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Empire Technology Development Llc
Empire Technology Development Llc A Corporation
Empire Technology Development Llc_20131212
Empire Technology Development Llc A Limited Liability Company

Empire Technology Development Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Empire Technology Development Llc. Empire Technology Development Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Empire Technology Development Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Empire Technology Development Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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07/20/17 new patent  Cache partitioning in a multicore processor
07/20/17 new patent  Augmented reality alteration detector
07/13/17Methods and systems for isolating nitrogen from a gaseous mixture
07/13/17Augmented reality proximity sensing
07/13/17Suppression of real features in see-through display
07/13/17Homomorphic public-key encryption scheme
07/06/17Wearable sensor based body modeling
07/06/17Control redistribution among multiple devices
07/06/17Application programming interface testing services
07/06/17Real-time targeted messages
07/06/17Encrypted communication between paired devices
07/06/17Concurrent wireless power transfer and data communication
07/06/17Wireless network handover
06/29/17Electronic device
06/29/17Three dimensional data acquisition with orthogonal composite pattern for structured light illuminated vision
06/29/17Cell id allocation in a heterogeneous network
06/22/17Management of chip multiprocessor cooperative caching based on eviction rate
06/22/17Decentralizing a hadoop cluster
06/22/17Secure communication connection formation
06/22/17Schemes for providing wireless network
06/15/17User interface selection based on user context
06/08/17Sensor management based on surface type
06/08/17Device usage message generator indicative of power consumption of an electronic device
06/08/17Use of encryption to provide secure credit card payments
06/08/17Coordination of multiple structured light-based 3d image detectors
06/01/17Generation of a communication request based on visual selection
06/01/17Real-time location sharing
05/25/17Rank determination
05/18/17Real-time glucose monitoring
05/11/17Energy-efficient dynamic dram cache sizing
05/11/17Apparatus, methods, and systems for removing components from a circuit board
05/04/17Orthopedic stiffening device
05/04/17Compilation of application into multiple instruction sets for a heterogeneous processor
05/04/17Alignment markers to facilitate detection of object orientation and deformation
05/04/173d object rotation-based mechanical parts selection through 2d image processing
04/27/17Shape-changing keyboard
04/27/17Distributed user interfaces as a service
04/27/17Increased refresh interval and energy efficiency in a dram
04/27/17Energy flow controller
04/20/17Fruit in a bubble wrap mat
04/20/17Light weight structural materials
04/20/17Instruction optimization using voltage-based functional performance variation
04/20/17Identification of recorded image data
04/13/17Stress shielding and variable tensioning system for pelvic fracture management of osteoporotic bones
04/13/17Fused filament fabrication materials and methods of use thereof
04/13/17Distilling popular information of a web page
04/13/17Non-volatile sram with multiple storage states
04/13/17Detection of proximity of client device to base station
04/06/17Secure images
04/06/17Method, system, and computer-readable medium for bandwidth auctions with bandwidth bid requests based on mobile device application tables
03/30/17Humic acid derivatives and methods of preparation and use
03/23/17Diverticulum inversion using a clip placement device
03/23/17Device and methods of inverting a diverticulum
03/23/17Castle-key clip for securing closed diverticula
03/23/17Tissue gathering basket enhancements
03/23/17Insitu swappable clip delivery cartridge
03/23/17Resource management for distributed games
03/23/17Temperature tags and methods for their preparation and use
03/23/17Temperature tags and methods of making and using the same
03/16/17Composite foam and methods of preparation and use
03/16/17Protective coatings including partially halogenated materials and methods for forming and using same
03/16/17Manipulator with linear motion actuator
03/16/17Tunable thermostatic materials and methods for preparation and use
03/16/17Backlight units and methods of making the same
03/16/17Gesture based user interface for augmented reality
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03/16/17Push content to a currently utilized device among client devices
03/09/17Intraluminal pressure detection for diverticular disease
03/09/17Extrusion nozzles, methods, and systems for three-dimensional printing
03/02/17Tattoo and tattoo applicator for animal lifecycle monitoring
03/02/17Biosensing devices and methods of using and preparing the same
03/02/17User profile-based wireless device system level management
02/23/17Meat tendering using food grade natural products for reducing muscle contraction
02/23/17Smooth transition between predictive and mobile-assisted spectral allocation
02/16/17Incidental robot-human contact detection
02/16/17Inorganic siloxane ladder composites and methods of their preparation
02/16/17Core prioritization for heterogeneous on-chip networks
02/16/17Storing data in storage devices
02/16/17Directory coherence for multicore processors
02/16/17Aging-based leakage energy reduction method and system
02/09/17Energy harvesting system for vehicle
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02/09/17Adjusting tap position on touch screen
02/09/17Vertically integrated wafers with thermal dissipation
02/09/17Crystal oscillators and methods for fabricating the same
02/09/17Signal sequence estimation
02/09/17Online data management
02/09/17Automatic contacts sorting
02/02/17Apparatuses, methods, and systems for removal of target compounds from gases
02/02/17Methods and systems for increasing surface smoothness of three-dimensional printed article
02/02/17Detection of volatile chemicals using an rfid sensing system
02/02/17Holographic image display
02/02/17Holography using a double-end-emitting fiber laser
02/02/17Dynamic content preview
02/02/17Privacy protection for a life-log system
01/26/17Hair moisture measuring device, and methods of making and using the device
01/26/17Scene analysis for improved eye tracking
01/26/17Model name determination
01/19/17Single-chambered sweat rate monitoring sensor
01/19/17Acrylamide-based conductive compounds, and methods of preparation and uses thereof
01/19/17Systems and methods for determining concentration of a component in a fluid sample
01/19/17Substrates having polarizer and color filter functions, and methods for their preparations
01/19/17Distance determination between rfid tags
01/19/17Task management across low-power wireless communications
01/12/17Gallstone removal through cholecystoduodenal fistula by anastomosis device
01/12/17Stable grasp point selection for robotic grippers with machine vision and ultrasound beam forming
01/12/17Sensor data anomaly detector
01/05/17Systems and methods of curing additive manufactured materials
01/05/17Methods and compounds for producing nylon 12
01/05/17Methods for producing nylon 7
01/05/17Memory allocation accellerator
01/05/17Mems dual comb drive
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01/05/17Biodegradable printed circuit boards and methods for making the printed circuit boards
12/29/16Real-time monitoring of material composition for quality control
12/29/16Composite image generation to remove obscuring objects
12/22/16Perspiration monitoring
12/22/16Novel gemini surfactant and their use
12/22/16Gemini surfactants and methods for their preparation and use
12/22/16Three-dimensional display
12/22/16Determining a write operation
12/22/16Adaptive merchant site sampling linked to payment transactions
12/22/16Dual channel memory
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12/22/16Screens for electronic devices, and methods for their preparation and use
12/22/16Rhythm based multimedia generator
12/15/16Methods and apparatuses for additive manufacturing
12/15/16Orientation-based hashing for fast item orientation sensing
12/15/16Imaging through optical fibers for coupling optimization
12/08/16Sensor degradation compensation
12/08/16Optical waveguides for optoelectronic devices and methods of making the same
12/08/16Property list customization
12/08/16Solid-state barcodes and methods for their preparation and use
12/08/16Three-dimensional imaging sensor calibration
12/08/16Mems-based audio speaker system with modulation element
12/08/16Mems-based structure for pico speaker
12/01/16Methods and systems for monitoring melt zones in polymer three dimensional printing
12/01/16Method of producing graphene from a hydrocarbon gas and liquid metal catalysts
12/01/16Odor sensors
12/01/16Asymmetrical chaotic encryption
11/24/16Optical fibers without cladding
11/24/16Loyalty program system
11/24/16Evaluation of payment fencing information and determination of rewards to facilitate anti-fraud measures
11/24/16Mems-based audio speaker system using single sideband modulation
11/24/16Concurrent wireless power transfer and data communication
11/17/16Methods and devices for high throughput screening of conditions affecting stem cell differentiation
11/17/16Aligning guide using pressure-sensitive index change elastomer
11/17/16Light field filter
11/17/16Memory device with speculated bit flip threshold
11/17/16Network controller security monitor
11/17/16Repurposable microphone and speaker
11/10/16Phase change their preparation and use
11/10/16Devices and techniques for ablative treatment
11/10/16Increased interlayer adhesion of three-dimensional printed articles
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11/10/16Title: integrated packaging for multi-component sensors
11/10/16Method and detecting particulate matter
11/10/16Printed ball lens and methods for their fabrication
11/10/16Augmented reality (ar) system
11/10/16Three-dimensional display device using fluorescent material
11/03/16Graphene membranes and methods for making and using the same
11/03/16Finite automata manager
10/27/16Bromine-free fire retardant (fr) agents capable of using a cyclization mechanism
10/27/16Refractive index measurement of liquids over a broad spectral range
10/27/16Biomolecular detection using multiphoton plasmonic cooperative coupling
10/27/16Silicon chip with refractive index gradient for optical communication
10/27/16Localized audio source extraction from video recordings
10/27/16Line of sight initiated handshake
10/20/16Compounds and methods for producing nylon 6
10/20/16Thermostatic materials, methods of making, and uses thereof
10/20/16Identification system and method
10/20/16Bandwidth amplification using pre-clocking
10/13/16Graphene etching methods, systems, and composites
10/13/16Preparation and usage of optical waveguides
10/13/16Non-linear gradient index (grin) optical backplane
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10/13/16Gradient index (grin) backplane routing
10/06/16Portable flow meter for low volume applications
10/06/16Systems and methods for reducing corrosion in a reactor system using rotational force
10/06/16Apparatus and methods for detecting substrate alignment during a printing process
10/06/16Streaming analytics
10/06/16Verification location determination for entity presence confirmation of online purchases
10/06/16Local management for intermediary graphics rendition
10/06/16Sound verification
10/06/16Data interpoltion
09/29/16Microwave dipolar heating of energetic polymers for carbon fiber-matrix separation
09/29/16Strengthened glass substrates
09/29/16Functionalized boron nitride materials and methods for their preparation and use
09/29/16Data storage in degraded solid state memory
09/29/16Sequential access of cache data
09/29/16Electrodes for energy storage devices and methods for their preparation
09/29/16Broadcasting a message using modulated power
09/29/16Virtual machine placement
09/29/16Determination of a location of a communication device
09/29/16Sequential access of cache data
09/29/16Broadcasting a message using modulated power
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09/22/16Sensor regime selection and implementation
09/22/16Dynamic gaming experience adjustments
09/22/16Fluorinated siloxanes and methods for their preparation
09/22/16Operator alertness monitor
09/22/16Output capacitance reduction in power transistors
09/22/16Method of outputting estimated qoes on a terminal on an application basis
09/15/16Methods and compounds for producing nylon 6,6
09/15/16Liposomal detection devices and methods for their use and preparation
09/15/16Thermally printed optic circuits
09/15/16Holographic image generation and reconstruction
09/15/16Differential writing for life extension of portions of a memory device
09/15/16Two-level cloud system migration
09/15/16Flexible electronics device
09/08/16Food additive, food packaging additives, and uses thereof
09/08/16Visualization of beam trajectories in radiation therapy
09/08/16Methods of producing dicarbonyl compounds
09/08/16Document interaction evaluator based on an ontology
09/08/16Ultrasonic thin film tags
09/08/16Signal sequence estimation
09/08/16Suppression of discovery of mobile devices in a wireless network
09/01/16Devices and methods for measuring hair condition
09/01/16Gecko-like container capping system and methods
09/01/16Secure transparent display
09/01/16Thread and data assignment in multi-core processors
09/01/16Resource consumption optimization
09/01/16Photo and document integration
09/01/16Scene image generator
09/01/16Malicious virtual machine alert generator
09/01/16Location determining scheme
09/01/16Augmented reality skin evaluation
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09/01/16Identification by sound data
09/01/16Display detection for augmented reality
08/25/16Game item management
08/25/16Photoswitchable graphene membranes
08/25/16Annular user interface
08/25/16Digital rights management based on formatting feature
08/25/16Social network reports
08/25/16Vehicle location indicator
08/25/16Memory sensing
08/25/16Generation of a communication request based on visual selection
08/25/16Virtual machine migration based on communication from nodes
08/25/16Scene-based variable compression
08/25/16Automatic contacts sorting
08/25/16Adaptable coil-nfc antenna for powered and unpowered applications
08/25/16Remote driving assistance
08/18/16Touch screen with tactile feedback
08/18/16Control of router in cloud system
08/18/16Data exchange between multiple sourcing devices
08/18/16Determining reliability of online post
08/18/16Data synchronization
08/18/16Web tracking protection
08/18/16Speculative allocation of instances
08/18/16Optimal direction determination of radio signals
08/18/16Augmented reality skin manager
08/18/16Subject selected augmented reality skin
08/18/16Evaluation of augmented reality skins
08/11/16Uv curable hydrophilic coatings
08/11/16Heterogeneous multicore processor with graphene-based transistors
08/11/16Data scrubbing certification for platform technologies

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