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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015027781110/01/15  new patent  Method for configuring information related to a 3d printer and recommending a 3d printer
22015027834210/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and recommending service
32015027242810/01/15  new patent  Apparatus for imaging
42015027267710/01/15  new patent  Light transmitting cable and laser system including the same
52015027323110/01/15  new patent  Plasma system
62015027383310/01/15  new patent  Active cliche for large-area printing, manufacturing the same, and printing method using the same
72015027642410/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and controlling navigator via speech dialogue
82015027693210/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and determining location of mobile object
92015027705410/01/15  new patent  Optical coupler and optical device including the same
102015027720810/01/15  new patent  Photo mixer and manufacturing same
112015027737910/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and estimating position of hologram object
122015027786010/01/15  new patent  System and code recommendation and share
132015027795410/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and mapping of tenant based dynamic processor
142015027806510/01/15  new patent  Health monitoring apparatus and method in aeronautic system
152015027821510/01/15  new patent  Terminal and social group configuring method thereof, and communication system including the terminal
162015027836010/01/15  new patent  Computing data distribution service and operating the same
172015027860510/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and managing representative video images
182015027898910/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and controlling eye-to-eye contact function
192015027901610/01/15  new patent  Image processing calibrating depth of depth sensor
202015027905310/01/15  new patent  System and motion estimation
212015027909810/01/15  new patent  Smart device and virtual experience providing server providing virtual experience service method using digitalexperience service method using digital clothes
222015027918110/01/15  new patent  Security monitoring apparatus and method using correlation coefficient variation pattern of sound field spectrum
232015027937610/01/15  new patent  Audio encoding/decoding device using reverberation signal of object audio signal
242015027938510/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and improving voice recognition
252015028004110/01/15  new patent  Concentrated photovoltaic module
262015028029910/01/15  new patent  Waveguide band pass filter using short-circuit stub for rejection performance improvement
272015028074710/01/15  new patent  Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 5/15 and 4096-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
282015028081310/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and distinguishing among non-reflective faults on optical link
292015028095710/01/15  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving
302015028103310/01/15  new patent  Method and guaranteeing traffic quality of communication module in wireless communication system
312015028105110/01/15  new patent  Method and creating virtual traffic engineering link
322015028107510/01/15  new patent  Method and processing address resolution protocol (arp) packet
332015028111610/01/15  new patent  Method for setting sensor node and setting security in sensor network, and sensor network system including the same
342015028125610/01/15  new patent  Batch verification method and apparatus thereof
352015028168110/01/15  new patent  Device for projecting super multi-view image and method thereof
362015028184210/01/15  new patent  Device and generating audio data, and device and playing audio data
372015028203910/01/15  new patent  Apparatus and transferring data using concurrent transmission
382015028211610/01/15  new patent  Method for determining moving direction of terminal and correcting position thereof, and positioning apparatus using the method
392015028212110/01/15  new patent  Local resource sharing machine to machine component and apparatus thereof
402015028219310/01/15  new patent  Method and avoiding communication interference in wireless communication system
412015026651009/24/15 Apparatus and correcting sensing of surrounding obstacle on curved road
422015026832509/24/15 Apparatus and estimating direction of radio frequency signal
432015026864709/24/15 User based home automation method, apparatus thereof, and supporting method and apparatus therefor
442015026918709/24/15 Apparatus and providing virtual machine image file
452015026973409/24/15 Apparatus and recognizing location of object
462015027046409/24/15 Thermoelectric device and manufacturing the same
472015027077909/24/15 Dc-dc boost converter for power generation element
482015027082209/24/15 Component package including matching circuit and matching method thereof
492015027085409/24/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 3/15 and 1024-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
502015027095809/24/15 Decryptable index generation range search, search method, and decryption method
512015027106109/24/15 Multi-path communication device capable of improving energy use efficiency and traffic distribution improving energy use efficiency thereof
522015027110709/24/15 Method and protection switching based on memory control in packet transport system
532015027167909/24/15 System and verifying integrity of software
542015026084609/17/15 Sensing circuit for recognizing movement and movement recognizing method thereof
552015026087909/17/15 Tethersonde system and observation method thereby
562015026093009/17/15 Optical modules
572015026118609/17/15 Digital holographic image recording method and system based on hierarchical hogel
582015026181009/17/15 Data transfer apparatus and method
592015026186909/17/15 Vessel traffic service extracting accident data
602015026199009/17/15 Method and compressing dna data based on binary image
612015026201209/17/15 Object picking system, object detecting device, object detecting method
622015026210309/17/15 Apparatus and managing shop using lighting network and visible light communication
632015026239209/17/15 Method and quickly generating natural terrain
642015026246609/17/15 Apparatus and supporting safe living
652015026249409/17/15 Apparatus and predicting risk of collision of object
662015026318909/17/15 Thin film and manufacturing the same
672015026383609/17/15 Method of mobility management for mobile terminal in a heterogeneous network environment
682015026387509/17/15 Method and generating signal in wireless communication system
692015026387709/17/15 Method and transmitting and receiving preamble
702015026389809/17/15 Black box device and supporting restoration of a smart grid system
712015026394109/17/15 Network apparatus and method using link layer routing
722015026395809/17/15 Load balancing apparatus and method
732015026401009/17/15 Internet protocol version 6 address configuration method
742015026406709/17/15 Web server/web application server security management apparatus and method
752015026439809/17/15 Video data decoding method and video data decoding apparatus
762015026455109/17/15 Discovery device to device communication between terminals
772015026465809/17/15 Method of performing synchronization in distributed wireless communication system and terminal supporting the same
782015025177709/10/15 Space object disposal device and space object disposal method
792015025374709/10/15 Apparatus and adaptively controlling a target system according to operating environment
802015025401309/10/15 Method for storing metadata of log-structured file system for flash memory
812015025411609/10/15 Data processing pipeline execution acceleration and method thereof
822015025450209/10/15 Apparatus and creating three-dimensional personalized figure
832015025499309/10/15 Smart learning system using device social relation and method thereof
842015025507809/10/15 Audio encoding apparatus and method, and audio decoding apparatus and method
852015025612809/10/15 Multi-port amplifier and controlling thereof
862015025620209/10/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 4/15 and 256-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
872015025632109/10/15 Airplane system and control method thereof
882015025638309/10/15 Method for transiting operation mode of routing processor
892015025639909/10/15 Apparatus and zero-configuration interworking between devices, and distributed home network system using the same
902015025655209/10/15 Imalicious code detection apparatus and method
912015025655509/10/15 Method and system for network connection chain traceback using network flow data
922015025698209/10/15 Method and providing mobile broadcasting service over cable broadcast network
932015025701709/10/15 Method for calculating radio coverage in wireless device
942015024811109/03/15 Spherical hologram generation method and apparatus
952015024828509/03/15 Method for adapting changes of operation environment and supporting upgrade and evolution of system and system thereof
962015024858209/03/15 Method and recognizing hand motion
972015024956609/03/15 Apparatus for selecting master in redundancy system
982015024971309/03/15 Node and communication connecting method between nodes
992015024267808/27/15 Method and apparatus of recognizing facial expression using adaptive decision tree based on local feature extraction
1002015023811308/27/15 Apparatus and breast cancer detection based on the measured microwave signal decomposition
1012015024149208/27/15 Analyzing junction of coaxial probe for measuring permittivity and analyzing apparatus thereof
1022015024156008/27/15 Apparatus and providing traffic control service
1032015024188008/27/15 Apparatus and sharing vehicle information
1042015024222008/27/15 Massive virtual desktop providing method and system thereof
1052015024230808/27/15 Acceleration system in 3d die-stacked dram
1062015024243708/27/15 Method and reading data in distributed file system
1072015024262708/27/15 Apparatus and blocking actvity of malware
1082015024267808/27/15 Method and apparatus of recognizing facial expression using adaptive decision tree based on local feature extraction
1092015024270308/27/15 Method and extracting image feature
1102015024442808/27/15 Method and near field communication
1112015024445408/27/15 Fast protection switching passive optical network
1122015024451808/27/15 Variable-length block cipher apparatus and method capable of format preserving encryption
1132015024455008/27/15 Digital demodulation method and system
1142015024507508/27/15 Method and image encoding/decoding
1152015024517008/27/15 Apparatus and securing available frequency
1162015024535908/27/15 Method and apparatus of selecting transmission rate in wireless transmission system
1172015024536308/27/15 Wireless communication reducing interference with neighboring cell and reducing interference thereof
1182015024537708/27/15 Method and discovery of sector in wireless local area network system
1192015024545008/27/15 Apparatus and controlling zigbee wireless lighting
1202015024545108/27/15 Lighting control device and method
1212015024545808/27/15 Apparatus for generating plasma
1222015023415308/20/15 Reflective varifocal lens and imaging system including the same
1232015023435008/20/15 Digital holographic display method and apparatus
1242015023440808/20/15 Method and energy management considering multiple context
1252015023478508/20/15 Prediction yield of agricultural products
1262015023510508/20/15 Apparatus and rapidly detecting object of interest
1272015023558908/20/15 Display device and driving method thereof
1282015023581608/20/15 Apparatus for monitoring gas and plasma process equipment including the same
1292015023610808/20/15 Semiconductor device having stable gate structure and manufacturing the same
1302015023616908/20/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1312015023619408/20/15 Method of manufacturing microarray type nitride light emitting device
1322015023647308/20/15 Reflective optical source device
1332015023671408/20/15 Method and device for compressing digital data
1342015023672008/20/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 5/15 and 64-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
1352015023672208/20/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 3/15 and 16-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
1362015023679708/20/15 Method and selecting wavelength by wavelength tunable optical receiver
1372015023702708/20/15 Apparatus, context-aware security control in cloud environment
1382015023705008/20/15 Apparatus and providing home network access control
1392015023733008/20/15 Camera alignment method using correspondence between multi-images
1402015023736008/20/15 Apparatus and fast sample adaptive offset filtering based on convolution method
1412015023740708/20/15 Signal receiving apparatus based on faster than nyquist and signal decoding method thereof
1422015023773908/20/15 Pattern-forming composition and pattern-forming method using the same
1432015022684808/13/15 Method and detecting target using radar
1442015022440208/13/15 Game bot detection apparatus and method
1452015022584508/13/15 Method for forming metal oxide thin film and device for printing metal oxide thin film
1462015022683508/13/15 Apparatus and determining location of terminal
1472015022685308/13/15 Laser radar apparatus and acquiring image thereof
1482015022734408/13/15 Apparatus and stabilizing output sequence of real random number generator
1492015022738308/13/15 Application program virtualization system and virtualizing application program of user terminal
1502015022741108/13/15 Verification support formal verification of network service chain in software-defined networking environment, and formal verification apparatus having verification support apparatus
1512015022751008/13/15 System for speaker diarization based multilateral automatic speech translation system and its operating method, and apparatus supporting the same
1522015022753408/13/15 Method for processing data query using information-centric network
1532015022808108/13/15 Method and reconstructing 3d face with stereo camera
1542015022818608/13/15 Ulifecare management service using adaptive control protocol for usn interface
1552015022848108/13/15 Method of manufacturing junction electronic device by using 2- dimensional material
1562015022861708/13/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1572015022864008/13/15 Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
1582015022927408/13/15 Fully differential signal system including common mode feedback circuit
1592015022929208/13/15 Second order loop filter and multi-order delta sigma modulator including the same
1602015022932808/13/15 Modulator and modulation method using non-uniform 16-symbol signal constellation for low-density parity check codeword having 2/15 code rate
1612015022933408/13/15 Modulator and modulation method using non-uniform 16-symbol signal constellation for low-density parity check codeword having 7/15 code rate
1622015022933508/13/15 Modulator and modulation method using non-uniform 16-symbol signal constellation for low-density parity check codeword having 3/15 code rate
1632015022933608/13/15 Modulator and modulation method using non-uniform 16-symbol signal constellation for low-density parity check codeword having 4/15 code rate
1642015022935008/13/15 Broadcasting transmission apparatus and method thereof for simulcast broadcasting
1652015022936408/13/15 Transmitter and receiver of multiple-subcarrier signals through polarization antenna and controlling the same
1662015022938208/13/15 System of switching multiantenna and the same
1672015022938408/13/15 Communication apparatus and communication system including the same, and dual polarization signal transmitting and receiving communication system
1682015022938908/13/15 Apparatus and detecting optical line fault in passive optical network
1692015022939108/13/15 Method of providing data using visible light communication (vlc) and vlc system therefor
1702015022939608/13/15 Apparatus and processing signal of basestation
1712015022939808/13/15 Link activation protection path
1722015022940208/13/15 Interface for transmitting high-speed signal and optical module including the same
1732015022947908/13/15 Apparatus and providing digital signature
1742015022948508/13/15 Method and performing multicast in id/locator separation environment
1752015022949908/13/15 Spectrum sensing method and spectrum sensing device
1762015022952308/13/15 Virtual extensible local area network (vxlan) system of automatically configuring multicasting tunnel for segment of virtual extensible local area network according to life cycle of end system and operating method thereof
1772015022955708/13/15 Data processing system for changing massive paths time-deterministically and operating the data processing system
1782015022973408/13/15 Transparent internet cache and providing transparent internet cache
1792015022990308/13/15 Method and converting 2d video image into 3d video image
1802015023005808/13/15 System and filtering mobile terminal location by combining wi-fi location information with sensor information
1812015023006408/13/15 Method and allocating broadcasting channel
1822015023011908/13/15 Method and providing managed service in wireless communication system
1832015023012008/13/15 Base station device and signal transmitting method thereof
1842015023014808/13/15 Apparatus of controlling connection for user equipment and controlling access for user equipment
1852015023021908/13/15 Generating downlink frame and searching for cell
1862015023022108/13/15 Method and activating and deactivating serving cell
1872015023025008/13/15 Method and operating small cell in wireless communication system
1882015023025108/13/15 Method for communicating data using bandwidth request channel, user equipment and base station conducting the same
1892015023025608/13/15 Apparatus and transmitting/receiving data in communication system
1902015023025808/13/15 Terminal for d2d communication and rejecting interference method thereof
1912015023027908/13/15 Method and allocating ip address of machine-type communication terminal
1922015023028708/13/15 Base station and communication system including the same, and coordinated communication base station
1932015023031908/13/15 Individual lighting control apparatus and method
1942015023032208/13/15 Apparatus and providing indoor location information using lighting control network
1952015023033008/13/15 Board assembly for transmitting high-speed signal and manufacturing the same
1962015021733408/06/15 System and sorting parcel
1972015021765708/06/15 Device and reducing peak load of electric energy within building using electric vehicle
1982015021993308/06/15 Wearable eyeglass device
1992015022009908/06/15 System and decentralized energy resource based active virtual power energy management
2002015022013208/06/15 Power/energy management apparatus based on time information of policy enforcement and method thereof
2012015022023608/06/15 Post-designing method and apparatus based on variant configuration in development of graphic user interface
2022015022043008/06/15 Granted memory providing system and registering and allocating granted memory
2032015022073308/06/15 Apparatus and detecting a malicious code based on collecting event information
2042015022109708/06/15 Harmless frame filter, harmful image blocking apparatus having the same, and filtering harmless frames
2052015022130308/06/15 Discussion learning system and method using the same
2062015022184808/06/15 Thermoelectric device and manufacturing the same
2072015022198108/06/15 Solid polymeric electrolytes and lithium battery including the same
2082015022233908/06/15 Method and transceiving data in a mimo system
2092015022240408/06/15 Method for generating and transmitting a reference signal for uplink demodulation in a clustered dft-spread ofdm transmission scheme
2102015022247908/06/15 Method of communicating content in mobile ad-hoc network and communication node included in mobile ad-hoc network
2112015022258808/06/15 Apparatus and sharing experience of communication terminal user
2122015022264808/06/15 Apparatus for analyzing the attack feature dna and method thereof
2132015022268908/06/15 Apparatus and processing packets
2142015022274208/06/15 Wrist wearable apparatus with transformable substrate
2152015022300108/06/15 Methods and apparatuses for generating real-environment noise using statistical approach
2162015022303608/06/15 Apparatus and transmitting and receiving data in wireless communication system using relay
2172015022313708/06/15 Carrier-aggregation-based handover method
2182015022317008/06/15 Method and recognition of information contained in frame
2192015022318708/06/15 Method and system of distributed sensing for reducing spectrum sensing overhead in cognitive wireless multi-hop networks
2202015022321308/06/15 Method and transmitting uplink signal or uplink channel
2212015022323808/06/15 Method for managing network resources of wireless terminal in heterogeneous network environment
2222015020895407/30/15 Apparatus for analyzing human motion
2232015020967507/30/15 Method and detecting game bot account
2242015021017507/30/15 Electric vehicle, and device and charging same
2252015021220607/30/15 Automatic dependent surveillance data protection air traffic management, and system for the same
2262015021248907/30/15 Apparatus and generating hologram
2272015021268707/30/15 Apparatus for representing 3d video from 2d video and method thereof
2282015021274107/30/15 Apparatus for in-memory data management and in-memory data management
2292015021275807/30/15 Forensic analysis system and method using virtualization interface
2302015021283407/30/15 Interoperation newtork device performed by computing device including cloud operating system in could environment
2312015021284707/30/15 Apparatus and managing cache of virtual machine image file
2322015021284907/30/15 Apparatus and multicore emulation based on dynamic context switching
2332015021286507/30/15 Apparatus and providing virtual api for mashup service
2342015021310707/30/15 Apparatus of managing data and managing data for supporting mixed workload
2352015021313807/30/15 Thing device based on thing searching browser, and mashup method between things
2362015021364407/30/15 Multi-primitive fitting device and operation method thereof
2372015021396407/30/15 Electrolyte for dye-sensitized solar cell and dye-sensitized solar cell including the same
2382015021425007/30/15 Display device, fabricating the same, and fabricating image sensor device
2392015021430507/30/15 Method of fabricating graphene nano device
2402015021438707/30/15 Photodetector
2412015021445207/30/15 Display device and manufacturing the same
2422015021448507/30/15 Methods of manufacturing organic light-emitting device
2432015021462407/30/15 Micro base station antenna
2442015021463407/30/15 Dual-polarized dipole antenna
2452015021468807/30/15 Laser system
2462015021498207/30/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 7/15 and quadrature phase shift keying, and bit interleaving method using same
2472015021504507/30/15 Optical device module and optical communication network system using the same
2482015021507407/30/15 Management retransmission traffic burst
2492015021511707/30/15 White box encryption apparatus and method

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