimensional image acquisition apparatus and image processing method using the same
502015000932401/08/15Image monitoring system and method with radar detection
512015000939001/08/15Method and system for multi-projection
522015000948501/08/15Laser radar system
532015000985801/08/15Discovery method and apparatus in device-to-device direct communication
542015000988201/08/15Device and transmitting multiplexed data frame
552015000991301/08/15Apparatus and controlling uplink power of mobile station
562015000991701/08/15Method and terminal for distributed access
572015000995301/08/15Method for scheduling control information in mobile communication receiving the scheduled control information
582015001008301/08/15Video decoding method and apparatus using the same
592015001027401/08/15Optical module, optical communication apparatus, and information processing system including the same
602015001082901/08/15Method of preparing oxide-based solid electrolyte
612015001112101/08/15Antenna line protection device
622015001118601/08/15Method and detecting sms-based malware
632015001216401/08/15Method and controlling driving of robot
642015001227401/08/15Apparatus and extracting feature for speech recognition
652015001249201/08/15Method and replicating data
662015001295801/08/15Method and providing ultra high definition television service
672015000243001/01/15Control apparatus and addressing two-dimensional signal
682015000119601/01/15Apparatus and monitoring laser welding bead
692015000206201/01/15Position signal compensation unit of motor, and motor including the same
702015000221601/01/15Sensor signal processing device and readout integrated circuit including the same
712015000223801/01/15Stacked diode limiter
722015000261601/01/15Apparatus and processing multicast traffic in openflow environment
732015000262501/01/15Apparatus and reproducing 3d image
742015000263701/01/15Apparatus and generating stereoscopic image through installation of external camera
752015000291801/01/15Wavelength swept source apparatus and controlling method thereof
762015000320701/01/15Wireless power transmission apparatus using ultrasound
772015000344101/01/15Method and synchronization between nodes in wireless network
782015000373601/01/15Method and extracting pattern from image
792015000457601/01/15Apparatus and personalized sensory media play based on the inferred relationship between sensory effects and user's emotional responses
802015000483301/01/15Coaxial cable and connector
812015000484701/01/15Pulse injection apparatus
822015000563101/01/15Ultrasound scanning assistance breast cancer diagnosis and ultrasound scanning
832015000617501/01/15Apparatus and recognizing continuous speech
842015000659501/01/15Apparatus and reconfiguring execution file in virtualization environment
852015000680601/01/15Double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory module and configuring method thereof
862015000693501/01/15Method for controlling cache memory and the same
872015000694001/01/15Server power predicting apparatus and method using virtual machine
882015000699101/01/15Graceful degradation-forward error correction performing same
892015000716401/01/15Device and smart device and sensor node integrated application update
902015000719201/01/15Method and managing resource
912015000730001/01/15Method, apparatus, and system for using ic card as authentication medium
922014037588912/25/14Method, apparatus, and system for switching transport stream
932014037550012/25/14Anti-jamming compact array antenna
942014037575512/25/14Apparatus and changing main screen based on distributed telepresence
952014037581812/25/14Distributing network camera operating same
962014037607712/25/14Wavelength swept source apparatus and operating method thereof
972014037623912/25/14Apparatus and controlling lighting in plant factory
982014037637512/25/14Routing configuring low-power wireless mesh network based on channel hopping time-multiplexed wireless link
992014037640912/25/14Routing method and apparatus
1002014037646212/25/14Method for resource access in wireless communication network
1012014037646312/25/14Method and device-to-device direct communication
1022014037649312/25/14Method of generating pilot pattern for adaptive channel estimation in ofdma systems, transmitting/receiving using the pilot pattern and apparatus thereof
1032014037650812/25/14Error control method, medium access control (mac) frame designing method, and terminal registration method in wireless communication system, and recording medium
1042014037655512/25/14Network function virtualization method and apparatus using the same
1052014037660512/25/14Apparatus and compressing and decompressing data
1062014037677112/25/14System for collecting growth information of crops in greenhouse
1072014037818512/25/14Smart watch
1082014037930212/25/14Apparatus and controlling water quality sensor faults
1092014037932812/25/14Apparatus and outputting image according to text input in real time
1102014037992512/25/14Apparatus and interworking between app store servers to share application information
1112014038008912/25/14Method and recovering failed disk in virtual machine
1122014038010112/25/14Apparatus and detecting concurrency error of parallel program for multicore
1132014038043812/25/14Method for integrating management of posted articles and terminal for the same
1142014038045812/25/14Apparatus for preventing illegal access of industrial control system and method thereof
1152014038050012/25/14Apparatus and controlling access to websites using history of access of administrator
1162014037266912/18/14Memory control system and memory interface method using the same
1172014036643412/18/14Apparatus and managing crop growth
1182014036737512/18/14Method of fabricating a solder particle
1192014036768912/18/14Transistor and fabricating the same
1202014036773112/18/14Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof
1212014036829412/18/14Power divider
1222014036922212/18/14Method for estimating network jitter in transmitting coded media data
1232014036946012/18/14Method and generating x-rays in computer tomography system
1242014037039612/18/14Method of preparing lithium phosphate-based solid electrolyte
1252014037039812/18/14Lithium battery and preparing the same
1262014037080212/18/14Wireless communication transmitting and receiving frame through relay
1272014037213012/18/14Device and encoding and decoding multichannel signal
1282014037236112/18/14Apparatus and providing subscriber big data information in cloud computing environment
1292014037244712/18/14Knowledge index system and providing knowledge index
1302014037266912/18/14Memory control system and memory interface method using the same
1312014037280312/18/14Apparatus and analyzing abnormal states of component-based system
1322014037281012/18/14Apparatus and monitoring performance of cores based on multi-core processor
1332014037292912/18/14Apparatus and providing user interface regarding aeronautical system configuration
1342014037302512/18/14Method for allocating process in multi-core environment and apparatus therefor
1352014036162912/11/14Antenna for harvesting rf energy
1362014036189412/11/14Security apparatus and system using millimeter-wave communications, and the same
1372014036268512/11/14Method and dynamic channel management in radio system supporting multiple channels
1382014036271512/11/14Apparatus and broadband wireless local area communication
1392014036290612/11/14Method and device for encoding and decoding image
1402014036297112/11/14X-ray distribution adjusting filter, ct apparatus and method thereof
1412014036393712/11/14Power semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
1422014036554712/11/14Mixed-radix pipelined fft processor and fft processing method using the same
1432014036558912/11/14Method and discovering communication entity
1442014036609312/11/14Apparatus and virtual desktop service
1452014036614212/11/14Apparatus and analyzing vulnerability of zigbee network
1462014035275812/04/14Solar cell module
1472014035446012/04/14Pulse generator and analog-digital converter including the same
1482014035446912/04/14Pulse radar apparatus
1492014035463012/04/14Tree model and forest model generating method and apparatus
1502014035476512/04/14Multipoint control unit and service providing method thereof
1512014035477712/04/14Apparatus and obtaining spatial information using active array lens
1522014035544012/04/14Method and bandwidth allocation in network to enhance balance thereof
1532014035551012/04/14Method and adjusting signal transmission starting point of terminal in wireless network
1542014035552112/04/14Intelligent multiple access communication control apparatus and method
1552014035568812/04/14Method and image coding/decoding
1562014035570412/04/14Method and forming beam through one-way cooperative channel
1572014035575512/04/14Apparatus and performing compression operation in hash algorithm
1582014035580012/04/14Hearing-aid apparatus and method using ultrasonic waves
1592014035727912/04/14Method for performing seamless group handover for supporting portable tv band device based on tv white space
1602014035804012/04/14Gait monitoring apparatus and method
1612014035846812/04/14Apparatus for automatically arranging sensors and meters based on building information modeling
1622014035885012/04/14Open feedback apparatus and operating the same
1632014035922512/04/14Multi-core processor and multi-core processor system
1642014035931612/04/14Method and controlling operation voltage of processor core, and processor system including the same
1652014035939712/04/14Memory access interleaving and deinterleaving
1662014035954112/04/14Terminal and controlling multi-touch operation in the same
1672014034640811/27/14Method of manufacturing graphene hybrid material and graphene hybrid material manufactured by the method
1682014034653211/27/14Optical input/output device, optical electronic system including the same, and manufacturing the same
1692014034697511/27/14Multi-electrode field emission device having single power source and driving same
1702014034721511/27/14Mounting device for antenna and geodetic surveying apparatus including the same
1712014034733311/27/14Wide viewing angle holographic image display method and apparatus
1722014034736011/27/14Method and multi dimensional visualization of data using 3-dimensional light emitting apparatus
1732014034737311/27/14Method of generating terrain model and device using the same
1742014034748411/27/14Apparatus and providing surrounding environment information of vehicle
1752014034772611/27/14Selective hybrid-type 3d image viewing device and display method using same
1762014034818011/27/14Randomization of packet size
1772014034819411/27/14Vcsel and manufacturing the same
1782014034825011/27/14Method and filtering pixel blocks
1792014034838011/27/14Method and appratus for tracking objects
1802014035105411/27/14Advertisement apparatus and advertisement service providing method based on location based service and broadcasting
1812014035117311/27/14Apparatus and receiving registered post
1822014035129811/27/14Method and distributed processing of file
1832014035130311/27/14Apparatus and acquiring noise source entropy for random number generator
1842014035155011/27/14Memory management threads of data distribution service middleware
1852014035164311/27/14Smart terminal fuzzing apparatus and method using multi-node structure
1862014035166611/27/14Multicast apparatus and method
1872014035180111/27/14Formal verification software-defined networking
1882014035182011/27/14Apparatus and managing stream processing tasks
1892014035182811/27/14Apparatus and controlling multi-core system on chip
1902014035190211/27/14Apparatus for verifying web site and method therefor
1912014035193311/27/14System and inspecting harmful information of mobile device
1922014034039611/20/14Method of representing environment object in cyber-physical system using environment data model structure and computer-readable storage medium storing program therefor
1932014034042011/20/14Hybrid display device and displaying method thereof
1942014034117811/20/14Communication method and resource assigning method between a plurality of terminals in infrastructure network
1952014034120611/20/14Method for time synchronization of nodes in peer aware communication environment
1962014034127011/20/14Apparatus and skipping fractional motion estimation in high efficiency video coding
1972014034149611/20/14Optical modulator and optical module including the same
1982014034391511/20/14Test environment configuration apparatus and operating network simulation apparatus using same
1992014034393511/20/14Apparatus and performing asynchronous speech recognition using multiple microphones
2002014034433911/20/14System for providing personal information using cloud id card and method thereof
2012014034455111/20/14Dual-mode instruction fetching apparatus and method
2022014034461911/20/14Processor capable of detecting fault and detecting fault of processor core using the same
2032014034462311/20/14Apparatus and detecting fault of processor
2042014034488811/20/14Network security apparatus and method
2052014033277711/13/14Phosphorescent host material and organic light-emitting device including the same
2062014033281211/13/14Wafer and testing the wafer
2072014033350311/13/14Reflectarray antenna for wireless telecommunication and structure thereof
2082014033361611/13/14Method for representing terrain, creating terrain primitives, and apparatus using the methods
2092014033377911/13/14Apparatus for distributing bus traffic of multiple camera inputs of automotive system on chip and automotive system on chip using the same
2102014033383611/13/14Apparatus and adding synchronization information to an auxiliary data space in a video signal and synchronizing a video
2112014033397711/13/14Display device
2122014033428411/13/14Transmitter and receiver for wireless communication using revolution division multiplexing, and signal transmission and reception method thereof
2132014033433811/13/14Method of generating peer service group and accessing link resources in peer service group
2142014033435611/13/14Resource management controlling interference between cells
2152014033439611/13/14Interference avoidance-based communication apparatus and method
2162014033439811/13/14Apparatus and controlling radio resource allocation for low power sensor communication service
2172014033451211/13/14Distributed feedback laser diode and manufacturing method thereof
2182014033467111/13/14Object recognition apparatus and method
2192014033467511/13/14Apparatus and extracting movement path of mutual geometric relationship fixed camera group
2202014033685011/13/14Dedicated channel establishment high speed data transmission in railway wireless sensor network
2212014033737211/13/14Method of providing program using semantic mashup technology
2222014033743011/13/14Method for content transmission using social information
2232014033768011/13/14Can communication apparatus and method thereof
2242014033785611/13/14Data parallel processing apparatus with multi-processor and method thereof
2252014032739011/06/14Apparatus and wireless charging
2262014032784111/06/14Touch screen panel and display including the same
2272014032816411/06/14Method and protection switching in rooted multipoint (rmp) connection networks
2282014032816511/06/14Method and protection switching in rooted multipoint (rmp) connection networks
2292014032836311/06/14Ridge waveguide semiconductor laser diode and manufacturing the same
2302014032856711/06/14Waveguide feedthrough for broadband electromagnetic wave attenuation
2312014032859511/06/14Radio frequency optical module and optical transmission apparatus including the same
2322014033045111/06/14Apparatus for managing reflecting plate for fruit tree and method using the same
2332014033087311/06/14Method and system for deleting garbage files
2342014033102611/06/14Multi-frame data processing apparatus and method using frame disassembly
2352014033123511/06/14Resource allocation apparatus and method
2362014031791510/30/14Composition and methods of forming solder bump and flip chip using the same
2372014031791810/30/14Composition and methods of forming solder bump and flip chip using the same
2382014031861510/30/14Conductive composition, silicon solar cell including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
2392014031996310/30/14Radioisotope battery and manufacturing method thereof
2402014032125410/30/14Data recording apparatus and method using 3d optical memory, and authentication apparatus and method using 3d optical memory
2412014032135710/30/14Apparatus and transmitting and receiving data in wireless communication system
2422014032137410/30/14Radio resource allocation apparatus and method using interference indicator in femto cell network
2432014032164510/30/14Apparatus and converting random binary sequence into random integer
2442014032313910/30/14Method and redundancy of wireless communication network
2452014032441710/30/14Method and encoding and decoding audio signal using layered sinusoidal pulse coding
2462014032495110/30/14Network selecting apparatus and operating method thereof
2472014032497110/30/14Data sharing apparatus and method using social relation
2482014031428010/23/14System for predicting production of fruit tree and driving method thereof
2492014031301410/23/14Digital signage system and emergency alerting method using same

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