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Facebook Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Facebook Inc. Facebook Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Facebook Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Facebook Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/14/17 new patent  Multi-factor location verification
09/14/17 new patent  Multi-factor location verification
09/14/17 new patent  Method for refining control by combining eye tracking and voice recognition
09/14/17 new patent  Identification of an application associated with a third party system and transmission of application installation information to a user by an online system
09/14/17 new patent  Statistical feature engineering of user attributes
09/14/17 new patent  Search result snippets for structured search queries
09/14/17 new patent  Associating received contact information with user profiles stored by a social networking system
09/14/17 new patent  Sampling content using machine learning to identify low-quality content
09/14/17 new patent  People lists
09/14/17 new patent  Network payment tokenization for processing payment transactions
09/14/17 new patent  Expanding targeting criteria for content items based on user characteristics and weights associated with users satisfying the targeting criteria
09/14/17 new patent  Link acquisition in wireless communication systems
09/14/17 new patent  Content prioritization based on packet size
09/07/17Denoising touch gesture input
09/07/17Systems and methods for presenting content
09/07/17Mobile hardware fob with device ecosystem for modular i/o extension devices
09/07/17Identifying groups for a social networking system user based on interactions by the user with various groups
09/07/17Adaptive dual polarized mimo for dynamically moving transmitter and receiver
09/07/17Location-based conversation engine for entities in a social networking system
09/07/17Single login procedure for accessing social network information across multiple external systems
09/07/17Federated application services
09/07/17Generating business insights using beacons on online social networks
09/07/17Customized presentation of event guest lists in a social networking system
09/07/17Local-area network (lan) -based location determination
09/07/17Messaging interface based on caller of an incoming call
09/07/17Stabilization of low-light video
08/31/17Modifying structured search queries on online social networks
08/31/17Ranking test framework for search results on an online social network
08/31/17Techniques for messaging bot app interactions
08/31/17Techniques for messaging bot rich communication
08/31/17Displaying a feed of content in a social networking system
08/31/17Database attack detection tool
08/31/17Network-based location determination
08/31/17Systems and methods for acquiring and providing information associated with a crisis
08/24/17Systems and methods for providing image-based security measures
08/24/17Multiple system images for over-the-air updates
08/24/17Techniques for emotion detection and content delivery
08/24/17Creating a sequence of images for presentation in a content item presented by an online system from content associated with the content item
08/24/17Categorizing social network objects based on user affiliations
08/24/17Modular base station
08/24/17Community-based parental controls
08/24/17Systems and methods for coordinating events
08/24/17Wavelength division multiplexer with packet switching based on header information or performance metric information for optical channels
08/17/17Structured light sensing for 3d sensing
08/17/17Social-based spelling correction for online social networks
08/17/17Systems and methods for providing object recognition based on detecting and extracting media portions
08/17/17Communicating plans for users of a social networking system
08/17/17Systems and methods for transforming an image
08/17/17Determining visibility of group content to a user based on inferred connections between users of an online system
08/17/17Systems and methods for substituting references to content
08/10/17Decision tree ensemble compilation
08/10/17Progressive rendering of data sets
08/10/17Enhanced predictive input utilizing a typeahead process
08/10/17Search client context on online social networks
08/10/17Storage and privacy service
08/10/17Systems and methods for providing pixelation and depixelation animations for media content
08/10/17Managing silence in audio signal identification
08/10/17Sealing and enclosure system for disc drives
08/10/17Techniques for contextual mobile data access
08/10/17Social context for applications
08/10/17Dynamic identification of other users to an online user
08/10/17Sharing television and video programming through social networking
08/10/17Sharing television and video programming through social networking
08/03/17Identifying expanding hashtags in a message
08/03/17Systems and methods for recommendation of topical authorities
Patent Packs
08/03/17Sentiment-modules on online social networks
08/03/17Mentions-modules on online social networks
08/03/17Grammar model for search queries
08/03/17Tag suggestions for images on online social networks
08/03/17Search-results interfaces for content-item-specific modules on online social networks
08/03/17Quotations-modules on online social networks
08/03/17Assigning social networking system users to households
08/03/17Captcha image scramble
08/03/17Systems and methods for churn prediction
08/03/17Determining influence in a social networking system
08/03/17Computer-vision content detection for connecting objects in media to users
08/03/17Systems and methods for recipient-side image processing
08/03/17Automatic overdraw reduction before rendering
08/03/17Uploading and transcoding media files
08/03/17Proxy authentication
Patent Packs
08/03/17Detecting carriers for mobile devices
08/03/17Self-adaptive control system for dynamic capacity management of latency-sensitive application servers
08/03/17Concurrently uploading multimedia objects and associating metadata with the multimedia objects
08/03/17Caller identification using communication network information
08/03/17Association in line-of-sight communication networks
07/27/17Systems and methods of eye tracking calibration
07/27/17Presenting suggestion content in reaction to content generation
07/27/17Sharing annotations of digital items
07/27/17Graph query logic
07/27/17Evaluating performance of content item presentation by modifying parameters determining whether to present content item to users of an online system
07/27/17Audience reach of different online advertising publishers
07/27/17Reach and frequency for online advertising based on data aggregation and computing
07/27/17Selecting content for online system users based on user interactions with third party applications
07/27/17Automatically-adjusting electronic advertisement subsidy
07/27/17Promotion unit for page advertisements
07/27/17Adding paid links to media captions in a social networking system
07/27/17Migrating a chat message service provided by a chat server to a new chat server
07/20/17Attributing authorship to segments of source code
07/20/17Cross-region failover of application services
07/20/17System and partitioning of memory units into non-conflicting sets
07/20/17Determining phrase objects based on received user input context information
07/20/17Typeahead intent icons and snippets on online social networks
07/20/17Generating answers to questions using information posted by users on online social networks
07/20/17Measuring performance of content among groups of similar users of an online system
07/20/17Presenting content items to an online system user in a sequence based on user interaction with the content items
07/20/17Systems and methods for advertisement generation
07/20/17Techniques for animating stickers with sound
07/20/17Joint beamforming in point-to-point wireless communication networks
07/20/17Splitting message channels
07/20/17Session management for internet of things devices
Social Network Patent Pack
07/20/17Portable platform for networked computing
07/20/17Dialog server
07/20/17Audio system and method
07/20/17Modular electromechanical device
07/13/17Method and system for adjusting light pattern for structured light imaging
07/13/17Processor clocking policies for mobile computing devices
07/13/17Content type filter
07/13/17User intent during object scrolling
07/13/17Content composer
07/13/17Inferring qualities of a place
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07/13/17Suppression and deduplication of place-entities on online social networks
07/13/17Search perceived performance
07/13/17Identification of real-best-pages on online social networks
07/13/17End-to-end memory networks
07/13/17Creating digital events utilizing natural language processing
07/13/17Providing structured data in real-time communications
07/13/17Pivot interface element for a messaging system
07/13/17Identification of low-quality place-entities on online social networks
07/06/17Dynamically adapting to demand for server computing resources
07/06/17Editing photos over an online social network
07/06/17Presenting image objects in a user interface
07/06/17Optimistic data fetching and rendering
07/06/17Characterizing data using descriptive tokens
07/06/17Systems and methods to search resumes based on keywords
07/06/17Aggregating social networking system user information for display via stories
07/06/17Optimistic data fetching and rendering
07/06/17Identifying entities using a deep-learning model
07/06/17Systems and methods to rank job candidates based on machine learning model
07/06/17Systems and methods to match job candidates and job titles based on machine learning model
07/06/17Selecting additional content for inclusion in video data presented to users via an online system
07/06/17Systems and methods to attribute real-world visits of physical business locations by a user of a wireless device to targeted digital content or publicly displayed physical content previously viewable by the user
07/06/17Selecting content for presentation to an online system user to increase likelihood of user recall of the presented content
07/06/17Pacing a budget for presenting sponsored content while limiting frequency of sponsored content presentation
07/06/17Link acquistion in directional wireless systems
07/06/17Intensity modulated direct detection broad optical-spectrum source communication
07/06/17Intensity-modulated direct detection with multi-channel multi-beaming
07/06/17Code assignment
07/06/17Link maintenance in point-to-point wireless communication networks
07/06/17Withdrawal of a message sent in a social networking system
07/06/17Dynamic chat box
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07/06/17Using social graph for account recovery
07/06/17Browser with integrated privacy controls and dashboard for social network data
07/06/17Dynamically adapting to demand for server computing resources
07/06/17Correlating media consumption data with user profiles
07/06/17Systems and methods for surveying users
07/06/17Dynamic codec adaptation
07/06/17Systems and methods for utilizing social metrics to provide videos in video categories
07/06/17Igniting network nodes in a multi-hop wireless network
07/06/17Interference management in a multi-hop wireless network
07/06/17Switched diversity in data link layers of directional networks
07/06/17Mitigating packet interference
07/06/17Packet detection in point-to-point wireless communication networks
07/06/17Micro-route characterization and selection
07/06/17Interference management in a multi-hop wireless network
07/06/17Polarity assignment in a multi-hop wireless network
06/29/17Remotely supplied power for unmanned aerial vehicle
06/29/17Systems and methods for selecting previews for presentation during media navigation
06/29/17Multi-user content presentation system
06/29/17Multi-user content presentation system
06/29/17Language model personalization
Social Network Patent Pack
06/29/17Predicting future translations
06/29/17Predicting future translations
06/29/17Systems and methods for providing location-based minutiae post recommendations
06/29/17Identifying content for users on online social networks
06/29/17Query-composition platforms on online social networks
06/29/17Data caching based on requestor identity
06/29/17Systems and methods for online clustering of content items
06/29/17Aggregated broad topics
06/29/17Systems and methods for filtering page recommendations
06/29/17Recommending pages of content to an online system user by identifying content from recommended pages to the user
06/29/17Systems and methods for recommending pages
06/29/17Blending search results on online social networks
06/29/17Systems and methods for image recognition normalization and calibration
06/29/17Systems and methods for analyzing rendered content
06/29/17Systems and methods for social network post audience prediction and selection
06/29/17Systems and methods to de-duplicate features for machine learning model
06/29/17Systems and methods for content presentation
06/29/17Systems and methods to identify illegitimate online accounts
06/29/17Advertisement relevance score using social signals
06/29/17Advertising inventory optimization via identification of audience segments
Social Network Patent Pack
06/29/17Systems and methods for promoting content items
06/29/17Systems and methods for blending content items
06/29/17Selecting and pricing content items including multiple bid amounts
06/29/17Systems and methods for generating and managing customer context information
06/29/17Systems and methods for predicting page activity to optimize page recommendations
06/29/17Systems and methods for providing progressive images based on image features
06/29/17Systems and methods for determining optical flow
06/29/17Method and system for generating light pattern using polygons
06/29/17Using three-dimensional virtual object models to guide users in virtual environments
06/29/17Coherently-combined mulitple apertures
06/29/17Duplicating digital streams for digital conferencing using switching technologies
06/29/17Systems and methods to selectively combine video streams
06/29/17Accounting for user interaction with a social networking system when notifying the user of content provided to a group maintained by the social networking system including that user
06/29/17Systems and methods for providing messages based on preconfigured messages templates
06/29/17Systems and methods for ranking calls to action based on information associated with online resources
06/29/17Systems and methods for providing shared content-based minutiae post recommendations
06/29/17Comment ordering system
06/29/17Social networking interactions with portions of digital videos
06/29/17Social networking interactions with portions of digital videos
06/29/17Systems and methods to create composite videos
06/29/17Selecting content items provided to groups including a social networking system user based on interaction with the content items by social networking system users
06/29/17Image filtering based on social context
06/29/17Reciprocity calibration for multiple-input multiple-output systems
06/22/17Media plug-in for third-party system
06/22/17Systems and methods of eye tracking control on mobile device
06/22/17Systems and methods to manage communications regarding a post in a social network
06/22/17User interface analysis and management
06/22/17Systems and methods for identifying dominant hands for users based on usage patterns
06/22/17Systems and methods to optimize music play in a scrolling news feed
06/22/17Systems and methods for application crash management
Social Network Patent Pack
06/22/17Implementing advanced caching
06/22/17Multi-media context language processing
06/22/17Systems and methods for content presentation
06/22/17Suggesting tags on online social networks
06/22/17Techniques to configure media packages
06/22/17Clustering using locality-sensitive hashing with improved cost model
06/22/17Caching pagelets of structured documents
06/22/17Systems and methods for recommending pages
06/22/17Systems, methods, and collaborative exchange
06/22/17Processing secure electronic payment transactions
06/22/17Determining criteria for selecting target audience for content
06/22/17Grouping users into tiers based on similarity to a group of seed users
06/22/17Systems, methods, and event planning
06/22/17Personalizing default search queries on online social networks
06/22/17Canary testing for storage devices
06/22/17Techniques to detect foreground processes
06/22/17Personal music compilation
06/22/17System and expanded messaging indicator
06/22/17User authentication of applications on third-party devices via user devices
06/22/17Systems and methods to determine location recommendations
06/22/17Systems and methods for digital video stabilization via constraint-based rotation smoothing
06/22/17Systems and methods for transitioning between multiple video portions produced based on multiple encodings
06/22/17Systems and methods to optimize music access in a news feed
06/22/17Global-positioning system (gps) update interval based on sensor data
06/15/17Head-mounted display systems with nose piece
06/15/17Rearrangeable code optimization modules
06/15/17Delegating database queries
06/15/17Social filtering of user interface
06/15/17Block cache eviction

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