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Epcos Ag
Epcos Ag A Corporation Of Germany
Epcos Ag A German Corporation
Epcos Ag_20100107
Epcos Ag_20131212
Epcos Ag A Germany Corporation

Epcos Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Epcos Ag. Epcos Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Epcos Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Epcos Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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11/23/17Line filter and installing a line filter onto a system cable
11/16/17Device and improving combustion
10/26/17Inductive component
10/26/17Light-emitting diode device
10/26/17Method for producing a multi-layer substrate and multi-layer substrate
10/05/17Electrical component, component arrangement, and a producing an electrical component and component arrangement
09/21/17Method for producing electrode foils for capacitors, electrode foils, and capacitors comprising said electrode foils
08/31/17Ntc component and the production thereof
08/24/17Dielectric composition, dielectric element, electronic component and laminated electronic component
08/17/17Monolithic ceramic component and production method
08/10/17Carrier for an led
08/03/17Sensor element, sensor arrangement, and manufacturing a sensor element and a sensor arrangment
08/03/17Method for producing ceramic multi-layer components and ceramic multi-layer component
08/03/17Package for a tunable filter
08/03/17Microphone arrangement which has an enlarged opening and is decoupled from the cover
07/27/17Electronic component
07/20/17Piezoelectric transformer
07/13/17Filter chip and producing a filter chip
07/13/17Filter with improved linearity
07/13/17Duplexer having improved reflectivity
07/06/17Dielectric composition, dielectric element, electronic component and laminated electronic component
06/29/17Microphone assembly and reducing a temperature dependency of a microphone assembly
06/22/17Ceramic multi-layered capacitor
06/22/17Active filter device and circuit arrangement comprising an active filter device
06/08/17Material for a thermoelectric element and producing a material for a thermoelectric element
06/08/17Sensor element, sensor arrangement, and manufacturing a sensor element
06/08/17Circuit and operating a circuit
06/08/17Electronic circuit for a microphone and operating a microphone
06/01/17Resonator circuit having greater degrees of freedom, filter with improved tunability, and duplexer with improved tunability
06/01/17Rf filter
06/01/17Transducer element and manufacturing a transducer element
05/25/17Microelectronic package and manufacturing a microelectronic package
05/25/17Microphone and operating a microphone
05/25/17Mems microphone and operating a mems microphone
05/25/17Microphone and manufacturing a microphone
05/25/17Mems microphone having improved sensitivity and the production thereof
05/18/17Piezoelectric component and producing a piezoelectric component
05/18/17Rf filter
05/11/17Housing for an electric component, and producing a housing for an electric component
05/04/17Transducer element and mems microphone
04/27/17Sensor component having two sensor functions
04/27/17Surge arrester having protection against heating
04/27/17Microphone assembly and determining parameters of a transducer in a microphone assembly
04/06/17Electric device, in particular a microphone having re-adjustable sensitivity, and adjustment method
03/30/17Pressure sensor system
03/30/17Electronic component and the production thereof
03/30/17Microphone having increased rear volume, and production thereof
03/16/17Surge protection element
03/16/17Front-end circuit having a tunable filter
03/16/17Multiplexer and mobile communication device comprising a multiplexer
03/16/17Condenser microphone with non-circular membrane
03/09/17Tunable duplexer having a circulator
03/09/17Microphone and producing a microphone
03/02/17Packaging structure of a microelectronic device having a hermeticity improved by a diffusion barrier layer
02/23/17Transformer component with setting of an inductance
02/23/17Microphone assembly and manufacturing a microphone assembly
02/09/17Core component
02/09/17Combined impedance matching and rf filter circuit
02/02/17Dielectric composition, dielectric element, electronic component and laminated electronic component
02/02/17Dielectric composition, dielectric element, electronic component and laminated electronic component
01/26/17Inductive component and producing an inductive component
01/26/17Electroacoustic component and crystal cuts for electroacoustic components
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01/12/17Chip with protection function and producing same
01/12/17Front-end circuit for simultaneous transmission and reception operation
01/05/17Electronic component and use thereof
12/15/16Baw resonator having temperature compensation
12/15/16Front-end module for carrier aggregation mode
12/08/16Tunable rf filter circuit
12/08/16Tunable electroacoustic rf filter with improved electric properties and operating such a filter
12/08/16Front end circuit and operating a front end circuit
11/24/16Multi-mems module
11/17/16Electroacoustic filter and manufacturing an electroacoustic filter
11/10/16Method of manufacturing an electrode for a surge arrester, electrode and surge arrester
11/10/16Beading tool, housing part for an electrochemical cell, and treating a housing part
11/10/16Overvoltage protection element and producing an overvoltage protection element
11/03/16Sensor arrangement, sensor arrangement system and set of sensor arrangement elements
10/27/16Method for producing a multi-layer varistor component and a multi-layer varistor component
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10/20/16Method for packaging a microelectronic device in a hermetically sealed cavity and managing the atmosphere of the cavity with a dedicated hole
10/20/16Method for fabricating a varistor device and varistor device
10/13/16Mems sensor component
10/13/16Method for applying a structured coating to a component
10/13/16Temperature probe and producing a temperature probe
10/13/16Computer-implementable simulating the electrical behavior of a surge arrester
10/06/16Temperature sensor producing a temperature sensor system
10/06/16Rf antenna switch and operating the antenna switch
09/29/16Piezoelectric transformer and counter electrode
09/15/16Temperature probe and producing a temperature probe
09/15/16Device, arrangement, and measuring a current intensity in a primary conductor through which current flows
09/15/16Inductive component, and device, and winding a wire for an inductive component
09/08/16Temperature sensor producing a temperature sensor system
08/18/16Ceramic material and capacitor comprising the ceramic material
08/18/16Microphone arrangement
08/11/16Method for producing a piezoelectric multilayer component and a piezoelectric multilayer component
07/28/16Multi-layer component and producing a multi-layer component
07/14/16Ceramic multi-layer capacitor based on bati(1-y)zryo3
07/14/16Method for producing ceramic multi-layer components
07/14/16Spark gap arrangement
06/30/16Multilayer component comprising an external contact and producing a multilayer component comprising an external contact
06/30/16Surge arrester
06/16/16Method for producing a microelectromechanical transducer
06/16/16Electrical component suitable for miniaturization with reduced coupling
05/26/16Electroacoustic transducer with improved suppression of unwanted modes
05/19/16Multi-layer component having an external contact
05/19/16Method for producing a multiplicity of surge arresters in an assembly, surge arrester and surge arrester assembly
05/12/16Mobile transceiver with shared user filter, the operation of the mobile transceiver and use of a filter
05/05/16Electroacoustic transducer having reduced losses due to transverse emission and improved performance due to suppression of transverse modes
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03/24/16Multilayer wiring substrate
03/17/16Component which can be produced at wafer level and production
03/10/16Sensor module and producing the sensor module
03/10/16Electronic component and the passivation thereof
03/10/16Rf component with reduced coupling and suitable for miniaturization
02/25/16Apparatus and establishing an electrically conductive and mechanical connection
02/25/16Circuit arrangement
02/18/16Microelectromechanical systems device package and producing the microelectromechanical systems device package
01/28/16Circuit assembly and controlling a piezoelectric transformer
01/21/16Miniaturized component and the production thereof
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01/21/16Metallization having high power compatibility and high electrical conductivity
01/21/16Microacoustic component and the production thereof
01/14/16Sensor system comprising a ceramic housing
01/14/16Miniaturized multi-part component and producing same
12/31/15Pressure sensor system
12/31/15Electric transformer component
12/31/15Component comprising stacked functional structures and producing same
12/31/15Rf filter circuit, rf filter with improved attenuation and duplexer with improved isolation
12/24/15Capacitor arrangement
12/24/15Filter component
12/17/15Reactance filter comprising acoustic waves resonators
12/03/15Encapsulated component comprising a mems component and the production thereof
12/03/15Broad-band filter in branching technology
12/03/15Method for producing a multilayer carrier body
11/26/15Component carrier and component carrier arrangement
11/19/15Baw component, lamination for a baw component, and manufacturing a baw component
11/19/15Baw component and manufacturing a baw component
11/19/15Spark gap arrangment and securing a spark gap arrangment
11/19/15Mems component having aln and sc and manufacturing a mems component
11/12/15Mems component and encapsulating mems components
11/12/15Method for producing an electric component and electric component
11/12/15Top-port mems microphone and manufacturing the same
11/05/15Method for producing an electronic component
11/05/15Mems microphone and operating the mems microphone
11/05/15Electroacoustic bandpass filter having smoothed insertion loss
11/05/15Electroacoustic components and methods thereof
10/29/15Circuit arrangement
10/29/15Electroacoustic transducer
10/15/15Multi-layer capacitor and producing a multi-layer capacitor
10/08/15Sensor arrangements and methods of production thereof
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10/08/15Light-emitting diode arrangement, module, and producing a light-emitting diode arrangement
10/08/15Electroacoustic filter comprising low-pass characteristics
09/24/15Electroacoustic component and the production thereof
09/24/15Semiconductor device
09/17/15Ceramic component having protective layer and production thereof
09/10/15Electrical component and establishing contact with an electrical component
08/27/15Light-emitting diode device
08/27/15Piezoelectric actuator of a multilayer design and fastening an outer electrode in a piezoelectric actuator
08/27/15Saw filter with improved stop band suppression
08/27/15Electric component assembly
08/20/15Method for filling at least one cavity of a multi-layer component with a filling material, and multi-layer component
08/20/15Multiplexer having fewer intermodulation products
08/13/15Mems device and producing an mems device operating with acoustic waves
08/06/15Capacitor having an improved linear behavior
08/06/15Carrier plate, device having the carrier plate and producing a carrier plate
07/30/15Electroacoustic transducer
07/23/15Method of producing a ceramic component and ceramic component
07/23/15Mems component and the production thereof
07/09/15Electrical component comprising a connection element having a plastic body
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06/18/15Topographical structure and producing it
06/11/15Method of hermetically sealing a hole with a fuse material
06/11/15Amplifier circuit
06/11/15Microphone with automatic bias control
05/28/15Light-emitting diode device
05/28/15Contacting device for connecting an electrical conductor
05/28/15Multi-layer component having an external contact and producing a multi-layer component having an external contact
05/14/15Multilayer component and producing a multilayer component
05/14/15Spark gap arrangement
05/14/15Duplexer and increasing the isolation between two filters
05/14/15Ceramic material and capacitor comprising the ceramic material
05/14/15Method for producing a multi-layered structural element, and a multi-layered structural element produced according to said method
05/07/15Method for producing a multi-layer component and multi-layer component
04/16/15Ceramic multi-layered capacitor
03/19/15Mems-microphone with reduced parasitic capacitance
03/19/15Surge arrester
02/26/15Mems microphone assembly and manufacturing the mems microphone assembly
02/26/15Method for producing a sensor
02/19/15Micromechanical measuring element
02/19/15Electrical component
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02/12/15Multilayer component and producing a multilayer component
02/12/15Coil component
02/12/15Multi-layer component and producing same
02/12/15Multi antenna communication device with improved tuning ability
01/29/15Micromechanical measuring element and producing a micromechanical measuring element
01/22/15Method for producing an electric contact connection of a multilayer component and multilayer component with an electric contact connection
01/15/15Differential microphone and driving a differential microphone
12/25/14Double backplate mems microphone with a single-ended amplifier input port
12/18/14Piezoelectric component and producing a piezoelectric component
11/27/14Mems backplate, mems microphone comprising a mems backplate and manufacturing a mems microphone
11/06/14Multi-step tube of a ceramic material and gas discharge tube made of the same
11/06/14Front-end circuit for band aggregation modes
10/16/14Multilayer glass ceramic substrate with embedded resistor
10/09/14Capacitor component
10/02/14Method for producing a piezoelectric multilayer component, piezoelectric multilayer component containing an auxiliary material, and use of an auxiliary material for setting the breaking stress of a piezoelectric multilayer component
10/02/14Electric device
09/25/14Ceramic material, producing the ceramic material, and electroceramic component comprising the ceramic material
09/18/14Electronic component for guiding a magnetic field
09/11/14Esd protection component and component comprising an esd protection component and an led
08/21/14Piezoelectric component and producing a piezoelectric component
08/14/14Method for producing an electrical component, and electrical component
08/14/14Component and producing a component
08/07/14Pressure sensor and producing a pressure sensor
08/07/14Housing for a semiconductor chip and semiconductor chip with a housing
08/07/14Stacked gas filled surge arrester
07/24/14Electrical device
07/03/14Baw-filter operating using bulk acoustic waves
07/03/14Assembly with an analog data processing unit and using same
05/29/14Mems microphone and manufacture
04/24/14Wafer-level package and production thereof
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04/24/14Circuit assembly
03/06/14Surge arrester with a low response voltage and producing same
02/20/14Amplifier module
02/13/14Electric ceramic component with electric shielding
02/13/14Duplexer with phase shifter circuit
02/06/14Mems device comprising an under bump metallization
02/06/14Component operating with acoustic waves and producing same
02/06/14Cased electrical component
02/06/14Microphone and method to position a membrane between two backplates
01/30/14Surface acoustic wave filter
01/23/14Piezoelectric multi-layer component
01/23/14Electrical multilayer component
01/16/14Pressure sensor having a compressible element
01/16/14Piezoelectric multilayer component and producing the same
01/09/14Actuator and producing same
01/09/14Mobile communication device with improved antenna performance
01/09/14Reactance filter comprising suppression in the stop band and duplexer component
01/02/14Actuator, actuator system and actuation of an actuator
01/02/14Microphone arrangement
12/26/13Pressure sensor having a compressible element
12/26/13Encapsulation of an mems component and a producing said component
12/26/13Electronic component and producing the electronic component
12/26/13Actuator, actuator system, and control of an actuator
12/26/13Electric generator for railroad train
12/26/13Electrical module for being received by automatic placement machines by means of generating a vacuum
12/26/13Electronic component and producing the electronic component
12/26/13Front-end circuit
12/19/13Filter arrangement and producing a filter arrangement
12/19/13Rf device and tuning an rf device

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