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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon city
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Suwon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100107
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20131212
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100128
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100121
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute_20100114


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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute. Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016013892405/19/16  new patent  Vehicle autonomous traveling system, and vehicle traveling method using the same
22016013910605/19/16  new patent  Apparatus and blood analysis
32016013964705/19/16  new patent  Apparatus and automatically controlling power saving function of computer and monitor
42016014018705/19/16  new patent  System and answering natural language question
52016014095805/19/16  new patent  Natural language question answering system and method, and paraphrase module
62016014202605/19/16  new patent  Regulated cascode (rgc)-type burst mode optic pre-amplifier having extended linear input range
72016014202805/19/16  new patent  High speed signal level detector and burst-mode trans impedance amplifier using the same
82016014218605/19/16  new patent  Load modulation-based beamspace mimo transmission method and apparatus
92016014218905/19/16  new patent  Method and transmitting reference signal, measuring and reporting channel state information, and configuring the same
102016014228605/19/16  new patent  Dual node interconnection protection switching method and apparatus
112016014254405/19/16  new patent  Apparatus and customer interaction service
122016014287405/19/16  new patent  Apparatus and recognizing nearby device using distance and intimacy
132016014298205/19/16  new patent  Apparatus and controlling transmit power
142016014300805/19/16  new patent  Method and transmitting information in low latency mobile communication system
152016014303005/19/16  new patent  Method of transmitting frame for supporting legacy system, and method and apparatus of searching cell using the same
162016014305605/19/16  new patent  Method for protecting opportunity to transmit data frame in wireless lan system
172016014306405/19/16  new patent  Method and random access in wireless communication system
182016012889105/12/16 Method and providing space information
192016013174105/12/16 Apparatus and forming beam for processing radar signal
202016013229605/12/16 Apparatus and generating digital value
212016013247505/12/16 Method and representing editable visual object
222016013248505/12/16 System and constructing morpheme dictionary based on automatic extraction of non-registered word
232016013402405/12/16 Method and transmitting data, and receiving data
242016013434305/12/16 Terminal and operation method thereof in multi-user mult-input mult-output system
252016013440805/12/16 Method and generating csi report
262016013444805/12/16 Method and generating pilot signal and estimating frequency offset using the same
272016013452705/12/16 System and virtual network-based distributed multi-domain routing control
282016013471005/12/16 Communication method in wireless local access network and wireless apparatus therefor
292016013511705/12/16 Method for communicating message between entities in coexistence management system
302016013513505/12/16 Method and communication for coexisting with wireless-lan in non-licensed band
312016013518205/12/16 Method and configuring transmission time interval in mobile communication system
322016012802605/05/16 Method and receiving signal in high-speed mobile network
332016012014405/05/16 Livestock house management system and management method thereof
342016012480105/05/16 Component state management component based software and apparatus thereof
352016012535105/05/16 Method and system for delivering postal mail automatically
362016012662705/05/16 Method and controlling array antenna
372016012703205/05/16 Low-rate data transmission in lte based satellite ratio interface
382016012708005/05/16 Method and coding channel for near field high speed large capacity wireless communication
392016012708605/05/16 Method and transmitting signal
402016012709605/05/16 Wireless communication wireless local area network system
412016012709905/05/16 Method and generating pilot pattern for mimo antenna
422016012710305/05/16 Method for operating relation server and system using the same
432016012711105/05/16 In-band full duplex transceiver
442016012717005/05/16 Method and communication to prevent communication link failure in millimeter band communication system
452016012718805/05/16 Method for operating relation server in nested-centralized model and system using the same
462016012724305/05/16 Method for flow control in network
472016012730905/05/16 Method for preventing collisions between addresses in device-to-device communications
482016012750205/05/16 Method for operating machines and system using the same
492016012775005/05/16 Apparatus and verifying broadcast content object identification based on web data
502016012794905/05/16 Frame header transmitting device and transmitting frame header using the same
512016012802605/05/16 Method and receiving signal in high-speed mobile network
522016012803905/05/16 Method and transmitting in mobile communication system
532016012804205/05/16 Method and simultaneously transmitting data
542016012804405/05/16 Method and transmitting and receiving information in wireless distributed system
552016012806605/05/16 Method of allocating resource to d2d link, and transmitting and receiving data through d2d link
562016012810305/05/16 Random access method and terminal supporting the same
572016011918904/28/16 System for controlling carrier virtual network
582016011659704/28/16 Apparatus for receiving navigation signal and operating the same
592016011669404/28/16 Optical modules
602016011735004/28/16 Column group selection efficiently storing data in mixed olap/oltp workload environment
612016011778404/28/16 Method and calculating basic electricity charges for partitioned owners in aggregate building
622016011897004/28/16 Peak detector using charge pump and burst-mode transimpedance amplifier
632016011905104/28/16 Multi-hop relay maritime communication apparatus
642016011916604/28/16 Method and providing gateway function
652016011930304/28/16 Information security attachment device for voice communication and information security voice communication using the same
662016011963204/28/16 Method and predicting inter-layer based on temporal sub-layer information
672016011990204/28/16 Channel sounding method in wireless lan system and device for supporting same
682016011991104/28/16 Methods for transmitting and receiving of control channel in wireless communication systems
692016011995604/28/16 Method to transmit downlink signaling message on cellular systems for packet transmission and receiving the message
702016010944104/21/16 Apparatus for detecting bio materials, fabricating the apparatus and detecting bio materials using the apparatus
712016011020904/21/16 Apparatus and performing multi-core emulation based on multi-threading
722016011025004/21/16 Cache memory with fault tolerance
732016011045304/21/16 System and searching choreography database based on motion inquiry
742016011051404/21/16 Personal healthcare device, smart device, and providing healthcare service for pregnant women using the same
752016011054304/21/16 Apparatus and detecting malicious application based on visualization similarity
762016011063104/21/16 Apparatus and detecting object using multi-directional integral image
772016011177004/21/16 Rfid reader antenna
782016011205704/21/16 Sensor device including high-resolution analog to digital converter
792016011207504/21/16 Oscillation circuit and transmitter including the same
802016011207804/21/16 Terminal and power charching method thereof
812016011210104/21/16 Apparatus and spatial filtering by estimating angle of deviation for line of sight of user
822016011211204/21/16 Method and beamforming
832016011214704/21/16 Receiver and beam space sampling method thereof
842016011221304/21/16 Apparatus and methods for providing home network service
852016011230304/21/16 Packet or passive optical network system with protection switching capabilities
862016011234504/21/16 Method and providing multicast service and allocating multicast service resource in terminal-to-terminal direct communication
872016011234904/21/16 Method for providing protection switching service in virtual tenant network and controller therefor
882016011253504/21/16 Method for generating group of content cache and providing content
892016011282004/21/16 Virtual sound image localization two dimensional and three dimensional spaces
902016011288904/21/16 Apparatus and communication of base station for mu-mimo transmission and reception in distributed antenna system
912016011301904/21/16 Terminal and communicating method thereof in device to device communicaton
922016011302404/21/16 System and selecting wireless resource
932016011304904/21/16 Method and discovering target in device-to-device direct communication
942016011306004/21/16 Method and managing device information for device-to-device communication
952016010431504/14/16 Three-dimensional (3d) model file, and providing 3d model file
962016010449804/14/16 Apparatus and transmitting watermark robust to acoustic channel distortion
972016010480404/14/16 Self-aligned thin film transistor and fabrication method thereof
982016010565804/14/16 Apparatus and digital holographic table top display
992016010572704/14/16 Method and device for rendering broadcast service
1002016010587004/14/16 Method and generating common signal in multiple input multiple output system
1012016009751804/07/16 Astral lamp device having detachable and angle-controllable led module blocks and setting the same
1022016009828904/07/16 System and handling an interrupt
1032016009834504/07/16 Memory management apparatus and method
1042016009848704/07/16 System and searching using orthogonal codes
1052016009938604/07/16 Light emitting diode and manufacturing method thereof
1062016009950604/07/16 Omnidirectional antenna
1072016010015404/07/16 Camera rig for shooting multi-view images and videos and image and video processing use with same
1082016010023904/07/16 System for reproducing sound
1092016010026904/07/16 Audio predicting acoustic feature
1102016009429403/31/16 Central office device, remote site device, and communication method thoseof
1112016009144703/31/16 Gas sensor apparatus
1122016009267903/31/16 Inspection and recovery handling virtual machine vulnerability
1132016009300403/31/16 Method, terminal, and server for providing personalized food information for food safety
1142016009302203/31/16 Method and processing super resolution image using adaptive preprocessing filtering and/or postprocessing filtering
1152016009319003/31/16 Apparatus and augmented cognition
1162016009416703/31/16 Bldc motor system including parameter detecting circuit and operating method thereof
1172016009425803/31/16 Transceiver module and communication apparatus including the same
1182016009429403/31/16 Central office device, remote site device, and communication method thoseof
1192016009431503/31/16 Method and transmitting and receiving physical channel and signal
1202016009432603/31/16 Method and transmitting channel state information reference signal
1212016009451703/31/16 Apparatus and blocking abnormal communication
1222016009511403/31/16 Method and managing allocation and usage of radio resource, transmitting data through unlicensed band channel, and managing access of radio resource
1232016008769803/24/16 In-band full duplex transceiver and in-band full duplex multi-input multi-output transceiver
1242016008545003/24/16 System for providing remote memory and temporary page pool operating providing remote memory
1252016008556803/24/16 Hybrid virtualization interrupt controller in nested virtualization environment
1262016008775003/24/16 Method and transmitting orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) signal in optical network
1272016008776303/24/16 Data transmission transmitting data in delay-insensitive data transmission method supporting handshake protocol
1282016008778703/24/16 Sample rate converter and converting sample rate
1292016008789103/24/16 Path computation element and setting path of user network interface
1302016008841603/24/16 Audio metadata providing apparatus and method, and multichannel audio data playback apparatus and method to support dynamic format conversion
1312016008848803/24/16 Method of operating entities in coexistence management system
1322016008867303/24/16 Method for processing exceptional case of establishing default bearer in mobile communication system and device therefor
1332016007740403/17/16 Method of operating wavelength swept source apparatus
1342016007791803/17/16 Method and recovering partition based on file system metadata
1352016007824003/17/16 Device and providing security in remote digital forensic environment
1362016007886303/17/16 Signal processing algorithm-integrated deep neural network-based speech recognition apparatus and learning method thereof
1372016007931903/17/16 Dual-mode pixels including emissive and reflective devices, and dual-mode display using the pixels
1382016007988503/17/16 Energy harvesting device, manufacturing the same, and wireless device including the same
1392016008003303/17/16 Physical unidirectional communication apparatus and method
1402016008004603/17/16 Method and modulating baseband signal in beam space multi-input multi-output, and receiving therein
1412016008104703/17/16 Synchronization method in distributed wireless communication system and terminal supporting the same
1422016008108803/17/16 Method and apparatus of peer link setting, and method and apparatus of channel switching, in wireless mesh network
1432016008109703/17/16 Qoe-aware scheduling method and apparatus
1442016006997903/10/16 Apparatus and finding hybrid direction using two baselines
1452016007134203/10/16 Zone-based user verification server, system, and method thereof
1462016007152203/10/16 Encoder and encoding multi-channel signal, and decoder and decoding multi-channel signal
1472016007252403/10/16 Low density parity check code for terrestrial cloud broadcast
1482016007256103/10/16 Method and appartus for modulating baseband signal in beam space multi-input multi-output
1492016007257103/10/16 Method and beam-space multi-input multi-output transmission based load-modulation
1502016007283303/10/16 Apparatus and searching for similar malicious code based on malicious code feature information
1512016007343303/10/16 Apparatus and controlling slot usage
1522016006068103/03/16 Method and device for amplifying and detecting gene using graphene heater
1532016006206103/03/16 Multi-channel optical module and manufacturing method thereof
1542016006234403/03/16 Apparatus and identifying web page for industrial control system
1552016006447403/03/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1562016006450303/03/16 Electronic devices and fabricating the same
1572016006469303/03/16 Method of fabricating light scattering layer, and organic light emitting diode including the same
1582016006494603/03/16 Energy charging apparatus and method
1592016006524203/03/16 Low density parity check encoder, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1602016006525403/03/16 Rf transmitter supporting carrier aggregation and envelope tracking
1612016006533103/03/16 Packet transmission and reception system, apparatus, and method
1622016006538403/03/16 Proxy tunnel end point unit, communication system for scalable network virtualization having the same and communication scalable network virtualization
1632016006545703/03/16 Flow inheritance
1642016006545903/03/16 Method and performing protection switching adaptively on mpls (multi-protocol label switching)- tp (transport profile) packet transport network
1652016006559503/03/16 Apparatus and performing real-time network antivirus function
1662016006560003/03/16 Apparatus and automatically detecting malicious link
1672016006621603/03/16 Network employing space recycling, and a managing the network
1682016006626003/03/16 Generating downlink frame and searching for cell
1692016006644503/03/16 Display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
1702016005376602/25/16 Surge prevention centrifugal compressor
1712016005534702/25/16 Data access control method in cloud
1722016005584602/25/16 Method and speech recognition using uncertainty in noisy environment
1732016005621602/25/16 Dual-mode pixels including emissive and reflective devices, and dual-mode display using the pixels
1742016005695402/25/16 Apparatus and providing feistel-based variable length block cipher
1752016005697202/25/16 Web of thins plug-in system
1762016005743502/25/16 Apparatus and encoding
1772016005774002/25/16 Method and transmission and reception in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
1782016005777502/25/16 Scheduling multicast broadcast service
1792016004522302/18/16 Injector for hair implant with automatic follicle supply function
1802016004976902/18/16 Method and implementing tunable light source
1812016004995202/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 5/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1822016004995302/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 2/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1832016004995402/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 3/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1842016004995502/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 4/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1852016004995602/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 5/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1862016004995702/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 2/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1872016004995802/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 3/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1882016004995902/18/16 Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 4/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
1892016005062502/18/16 Method and discontinuous transmission/reception operation for reducing power consumption in cellular system
1902016005062802/18/16 Method for reducing power consumption of terminal in mobile communication system using multi-carrier structure
1912016005064902/18/16 Method and managing resource in small cell environment
1922016004098302/11/16 Apparatus and measuring quality of holographic image
1932016004130602/11/16 Compound containing crosslinkable moieties, prepolymer, blend and polymer sheet obtained therefrom, and waveguide for optical interconnection
1942016004251802/11/16 Apparatus and generating a depth map
1952016004343202/11/16 Method of preparing lithium phosphate-based solid electrolyte
1962016004378502/11/16 Method and transceiving data in a mimo system
1972016004378702/11/16 Method for transmitting frame using selective beamforming and performing the method
1982016004406602/11/16 Personalized telepresence service providing method and apparatus thereof
1992016004432702/11/16 Method for encoding and decoding images and encoding and decoding using same
2002016004433602/11/16 Method and performing intra-prediction using adaptive filter
2012016004433702/11/16 Method and performing intra-prediction using adaptive filter
2022016004461602/11/16 Method and synchronization in d2d communication network
2032016004462302/11/16 Method and controlling base station
2042016004464502/11/16 Method for transmitting and receiving control channel in wireless communication system
2052016004466602/11/16 Method and device to device communication
2062016004471002/11/16 Transmission/reception base station, d2d communication method, and apparatus supporting the d2d communication method
2072016003396302/04/16 Remote autonomous driving system based on high accuracy of localization by indoor infrastructure map and sensor and method thereof
2082016003440502/04/16 Heterogeneous memory system and data communication method in the same
2092016003556802/04/16 Method of manufacturing transition metal chalcogenide thin film
2102016003660802/04/16 Method and serial bus communication based on orthogonal signal waveform
2112016003712102/04/16 Stereo matching for performing the method
2122016003753402/04/16 Channel switching method and channel reception method to increase spectrum use efficiency, and channel switching apparatus and channel reception apparatus using the same
2132016003757202/04/16 Method for device to device communication between terminals and terminal for supporting same
2142016002804801/28/16 Lithium battery and manufacturing the same
2152016002804901/28/16 Lithium battery and manufacturing the same
2162016002857001/28/16 Mpsk demodulation apparatus and method
2172016002862201/28/16 Network path setup method based on identifier, and apparatus thereof
2182016002902901/28/16 Image encoding/decoding
2192016002913901/28/16 Apparatus and processing multi-channel audio signal
2202016002933401/28/16 Method and synchronizing networks among heterogeneous wireless operators
2212016002945701/28/16 Zigbee lighting control apparatus and method
2222016001542401/21/16 Apparatus and loading follicles
2232016001908601/21/16 Apparauts and generating software defined network(sdn)-based virtual network according to user demand
2242016001912601/21/16 Failure recovery apparatus of digital logic circuit and method thereof
2252016002014701/21/16 Impedance matching circuit, power amplifier and manufacturing variable capacitor
2262016002057501/21/16 Tunable light source
2272016002085001/21/16 Apparatus and protection switching in optical transport network (otn) suporting oduflex(gfp)
2282016002086701/21/16 Burst-mode optical amplification apparatus and method thereof
2292016002086801/21/16 Tunable optical network unit for multi-wavelength passive optical network system and operating method thereof
2302016002091301/21/16 Method for power saving in optical access network by using synchronized sleep cycle
2312016002108201/21/16 Method and preventing illegitimate outflow of electronic document
2322016002138201/21/16 Method for encoding and decoding video using intra-prediction combined between layers
2332016002148901/21/16 Master ims terminal for sharing ims-based service, slave ims terminal for sharing ims-based service, system for sharing ims-based service, and sharing method
2342016002161901/21/16 Method and controlling transmission power in wlan system
2352016001113101/14/16 Thermal conductivity measuring device
2362016001113201/14/16 Thermal conductivity measuring device and measuring the thermal conductivity
2372016001129401/14/16 Apparatus and estimating location, electronic apparatus comprising the apparatus
2382016001129701/14/16 Positioning method and apparatus using wireless signal
2392016001182901/14/16 Method and preventing leakage of printout using security paper
2402016001344801/14/16 Methods of forming an organic scattering layer, an organic light emitting diode with the scattering layer, and a fabricating the organic light emitting diode
2412016001362101/14/16 Distributed feedback laser diode array and manufacturing same
2422016001410501/14/16 Out-of-vehicle device interface protecting in-vehicle network
2432016001412301/14/16 Apparatus and verifying integrity of applications
2442016001462801/14/16 Methods of managing terminal performed in base station and terminal
2452016001467001/14/16 Method for generating network route using tv white space
2462016001467501/14/16 Method and transmitting signal
2472016001475501/14/16 Method of channel management for multiple component carrier in mobile communication system
2482016001481201/14/16 Method and transmitting control information in d2d network
2492016000434201/07/16 Apparatus for sensing pressure using optical waveguide and method thereof

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