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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033657611/26/15  new patent  Unmanned vehicle driving obstacle avoidance
22015033659411/26/15  new patent  Method and system for controlling radio communication apparatus of train, and remotely managing train
32015033889311/26/15  new patent  Method and erasing memory data
42015033905311/26/15  new patent  Apparatus and creating input value on virtual keyboard
52015033914511/26/15  new patent  Virtual machine service system and virtual machine service providing method thereof
62015033919011/26/15  new patent  Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of 4/15 and 16-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
72015033919111/26/15  new patent  Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of10/15 and 256-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
82015033924811/26/15  new patent  Method and processing data
92015033962811/26/15  new patent  Online software service system and method
102015034002811/26/15  new patent  Voice recognition system for replacing specific domain, mobile device and method thereof
112015034065911/26/15  new patent  Organic light emitting diode and manufacturing the same
122015034104711/26/15  new patent  Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of 3/15 and 64-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
132015034104811/26/15  new patent  Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 16200 and code rate of 3/15 and quadrature phase shift keying, and bit interleaving method using same
142015034110711/26/15  new patent  Wideband near field communication method
152015034113411/26/15  new patent  Signal processing apparatus and method
162015034128411/26/15  new patent  Link establishing method on multi-core fiber, link establishing device, and link partner device
172015034131011/26/15  new patent  Method and inter-domain routing based on as architecture
182015034138011/26/15  new patent  System and detecting abnormal behavior of control system
192015034145811/26/15  new patent  Method of adaptively deploying cache positioned at subscriber network, and system therefor
202015034170611/26/15  new patent  Method and providing three-dimensional territorial broadcasting based on non real time service
212015034184711/26/15  new patent  Method for avoiding interference in wireless local area network system and performing the same
222015034184811/26/15  new patent  Method and discovering radio network
232015034187511/26/15  new patent  Method and terminal for synchronizing in distributed wireless communication
242015033156911/19/15 Device for controlling user interface, and controlling user interface thereof
252015033209411/19/15 Smart glasses with rear camera
262015033247111/19/15 User hand detecting device for detecting user's hand region and method thereof
272015033247611/19/15 Method and tracking object in multiple cameras environment
282015033384211/19/15 Apparatus and transmitting data using human body
292015033385811/19/15 Cell search method, forward link frame transmission method, apparatus using the same and forward link frame structure
302015033393611/19/15 Communication high efficiency satellite service
312015033420911/19/15 Method for transmitting packet in low power wireless network
322015033439611/19/15 Method for encoding and decoding quantized matrix and apparatus using same
332015033444311/19/15 Method and speech recognition using smart remote control
342015033450211/19/15 Sound signal description method, sound signal production equipment, and sound signal reproduction equipment
352015032049811/12/15 Chromium ion-doped laser medical application and operation method thereof
362015032110711/12/15 Experience ride representation real-sense media service based on multi-vision
372015032341911/12/15 Apparatus and partial monitoring of optical fiber
382015032347211/12/15 Method of providing specific absorption rate (sar), and user terminal
392015032381711/12/15 Complex spatial light modulator and fabricating the same
402015032390011/12/15 Method and enhancement of resolution and wide viewing angle digital holographic system
412015032394811/12/15 System for analyzing building energy consumption information
422015032402511/12/15 User input device and method thereof
432015032430211/12/15 White box encryption system and method
442015032445611/12/15 Question answering system and method
452015032458011/12/15 Apparatus and analyzing malicious code in real environment
462015032461911/12/15 Apparatus and controlling tag
472015032470111/12/15 Apparatus for representing sensory effect and method thereof
482015032632111/12/15 Optical transmission and reception uplink transmission in orthogonal frequency division multiple access-passive optical network (ofdma-pon)
492015032634611/12/15 System and setting downstream forward error correction code in time division multiplexing passive optical network
502015032637111/12/15 Method and transmitting and receiving system information in mobile communication system
512015032641111/12/15 System for detecting signal based on partial maximum likelihood and method thereof
522015032661111/12/15 Security control cloud-based virtual desktop
532015032661811/12/15 Method of providing evidence collection tool, and collecting digital evidence in domain separation-based mobile device
542015032669311/12/15 Method and system for multilateral contents service for providing interest region by utilizing shared region in high resolution contents
552015032701311/12/15 Apparatus and recognizing location type
562015032723211/12/15 Method and transmitting and receiving information in wireless distributed system
572015032726211/12/15 Device and controlling slot-based channel access in wireless lan system, and slot-based channel access terminal in wireless lan
582015032726511/12/15 Method for allocating resources in wireless lan system and wireless lan system
592015031911011/05/15 Apparatus and providing message based on object
602015031349911/05/15 Electrode patch for measuring electrical signal from body and physiological signal measurement apparatus using the same
612015031705711/05/15 Navigation providing social network service (sns) service based on augmented reality, metadata processor, and metadata processing method in augmented reality navigation system
622015031836311/05/15 Transistor and fabricating the same
632015031892811/05/15 Method and system for determining and controlling power of optical transmitter of optical network unit for time and wavelength division multiplexing passive optical network
642015031945311/05/15 Method for encoding/decoding images, and apparatus using same
652015030697010/29/15 Energy management method and energy management system using same
662015030978810/29/15 Function module modularizing method in data distribution service and modularizing apparatus thereof
672015030981410/29/15 Apparatus and virtual home service
682015030986210/29/15 Cache control device having fault-tolerant function and operating the same
692015031172810/29/15 Wireless power trasmitting method and apparatus using dual-loop in-phase feeding
702015031202710/29/15 Function masking apparatus in symmetric cryptographic algorithm for preventing side channel attacks and method thereof
712015031207210/29/15 Apparatus and transmitting tag
722015031223010/29/15 Apparatus and transferring network access information of smart household appliances
732015031246710/29/15 System and informing photographing using wireless communication
742015031264510/29/15 Apparatus and transmitting and receiving disaster information
752015031277010/29/15 Available channel information sharing system and available channel information sharing method
762015031291210/29/15 Network management priority channel assignment to acquire available channels in frequency sharing and method thereof
772015031292710/29/15 Method for signaling control information for coordinated multipoint transmission in wireless communication system
782015031294510/29/15 Apparatus and managing instant connection based on wireless local area network
792015030062910/22/15 Apparatus and controlling humidity
802015030083410/22/15 Navigation apparatus having lane guidance function and performing the same
812015030118510/22/15 Method and measuring synthetic reception pattern of adaptive array antenna
822015030200410/22/15 Sentence hiding and displaying system and method
832015030220810/22/15 Trigger signal generation apparatus and method
842015030300210/22/15 Capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
852015030428910/22/15 Notarization agent and collecting digital evidence using notarization agent
862015030461710/22/15 System for performing distortion correction and calibration using pattern projection, and method using the same
872015030474010/22/15 Broadcaster apparatus, content operator apparatus, and receiving terminal for augmented broadcasting service, and augmented broadcasting service method
882015030483910/22/15 Method for transmitting and receiving fake communication data and terminal performing the same
892015030501910/22/15 Method for transmitting a response request frame and a response frame in a multi-user based wireless communication system
902015030502310/22/15 Extended dsme mac for low power utility monitoring service
912015030504110/22/15 Method and providing service using radio resource aggregation
922015029320810/15/15 Constant false alarm rate device for signal detection system
932015029379010/15/15 Method and system for driving virtual machine
942015029382710/15/15 Apparatus for error simulation and method thereof
952015029404510/15/15 Apparatus and modeling of hybrid system
962015029466710/15/15 Noise cancellation apparatus and method
972015029573710/15/15 Soft decision detecting method and apparatus of multiple-input multiple-output communication system
982015029591810/15/15 User authentication system in web mash-up circumstance and authenticating method thereof
992015029622310/15/15 Apparatus and encoding and decoding moving picture using adaptive scanning
1002015029623110/15/15 Method and device for flexible mmt asset transmission and reception
1012015028374310/08/15 Base mold and fabricating mold
1022015028601810/08/15 Cost-effective optical coupling module
1032015028631410/08/15 Method for manufacturing touch screen panel and touch screen panel
1042015028681510/08/15 Access control management open service components
1052015028724210/08/15 Apparatus and reconstructing 3d clothing model
1062015028786310/08/15 Transparent solar cell
1072015028812610/08/15 High power ultra-short laser device
1082015028814310/08/15 Tunable external cavity laser
1092015028842810/08/15 Protocol for cooperation communication between access points in overlapped basic service set (obss) environment
1102015028842910/08/15 Method and apparatus of data transmission for cooperation communication
1112015028849410/08/15 Transmitter and transmitting data block in wireless communication system
1122015028854610/08/15 Signal receiving device for measuring characteristic of wireless communication channel, and measuring characteristic of wireless communication channel
1132015028861310/08/15 Packet switch system and traffic control method thereof
1142015028865310/08/15 Apparatus and collecting radio frequency feature of wireless device in wireless communication apparatus
1152015028865610/08/15 Method and supporting mobility of user equipment
1162015028865810/08/15 Access point configuring multiple security tunnel, and system having the same and method thereof
1172015028883010/08/15 Apparatus and controlling ringtone and vibration automatically
1182015028892510/08/15 Method and system for supporting videoconfernce in distributed telepresence platform
1192015028899510/08/15 Method and transmitting and receiving hybrid broadcasting
1202015028910110/08/15 Integrated positioning method and apparatus
1212015028912610/08/15 Method and managing information for direct communication between devices
1222015028915810/08/15 System and balancing data traffic load of mobile communication device having multiple interfaces
1232015028917210/08/15 Method and transmitting data in heterogeneous network
1242015028917710/08/15 Integrated base station and terminal
1252015028919910/08/15 Method and managing enterprise zone, and controlling access to enterprise zone
1262015028924210/08/15 Method and device for allocating resource in wireless lan system, communication terminal method and communication terminal
1272015028928810/08/15 System and transmitting random access data using orthogonal frequency division multiple access
1282015027781110/01/15 Method for configuring information related to a 3d printer and recommending a 3d printer
1292015027834210/01/15 Apparatus and recommending service
1302015027242810/01/15 Apparatus for imaging
1312015027267710/01/15 Light transmitting cable and laser system including the same
1322015027323110/01/15 Plasma system
1332015027383310/01/15 Active cliche for large-area printing, manufacturing the same, and printing method using the same
1342015027642410/01/15 Apparatus and controlling navigator via speech dialogue
1352015027693210/01/15 Apparatus and determining location of mobile object
1362015027705410/01/15 Optical coupler and optical device including the same
1372015027720810/01/15 Photo mixer and manufacturing same
1382015027737910/01/15 Apparatus and estimating position of hologram object
1392015027786010/01/15 System and code recommendation and share
1402015027795410/01/15 Apparatus and mapping of tenant based dynamic processor
1412015027806510/01/15 Health monitoring apparatus and method in aeronautic system
1422015027821510/01/15 Terminal and social group configuring method thereof, and communication system including the terminal
1432015027836010/01/15 Computing data distribution service and operating the same
1442015027860510/01/15 Apparatus and managing representative video images
1452015027898910/01/15 Apparatus and controlling eye-to-eye contact function
1462015027901610/01/15 Image processing calibrating depth of depth sensor
1472015027905310/01/15 System and motion estimation
1482015027909810/01/15 Smart device and virtual experience providing server providing virtual experience service method using digitalexperience service method using digital clothes
1492015027918110/01/15 Security monitoring apparatus and method using correlation coefficient variation pattern of sound field spectrum
1502015027937610/01/15 Audio encoding/decoding device using reverberation signal of object audio signal
1512015027938510/01/15 Apparatus and improving voice recognition
1522015028004110/01/15 Concentrated photovoltaic module
1532015028029910/01/15 Waveguide band pass filter using short-circuit stub for rejection performance improvement
1542015028074710/01/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 5/15 and 4096-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
1552015028081310/01/15 Apparatus and distinguishing among non-reflective faults on optical link
1562015028095710/01/15 Method and transmitting and receiving
1572015028103310/01/15 Method and guaranteeing traffic quality of communication module in wireless communication system
1582015028105110/01/15 Method and creating virtual traffic engineering link
1592015028107510/01/15 Method and processing address resolution protocol (arp) packet
1602015028111610/01/15 Method for setting sensor node and setting security in sensor network, and sensor network system including the same
1612015028125610/01/15 Batch verification method and apparatus thereof
1622015028168110/01/15 Device for projecting super multi-view image and method thereof
1632015028184210/01/15 Device and generating audio data, and device and playing audio data
1642015028203910/01/15 Apparatus and transferring data using concurrent transmission
1652015028211610/01/15 Method for determining moving direction of terminal and correcting position thereof, and positioning apparatus using the method
1662015028212110/01/15 Local resource sharing machine to machine component and apparatus thereof
1672015028219310/01/15 Method and avoiding communication interference in wireless communication system
1682015026651009/24/15 Apparatus and correcting sensing of surrounding obstacle on curved road
1692015026832509/24/15 Apparatus and estimating direction of radio frequency signal
1702015026864709/24/15 User based home automation method, apparatus thereof, and supporting method and apparatus therefor
1712015026918709/24/15 Apparatus and providing virtual machine image file
1722015026973409/24/15 Apparatus and recognizing location of object
1732015027046409/24/15 Thermoelectric device and manufacturing the same
1742015027077909/24/15 Dc-dc boost converter for power generation element
1752015027082209/24/15 Component package including matching circuit and matching method thereof
1762015027085409/24/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 3/15 and 1024-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
1772015027095809/24/15 Decryptable index generation range search, search method, and decryption method
1782015027106109/24/15 Multi-path communication device capable of improving energy use efficiency and traffic distribution improving energy use efficiency thereof
1792015027110709/24/15 Method and protection switching based on memory control in packet transport system
1802015027167909/24/15 System and verifying integrity of software
1812015026084609/17/15 Sensing circuit for recognizing movement and movement recognizing method thereof
1822015026087909/17/15 Tethersonde system and observation method thereby
1832015026093009/17/15 Optical modules
1842015026118609/17/15 Digital holographic image recording method and system based on hierarchical hogel
1852015026181009/17/15 Data transfer apparatus and method
1862015026186909/17/15 Vessel traffic service extracting accident data
1872015026199009/17/15 Method and compressing dna data based on binary image
1882015026201209/17/15 Object picking system, object detecting device, object detecting method
1892015026210309/17/15 Apparatus and managing shop using lighting network and visible light communication
1902015026239209/17/15 Method and quickly generating natural terrain
1912015026246609/17/15 Apparatus and supporting safe living
1922015026249409/17/15 Apparatus and predicting risk of collision of object
1932015026318909/17/15 Thin film and manufacturing the same
1942015026383609/17/15 Method of mobility management for mobile terminal in a heterogeneous network environment
1952015026387509/17/15 Method and generating signal in wireless communication system
1962015026387709/17/15 Method and transmitting and receiving preamble
1972015026389809/17/15 Black box device and supporting restoration of a smart grid system
1982015026394109/17/15 Network apparatus and method using link layer routing
1992015026395809/17/15 Load balancing apparatus and method
2002015026401009/17/15 Internet protocol version 6 address configuration method
2012015026406709/17/15 Web server/web application server security management apparatus and method
2022015026439809/17/15 Video data decoding method and video data decoding apparatus
2032015026455109/17/15 Discovery device to device communication between terminals
2042015026465809/17/15 Method of performing synchronization in distributed wireless communication system and terminal supporting the same
2052015025177709/10/15 Space object disposal device and space object disposal method
2062015025374709/10/15 Apparatus and adaptively controlling a target system according to operating environment
2072015025401309/10/15 Method for storing metadata of log-structured file system for flash memory
2082015025411609/10/15 Data processing pipeline execution acceleration and method thereof
2092015025450209/10/15 Apparatus and creating three-dimensional personalized figure
2102015025499309/10/15 Smart learning system using device social relation and method thereof
2112015025507809/10/15 Audio encoding apparatus and method, and audio decoding apparatus and method
2122015025612809/10/15 Multi-port amplifier and controlling thereof
2132015025620209/10/15 Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 4/15 and 256-symbol mapping, and bit interleaving method using same
2142015025632109/10/15 Airplane system and control method thereof
2152015025638309/10/15 Method for transiting operation mode of routing processor
2162015025639909/10/15 Apparatus and zero-configuration interworking between devices, and distributed home network system using the same
2172015025655209/10/15 Imalicious code detection apparatus and method
2182015025655509/10/15 Method and system for network connection chain traceback using network flow data
2192015025698209/10/15 Method and providing mobile broadcasting service over cable broadcast network
2202015025701709/10/15 Method for calculating radio coverage in wireless device
2212015024811109/03/15 Spherical hologram generation method and apparatus
2222015024828509/03/15 Method for adapting changes of operation environment and supporting upgrade and evolution of system and system thereof
2232015024858209/03/15 Method and recognizing hand motion
2242015024956609/03/15 Apparatus for selecting master in redundancy system
2252015024971309/03/15 Node and communication connecting method between nodes
2262015024267808/27/15 Method and apparatus of recognizing facial expression using adaptive decision tree based on local feature extraction
2272015023811308/27/15 Apparatus and breast cancer detection based on the measured microwave signal decomposition
2282015024149208/27/15 Analyzing junction of coaxial probe for measuring permittivity and analyzing apparatus thereof
2292015024156008/27/15 Apparatus and providing traffic control service
2302015024188008/27/15 Apparatus and sharing vehicle information
2312015024222008/27/15 Massive virtual desktop providing method and system thereof
2322015024230808/27/15 Acceleration system in 3d die-stacked dram
2332015024243708/27/15 Method and reading data in distributed file system
2342015024262708/27/15 Apparatus and blocking actvity of malware
2352015024267808/27/15 Method and apparatus of recognizing facial expression using adaptive decision tree based on local feature extraction
2362015024270308/27/15 Method and extracting image feature
2372015024442808/27/15 Method and near field communication
2382015024445408/27/15 Fast protection switching passive optical network
2392015024451808/27/15 Variable-length block cipher apparatus and method capable of format preserving encryption
2402015024455008/27/15 Digital demodulation method and system
2412015024507508/27/15 Method and image encoding/decoding
2422015024517008/27/15 Apparatus and securing available frequency
2432015024535908/27/15 Method and apparatus of selecting transmission rate in wireless transmission system
2442015024536308/27/15 Wireless communication reducing interference with neighboring cell and reducing interference thereof
2452015024537708/27/15 Method and discovery of sector in wireless local area network system
2462015024545008/27/15 Apparatus and controlling zigbee wireless lighting
2472015024545108/27/15 Lighting control device and method
2482015024545808/27/15 Apparatus for generating plasma
2492015023415308/20/15 Reflective varifocal lens and imaging system including the same

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