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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method and apparatus for testing states in flight plan state management system

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Semantic-based search system and search method thereof

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12014025338009/11/14 new patent  Active retrodirective wireless communication apparatus
22014025357709/11/14 new patent  System and method for providing tile-map using electronic navigation chart
32014025445609/11/14 new patent  Method for counting terminals for multicast/broadcast service
42014025450309/11/14 new patent  Signal detector for uplink control channel and time error correction method thereof
52014025461709/11/14 new patent  Tunable laser diode device with amzi-fp filter
62014025768309/11/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for testing states in flight plan state management system
72014025832209/11/14 new patent  Semantic-based search system and search method thereof
82014025881409/11/14 new patent  Method of transferring extrinsic information of turbo decoder and apparatus using the same
92014025902209/11/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for managing heterogeneous multi-core processor system
102014025904009/11/14 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for deducing a viewing household member profile
112014024582809/04/14Apparatus and method for observing physical phenomenon in ocean and atmosphere
122014024608009/04/14Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
132014024424408/28/14Apparatus and method for processing frequency spectrum using source filter
142014023847908/28/14Thin film solar cell
152014023916008/28/14High-speed optical receiver module and method of manufacturing the same
162014024016908/28/14Radar apparatus using image change detector and method of operating the same
172014024045208/28/14Apparatus and method for creating panorama
182014024118808/28/14Reference signal generation method and apparatus
192014024123808/28/14Method and apparatus for allocating sequence to synchronization channel for node identification in wireless communication system
202014024123908/28/14Communications architectures via uav
212014024132308/28/14Coordinated multi-point transmission and reception method in overlaid cell environment
222014024134908/28/14Openflow switch and packet processing method thereof
232014024144808/28/14Precoding method and apparatus
242014024145508/28/14Precoding method and apparatus
252014024157508/28/14Wearable display-based remote collaboration apparatus and method
262014024157608/28/14Apparatus and method for camera tracking
272014024299808/28/14Terminal and base station in wireless communication system with multiple hierarchical cells and communication method of terminal in wireless communication system with multiple hierarchical cells
282014024305608/28/14Multiple viewpoint rendering method for multiplayer online game and multiple viewpoint rendering server using the same
292014024307708/28/14Apparatus and method of analyzing game characteristics/attributes for cheating user detection using game characteristics/attributes
302014024409608/28/14Apparatus and method for cooperative autonomous driving between vehicle and driver
312014024480308/28/14Integrated app store apparatus, a method of providing an application in the apparatus, and an integrated app store system
322014024501908/28/14Apparatus for generating privacy-protecting document authentication information and method of performing privacy-protecting document authentication using the same
332014024523108/28/14Primitive fitting apparatus and method using point cloud
342014024536108/28/14Multilevel satellite broadcasting system for providing hierarchical satellite broadcasting and operation method of the same
352014024544108/28/14Apparatus for analyzing vulnerability of wireless local area network
362014024544808/28/14Apparatus and method for analyzing permission of application for mobile devices and detecting risk
372014023193308/21/14Gas sensor and manufacturing method thereof
382014023195108/21/14Silicon photomultiplier and method of manufacturing silicon photomultiplier
392014023341108/21/14Method and apparatus for detecting collision in wireless multi-access channel
402014023350908/21/14Method and apparatus for controlling transmissinon power in wlan system
412014023363008/21/14Apparatus and method for adaptive layer selection and server having the same
422014023368008/21/14Map decoder having low latency and operation method of the same
432014023394508/21/14Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmitting apparatus and operating method of the same
442014023395408/21/14Link establishment method for multi-wavelength passive optical network system
452014023481508/21/14Apparatus and method for emotion interaction based on biological signals
462014023501608/21/14Method of fabricating semiconductor package
472014023632408/21/14Apparatus and method for controlling terminal based on living pattern
482014023641208/21/14Apparatus and method for automatically parking vehicle
492014023643008/21/14Danger sensing apparatus of vehicle and control method thereof
502014023648008/21/14Real-time movement path estimation apparatus and method using visible light communication
512014023648108/21/14Route guidance apparatus and method
522014023696908/21/14Apparatus and method for recommending contents based on metadata graph
532014023709608/21/14System for providing distributed device resource-object-connection service based on service delivery platform
542014023711908/21/14Object migration system and method for web-based content service migration
552014022512108/14/14Algan template fabrication method and structure of the algan template
562014022609408/14/14Display panel, 3-d display apparatus, and display method based on segmented parallax barriers
572014022675208/14/14Satellite broadcasting and communication transmitting apparatus and method for broadband satellite and communication service
582014022675708/14/14Transmitter and method for transmitting data block in wireless communication system
592014022676608/14/14Apparatus and method for decoding maximum a posteriori
602014022691208/14/14Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding intra prediction mode
612014022797108/14/14User terminal and method for mutually becoming aware of awareness target terminal
622014022805808/14/14System for estimating position of base station and method of estimating position of base station by the same
632014022950608/14/14Data stream processing apparatus and method using query partitioning
642014022956308/14/14Mobile personal base station having content caching function and method for providing service by the same
652014022999708/14/14Satellite broadcasting and communication transmitting method and apparatus operable in broad signal to noise ratio (snr) environment
662014021818808/07/14Method and apparatus for analyzing concentration level of driver
672014021835408/07/14View image providing device and method using omnidirectional image and 3-dimensional data
682014021878208/07/14Wavelength tunable light source
692014021887208/07/14Electronic circuit and method of fabricating the same
702014021908008/07/14Method and apparatus for interworking protection switching
712014021914908/07/14Access point (ap) for allocating association identification (aid) based on type of stations (stas) and operation method of ap
722014021916808/07/14Routing device and method
732014021922008/07/14System and method for managing resource in communication system
742014021922508/07/14Transmitter and method for transmitting data block in wireless communication system
752014021933708/07/14Method for encoding and decoding images based on constrained offset compensation and loop filter, and apparatus therefor
762014021954908/07/14Method and apparatus for active stereo matching
772014021962508/07/14Compound containing crosslinkable moieties, prepolymer, blend and polymer sheet obtained therefrom, and waveguide for optical interconnection
782014021965908/07/14Method of allocating upstream bandwidth resource and method of transmitting upstream data in orthogonal frequency division multiple access-open optical subscriber network
792014021966108/07/14Method of selecting wavelength of optical network unit in passive optical network
802014022093708/07/14Data sharing apparatus and method
812014022104308/07/14Mobile communication terminal and operating method thereof
822014022225508/07/14Apparatus and method for monitoring status of satellite
832014022232008/07/14Operating method of road guide system and road guide method of portable device
842014022233208/07/14Mobile terminal, electronic navigational chart server, and method for updating electronic navigational chart based on crowdsourcing thereof
852014022258508/07/14Network device and network control device
862014022334908/07/14Method and apparatus for controlling electronic device
872014020883807/31/14Micro electro mechanical system catalytic combustible gas sensor using porous membrane embedded micro-heater
882014021062807/31/14Metal-insulator transition (mit) device molded by clear compound epoxy and fire detecting device including the mit device
892014021063607/31/14Apparatus and method for radiosonde power control based on position estimation
902014021065007/31/14Apparatus and method for informing bus driver of intention to get on or off bus
912014021094307/31/14Apparatus and method for creating three-dimensional video
922014021095107/31/14Apparatus and method for reconstructing three-dimensional information
932014021104407/31/14Method and system for generating image knowledge contents based on crowdsourcing
942014021128607/31/14Apparatus and method for generating digital hologram
952014021131907/31/14Head-up display apparatus and method for vehicle
962014021178107/31/14Synchronization method and apparatus in device-to-device direct communication
972014021181207/31/14Demultiplexing apparatus, multiplexing apparatus, and multi-channel transmission and reception method using the same
982014021186107/31/14Method and system for providing high definition (hd) broadcasting service and ultra high definition (uhd) broadcasting service
992014021214107/31/14Light output apparatus and method
1002014021304507/31/14Nitride electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
1012014021318707/31/14Communication terminal, place management server, and method of detecting place information thereof
1022014021320707/31/14Method and apparatus for compensating for frequency offset
1032014021335307/31/14Apparatus and method for providing streaming-based game images
1042014021421107/31/14Outputactuator node, mpeg terminal with outputactuator node, and method for controlling actuator using the outputactuator node
1052014021421507/31/14Building information model-based building energy management apparatus and method
1062014021427107/31/14Apparatus and method for detecting obstacle adaptively to vehicle speed
1072014021439307/31/14System and method for performing distributed simulation
1082014021469407/31/14Method and apparatus for managing group workspaces
1092014021487507/31/14Node search system and method using publish-subscribe communication middleware
1102014021488507/31/14Apparatus and method for generating evidence video
1112014021492207/31/14Method of providing virtual machine and service gateway for real-time virtual desktop service
1122014021507507/31/14Load balancing apparatus and method based on estimation of resource usage
1132014021515607/31/14Prioritized dual caching method and apparatus
1142014021553007/31/14Method and system for transmitting broadcast and data stream and method and apparatus for converting broadcast and data stream in hfc-based cable network
1152014021554707/31/14Method and system for providing realistic broadcasting image
1162014020319707/24/14Apparatus for measuring positions of other apparatus and method therefor
1172014020398907/24/14High frequency (hf)/ultra high frequency (uhf) radio frequency identification (rfid) dual-band tag antenna
1182014020478507/24/14Communication apparatus and method of using massive multiple input multiple output
1192014020499807/24/14Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus for same
1202014020500007/24/14Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus for same
1212014020500607/24/14Super macro block based intra coding method and apparatus
1222014020501307/24/14Inter-prediction method and apparatus
1232014020503407/24/14Metohod for interference alignment using multiple antennas in overlapped multi-cell overlapped environment
1242014020514207/24/14Method and apparatus of environment visualization for tele-operation through hierarchization of object characteristics
1252014020527907/24/14Device for monitoring optical link fault and method thereof
1262014020528207/24/14Optical transceiver for performing data communication and optical link monitoring, and optical network system
1272014020574707/24/14Method of manufacturing a flexible flat cable
1282014020613007/24/14Avalanche photodiodes and methods of fabricating the same
1292014020633107/24/14Method and apparatus for initially configuring wireless devices by using wireless gateway in internet environment
1302014020638407/24/14Wireless power charging apparatus and method of charging the apparatus
1312014020745307/24/14Method and apparatus for editing voice recognition results in portable device
1322014020773707/24/14Method and apparatus for synchronizing knowledge service
1332014020782007/24/14Method for parallel mining of temporal relations in large event file
1342014019742507/17/14Wide area array type photonic crystal photomixer for generating and detecting broadband terahertz wave
1352014019744907/17/14Semiconductor rectifier device
1362014019819507/17/14Terahertz health checker
1372014019863507/17/14Method of recovering fault in multilayer network and apparatus thereof
1382014019870607/17/14Multicast source registration method, multicast receiver joining method and multicast service providing method during handover
1392014019879107/17/14Apparatus and method for processing packet for routing and verifying path in domains
1402014019883607/17/14Method and apparatus for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing
1412014019907107/17/14Method of processing dmx-vlc address using dmx-512 network and device using the same
1422014019907407/17/14Orthogonal frequency division multiple access-passive optical network comprising optical network unit and optical line terminal
1432014019907507/17/14Apparatus and method for controlling multicarrier light source generator
1442014019907807/17/14Visible light communication method using dmx-512 network and device for the same
1452014020074307/17/14Vehicle instrument panel apparatus and control method thereof
1462014020124807/17/14Method and apparatus for representing bubble effect using metadata
1472014020133307/17/14Method of adaptively delivering media based on reception status information from media client and apparatus using the same
1482014020173807/17/14Switch and method for guaranteeing quality of service of multi-tenant cloud service and system having the same switch
1492014020179207/17/14Method and apparatus for providing channel-associated optional service
1502014019191407/10/14Multi-channel antenna device
1512014019214607/10/14Apparatus and method for displaying hologram image
1522014019260007/10/14Eeprom cell and eeprom device
1532014019265307/10/14Method and apparatus for controlling load allocation in cluster system
1542014019276807/10/14Method for transmitting signal using multiple antennas
1552014019282407/10/14Apparatus and method for transmit/receive of image data
1562014019282707/10/14Resonator, variable wavelength optical filter, and variable wavelength laser diode
1572014019287107/10/14Apparatus for coding or decoding intra image based on line information of reference image block
1582014019287207/10/14Apparatus for coding or decoding intra image based on line information of reference image block
1592014019287307/10/14Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus for same
1602014019287807/10/14Apparatus for coding or decoding intra image based on line information of reference image block
1612014019307107/10/14Method and apparatus for detecting and recognizing object using local binary patterns
1622014019504907/10/14Apparatus and method for creating probability-based radio map for cooperative intelligent robots
1632014019522607/10/14Method and apparatus for correcting error in speech recognition system
1642014019597207/10/14Method and apparatus for managing programs or icons
1652014018986707/03/14Ddos attack processing apparatus and method in openflow switch
1662014018334407/03/14Hybrid optical coupling module and manufacturing method thereof
1672014018344107/03/14Apparatus for generating/detecting terahertz wave using graphene and manufacturing method of the same
1682014018433307/03/14Feedback amplifier
1692014018443807/03/14Transmit/receive module for radar and assembling method thereof
1702014018474107/03/14Video encoding and decoding method and apparatus using the same
1712014018477607/03/14Micro or nano scope
1722014018545807/03/14Method for managing error in multicast or broadcast transmission and apparatus thereof
1732014018559207/03/14Method and apparatus for correcting reference time for distributed time synchronization
1742014018560507/03/14Method and apparatus for reducing channel scanning time by sharing channel information in wireless local area network (wlan)
1752014018567107/03/14Video encoding and decoding method and apparatus using the same
1762014018567307/03/14Method and apparatus for image encoding/decoding
1772014018581007/03/14Object-based 3-dimensional audio service system using preset audio scenes
1782014018603507/03/14Optical network unit having power saving function and power saving method thereof
1792014018604207/03/14Optical receiver having wavelength recognition function, and device and method for recognizing wavelengths using the same
1802014018604307/03/14Passive optical network reach extender based on wavelength tunable optical module and method thereof
1812014018727807/03/14Preamble transmission device of multi-mode supporting base station and preamble detecting device of multi-mode supporting user terminal
1822014018857107/03/14Apparatus and method for evaluating energy saving based on simulation
1832014018935707/03/14Encryption and authentication based network management method and apparatus
1842014018979307/03/14Virtual file system for interworking between content server and information-centric network server and operating method thereof
1852014017530606/26/14Beating signal monitoring module, terahertz wave generation device and optical signal monitoring device including the beating signal monitoring module
1862014017551006/26/14Germanium photodetector and method of fabricating the same
1872014017551106/26/14Avalanche photodiode
1882014017610806/26/14Maximum power extraction device
1892014017681406/26/14Wearable display device
1902014017760506/26/14Method for transmission scheduling by grouping stations
1912014017772206/26/14Apparatus for coding or decoding intra image based on line information of reference image block
1922014017796706/26/14Emotion information conversion apparatus and method
1932014017803006/26/14Video recording apparatus for vehicle and video recording method for vehicle
1942014017807206/26/14Optical line terminal and method of registering optical network terminal thereof
1952014017807506/26/14Method and apparatus for transmitting data in optical transport network
1962014017890006/26/14Analysis device and analysis method using the same
1972014017908806/26/14Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
1982014017924706/26/14Apparatus and method for controlling transmitting power of wireless device
1992014018068906/26/14Apparatus for speech recognition using multiple acoustic model and method thereof
2002014018188406/26/14System for transmitting/receiving digital realistic broadcasting based on non-realtime and method therefor
2012014016606306/19/14Thermoelectric device and method of fabricating the same
2022014016609706/19/14Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
2032014016688106/19/14Terahertz wave generating module and terahertz wave detecting device including the same
2042014016702206/19/14Organic light emitting diodes and methods of manufacturing the same
2052014016778206/19/14Electromagnetic interference measuring device and electromagnetic interference measuring method
2062014016778306/19/14Resonator and biosensor system including the same
2072014016780606/19/14Semiconductor device testing apparatus
2082014016821606/19/143d avatar output device and method
2092014016821706/19/14Method of fitting virtual item using human body model and system for providing fitting service of virtual item
2102014016926506/19/14Communication method of base station and terminal in communication system including relay
2112014016938706/19/14Method and communication apparatus for transmitting group frame, and method and user terminal for receiving group frame
2122014016939206/19/14Laser emitter module and laser detecting system to which the laser emitter module is applied
2132014016945206/19/14Video encoding method and apparatus using the same
2142014016951206/19/14Direct conversion receiver including a charge area decimation filter
2152014016966406/19/14Apparatus and method for recognizing human in image
2162014016978606/19/14Apparatus and method for measuring iq imbalance for optical receiver
2172014016979806/19/14High speed data serial connection interface apparatus, cpri transmitting and receiving method
2182014017107206/19/14Apparatus and method of calculating available channels considering priority in tvws
2192014017113706/19/14Communication device and control device for controlling communication linkage between communication devices
2202014017114906/19/14Apparatus and method for controlling mobile device by conversation recognition, and apparatus for providing information by conversation recognition during meeting
2212014017175206/19/14Apparatus and method for controlling emotion of driver
2222014017241106/19/14Apparatus and method for verifying context
2232014017241506/19/14Apparatus, system, and method of providing sentiment analysis result based on text
2242014017242806/19/14Method and apparatus for context independent gender recognition utilizing phoneme transition probability
2252014017254006/19/14Apparatus and method for measuring advertising effect
2262014017265806/19/14Volume-rate food-waste disposal apparatus and charging apparatus for use with the same
2272014017289606/19/14Apparatus for analyzing geographic information and method thereof
2282014017311606/19/14Apparatus and method for sharing resource between terminals
2292014017316706/19/14Pci express switch and computer system using the same
2302014017328106/19/14Apparatus and method for anonymity-based authentication and key agreement capable of providing communication message binding property
2312014017360806/19/14Apparatus and method for predicting performance attributable to parallelization of hardware acceleration devices
2322014015903606/12/14Oxide transistor with nano-layered structure and method of fabricating the same
2332014015904906/12/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
2342014015954706/12/14Impact-type piezoelectric micro power generator
2352014015962506/12/14Motor driving module, operating method for the same, and brushless dc motor system
2362014015970006/12/14Bandgap reference voltage generator
2372014015970606/12/14Transverse electromagnetic cell
2382014015987506/12/14Terminal and operation control method thereof
2392014015991506/12/14Apparatus and method for comprehensively monitoring slopes based on wireless network
2402014016007406/12/14Multiple sensors-based motion input apparatus and method
2412014016023806/12/14Transmission apparatus and method, and reception apparatus and method for providing 3d service using the content and additional image seperately transmitted with the reference image transmitted in real time
2422014016054106/12/14Holographic image identification apparatus and method, and holographic image selective reconstruction apparatus, method and system
2432014016055106/12/14Method of modifying surface of carbon black and display device with the carbon black
2452014016091706/12/14Device for generating ranging signal of wireless communication system and method of generating ranging signal of wireless terminal
2462014016093106/12/14Apparatus and method for managing flow in server virtualization environment, and method for applying qos
2472014016096506/12/14Proximity measurement method and apparatus for device to device communication in mobile communication system
2482014016099806/12/14Ship station communication apparatus and ship station communication method
2492014016106306/12/14Method for configuring and detecting control channel information and apparatus therefor

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