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Finisar Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Finisar Corporation. Finisar Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Finisar Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Finisar Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Individual dc and ac current shunting in optical receivers

A circuit may include amplifier circuitry configured to receive a current signal at an amplifier input node, convert the current signal to a voltage signal, and output the voltage signal at an amplifier output node. The circuit may also include overload circuitry configured to receive a replica DC input voltage... Finisar Corporation

Communication devices including an illumination source and a physical input sensor

Communication devices are disclosed. In an example embodiment, a communication device may include a communication module including an illumination source and a body element. The body element may be configured to allow illumination generated by the illumination source to propagate within and illuminate at least a portion of an outer... Finisar Corporation

Implant regrowth vcsel and vcsel array with heterogeneous combination of different vcsel types

A non-planarized VCSEL can include: a blocking region over or under an active region, the blocking region having a first thickness; one or more conductive channel cores in the blocking region, the one or more conductive channel cores having a second thickness that is larger than the first thickness, wherein... Finisar Corporation

Cross-point offset adjustment circuit

A differential signal offset adjustment circuit may include a first circuit for receiving a first one of a differential input signal and generating a first one of a differential output signal with positive offset based on a differential offset signal. The circuit may further include a second circuit for receiving... Finisar Corporation

Bi-directional transceiver with time synchronization

A system or a network may include an optoelectronic module that includes an optical transmitter optically coupled with an optical fiber, and a controller communicatively coupled to the optical transmitter. The controller may be configured to operate the optical transmitter to transmit data signals through the optical fiber. The optoelectronic... Finisar Corporation

Rigid-flexible circuit interconnects

In an example embodiment, a circuit interconnect includes a first printed circuit board (PCB), a second PCB, a spacer, and an electrically conductive solder joint. The first PCB includes a first electrically conductive pad. The second PCB includes a second electrically conductive pad. The spacer is configured to position the... Finisar Corporation

Etched planarized vcsel

An etched planarized VCSEL includes: an active region; a blocking region over the active region, and defining apertures therein; and conductive channel cores in the apertures, wherein the conductive channel cores and blocking region form an isolation region. A method of making the VCSEL includes: forming the active region; forming... Finisar Corporation

Signaling on a high-speed data connector

An apparatus and method for signaling and transmitting data through an optical link is described. The apparatus may include a connector including a first plurality of contacts compatible with an enhanced SFP (SFP+) connector. The connector further includes an additional contact formed at a space adjacent to the first plurality... Finisar Corporation

Local buffers in a liquid crystal on silicon chip

An example embodiment includes a liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) system. The LCOS system includes multiple pixels, a pixel voltage supply source (voltage source), an external buffer, and a local buffer. The voltage source is configured to supply an analog ramp to the pixels. The external buffer is configured to... Finisar Corporation

Loss of signal detector

A loss of signal (LOS) detector may include a comparator including a first input, a second input and an output indicating a LOS status. The LOS detector further includes circuitry to compare a first signal on the first input generated by differential input signals and a threshold signal common mode... Finisar Corporation

Chip on leadframe optical subassembly

One example embodiment includes an optical subassembly (OSA). The OSA includes a leadframe circuit, an optical port, and an active optical component subassembly. The active optical component subassembly is mounted to the leadframe circuit. The optical port is mechanically coupled to the leadframe circuit.... Finisar Corporation

Two-stage adiabatically coupled photonic systems

In an example, a photonic system includes a Si PIC with a Si substrate, a SiO2 box formed on the Si substrate, a first layer, and a second layer. The first layer is formed above the SiO2 box and includes a SiN waveguide with a coupler portion at a first... Finisar Corporation

Transceiver to transceiver digital optical commands

A system may include a first module at a far end, and an optical fiber coupled to the first module. The system may also include a second module at a near end that is configured to generate and transmit instructions to the first module to control operation of the first... Finisar Corporation

Nonlinear equalizer

An equalizer and method is implemented to improve the performance of a communication system based on multi-level amplitude modulation schemes. The equalizer may include a linear equalization circuit including a plurality of time delayed taps and configured to receive an input signal and generate an output signal. The equalizer may... Finisar Corporation

Optical communication modules

An optical assembly may include a platform disposed within a housing that has a limited space. The platform may be tilted by a first angle to fit a fiber array into the limited space of the housing. The optical assembly may also include a silicon photonics device mounted on the... Finisar Corporation

Flex-less multilayer ceramic substrate

In one example embodiment, an optoelectronic assembly includes a multilayer ceramic substrate that includes multiple ceramic layers and a via disposed through at least one of the ceramic layers. The via may be formed from a conductive material that is configured to communicate a signal through the via. The multilayer... Finisar Corporation

Duplex mini lc connector

A fiber optic connector may include a body, a first fiber ferrule, and a second fiber ferrule. The first fiber ferrule may extend in a length direction of the body from a module-side end of the body. The second fiber ferrule may extend in the length direction of the body... Finisar Corporation

Optoelectronic module management platform

An optoelectronic module management system includes a network connection communicatively coupled to an optoelectronic module, a memory, and a processing device operatively coupled to the memory. The processing device is configured to perform or control performance of operations that include identify the optoelectronic module via a management network. The optoelectronic... Finisar Corporation

Analog-to-digital converters

An embodiment includes an analog-to-digital converter device. A device may include a first track and hold amplifier configured to receive an analog input signal. The device may also include a plurality of paths coupled to an output of the first track and hold amplifier. Each path of the plurality of... Finisar Corporation

Track and hold amplifiers

An embodiment includes a track and hold amplifier device. A device may include an emitter follower transistor coupled to each of an input and an output. The device may also include a charging node coupled between the output and a voltage supply, wherein the charging node is also coupled to... Finisar Corporation

Adiabatically coupled optical system

An optical system includes a silicon (Si) substrate, a buried oxide (BOX) layer formed on the substrate, a silicon nitride (SiN) layer formed above the BOX layer, and a SiN waveguide formed in the SiN layer. In some embodiments, the optical system may additionally include an interposer waveguide adiabatically coupled... Finisar Corporation

Wavelength division multiplexing of uncooled lasers with wavelength-common dispersive element

An example demultiplexer may include at least one dispersive element that is common to multiple wavelength channels. The demultiplexer may additionally include multiple field lenses positioned optically downstream from the at least one dispersive element, where a number of the field lenses is equal to a number of the wavelength... Finisar Corporation

Thermally interfacing chip on glass assembly

In one example embodiment, an optoelectronic assembly includes an electronic substrate, a transparent component coupled on a first side of the electronic substrate, and a first component coupled to a second side of the electronic substrate opposite the first side. The electronic substrate, the transparent component, and the first component... Finisar Corporation

Method to bond two surfaces with precured epoxy and optical subassembly including the same

In an example, a method may include dispensing a portion of epoxy on a first surface. The method may also include curing the portion of epoxy to form precured epoxy. The method may also include positioning the first surface and a second surface separated from each other by a gap.... Finisar Corporation

Host-equalized optical links

An embodiment includes a host-equalized optical transceiver. The host-equalized optical transceiver includes a driver analog interface, a linear laser diode driver (LLDD), and an optical transmitter. The driver analog interface is configured to interface with a host integrated circuit (IC) of a host system. The LLDD is directly electrically coupled... Finisar Corporation

Optical circulators integrated into transceivers

An optical circulator integrated into a transceiver for bi-directional communication may include a core configured to pass a transmission signal in a transmit direction and a received signal in a receive direction. The optical circulator may include an input port optically coupled to the core. The input port may be... Finisar Corporation

Bidirectional communication module

In an example, a communication module includes an optical transmitter, an optical receiver, and a periodical filter. The optical transmitter is configured to emit an outbound optical signal. The optical receiver is configured to receive an inbound optical signal. A first frequency of the outbound optical signal is offset from... Finisar Corporation

Clock recovery and equalizer estimation in a multi-channel receiver

A multi-channel receiver that includes a first clock recovery unit configured to recover a first clock signal associated with a first optical channel is disclosed. A first coefficient estimation unit estimates a first set of coefficients using the first clock signal. A second clock recovery unit configured to recover a... Finisar Corporation

Dispersion-compensative optical assembly

An optical assembly includes a first grating device configured to: receive a light beam that includes an optical signal with a particular wavelength from a fiber; and change a propagation direction of the optical signal according to the particular wavelength of the optical signal. The optical assembly also includes a... Finisar Corporation

Thermal interface

A thermal interface may include a thermally conductive cap. The thermally conductive cap may include a base, a finger, and an extension. The base may define a plurality of cap openings. The finger may extend from the base. The extension may extend from the base. The thermal interface may also... Finisar Corporation

Apparatus for damping and monitoring emissions from light emitting devices

The present invention relates to an apparatus for damping arid monitoring emissions from a light emitting device, particularly a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL), comprising: a semi transparent substrate, preferably glass; a light emitting device for generating light emission; a damping layer deposited on a surface of the substrate;... Finisar Corporation

Distributed reflector laser

A distributed reflector (DR) laser may include a distributed feedback (DFB) region and a distributed Bragg reflector (DBR). The DFB region may have a length in a range from 30 micrometers (μm) to 100 μm and may include a DFB grating with a first kappa in a range from 100... Finisar Corporation

Optically enabled multi-chip modules

An optically enabled multi-chip module has an optical engine transceiver and a host system chip. The optical engine transceiver has an optical engine front-end and an optical engine macro. The optical engine front-end has multiple laser diodes, laser driver circuitry electrically interfaced with each of the laser diodes, multiple photodiodes,... Finisar Corporation

Method and characterization and compensation of optical impairments in inp-based optical transmitter

A method and apparatus for characterizing and compensating optical impairments in an optical transmitter includes operating an optical transmitter comprising a first and second parent MZ, each comprising a plurality of child MZ modulators that are biased at respective initial operating points. An electro-optic RF transfer function is generated for... Finisar Corporation

Polarization diverse wavelength selective switch

Described herein is a wavelength selective switch (WSS) type optical switching device (1) configured for switching input optical beams from input optical fiber ports (3, 5 and 7) to an output optical fiber port (9). Device (1) includes a wavelength dispersive grism element (13) for spatially dispersing the individual wavelength... Finisar Corporation

07/13/17 / #20170199340

Cable connector

An embodiment includes a cable connector that includes a connector housing, a fiber support structure, and a latch structure. The connector housing defines a housing cavity. The fiber support structure is attached to the connector housing and extends therefrom in a first direction. The fiber support structure defines a fiber... Finisar Corporation

07/06/17 / #20170192188

Cable connector retention design

An example embodiment includes a pluggable active optical cable connector configured to permanently maintain engagement of an optical interface included in an optoelectronic module. The pluggable active optic cable connector includes a lens connection section which connects a plurality of optical fibers to the optical interface, a latching portion which... Finisar Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170176686

Wafer assembly including a guide pin wafer

A guide pin wafer may include a base wafer that includes multiple dies. Each die may include a corresponding lens cutout. The guide pin wafer may also include multiple guide pins mounted on the base wafer. Each die of the base wafer may be mounted with two or more corresponding... Finisar Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170176700

Multichannel rf feedthroughs

Multichannel RF Feedthroughs. In some examples, a multichannel RF feedthrough includes an internal portion and an external portion. The internal portion includes a top surface on which first and second sets of traces are formed. Each set of traces is configured as an electrical communication channel to carry electrical data... Finisar Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170179627

High-speed data connector

A transceiver connector may include a bottomside connector. The bottomside connector may include a first ground pin adjacent to an edge of the bottomside connector, a first high-speed differential input pin adjacent to the first ground pin, a second high-speed differential input pin adjacent to the first high-speed differential input... Finisar Corporation

06/22/17 / #20170179680

Surface coupled systems

A system includes a surface coupled edge emitting laser that includes a core waveguide, a fan out region optically coupled to the core waveguide in a same layer of the surface coupled edge emitting laser as the core waveguide; and a first surface grating formed in the fan out region;... Finisar Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170168202

Partially etched phase-transforming optical element

A optical element (transmissive or reflective) includes a transmissive layer comprising two different optical media arranged among discrete volumes arranged along the layer. The discrete volumes are arranged to approximate a desired phase function (typically modulo 2π) and are smaller than an operational wavelength in order to provide a range... Finisar Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170168237

Polarization independent multiplexer / demultiplexer

An integrated optical component includes at least one input waveguide, at least one output waveguide; a first slab waveguide having a first refractive index, n1. The first slab waveguide may be disposed between at least one of the input waveguides and at least one of the output waveguides. The integrated... Finisar Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170163346

Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition

An optoelectronic transceiver includes an optoelectronic transmitter, an optoelectronic receiver, memory, and an interface. The memory is configured to store digital values representative of operating conditions of the optoelectronic transceiver. The interface is configured to receive from a host a request for data associated with a particular memory address, and... Finisar Corporation

06/01/17 / #20170155464

Optical wavelength automatic adaptation of transceivers

In some aspects, an example method may include receiving, at a receiver of a first optoelectronic module, a loss of signal indicator from a second optoelectronic module that is remote from the first optoelectronic module. The method may include iteratively cycling through transmission of optical signals on a plurality of... Finisar Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170146743

Wavelength division multiplexer array

In an example embodiment, a WDM array includes an optical filter, N common ports, N reflection ports, and N pass ports. The N common ports may be positioned to a first side of the optical filter. N may be greater than or equal to two. The N reflection ports may... Finisar Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170150593

Interconnect structure for e/o engines having impedance compensation at the integrated circuits' front end

Disclosed embodiments relate to an interconnect structure for coupling at least one electronic unit for outputting and/or receiving electric signals, and at least one optical unit for converting said electric signals into optical signals and/or vice versa, to a further electronic component. The interconnect structure comprises an electrically insulating substrate... Finisar Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170131493

Latch mechanism for communication module

Some embodiments include a latch mechanism and an optoelectronic module that includes the latch mechanism. The latch mechanism may include a driver, a follower, a pivot member, and a cam member. The driver may be configured to rotate relative to a housing of the optoelectronic module about an axis of... Finisar Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170097484

Strategic placement of plastic structures for emi management of transceiver module

An example optoelectronic module includes a housing that extends between a first end portion and a second end portion. The optoelectronic module includes a printed circuit board (“PCB”) that includes an electrical connector at the second end portion of the housing, at least one transmitter electrically coupled to the PCB... Finisar Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082803

Wavelength division multiplexing

A system may include a first light source configured to generate a first beam of light at a first wavelength; a second light source configured to generate a second beam of light at a second wavelength; a third light source configured to generate a third beam of light at a... Finisar Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170075075

A calibration system for a wavelength selective switch

Described herein is a calibration system (25) for a wavelength selective switch (1). The switch (1) is adapted for dynamically switching optical beams (5, 7) along respective trajectories between input and output ports disposed in an array (3) using a reconfigurable Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) spatial light modulator device... Finisar Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170052317

Two-stage adiabatically coupled photonic systems

In an example, a coupled system includes a first waveguide, at least one second waveguide, and an interposer. The first waveguide has a silicon (Si) core having first refractive index n1 and a tapered end. The at least one second waveguide each has a silicon nitride (SiN) core having a... Finisar Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170047708

Wavefunction deconfinement electro-absorption modulator

A method of modulating a laser device having an integrated modulator can include: emitting laser light from a primary laser cavity having quantum wells; passing the laser light through a modulator cavity having at least one modulator quantum well that is coupled with the primary laser cavity and integrated with... Finisar Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170048000

Out-of-band signal detection

An out-of-band (OOB) signal detector is disclosed. The OOB signal detector may include a first node configured to receive an alternating current (AC) portion and a direct current (DC) portion of an electrical signal. The AC portion may include modulated OOB data carried by the electrical signal. The OOB signal... Finisar Corporation

02/16/17 / #20170048015

Swdm osas

In an example embodiment, an N-channel WDM OSA includes active optical devices coupled to a carrier, an optical block, and a MUX or a DEMUX. The optical block may be positioned above the active optical devices and coupled to the carrier. The optical block may include a bottom with lenses... Finisar Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170033795

Driver circuit

A circuit may include first and second input nodes, first and second output nodes, first and second intermediate nodes, first and second resistances, a first amplification transistor coupled to the first input node, the first resistance, and the first intermediate node and a second amplification transistor coupled to the second... Finisar Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170033873

Polarization demultiplexing of optical signals

An example embodiment includes optical receiver that includes a polarization beam splitter (PBS), a polarization controller, and a forward error correction (FEC). The PBS is configured to split a received optical signal having an unknown polarization state into two orthogonal polarizations (x′-polarization and y′-polarization). The polarization controller includes no more... Finisar Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170034951

Screwless heat sink attachment

An optoelectronic system includes an optoelectronic module and a heat sink. The optoelectronic module includes a housing and first and second housing slide locks. The first and second housing slide locks extend outward from opposite sides of the housing. The heat sink includes a heat sink bottom, first and second... Finisar Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170023749

Component alignment

A system may include a substrate and a lens component. The substrate may include pads and solder protuberances. Each solder protuberance may be located on a pad. The lens component may define grooves sized to receive at least a portion of the solder protuberances. The lens component may be positioned... Finisar Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170026115

Detecting presence of active optical cables in peripheral component interconnect-express links

A peripheral component interconnect-express (PCIe) link with presence of an active optical cable (AOC) that couples between an electrical PCIe (E-PCIe) transmitter and an E-PCIe receiver may include the AOC. The AOC may include an electrical-to-optical PCIe (EO-PCIe) transceiver coupled to the E-PCIe transmitter. The EO-PCIe transceiver may include a... Finisar Corporation

01/19/17 / #20170017038

Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection

Transmissive diffraction grating(s), reflector(s), and multiple optical sources/receivers are arranged such that each one of multiple optical signals at corresponding different wavelengths co-propagating along a multiplexed beam path would: (i) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at a multiplexed transmission region of a grating; (ii) propagate between the multiplexed transmission region and... Finisar Corporation

01/05/17 / #20170005587

Differential amplitude detector

An example embodiment includes an idle state detection circuit. The idle state detection circuit includes a bias current loop, a rectifying circuit loop, a voltage translating loop, and a filter circuit. The bias current loop provides a rectifying diode a forward current such that the rectifying diode detects an alternating... Finisar Corporation

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