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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Method and  monitoring energy management efficiency of data center

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method and monitoring energy management efficiency of data center

Method of scheduling spectrum sensing and  allocating uplink radio resources in cognitive radio communication system

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method of scheduling spectrum sensing and allocating uplink radio resources in cognitive radio communication system

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Count Application # Date Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015010885004/23/15 new patent  Wireless power transmission improving spectrum efficiency and space efficiency based on impedance matching and relay resonance
22015010910204/23/15 new patent  Apparatus and providing security keypad through shift of keypad
32015010941104/23/15 new patent  Image playback 3dtv and method performed by the apparatus
42015010941304/23/15 new patent  Video reception apparatus to provide hybrid service based on transport stream system target decoder model
52015010960304/23/15 new patent  Multi-wavelength image lidar sensor apparatus and signal processing method thereof
62015010971904/23/15 new patent  Method of forming graphene electrode and capacitor including the same
72015010990004/23/15 new patent  Method and linear protection switching
82015010993604/23/15 new patent  Network apparatus and selective information monitoring method using the same
92015011004504/23/15 new patent  Communication device and allocating partial band to avoid interference in partial band
102015011014404/23/15 new patent  Distributed feedback-laser diodes
112015011021904/23/15 new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving signal based on interference
122015011022404/23/15 new patent  Interface device for performing on-off keying modulation and transmitter using same
132015011035804/23/15 new patent  Apparatus and detecting vehicle number plate
142015011159504/23/15 new patent  Method of scheduling spectrum sensing and allocating uplink radio resources in cognitive radio communication system
152015011218004/23/15 new patent  Mesoporous neuronal electrode using surfactant and making the same
162015011249504/23/15 new patent  Apparatus and extracting maximum power from energy harvester apparatus
172015011261504/23/15 new patent  Method and monitoring energy management efficiency of data center
182015011281004/23/15 new patent  Method and processing interactive service in digital signage system
192015011310104/23/15 new patent  Method and providing streaming content
202015011327204/23/15 new patent  Method and authenticating and managing application using trusted platform module
212015011352804/23/15 new patent  Virtual desktop service apparatus and method
222015011364604/23/15 new patent  Apparatus and improving detection performance of intrusion detection system
232015011365104/23/15 new patent  Spammer group extraction apparatus and method
242015010372304/16/15Method for enhanced uplink transmission having low papr in lte-based mobile communication system
252015010222204/16/15Photomixer for generating and detecting terahertz continuous wave and manufacturing the same
262015010280204/16/15Optical fiber current sensor
272015010291004/16/15Rfid tag system and operating method thereof
282015010371104/16/15Method for internet protocol-based sleep mode control using synchronization information
292015010371204/16/15Internet protocol-based sleep mode control method
302015010371304/16/15Multi-channel low power communication method and apparatus
312015010371404/16/15Physical layer low power communication method and apparatus
322015010377804/16/15Cooperation multi-input multi-output transmitting or receiving method
332015010378304/16/15Communication preventing signal collision in peer aware communication system and transmitting/receiving using the method
342015010380104/16/15Method and transmitting signal for downlink channel estimation
352015010387004/16/15Apparatus and transmitting synchronization signal
362015010389704/16/15Image encoding/decoding using same
372015010391204/16/15Method and video encoding/decoding based on multi-layer
382015010393404/16/15Method and communication in millimeter wave mimo communication environment
392015010403904/16/15Apparatus and suppressing howling
402015010406504/16/15Apparatus and recognizing object in image
412015010414904/16/15Video summary apparatus and method
422015010417404/16/15Method of controlling optical network unit (onu) in sleep mode
432015010506904/16/15Terrestrial communication method, apparatus, and system
442015010567904/16/15Method and generating synchronization signal using electrocardiogram signal
452015010609704/16/15Method and device for providing distributed telepresence service
462015010626604/16/15Place information management server, system, and method
472015010658204/16/15Apparatus and managing data in hybrid memory
482015010664804/16/15Smartcard interface conversion device, embedded system having the same device and transferring data signal used in the same device
492015010681904/16/15Task scheduling priority-based real-time operating system in multicore environment
502015010682104/16/15Apparatus and allocating multiple tasks
512015010687104/16/15System and controlling access to security engine of mobile terminal
522015009627604/09/15Mowing boundary area and grass length recognizing apparatus mowing robot
532015009661504/09/15Solar cell and solar cell module including the same
542015009703104/09/15Apparatus and offsetting transmission leakage signal of rfid reader using injection locked oscillator (ilo)
552015009765404/09/15Tag transmission apparatus and signal transmitting method thereof
562015009770804/09/15Device and converting data rate
572015009772204/09/15Apparatus and receiving navigation signal
582015009776704/09/15System for virtual experience book and method thereof
592015009792504/09/15Apparatus and displaying hologram based on pupil tracking using hybrid camera
602015009831704/09/15Linear protection switching protecting network segmented into multi-domain
612015009845904/09/15Scanning method in wireless lan system and supporting device therefor
622015009846804/09/15Method of controlling routing of identifier/locator mapping service
632015009847904/09/15Optical pulse output controlling width and intensity of optical pulse
642015009856704/09/15Method of managing sensitive data in mobile terminal and escrow server for performing same
652015009959004/09/15Cloud server and providing cloud game service
662015009996104/09/15Photo-acoustic probe for clinical image
672015010019204/09/15Apparatus and controlling autonomous vehicle platooning
682015010066504/09/15Digital display terminal, contents server, and transmitting and receiving content
692015010068504/09/15Apparatus and supporting intra-cloud and inter-cloud expansion of service
702015010069604/09/15Communication system, converged communication node, and supporting cloud service
712015010084404/09/15Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 7/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
722015010086104/09/15Apparatus and calculating transmission control protocol checksum
732015010096404/09/15Apparatus and managing migration of tasks between cores based on scheduling policy
742015009029104/02/15Apparatus and removing contamination from distance measuring sensor for vehicle
752015009090604/02/15Terahertz continuous wave emitting device
762015009144504/02/15Apparatus for controlling driving of lighting-emitting diode and providing control signal thereof
772015009189304/02/15User modeling method based on usage history of smart device and apparatus using the same
782015009226704/02/15Autostereoscopic 3d image display apparatus using micro lens array
792015009268904/02/15Scheduling device to device communication
802015009276104/02/15Method for transmitting up link control signal in mobile communication system
812015009281204/02/15Apparatus and measuring thermoelectric device
822015009283604/02/15Decoding for bit stream supporting plurality of layers
832015009284404/02/15Intra-prediction multi-layer images and apparatus using same
842015009287104/02/15Apparatus and estimating channel in consideration of residual synchronization offset
852015009298104/02/15Apparatus and providing activity recognition based application service
862015009307204/02/15Optical device with high damage threshold
872015009405604/02/15Satellite communication adaptive channel assignment
882015009485304/02/15Apparatus for inputting teaching data and generating teaching command for robot
892015009502304/02/15Apparatus for encoding and decoding of integrated speech and audio
902015009546904/02/15Identifier-based communication method using application program interface
912015009572704/02/15Rate adaptation method using bit error rate for multimedia service and apparatus therefor
922015009594104/02/15Multilingual audio service supporting system and method therefor
932015009599304/02/15Method and preventing theft of personal identity
942015008455603/26/15Motor driving method and operating method thereof
952015008464403/26/15Phase measurement device and method in microwave tomography system
962015008479103/26/15Apparatus and managing safety of pedestrian at crosswalk
972015008499503/26/15Display device and driving the same
982015008533103/26/15Wide-viewing angle holographic display apparatus
992015008534703/26/15Metamaterial structure
1002015008580403/26/15Method and generating, transmitting, and receiving a data frame in a wireless communication system
1012015008584603/26/15Radio access reducing routing overhead in cognitive radio adhoc networks
1022015008592803/26/15Apparatus for coding or decoding intra image based on line information of reference image block
1032015008604603/26/15Feedback providing module, feedback providing appratus, and feedback providing method
1042015008676103/26/15Method of fabricating light functional substrate and organic light emitting diode having the same
1052015008714203/26/15High electron mobility transistor and manufacturing method thereof
1062015008835903/26/15Mobile robot with returning mechanism
1072015008844603/26/15Apparatus and selecting waveform for side-channel analysis
1082015008964603/26/15Apparatus and protecting communication pattern of network traffic
1092015008965503/26/15System and detecting malware based on virtual host
1102015007844203/19/15Method and device for encoding/decoding image
1112015007559303/19/15Solar light-radioisotope hybrid battery
1122015007732903/19/15Eye tracking-based user interface method and apparatus
1132015007751503/19/15Method and device for compensating for synchronization between left and right image frames in three-dimensional imaging system, and reproduction device and method
1142015007819303/19/15Communication source device, destination device and relay device
1152015007827903/19/15Device to device communication method using partial device control
1162015007844203/19/15Method and device for encoding/decoding image
1172015007844603/19/15Method and inter-layer intra prediction
1182015007845203/19/15Image encoding/decoding apparatus and method
1192015007845303/19/15Image encoding/decoding apparatus and method
1202015007850003/19/15Method of correcting time misalignment between envelope and phase components
1212015007861803/19/15System for tracking dangerous situation in cooperation with mobile device and method thereof
1222015007862103/19/15Apparatus and providing content experience service
1232015007870803/19/15Optical coupler having self-focusing region and arryed-waveguide grating structure including the same
1242015007875803/19/15Large capacity optical transceiver module
1252015007972203/19/15Avalanche photodiode with a guard ring structure and method thereof
1262015007997703/19/15Apparatus and dynamically managing resources for interference control of satellite and terrestrial integrated communication system
1272015008000403/19/15Method and beamforming in wireless communication system
1282015008128603/19/15Lpc residual signal encoding/decoding apparatus of modified discrete cosine transform (mdct)-based unified voice/audio encoding device
1292015008128803/19/15Speech recognition device and the operation method thereof
1302015008130003/19/15Speech recognition system and method using incremental device-based acoustic model adaptation
1312015008179803/19/15Process-based inter-thing collaboration apparatus and method in web of things environment
1322015008181703/19/15Method for delivering push notification and push notification server for performing the same
1332015008230603/19/15Cyber-physical system and monitoring virtual machine thereof
1342015007416603/12/15Method and processing multi-layer data
1352015006825203/12/15Optical fiber drawing apparatus having simple structure and optical fiber drawing method using the same
1362015007125603/12/15Method for setting synchronization between device-to-device communication terminals based on cellular communication system
1372015007128903/12/15System and address resolution
1382015007131003/12/15Radio measurement method and radio measurement apparatus using multi-antenna channel multiplex
1392015007137103/12/15Method of generating driving signal for driving dual mode supply modulator for power amplifier and device thereof
1402015007270003/12/15Method and device for managing backup channels for cognitive radio communication
1412015007368503/12/15General-purpose vehicle remote control device and method
1422015007379603/12/15Apparatus and generating language model for speech recognition
1432015007416603/12/15Method and processing multi-layer data
1442015007423403/12/15Content chunk-based content delivery
1452015007424703/12/15Apparatus and setting up computting environments
1462015007441403/12/15System and providing digital signature based on mobile trusted module
1472015007443403/12/15Power capping apparatus and method
1482015007467403/12/15Apparatus and adjusting priorities of tasks
1492015006753703/05/15Social network service-based content creating system and method
1502015006141203/05/15Apparatus and controlling direction of manipulation of control button of terminal
1512015006145503/05/15Vibration device and manufacturing vibration device
1522015006178403/05/15Backward-wave oscillator in communication system
1532015006190903/05/15System and synchronization between digital-to-analog converters (dacs) for high speed signal processing
1542015006193503/05/15Method and modeling radio wave environment
1552015006199803/05/15Apparatus and designing display for user interaction
1562015006229803/05/15Image quality increasing apparatus and method
1572015006271903/05/15Shape-variable optical element
1582015006311003/05/15Programmable sensor networking apparatus and sensor networking service method using the same
1592015006314903/05/15Method for automatically measuring propagation characteristics of millimeter radio waves and acquiring data using simple network management protocol in real time
1602015006320103/05/15Method of forming beam and allocating resource in lte-based communication system
1612015006320303/05/15Method of designing and communicating beam in communication system
1622015006331603/05/15Method and allocating resource
1632015006343803/05/15Encoding method and decoding method, and device using same
1642015006345003/05/15Apparatus for video processing and the same
1652015006345203/05/15High efficiency video coding (hevc) intra prediction encoding apparatus and method
1662015006345303/05/15Image information decoding method, image decoding method, and device using same
1672015006354903/05/15X-ray tube having anode electrode
1682015006357403/05/15Apparatus and separating multi-channel audio signal
1692015006383203/05/15Multi-channel receiver optical sub assembly
1702015006514203/05/15Method and performing handover in vehicle communication environment
1712015006623303/05/15Power management apparatus and multi-source energy harvesting system using the same
1722015006647203/05/15Method and generating multiple phoneme strings for foreign noun
1732015006651803/05/15Audio encoding apparatus and method, audio decoding apparatus and method, and audio reproducing apparatus
1742015006694703/05/15Indexing search of security monitoring data
1752015006699503/05/15Apparatus and connecting nosql data and linked data
1762015006714803/05/15Automotive open system architecture (autosar)-based communication method and communication apparatus thereof
1772015006753703/05/15Social network service-based content creating system and method
1782015006753803/05/15Apparatus and creating editable visual object
1792015006755803/05/15Communication device and method using editable visual objects
1802015006759803/05/15System and dynamic visualization of poi attributes and refreshing poi attributes
1812015006776403/05/15Whitelist-based network switch
1822015006785403/05/15Apparatus and multi-checking for mobile malware
1832015006786803/05/15Apparatus and manifesting event to verify security of mobile application
1842015005595702/26/15Method of determining physical layer wavelength of tunable optical network unit (onu) in time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (twdm-pon)
1852015005326202/26/15Transparent solar cell and rear-reflective transparent solar cell module having the same
1862015005541702/26/15Method and controlling operation of flash memory
1872015005548302/26/15Method and controlling resource of cloud virtual base station
1882015005562902/26/15Method and controlling interference based on carrier aggregation for small base station
1892015005573602/26/15Method and decoding received sequence
1902015005577502/26/15Image processing apparatus and operation method thereof
1912015005595502/26/15Channel management method in time and wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network (twdm-pon)
1922015005595602/26/15Passive optical network system using time division multiplexing
1932015005864802/26/15Apparatus and saving power in a computer system
1942015004741702/19/15Core-shell nanoparticle, fabricating the same and gas sensor using the same
1952015004837502/19/15Method of manufacturing stretchable substrate and stretchable substrate manufactured using the method
1962015005087802/19/15Wireless relay device and processing data using the same
1972015005151202/19/15Apparatus and recognizing user's posture in horse-riding simulator
1982015005256702/19/15Apparatus for requesting black box images over digital multimedia broadcasting network, and searching black box images
1992015004306702/12/15Microlens array and fabricating thereof
2002015004341102/12/15Gateway system for sensor network and driving method thereof
2012015004177102/12/15Organic light-emitting diode and fabricating the same
2022015004250802/12/15Method and reconstructing dielectric image using electromagnetic waves
2032015004276202/12/15Apparatus and making special effects makeup mask
2042015004306702/12/15Microlens array and fabricating thereof
2052015004307902/12/15Active diffuser for reducing speckle and laser display device having active diffuser
2062015004309402/12/15Variable-shape optical element
2072015004316602/12/15Optical transmitter module with temperature control device and manufacturing the same
2082015004317502/12/15Bonding structure of electronic equipment
2092015004341102/12/15Gateway system for sensor network and driving method thereof
2102015004348202/12/15Method of transmitting and receiving frame for uplink multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output (ul mu-mimo) communication
2112015004349202/12/15Method for providing dual connectivity in wireless communication system
2122015004367102/12/15Cooperation multi-input multi-output transmitting/receiving method and terminal for supporting the same
2132015004438102/12/15Metal oxide solution in organic solvent for fabricating high refractive film, preparing the same and fabricating high refractive film using the same
2142015004481502/12/15Method of manufacturing metal oxide crystal and fabricating substrate for solar cell
2152015004503302/12/15Method of relay between devices
2162015003561902/05/15Phase shifter and shifting phase of signal
2172015003562302/05/15Variable high frequency filter device and assembly
2182015003570202/05/15Gps jamming signal receiver and gps jamming signal receiving method
2192015003647402/05/15Shape-variable optical element and optical read/write device including the same
2202015003653702/05/15Method and distributed association in wireless network
2212015003657002/05/15Method and transmission scheduling in wireless sensor network
2222015003658802/05/15Method and multiplexing packet to extend wireless sensor network using existing transmission network
2232015003660002/05/15Apparatus and retransmitting hybrid automatic repeat request (harq)
2242015003662002/05/15Method for channel management and data transmission in wireless sensor network
2252015003662102/05/15Method for providing interference information in mobile communication system
2262015003667502/05/15Method and processing packet in multi-channel wireless network
2272015003674302/05/15Interlayer prediction for image signal
2282015003674702/05/15Encoding and decoding concealing error in video frame and method using same
2292015003814702/05/15Network access management common terminal and railway dedicated terminal
2302015003814802/05/15Method and handover based on cooperation between base stations
2312015003876102/05/15Graphene-au nanoplate structure, fabricating the same, and accelerating carbon ions using the graphene-au nanoplate structure
2322015003938202/05/15Method and system for executing workflow
2332015003976902/05/15Smart device combining method and apparatus thereof
2342015003991402/05/15Apparatus and estimating power consumption
2352015004001902/05/15Method and providing application user interface
2362015004012902/05/15System and virtual machine placement and management in cluster system
2372015002929901/29/15Participant-centered distributed video conferencing apparatus and method
2382015003009301/29/15Encoding apparatus and encoding multiple input multiple output communication system
2392015002904801/29/15Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and operating built-in self-test device for testing the converter
2402015002929901/29/15Participant-centered distributed video conferencing apparatus and method
2412015002930601/29/15Method and stabilizing panorama video captured based on multi-camera platform
2422015002930801/29/15Apparatus and reconstructing scene of traffic accident
2432015002956501/29/15Device and feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification
2442015003005501/29/15Apparatus and modulating data message by employing orthogonal variable spreading factor (ovsf) codes in mobile communication system
2452015003009301/29/15Encoding apparatus and encoding multiple input multiple output communication system
2462015003016001/29/15Binaural rendering decoding multi channel audio
2472015003028201/29/15Optical device and manufacturing method thereof
2482015003032501/29/15Multi-mode fiber-based optical transmission/reception apparatus
2492015003132501/29/15Emergency call apparatus of mobile terminal and method thereof

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