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Finisar Corporation
Finisar Corporation Inc
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Finisar Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Finisar Corporation. Finisar Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Finisar Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Finisar Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Adiabatically coupled optical system
11/09/17Wavelength division multiplexing of uncooled lasers with wavelength-common dispersive element
11/02/17Thermally interfacing chip on glass assembly
10/26/17Method to bond two surfaces with precured epoxy and optical subassembly including the same
10/05/17Host-equalized optical links
09/28/17Optical circulators integrated into transceivers
09/28/17Bidirectional communication module
09/28/17Clock recovery and equalizer estimation in a multi-channel receiver
09/14/17Dispersion-compensative optical assembly
09/14/17Thermal interface
09/14/17Apparatus for damping and monitoring emissions from light emitting devices
09/07/17Distributed reflector laser
08/17/17Optically enabled multi-chip modules
08/03/17Method and characterization and compensation of optical impairments in inp-based optical transmitter
07/27/17Polarization diverse wavelength selective switch
07/13/17Cable connector
07/06/17Cable connector retention design
06/22/17Wafer assembly including a guide pin wafer
06/22/17Multichannel rf feedthroughs
06/22/17High-speed data connector
06/22/17Surface coupled systems
06/15/17Partially etched phase-transforming optical element
06/15/17Polarization independent multiplexer / demultiplexer
06/08/17Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition
06/01/17Optical wavelength automatic adaptation of transceivers
05/25/17Wavelength division multiplexer array
05/25/17Interconnect structure for e/o engines having impedance compensation at the integrated circuits' front end
05/11/17Latch mechanism for communication module
04/06/17Strategic placement of plastic structures for emi management of transceiver module
03/23/17Wavelength division multiplexing
03/16/17A calibration system for a wavelength selective switch
02/23/17Two-stage adiabatically coupled photonic systems
02/16/17Wavefunction deconfinement electro-absorption modulator
02/16/17Out-of-band signal detection
02/16/17Swdm osas
02/02/17Driver circuit
02/02/17Polarization demultiplexing of optical signals
02/02/17Screwless heat sink attachment
01/26/17Component alignment
01/26/17Detecting presence of active optical cables in peripheral component interconnect-express links
01/19/17Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection
01/05/17Differential amplitude detector
12/29/16Light-weight on-chip signal monitor with integrated memory management and data collection
12/29/16Signal conversion
12/15/16Passivation of vcsel sidewalls
11/24/16Latch mechanisms for modules
11/24/16Chip on flex optical subassembly
11/24/16Pin cadence for high-speed connectors
11/24/16Method and hardware configured network
11/03/16Integrated power supply for fiber optic communication devices and subsystems
11/03/16Aluminum nitride substrate
10/20/16Partially etched phase-transforming optical element
10/06/16Latch for communication module
10/06/16High reflectivity lcos device
09/29/16Automatic bias stabilization of dual-polarization in-phase and quadrature optical modulator
09/29/16Sparing configurations and protocols for parallel fiber optics
09/22/16Latch mechanism for communication module
09/22/16Optical transmitters
09/22/16Clock recovery and equalizer estimation in a multi-channel receiver
09/15/16Cable connector retention design
09/15/16Latching and emi shielding mechanism for an optical module
09/15/16Hybrid free space multiplexer for multichannel transmitter optical subassembly
08/25/16Wavelength selective switch for multimode optical systems
07/21/16Electromagnetic power measurement and reporting
07/14/16Electromagnetic power measurement and reporting
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07/14/16Reinforced optical fiber cable
07/14/16Electromagnetic power measurement and reporting
07/07/16Pluggable connector
07/07/16Differential twe mzm driver for silicon photonics
06/30/16Electromagnetic interference reduction
06/30/16Blind equalization tap coefficient adaptation in optical systems
06/30/16Electromagnetic interference shield
06/16/16Optical fiber securing device
06/09/16Multi-channel transceiver with laser array and photonic integrated circuit
05/19/16Data communication using multiple channels
05/12/16Two-stage adiabatically coupled photonic systems
05/12/16Two-stage adiabatically coupled photonic systems
05/05/16Tec integrated with substrate
04/28/16Integrated birefringent gridless wavelength locker
04/21/16Partial discrete fourier transform-spread in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
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03/31/16Communication devices including an illumination source
03/24/16Differential twe mzm driver for silicon photonics
03/24/16Capacitors for multilayer printed circuit boards
03/17/16Hermetically sealing an optical subassembly
03/03/16Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition
02/18/16Optical circulators integrated into transceivers
02/18/16Wavelength division multiplexing of uncooled lasers with wavelength-common dispersive element
02/18/16Ferrule assemblies
02/18/16Lens receptacles
02/18/16Multi-lens optical components
02/18/16Multi-channel optoelectronic subassemblies
02/18/16Multi-layer substrates
02/18/16Substrates including optoelectronic components
01/21/16Delay line interferometer multiplexer
01/14/163-d integrated package
01/14/16Multi-rate clock buffer
01/14/16Low power and compact area digital integrator for a digital phase detector
12/31/15Driver circuit
12/31/15Signal conversion
12/17/15Pluggable connector
11/26/15Snap-mounted and pluggable optoelectronic module
11/19/15Nxn optical switch
11/19/15Wavelength division multiplexer array
11/05/15Beam steering modulated vcsel
10/29/15Reflective diffraction gratings employing efficiency enhancement or etch barrier layers
10/29/15Heat-swap device and method
10/15/15Aluminum nitride substrate
10/08/15Transmission lines
10/08/15Hybrid printed circuit board construction
10/01/15Directly modulated laser for pon application
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10/01/15Thermal management structures for optoelectronic modules
10/01/15Communication module assembly with heat sink and methods of manufacture
09/17/15Latch mechanisms for modules
09/10/15Communication over multimode and single mode fiber
08/27/15Latch mechanism for communication module
08/13/15Optical cell with wavelength compensator
07/30/15Bandwidth efficient dual carrier
07/23/15Polarization-dependent loss compensator
07/23/15Method and stabilization of optical transmitter
07/23/15Polarization diverse wavelength selective switch
Patent Packs
07/09/15Vcsel with integrated electrically modulated intra-cavity graphene absorber
06/25/15Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection
06/25/15Integrated circuits in optical receivers
06/04/15Active linear amplifier inside transmitter module
05/21/15Micro vias in printed circuit boards
05/21/15Buttoned soldering pad for use with fine-pitch hot bar soldering
05/21/15Data serializer
05/21/15Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition
05/14/15Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffractive optical elements
04/30/15Blind equalization tap coefficient adaptation in optical systems
04/30/15Polarization demultiplexing of optical signals
04/23/15Rapid out-of-band signal communication in optical components
04/09/15Thermally conductive flexible member for heat transfer
04/02/15Optically enabled multi-chip modules
03/26/15Reinforced multi-body optical devices
03/26/15Reinforced multi-body optical devices
03/26/15Ultrafast high resolution optical channel monitor
03/19/15Gallium arsenide avalanche photodiode
03/19/15Integrated processor and cdr circuit
03/12/15Optoelectronic assembly for signal conversion
03/05/15Constraining ball lens in an optical subassembly
01/29/15Redundancy and interoperability in multi-channel optoelectronic devices
12/25/14Optical channel monitor with high resolution capability
12/04/14Rigid-flexible circuit interconnects
11/27/14Systems and methods of aberration correction in optical systems
11/06/14Thermal management structures for optoelectronic systems
10/30/14Cable clip and cable management structures for use with an optoelectronic module
09/18/14Lasers with gapsb barrier layers
09/18/14Short gain cavity distributed bragg reflector laser
09/18/14Optical source monitoring system
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09/18/14Pluggable optical host and network i/o optoelectronic module
09/11/14Self-testing integrated circuits
09/11/14Multicast optical switch
09/11/14Latch mechanism for communication module
08/28/14Latching mechanisms for pluggable electronic devices
07/24/14Pixel test in a liquid crystal on silicon chip
07/24/14Local buffers in a liquid crystal on silicon chip
07/24/14Pipelined pixel applications in liquid crystal on silicon chip
07/24/14Intelligent bail
07/17/14Opto-isolator including a vertical cavity surface emitting laser
07/17/14Lasers with ingaasp quantum wells and gaasp barrier layers
07/03/14Optical fiber securing device
07/03/14Multi directional multiplexer
06/26/14Pin cadence for high-speed connectors
06/12/14Heat sink retention in an optical component
06/05/14Optical component arrays in optical connectors
05/15/14Dp-qpsk demodulator
05/08/14Communication module latching mechanism
05/01/14Apparatus having first and second transceiver cells formed in a single integrated circuit
05/01/14Integrated circuits in optical receivers
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04/17/14Latch mechanism for communication module
04/03/14Optical channel monitor
03/20/14Latch mechanism for communications module
03/20/14High-speed pluggable rigid-end flex circuit
03/06/14Optical network unit transceiver
03/06/14High bandwidth demodulator system and method
02/27/14Linecards with pluggable interfaces for pluggable optical amplifiers and other pluggable devices
02/27/14Integrated laser and modulator transmitter for catv applications
02/13/14Biasing assembly for a latching mechanism
02/06/14Communication devices
01/23/14Method and stabilization of optical transmitter
01/09/14Driver circuit
01/09/14Driver circuit
01/02/14Integrated circuit with voltage conversion
11/28/13Low power and compact area digital integrator for a digital phase detector
11/28/13Backdoor diagnostic communication to transceiver module
11/21/13Co-modulation of dbr laser and integrated optical amplifier
11/21/13Wavelength tunable laser
11/21/13Method of monitoring an optoelectronic transceiver with multiple flag values for a respective operating condition
11/21/13Directly modulated laser for pon applications
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11/07/13Integrated processor and cdr circuit
10/24/13Bandwidth efficient dual carrier
10/17/13Athermal dqpsk and/or dpsk demodulator
09/12/133-d integrated package
08/15/13Heat-swap device and method
08/08/13System and electromagnetic radiation control
08/08/13Integrated power supply for fiber optic communication devices and subsystems
08/01/13Electromagnetic radiation dissipating devices
07/18/13Thermally conductive flexible member for heat transfer
07/11/13Systems and methods for reducing off-axis optical aberrations in wavelength dispersed devices
07/11/13Multi-laser transmitter optical subassembly for optoelectronic modules
07/11/13Latching mechanism for a module
06/27/13Optical subassembly with an extended rf pin
06/20/13Chip on flex optical subassembly
06/13/13Chip identification pads for identification of integrated circuits in an assembly
06/13/13Modular device for an optical communication module
06/06/13Electromagnetic radiation shield for an electronic module
05/23/13Dual optical electrical conversion module
04/18/13Electromagnetic radiation shielding on a pci express card
04/18/13Optical transmitter with tunable chirp
03/28/13Communication module assembly with heat sink and methods of manufacture
03/21/13Polarization-independent lcos device
03/07/13Pulse voltage age acceleration of a laser for determining reliability
02/21/13Optical network unit transceiver
01/03/13Multichannel rf feedthroughs
12/27/12Optical wavelength selective switch calibration system
12/20/12Electromagnetic shielding configuration
12/20/12Band offset in alingap based light emitters to improve temperature performance
12/13/12Eye safety mechanism for use in optical cable with electrical interfaces
11/29/12Semiconductor-based optical transceiver
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11/08/12Delay line interferometer multiplexer
11/08/12Tuneable laser source
11/08/12Optical channel monitor
11/01/12Latching mechanisms for pluggable electronic devices
10/25/12Optical differential phase-shift keyed signal demodulator
10/25/12Asymmetric dbr pairs combined with periodic and modulation doping to maximize conduction and reflectivity, and minimize absorption
10/04/12Thermal chirp compensation in a chirp managed laser
09/27/12Fault analysis and monitoring applications using out-of-band based modules
09/20/12Lasers with quantum wells having high indium and low aluminum with barrier layers having high aluminum and low indium with reduced traps
09/20/12Lasers with ingaas(p) quantum wells with indium ingap barrier layers with reduced decomposition
08/23/12Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with undoped top mirror
08/16/12Dual-polarization qpsk demodulator
07/26/12Multi-laser transmitter optical subassemblies for optoelectronic modules
07/26/12Multi-laser transmitter optical subassembly
07/26/12Multi-laser transmitter optical subassembly
07/19/12Optical network unit transceiver module having direct connect rf pin configuration
06/14/12Communications module integrated boot and release slide
05/17/12Optical coherence tomography system and method
05/17/12Protocols for out-of-band communication
04/05/12Monolithic power monitor and wavelength detector
03/29/12Thermal management of a locker etalon in a transmitter optical subassembly
03/08/12Active optical cable
03/08/12Discrete bootstrapping in an optical receiver to prevent signal feedback
03/01/12Optical channel monitor
02/16/12Electronic module having multiple flex circuit connectors
02/09/12Vertical quasi-cpwg transmission lines
02/09/12Optoelectronic communications assembly having an electrical and optical interface
02/02/12Thumbscrew for pluggable modules
01/26/12Status link for multi-channel optical communication systems

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