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Facebook Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Facebook Inc. Facebook Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Facebook Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Facebook Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Facebook Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016017097306/16/16 Incorporation of user-provided natural language translations in a social networking system
22016017099106/16/16 User-aware notification delivery
32016017129106/16/16 Face recognition based on spatial and temporal proximity
42016017138106/16/16 Systems and methods for page recommendations based on page reciprocity
52016017138206/16/16 Systems and methods for page recommendations based on online user behavior
62016017138506/16/16 Analyzing quality of applications linked to an online system
72016017148106/16/16 Sending and receiving payments using a message system
82016017153006/16/16 Promotion configuration and facilitation within a network service
92016017153406/16/16 Inferring product interest
102016017153506/16/16 Communication based product remarketing
112016017156106/16/16 Accounting for features of previously-presented content items when selecting content items for an online system user
122016017158206/16/16 Providing product advice recommendation
132016017158806/16/16 Providing product advice recommendation
142016017163106/16/16 Content access management in a social networking system for externally stored content
152016017342906/16/16 Systems and methods for providing communications with obscured media content backgrounds
162016017343606/16/16 Event planning on online social networks
172016017354006/16/16 Providing persistent activity sessions across client devices
182016017362206/16/16 Systems and methods for sharing media content with social connections based on location
192016017362506/16/16 Systems and methods for sharing media content with social connections based on location
202016017363006/16/16 Systems and methods for providing information regarding future content
212016017363106/16/16 Disambiguation of notification delivery
222016017370106/16/16 Techniques for message aggregator testing and selection
232016017378206/16/16 Systems and methods for time-lapse selection subsequent to capturing media content
242016017386806/16/16 Methods, systems, and camera testing using virtual images
252016016248706/09/16 Systems and methods for ranking and providing related content
262016016249106/09/16 Static rankings for search queries on online social networks
272016016250206/09/16 Suggested keywords for searching content on online social networks
282016016250306/09/16 Systems and methods for page recommendations
292016016251306/09/16 Systems and methods for time-based association of content and profile information
302016016257506/09/16 Mining multi-lingual data
312016016291306/09/16 Providing insights to a merchant
322016016293206/09/16 Estimating the reach performance of an advertising campaign
332016016293506/09/16 Remarketing based on customized consumption intervals
342016016293806/09/16 Customizing advertisements using beacons on online social networks
352016016295306/09/16 Modifying advertising policies enforced by an online system based on likelihood of user interaction with content items
362016016296306/09/16 Identity verification and authentication
372016016300306/09/16 Displaying news ticker content in a social networking system
382016016308206/09/16 Image editing method, image editing device, and computer readable medium for storing image editing program
392016016465106/09/16 Codec with variable packet size
402016016480906/09/16 Identifying and selecting contacts to include in a face tray of a messaging application
412016016493706/09/16 Advanced comfort noise techniques
422016016494006/09/16 Performing an action on a social networking system based on a content identifier embedded in provided content
432016016494206/09/16 Decoupled audio and video codecs
442016016498106/09/16 Generating business insights using beacons on online social networks
452016016498206/09/16 Customizing third-party content using beacons on online social networks
462016016498506/09/16 Selecting comments for presentation to a social networking system user along with a content item
472016016498806/09/16 Enabling photoset recommendations
482016016500206/09/16 Generating user notifications using beacons on online social networks
492016016501506/09/16 Embedded rtcp packets
502016016505806/09/16 Codec selection based on offer
512016016505906/09/16 Mobile device audio tuning
522016016506006/09/16 Seamless codec switching
532016016512806/09/16 Capturing and sending images and videos based on a single user interaction with a user interface element
542016016526506/09/16 Sharing television and video programming through social networking
552016016542106/09/16 Periodic ambient waveform analysis for dynamic device configuration
562016016561906/09/16 Multi-frequency directional access point communication
572016015454306/02/16 Generating a list of content items
582016015455606/02/16 Techniques for enhancing group communication on a mobile device
592016015482606/02/16 Computer-vision-assisted location accuracy augmentation
602016015486106/02/16 Social-based spelling correction for online social networks
612016015506306/02/16 Iterative classifier training on online social networks
622016015657406/02/16 Device, method, and graphical user interface for lightweight messaging
632016015658406/02/16 Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing customer relationships using a lightweight messaging platform
642016015658606/02/16 Delivery of messages for a life event of user of social networking system
652016015677406/02/16 Techniques for enhancing content on a mobile device
662016015707106/02/16 Systems and methods for utilizing wireless communications to suggest connections for a user
672016015712906/02/16 Compressing and transmitting structured information
682016014741305/26/16 Check-in additions
692016014742105/26/16 Dynamic status indicator
702016014775305/26/16 Suggesting content for discovery based on user interests and authorship
712016014775605/26/16 Check-in suggestions
722016014781005/26/16 Recommending users to a social networking system user based on relevance and similarity between users
732016014783905/26/16 Automated check-ins
742016014788605/26/16 Querying groups of users based on user attributes for social analytics
752016014789005/26/16 Identifying content items from various sources associated with an object
762016014789305/26/16 Searching for content by key-authors on online social networks
772016014826405/26/16 Searching for offers and advertisements on online social networks
782016014862005/26/16 Indexing based on time-variant transforms of an audio signal's spectrogram
792016014864805/26/16 Systems and methods for improving stabilization in time-lapse media content
802016014984005/26/16 Presence and geographic location notification based on a delegation model
812016015003205/26/16 Prefetching places
822016015004805/26/16 Prefetching location data
832016015007205/26/16 Techniques for predictive power management of a mobile device
842016015027405/26/16 Commercial detection based on audio fingerprinting
852016015037505/26/16 Devices and methods for locating missing items with a wireless signaling device
862016015039505/26/16 Techniques to associate user data with a mobile device
872016013978405/19/16 Systems and methods for providing interactive time-lapse selection for captured media content
882016013989905/19/16 Optimizing intermediate representation of script code for fast path execution
892016014012005/19/16 Dynamic tagging recommendation
902016014016705/19/16 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for performing search queries
912016014024505/19/16 Identifying relationships in an online social network
922016014034105/19/16 Systems and methods for increasing security sensitivity based on social influence
932016014041505/19/16 Methods and systems for differentiating synthetic and non-synthetic images
942016014060005/19/16 Native application testing
952016014060505/19/16 Generating audience metrics including affinity scores relative to an audience
962016014060905/19/16 Visualizing audience metrics
972016014062005/19/16 Using audience metrics with targeting criteria for an advertisement
982016014062205/19/16 User specific merchant page customization
992016014067005/19/16 Ranking applications for recommendation to social networking system users
1002016014097105/19/16 Periodic ambient waveform analysis for enhanced social functions
1012016014235405/19/16 Resource management of social network applications
1022016014247505/19/16 Shard management service
1032016014255305/19/16 Techniques to transform network resource requests to zero rated network requests
1042016014288205/19/16 Meeting notification and modification service
1052016013220005/12/16 Communication user interface systems and methods
1062016013248605/12/16 Generating a social glossary
1072016013250705/12/16 Search intent for queries on online social networks
1082016013250805/12/16 Ranking location query results based on social networking data
1092016013251805/12/16 Placement policy
1102016013257005/12/16 Searching topics by highest ranked page in a social networking system
1112016013259705/12/16 Using inverse operators for queries on online social networks
1122016013272305/12/16 Automatic photo capture based on social components and identity recognition
1132016013437205/12/16 Alignment in line-of-sight communication networks
1142016013437305/12/16 Deploying line-of-sight communication networks
1152016013457605/12/16 Identifying groups for a social networking system user based on likelihoods of the user interacting with various groups
1162016013457705/12/16 Determining temporal relevance of newsfeed stories
1172016013457805/12/16 Systems and methods for identifying connections
1182016013458205/12/16 Managing an ephemeral post in a social networking system
1192016013469205/12/16 Identifying groups for a social networking system user based on group characteristics and likelihood of user interaction
1202016013471805/12/16 Mobile push notification
1212016013511005/12/16 Association in line-of-sight communication networks
1222016013239405/12/16 Storage drive remediation in a raid system
1232016012460705/05/16 E-mail interface having an informational tool tip
1242016012467705/05/16 Optical cold storage
1252016012508205/05/16 Social-based optimization of web crawling for online social networks
1262016012524405/05/16 Systems and methods for providing pixelation and depixelation animations for media content
1272016012542405/05/16 Systems and methods for dynamically identifying illegitimate accounts based on rules
1282016012545205/05/16 Measuring offsite advertising effectiveness
1292016012545505/05/16 Sharing revenue generated from presenting content to a group of online system users specified by a third-party system with the third party system
1302016012546905/05/16 Selection of a group of content items for presentation to an online system user based on content item characteristics and user attributes
1312016012563605/05/16 Animation sequence associated with content item
1322016012725605/05/16 Load balancing for multi-tiered querying
1332016012736005/05/16 Systems and methods for authenticating a user based on self-portrait media content
1342016012737005/05/16 Techniques for call-based user verification
1352016012737705/05/16 Policy partial results
1362016012748505/05/16 Recommendations based on geolocation
1372016012797705/05/16 Single frequency data network
1382016011709804/28/16 Interrupt driven memory signaling
1392016011716604/28/16 Multiple system images for over-the-air updates
1402016011735504/28/16 Social scores for network elements
1412016011765104/28/16 Facilitating sending and receiving of payments between users in a group
1422016011766504/28/16 Facilitating initiating payments without a payment credential
1432016011766604/28/16 Facilitating sending and receiving of peer-to-peer payments
1442016011767004/28/16 Facilitating sending and receiving of payments using message-based contextual prompts
1452016011772104/28/16 Network-aware product rollout in online social networks
1462016011772404/28/16 Estimating radius of a target area for serving an advertisement
1472016011774004/28/16 Remarketing products to social networking system users
1482016011784604/28/16 Systems and methods for lossy compression of image color profiles
1492016011926604/28/16 Encoding portions of a message
1502016011927204/28/16 Method and system of managing ephemeral post in a social networking system
1512016011936104/28/16 Social network based mobile access
1522016011936404/28/16 Systems and methods for dynamically selecting model thresholds for identifying illegitimate accounts
1532016011006304/21/16 Animation for image elements in a display layout
1542016011034404/21/16 Single identity customized user dictionary
1552016011035004/21/16 Device for extracting information from a dialog
1562016011040204/21/16 Targeting stories based on influencer scores
1572016011041304/21/16 Search query interactions on online social networks
1582016011046304/21/16 Graph server querying for managing social network information flow
1592016011077004/21/16 Generating metrics for content items presented in an online system
1602016011090104/21/16 Animation for image elements in a display layout
1612016011242504/21/16 Systems and methods for providing dynamically selected media content items
1622016011243204/21/16 Imposter account detection and remediation in a social networking system
1632016010357104/14/16 Enabling participation in an online community using visual machine-readable symbols
1642016010366804/14/16 Device, method, and graphical user interface for presenting and installing applications
1652016010384004/14/16 Social static ranking for search
1662016010385204/14/16 Auto tagging in geo-social networking system
1672016010389304/14/16 Generating default search queries on online social networks
1682016010389404/14/16 Search queries with previews of search results on online social networks
1692016010392204/14/16 Presenting contacts to a social networking system user based on user interactions with additional users and with groups
1702016010405704/14/16 Training image adjustment preferences
1712016010413204/14/16 Performing risk checks for electronic remittances
1722016010413304/14/16 Facilitating sending and receiving of remittance payments
1732016010415904/14/16 Obtaining recipient information during an electronic remittance transaction
1742016010417004/14/16 Systems and methods for processing potentially misidentified illegitimate incidents
1752016010428404/14/16 Post-manufacture camera calibration
1762016010549604/14/16 Systems and methods for performing group actions based on machine-readable codes
1772016010585204/14/16 Dynamic duty-cycling of processor of mobile device based on operating condition of mobile device
1782016009809804/07/16 Gestures for auto-correct
1792016009838104/07/16 Dynamically providing a feed of stories about a user of a social networking system
1802016009849304/07/16 Constructing queries using query filters on online social networks
1812016009861304/07/16 Apparatus, method and program for image search
1822016009861604/07/16 Techniques for managing discussion sharing on a mobile platform
1832016009875204/07/16 Sponsored search queries on online social networks
1842016009994604/07/16 Controlling operation of a machine and describing actions performed by the machine through a social networking system
1852016010029604/07/16 Server-side rate-limiting algorithms for piggybacking social updates for mobile devices
1862016010030004/07/16 Ping compensation factor for location updates
1872016009195303/31/16 Adjusting mobile device state based on user intentions and/or identity
1882016009206703/31/16 E-mail interface having an informational tool tip
1892016009209603/31/16 User interface editor
1902016009218603/31/16 Identification of an application associated with a third party system and transmission of application installation information to a user by an online system
1912016009253203/31/16 Load-balancing inbound real-time data updates for a social networking system
1922016009278603/31/16 Selection and modification of features used by one or more machine learned models used by an online system
1932016009292903/31/16 Scaling user audience groups to facilitate advertisement targeting
1942016009293803/31/16 Requesting advertisements inserted into a feed of content items based on advertising policies enforced by an online system
1952016008538603/24/16 Sharing location information during a communication session
1962016008543403/24/16 Sharing digital items via a social networking systme
1972016008552703/24/16 Code placement using a dynamic call graph
1982016008558303/24/16 Multi-threaded processing of user interfaces for an application
1992016008587903/24/16 Display showing intersection between users of a social networking system
2002016008588103/24/16 Distributed cache for graph data
2012016008621903/24/16 Navigating through content items on a computing device
2022016008636903/24/16 Animation sequence associated with feedback user-interface element
2032016008788003/24/16 Routing network traffic based on social information
2042016008807203/24/16 Balancing load across cache servers in a distributed data store
2052016008843303/24/16 Sharing location information during a communication session
2062016007690003/17/16 Identifying a route configured to travel through multiple points of interest
2072016007768003/17/16 Processing browser requests to provide multiple portions of content having a consistent appearance
2082016007768303/17/16 Processing selected browser requests
2092016007771203/17/16 System and presenting media content
2102016007793603/17/16 Failover mechanism in a distributed computing system
2112016007803503/17/16 Systems and methods for providing real-time content items associated with topics
2122016007809603/17/16 Filtering structured search queries based on privacy settings
2132016007811003/17/16 Suggesting search results to users before receiving any search query from the users
2142016007813403/17/16 Determining accuracies with which types of user identifying information identify online system users
2152016007814303/17/16 Systems and methods for simultaneously providing and reading machine-readable codes
2162016007814503/17/16 Methods for dynamic document generation
2172016007840403/17/16 Presenting image previews in electronic messages
2182016007847003/17/16 Execution engine for generating reports for measuring effectiveness of advertising campaigns
2192016007847803/17/16 Determining influence in a social networking system
2202016007848803/17/16 Determining a prompt for performing an action presented to a user in association with video data
2212016007849503/17/16 Determining compensation to an online system from an entity for presenting third party content in content associated with another online system user
2222016007860203/17/16 Display object pre-generation
2232016008029903/17/16 Sharing on-line media experiences
2242016008030403/17/16 Organizing messages into conversation threads
2252016008038903/17/16 Using connections between users in a social networking system to regulate operation of a machine associated with a social networking system user
2262016008047103/17/16 Progressive background uploading
2272016008050703/17/16 Systems and methods for acquiring and providing information associated with a crisis
2282016008051303/17/16 System and presenting media content
2292016008056603/17/16 Intelligent electronic communications
2302016007074903/10/16 Multi-tiered targeted querying
2312016007079003/10/16 Pivoting search results on online social networks
2322016007095403/10/16 Tag suggestions for images on online social networks
2332016007115303/10/16 Presenting additional states of content items to users based on received inputs
2342016007117503/10/16 Verifying purchasers of restricted gifts
2352016007275803/10/16 Sharing television and video programming through social networking
2362016007287803/10/16 Call-termination-triggered social interface
2372016007290703/10/16 Managing notifications pushed to user devices
2382016006248303/03/16 Systems and methods for providing functionality based on device orientation
2392016006257803/03/16 Systems and methods for displaying a digest of messages or notifications without launching applications associated with the messages or notifications
2402016006300303/03/16 Ranking search results by social relevancy
2412016006309303/03/16 Keyword search queries on online social networks
2422016006311503/03/16 Blending by query classification on online social networks
2432016006311803/03/16 Priming search results on online social networks
2442016006312703/03/16 Method and identifying common interest between social network users
2452016006354803/03/16 Selecting alternative content based on content presented to a user of an online system
2462016006356803/03/16 User modification of characteristics used for content selection by an online system
2472016006373603/03/16 Systems and methods for context based image compression
2482016006554103/03/16 Anonymous single sign-on to third-party systems
2492016006557703/03/16 Systems and methods for providing dynamically selected media content items

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