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Fanuc Corporation
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Fanuc Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Fanuc Corporation. Fanuc Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fanuc Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fanuc Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Wire-electric discharge machine
06/22/17 new patent  Wire electric discharge machine
06/22/17 new patent  Controller with drop prevention function for gap control axis
06/22/17 new patent  Telescopic cover
06/22/17 new patent  Molding monitoring apparatus
06/22/17 new patent  State change management system for manufacturing cell in cell control system
06/22/17 new patent  Machine tool
06/22/17 new patent  Model generating device, position and orientation calculating device, and handling robot device
06/22/17 new patent  Maintenance timing prediction system and maintenance timing prediction device
06/22/17 new patent  Electric motor having wave-winding coil and manufacturing method thereof
06/15/17Rotation tool having function of fixing workpiece
06/15/17Machining fluid level adjusting mechanism for wire electric discharge machine
06/15/17Machining system and removal system having machining chip removing function
06/15/17Detachment tool and motor drive device provided with the same
06/15/17Robot system equipped with video display apparatus that displays image of virtual object in superimposed fashion on real image of robot
06/15/17Injection molding system
06/15/17Robot control device and communication system having communication function for communicating with programmable logic controller
06/08/17Friction stir welding apparatus
06/08/17Machine learning device, laminated core manufacturing apparatus, laminated core manufacturing system, and machine learning learning operation for stacking core sheets
06/08/17Controller including means for confirmation in preparation of synchronous operation teaching data
06/08/17Numerical controller
06/08/17Combined system having machine tool and robot
06/08/17Operation management system for directly displaying work instruction based on operation management information on machine tool
06/08/17Switch apparatus that generates safety input signals and numerical control system
06/08/17Control controlling laser oscillator
06/08/17Laser apparatus having condensation prevention function
06/08/17Laser power-supply device that controls a plurality of light-emitting elements
06/01/17Simulation apparatus of wire electric discharge machine having function of determining welding positions of core using machine learning
06/01/17Machining system including enclosure defining space in which workpiece is machined
06/01/17Workpiece position/posture calculation system and handling system
06/01/17Robot controller which records state of occurrence of emergency stop of robot
06/01/17Production control controlling actual production information in production line and production system
06/01/17Numerical controller
06/01/17Cell control apparatus which predicts failure of manufacturing machines and production system
06/01/17Cam data display device
06/01/17Numerical controller for controlling feed rate based on spindle load
06/01/17Machine learning optimizing smoothness of feed of feed axis of machine and motor control apparatus including machine learning apparatus
06/01/17Device for measuring positions and postures of plurality of articles, and robot system having the device
06/01/17Multi-phase reactor capable of obtaining constant inductance for each phase
06/01/17Machine learning device, motor control system, and machine learning learning cleaning interval of fan motor
05/25/17Rotation table
05/25/17Machine tool
05/25/17Manual feed apparatus of robot for calculating operable range of robot
05/25/17Robot system having functions of simplifying teaching operation and improving operating performance by learning
05/25/17Stowage pattern calculation device which sets positions at which articles are stacked
05/25/17Cam profile data creation apparatus and synchronization controller
05/25/17Numerical control device having improved servo control performance
05/25/17Numerical controller
05/25/17Numerical controller
05/25/17Numerical control device for realizing high-speed input and output of external signal in servo controller
05/25/17Servo control device
05/25/17Recommended maintenance notification system
05/25/17Operation monitoring device for monitoring operations of machining devices in machining line
05/25/17Numerical controller
05/25/17Electronic device having fan motor
05/18/17Laser processing head including circulation path for circulating coolant
05/18/17Clamping mechanism of rotation table device
05/18/17Injection molding system
05/18/17Management system of injection molding machines
05/18/17Laser power sensor
05/18/17Optical fiber connection unit having circulation path for allowing coolant to circulate
05/18/17Sequence-control programming apparatus, sequence-control programming method, and operating system
05/18/17Selection device and network system for selecting electric motor system
05/18/17Numerical controller
05/18/17Numerical control system coordinating with tool catalog database
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05/18/17Controller with coolant monitoring function
05/18/17Selection selecting motor system and network system
05/18/17Motor having rotor of optimized shape
05/18/17Stator having seal member, and motor
05/18/17Motor drive apparatus having function for determining abnormality of main power supply voltage
05/11/17Cutting tool cleaner
05/11/17Mist removal system and mist removal method
05/11/17Machine tool
05/11/17Robot simulation device for generating motion path of robot
05/11/17Method for causing robot to fit male component in female component
05/11/17Suction-type hand for drawing and holding workpiece
05/11/17Automatic position adjustment system
05/11/17Image processing device and detecting image of object to be detected from input data
05/11/17Laser system having fault diagnosis function
05/04/17Temporary placement device able to adjust orientation of workpiece
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05/04/17Rotating axis supporting device
05/04/17Offline robot programming device
05/04/17Injection molding system
05/04/17Motor control device for compensating backlash
05/04/17Servo control system having function of automatically adjusting learning controller
05/04/17Numerical controller performing speed control with curvature and curvature change amount
05/04/17Robot system including cnc and robot controller connected through communication network
05/04/17Laser oscillation device for multiplexing and outputting laser light
05/04/17Motor controller attaining both low latency and high throughput data communications
04/27/17Tool cleaning device for machine tool
04/27/17Robot system including plurality of controllers connected via network
04/27/17Safety monitoring device for robot
04/27/17Calibration system and calibration method calibrating mechanical parameters of wrist part of robot
04/27/17Ejection controller for injection molding machine
04/27/17Injection molding system
04/27/17Rebound suppression system for sliding door
04/27/17Device for inspecting braking mechanism for electric motor, and inspection method
04/27/17Load control preventing contact failure of relay contact
04/27/17Permanent magnet rotor for synchronous electric motor
04/27/17Machine learning apparatus and method learning predicted life of power device, and life prediction apparatus and motor driving apparatus including machine learning apparatus
04/27/17Communication system
04/20/17Robot pedestal having support structure for controller
04/20/17Robot system having function to calculate position and orientation of sensor
04/20/17Robot control device, robot system and controlling robot which carries object in cooperation with person
04/20/17Motor drive apparatus equipped with life prediction function for motor brake
04/20/17Numerical controller with program check function by override switch
04/20/17Numerical controller performing positioning for avoiding interference with workpiece
04/20/17Screen creation apparatus having application screen creation support function
04/20/17Machine learning learning correction value in motor current control, correction value computation apparatus including machine learning apparatus and motor driving apparatus
04/13/17Motor drive device capable of informing malfunction in operation of fan, and method thereof
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04/13/17Motor drive having rf tag
04/13/17Electronic apparatus to which one or a plurality of child units are connected
04/06/17Robot system equipped with camera for capturing image of target mark
04/06/17Robot operating apparatus provided with handles for operating robot
04/06/17Machine tool
04/06/17Cooling device having function to detect clogging of radiation fins
04/06/17Numerical controller having function of automatically selecting parameter based on size of machining area
04/06/17Gas laser oscillator having auxiliary electrodes
04/06/17Pwm rectifier including capacitance calculation unit
03/30/17Wire electric discharge machine having movable axis abnormal load warning function
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03/30/17Wire electric discharge machine
03/30/17Method of machining workpiece by cooperation of machine tool and robot
03/30/17Tool replacement apparatus
03/30/17Housing of electronic components detecting deposited cutting fluid and motor drive system including housing
03/30/17Machine learning optimizing cycle processing time of processing machine, motor control apparatus, processing machine, and machine learning method
03/30/17Machine learning method and machine learning apparatus learning operating command to electric motor and machine tool including machine learning apparatus
03/30/17Machine learning system and magnetizer for motor
03/30/17Servo control system having function of measuring characteristic of learning controller
03/30/17Machine learning system and motor control system having function of automatically adjusting parameter
03/30/17Numerical control system
03/30/17Machine tool for generating speed distribution
03/30/17Numerical controller for controlling collision position of cutter tip of tool and workpiece
03/30/17Machine tool for generating optimum acceleration/deceleration
03/30/17Numerical control system having synchronous control function between units
03/30/17Machine learning device and optimizing frequency of tool compensation of machine tool, and machine tool having the machine learning device
03/30/17Motor drive apparatus equipped with fan motor preventive maintenance function
03/30/17Machine learning apparatus and coil producing apparatus
03/30/17Production equipment including machine learning system and assembly and test unit
03/30/17Machine learning learning arrangement position of magnet in rotor and rotor design apparatus including machine learning apparatus
03/30/17Machine learning apparatus and coil electric heating apparatus
03/30/17Printed circuit board
03/23/17Laser processing system having function of cleaning laser optical path
03/23/17Motor driving device of machine tool comprising plurality of switching elements
03/23/17Laser processing system for monitoring impure gas in laser optical path
03/23/17Spot welding system for measuring position of welding point at which welding is performed
03/23/17Ladder diagram monitoring device capable of additionally displaying operation situation of cnc in comment
03/23/17Three-phase reactor comprising iron-core units and coils
03/16/17Deflection measurement system for measuring deflection of articulated robot
03/16/17Measurement system used for calibrating mechanical parameters of robot
03/16/17Robot provided with wrist including hollow movable element and having waterproof structure
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03/16/17Vibration analysis device which calculates cycle of vibration of tool with respect to workpiece
03/16/17Electronic device having impact detecting function
03/16/17Control device for machine tool having a plurality of axes
03/16/17Numerical controller having automatic trace function of related signal in association with nc program operation
03/16/17Numerical control system which displays voltage value of backup battery
03/16/17Laser oscillator comprising heat exchanger having function of collecting foreign matters
03/16/17Electric device having function of informing battery residual capacity
03/09/17Electrical discharge machine
03/09/17Numerical controller capable of machining condition control based on posture
03/09/17Coordinate system setting method, coordinate system setting apparatus, and robot system provided with coordinate system setting apparatus
03/09/17Injection molding system
03/09/17Object posture calculation system
03/09/17Machining program creation wire electrical discharge machine
03/09/17Machine control system displaying operation information of machine on display device corresponding to operator
03/09/17Long-life, high-efficiency laser apparatus having plurality of laser diode modules
03/09/17Motor drive having function of detecting dc link current
03/02/17Electrical discharge machine having concentration detection function for rust inhibitor containing organic compound
03/02/17Wire electric discharge machine capable of machining various surfaces
03/02/17Wire electric discharge machine operating with constant inter-pole distance
03/02/17Chuck device and robot for changing welding tip and nozzle
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03/02/17Processing system having function for maintaining processing accuracy
03/02/17Robot system for operating robot from plurality of teaching devices
03/02/17Robot system using a vision sensor
03/02/17Machine that stops movement of member on drive axis due to abnormality in brake
03/02/17Injection molding system
03/02/17Injection molding system
03/02/17Rotation angle detection apparatus having function of detecting entry of foreign substance based on frequency characteristic of signals
03/02/17Encoder having liquid-tight structure
03/02/17Robot control device for controlling motor-driven robot
03/02/17Numerical controller with machining condition adjustment function which reduces chatter or tool wear/breakage occurrence
03/02/17Wire electric discharge machine performing machining while adjusting machining condition
03/02/17Numerical controller
03/02/17Numerical controller with menu
03/02/17Controller capable of detecting factor at time of abnormality of pc function
03/02/17Laser apparatus having temperature control function for maintenance work
03/02/17Apparatus with motor drive device, to which motor drive device can be easily attached
03/02/17Motor control apparatus provided with magnetic flux control unit, and machine learning apparatus and method thereof
03/02/17Machine learning learning predicted life of motor, life prediction apparatus and motor system including machine learning apparatus
03/02/17Motor drive apparatus having function of detecting failure of electric shunt
03/02/17Motor driving apparatus including overcurrent detection unit
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03/02/17Machine learning method and machine learning apparatus learning operating command to electric motor and controller and electric motor apparatus including machine learning apparatus
03/02/17Motor drive device assembly including plurality of motor drive devices, and motor drive device including heatsink
03/02/17Printed circuit board for allowing detection of a fallen off part and circuit for detecting a fallen off part
03/02/17Perforation arrangement through which individual substrates are to be divided from aggregate substrate and aggregate substrate having the perforation arrangement
02/23/17Radiating structure for main spindle in machining apparatus
02/23/17Duplicated touch switch using induction-type proximity sensor
02/23/17Numerical controller
02/23/17Rotator member to be fixed to rotary shaft of rotary electric machine, rotator including rotator member, and manufacturing rotary electric machine and rotator
02/23/17Motor drive apparatus having function of suppressing temporal variation of regenerative current
02/16/17Vibration suppression suppressing vibration of object to be processed, and machine processing system
02/16/17Washing system of machine tool
02/16/17Robot system with visual sensor and a plurality of robots
02/16/17Robot controller inhibiting shaking of tool tip in robot equipped with travel axis
02/16/17Numerical controller for performing axis control of two parallel axes
02/16/17Machining system with machine tool and robot for attaching and detaching workpiece
02/16/17Numerical controller for controlling stroke in test operation near stroke limit
02/16/17Vacuum container of laser oscillator
02/09/17Wire electric discharge machine
02/09/17Injection molding machine including mold rotating device
02/09/17Synchronization controller having function of solving shock generated in synchronization start block
02/09/17Servomotor control apparatus
02/09/17Motor control system provided with function to detect abnormal braking
02/02/17Device and controlling machine tool, to control synchronized operation of spindle axis and feed axis
02/02/17Machine learning device, arc welding control device, arc welding robot system, and welding system
02/02/17Machine learning device, screw fastening system, and control device thereof
02/02/17Machine learning device, robot controller, robot system, and machine learning learning action pattern of human
02/02/17Robot control compensating for elastic deformation of support body
02/02/17Real-time interference check system of machine tool and robot
02/02/17Machine learning device, robot system, and machine learning learning workpiece picking operation
02/02/17Industrial robot system and control method thereof
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02/02/17Failure cause diagnostic device for injection molding machine
02/02/17Motor drive device capable of notifying adhesion of cutting fluid
02/02/17Electric discharge machine
02/02/17Controller of rotary switch
02/02/17Controller-equipped machining apparatus having machining time measurement function and on-machine measurement function
02/02/17Machine learning method and machine learning device for learning fault conditions, and fault prediction device and fault prediction system including the machine learning device
02/02/17Injection molding system for the calculation of optimum operating conditions and machine learning therefor
02/02/17Motor control apparatus with magnetic flux controller and machine learning apparatus and method therefor
02/02/17Cell control system, manufacturing system, and control method which control manufacturing cell including plurality of manufacturing machines
02/02/17Machine tool, simulation apparatus, and machine learning device
02/02/17Servo control system equipped with learning control apparatus having function of optimizing learning memory allocation
02/02/17Resistive touch panel
02/02/17Machine learning learning gain optimization, motor control apparatus equipped with machine learning apparatus, and machine learning method
02/02/17Machine learning unit, spindle replacement judging device, controller, machine tool, production system, and machine learning method, which are able to judge necessity of spindle replacement
02/02/17Machine learning learning filter in accordance with machine command, motor drive apparatus and motor drive system having machine learning apparatus, and machine learning method
02/02/17Laser oscillator having folding mirror
02/02/17Motor control apparatus in which power regeneration are adjusted, controller for converter, machine learning apparatus and method thereof
02/02/17Machine learning method and machine learning apparatus learning point of connection of ground wire or shield wire and electric motor control apparatus and electric motor apparatus provided with machine learning apparatus
02/02/17Braking apparatus having function of detecting brake actuation and release faults
02/02/17Motor drive having function of detecting circuit abnormality owing to entering foreign matter before significant abnormality occurs
02/02/17Motor control apparatus having protection operation unit, and machine learning apparatus and method thereof
02/02/17Motor control device capable of measuring temperature of rotor and motor provided therewith
02/02/17Machine learning learning operation conditions of cooling device, motor control apparatus and motor control system having the machine learning apparatus, and machine learning method
01/26/17Wire electric discharge machine
01/26/17Rotary table apparatus and electric discharge machine having the same
01/26/17Machine tool, partition device and robot system provided with partition member covering a part of opening of cover
01/26/17Workpiece positioning device for positioning workpiece
01/26/17Robot simulation device for human intervention-type robot system
01/26/17Thermal displacement compensation device for machine tool

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