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Emc Corporation
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Emc Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Emc Corporation. Emc Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Emc Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Emc Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/26/17Container migration utilizing state storage of partitioned storage volume
10/05/17Storage management system and method
10/05/17Method and system for optimistic flow control for push-based input/output with buffer stealing
10/05/17Delegated media translation layer in a storage appliance
09/14/17Method and system for ideogram character analysis
08/24/17Automatic elevation of system security
07/06/17Creating replicas at user-defined points in time
06/29/17Method and system for synchronizing an index of data blocks stored in a storage system using a shared storage module
06/29/17Dynamic resilience in flash acceleration tiers
06/29/17Consistent transition from asynchronous to synchronous replication in hash-based storage systems
06/29/17Method and system for accessing data objects stored in a storage system using object descriptors allocated by clients
06/29/17Erasure coding for elastic cloud storage
06/29/17Data valuation based on development and deployment velocity
06/29/17Method and system for providing access of a storage system using a shared storage module as a transport mechanism
06/29/17Fabric for modular solid-state storage systems
06/29/17Multi-stream object-based upload in a distributed file system
06/29/17Offsite data analysis for appliances
06/29/17Accelerated galois field coding for storage systems
06/29/17Optimization of network data transfers over a wide area network
06/29/17Connection-oriented communication devices with round trip time estimation
06/22/17Capacity exhaustion prevention for distributed storage
06/22/17Mutable data objects content verification tool
06/22/17Statistics management for scale-out storage
06/22/17Garbage collection scope detection for distributed storage
06/22/17Copying garbage collector for b+ trees under multi-version concurrency control
06/15/17Accessing a virtual volume on a storage array
06/15/17Providing storage technology information to improve database performance
05/25/17Automatic assignment of dump
05/25/17Processing cache data
05/04/17Composable application session parameters
04/20/17Techniques for synchronization management
04/20/17Smart logging of trace data for storage systems
03/30/17Disk synchronization
03/30/17Converting complex structure objects into flattened data
03/30/17Security detection
03/30/17Thermal management via active surfaces
03/23/17Multi stream deduplicated backup of collaboration server data
03/23/17Operating shingled magnetic recording device
03/23/17Selecting an incremental backup approach
03/23/17Tracing garbage collector for search trees under multi-version concurrency control
03/23/17Block level deduplication with block similarity
03/23/17Method and determining a physical position of a device
03/16/17Maintaining data consistency
03/16/17White-box testing
03/16/17Log storage optimization
03/16/17Weightless data objects content verification
03/16/17Multiprocessor system with independent direct access to bulk solid state memory resources
03/16/17Remote power management
03/02/17Action flow fragment management
02/16/17Metadata reconciliation
02/09/17Network address sharing in a multitentant, monolithic application environment
02/02/17Memory centric database architecture
01/26/17Optimization to permit block based incremental backup across system reboot or crash
01/26/17Coalescing configuration engine, coalescing configuration tool and file system for storage system
01/12/17Expression based declarative data service execution chaining
01/05/17Method and system for malware detection in virtual machines
01/05/17System and secure multi-tenancy in datadomain operating system (ddos), a purpose built backup appliance (pbba) operating system
12/29/16Handling movement of a physical drive
12/29/16Resolving write pressure using existing backup appliance as additional primary storage
12/29/16Managing storage array configuration
12/29/16Soft-switch in storage system
12/29/16Data storage system having segregated control plane and/or segregated data plane architecture
12/29/16Detecting unresponsiveness of a process
12/29/16Backup performance using data allocation optimization
12/29/16Distributed work flow using database replication
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12/29/16Determining server location in a data center
12/29/16Trust overlays for disaggregated infrastructures
12/29/16Computing erasure metadata and data layout prior to storage using a processing platform
12/29/16Determining a physical location of a device
12/22/16Selective compression in data storage systems
12/22/16Governed placement of data analytic results
12/15/16Metadata structures for low latency and high throughput inline data compression
12/15/16Complexity-adaptive compression of color images using binary arithmetic coding
12/08/16Cross site recovery of a vm
12/08/16Hierarchical permissions model within a document
12/01/16Metadata representation and storage
11/24/16Method and system for multicasting data to persistent memory
11/24/16Method and scaling out storage devices and scaled-out storage devices
11/24/16Parallel processing database system with a shared metadata store
11/24/16Large scale video analytics architecture
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11/24/16Method and system for storing and recovering data from flash memory
11/24/16System and cache management
11/17/16Cache data placement for compression in data storage systems
11/17/16Extending a cache of a storage system
11/17/16Generating context tree data based on a tailored data model
11/17/16Multi-page document recognition in document capture
11/10/16Recovering data lost in data de-duplication system
11/03/16Method and system for replicating and using grid level metadata in a storage system
11/03/16Post backup catalogs
11/03/16Annotated test interfaces
11/03/16Composable test automation framework
11/03/16System and method to provide secure credential
10/27/16Virtual machine disaster recovery
10/27/16Set-based bugs discovery system via sql query
10/27/16Prioritized backup segmenting
10/27/16Efficient computation of sketches
10/27/16Automated defect and optimization discovery
10/20/16Constructing a scalable storage device, and scaled storage device
10/20/16Data storage management
10/20/16Implementing multiple content management service operations
10/20/16Synchronization of storage using comparisons of fingerprints of blocks
10/20/16Failing back block objects in batch
10/20/16Detecting and handling errors in a bus structure
10/20/16Providing secure access to data in mobile devices
10/20/16Testing a storage network
10/20/16Content resource management
10/06/16Disaster recovery as a service
10/06/16Failover in a san environment
10/06/16Writing data to storage via a pci express fabric having a fully-connected mesh topology
10/06/16Reading data from storage via a pci express fabric having a fully-connected mesh topology
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10/06/16De-duplicating distributed file system using cloud-based object store
10/06/16Pluggable storage system for distributed file systems
10/06/16Secure cloud-based storage of data shared across file system objects and clients
10/06/16Storage system upgrade
09/29/16Extensible service execution framework with data mapping architecture
09/29/16Virtual point in time access between snapshots
09/22/16Asynchronous notification data storage systems
09/22/16Object encryption
09/22/16Provisioning resources for datacenters
09/08/16Policy based provisioning of storage system resources
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09/08/16Polymorphic application of policy
09/01/16Techniques for automatically freeing space in a log-structured storage system
09/01/16Smr auto-tiering
09/01/16Virtual private cloud that provides enterprise grade functionality and compliance
08/18/16Analytics platform for automated diagnosis, remediation, and proactive supportability
08/18/16Image recovery from volume image files
08/18/16User readability improvement for dynamic updating of search results
08/04/16Declaring directives in a data store
07/21/16Block based incremental backup from user mode
07/14/16Efficient storage tiering
07/14/16Framework for calculating grouped optimization algorithms within a distributed data store
07/07/16Reusing storage blocks of a file system
07/07/16Recognizing hard disk movement
07/07/16Providing access to resources
07/07/16Failure recovery in a storage device
07/07/16Smart multimedia processing
07/07/16Method to input content in a structured manner with real-time assistance and validation
07/07/16Analyzing user behaviors
07/07/16Processing transactions in a synchronized replication system
07/07/16Text compression and decompression
07/07/16Quality of service setting
07/07/16Performing cross-layer orchestration of resources in data center having multi-layer architecture
07/07/16Assured federated records management
07/07/16Controlling sharing of resource among a plurality of nodes
07/07/16Providing storage service to tenant in cloud storage environment
07/07/16Monitoring target object by multiple cameras
06/30/16Software testing
06/30/16Privacy screen-based security
06/30/16Passive san discovery
06/23/16Page-independent multi-field validation in document capture
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06/23/16Quota based resource management
06/23/16Computing and obtaining fault related information
06/23/16Management of storage devices
06/23/16Automatically testing firmware
06/23/16Managing a peripheral component interface express device hotplug
06/23/16Method and system to search logs that contain a massive number of entries
06/16/16System and full virtual machine backup using storage system functionality
06/16/16System and dynamic data object upgrades
06/16/16Dynamic malicious application detection in storage systems
06/09/16Synchronous business process execution engine for action orchestration in a single execution transaction context
06/02/16Dynamic prioritized recovery
06/02/16Transmitting filesystem changes over a network
06/02/16Providing local access to managed content
05/19/16Segment deduplication system with encryption and compression of segments
05/12/16Automated defect diagnosis from machine diagnostic data
05/12/16Synchronized file management across multiple disparate endpoints
05/12/16Declarative cluster management
05/05/16Efficient backup of virtual data
05/05/16Processing an input/ output operation request
04/28/16Detecting time zones using historical date sampling
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04/21/16Enabling non-volatile random access to data
04/21/16Assigning lock resources to objects
04/21/16Disk data management
04/21/16Cluster file server proxy server for backup and recovery
04/21/16Data cache and data caching
04/07/16Virtual machine capacity planning
04/07/16System and smart framework for network backup software debugging
04/07/16Asynchronous multi-node filesystem coordinated replication
04/07/16Integrated search for shared storage using index throttling to maintain quality of service
04/07/16Interconnect flow control
03/31/16Performance of de-clustered disk array
03/31/16Method and cost-based load balancing for port selection
03/31/16Determining failure location in a storage system
03/31/16Method and system for improving flash storage utilization by predicting bad m-pages
03/31/16Method and accelerating data reconstruction for a disk array
03/31/16Leveling io
03/31/16General framework for cross-validation of machine learning algorithms using sql on distributed systems
03/31/16Method and system for improving flash storage utilization using read-threshold tables
03/31/16Generating a qr code
03/31/16Cloud consistency technology
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03/24/16Tracking files excluded from backup
03/24/16Updating key value databases for virtual backups
03/24/16Method and system for risk-adaptive access control of an application action
03/17/16Virtual repository management
03/17/16Generation and use of a modified protected file
03/03/16Virtual appliance deployment
03/03/16Efficient file browsing using key value databases for virtual backups
03/03/16Method and system for garbage collection in a storage system based on longevity of stored data
02/25/16Composable context menus
02/18/16Dynamic graph anomaly detection framework and scalable system architecture
02/11/16System for discovering bugs using interval algebra query language
02/11/16System and rolling upgrades of data traits
02/11/16System and secure multi-tenancy in operating system of a storage system
02/04/16Performance improvement of a capacity optimized storage system using a performance segment storage system and a segment storage system
02/04/16Efficient data storage system
02/04/16Selective fragmentation repair
01/28/16Cluster storage using subsegmenting for efficient storage
01/28/16Object classification and identification from raw data
01/28/16Managing provisioning of storage resources
01/28/16Data mover discovery of object extent
01/28/16Automated defect and optimization discovery
01/14/16Multi stream deduplicated backup of collaboration server data
01/07/16File based incremental block backup from user mode
01/07/16Automated end-to-end sales process of storage appliances of storage systems using predictive modeling
12/31/15Software overlays for disaggregated components
12/31/15Efficient building of restore list
12/31/15Content fabric for a distributed file system
12/31/15Parallel processing database tree structure
12/31/15Dynamically composed compute nodes comprising disaggregated components
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12/31/15Migrating private infrastructure services to a cloud
12/31/15Application and information movement in a cloud environment
12/31/15Customer controlled data privacy protection in public cloud
12/31/15Anomaly detection system for enterprise network security
12/24/15Blueprint-driven environment template creation in a virtual infrastructure
12/24/15Superseding objects in a retention system
12/17/15Efficiently estimating compression ratio in a deduplicating file system
12/10/15Resource provisioning based on logical profiles and piecewise objective functions
12/03/15Snapshotting of a performance storage system in a system for performance improvement of a capacity optimized storage system
12/03/15Flash module
11/26/15Computer readable electronic records automated classification system
11/05/15System and incremental virtual machine backup using storage system functionality
11/05/15System and full virtual machine backup using storage system functionality
10/22/15Load balancing on disks in raid based on linear block codes
10/22/15Using server side font preparation to achieve wysiwyg and cross platform fidelity on web based word processor
10/22/15Detection of malware beaconing activities
10/15/15Storing differences between precompressed and recompressed data files
10/15/15Identity protocol translation gateway
10/08/15Metadata generation for incremental backup
10/08/15Genomic application data storage
10/01/15Power management
10/01/15Relocating data between storage arrays
10/01/15Scale-out storage in a virtualized storage system
10/01/15Dynamic storage tiering
10/01/15Monitoring health condition of a hard disk
10/01/15Synchronization of storage using comparisons of fingerprints of blocks
10/01/15Accessing data
10/01/15Heteroscedastic data compression using arima-garch model estimation
10/01/15Query translation for searching complex structures of objects

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