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Facebook Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Facebook Inc. Facebook Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Facebook Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Facebook Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12015024841609/03/15  new patent  Context-based selection of calls-to-action associated with search results
22015024843709/03/15  new patent  Automated location check-in for geo-social networking system
32015024844209/03/15  new patent  Systems and methods for non-destructive editing of digital images
42015024844509/03/15  new patent  Method and system for implementing an array using different data structures
52015024844709/03/15  new patent  Searching entity-key associations using in-memory objects
62015024965509/03/15  new patent  Authorization and authentication based on an individual's social network
72015024218608/27/15 Voice commands for online social networking systems
82015024238508/27/15 Methods and systems for generation of flexible sentences in a social networking system
92015024267908/27/15 Techniques for emotion detection and content delivery
102015024475008/27/15 Generating consolidated social content for a user of a social networking system
112015023459308/20/15 Gestures for keyboard switch
122015023465208/20/15 Techniques to identify and purge unused code
132015023481808/20/15 Displaying clusters of media items on a map using representative media items
142015023487608/20/15 Prospective search of objects using k-d forest
152015023491608/20/15 Community-based parental controls
162015023562708/20/15 Rendering texts on electronic devices
172015023694108/20/15 Configuring output on a communication device
182015023699208/20/15 System for instant messaging the sender and recipients of an e-mail message
192015023699908/20/15 Joint communication sessions
202015023700008/20/15 Enabling mapping identification of online identities between different messaging services
212015023704408/20/15 User authentication of applications on third-party devices via user devices
222015023708808/20/15 Tagging users of a social networking system in content outside of social networking system domain
232015023712008/20/15 Aggregating plug-in requests for improved client performance
242015023716808/20/15 Processing selected browser requests
252015022735208/13/15 Profiling binary code based on density
262015022761908/13/15 Query construction on online social networks
272015022774408/13/15 Attestation using a combined measurement and its constituent measurements
282015022797708/13/15 Generating user audience groups to facilitate advertisement targeting
292015022993108/13/15 Systems and methods for enhanced video encoding
302015022025108/06/15 Incorporating external event information into a social networking system
312015022065208/06/15 Community-based parental controls
322015022077408/06/15 Ideograms for captured expressions
332015022097608/06/15 Recommending a budget for an advertisement presented on an online system
342015022248408/06/15 Configuring output on a communication device
352015022257408/06/15 Joint communication sessions
362015022257508/06/15 System for instant messaging the sender and recipients of an e-mail message
372015022258508/06/15 Enabling mapping identification of online identities between different messaging services
382015022258608/06/15 Ideograms based on sentiment analysis
392015022261708/06/15 Controlling access to ideograms
402015022268708/06/15 Duplicating digital streams for digital conferencing using switching technologies
412015022272108/06/15 Customized presentation of event guest lists in a social networking system
422015022281808/06/15 Systems and methods for digital video stabilization via constraint-based rotation smoothing
432015022303908/06/15 Urgency notification delivery channel
442015021186207/30/15 Human-like global positioning system (gps) directions
452015021299007/30/15 Customization of mobile applications using web-based technology
462015021311207/30/15 Clustering using locality-sensitive hashing with improved cost model
472015021314107/30/15 Search and retrieval of objects in a social networking system
482015021337007/30/15 Label inference in a social network
492015021337507/30/15 Neighbor determination and estimation
502015021348807/30/15 Pacing objectives of an advertising campaign throughout a duration of the advertising campaign
512015021350707/30/15 Search-powered connection targeting
522015021526307/30/15 Mobile ad hoc networking
532015021538707/30/15 Integrating social-networking information
542015021554007/30/15 Applying video stabilization to a multimedia clip
552015021587107/30/15 Adjusting mobile device state based on user intentions and/or identity
562015020550307/23/15 Image processing apparatus, method, and program using depression time input
572015020585707/23/15 Systems and methods for character string auto-suggestion based on degree of difficulty
582015020585807/23/15 Client-side search templates for online social networks
592015020588307/23/15 Methods for dynamic document generation
602015020617007/23/15 Biasing selection of advertisements from an advertisement campaign
612015020617107/23/15 Validating components of an advertisement for consistency with an objective of the advertisement
622015020617907/23/15 Dynamically allocating computing resources to identify advertisements for presentation
632015020619607/23/15 Modifying advertisment bid amounts based on a target average price paid for advertisement presentation
642015020790107/23/15 Metadata prediction of objects in a social networking system using crowd sourcing
652015020792807/23/15 Messaging interface based on caller of an incoming call
662015019944407/16/15 Systems and methods for event tracking using time-windowed counters
672015019971207/16/15 Systems and methods for near real-time merging of multiple streams of data
682015019972707/16/15 Sponsoring brands detected in user-generated social networking content
692015019997407/16/15 Detecting distorted audio signals based on audio fingerprinting
702015020081607/16/15 Policy performance ordering
712015020098807/16/15 Systems and methods for streaming digital content using an intermediate server
722015020100107/16/15 Systems and methods for priority-based digital content downloading
732015020103307/16/15 Content specific router caching
742015019347107/09/15 Relationship mapping employing multi-dimensional context including facial recognition
752015019350307/09/15 Retroactive search of objects using k-d tree
762015019353907/09/15 Object recommendation based upon similarity distances
772015019363507/09/15 Techniques for in-app user data authorization
782015018603507/02/15 Image processing for introducing blurring effects to an image
792015018639007/02/15 Maintaining cached data extracted from a linked resource
802015018641607/02/15 Identifying descriptive terms associated with a physical location from a location store
812015018641707/02/15 Identifying entries in a location store associated with a common physical location
822015018643907/02/15 Field mappings for properties to facilitate object inheritance
832015018649207/02/15 Systems and methods for adding users to a networked computer system
842015018666707/02/15 Aggregated actions
852015018709207/02/15 Systems and methods for context based image compression
862015018903507/02/15 Proxy cache aggregator
872015017825406/25/15 Efficient event delegation in browser scripts
882015017828306/25/15 Grouping recommended search queries on online social networks
892015017828406/25/15 Ranking recommended search queries on online social networks
902015017837006/25/15 Systems and methods for predictive download
912015017839706/25/15 Generating card stacks with queries on online social networks
922015018071906/25/15 Self-adaptive control system for dynamic capacity management of latency-sensitive application servers
932015018091306/25/15 Combining user profile information maintained by various social networking systems
942015017780806/25/15 Power shelf for computer servers
952015016978706/18/15 Metanodes for open graph protocols
962015016990006/18/15 Protecting personal information upon sharing a personal computing device
972015017206706/18/15 Presentation of content item to social networking system users identified by a social networking system user
982015017226606/18/15 Applying user-specified permissions to distribution of content items to social networking system users
992015017232506/18/15 Systems and methods for sharing of media sessions within a social network
1002015017233406/18/15 Suggesting recipients for content items presented through a social networking system
1012015017239706/18/15 Distance-dependent or user-dependent data exchange between wireless communication devices
1022015017239806/18/15 Automatically providing a communication based on location information for a user of a social networking system
1032015016080806/11/15 Zoom interactions in a user interface
1042015016083206/11/15 Dismissing interactive elements in a user interface
1052015016111806/11/15 Social network site recommender system & method
1062015016119906/11/15 Service-abstracting query interface
1072015016121506/11/15 Api version testing based on query schema
1082015016129006/11/15 Automatically generating suggested queries in a social network environment
1092015016167306/11/15 Simplified creation of advertisements for objects maintained by a social networking system
1102015016167906/11/15 Competitive bidding scalers for online advertising auctions
1112015016168006/11/15 Competitive benchmark reporting for online advertising auctions
1122015016318406/11/15 Moderating content in an online forum
1132015016325806/11/15 Indicating user availability for communication
1142015015401006/04/15 Optimizing intermediate representation of script code by eliminating redundant reference count operations
1152015015418506/04/15 Translation training with cross-lingual multi-media support
1162015015420206/04/15 Ranking search results based on the frequency of access on the search results by users of a social-networking system
1172015015423706/04/15 Real time content searching in social network
1182015015464806/04/15 Selecting content for a user
1192015015615206/04/15 Reducing photo-tagging spam
1202015015615806/04/15 Subscription groups in publish-subscribe system
1212015015618706/04/15 Leveraging a persistent connection to access a secured service
1222015015628106/04/15 Uploading and transcoding media files
1232015015661306/04/15 Device actions based on device power
1242015015661706/04/15 System and distance-dependent data exchange between wireless communication devices
1252015015662306/04/15 User activity tracking system and device
1262015014928905/28/15 Providing content in a timeslot on a client computing device
1272015014935305/28/15 Methods and systems for obtaining merchant identification within payment authorization networks
1282015014948605/28/15 Prompting social networking system users in a newsfeed to provide additional user profile information
1292015014964905/28/15 Varied wi-fi service levels
1302015014992705/28/15 Communication user interface systems and methods
1312015014993005/28/15 Communication user interface systems and methods
1322015013948505/21/15 Pose-aligned networks for deep attribute modeling
1332015014255105/21/15 Offline conversion measurement for advertisements presented to users of an online system
1342015014272105/21/15 Selecting users to receive a recommendation to establish connection to an object in a social networking system
1352015014279005/21/15 Generating logical expressions for search queries
1362015014281505/21/15 Categorizing social networking system users based on user connections to objects
1372015014289905/21/15 Systems and managing content
1382015014295305/21/15 Systems and methods for receiving and processing detected events
1392015014295405/21/15 Systems and methods for estimating user attention
1402015014326005/21/15 State-machine-driven user-interface interactions
1412015013086905/14/15 Individual control of backlight light-emitting diodes
1422015013455305/14/15 Providing content items based on user affinity in a social network environment
1432015013460205/14/15 Atomic update operations in a data storage system
1442015013465905/14/15 Determining collections capable of including an object presented by a social networking system
1452015013469205/14/15 Querying a specified data storage layer of a data storage system
1462015013471805/14/15 Controlled distribution of profile information and related data objects
1472015013475705/14/15 Transferring files
1482015013483505/14/15 Transferring files
1492015013528005/14/15 Managing social network accessibility based on age
1502015013530305/14/15 Techniques to rate-adjust data usage with a virtual private network
1512015012410705/07/15 Associating cameras with users and objects in a social networking system
1522015012504905/07/15 Systems and methods for facial representation
1532015012732105/07/15 Lexicon development via shared translation database
1542015012741805/07/15 Notifying an advertiser of high engagement posts in a social networking system
1552015012766305/07/15 Ranking objects by social relevance
1562015012772705/07/15 Media plug-in for third-party system
1572015012774405/07/15 Implicit geolocation of social networking users
1582015012775805/07/15 Location-based content aggregation and distribution
1592015012808605/07/15 Intervention conditions
1602015012027804/30/15 Translation and integration of presentation materials with cross-lingual multi-media support
1612015012074304/30/15 Organizing messages in a messaging system using social network information
1622015012123704/30/15 Facilitating communications between computer users across a network
1632015011038904/23/15 Systems and methods for lossy compression of image color profiles
1642015011039404/23/15 Methods and systems for differentiating synthetic and non-synthetic images
1652015011141704/23/15 Pull tab actuator for connectors
1662015011286504/23/15 Quick response (qr) secure shake
1672015011297704/23/15 Techniques for ranking character searches
1682015011306004/23/15 Node properties in a social-networking system
1692015011306604/23/15 State change alerts mechanism
1702015011308704/23/15 Selectively sending electronic messages
1712015011336604/23/15 Methods for dynamic document generation
1722015011338104/23/15 Techniques to leverage data from mobile headers
1732015011341904/23/15 Facilitating communications between computer users across a network
1742015011344004/23/15 Providing supplemental contact information corresponding to a referenced individual
1752015011359004/23/15 Dynamic enforcement of privacy settings by a social networking system on information shared with an external system
1762015011361104/23/15 Leveraging a persistent connection to access a secured service
1772015011362504/23/15 Identity verification and authentication
1782015010318904/16/15 Applying video stabilization to a multimedia clip
1792015010320304/16/15 Titling apparatus, a titling method, and a machine readable medium storing thereon a computer program for titling
1802015010405904/16/15 Automatic photo album creation based on social information
1812015010406004/16/15 Automatic photo album creation based on social information
1822015010619104/16/15 Adjusting reserve prices for advertisements presented to social networking system users
1832015010619204/16/15 Identifying posts in a social networking system for presentation to one or more user demographic groups
1842015010626304/16/15 Methods and systems for dynamically processing card payment authorization requests
1852015010632604/16/15 Saved queries in a social networking system
1862015010634204/16/15 System and detecting cache inconsistencies
1872015010635904/16/15 Distributed cache for graph data
1882015010673104/16/15 Positioning of components in a user interface
1892015010041504/09/15 Position discount model of content presented to online system users
1902015010043104/09/15 Social networking system data exchange
1912015010045804/09/15 Systems and methods for using a social networking system to purchase products
1922015010045904/09/15 Systems and methods for using a social networking system to add products to shopping carts of third-party merchants
1932015010057404/09/15 Systems and methods for mapping and routing based on clustering
1942015010059104/09/15 Determining a community page for a concept in a social networking system
1952015010064304/09/15 User activity tracking system
1962015010066104/09/15 Systems and methods for mapping and routing based on clustering
1972015010088004/09/15 Overlay images and texts in user interface
1982015010089904/09/15 Complimenting a user's experience in a social networking
1992015010092404/09/15 Folding and unfolding images in a user interface
2002015009532404/02/15 Social discovery and ranking of pages
2012015009534804/02/15 Systems and methods for dynamic mapping for locality and balance
2022015009557704/02/15 Partitioning shared caches
2032015008734503/26/15 Server-side rate-limiting algorithms for piggybacking social updates for mobile devices
2042015008841803/26/15 Human-like global positioning system (gps) directions
2052015008863903/26/15 Predicting user interactions with objects associated with advertisements on an online system
2062015008866303/26/15 Targeting advertisements to customized groups of users of an online system
2072015008869903/26/15 Associating an indication of user emotional reaction with content items presented by a social networking system
2082015008887203/26/15 Social static ranking for search
2092015008890103/26/15 Extract operator
2102015008900603/26/15 Location aware sticky notes
2112015008910003/26/15 Inter-device data-transport via memory channels
2122015008937903/26/15 Adding events to a calendar from another application
2132015007993503/19/15 Techniques for mobile device personalization
2142015007996103/19/15 Techniques for phone number and data management
2152015008120603/19/15 Identifying a route configured to travel through multiple points of interest
2162015008120803/19/15 Identifying a route configured to travel through multiple points of interest
2172015008144903/19/15 Selecting content items for presentation to a social networking system user in a newsfeed
2182015008163003/19/15 Generating offline content
2192015008168603/19/15 Default structured search queries on online social networks
2202015008179303/19/15 Identify experts and influencers in a social network
2212015008182803/19/15 Degrees of separation for handling communications
2222015008188403/19/15 Techniques for smart data routing
2232015008197403/19/15 Statistical cache promotion
2242015008218503/19/15 Click-to-add, jot-it-down, and add banner
2252015008238203/19/15 Techniques for multi-standard peer-to-peer connection
2262015008238403/19/15 Mobile-device-based trust computing
2272015008246203/19/15 Selective content accessibility in a social network
2282015007392003/12/15 Allocating information for content selection among computing resources of an online system
2292015007393403/12/15 System, process and software arrangement for providing multidimensional recommendations/suggestions
2302015007402003/12/15 Sentiment polarity for users of a social networking system
2312015007409103/12/15 Graphical user interface for map search
2322015007421503/12/15 Methods and systems for optimizing messages to users of a social network
2332015007455903/12/15 Automated event tagging
2342015007459603/12/15 Techniques to display location-based information
2352015007465503/12/15 Eliminating redundant reference count operations in intermediate representation of script code
2362015006217803/05/15 Tilting to scroll
2372015006217903/05/15 Tilting to scroll
2382015006364203/05/15 Computer-vision-assisted location check-in
2392015006661403/05/15 Promotion with friends
2402015006691403/05/15 Search results using density-based map tiles
2412015006703203/05/15 Techniques for server-controlled tiling of location-based information
2422015006751803/05/15 Apparatus and generating slide show and program therefor
2432015006777703/05/15 Systems and methods for authenticating nodes
2442015006779103/05/15 Contextual device locking/unlocking
2452015005805702/26/15 Systems and methods for scheduling a meeting
2462015005814402/26/15 Social networking data augmented gaming kiosk
2472015005833202/26/15 Context-based ranking of search results
2482015005842302/26/15 Methods and systems for increasing engagement of low engagement users in a social network
2492015005842402/26/15 Preferred contact channel for user communications

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