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Embarq Holdings Company Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Embarq Holdings Company Llc. Embarq Holdings Company Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Embarq Holdings Company Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Embarq Holdings Company Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/13/13Auto file locker
04/04/13On-screen caller id with video playback and storage capability
12/20/12System and generating a graphical user interface representative of network performance
12/20/12System and projecting information from a wireless device
12/13/12System and monitoring and altering performance of a packet network
12/06/12System and communicating emergency information through messaging
11/15/12System, method, and wireless access point for remote shared access to a communications network
11/15/12System and providing a visual indicator on a communication device
11/01/12Free market based pricing for bandwidth and network usage
10/11/12System and routing communications between packet networks based on real time pricing
10/11/12Method and system for conditionally limiting communications
10/04/12System and automatically regulating messages between networks
09/27/12System and setting resolution utilized for video conferencing through a streaming device
09/20/12System and provisioning resources of a packet network based on collected network performance information
09/20/12System, compiling network performancing information for communications with customer premise equipment
09/13/12System and monitoring and optimizing network performance to a wireless device
09/13/12System and using distributed network performance information tables to manage network communications
09/13/12Method for selection and routing of an outbound voice call to an appropriate network for completion
08/23/12System and a multimode handset for transferring telephone calls between mobile and cordless modes
08/09/12System and selecting network egress
08/09/12System and monitoring a connection of an end-user device to a network
08/02/12System and providing advanced call forwarding functionality
07/26/12Ip service peering mechanisms
07/19/12System and load balancing network resources using a connection admission control engine
07/12/12System and playing a ringtone on a communication device
07/05/12System and a wireless ringer function
07/05/12System and removing test packets
06/14/12System and collapsing search results
05/24/12Emergency alert signaling
05/24/12System and using centralized network performance tables to manage network communications
05/24/12User control over content delivery
05/24/12User-based monitoring and control
05/24/12System and enabling reciprocal billing for different types of communications over a packet network
05/10/12Method and system for secure management of co-located customer premises equipment
05/03/12System and stitching ethernet networks
05/03/12Wireless handset airplane safety interlock
04/12/12System and extension of wireless footprint
04/05/12User customizable monitoring system
04/05/12System and bypassing an emergency alert break-in for a recorded event
03/29/12Wireless handset vehicle safety interlock
12/29/11System and monitoring and optimizing network performance to a wireless device
12/29/11System and voice-activated dialing over implicit and explicit nfa trunks
12/08/11System and providing a customized dialtone
11/24/11Pin-hole firewall for communicating data packets on a packet network
09/15/11System and determining a state of a network service
07/14/11System and providing enhanced entertainment data on a set top box
07/14/11System and controlling home devices via a set top box
06/23/11System and management of ethernet premise devices
06/09/11System and synchronizing broadcast video with a secondary audio source
06/09/11System and broadcasting video with a secondary audio source
05/26/11System and the exchange and storage of set-top box data
05/26/11System and tuning a set-top box remotely via a social network
05/05/11System and extended recording
02/03/11System and registering an ip telephone
01/20/11Apparatus and handling video aspect ratios of video content
01/13/11Multi-femto cell service platforms
01/13/11System and automating travel related features
01/13/11System and a media content reconciler
01/13/11Set top box browser control via a wireless handset
12/30/10Visual ringer
12/23/10System and performing cost estimation in a service provider environment
12/16/10System and emergency communication of a location through a set-top box
12/16/10System and indicating performance information to a user to enhance communications
12/16/10System and automating proactive communication
12/16/10System and emergency communications through a set-top box
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12/02/10Femto cell service delivery platform usage compliance
12/02/10Aircraft wireless communication system
12/02/10Femto cell service delivery platform real-time voting and feedback
12/02/10System and sharing user content through a set-top box
11/04/10Video conferencing eyewear
11/04/10System and advanced adaptive pseudowire
11/04/10Self-monitored home security system using mobile communications
11/04/10System and a small form pluggable ethernet demarcation device
11/04/10System and separating control of a network interface device
10/28/10Mass transportation service delivery platform
10/21/10System and utilizing attendee location information with an event planner
10/14/10System and providing end to end quality of service for cellular voice traffic over a data network
10/14/10Telephone for providing information associated with a remote geographic location of a called party to a caller
10/07/10Dynamic video content
09/30/10System and providing callers with local time and other information at called locations
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09/30/10Power outage dvr back up system
09/30/10Body heat sensing control apparatus and method
09/30/10System nd dialing 911 from a tv remote
09/23/10System, transmitting audio signals over a voice channel
09/16/10System, inband variable media maturity filtering
09/16/10System and providing cellular call gating via a femto cell
09/16/10Dvr home network content shifting
09/09/10System and tracking a line rate utilization
09/09/10Customer premise equipment with access to free market based pricing for bandwidth on a communications network
09/09/10System and authoritative validation of mobile service permissions
09/09/10System and mobile service geochronous validation
09/09/10System and continuous mobile service geochronous validation
09/09/10System and verifying ims databases on a mainframe computer
09/02/10Teletypewriter (tty) for communicating pre-stored emergency messages to public safety answering points (psaps)
08/26/10System and establishing pre-stored emergency messages
08/26/10System and providing caller identification for a tdm conference call
08/26/10Multi-directional display communication devices, systems, and methods
08/26/10System, media access control (mac) address proxying
08/19/10System and modifying network traffic
08/19/10System and a wireless phone enabled with weather alerts
08/19/10Cordless phone mesh network
08/19/10System and bypassing an emergency alert break-in
08/19/10System and bypassing an emergency alert break-in for a recorded event
08/19/10System and displaying an emergency alert message
08/12/10User customizable monitoring system
08/05/10System, providing simulated stutter dial tone from an ip end point device
08/05/10System and identifying e-911 calls and notifying family members/friends of the caller
08/05/10System and handling toll free number telephone calls
07/29/10System and providing broadband notification
07/29/10System and delayed phone conferencing
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07/29/10System and providing wireless emergency alerts with routing information
07/22/10Cubicle privacy screen system
07/22/10Interchangeable window treatment system
07/22/10System and displaying cellular caller id on tv
07/22/10System and displaying call status on tv
07/15/10Video greeting card
07/08/10Wireless dect phone adaptor
07/08/10Method and system to modify settings in one or more applications based on settings in another application
07/08/10Method and system to update applications based on availability settings
07/01/10System, method, and inserting caller id information into a digital video signal
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07/01/10Wireless handset airplane safety interlock
07/01/10Method and communicating data via a cable card
07/01/10System and set-top box recording
06/24/10System and tracking maximum throughput and sla compliance
06/24/10System and a visual voicemail interface
06/24/10System and marketing a wireless network
06/17/10System and standardizing communications lines test sets
06/17/10System and assisting field communications technicians in repairing communications lines
06/17/10System and providing location based services at a shopping facility
06/17/10System and providing multi-carrier tracking of wireless devices during an emergency
06/17/10System and trnasferring a partially viewed media content file
06/10/10System and path state determinations
06/10/10System, method, and facilitating wideband audio over a coil-assisted digital subscriber line loop
06/03/10System and providing telephone assignment information to telephone service technicians
05/27/10System and providing location information with voicemail messages
05/27/10System and displaying information associated with a cellular device on a user specified display unit
05/20/10System and providing a call forward indicator
05/06/10System and voice activated provisioning of telecommunication services
05/06/10System and collapsing search results
05/06/10System and communicating search results
05/06/10System and displaying publication dates for search results
04/29/10System and wireless home communications
04/29/10Packet-based audio conversion and distribution device
04/29/10System and providing online sms games
04/22/10System and monitoring a location
04/22/10System and providing telecommunications special services to a telecommunications customer
04/22/10Method and managing frequencies used by devices
04/22/10System and managing messages
04/22/10System and providing contact information of a mobile device to a reverse 911 database
04/22/10System and providing contact information of an out of area mobile device to a reverse 911 database
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04/22/10System and managing events associated with the detection of wireless devices
04/22/10System and determining base unit position of a cordless handset
04/15/10Apparatus and improving customer retention
04/15/10System, method, and user-initiated provisioning of a communication device
04/15/10System and configuring a communication device
04/15/10System and providing travel-related information associated with a calendar appointment
04/15/10System and making a reservation associated with a calendar appointment
04/15/10System and providing delay notifications
04/15/10Establishing and managing mentor-protege relationships
04/08/10System and adjusting the window size of a tcp packet through network elements
03/25/10System and testing a dsl and pots connection
03/25/10System and key free access to a vehicle
03/25/10System and updating vehicle media content
03/25/10Desktop hyperlinks
03/18/10System and video conferencing through a television forwarding device
03/18/10System and encoding changes for video conferencing through a set-top box
03/18/10Method and determining a change in network-generated crosstalk levels caused by a multi-line phone
03/11/10System and monitoring bursting traffic
03/11/10System and generating alarms based on bursting traffic
03/11/10System and monitoring bandwidth utilization by a user
Social Network Patent Pack
03/04/10System and set-top box call connection
03/04/10Method and controlling the transmit volume level of a speakerphone
03/04/10System and an audit tool for communications service providers
03/04/10System and standardizing and managing information technology products
03/04/10Method and system for providing usage information for a set-top box
03/04/10Method and system for providing a reminder notification for a set-top box
03/04/10Method and system for providing a content notification for a set-top box
03/04/10System and set-top box base station integration
03/04/10System and providing outbound telephone calls via a set-top box
03/04/10Method and system for communication with a set-top box
03/04/10Method and system for providing a web-based content feed for a set-top box
03/04/10Method and system for providing a social notification for a set-top box
02/25/10Research collection and retention system
02/25/10System and creating image screens on a mainframe computer
02/18/10Communicating navigation data from a gps system to a telecommunications device
02/18/10System and routing calls to multiple communication devices associated with one phone number
02/11/10Message filtering system using profiles
02/11/10Message filtering system
02/04/10System and a smart dialer
02/04/10System and routing messages to communication devices associated with a user
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02/04/10Sms and voice messaging to gps
02/04/10System and an automatic television channel change
01/28/10Auto bandwidth negotiation, reroute and advertisement
01/28/10Method for sending a previously recorded personalized message to a caller by a network voice mail system
01/28/10System and projecting information from a wireless device
01/28/10System and a projection enabled voip phone
01/28/10System, method, and providing digital video recorder services on a portable wireless device
01/28/10Method and configuration for storing and playing back tv transmissions
01/21/10System and tracking alarms in a packet network
01/21/10System and providing wireless security surveillance services accessible via a telecommunications device
01/14/10System and screening incoming telephone calls
01/14/10System and providing emergency call forwarding services
01/07/10Content downloading over tdm with download pausing
01/07/10System and adjusting bandwidth based on a time of day profile
01/07/10Deluxe emergency notification
01/07/10Psap capabilities defining handling emergency text messaging
01/07/10System and processing emergency data messages at a psap
01/07/10Data message service controller and handling emergency text messaging
01/07/10Multi-button emergency message generation
01/07/10Emergency data message router database
01/07/10Battery charge reservation for emergency communications
01/07/10Emergency message button and method on a wireless communications device for communicating an emergency message to a public safety answering point (psap)
01/07/10Emergency message menu
01/07/10System and handling emergency image messaging
01/07/10System and distributing emergency data messages to public safety answering points in a balanced manner
01/07/10System and identifying and collecting data messages being communicated over a communications network
01/07/10System and generating and communicating updated emergency messages
01/07/10Preformatted emergency text message
01/07/10System and sending an emergency message selected from among multiple emergency message types from a wireless communications device
01/07/10System and providing network assisted geographic coordinates for emergency data messaging
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01/07/10System and performing an abbreviated power-up sequence on a wireless communications device
12/31/09System and implementing do-not-disturb during playback of media content
12/31/09System and recording an audio to-do list and adding to-do list items to a calendar application
12/31/09System and providing information to a user of a telephone about another party on a telephone call
12/31/09System and providing advanced call forwarding functionality
12/31/09System and telephone based noise cancellation
12/31/09System and delivering advertising to packet-based telephones
12/31/09System and transcribing and displaying speech during a telephone call
12/24/09System and enhanced automatic roaming
12/17/09System and identifying a caller by a customer premises equipment voicemail system and playing a previously recorded personalized message to that caller
12/17/09System and inserting advertisements into sms messages
12/17/09System and advertisers to bid on distributing ads to telephone calling parties
12/17/09System and distribution of a television signal
12/10/09System, remotely configuring selective call features
12/10/09System and inserting advertisements in voicemail
12/03/09System and digital picture frame syndication
12/03/09Voice packet dynamic echo cancellation system
12/03/09Method, system and identifying user datagram protocol packets using deep packet inspection
11/19/09Intelligent wireless device indicator
11/19/09System and managing messages in a network data processing system using a check-in policy
11/19/09System and creating a ground bonding strap
11/12/09System and a telephone panic button
11/12/09System, associating a credit card account with sub-account codes
11/12/09System and shared spam call blocking
11/05/09System and in-patient telephony
11/05/09Integrating targeted ads in faxes
11/05/09Click to create meeting makers from electronic messages
10/29/09Method for selection and routing of an outbound voice call to an appropriate network for completion
10/29/09System and remote testing of a subscriber loop

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