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Entegris Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Entegris Inc. Entegris Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Entegris Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Entegris Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Cmp pad conditioning assembly

A chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pad conditioning assembly that includes one or more support structures positioned between one or more abrasive regions of the pad conditioning assembly is disclosed. The support structures and abrasive regions can be separated by one or more channels. A top surface of the one or... Entegris Inc

Bottom opening pod with magnetically coupled casssettes

A bottom opening pod utilizing magnetic coupling for securing one or more cassettes within. The pod includes magnetic couplers that provide magnetic coupling between the cassette(s) and the bottom door of the pod. The magnetic couplers may include magnetic elements disposed on a base of the cassette and on the... Entegris Inc

High-purity tungsten hexacarbonyl for solid source delivery

A solid source material is described for forming a tungsten-containing film. The solid source material is tungsten hexacarbonyl, wherein content of molybdenum is less than 1000 ppm. Such solid source material may be formed by a process including provision of particulate tungsten hexacarbonyl raw material of particles of size less... Entegris Inc

Alloys of co to reduce stress

A deposited cobalt composition is described, including cobalt and one or more alloy component that is effective in combination with cobalt to enhance adhesion to a substrate when exposed on the substrate to variable temperature and/or delaminative force conditions, as compared to corresponding elemental cobalt, wherein the one or more... Entegris Inc

Coatings for enhancement of properties and performance of substrate articles and apparatus

Coatings applicable to a variety of substrate articles, structures, materials, and equipment are described. In various applications, the substrate includes metal surface susceptible to formation of oxide, nitride, fluoride, or chloride of such metal thereon, wherein the metal surface is configured to be contacted in use with gas, solid, or... Entegris Inc

Apparatus and pressure dispensing of high viscosity liquid-containing materials

A liner-based pressure dispensing container includes a connector-mounted probe arranged to seat a dip tube against an inner surface of a liner fitment for sealing utility. A dip tube and probe may include increased and/or matched flow area. A reverse flow prevention element can be arranged proximate to a liquid... Entegris Inc

Smart package

A fluid supply package is described, which includes a fluid storage and dispensing vessel, and a fluid dispensing assembly coupled to the vessel and configured to enable discharge of fluid from the vessel under dispensing conditions, wherein the fluid supply package includes an informational augmentation device thereon, e.g., at least... Entegris Inc

Cvd mo deposition by using moocl4

A method of forming a molybdenum-containing material on a substrate is described, in which the substrate is contacted with molybdenum oxytetrachloride (MoOCl4) vapor under vapor deposition conditions, to deposit the molybdenum-containing material on the substrate. In various implementations, a diborane contact of the substrate may be employed to establish favorable... Entegris Inc

Small volume, long pathlength multi-pass gas cell for ir and uv monitoring

A multipass cell assembly for monitoring of fluid is described, as well as fluid processing systems utilizing same, and associated methods of use of such multipass cell assembly for fluid monitoring. The multipass cell assembly is usefully employed in fluid processing operations such as monitoring of vapor deposition process reactants,... Entegris Inc

Connection verification tool

A connection verification tool for verifying a secure connection between two fluid handling components of a fluid handling system. A connection verification tool can include a gauge portion sized sized to be placed over a first fluid handling component connected to a second fluid handling component to verify a secure... Entegris Inc

Horizontal substrate container with integral corner spring for substrate containment

A substrate container including substrate supports, such as concentric rings, adapted to receive substrates in a substrate stack. The container includes a base and a top cover to enclose the substrate stack. A latching mechanism is adapted to latch the top cover to the base and secure the substrate stack... Entegris Inc

Film with improved flex crack resistance

Provided herein are liners, for example, for storing or dispensing high purity chemicals, as well as methods of manufacturing such liners. The liners resist formation of stress-induced breaches. In one aspect, the liner includes a film formed into a liner capable of retaining a liquid. The liner has a first... Entegris Inc

Wafer container wiht shock condition protection

A front opening wafer container has a container portion and a door sized to close an open front of the container portion. The container portion has shelves for holding wafers defining a seating position and has forward and rearward wafer supports to suspend wafers therebetween in a transport position above... Entegris Inc

Vapor phase etching of hafnia and zirconia

A method is described for vapor phase etching of oxide material including at least one of hafnia (HfO2) and zirconia (ZrO2), in the absence of plasma exposure of the oxide material. The method involves contacting the oxide material with an etching medium including at least one of phosphorus chloride and... Entegris Inc

Solid vaporizer

Vaporizers are described, suited for vaporizing a vaporizable solid source materials to form vapor for subsequent use, e.g., a deposition of metal from organometallic source material vapor on a substrate for manufacture of integrated circuitry, LEDs, photovoltaic panels, and the like. Methods are described of fabricating such vaporizers, including methods... Entegris Inc

Gas purifier

The invention relates to a gas purifier that removes moisture and oxygen from inert gases and reducing gases, for example, at sub-atmospheric pressures. The purifier can remove part per million levels of moisture in a gas stream to less than 100 parts per trillion by volume, and has a low... Entegris Inc

Ion implantation processes and apparatus

An ion source apparatus which generates dopant species in a manner enabling low vapor pressure dopant source materials to be employed. The ion source apparatus (10), comprising: an ion source chamber (12); and a consumable structure in or associated with the ion source chamber (12), said consumable structure comprising a... Entegris Inc

Alon coated substrate with optional yttria overlayer

A fluorine plasma resistant coating on a substrate being a component in a semiconductor manufacturing system is disclosed. In one embodiment the composition includes an AlON coating that overlies a substrate, and an optional yttria coating layer that overlies the AlON coating, with a total coating thickness of about 5-6... Entegris Inc

Formulations for the removal of particles generated by cerium-containing solutions

Compositions and methods for removing lanthanoid-containing solids and/or species from the surface of a microelectronic device or microelectronic device fabrication hardware. Preferably, the lanthanoid-containing solids and/or species comprise cerium. The composition is preferably substantially devoid of fluoride ions.... Entegris Inc

Ion implanter comprising integrated ventilation system

An ion implantation system is described, including: an ion implanter comprising a housing defining an enclosed volume in which is positioned a gas box configured to hold one or more gas supply vessels, the gas box being in restricted gas flow communication with gas in the enclosed volume that is... Entegris Inc

Fluorinated compositions for ion source performance improvements in nitrogen ion implantation

Compositions, methods, and apparatus are described for carrying out nitrogen ion implantation, which avoid the incidence of severe glitching when the nitrogen ion implantation is followed by another ion implantation operation susceptible to glitching, e.g., implantation of arsenic and/or phosphorus ionic species. The nitrogen ion implantation operation is advantageously conducted... Entegris Inc

Method and enhanced lifetime and performance of ion source in an ion implantation system

An ion implantation system and process, in which the performance and lifetime of the ion source of the ion implantation system are enhanced, by utilizing isotopically enriched dopant materials, or by utilizing dopant materials with supplemental gas(es) effective to provide such enhancement.... Entegris Inc

Fluid delivery system and method

A fluid supply system adapted for vacuum and pressure cycling of fluid, including a transfer vessel adapted to supply a process canister with fluid drawn from a bulk canister under a vacuum, wherein delivery of fluid from the transfer vessel to the process canister is accomplished with positive pressure. A... Entegris Inc

Substrate container with window retention spring

A reticle container for containing a reticle including a base plate having one or more windows. Each of the windows can include mounting recess having a recess sidewall including an undercut defined therein. A transparent substrate can be disposed in the mounting recess and is retained therein by a retention... Entegris Inc

Substrate container

A front opening wafer container with a forward and rearward sets of stacked V-shaped wafer edge receiving portions, the rearward set part of a wafer shelf component and comprising a thin film of PBT preformed and overmolded with a polycarbonate. The sets of stacked V-shaped wafer edge receiving portions providing... Entegris Inc

Wafer shipper with purge capability

A purge configurable wafer shipper. The container includes an enclosure portion with an open side or bottom, a door to sealing close the open side or bottom. One of the door and the container portion includes an opening formed in the enclosure to provide a fluid passageway from an interior... Entegris Inc

High torque polymer fittings

A high torque polymer fittings useful in fluid handling systems. The fittings are especially useful for fluid handling fittings having diameters of one inch or greater. Various embodiments of the fittings disclosed accommodate specialized wrenches for securing the fittings, the wrenches being used to tighten the fittings to a desired... Entegris Inc

Substrate container valve assemblies

A substrate container includes a container portion having an open side or bottom, and a door to sealingly close the open side or bottom, one of the door and the container portion defining access structure. The substrate container additionally includes a check-valve assembly, the check-valve assembly being retained with respect... Entegris Inc

Point of use or point of dispense filter wiht multiple pleat packs

Embodiments provide a filter with a generally rectangular, non-cylindrical profile. The filter may have multiple pleat packs positioned between pleat covers that define regions and flow channels in a cavity of the filter body. The pleat covers have openings that allow a fluid to flow through the multiple pleat packs... Entegris Inc

Compositions and methods for selectively etching titanium nitride

Compositions useful for the selective removal of titanium nitride and/or photoresist etch residue materials relative to metal conducting, e.g., tungsten, and insulating materials from a microelectronic device having same thereon. The removal compositions contain at least one oxidant and one etchant, may contain various corrosion inhibitors to ensure selectivity.... Entegris Inc

Packaging for dip tubes

A packaging pouch for storing and/or transporting one or more dip tube assemblies is provided. The pouch includes a front side sealably and fixedly attached to a back side along a first sealed edge, a second sealed edge, and a sealed end. The front side and back side define an... Entegris Inc

Pressure-regulated gas supply vessel

A gas storage and dispensing vessel, including a vessel container definishing a gas storage interior volume, and a valve head regulator assembly secured to the vessel container, the valve head regulator assembly including a single gas pressure regulator disposed in the interior volume of the vessel container, and a valve... Entegris Inc

Phosphorus or arsenic ion implantation utilizing enhanced source techniques

Apparatus and method for use of solid dopant phosphorus and arsenic sources and higher order phosphorus or arsenic implant source material are described. In various implementations, solid phosphorus-comprising or arsenic-comprising materials are provided in the ion source chamber for generation of dimer or tetramer implant species. In other implementations, the... Entegris Inc

Wafer container with door guide and seal

A wafer container that reduces or alleviates one or more of the problems associated with excessive container wall deflection due to loading and excessive particulate generation, particularly as those problems are experienced with containers for 450 mm diameter and larger wafers. The container has an enclosure and door with interlocking... Entegris Inc

07/13/17 / #20170200601

Aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaners for the removal of post-etch residues with tungsten and cobalt compatibility

Cleaning compositions and processes for cleaning post-plasma etch residue from a microelectronic device having said residue thereon. The composition achieves highly efficacious cleaning of the residue material, including titanium-containing, copper-containing, tungsten-containing, and/or cobalt-containing post-etch residue from the microelectronic device while simultaneously not damaging the interlevel dielectric, metal interconnect material, and/or... Entegris Inc

07/13/17 / #20170200619

Anti-reflective coating cleaning and post-etch residue removal composition having metal, dielectric and nitride compatibility

A liquid removal composition and process for removing anti-reflective coating (ARC) material and/or post-etch residue from a substrate having same thereon. The composition achieves at least partial removal of ARC material and/or post-etch residue in the manufacture of integrated circuitry with minimal etching of metal species on the substrate, such... Entegris Inc

05/04/17 / #20170122496

Adsorbent-based pressure stabilization of pressure-regulated fluid storage and dispensing vessels

A fluid supply package is described, including a pressure-regulated fluid storage and dispensing vessel comprising a fluid dispensing flow path, and adsorbent disposed in the flow path or in fluid communication therewith to reversibly adsorb fluid from the flow path for pressure stabilization of fluid dispensed from the vessel. A... Entegris Inc

04/27/17 / #20170114452

Cobalt precursors for low temperature ald or cvd of cobalt-based thin films

Cobalt silylamide and cobalt carbonyl precursors are described, which are usefully employed in vapor deposition processes, such as chemical vapor deposition and atomic layer deposition, to deposit cobalt and to form high purity cobalt-containing films at temperatures below 400° C. These precursors and processes can be utilized in the manufacture... Entegris Inc

04/27/17 / #20170114879

Anti-backlash mechanism for motor-driven components in precision systems and applications

Backlash in a precision system such as a pumping system can be reduced or eliminated with an anti-backlash device that has a first nut coupled to and fixed in relation to a piston. The first nut and a second nut may engage with a lead screw of a motor driving... Entegris Inc

04/20/17 / #20170107982

System and operation of a pump with feed and dispense sensors, filtration and dispense confirmation, and reduced pressure priming of filter

A pumping system with a pressure sensor positioned on the fill side and a pressure sensor on the dispense side to obtain and provide pressure information that can be used by a controller in determining various operating profiles. To avoid trapping air in a process fluid, a pressure sensor can... Entegris Inc

04/13/17 / #20170103888

Amine catalysts for low temperature ald/cvd sio2 deposition using hexachlorodisilane/h2o

A precursor composition is described, useful for low temperature (<150° C.) vapor deposition of silicon dioxide. The precursor composition includes hexachlorodisilane, water, and nitrogenous catalyst including an amide compound selected from the group consisting of N-ethylacetamide and N,N-dimethylformamide. Compositions and processes for forming silicon dioxide at a low temperature with... Entegris Inc

04/06/17 / #20170095771

System and removing airborne molecular contaminants from gas streams

System and method for removing molecular contaminants from an air stream are disclosed. The system includes first, second and third filter. The first filter removes organic contaminants from an air stream passing through the first filter. The second filter is downstream of the first filter, is physically and chemically exchangeable... Entegris Inc

04/06/17 / #20170095903

Chemical mechanical planarization pad conditioner with elongated cutting edges

A CMP pad conditioner for conditioning a polishing pad. Various embodiments of the disclosure include a plurality of elongated protrusions work a conditioned surface of a polishing pad at a variety of attack angles as the CMP pad conditioner engages the polishing pad. Because of the elongated geometry of the... Entegris Inc

04/06/17 / #20170098568

Electrostatic chuck

In accordance with an embodiment of the invention, there is provided an electrostatic chuck comprising an electrode, and a surface layer activated by a voltage in the electrode to form an electric charge to electrostatically clamp a substrate to the electrostatic chuck. The surface layer includes a plurality of protrusions... Entegris Inc

03/09/17 / #20170069499

Carbon materials for carbon implantation

A method of implanting carbon ions into a target substrate, including: ionizing a carbon containing dopant material to produce a plasma having ions; optionally co-flowing an additional gas or series of gases with the carbon-containing dopant material; and implanting the ions into the target substrate. The carbon-containing dopant material is... Entegris Inc

03/02/17 / #20170062253

Thin wafer shipper

An improved wafer support mechanism in a wafer container useful for carrying a plurality of axially aligned thin mostly circular wafer substrates. The container includes a cassette that has a plurality of adjacently disposed teeth for receiving the substrates, wherein each rib member is continuous from the cassette open top... Entegris Inc

02/09/17 / #20170036158

High purity gas purifier

High-purity gas purifiers for purification of corrosive gases, such as halogen gases or halide gases, and noncorrosive gases, such as hydrogen and inert gases, methods of making and methods of using the gas purifiers, are described. The gas purifier includes a housing made of nickel or stainless steel. Within the... Entegris Inc

02/09/17 / #20170037511

Solid precursor-based delivery of fluid utilizing controlled solids morphology

Apparatus and method for volatilizing a source reagent susceptible to particle generation or presence of particles in the corresponding source reagent vapor, in which such particle generation or presence is suppressed by structural or processing features of the vapor generation system. Such apparatus and method are applicable to liquid and... Entegris Inc

02/02/17 / #20170029946

Method and apparatus to help promote contact of gas with vaporized material

Vaporizable material is supported within a vessel to promote contact of an introduced gas with the vaporizable material, and produce a product gas including vaporized material. A heating element supplies heat to a wall of the vessel to heat vaporizable material disposed therein. The vessel may comprise an ampoule having... Entegris Inc

02/02/17 / #20170032942

Surface coating for chamber components used in plasma systems

Disclosed herein are surface coatings for plasma components that have the benefit of being robust against chemical and plasma physical attack in aggressive (e.g., fluorine-based) plasma environments. The coatings also provide low plasma surface recombination rates for active oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, and hydrogen species when compared with other known surface... Entegris Inc

02/02/17 / #20170032973

Cobalt cvd

A cobalt deposition process, including: volatilizing a cobalt precursor selected from among CCTBA, CCTMSA, and CCBTMSA, to form a precursor vapor; and contacting the precursor vapor with a substrate under vapor deposition conditions effective for depositing on the substrate (i) high purity, low resistivity cobalt or (ii) cobalt that is... Entegris Inc

01/19/17 / #20170018422

Nodule ratios for targeted enhanced cleaning performance

A foam brush that has nodules on an outer diameter surface of the brush that have a pitch to diameter ratio (P/D) of between 1.2 and 1.5 and a nodule height to nodule diameter ratio of 0.2 to 0.5 can be used to achieve improved small particle and organic residue... Entegris Inc

01/05/17 / #20170003056

Carbon monoliths for adsorption refrigeration and heating applications

An adsorbent assembly for use in an adsorption heating and/or cooling system is described. The adsorbent assembly includes an array of adsorbent articles in which at least one adsorbent article is arranged in at least one of the following compatible arrangements (i)-(iii): (i) in contact with at least one other... Entegris Inc

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