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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Method and control  cooperative cleaning using multiple robots

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method and control cooperative cleaning using multiple robots

Data offloading method

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Data offloading method

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Count Application # Date Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015014896105/28/15 new patent  Building data managing apparatus and building management system comprising thereof
22015014981905/28/15 new patent  Parity chunk operating method and data server supporting the same in distributed raid system
32015015006405/28/15 new patent  Context managing apparatus and method thereof
42015014469405/28/15 new patent  Loop antenna and switching the same
52015014496105/28/15 new patent  High frequency device and manufacturing the same
62015014541405/28/15 new patent  Microwave pulse generator with variable frequency emission
72015014549405/28/15 new patent  Device and tracking maximum power
82015014570705/28/15 new patent  Digital serial-to-parallel converter and gaas mmic using the same
92015014578605/28/15 new patent  Method of controlling electronic device using transparent display and apparatus using the same
102015014588405/28/15 new patent  Makeup color simulation apparatus and method
112015014613405/28/15 new patent  Liquid crystal composition and display device including the same
122015014615305/28/15 new patent  Display device and manufacturing the same
132015014619005/28/15 new patent  Laser radar operating thereof
142015014626905/28/15 new patent  Holographic content providing method, and holographic content providing apparatus and display apparatus using the method
152015014656305/28/15 new patent  Method of sensing excessive bandwidth usage
162015014659805/28/15 new patent  Apparatus and performing virtual hibernation during idle period in wireless lan system, and terminal during idle period of wireless lan system terminal
172015014663105/28/15 new patent  Random access method and random access channel structure in mobile communication system having large cell radius
182015014671405/28/15 new patent  Multi-hop wireless communication method using management device and wireless devices for synchronizing wireless devices in the connectionless multi-hop wireless networks
192015014675505/28/15 new patent  Semiconductor laser and fabricating the same
202015014677905/28/15 new patent  In-loop filtering method and apparatus using same
212015014679705/28/15 new patent  Method and system for supporting random access of mpeg data
222015014679805/28/15 new patent  Method and system for processing mpeg data
232015014680305/28/15 new patent  Wireless communication method and apparatus based on channel function
242015014686505/28/15 new patent  Field emission device having field emitter including photoelectric material and manufacturing the same
252015014687205/28/15 new patent  Apparatus and transmitting sensitive data using relay
262015014690605/28/15 new patent  Microphone
272015014692805/28/15 new patent  Apparatus and tracking motion based on hybrid camera
282015014694005/28/15 new patent  Implicit terrain data generation method and electronic performing the method
292015014785405/28/15 new patent  Method of fabricating electronic circuit
302015014804605/28/15 new patent  Data offloading method
312015014812805/28/15 new patent  Web content sharing method, and web content providing apparatus and receiving terminal for web content sharing
322015014895105/28/15 new patent  Method and control cooperative cleaning using multiple robots
332015014896105/28/15 new patent  Building data managing apparatus and building management system comprising thereof
342015014916605/28/15 new patent  Method and detecting speech/non-speech section
352015014977705/28/15 new patent  Mobile terminal, terminal and authentication method using security cookie
362015014981905/28/15 new patent  Parity chunk operating method and data server supporting the same in distributed raid system
372015014983605/28/15 new patent  Recoverable and fault-tolerant cpu core and control method thereof
382015014985305/28/15 new patent  Half pipelined turbo decoder and controlling thereof
392015014997805/28/15 new patent  Method of providing embedded software development tool for supporting embedded software development environment based on native building, and apparatus thereof
402015015006405/28/15 new patent  Context managing apparatus and method thereof
412015015013205/28/15 new patent  Intrusion detection system false positive detection apparatus and method
422015015013305/28/15 new patent  Apparatus and attack source traceback
432015015014305/28/15 new patent  System and providing virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi) service
442015013907205/21/15Satellite mesh communication system and acm control method using the same
452015013687405/21/15Vibrator including mesh structure and manufacturing method thereof
462015013695905/21/15Optical circuit-type reformulated fuel detecting sensor device and manufacturing sensor element thereof
472015013707705/21/15Graphene electronic device
482015013769805/21/15Method and integrated lighting control according to power reserve stage
492015013787705/21/15Bias circuit using negative voltage
502015013790405/21/15Microwave device using magnetic material nano wire array and manufacturing method thereof
512015013790705/21/15Directional coupler having high isolation
522015013798605/21/15Safety communication system and method thereof
532015013801305/21/15Apparatus and positioning wlan terminal
542015013803805/21/15Multi-screen display system and image signal correcting the same
552015013804805/21/15Glasses apparatus using eyesight-based virtual image
562015013806705/21/15Method of transmitting and receiving data, and display apparatus and pointing apparatus using the same
572015013819405/21/15Assembly simulation wooden structure
582015013823505/21/15Collimated display device for augmented reality and method thereof
592015013830105/21/15Apparatus and generating telepresence
602015013830905/21/15Photographing device and stitching captured image
612015013831705/21/15System and providing three-dimensional (3d) broadcast service based on retransmission networks
622015013848605/21/15Directional backlight unit, operating the directional backlight unit, and display device including the directional backlight unit
632015013856905/21/15Apparatus and measuring growth volume of plant
642015013861305/21/15Apparatus and displaying pseudo-hologram image based on pupil tracking
652015013861505/21/15Device and creating stereograms with large viewing angle and high 2d image resolution
662015013865705/21/15Antenna apparatus
672015013903105/21/15Method for discovering neighbor node in wireless local area network
682015013906905/21/15Station for data transmission/reception synchronization
692015013921505/21/15Apparatus for transmitting and receiving data to provide high-speed data communication and method thereof
702015013932305/21/15Method of decoding images and device using same
712015013933905/21/15Broadcast transmitting apparatus and method
722015013935605/21/15Apparatus and transmitting data in multi-carrier system
732015013935705/21/15Method and transmitting of ofdm signal
742015013937205/21/15Sub-sampling receiver
752015013942505/21/15Key managing sensor network security
762015013950505/21/15Method and predicting human motion in virtual environment
772015013953205/21/15Camara tracking apparatus and method using reconstruction segments and volumetric surface
782015013953905/21/15Apparatus and detecting forgery/falsification of homepage
792015013954105/21/15Apparatus and detecting harmful videos
802015013955505/21/15Shoe image retrieval apparatus and method using matching pair
812015013966405/21/15Method and time synchronization between nodes
822015013966605/21/15Multi-wavelength optical signal receiving apparatus and method
832015014067705/21/15Polymer planar optical circuit type dissolved oxygen sensor
842015014068005/21/15Integral label-free biosensor and analysis method using the same
852015014070805/21/15Light emitting device with light path changing structure
862015014094005/21/15Apparatus for transmitting multiple streams and transmitting multiple streams
872015014222205/21/15Apparatus and tracing flight plan status
882015014224805/21/15Apparatus and providing location and heading information of autonomous driving vehicle on road within housing complex
892015014232805/21/15Calculation interchromosomal translocation position
902015014267805/21/15Method and system for determining location for logistics infrastructure using geographic information
912015014273105/21/15System for saving sensing data, saving data, saving data
922015014278005/21/15Apparatus and analyzing event time-space correlation in social web media
932015014283405/21/15Method and generating agricultural semantic image information
942015014291605/21/15Method for translating entity to things based on web and machine-to-machine communication device
952015014296305/21/15Smart terminal and collection data subscription
962015014297905/21/15Equipment for mobile cloud cooperation and system including the equipment
972015014301005/21/15Method and compensating for delay in real-time embedded system
982015014304505/21/15Cache control apparatus and method
992015014304905/21/15Cache control apparatus and method
1002015014343505/21/15System and managing mashup service based on the content of media content
1012015014345405/21/15Security management apparatus and method
1022015012903605/14/15Silicon solar cell
1032015012901005/14/15Thermoelectric device and fabricating method thereof
1042015012903605/14/15Silicon solar cell
1062015013001205/14/15Thermoelectric device and manufacturing the same
1072015013047205/14/15Thermoelectric conductivity measurement instrument of thermoelectric device and measuring the same
1082015013067805/14/15Multi-band gnss fixed reception pattern antenna apparatus
1092015013142805/14/15Method and recovering error in rdm protocol
1102015013148205/14/15Method for transmitting discovery signal in device-to-device communication
1112015013157005/14/15Method and terminal for requesting and acquiring information relating to channel access in wireless lan, and providing information relating to channel access in wireless lan
1122015013157605/14/15Method and allocating resource in cellular communication system
1132015013157705/14/15Cooperation transmission method, terminal and base station supporting the same
1142015013157805/14/15Communication method and apparatus in network environment where terminal may have dual connectivity to multiple base stations
1152015013166605/14/15Apparatus and transmitting packet
1162015013166705/14/15Sdn-based network device with extended function and processing packet in the same device
1172015013168705/14/15Laser module
1182015013176305/14/15Receiving rfid reader
1192015013181305/14/15Capacitor-type sensor read-out circuit
1202015013185305/14/15Stereo matching generating disparity map using same
1212015013199205/14/15Method and optical signal control using filter in multicasting ring network node and protection switching in optical multiplex section
1222015013218605/14/15Microanalysis methods and systems using field effect transistor
1232015013287605/14/15Method for fabricating organic electroluminescent devices
1242015013305505/14/15Method and apparatus of interference avoidance based on multi transmission and reception
1252015013309705/14/15Apparatus and removing acoustic echo in teleconference system
1262015013314905/14/15Apparatus and recognizing location of terminal based on radio fingerprint map
1272015013413305/14/15Apparatus, server and managing energy usage and energy volume per energy consumer
1282015013418005/14/15Autonomous driving control apparatus and method using navigation technology
1292015013425005/14/15Method of analysis of electron density of ionosphere
1302015013432805/14/15Unified speech/audio codec (usac) processing windows sequence based mode switching
1312015013436805/14/15Method and managing vehicle insurance
1322015013448505/14/15Cloud service broker providing cloud service using the same
1332015013457705/14/15System and providing information
1342015013472905/14/15Method and managing service capability through network
1352015013478505/14/15Method and system for providing content service
1362015013496905/14/15Device and providing secuirty assistant service
1372015013497105/14/15Apparatus and decrypting encrypted file
1382015013509205/14/15Apparatus and exchanging data
1392015013518405/14/15Time and space-deterministic task scheduling apparatus and method using multi-dimensional scheme
1402015012232105/07/15Solar cell
1412015012232805/07/15Solar cell and solar cell module including the same
1422015012300905/07/15Device for generating heavy-ion beam and method thereof
1432015012384605/07/15Apparatus and detecting deception signal in global navigation satellite receiver
1442015012462605/07/15Method of supporting in-band operations, administration and maintenance (oam) for point-to-multipoint (p2mp) data transfer in multi-protocol label switching-transport profile (mpls-tp) network
1452015012464605/07/15Device-to-device communication method and apparatus
1462015012464805/07/15Communication method in software defined network (sdn) using herartchical structure and sdn system
1472015012469605/07/15Communication a coordinator, a relay device, a source device and a desination device included in a wireless network
1482015012471505/07/15Apparatus, controlling radio resources
1492015012477105/07/15Carrier aggregation in wireless communication systems
1502015012477605/07/15Data transmission method and apparatus in network linked with heterogeneous system
1512015012481805/07/15Method for transmitting media data interlinked with composition information and transmission characteristics information via a heterogeneous ip network
1522015012507405/07/15Apparatus and extracting skin area to block harmful content image
1532015012515305/07/15Method for measuring wavelength channel tuning time of tunable device in optical network, and system thereof
1542015012515905/07/15Reflective colorless optical transmitter
1552015012623905/07/15Methods for power control and link adapation in lte-based mobile communication system
1562015012625705/07/15Method and system for providing sleep state of network-accessible terminal
1572015012689205/07/15Cloud server for processing electroencephalgraphy information, and processing electroencephalography information based on cloud server
1582015012736105/07/15Apparatus and automatic translation
1592015012795305/07/15Encoding apparatus and method
1602015012820805/07/15Apparatus and dynamically controlling security in computing device with plurality of security modules
1612015012825005/07/15Apparatus and guaranteeing safe execution of shell command in embedded system
1622015012827105/07/15Apparatus and collecting network data traffic
1632015011614804/30/15Method for predicting spoofing signal and apparatus thereof
1642015011691304/30/15System for sharing power of rack mount server and operating method thereof
1652015011744704/30/15Terminal device for broadcasting and communication, and processing packet thereof
1662015011904804/30/15Method and perceiving access between terminal and small cell
1672015011521904/30/15Superluminescent diode and implementing the same
1682015011580404/30/15Apparatus and controlling lighting
1692015011583504/30/15Apparatus and controlling lighting based on internet protocol network
1702015011584604/30/15Piezoelectric cooling control apparatus and method
1712015011605804/30/15Radio frequency (rf) cavity filter including tuning bolt holding member and said tuning bolt holding member
1722015011609204/30/15Girth measuring device and measuring girth of tree, and wireless communication tag apparatus including girth measuring device
1732015011635804/30/15Apparatus and processing metadata in augmented reality system
1742015011650204/30/15Apparatus and dynamically selecting multiple cameras to track target object
1752015011681504/30/15Variable fresnel lens
1762015011691304/30/15System for sharing power of rack mount server and operating method thereof
1772015011715404/30/15Apparatus for transmitting positioning signal and indoor positioning using the same
1782015011715504/30/15Electric acoustic windows with optional sound shielding
1792015011724304/30/15Apparatus and transmitting/receiving moving picture experts group (mpeg) media transport (mmt) signaling message for measurement configuration (mc) processing
1802015011727004/30/15Method and determining guard period on time division duplex system
1812015011729504/30/15Method and device-to-device communication
1822015011739304/30/15Method and heterogeneous carrier aggregation
1832015011742704/30/15Data transmission method and apparatus
1842015011742804/30/15Multi-mode wireless transmission method and apparatus
1852015011742904/30/15Method for transmitting control and training symbols in multi-user wireless communication system
1862015011752104/30/15Method and inter color component prediction
1872015011764004/30/15Apparatus and performing key derivation in closed domain
1882015011768004/30/15Acoustic sensor
1892015011770004/30/15System and providing content-related information based on digital watermark and fingerprint
1902015011778504/30/15Method of extracting visual descriptor using feature selection and system for the same
1912015011904804/30/15Method and perceiving access between terminal and small cell
1922015011905504/30/15D2d (device-to-device) discovery method and resource allocation method
1932015011905604/30/15Method of device-to-device communication and controlling device-to-device communication
1942015011968104/30/15Method and scanning excitation light for a photoacoustic image
1952015012014204/30/15Steering control apparatus having function of determining intention of driver and operating the same
1962015012016404/30/15Wheel speed sensor interface, operation method thereof, and electronic control system including the same
1972015012027004/30/15Apparatus and automating smart grid common information model interoperability test
1982015012028404/30/15Apparatus and improving communication quality of radio
1992015012031304/30/15Apparatus and collecting adverse drug event data over network
2002015012031404/30/15Method and representing symptoms graphically
2012015012070204/30/15Apparatus and browsing 3-dimensional content
2022015012086704/30/15Apparatus and transmitting data collected from smart device
2032015012095704/30/15Apparatus and receiving video service in hybrid network
2042015012107204/30/15Object verification apparatus and its integrity authentication method
2052015012144504/30/15Apparatus and transmitting and receiving broadcasting
2062015010885004/23/15Wireless power transmission improving spectrum efficiency and space efficiency based on impedance matching and relay resonance
2072015010910204/23/15Apparatus and providing security keypad through shift of keypad
2082015010941104/23/15Image playback 3dtv and method performed by the apparatus
2092015010941304/23/15Video reception apparatus to provide hybrid service based on transport stream system target decoder model
2102015010960304/23/15Multi-wavelength image lidar sensor apparatus and signal processing method thereof
2112015010971904/23/15Method of forming graphene electrode and capacitor including the same
2122015010990004/23/15Method and linear protection switching
2132015010993604/23/15Network apparatus and selective information monitoring method using the same
2142015011004504/23/15Communication device and allocating partial band to avoid interference in partial band
2152015011014404/23/15Distributed feedback-laser diodes
2162015011021904/23/15Method and transmitting and receiving signal based on interference
2172015011022404/23/15Interface device for performing on-off keying modulation and transmitter using same
2182015011035804/23/15Apparatus and detecting vehicle number plate
2192015011159504/23/15Method of scheduling spectrum sensing and allocating uplink radio resources in cognitive radio communication system
2202015011218004/23/15Mesoporous neuronal electrode using surfactant and making the same
2212015011249504/23/15Apparatus and extracting maximum power from energy harvester apparatus
2222015011261504/23/15Method and monitoring energy management efficiency of data center
2232015011281004/23/15Method and processing interactive service in digital signage system
2242015011310104/23/15Method and providing streaming content
2252015011327204/23/15Method and authenticating and managing application using trusted platform module
2262015011352804/23/15Virtual desktop service apparatus and method
2272015011364604/23/15Apparatus and improving detection performance of intrusion detection system
2282015011365104/23/15Spammer group extraction apparatus and method
2292015010372304/16/15Method for enhanced uplink transmission having low papr in lte-based mobile communication system
2302015010222204/16/15Photomixer for generating and detecting terahertz continuous wave and manufacturing the same
2312015010280204/16/15Optical fiber current sensor
2322015010291004/16/15Rfid tag system and operating method thereof
2332015010371104/16/15Method for internet protocol-based sleep mode control using synchronization information
2342015010371204/16/15Internet protocol-based sleep mode control method
2352015010371304/16/15Multi-channel low power communication method and apparatus
2362015010371404/16/15Physical layer low power communication method and apparatus
2372015010377804/16/15Cooperation multi-input multi-output transmitting or receiving method
2382015010378304/16/15Communication preventing signal collision in peer aware communication system and transmitting/receiving using the method
2392015010380104/16/15Method and transmitting signal for downlink channel estimation
2402015010387004/16/15Apparatus and transmitting synchronization signal
2412015010389704/16/15Image encoding/decoding using same
2422015010391204/16/15Method and video encoding/decoding based on multi-layer
2432015010393404/16/15Method and communication in millimeter wave mimo communication environment
2442015010403904/16/15Apparatus and suppressing howling
2452015010406504/16/15Apparatus and recognizing object in image
2462015010414904/16/15Video summary apparatus and method
2472015010417404/16/15Method of controlling optical network unit (onu) in sleep mode
2482015010506904/16/15Terrestrial communication method, apparatus, and system
2492015010567904/16/15Method and generating synchronization signal using electrocardiogram signal

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