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Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation
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Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation. Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Semiconductor device and method therefor
10/19/17 new patent  Semiconductor device and method therefor
10/19/17 new patent  Methods and apparatus related to protection of a speaker
10/05/17Silicon carbide (sic) device with improved gate dielectric shielding
08/24/17Gate pre-positioning for fast turn-off of synchronous rectifier
08/03/17Load capacitance determination circuitry and power supply control
08/03/17Adaptive turn-off trigger blanking for synchronous rectification
08/03/17Self-tuning adaptive dead time control for continuous conduction mode and discontinuous conduction mode operation of a flyback converter
07/13/17Battery charge termination voltage reduction
07/13/17Enable and disable comparator voltage reference
07/06/17Usb type-c connector for improved charge efficiency
03/02/17Input ac line control for ac-dc converters
03/02/17Mic/gnd detection and automatic switch
01/26/17Ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci) monitor
01/12/17Methods and apparatus related to termination regions of a semiconductor device
01/12/17Silicon-carbide trench gate mosfets
01/12/17Adaptive clamping circuitry
01/05/17Control of a startup circuit using a feedback pin of a pwm controller integrated circuit chip
11/24/16Hybrid gate dielectrics for semiconductor power devices
11/17/16Through silicon via including multi-material fill
11/17/16Voltage comparator circuit and method
10/27/16Charge pump circuit for providing voltages to multiple switch circuits
09/29/16Thin semiconductor device packages and methods of manufacture
09/29/16Substrate interposer on a leadframe
09/29/16Avalanche-rugged silicon carbide (sic) power schottky rectifier
09/29/16Artificial ripple modulation control circuitry
09/29/16Enhanced protective multiplexer
09/15/16Micromachined monolithic 3-axis gyroscope with single drive
09/08/16Power supply with line compensation circuit
09/08/16Power supply with near valley switching
08/18/16Adaptive overvoltage protection for adaptive power adapters
08/04/16Ignition control circuit with current slope detection
07/14/16Low voltage switch control
06/30/16Silicon carbide (sic) device with improved gate dielectric shielding
06/30/16Silicon-carbide trench gate mosfets
06/23/16Battery charging system including current observer circuitry to avoid battery voltage overshoot based on battery current draw
06/23/16Audio switch circuit with slow turn-on
06/16/16Switch device with switch circuits that provide high voltage surge protection
06/09/16Apparatus and methods for pll-based gyroscope gain control, quadrature cancellation and demodulation
06/09/16Vbus power switch
06/09/16Charge pump circuit for providing voltages to multiple switch circuits
05/19/16Method and zero current detection
05/19/16Remote ground sensing for reduced crosstalk of headset and microphone audio signals
05/05/16Package including a semiconductor die and a capacitive component
05/05/16Audio crosstalk calibration switch
04/21/16Reported state-of-charge scaling
03/17/16Fast and stable ultra low drop-out (ldo) voltage clamp device
03/03/16Biased esd circuit
03/03/16Auxiliary self-protecting transistor structure
03/03/16Optimized charging apparatus and methods
02/18/16Sic power device having a high voltage termination
02/04/16Silicon carbide power bipolar devices with deep acceptor doping
02/04/16Reduction of degradation due to hot carrier injection
12/17/15Full bridge dc/dc converter control techniques
12/03/15Configuration of portions of a power device within a silicon carbide crystal
11/12/15Multi-die mems package
11/12/15Audio jack insertion/removal fault detection
10/15/15Schottky-barrier device and related semiconductor product
10/15/15Audio accessory communication with active noise cancellation
10/08/15Ignition control circuit with dual (two-stage) clamp
09/24/15Apparatus and extending analog front end sense range of a high-q mems sensor
09/24/15Clamp circuit and clamping voltage
09/24/15Uniform distribution dithering in sigma-delta a/d converters
08/27/15Overcurrent detection circuit and method, load switch, and portable device
08/13/15Usb adapter protection
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08/13/15Resonant converter control techniques to manage negative sr current
08/06/15Enhanced peak current mode dc-dc power converter
08/06/15Adaptive critical-duty-cycle clamp for power converters
08/06/15Enable and disable comparator voltage reference
07/30/15Control and current measurement function for battery charging, protection and fuel gauge coulomb counting
07/23/15Trench-based power semiconductor devices with increased breakdown voltage characteristics
07/23/15Apparatus and detecting insertion anomaly of an audio jack
07/23/15Apparatus and recovering from partial insertion of an audio jack
07/16/15Isolation between semiconductor components
07/09/15Trench-based power semiconductor devices with increased breakdown voltage characteristics
07/09/15Mosfet bridge circuit
07/02/15Mems proof mass with split z-axis portions
07/02/15Superjunction structures for power devices and methods of manufacture
07/02/15Apparatus and methods of charging to safe cell voltage
06/11/15Packaged semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing
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06/11/15Integrated wire bonder and 3d measurement system with defect rejection
06/11/15Dual-mode voltage doubling buck converter with smooth mode transition
05/14/15Constant power availability for load switches with foldback current
05/14/15Dual-edge tracking synchronous rectifier control techniques for a resonant converter
04/30/15Sic bipolar junction transistor with reduced carrier lifetime in collector and a defect termination layer
04/30/15Low drop out supply asymmetric dynamic biasing
04/30/15Resistance multiplier
04/16/15High-voltage packaged device
03/26/15Load driving method, load driving circuit, and application devices thereof
03/12/15Superjunction structures for power devices and methods of manufacture
02/12/15Ignition control short circuit protection
02/12/15Junction-less insulated gate current limiter device
02/12/15Audio jack system
02/05/15Charging control circuit, method and electronic device thereof
02/05/15Load balancing in discrete devices
02/05/15Common-mode feedback differential amplifier
02/05/15Side channel power attack defense with pseudo random clock operation
02/05/15Complimentary bit slicing side channel attack defense
01/29/15Edge rate control gate driver for switching power converters
01/15/15Differential measurements with a large common mode input voltage
01/01/15Quiescent current equalization method, output stage circuit, class ab amplifier and electronic device
12/25/14Overcurrent protection method, circuit and integrated circuit
12/04/14System for battery management and protection
11/13/14Heated accelerated battery charging
10/30/14Fast load transient response power supply system using dynamic reference generation
10/30/14Scalable voltage ramp control for power supply systems
10/30/14Reverse current blocking comparator
10/23/14Methods and apparatus related to an improved package including a semiconductor die
09/18/14Monolithic ignition insulated-gate bipolar transistor
09/18/14Direct-drain trench fet with source and drain isolation
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09/18/14Methods and apparatus related to termination regions of a semiconductor device
09/18/14Method for forming accumulation-mode field effect transistor with improved current capability
09/18/14Methods and apparatus including a current limiter
09/18/14Input power protection
09/18/14Methods and apparatus related to a precision input power protection device
08/28/14Methods and apparatus related to capacitance reduction of a signal port
08/28/14Differential thermistor circuit
08/28/14Battery state of charge tracking, equivalent circuit selection and benchmarking
08/21/14Ldmos device with double-sloped field plate
08/21/14Production of high-performance passive devices using existing operations of a semiconductor process
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08/21/14Power supply protection system
08/21/14Clamping circuit and device for eos/surge/iec
08/21/14Isolation communication technology using coupled oscillators/antennas
08/21/14Test control using existing ic chip pins
08/14/14Data-on-supply repeater
08/07/14Secure crypto key generation and distribution
08/07/14Permanent lockout attack detection
07/31/14Production of multiple semiconductor devices using a semiconductor process
07/24/14Field effect transistor and schottky diode structures
07/24/14Hybrid continuous and discontinuous mode operation
07/17/14Power supply with dc breaker switch and reduced regulated dc link voltage
07/10/14Parasitic isolation communication switch
07/03/14Start-up circuitry
06/26/14Audio amplifier performance while maintaining usb compliance and power down protection
06/19/14Semiconductor die package and making the same
06/19/14Dc/dc converter with shunt circuitry
05/22/14Window reference trimming for accessory detection
05/22/14Combo id detection
05/22/14Security measures for data protection
05/15/14High-voltage bulk driver
05/15/14Efficiency optimized driver circuit
05/08/14Methods and apparatus related to protection of a speaker
05/01/14Power switching system with control signal driven supply voltage
05/01/14Supply voltage independent bandgap circuit
05/01/14Use of plate oxide layers to increase bulk oxide thickness in semiconductor devices
04/24/14Adaptive response time acceleration
04/24/14Apparatus and operating and switching a single conductor interface
04/17/14Trench superjunction mosfet with thin epi process
04/17/14Operational amplifier circuit and method implementing the same
04/17/14Data during analog audio
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04/10/14No pop switch
03/13/14Wireless module with active and passive components
03/13/14Through silicon via including multi-material fill
03/13/14Common drain power clip for battery pack protection mosfet
03/13/14Wireless module with active devices
03/06/14Sensor sharing fuel gauge
03/06/14Ultra low ripple boost converter
03/06/14Sensorless current sense for regulating inductor current in a buck converter
02/27/14Bipolar junction transistor in silicon carbide with improved breakdown voltage
02/27/14Field effect transistor with gated and non-gated trenches
02/27/14Buffer system having reduced threshold current
02/20/14Trench-based power semiconductor devices with increased breakdown voltage characteristics
02/20/14Protective multiplexer
02/13/14Trench-based power semiconductor devices with increased breakdown voltage characteristics
02/13/14Trench-based power semiconductor devices with increased breakdown voltage characteristics
02/13/14Soft-start control techniques for a switched-mode power supply
02/13/14Pulsed gate driver
02/13/14Synchronous rectifier control techniques for a resonant converter
02/06/14Bipolar junction transistor with spacer layer
02/06/14Simulating power supply inductor current
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02/06/14Sic proportional bias switch driver circuit with current transformer
01/23/14Synchronous buck converter with dynamically adjustable low side gate driver
01/02/14Maximum voltage selection circuit and method and sub-selection circuit
12/26/13Packaging to reduce stress on microelectromechanical systems
12/12/13Micromachined monolithic 3-axis gyroscope with single drive
12/05/13Current overshoot limiting circuit
12/05/13Switched-mode voltage converter with energy recovery system
12/05/13High voltage clamp circuit
12/05/13Mos switch
12/05/13Translator including overstress protection
11/28/13Silicon carbide bipolar junction transistor comprising shielding regions and methods of manufacturing the same
11/21/13Conductive chip disposed on lead semiconductor package and methods of making the same
11/21/13Photovoltaic system power optimization
11/21/13Method and zero current detection
11/21/13Low-voltage band-gap voltage reference circuit
11/21/13Depletion-mode circuit
11/14/13Flexure bearing to reduce quadrature for resonating micromachined devices
11/07/13Method and integrated circuit protection
10/31/13Clamp circuit and clamping voltage
10/31/13Method and electrostatic discharge protection
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10/24/13Microelectromechanical pressure sensor including reference capacitor
10/24/13Through silcon via with reduced shunt capacitance
10/17/13Mems quadrature cancellation and signal demodulation
10/17/13Micromachined monolithic 6-axis inertial sensor
10/17/13Sealed packaging for microelectromechanical systems
10/17/13Micro-electro-mechanical-system (mems) driver
10/10/13Self test of mems gyroscope with asics integrated capacitors
10/10/13Mems device front-end charge amplifier
10/10/13Self test of mems accelerometer with asics integrated capacitors
10/10/13Noise reduction method with chopping for a merged mems accelerometer sensor
10/10/13Audio device switching with reduced pop and click
10/10/13Mems device automatic-gain control loop for mechanical amplitude drive
10/10/13Mems device quadrature shift cancellation
10/03/13Accurate ninety-degree phase shifter
10/03/13Button-press detection and filtering
09/26/13Micromachined 3-axis accelerometer with a single proof-mass
09/26/13Inertial sensor mode tuning circuit
09/26/13Structure and forming trench-gate field effect transistor
09/26/13Early warning strobe for mitigation of line and load transients
09/26/13Adaptive startup control for boost converter
09/26/13Improved startup of dc-dc converters
09/26/13Boost regulator with timing controlled inductor bypass
09/26/13Enhanced on-time generator
09/26/13Multi-die mems package
09/19/13Buck up power converter
09/12/13Level switching circuit and controlling rail-to-rail enabling signal
08/29/13Current observer circuitry for battery chargers
08/29/13Modified binary search for transfer function active region
08/29/13Umos semiconductor devices formed by low temperature processing
08/15/13Stepped-source ldmos architecture
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07/25/13Conductivity modulation in a silicon carbide bipolar junction transistor
07/25/13Shunt regulator
07/18/13Field effect transistor with self-aligned source and heavy body regions
07/11/13Dimmer control with soft start over-current protection
07/04/13Dual input single output power multiplexer for near field communication application
06/20/13Systems and methods for output control
06/06/13Mems multi-axis gyroscope z-axis electrode structure
05/23/13Silicon carbide bipolar junction transistor
05/23/13Pin selectable i2c slave addresses
05/16/13Devices, methods, and systems with mos-gated trench-to-trench lateral current flow
04/11/13Sic bipolar junction transistor with overgrown emitter
04/11/13Method of manufacturing a sic bipolar junction transistor and sic bipolar junction transistor thereof
04/04/13Charger detection with proprietary charger support
03/28/13Multiple battery power path management system
03/14/13True reverse current blocking system
03/14/13Load switch with true reverse current blocking
02/07/13Mic audio noise filtering
01/31/13Circuit and detecting multiple supply voltages
01/31/13Structures and methods for forming high density trench field effect transistors
01/24/13Semiconductor device and forming a structure in a target substrate for manufacturing a semiconductor device
01/24/13Detection and gsm noise filtering
01/24/13Audio jack detection circuit
01/24/13Active audio transducer protection
12/27/12Detecting accessories on an audio or video jack
12/27/12Mipi analog switch for automatic selection of multiple image sensors
12/20/12Dc voltage error protection circuit
12/20/12Protection system
11/01/12Power-on-reset circuit and reset method
10/18/12Class d pulse width modulator with dual feedback

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