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Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit Ute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Nstitute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Insti Tute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institue
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Insititute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instutute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute etri
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Insitute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instititute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instittute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instutite
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute Of Daejeon Republic Of Korea
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Inst
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Insti
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institiute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research I Nstitute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research I Institute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instiitute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit Tute
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Instit_20100114

Electronics And Telecommunications Research patents

Recent patent applications related to Electronics And Telecommunications Research. Electronics And Telecommunications Research is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Electronics And Telecommunications Research may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Electronics And Telecommunications Research, we're just tracking patents.

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10/27/16Method for decoding image and apparatus using same
07/21/16Bit interleaver for low-density parity check codeword having length of 64800 and code rate of 2/15 and quadrature phase shift keying, and bit interleaving method using same
07/30/15Signal transmission device adjusting electrical characteristic value corresponding to logic level and signal transmitting method thereof
07/30/15Method and device for encoding and decoding image
11/13/14Method and device for encoding and decoding image
06/20/13Chemical sensor using metal nano-particles and manufacturing chemical sensor using metal nano-particles
05/02/13Multi-function feed network and antenna in communication system
01/10/13Opto-electric circuit board including metal-slotted optical waveguide and opto-electric simultaneous communication system
06/07/12Bio-sensor chip and reader thereof
04/26/12Center district dual mode network synchronization acquisition satellite communication system
04/19/12Apparatus and generating random data
10/13/11Channel sensing scheme using natural quiet period in cognitive radio system
10/06/11Apparatus and synchronizing timing clock between transmission signal and reception signal
06/16/11Sensing apparatus, network system and controlling method on the basis of satellite
04/14/11Peer-to-peer control device and transmission overlay management method
10/21/10Repeater and processing signal, and converting synchronous frequency thereof
10/21/10Index database creating apparatus and index database retrieving apparatus
09/30/10Website login processing method and apparatus
06/24/10Microfluidic control apparatus and assembling the same
06/10/10Method of generating side information by correcting motion field error in distributed video coding and dvc decoder using the same
06/03/10Method for handoff of portable terminal between heterogeneous wireless networks
02/25/10Monolithic integrated composite device having silicon integrated circuit and silicon optical device integrated thereon, and fabrication method thereof
10/01/09Ldpc encoder and decoder and ldpc encoding and decoding methods
09/03/09Apparatus and correcting non-linear distortion based on characteristic modeling of high power amplifier
06/18/09Wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer having flat wavelength response
04/09/09Insulator undergoing abrupt metal-insulator transition, manufacturing the insulator, and device using the insulator
09/08/16Terminal and operating the same, and resource allocating base station
12/10/15Customized managing an amount of meal or workout
08/13/15Method and providing managed service in wireless communication system
07/23/15System and managing application program for terminal
12/25/14Apparatus and detecting concurrency error of parallel program for multicore
04/24/14Method for managing and sharing symmetric flow and asymmetric flow in duplexed network
03/06/14Daas manager and daas client for daas system
04/19/12System and tracking location of mobile terminal using tv
03/04/10Initial access control method between personal subscriber station and radio access station in mobile communication system
05/24/12Apparatus for providing spatial contents service and method thereof
05/24/12Parallel computing particle based simulation and apparatus thereof
09/24/09Method for random access in cellular system
06/18/09Network scheduler for selectively supporting work conserving mode and network scheduling method thereof
05/30/13Apparatus and transmitting/receiving data in communication system
10/07/10Method of transmitting and receiving random access response information in radio communication system, and base station and terminal thereof
06/24/10Method for forwarding path virtualization for router
03/03/11Preamble generation method and apparatus of station, and data frame generation method
05/13/10Multi-mode antenna and controlling mode of the antenna
01/20/11Tdd communication apparatus and operation method thereof
09/16/10Method for handover procedure of user terminal during power saving operation in cellular system
01/01/15Pulse injection apparatus
03/23/17 new patent  Receptacle-collimator assembly and multi-wavelength optical receiver module
03/23/17 new patent  Apparatus and analyzing malicious code in multi-core environment
03/23/17 new patent  Modulator and modulation method using non-uniform 16-symbol signal constellation for low-density parity check codeword having 2/15 code rate
03/23/17 new patent  Converged network system independent of access scheme, and method thereof
03/23/17 new patent  Operation methods of communication node supporting direct communications in network
03/23/17 new patent  Flexible printed circuit board for optical module
03/16/17Cooling device and manufacturing the same
03/16/17Keyboard device and data communication method using the same
03/16/17Apparatus and supporting choreography
03/16/17Usac audio signal encoding/decoding digital radio services
03/16/17Electronical device
03/16/17Thermoelectric material, fabricating the same, and thermoelectric element using the same
03/16/17Method and device for sharing a candidate list
03/09/17Load balancing apparatus and load balancing method
03/09/173d multifunctional device with 3d scanning function and 3d printing function and operation method thereof
03/09/17Method and 3d printing of object larger than printing area
03/09/17Apparatus for acquiring location coordinates of object using two measurement heads and method using the same
03/09/17Apparatus and detecting nonlinear magnetic particle based on single excitation coil
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03/09/17Universal vnfm and managing vnf
03/09/17Apparatus and extracting person region based on red/green/blue-depth image
03/09/17Depth information extracting method based on machine learning and apparatus thereof
03/09/17Apparatus and restoring cubical object
03/09/17Apparatus and providing image-based indoor map
03/09/17Mode division multiplexed passive optical network (mdm-pon) apparatus, and transmission and reception method using the same
03/09/17Apparatus for controlling copying of broadcast content and recording and playing back broadcast content using the same
03/09/17Mobile communication network composing network component configurations
03/09/17Method and requesting uplink persistent scheduling in mobile communication system
03/02/17Wearable measuring position and action of arm
03/02/17Imaging operating the same
03/02/17Apparatus for holographic display
03/02/17Apparatus and tagging topic to content
03/02/17Clustering method using broadcast contents and broadcast related data and user terminal to perform the method
03/02/17Screen position sensing method in multi display system, content configuring method, watermark image generating sensing screen position server, and display terminal
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03/02/17Power converting device
03/02/17Low density parity check code for terrestrial cloud broadcast
03/02/17Rate adaptation method using bit error rate for multimedia service and apparatus therefor
03/02/17Apparatus and controlling network service in environment of interworking between software defined network and legacy network
03/02/17Method and server for guaranteeing service level of peer
03/02/17Method and configuring multi-paths using segment list
03/02/17Peer-to-peer (p2p) network management system and operating the p2p network management system
02/23/17Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
02/23/17Plasma generating apparatus and treatment method using the same
02/23/17Apparatus for generating multi-channel array light source based on wavelength division multiplexing
02/23/17Multi-core processor managing a shared cache in the multi-core processor system
02/23/17Apparatus for providing virtual contents to augment usability of real object and method using the same
02/23/17Method and augmented-reality rendering on mirror display based on motion of augmented-reality target
02/23/17Activity monitoring measuring calorie consumption thereof
02/23/17X-ray source
02/23/17Method for manufacturing stretchable wire and manufacturing stretchable integrated circuit
02/23/17High-frequency high-power terminator
02/23/17Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 3/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
02/23/17Modulator and modulation method using non-uniform 16-symbol signal constellation for low-density parity check codeword having 3/15 code rate
02/23/17Reception apparatus of multi input multi output system and reception signal processing method
02/23/17Method and opportunistic data transmission
02/23/17Method of defining interface identifier (iid) of ipv6 address and a communication device operating the same
02/23/17Video decoding method and apparatus using the same
02/23/17Method and device for sharing a candidate list
02/23/17Method and connection configuration between base station and terminal
02/16/17Gas sensor and manufacturing the same
02/16/17Fitness device-based simulator and simulation method using the same
02/16/17Organic light-emitting device and manufacturing the same
02/16/17Circularly polarized global positioning system antenna using parasitic lines
02/16/17Luminescent diode, manufacturing the luminescent diode and wavelength tunable external cavity laser using the luminescent diode
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02/16/17Terminal for periodically transmitting csi feedback information
02/16/17Method and verification of network service in network function virtualization environment
02/16/17Channel equalization apparatus and method based on pilot signals for docsis down stream system
02/16/17Apparatus and collecting adaptive flow statistics data in carrier network
02/16/17Method for determining color difference component quantization parameter and device using the method
02/16/17Inter-prediction same
02/16/17Inter-prediction same
02/16/17Apparatus for transmitting and receiving data through unlicensed band
02/16/17Method and fast access and supporting fast access in communication system
02/16/17Operation methods of communication node in network supporting licensed and unlicensed bands
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02/16/17Scheduling communication network supporting unlicensed band
02/16/17Operation communication node supporting direct communication in network
02/16/17Operation communication node supporting device to device communication in communication network
02/16/17Operation a communication node in a network supporting licensed band and unlicensed band
02/16/17X-ray source and apparatus including the same
02/09/17Method and system for estimating signal generation position based on signal strength
02/09/17Method and reducing consumption of standby power through detection of idle state of system
02/09/17Method and device for converting ship information
02/09/17Apparatus for displaying image content based on pop-up book and method thereof
02/09/17Apparatus and visible light communication
02/09/17Apparatus and parallel processing
02/09/17Apparatus and process authentication in redundant system
02/09/17Apparatus and providing streaming content
02/09/17Cloud service broker apparatus and method thereof
02/09/17Method and device for encoding/decoding image
02/09/17Method for transmitting and receiving beacon signal based on multi-channels and device supporting therefor
02/02/17Apparatus and creating and managing teeth model
02/02/17Apparatus for providing robot motion data adaptive to change in work environment and method therefor
02/02/17Optical oil component sensor and sensing method using the same
02/02/17Method and detecting loading of library
02/02/17Unmanned postal acceptance/reception apparatus and unmanned postal acceptance/submission/reception method thereof
02/02/17Gate driving circuit and organic light emitting display device including the same
02/02/17Dual-mode microwave tunable filter
02/02/17Antenna handover using the same
02/02/17Apparatus and detecting abnormal connection behavior based on analysis of network data
01/26/17Manual follicle-transplanting hair transplanter for increasing graft survival rate
01/26/17Automatic hair transplanter for transplanting follicles
01/26/17Automatic hair transplanter for transplanting follicles
01/26/17Radio frequency probe apparatus
01/26/17Forensic data acquisition guaranteeing integrity of flash memory in smart device
Patent Packs
01/26/17Apparatus and measuring quality of holographic image
01/26/17Bridge diode and manufacturing the same
01/26/17Base station and terminal for distributed array massive multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) communication antenna system
01/26/17Optical network unit and controlling the unit
01/26/17Signal multiplexing apparatus using layered division multiplexing and signal multiplexing method
01/26/17Apparatus and providing streaming content
01/26/17Image encoder and decoder using unidirectional prediction
01/26/17Image encoder and decoder using unidirectional prediction
01/26/17Cell search method, forward link frame transmission method, apparatus using the same and forward link frame structure
01/26/17Method for transmitting and receiving control information of a mobile communication system
01/19/17Apparatus and assembling output of 3d printer
01/19/17Apparatus and monitoring gas based on variation in sound field spectrum
01/19/17Semiconductor plasma antenna apparatus
01/19/17Horn antenna apparatus
01/19/17Apparatus for transmitting/receiving broadcasting signal using combination mode of layered division multiplexing and channel bonding, and method thereof
01/19/17Protection switching management effective use of resources in multilayer or multi-domain
01/19/17Device to device communication method using partial device control
01/12/17Microwave tomography apparatus and method thereof
01/12/17Optical signal processing apparatus using planar lightwave circuit with waveguide-array structure
01/12/17Speech recognition system and method
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01/12/17Method for manufacturing transparent electrode
01/12/17Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 2/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
01/12/17Low density parity check encoder having length of 64800 and code rate of 2/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
01/12/17Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 3/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
01/12/17Low density parity check encoder having length of 16200 and code rate of 5/15, and low density parity check encoding method using the same
01/12/17User terminal of multi-hop relay applying non-orthogonal multiple access in the same
01/12/17Method and tuning finite impulse response filter in in-band full duplex transceiver
01/12/17Signal multiplexing device and signal multiplexing method using layered division multiplexing
01/12/17Software router and methods for looking up routing table and for updating routing entry of the software router
01/12/17Apparatus and processing voice signal and terminal
01/12/17Method and close proximity communications
01/12/17Low latency transmission method and apparatus
01/05/17Method of constructing street guidance information database, and street guidance apparatus and method using street guidance information database
01/05/17Oxide based solid electrolyte and preparing same
01/05/17Apparatus and storing data traffic on flow basis
01/05/17Intra prediction method and apparatus
01/05/17Apparatus and providing interactive communication service using sensor network
01/05/17Method and wireless resource scheduling with guaranteed qos in mobile communication system
12/29/16Apparatus and providing accuracy of robot location information by using sensor
12/29/16Optical phase diversity receiver for coherent optical communication
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12/29/16Apparatus and virtual desktop service
12/29/16Apparatus and in-memory-based virtual desktop service
12/29/16Apparatus and monitoring android platform-based application
12/29/16Apparatus and measuring position of stereo camera
12/29/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
12/29/16Laser beam combination system
12/29/16Method and tuning finite impulse response filter in in-band full duplex transceiver
12/29/16Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus
12/29/16Audio system and extracting indoor reflection characteristics
12/29/16Method and transmitting data in direct device-to-device communication
12/29/16Method of transmitting control information using physical uplink shared channel region in mimo antenna system
12/29/16Random access
12/29/16Method and controlling random access opportunity in mobile communication system
12/22/16User authentication apparatus
12/22/16Apparatus and controlling hotplug based on load property of multi-core system
12/22/16Apparatus and cloud-based development environment service
12/22/16System and supporting execution of application based on multi-platform using virtual platform service
12/22/16Memory management unit and operating method thereof
12/22/16Apparatus and transmitting and receiving rf signal using beamforming
12/22/16Phase locked loop for reducing fractional spur noise
12/22/16Phase locked loop and operating method thereof
12/22/16Method and selecting wavelength in hybrid passive optical network system
12/22/16In-band full duplex transceiver
12/22/16Profile management running of virtual desktop in heterogeneous server
12/22/16Method and device for encoding/decoding images
12/22/16Method and device for encoding/decoding images
12/22/16Method and device for encoding/decoding images
12/22/16Method and device for encoding/decoding images
12/22/16Method for encoding and decoding video including plurality of layers
12/22/16Device and controlling exposure of electromagnetic waves from base station
Social Network Patent Pack
12/22/16Method for transmitting data and random access wireless terminal
12/15/16Human factor-based wearable display apparatus
12/15/16Energy saving method based on confidence interval and apparatus using the same
12/15/16Method and controlling power of virtual desktop client in integrated manner
12/15/16In-memory virtual desktop system
12/15/16Method for generating workflow model and executing workflow model
12/15/16Event router and routing symmetric multiprocessor virtual machine using queue
12/15/16Apparatus and providing adaptive virtual desktop operating system service
12/15/16Cloud service brokerage method and apparatus using service image store
12/15/16Apparatus and extracting object of interest from image using image matting based on global contrast
12/15/16Apparatus and generating 3d model
12/15/16Method and providing virtual reality-based digital optical content for digital optical devices
12/15/16Augmented reality-based hand interaction apparatus and method using image information
12/15/16Manufacturing graphene device
12/15/16Electronically steerable parasitic radiator antenna and beam forming apparatus
12/15/16Antenna apparatus having absorptive switch and controlling reactance load
12/15/16Apparatus and visible light communication using electrically switchable glass
12/15/16Sata host bus adapter using optical signal and connecting sata storage using the same
12/15/16Method for transmitting frame and communication device for performing the same
12/15/16Uplink multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output (ul mu-mimo) transmission request method in ul mu-mimo communication
12/15/16Apparatus and providing security service based on virtualization
12/15/16Shuffle embedded distributed storage system supporting virtual merge and method thereof
12/15/16Method for encoding and reconstructing depth image using color image information
12/15/16Interactive content control apparatus and method
12/15/16Motion estimation apparatus and method
12/15/16Method for inducing prediction motion vector and apparatuses using same
12/15/16Multi-channel low power communication method and apparatus
12/08/16Apparatus and detecting object
12/08/16Haptic device and display having the same

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