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Tools and methods for distributed spatial control of swarms via multiplex information networks

A method and system for distributed spatial control of a formation of vehicles includes receiving at a first formation vehicle via a peer-to-peer communication interface, direction of travel and formation density information that indicate a course of travel for the first vehicle while travelling as a member of the formation of vehicles. The peer-to-peer formation density information indicates a distance to maintain from other neighboring formation vehicles. ... Flo Llc

Nanowire supercapacitors and method of manufacture

A method for the fabrication of h-wo3/ws2 core/shell nanowires and their use in flexible supercapacitor applications. The novel nanowire assemblies exhibit multifold advantages desired for high-performance supercapacitors, including superior material properties and electrode design. ... Flo Llc

System and method for image-based quantification of white and brown adipose tissue at the whole-body, organ and body-region levels

A system and method for automatically detecting and quantifying adiposity distribution is presented herein. The system detects, segments and quantifies white and brown fat adipose tissues at the whole-body, body region, and organ levels.. ... Flo Llc

System and method for assisting parties in a business environment

The present disclosure is generally directed to computer-enabled communications and applications so as to assist retailers, restaurant owners, service staff, retail associates and retail customers. Geo-fencing of parties in a retail environment selectively places a party requesting assistance with a relevant party able to provide the assistance at or proximal to a retail location.. ... Flo Llc

Coordination system for system maintenance and refurbishment of related components

Systems and methods of managing operational system components. Maintenance schedules for each of a number of systems are maintained. ... Flo Llc

Gatoreye system for smart transportation

Various examples are provided for smart transportation and sensing systems. In one example, an apparatus for smart transportation sensing includes a reflector integrated in a contoured roadway unit configured to protect the reflector from damage by vehicles traveling along a transportation surface; and a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag integrated in the contoured roadway unit. ... Flo Llc

Uniquified fpga virtualization approach to hardware security

Novel methods of virtualization with unique virtual architectures on field-programmable gate arrays (fpgas) are provided. A hardware security method can include providing one or more field-programmable gate arrays (fpgas), and creating an application specialized virtual architecture (or overlay) over the one or more fpgas (for example, by providing an overlay generator). ... Flo Llc

Applied computer technology for management, synthesis, visualization, and exploration of parameters in large multi-parameter data sets

Computer technology is disclosed that applies innovative data processing and visualization techniques to large multi-parameter data sets such as cellular gene expression data to find new relationships such as relationships between cells and genes and create new associative data structures within the data sets that represent these relationships. For example, scatterplots of gene expression data can be iteratively pivoted between a cell view and a gene view to find cell populations and gene sets of interest to a user.. ... Flo Llc

Method for ascertaining a characteristic variable for evaluating a measuring arrangement comprising a clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device and a pipe and/or for evaluating measurement operation of such a measuring arrangement

A method for ascertaining a characteristic variable for evaluating a measuring arrangement comprising a clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device and a pipe, on which the clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device is secured, and/or for evaluating measurement operation of such a measuring arrangement, characterized by the method steps as follows: a) providing characteristic values relative to an exciter signal produced by the clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device; b) providing sensor-specific data as regards acoustic properties of one or more ultrasonic transducers of the clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device c) inputting data relative to the pipe material and the pipe wall thickness, especially inputting such data by a user, and d) ascertaining the characteristic variable from the parameters and data of steps a-c based on a mathematical model, as well as a computer program product and a clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device.. . ... Flo Llc

Magneto-inductive flow measuring device for measuring flow velocity or volume flow rate of media in a pipeline and method for manufacturing such a flow measuring device

A hybrid electrode for use in magneto-inductive flow measuring devices, characterized in that the hybrid electrode is manufactured of a body and an electrode head, wherein the electrode head is produced with a method based on selective material deposition and is connected with the body by material bonding at least in an edge region.. . ... Flo Llc

Thermoelectric flow cloaking via metamaterials

A thermoelectric cloak including an inner region and an external medium. The inner region has a cloaking effect and is simultaneously invisible from both heat and electric charge fluxes; and heat, electric currents, and gradients in the external medium are unaltered by the cloaking effect of the inner region.. ... Flo Llc

Support for reciprocating pump

A skid for supporting a reciprocating pump assembly, the reciprocating pump assembly including a power end frame assembly having a pair of end plate segments and a plurality of middle plate segments disposed between the end plate segments. The end plate segments each have at least a pair of feet and the middle plate segments each having at least one foot. ... Flo Llc

Treatment of closed head injury and hemorrhagic stroke with hbed

The present invention provides methods for treating closed head injuries or hemorrhagic strokes using a compound of formula (i), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. Compounds of formula (i) may act as iron chelators to prevent formation of highly reactive radicals leading to additional damage in the closed head injuries or hemorrhagic strokes.. ... Flo Llc

Wireless power transfer using one or more rotating magnets in a receiver

The present disclosure is directed towards wireless power transfer using one or more rotating magnets in a receiver. An exemplary embodiment provides for a system comprising a transmitter that generates a dynamic magnetic field and a receiver comprising a magnet and a coil. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180159041

Polymer-perovskite films, devices, and methods

Provided herein are perovskite-polymer films, methods of forming polymer-perovskite films, and devices including polymer-perovskite films. The polymer-perovskite films may include a plurality of methylammonium lead chloride (ch3nh3pbcl3) nanopillar crystals embedded in a polymer matrix. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180158281

Method of utilizing tokens within gaming, gambling and party systems

Provided is a method of utilizing tokens or charms within gaming, gambling or party systems. The system is typically incorporated into a computer software program which operates an online gaming system. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180156721

Portable cortisol sensing platform based on compact uv light sources

Systems and methods for detecting a biological analyte are provided. The biological analyte can be, for example, cortisol. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180156649

Measuring tube and magneto-inductive flow measuring device

A measuring tube for a magneto-inductive flow measuring device, comprising a support tube and a liner arranged in the support tube wherein the support tube has on its inner surface a surface structure, which prevents a rotary movement of the liner in the measuring tube, and a magneto-inductive flow measuring device with such a measuring tube.. . ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180156341

Decoking control valve using dynamic rod seal

The decoking control valve includes a piston, a cylinder, and a hydraulic rod seal at the outlet ports. The piston can move translational inside the cylinder along a fixed direction. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180156211

Connected pump system controller and method of use

In some embodiments of the present disclosure, systems and methods for monitoring operation of a pump are provided. In some embodiments, a system comprises: a pressure switch, comprising: a pcb within a housing; a power supply; a wireless gateway module configured to establishes a wireless connection to a wireless network; a pressure sensor; a microcontroller that: establishes a second wireless connection to a mobile device; receives instructions from the mobile device; connect to the first wireless network based on the instructions; determine pressure; control operation of the pump based on the pressure; determine that a fault has occurred, automatically stop operation of the pump, and send a message to a server over the first wireless network; and receive instructions from the mobile device via the server and the first wireless network to change a setting of the pressure switch.. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180155888

Structure supported containment dike

Flexible containment tubes form sections of a dike for fluid containment. Structural supports are inserted into the flexible contain tubes and the tube sealed to form structure supported dike sections. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180155299

Azasteroidal mimics

An azasteroid mimic or an intermediate for the preparation of an azasteroid and azasteroid mimic is formed via an oxocycloalkenyl isoxazolium anhydrobase and its dimer. The dimer can be used to form mono- and dihydrazones, which can be an azasteroid mimic or an intermediate for the preparation of an azasteroid and azasteroid mimic. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180154948

Wood flooring with reinforced thermoplastic underlayer

An example reinforced wood flooring for use in forming a truck trailer or container floor may include a wood member. The wood member may include a plurality of wood strips that are attached together. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180154492

Hybrid tool with both fixed-abrasive and loose-abrasive phases

Various examples are provided for hybrid tools including fixed-abrasive and loose- abrasive phases. In one example, a hybrid tool for finishing an internal surface of a workpiece includes a metallic rod and magnetic abrasive bonded to one or more defined portions of the metallic rod by an adhesive that dissolves when n contact with a lubricant used to finish the internal surface of the workpiece. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180154068

Continuous and controlled irrigation system

An irrigation system for providing a continuous and controlled flow of a fluid, wherein said irrigation system may include a reservoir system comprising a plurality of containers of fluid; and a fluid transfer system in fluid connection with said reservoir system, said fluid transfer system comprising at least one fluid transfer head.. . ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180153826

Materials and methods for the treatment of cystic fibrosis

In preferred embodiments, the invention pertains to the treatment of cystic fibrosis (cf) using an agonistic of casr. In a specific embodiment, the subject invention provides a method of treating cf in a subject by administering to the subject a composition comprising a calcimimetic. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180153528

Coaxial biopsy needles

Various examples of methods, devices, apparatus and systems are provided for coaxial biopsy needles. In one example, a coaxial biopsy needle includes an external needle including cutting edges at a distal end, the external needle affixed to an outer casing of a syringe at a proximal end and an inner stylette coaxially located within the external needle, where the inner stylette is affixed to a plunger of the syringe at a proximal end. ... Flo Llc

06/07/18 / #20180153469

Wireless battery-free diagnostic mouth guard

Various examples of methods, systems, and apparatus are provided for monitoring using an improved mouth guard apparatus. In one example, a battery-free diagnostic mouth guard includes a biting force-voltage transducer comprising a piezoelectric film; a compact resonance tank comprising a wireless sensor; and a transmitting antenna for transmitting sensing data. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180152824

Ad-hoc social network (ahsn) system, ahsn-enabled device, and methods of use

Embodiments include a system comprising: a publisher communication device configured to publish a social message for the publisher device for delivery using a short-range wireless communication protocol to followers within an area and a forwarding message from another device for a destination device using a delay tolerant network (dtn) communication protocol without the need of the internet, including public or private telecommunications network, or the radio access network (ran), including public or private cellular or wi-fi networks. The system comprises a destination device within the area of the publisher device to receive, via the short-range wireless communication protocol, the forwarding message using a dtn communication protocol from the publisher device. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180152229

Low complexity flexible beam-width for directional modulation

Method and system for transmitting a directionally modulated data stream via an antenna array. A first signal processing circuitry receives a data symbol of a first data stream, maps the first data stream to a specified number of sub-beams based on a stream beam-width assignment, assigns a direction angle for transmission of the data stream, and transmits in parallel, for each of the specified number of sub-beams, an instance of the data symbol to a second signal processing circuitry. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180151977

Adapter for connecting a transmission line to a field device

A pressure resistant adapter, for connecting a transmission line to a field device, comprising, insertable into an opening in a housing wall of a housing of the field device, a shell, which in the assembled state has an interior open to an interior of the housing and closed to the exterior by an end wall of the shell, installed in the shell, an insert, which includes a base element arranged in the shell and a projection protruding out of the shell through an opening in the end wall of the shell. The base element has a basal area, which is greater than a basal area of the opening in the end wall of the shell, a connection element, which is provided on an end of the projection protruding out from the shell and to which the transmission line is connectable, extending through a bore in the projection and connected to a connection contact of the connection element, at least one conductor, which extends through a window, which is located in the base element adjoining the bore in the projection and which is open to the interior of the housing, and a potting compound, which fills hollow space remaining in the shell.. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149571


The viscometer provides a viscosity value (x0) which represents the viscosity of a fluid flowing in a pipe connected thereto. It comprises a vibratory transducer with at least one flow tube for conducting the fluid, which communicates with the pipe. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149511

Method for ascertaining at least one pipe wall resonance frequency, as well as clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device

A method for ascertaining at least one pipe wall resonance frequency of a pipeline in the region of a measuring point by means of a field device of process measurements technology having at least a first ultrasonic transducer, which is placed on the pipeline at the measuring point, comprising steps as follows: providing a first transfer function utransducer(f) at least of the first or a plurality of ultrasonic transducers located in the region of the measuring point; ascertaining a received spectrum urec(f) from a received signal urec(t) after transmission of an ultrasonic signal; ascertaining a second transfer function umeasuring point(f) from the first transfer function utransducer(f) of the first or the plurality of ultrasonic transducers and from the received spectrum urec(f), wherein the second transfer function umeasuring point(f) is characteristic for the measuring point; and ascertaining the at least one pipe wall resonance frequency fres, especially a plurality of resonance frequencies, in the region of the measuring point by evaluating the second transfer function umeasuring point(f) from step iii, as well as a clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device, a method for ascertaining flow, a method for ascertaining a change of the measuring point and an identification device.. . ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149506

Field device with compensation circuit for eliminating environmental influences

An apparatus for monitoring at least one physical or chemical process variable, comprising at least one measurement branch and a compensation branch connected in parallel therewith for compensating the influence of at least one environmental parameter on the process variable and/or on the measuring of the process variable. The measurement branch includes at least one primary sensor unit and a primary electronics unit for signal registration, —evaluation, and/or —feeding. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149505

Measuring system for measuring at least one parameter of a fluid

A measuring system, embodied as a clamp-on, ultrasonic, flow measuring device, comprises a tube, or a pipe, having a lumen surrounded by a tube, or pipe, wall, which tube or pipe is adapted to guide a volume portion of the fluid in its lumen; an ultrasonic transducer mounted on the tube, or pipe, on an outside of the tube, or pipe, wall facing away from the lumen, and acoustically coupled via the tube, or pipe, wall to fluid guided in the lumen, and adapted to convert a time varying electrical voltage into ultrasonic waves propagating through the tube, or pipe, wall and further through fluid guided in the lumen; an ultrasonic transducer mounted on the tube, or pipe, separated from the ultrasonic transducer on the outside of the tube, or pipe, wall, and acoustically coupled via the tube, or pipe, wall to fluid guided in the lumen, and adapted to receive ultrasonic waves propagating through fluid guided in the lumen, and further through the tube, or pipe, wall and to transduce such into an electrical voltage varying as a function of time; as well as an operating- and measuring electronics adapted to generate, a driver signal for the ultrasonic transducer. The driver signal has a time variable, electrical voltage, for effecting a received signal, of the ultrasonic transducer likewise having an electrical voltage, ub,ii, varying as a function of time, in such a manner that both the driver signal, as well as also the received signal, each contain a plurality of spectral signal components, equally as well, in each case, a dominating spectral signal component having a maximum power spectral density, and that a frequency, of the dominating signal component of the driver signal, deviates by a magnitude of no more than. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149500

A fluid-metering device

The present invention relates to a device for metering the flow of a fluid. A fluid-metering device for a hose or pipe, comprises: a body (10) having an inlet (12) and an outlet (11); an impeller (20) drivable by a flow of fluid through the device; a barrel (40), having an inlet (42) and an outlet (43), slidably mounted in the body (10) such that the barrel (40) is slidable between an open position wherein the barrel inlet (42) and outlet (43) are aligned with the body inlet (12) and outlet (11) such that a fluid can flow through the device and drive the impeller (20), and a closed position wherein the barrel inlet (42) and outlet (43) are offset from the body inlet (12) and outlet (11) such that a fluid cannot flow through the device, the barrel (40) being biased towards the closed position; and latching means (50) arranged to hold the barrel (40) in the open position, wherein a predetermined number of rotations of the impeller (20) will release the barrel (40).. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149286

Valve positioner

A smart valve positioner is provided with a local user interface with but-tons and a display inside a positioner housing under a housing cover for locally operating the valve positioner. The valve positioner is further provided with a detector detecting whether the housing or the housing cover is open or closed. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180149276

Venturi vacuum drawback assemblies and dual orifice venturi valve assemblies

A venturi vacuum drawback assembly includes a fluid supply passage that supplies the fluid to the device, a fluid return passage that returns the fluid to the device, a shutoff valve positioned on the fluid supply passage, a bypass passage, a bypass valve positioned on the bypass passage, and a venturi valve positioned on the bypass passage downstream of the bypass valve. The bypass passage includes an inlet and an outlet. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180148803

Second pass lactose crystallization

The invention is concerned with a batch method for obtaining crystallized lactose and arrangement configured for executing the method. The method comprises obtaining initially, from a lactose crystallization process, mother liquor and wash water generated in that process. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180147046

A stent

A stent (1) comprising a tubular frame (2) comprising a first end (3) and a second end and a longitudinal axis (4) therebetween. The frame (2) comprises a plurality of struts (9) defining a generally cylindrical portion comprising a longitudinally extending helical fin (11) protruding radially inwardly and having a helix angle. ... Flo Llc

05/31/18 / #20180146973

Power morcellation in a protected environment

A power morcellation system, apparatus, and methodology. Structurally, the device includes a sturdy, pliable (e.g., able to be inserted and retracted through a 10-15 mm morcellator port), distensible, waterproof/watertight retaining bag/pouch/carrier to be deployed into the pelvic cavity of the subject. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180144837

Neutron absorber members, insertion apparatus, and neutron absorber member retainers

A neutron absorber member including a tube having a split extending radially completely through a sidewall of said tube throughout the entire axial length thereof such that the absorber member has a c-shaped geometry formed by the split. The sidewall of the tube is resiliently biased radially outwards and comprised of a metal matrix composite that is configured to absorb neutrons emanation from a spent fuel assembly in a sufficient amount to thereby maintain subcriticality of said spent fuel assembly.. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180143430

Pre-capture de-identification (pcdi) imaging system and pcdi optics assembly

A de-identification assembly comprising an object tracking sensor (435) to track features of an object; and a mask generator (432) to produce rays of light in response to the tracked features of the object, the rays of light representing a de-identification mask of the object. The assembly includes a beamsplitter (422) having a first side configured to receive rays of light representing the object and a second side configured to receive the rays of light of the mask from the mask generator (432). ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180142808

Water piping system with slam mitigation function of check valve, and control method therefor

The present invention relates to a water piping system. More particularly, it relates to a water piping system that can alleviate water hammer due to slamming of a check valve by reducing the pressure difference between the front end and the rear end of the check valve by supplying some of fluid at the rear side of the check valve to the front side of the check valve when a pump is stopped, and a method of controlling the water piping system. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180142450

Water piping system having water hammer buffering function using ejector effect and pressure tank connector therefor

Disclosed is a water piping system. More particularly, the present invention relates to a water piping system having a function to dampen the effects of water hammer and check valve slam at a sudden stoppage of a pump and relates to a tank connector therefor, in which the water piping system ejects a high pressure jet stream from a high pressure tank in the direction of a primary flow in a main pipeline, thereby deterring the backflow of pipeline water in the main pipeline and reducing the pressure of pipeline water against a check valve, which enables the check valve to be slowly closed.. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180142194

Growth media for three-dimensional cell culture

A three-dimensional cell growth medium is described. The cell growth medium may comprise hydrogel particles swollen with a liquid cell growth medium to form a granular gel yield stress material which undergoes a phase transformation from a solid phase to a liquid-like phase when an applied stress exceeds the yield stress. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180142034

Chimeric antigen receptors and uses thereof

Provided herein are chimeric antigen receptors (cars) comprising an antigen binding domain (e.g., cd19, cd30, gd2, etc.), transmembrane domain (e.g., cd28), and a cytoplasmic domain (e.g., cd27, 4-1bb, etc.). In some aspects, the disclosure relates to use of the cars in t cells, compositions, kits and methods.. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180140718

Electroactive supramolecular polymeric assemblies, methods of making electroactive supramolecular polymeric assemblies, and methods of using electroactive supramolecular polymeric assemblies

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for electroactive supramolecular polymeric assemblies, methods of making electroactive supramolecular polymeric assemblies, methods of using electroactive supramolecular polymeric assemblies, and the like.. . ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180140641

Amniotic fluid formulation for treatment of lung disorders

Formulations of human amniotic fluid and methods of use thereof for treatment of lung disorders, and/or injuries have been developed. The formulations are suitable for topical delivery to the lung for treatment of lung disorders including chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (copd), asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, interstitial lung disease, alpha-1 antitrypsin emphysema, as well as for treatment of acute lung injuries. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180140581

Metabolically programmed metal chelators and uses thereof

The present invention provides compounds of formula (i), which are “metabolically programmed” metal chelators, e.g., lipophilic, absorbable (e.g., orally absorbable), and effective metal chelators that are converted in vivo to their hydrophilic, nontoxic metabolites. The present invention also provides compounds of formula (ii), which are also “metabolically programmed” metal chelators. ... Flo Llc

05/24/18 / #20180140381

Guided orthodontic bracket application

A computer-implemented method and system for guiding the placement of orthodontic brackets are provided. The system can include an at least one indexing tool designed to conform to at least a portion of a patient's teeth or alveolar process. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180139081

Cyclic prefix-aligned generalized and n-continuous orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) may combine an alignment component with an fdm based symbol to produce a signal such that it is aligned to a duration of a cp of the fdm based symbol at a receiver upon reception. A component may be added to one or more subcarriers of the alignment signal to reduce peak-to-average ratio (papr) of the signal.. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180139075

Cloud network services provider having a gateway for subscriber specified connection to a cloud service provider

A system for connection of a subscriber to a cloud service provider through a gateway, having a proprietary routing and switching system for abstraction, modification and reassembly of a subscriber communication message (also “data packet”), for transmission to a subscriber specified cloud service provider. This process of abstraction, modification and reassembly of the communication message, effects subscriber specified changes of (a) the routing address of the subscriber network address and (b) subscriber vlan assignment of the vlan layer, to translate or adapt said communication message to comport with a vlan assignment to a subscriber specified cloud service provider, preliminary to transmission to a specified cloud service provider. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180136673

Fluid monitoring and control system

A fluid monitoring and control system includes a central hub having a central processor, a user interface and an input/output port. A plurality of control devices communicate with the central hub. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180136201

Characterizing liquids using magnetic discs

The present disclosure is directed towards characterizing liquids through the use of magnetic discs that rotate in response to dynamic magnetic fields. In some embodiments, a light beam is transmitted into the liquid while the magnetic discs rotate, and one or more parameters a light beam signal associated with the transmitted light beam are identified. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180136160

Ion-selective electrode systems and methods utilizing same

Ises comprising a substrate layer; a carbon nanotube layer disposed on the substrate layer; a conductive metal layer on a portion of the carbon nanotube layer; a conductive polymer disposed on the portion; and an ion-selective membrane disposed on the conductive polymer and methods of making them are provided. A system is also provided for detecting a plurality of analyte ions in a sample comprising a housing; a plurality of ises associated with the housing, each electrode comprising an ion-selective membrane to a different analyte ion; a reference electrode associated with the housing; a fluid sample receptacle associated with the housing and in fluid communication with the plurality of ion-selective electrodes and reference electrode.. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180135312

Engineered hardwood flooring and manufacture thereof

Methods and articles of manufacture relating to engineered hardwood flooring are provided. Engineered hardwood flooring is produced by drying a structural layer comprising a hardwood to a moisture content from about 0.1% to about 3%, whereupon a cell structure of the hardwood collapses. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180135112

Labeled circular dna molecules for analysis of dna topology, and topoisomerases and for drug screening

The present invention provides labeled circular plasmid dna molecules for studying dna topology and topoisomerases. The molecules of the present invention also provide tools for high throughput drug screening for inhibitors of dna gyrases and dna topoisomerases for anticancer drug discovery and antibiotics discovery.. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180135074

Recombinant aav vectors for gene therapy of human hematopoietic disorders

Provided herein are recombinant aav (raav) particles comprising a nucleic acid vector comprising a parvovirus b 19p6 promoter operatively linked to a heterologous gene, such as a human globin gene, and raav capsid proteins comprising one or more amino acid substitutions in a surface exposed loop of the capsid protein that result, e.g., in increased p antigen binding compared to a corresponding un-mutated aav capsid protein. Also provided are methods and compositions related to such capsid proteins, methods of targeting gene expression to a cell of erythroid lineage, methods of treating a hemoglobinopathy using such raav particles, and methods for efficient transduction of a host cell suspension with a raav.. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180134941

Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells

Methods and compositions comprising an emulsion or a microemulsion for use in various aspects of the life cycle of an oil and/or gas well are provided. In some embodiments, the emulsion or the microemulsion comprises water, a solvent, and a surfactant, and optionally, one or more additives. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180134736

Luminescent metal halide perovskites and methods

Nanoscale metal halide perovskites are provided. The nanoscale metal halide perovskites may have a 2d structure, a quasi-2d structure, or a 3d structure. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180133372

Magnetically templated tissue engineering scaffolds and methods of making and using the magnetically templated tissue engineering scaffolds

The present disclosure provides magnetically templated tissue scaffolds, methods of making the magnetically templated tissue scaffolds, and various methods of employing the scaffolds for tissue growth and repair in vitro and in vivo, including peripheral nerve repair.. . ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180133194

Method of treating inflammation using natural compounds and/or diet

The current invention is directed to a treatment of an inflammatory disease comprising administering to a subject in need of such treatment a composition comprising epigallocatechin-3-gallate (egcg), curcumin, glucosinolates and/or derivatives thereof and medium chain triglycerides and, optionally, providing a ketogenic diet or a modified ketogenic diet to the subject. In an embodiment, the inflammatory disease is increased inflammation in the subject caused by the administration of a microtubule stabilizing drug such as paclitaxel.. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180132893

Laparoscopic tool with obturator

A laparoscopic device with obturator. The device facilitates extraction of specimens from a female subject's abdominal cavity through the subject's vagina by also facilitating the suturing of a mesh to the anterior and posterior walls of the subject's vagina. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180132786

Prosthesis and orthosis slip detection sensor and method of use

A device and method for measuring prosthetic or orthotic slip is presented. An optical sensor device is attached to the prosthesis or orthosis and measures the amount of relative motion between the prosthetic socket and the residual limb surface or between the orthosis and the affected body part. ... Flo Llc

05/17/18 / #20180132471

Method to use a colored photoluminescent composition in agricultural applications

The inventive subject matter provides a method for the incorporation of colored photoluminescent materials to be sprayed on to plants and soils. The incorporation of colored photoluminescent materials assists the spray operator through the use of black lights allowing for more precise low light or nighttime spray and seeding operations. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180131542

Passive rfid sensor tag

In a rfid sensor tag, a sensing element is connected to an oscillator such that an oscillation frequency of the oscillator is dependent on a value of a predetermined variable sensed by the sensing element. The oscillation frequency of the oscillator is a harmonic multiple n of a modulation frequency required for a backscattering modulator. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180131089

Mm-wave wireless channel control using spatially adaptive antenna arrays

System and method for determining a position of an antenna array for optimal wireless communication. The system includes a spatially adaptive and beam-steering antenna array configured to control a wireless communications path between a first element and a second element based on a determination of wireless channel gain.. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180129338

Valve positioner

A smart valve positioner is provided with a local user interface with non-mechanical touch buttons and a display inside a positioner housing under a housing cover for locally operating the valve positioner. The touch buttons are user-operable by touching the touch buttons when the housing cover is open. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180128661

Improved flow measurement apparatus and method of use

The invention provides an apparatus and method for measuring fluid flow rates. The apparatus comprises a meter body comprising a throughbore with a fluid flow path and a flow displacement member. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180128412

Water piping system and control method therefor

The present invention relates to a water piping system prevents degradation of water quality due to fluid remaining in a fuel tank for a long period of time and removes air and other impurities in a pressure tank and a pipe, and a method of controlling the same. The water piping system includes: a pump pressurizing fluid; a main pipe for delivering the fluid pressurized by the pump; a main valve disposed at an outlet port of the pump in the main pipe; a pressure tank connected to the main pipe; and a sub-pipe having a first end connected to a front side of the main valve of the main pipe and a second end connected to the pressure tank so that some of fluid pressurized and discharged from the pump is delivered to the pressure tank through the sub-pipe, thereby discharging substances in the pressure tank to the outside.. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180128389

Check valve with plastic lip seal

A check valve is provided having a seat and a poppet. The seat is made of a plastic material, has an aperture for enabling fluid to flow through the seat, and also has one end portion that has a circumferential edge with a thin sealing lip. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180127985

Floor covering, floor element and method for manufacturing floor elements

Floor covering, made of floor elements, which, at least at two opposite sides, comprise a male and a female coupling part, which allow that two of such floor elements can be interconnected at the respective sides at the respective sides by pushing one of these floor elements with the associated male coupling part, by means of a downward movement, home into the female coupling part of the other floor element, wherein at least one of said coupling parts, either the male coupling part or the female coupling part, is made as least partially in a filled synthetic material composite, such as extruded wood.. . ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180127700

Cell culture substrate for rapid release and re-plating

The invention pertains to devices and methods for rapid release of a patterned tissue module. The invention pertains to a device comprising a substrate and a pattern of shape-memory polymer fabricated upon the substrate, wherein the shape-memory polymer is converted to a deformed state by exposure to an external stimulus, for example, a change in temperature, ph, ionic strength, solvent, salt, surfactant, or an electric or magnetic field. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180127443

Methods of making metal halide perovskites

Provided herein are methods of making metal halide perovskites, including methods of making bulk crystals or micro crystals. The metal halide perovskites may be a light emitting material.. ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180126034

Osteoconductive and osteoinductive implant for augmentation, stabilization, or defect reconstruction

Aspects of the present invention provide implants for augmentation, stabilization, or defect reconstruction of bone tissue, comprising a scaffold portion structured to provide shape to the implant, the scaffold portion comprising one or more of the following: one or more polylactic acid isomer; one or more polyglycolic acid isomer; and/or allogenic bone material, or similar compound.. . ... Flo Llc

05/10/18 / #20180125888

Methods and compositions high scale therapeutic production of memory nk cells

Disclosed are compositions and methods relating to the expansion of memory nk cells.. . ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180124559

Targeted venue message distribution

An application server may receive, from an administrative console, a message and a targeting specification. The targeting specification identifies at least one trait (e.g., ticket type, age, gender) shared by a group of targeted venue guests. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180121689

Ucr: an unclonable environmentally-sensitive chipless rfid tag

Chipless rfid tags and methods of using the same are provided. Each rfid tag provided herein can generate a unique and unclonable (unclonable chipless rfid, or ucr) identifier from its intrinsically random manufacturing process. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180120046

Firearm rear stabilizing crutch and system

A firearm rear stabilizing crutch is disclosed having a shaft with a proximal end and a distal end, and an underarm firearm support on the proximal end of the shaft. The underarm firearm support has a support base with front and rear ends and a top element extending therebetween, with the top element defining a generally curved profile extending from proximate the front end to proximate the rear end. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180119994

Floating solar system

A floating solar system be used on water, utilizes an aluminum support structure, aluminum, hdpe floatation elements which are designed to have minimal solar exposure. The aluminum support structure is designed to absorb all structural torque and other forces.. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180119119

Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells by bacterial injection of talen proteins

In some aspects, the disclosure relates to methods and compositions for delivery of proteins into mammalian cells. In some embodiments, the disclosure provides a genetically engineered bacterium that may be useful for delivery of proteins into mammalian cells. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180118995

Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells

Methods and compositions comprising an emulsion or a microemulsion for use in various aspects of the life cycle of an oil and/or gas well are provided. In some embodiments, the emulsion or the microemulsion comprises water, a solvent, and a surfactant, and optionally, one or more additives.. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180117955

Decorative multi-layer coating for horizontal and vertical surfaces

A decorative multi-layer covering for horizontal and vertical surfaces such as floors and walls, having a decorative layer provided with decorative motifs visible from the outside, a support layer and a self-adhesive layer to be placed on the surface to be covered. The self-adhesive layer has a perforated foam material layer with an outer surface provided with an adhesive. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180117334

System and method for neuromorphic controlled adaptive pacing of respiratory muscles and nerves

Adaptive systems and methods for automatically determining and continuously updating stimulation parameters for adjusting ventilation to accommodate a patient's specific physiology, metabolic needs, and muscle state are disclosed herein. Having a closed loop implementation, the system may comprise a controller including a neuromorphic controlled adaptive feed-forward pattern generator/pattern shaper (pg/ps) assembly, which controls respiratory muscle movement using electrical stimulation. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180117238

A conduit arrangement

A conduit arrangement (1) comprises distal and proximal ends (2,3) and two tubular lumens (10,11). Each tubular lumen (10,11) comprises a longitudinal axis extending between the distal and proximal ends (2,3) and independently permits fluid communication between the distal and proximal ends (2,3). ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180117178

Aav vector for treatment of friedreich's ataxia

Provided herein are nucleic acids, recombinant adeno-associated viral particles, compositions and methods related to treating friedreich's ataxia. In some examples, the nucleic acids, recombinant adeno-associated viral particles, compositions and methods involve use of a fxn coding sequence, a truncated fxn 3′ utr, and a promoter.. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180117018

Treatment of zika virus infections using alpha-glucosidase inhibitors

The present invention concerns the use of castanospermine or other alpha-glucosidase inhibitors for the treatment or prevention of zika virus infections. Aspects of the invention include methods for treating or preventing zika virus infection by administering an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor (e.g., an alpha-glucosidase i inhibitor) to a subject in need thereof; methods for inhibiting a zika virus infection in a cell in vitro or in vivo; pharmaceutical compositions; packaged dosage formulations; and kits for treating or preventing zika virus infection.. ... Flo Llc

05/03/18 / #20180116988

Methods of preventing and treating autoimmunity

Methods of preventing, treating or ameliorating autoimmune diabetes by modulating the binding of mhc class ii molecules to antigenic peptides or fragments of antigenic peptides of the autoimmune disease by the administration of methyldopa. Pharmaceutical compositions containing therapeutically effective amounts of methyldopa in extended release formulations and methods of using the same are also provided.. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180109216

Automated maximum sustained rate system and method

In the context of electric power generation facilities, a system and method that enable control of maximum sustained rate of change in output to accommodate changing load conditions and to facilitate efficient use of system resources are disclosed. In accordance with aspects of the disclosed subject matter, a ramp rate for an electric generator source may be set, operating parameters may be monitored, rates of change or discrepancies of the operating parameters over time may be computed; and output signals may then be used selectively to control certain system components.. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180106933

Optical detector device with patterned graphene layer and related methods

An optical detector device may include a substrate, a reflector layer carried by the substrate, and a first dielectric layer over the reflector layer. The optical detector device may include a graphene layer over the first dielectric layer and having a perforated pattern.. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180106677

Integrated miniature polarimeter and spectrograph using static optics

Embodiments provide an integrated miniature polarimeter and spectrograph (imps) and associated methods for using an imps to determine stokes parameters to describe a source beam. In one embodiment an imps is provided comprising a spectropolarimeter module. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180106051

Ceramic tile and method for manufacturing ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile having a ceramic base layer and a cover glaze layer including a printed pattern, where the surface of the ceramic tile has a relief having structural features corresponding to the printed pattern. The structural features are at least partly formed in the surface of the ceramic base layer and manifest themselves through the glaze layer to the upper surface of the tile. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180106050

Floor covering

Hard panels formed from a wood-based material and having a decorative layer for floor coverings are provided, at least on two opposite edges, with coupling devices made in one piece with the panels wherein similar panels may be coupled together to form a floor covering, wherein these coupling devices provide for an interlocking in a direction perpendicular to the plane of coupled panels, as well as in a direction perpendicular to the edges concerned and parallel to the plane of coupled panels. These coupling devices are constituted of a tongue and a groove. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180106033

Method, arrangement, lid and adapter for drying a water damaged floor

A water damaged floor (10) is dried by forming an opening (18) in a flooring (14) of the floor and creating and forcing an airflow from a surrounding space (28) through the opening (18) into a ventilating space between the flooring (14) and a sub-floor (22). According to the invention, an end portion of the flooring (14) is elevated from the subfloor (22) for creating said ventilating space and for creating an air passage (27) between the ventilating space and the surrounding space (28) at an edge of the flooring (14).. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180105918

Thermal spray of repair and protective coatings

This invention provides a method for graphene or graphene oxide reinforcement in a metallic thermal spray coating. The incredible properties of graphene and graphene oxide make them attractive options to increase the mechanical properties in a variety of materials. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180105559

Aav vectors with high transduction efficiency and uses thereof for gene therapy

The present invention provides aav capsid proteins comprising modification of one or a combination of the surface-exposed lysine, serine, threonine and/or tyrosine residues in the vp3 region. Also provided are raav virions comprising the aav capsid proteins of the present invention, as well as nucleic acid molecules and raav vectors encoding the aav capsid proteins of the present invention. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180104620

Affinity cell extraction by acoustics

Beads with functionalized material applied to them are exposed to an acoustic field to trap or pass the beads. The beads may include or be free of ferro magnetic material. ... Flo Llc

04/19/18 / #20180104358

Modified ube3a gene for a gene therapy approach for angelman syndrome

Angelman syndrome (as) is a genetic disorder occurring in approximately one in every 15,000 births. It is characterized by severe mental retardation, seizures, difficulty speaking and ataxia. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180102593

Reconfigurable antenna array and associated method of use

A reconfigurable antenna array capable of utilizing a common antenna aperture which can cover a wide frequency range in a continuous way. With the basic antenna element based on a slot-ring and using a self similar structure approach and re' switches, the antenna array operates without grating lobes. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180102494

Single-layer light-emitting diodes using organometallic halide perovskite/ionic-conducting polymer composite

Single-layer leds were developed using a composite thin film of organometal halide perovskite (pero) and poly (ethylene oxide) (peo). Single-layer pero leds have a device structure that resembles “bottom electrode (ito)/pero-peo/top electrode (in/ga or au)”. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180101512

Multi-media forms system

An inventory management or equipment inspection system that allows an audio or audio-video session to be recorded and converted to text, where the text is entered into semi-structured fields of a data form, while the audio track is being recorded. In other words, the system records an audio or audio-video session providing for concurrent collection of unstructured data stream, such as the audio track, and structured or semi-structured data, such as completion of text fields in the form. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180100305

Strut with non-structural infill

An elongated structural ceiling grid member including an open-ended upper portion, an open-ended lower portion, and first and second flanges. The open-ended upper section is formed by a floor and a first set of second parallel and spaced sidewalls extending from and substantially perpendicular to the floor. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180100165

Raav-guanylate cyclase compositions and methods for treating leber's congenital amaurosis-1 (lca1)

Disclosed are viral vector compositions comprising polynucleotide sequences that express one or more biologically-active mammalian guanylate cyclase proteins. Also disclosed are methods for their use in preventing, treating, and/or ameliorating at least one or more symptoms of a disease, disorder, abnormal condition, or dysfunction resulting at least in part from a guanylate cyclase deficiency in vivo. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180099378

High-pressure waterjet cutting head systems, components and related methods

A waterjet cutting method is provided which includes directing a waterjet onto a surface of a workpiece that is exposed to the surrounding atmosphere, the interaction of the waterjet with the exposed surface defining a cutting location, and simultaneously directing a gas stream onto the exposed surface of the workpiece at or adjacent the cutting location to maintain a cutting environment at the cutting location that is, apart from the waterjet, substantially devoid of fluid or particulate matter. The method may further include moving a source of the waterjet relative to the workpiece to cut the workpiece along a desired path while continuously directing the gas stream onto the exposed surface of the workpiece at or adjacent the cutting location.. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180099258

Method for reacting flowing liquid and gas in a plasma discharge reactor

The activation of the c—h bond using low temperature plasma with an inlet liquid stream such that value added products are formed effectively. An organic liquid (e.g., hexane which is immiscible with liquid water) is injected into a flowing gas (argon) stream followed by mixing with a liquid water stream. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180099139

Flanged self-closing microchannel array

Devices and methods for implanting neural interface technology in mammals are provided. A device can include an array of self-closing channels; two flanges that flank the array of channels, the flanges can be used to open the self-closing channels; and a plurality of cuff electrodes disposed at a circumference of each self-closing channel, the plurality of cuff electrodes being optimally disposed to detect a maximum amplitude of an action potential signal.. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180099071

Intracorporal ultra high purity calcium sulfate cast mixed with antimicrobials for the treatment of penile implant infections

The present invention includes a method for treating penile implant infections that uses a synthetic high-purity calcium sulfate mixed with antimicrobials, which is capable of providing prolonged exposure of antimicrobials to the infection site and capable of acting as an intracorporal filler preventing fibrosis and loss of phallic length. The technique is especially useful for high-risk patients, and provides another medium for which antimicrobial agents can be delivered to a surgical infection site while at the same time acting as a filler, preventing fibrosis, and loss of the space. ... Flo Llc

04/12/18 / #20180098718

Orientation invariant gait matching

Aspects of gait matching are described herein. In one embodiment, a method of gait matching includes identifying a gait cycle timing in a data sequence captured by an inertial sensor, splitting the data sequence into a gait cycle segment, resampling the gait cycle segment, and estimating a rotation matrix for the resampled gait cycle segment. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #the subject invention concerns materials and methods for treating and/or preventing diseases associated with accumulation of aβ peptide in neural tissue. the subject invention also concerns materials and methods for treating and/or preventing stress disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd). in one embodiment, a method of the invention comprises administering a therapeutically effective amount of cotinine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, to a person or animal in need of treatment. the methods of the invention can be used to prevent and/or treat alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, and/or down's syndrome. the subject invention also concerns compositions that comprise cotinine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, diluent or adjuvant.

University Of South Florida

. . ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180097073

Semiconductor device and semiconductor system including semiconductor device

In a first aspect of a present inventive subject matter, a semiconductor device includes a semiconductor layer including a crystalline oxide semiconductor that comprises gallium; and a schottky electrode that is positioned on the semiconductor layer. The semiconductor layer includes a surface area that is 3 mm2 or less.. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180095073

Bio-microelectromechanical system transducer and associated methods

The invention discloses a bio-mems transducer comprising a cultured myotube and a piezoelectric microcantilever having the myotube attached thereto along a lengthwise extent of said microcantilever. The transducer may include an input/output processor operably connected with said piezoelectric microcantilever to process electrical signals received therefrom and to send electrical signals thereto. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180094580

Compressor flow extraction apparatus and methods for supercritical co2 oxy-combustion power generation system

A power generation system burns a fuel in a gas in a combustion chamber, producing one or more combustion products and heating a working fluid, preferably supercritical co2, that is chemically the same as a combustion product. The working fluid is mixed with the combustion products to form a combustion output mixture which is used in a turbine to drive a shaft of the turbine connected with a generator, producing electricity. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180094344

Nickel titanium alloys, methods of manufacture thereof and article comprising the same

Disclosed herein is a shape memory alloy comprising 48 to 50 atomic percent nickel, 15 to 30 atomic percent hafnium, 1 to 5 atomic percent aluminum; with the remainder being titanium. Disclosed herein too is a method of manufacturing a shape memory alloy comprising mixing together to form an alloy nickel, hafnium, aluminum and titanium in amounts of 48 to 50 atomic percent nickel, 15 to 30 atomic percent hafnium, 1 to 5 atomic percent aluminum; with the remainder being titanium; solution treating the alloy at a temperature of 700 to 1300° c. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180092916

Methods of treating disease-induced ataxia and non-ataxic imbalance

Methods for treatment of disease-induced ataxia and non-ataxic imbalance are disclosed. The methods involve treating a patient with a compound having nicotinic acetylcholine receptor activity.. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180092913

Vigor enhancement via administration of pyrimidine derivatives

Disclosed herein are methods for increasing the overall vigor of a subject, and/or vigor of target tissues of a subject. Exemplified herein is the utilization of pyrimidine derivatives which act to stimulate stem cell proliferation. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180092751

Bone fusion system

A method and system for performing bone fusion and/or securing one or more bones, such as adjacent vertebra, are disclosed. The screw includes a threaded distal piece fixedly attached connected to an inner post. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180092362

Compositions, methods of making a composition, and methods of use

Embodiments of the present disclosure, in one aspect, relate to compositions including a copper/silica nanocomposite and a polymer, methods of making a composition, methods of using a composition, and the like. An embodiment of the present disclosure provides for a composition, among others, that includes: a copper/silica nanocomposite having a silica gel matrix that includes copper from one or more of copper nanopartides and copper ions, and a polymer selected from the group consisting of: polyvinylpyrrolidone, poryacrylamide, polylactic acid, polyglycolic acid, starch, a quaternary ammonium compound, and a combination thereof.. ... Flo Llc

04/05/18 / #20180092350

Ternary agrichemical compositions and related methods

An agrichemical composition comprises a clay material, a metal chelate material and a quaternary ammonium material. In some instances the agrichemical composition provide superior and synergistic performance in comparison with otherwise analogous agrichemical compositions that do not include at least one of the clay material, the metal chelate material and the quaternary ammonium material.. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180088785

Navigating a set of selectable items in a user interface

A method of navigation of a set of selectable items in a user interface of an electronic device is provided. A set of selectable items are retrieved and divided into a plurality of successive rows. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180088010

Immobilized water stationary phase

A method for preparing a crude oil solution for analysis, including adding water to a porous adsorbent to obtain a supported water substrate, having a plurality of water monolayers disposed on the porous adsorbent. The method further includes exposing the crude oil solution to the supported water substrate for a period of time; adjusting the ph of the water on the porous adsorbent; separating the supported water substrate from the crude oil solution; washing the supported water substrate with a water immiscible solvent to remove at least one hydrocarbon; displacing water from the plurality of water monolayers and the at least one interfacially active compound from the porous adsorbent with an alcohol and a co-solvent to obtain a displaced phase. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180087496

Automatic self-driving pumps

An automatic self-driving pump system features a pump/motor/drive detector and an automatic self-driving and control design/setup module. In operation, the pump/motor/drive detector receives sensed signaling containing information about a pump/drive for operating in a hydronic pump system, e.g., stored in and sensed from a signature chip or barcode installed that can be scanned by a scanner, and provides corresponding database signaling containing information about parameters for providing automatic pump control design, setup and run to control the pump/drive for operating in the hydronic pump system, based upon the sensed signaling received. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180087044

Acoustophoretic separation technology using multi-dimensional standing waves

A system having improved trapping force for acoustophoresis is described where the trapping force is improved by manipulation of the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer. The transducer includes a ceramic crystal. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180086999

Mixtures, articles having low coefficients of friction, methods of making these, and methods of using these

The present disclosure provides for mixtures, methods for making mixtures, articles, methods for making articles, and methods of using articles. In an aspect, the articles have superior tribological properties owing to combinations of polytetrafluoroethylene and an irradiated fluoropolymer described herein.. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180086702

Indole analogs as 5-oxo-ete receptor antagonists and method of use thereof

This invention relates to novel pharmaceutically-useful compounds, to methods for their preparation, and to pharmaceutical compositions and therapeutic methods for treating certain conditions.. . ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180085723

Inline gas/liquid infusion system with adjustable absorption output and self-tuning capability

An inline gas/liquid infusion system featuring an electronic control logic and subsystem having a signal processor configured to: receive signaling containing information about a liquid pressure of an incoming liquid provided from a pump to an inline gas liquid absorption device and about a gas pressure of an incoming gas provided to the inline gas liquid absorption device; and determine corresponding signaling containing information to control the liquid pressure of the incoming liquid provided from the pump to the inline gas liquid absorption device in order to provide real time adjustable set point output levels of gas absorption in the inline gas liquid absorption device, based upon the signaling received.. . ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180085299

Dextrin fatty acid ester and cosmetic

A dextrin fatty acid ester is provided in which the dextrin has an average degree of glycopolymerization of 3 or more and 100 or less. The fatty acid comprises one or more linear saturated fatty acids having 14 or more and 18 or less carbon atoms, and one or more branched saturated fatty acids having 14 or more and 18 or less carbon atoms. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180085139

Minimally invasive laparoscopic tissue removal device

A minimally invasive laparoscopic tissue removal device, namely a morcellator. The device includes, from proximal end to distal end, a handle, handle guard, elongate sheath, and mouth, finally terminating in a safety tip. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180084823

Vaporizable tobacco wax compositions and container thereof

The invention relates to tobacco wax compositions suitable for use in a vaporizer. The tobacco wax may comprise additional excipients including vapor agents, penetration agents, buffer agents, and rheological agents. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180084822

Vaporizable tobacco wax compositions and container thereof

The invention relates to tobacco wax compositions suitable for use in a vaporizer. The tobacco wax may comprise additional excipients including vapor agents, penetration agents, buffer agents, and rheological agents. ... Flo Llc

03/29/18 / #20180084821

Vaporizable tobacco wax compositions

The invention relates to tobacco wax compositions suitable for use in a vaporizer. The tobacco wax may comprise additional excipients including vapor agents, penetration agents, buffer agents, and rheological agents. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180083014

Non-volatile sram memory cell and non-volatile semiconductor storage device

A non-volatile sram memory cell and a non-volatile semiconductor memory device capable of programming sram data in a sram to a non-volatile memory unit through fast operation of the sram are disclosed. A non-volatile semiconductor memory device can achieve reduction in a voltage necessary for a programming operation to program sram data to the non-volatile memory unit. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180080944

Sab as a biomarker for degenerative diseases and therapeutic sensitivity in cancers

The current invention pertains to a method of diagnosing a disease or identifying an increased likelihood of developing the disease in a subject. The method comprises determining the level of src homology 3 domain binding protein 5 (sh3bp5 or sab) or the rna encoding sab protein in a biological sample obtained from the subject and identifying the subject as having the disease or having an increased likelihood of developing the disease if the biological sample obtained from the subject has an altered level of sab protein or the rna encoding sab protein relative to a control sample. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180080867

Method for determining the abrasion resistance of at least one wear layer arranged on a carrier plate

A method for determining the abrasion resistance of at least one wear layer arranged on a carrier plate, including: capturing at least one nir spectrum of the wear layer arranged on the at least one carrier plate using at least one nir detector and determining the abrasion resistance of the at least one wear layer by comparing the nir spectrum for the abrasion resistance that is to be determined with at least one nir spectrum ascertained for at least one reference sample by multivariant data analysis (mda).. . ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180080723

Split ring attaching and restraining device and method

A split ring includes a split ring body, the body having a first end and a second end; a first fastener hole defined by the first end of the split ring; a second fastener hole defined by the second end of the split ring; a gap defined by the first and second ends approaching each other wherein the first fastener hole and the second fastener hole are aligned to permit a fastener to extend through the first fastener hole, across the gap and through the second fastener hole; and a protrusion extending beyond the body of the split ring, the protrusion being located on the body opposite the gap. A method of forming a split ring includes: forming a split ring body; fixing onto the body a projection that projects above the body; and installing a closing mechanism into the split ring in order to allow the split ring to tighten over an object.. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180080382

Power generation system using closed or semi-closed brayton cycle recuperator

A power generation system includes a turbine having an outlet. A high temperature recuperator has an inlet and is connected to the turbine outlet. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180080211

Shower drain box

A drain or sump box features a combination of a housing, a pump, a float switch and a deodorant bar retainer. The housing may include a housing floor and a wall structure attached thereto and configured to receive and contain waste water. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180078963

A method and a system for monitoring spray nozzles in a spray drying or spray cooling chamber

There is provided a method for monitoring deposit build-up on spray nozzles in a spray drying or spray cooling chamber. The method comprises feeding drying air or cooling air into the chamber, and feeding a feed material to be spray dried or spray cooled into the chamber through one or more spray nozzles, thereby obtaining one or more sprays of feed material in contact with drying or cooling air. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180078615

Use of ccl2 to inhibit abnormal uterine bleeding

The present invention concerns compositions and methods for inhibition of abnormal uterine bleeding (aub), such as that associated with use of long-acting progestin-only contraceptives (lapcs). An aspect of the invention concerns compositions comprising chemokine (c-c motif) ligand 2 (ccl2), or a biologically active fragment thereof, which may administered to subjects for inhibition of aub. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180078595

Inhibition of formation of amyloid b-protein fibrils using cactus mucilage extracts

Alzheimer' s disease (ad) is the common neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the formation of extraneuronal accumulation of amyloid fibrils and intracellular neurofibrillary tangles of amyloid β-protein (aβ) into plaques. Cactus mucilage extracted from opuntia ficus-indica was analyzed in disturbing the aggregation pathway of amyloid β-protein (aβ) fibrils and α-synuclein. ... Flo Llc

03/22/18 / #20180078120

Endoscope having integrated visual field enhancement system

A scope includes an elongate body, a lens at the distal end of the elongate body, at least one conduit, and a view optimizing assembly. The conduit is configured to connect to an air supply. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180075932

Methods related to valve actuators having motors with peek-insulated windings

A method of operating a nuclear reactor includes operating a valve actuator to open and close a valve in fluid communication with a nuclear reactor fluid control system. The valve actuator includes a motor having windings of magnet wire. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180075832

Arrangement and ultrasonic, flow measuring device

An arrangement, comprising a housing wall, an ultrasonic transducer and a damping element with a longitudinal axis, which damping element connects the ultrasonic transducer with the housing wall. The ultrasonic transducer has an end piece with a medium-contacting surface, from which ultrasonic signals are transferred into a gaseous or liquid medium. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180075743

Wrong way indication beacon and related methods

A wrong way vehicle detection system may include a warning station, a communications device and a controller to operate a forward facing movement sensor at the warning station to detect a wrong way vehicle on the roadway, and responsive to the detection of the wrong way vehicle on the roadway by the forward facing movement sensor, activate at least one flashing beacon and operate a rear facing movement sensor at the warning station to detect movement of the wrong way vehicle beyond the warning station. The controller may also, responsive to detection of the wrong way vehicle moving beyond the warning station, send a wrong way vehicle detection alert via the communications device. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180075302

Wayfinding and obstacle avoidance system

A wayfinding and obstacle avoidance system for assisting the visually impaired with wayfinding and obstacle avoidance. The wayfinding and obstacle avoidance system generally includes a processor, a memory, which stores program instructions, and potentially an area map. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180074538

Common-mode (cm) electromagnetic interference (emi) reduction in resonant converters

An apparatus comprises: a first inductor coupled to a first node and a second node; a second inductor coupled to a third node and a fourth node; a third inductor coupled to the fourth node and a fifth node, wherein the first inductor, the second inductor, and the third inductor form a transformer; and a compensation capacitor coupled to the fourth node and one of the first node and the second node and comprising a compensation capacitance. A method of manufacturing a resonant converter, the method comprises: obtaining the resonant converter, wherein the resonant converter comprises a transformer; determining a parasitic capacitance of the transformer; calculating a compensation capacitance based on the parasitic capacitance; and adding a compensation capacitor across the transformer, wherein the compensation capacitor comprises the compensation capacitance.. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180074048

Use of anoctamin as a biomarker for radiation biodosimetry

In one embodiment, the present invention pertains to the use of anoctamin as a biomarker for determining radiation dosimetery. In certain embodiments, the present invention relates to the use of anoctamin as a biomarker for diagnosing the presence of radiation toxicity in a subject who has been exposed to ionizing radiation, as well as for determining the absorbed radiation dose in a subject who has been exposed to a known or unknown dose of ionizing radiation. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180073943

Negative poisson ratio piezoresistive sensor and method of manufacture

The present invention includes scalable and cost-effective auxetic foam sensors (afs) created through conformably coating a thin conductive nanomaterial-sensing layer on a porous substrate having a negative poisson's ratio. In general, the auxetic foam sensors possess multimodal sensing capability, such as large deformation sensing, small pressure sensing, shear/torsion sensing and vibration sensing and excellent robustness in humidity environment.. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180073653

Valve seats for use in fracturing pumps

A valve seat at least partially formed of a ceramic material for use in a fracturing pump includes a first body and a second body. The first body is configured to be inserted into a fluid passageway of the fracturing pump. ... Flo Llc

03/15/18 / #20180072506

Interlocking floating slat floor system

A conveyer system mountable to an installation floor defined by a conveyance path has a plurality of stationary subdecks mounted to the installation floor and extending along the conveyance path. A plurality of elongate floor slats extend along the conveyance path, with each elongate floor slats being in interlocked sliding engagement with a respective one of the stationary subdecks. ... Flo Llc

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