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Floricultura patents

Recent patent applications related to Floricultura. Floricultura is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Floricultura may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Floricultura, we're just tracking patents.

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Tamper resistant box

A tamper resistant box includes: a front panel; a side panel attached to the front panel at a first fold line; a back panel attached to the side panel at a second fold line; a side top flap attached to the side panel at a third fold line; and a front top flap attached to the front panel at a fourth fold line. In some examples, the side top flap can define a tapered slot extending towards the third fold line from an edge of the side top flap at a location distal from the third fold line, and a widest portion of the tapered slot can define a tapered slot width. ... Floricultura

Systems and methods for temporally-based geospatial data conflation

A method for registering existing vector data associated with a first image of a location to a second image of the location is provided. Typically the images are separated by an increment of time. ... Floricultura

System and method for delivering encrypted information in a communication network using location identity and key tables

Access to digital data is controlled by encrypting the data in such a manner that it can be decrypted only at a specified location, within a specific time frame, and with a secret key. Data encrypted in such a manner is said to be geo-encrypted. ... Floricultura

Synthesis of hetero compounds using dialkylcarbonate quaternation

Methods of preparing hetero ionic complexes, and ionic liquids from bisulfate salts of heteroatomic compounds using dialkylcarbonates as a primary quaternizing reactant are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods of making electrochemical cells comprising the ionic liquids, and an electrochemical cell comprising an alkaline electrolyte and a hetero ionic complex additive.. ... Floricultura

Small gauge surgical instrument with support device

A small gauge surgical instrument assembly is shown with advantages such as diminished “play” at the tip. A surgical instrument assembly is also shown with support along a length of the instrument that can be selected by the surgeon. ... Floricultura

Senecio plant named 'sennova 0012015'

A new cultivar of senecio plant, ‘sennova 0012015’, characterized by its leaves that are broadly ovate in shape, unlobed with wavy crenate margins, silvery white in color due to its densely woolly tomentose surface, its foliage that retains its coloration for a long period during the growing season, its ease of propagation, and its non-flowering habit.. . ... Floricultura

Semi-crystalline build materials

A polymeric material includes a semi-crystalline polymer and a secondary material wherein when the secondary material is combined with the semi-crystalline polymer to form a blend having an enthalpy that is between about 2 j/g heat of fusion and about 80% of the heat of fusion of the neat semi-crystalline material, as measured by differential scanning calorimetry (dsc) when cooling from a melting temperature to a hot crystalline temperature at a rate of 10° c./min.. . ... Floricultura

Process for rejuvenating hydrotreating catalyst

The invention refers to a process for rejuvenating a hydrotreating catalyst comprising a group vib hydrogenation metal and/or a group viii hydrogenation metal, which comprises the steps of: (a) regenerating the catalyst by contacting said catalyst with an oxygen containing gas at a temperature from about 300° c. To 550° c., (b) impregnating the regenerated carbon-reduced catalyst with an impregnation solution which comprises a mixture of water and a combination of moo3 and h3po4, (c) aging the impregnated catalyst and (d) drying the aged catalyst. ... Floricultura

Portable electronic device including controller configured for keyboard emulation

A portable electronic device includes a housing including a computer communication interface and a controller configured for generating, onboard the portable electronic device, a current measure of dynamic information. The portable electronic device also includes a memory storing the current measure and a website address. ... Floricultura

Optical micro-projection system and projection method

An optical micro-projection system comprising the following components: at least one laser light source (200, 400, 402, 600); at least one movable mirror (102, 103, 203) for deviating light from said light source to allow generation of images on a projection surface (104, 301, 303, 306, 603); a self mixing module for measurement of the distance (604) between the projection source and a projection surface, said self mixing module comprising:—at least one photodiode (401, 601) for monitoring the light emission power of the laser light source;—an optical power variation counter for counting optical power variations (605); successive displacements of said mirror allowing the self mixing module providing successive projection distance measurements of a plurality of points of said projection surface. A projection method for optical micro-projection system and a distance measurement method are also provided.. ... Floricultura

Neutral aqueous wax emulsions

Wax emulsions for the manufacture of wallboard include water; a lignosulfonic acid or a salt thereof; and at least one wax selected from the group consisting of slack wax, paraffin wax and montan wax. The emulsions may have a ph of between about 6.5 and 7.9. ... Floricultura

Multi-source, multi-dimensional, cross-entity, multimedia centralized personal information database platform apparatuses, methods and systems

The multi-source, multi-dimensional, cross-entity, multimedia centralized personal information database platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“cpdb”) transform data aggregated from various computer resources using cpdb components into updated entity profiles and/or social graphs. In one implementation, the cpdb aggregates data records including search results, purchase transaction data, service usage data, service enrollment data, and social data. ... Floricultura

Methods of treatment using selective bcl-2 inhibitors

This invention pertains to methods of treating systemic lupus erythematosus and sjogren's syndrome with compounds that selectively inhibit the activity of bcl-2 anti-apoptotic proteins. Specifically, the current invention is directed to treatment with compounds that selectively inhibit the activity of bcl-2 proteins, with a lesser affinity for inhibiting the activity of other bcl-2 family proteins, including bcl-xl. ... Floricultura

Methods of gripping a tubular with a slip device

A method according to one or more aspects of the disclosure includes actuating a slip device to grip a tubular extending through a bore, the slip device has an upper set of slips spaced axially above a lower set of slips and the actuating includes radially moving in unison the upper and the lower sets of slips from an open position to an extended position gripping the tubular.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Methods of determining a patient's prognosis for recurrence of prostate cancer and/or determining a course of treatment for prostate cancer following a radical prostatectomy

The present invention generally relates, in some embodiments, to methods of determining a patient's prognosis for recurrence of prostate cancer and/or determining a course of treatment for prostate cancer following a radical prostatectomy.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Method and therapeutic/cosmetic topical compositions for the treatment of rosacea and skin erythema using a1-adrenoceptor agonists

The present invention is directed to the treatment of skin erythema as exhibited in rosacea and other conditions characterized by increased erythema (redness) of the skin. These conditions exhibit dilation of blood vessels due to a cutaneous vascular hyper-reactivity. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Method and apparatus for detecting a pedestrian by a vehicle during night driving

A method and an apparatus for detecting a pedestrian by a vehicle during night driving are provided, in which the apparatus includes: a first camera configured to take a first image including color information of a vicinity of the vehicle during night driving; a second camera configured to take a second image including thermal distribution information of the vicinity of the vehicle; a pedestrian detector configured to detect a non-pedestrian area by using the color information from the first image and detect a pedestrian area by excluding the non-pedestrian area from the second image; and a display configured to match and display the pedestrian area on the second image.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Medical handpiece with automatic power switching means

A medical instrument includes a handpiece, an electromechanical transducer disposed in the handpiece, and an electrical circuit disposed at least partially in the handpiece for supplying alternating electrical current of a predetermined frequency to the transducer. A probe is operatively connected to the transducer for transmitting vibrations generated by the transducer to an operative site in a patient. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Mandevilla plant named 'inmanredscar'

A new cultivar of mandevilla plant named ‘inmanredscar’ that is characterized by early flowering, a compact habit, green leaves and large red flowers that open wide and are resistant to sun fading.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Machine and method for the automatic preparation of substances for intravenous application

A machine and a method are for the automatic preparation of substances for intravenous application. The machine includes a container receiving zone which defines a matrix of individual positions for initial and final containers, and a number of actuators for transferring substances from initial container to final container. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Locator beacon and radar application for mobile device

A locator beacon, method and system for identifying a first-in-line device, including: a first antenna configured to send a first signal; a second antenna configured to send a second signal and spaced apart from the first antenna such that a delta value between a first received signal strength indicator (rssi) value of the first signal and a second rssi value of the second signal measured at a predefined location, is within a range of values; a receiver for receiving wireless signals configured to receive an authentication signal from a mobile device adapted to measure the first and second rssi values, the authentication signal including authentication data related to the measured rssi values; and a processing unit, configured to determine whether the mobile device is the first-in-line device based on whether a delta value between the first rssi value and the second rssi value is within a predefined value range.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Grill device

A grill device includes a grilling unit, a heating unit, a controlling unit and a switching unit. A second grilling module of the grilling unit (3) is pivotable to a first grilling module between closed and open positions to cover and uncover the first grilling module, respectively. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Green software applications

Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing green software applications and/or certifying software applications with a green applications efficiency (“gae”) rating. Implementing green software applications might include performing performance tests of a software application, measuring power consumption of one or more hardware components, in response to execution of the software application during the one or more performance tests, generating a power consumption profile for the software application based on the measure power consumption, and tuning the software application such that power consumption of the one or more hardware components matches a power load caused by execution of the software application, based at least in part on the power consumption profile for the software application. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Front derailleur

A front derailleur basically includes a fixed member, a movable member, a driven link and a first link. The fixing member is configured to be fixed to a bicycle frame. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Filter assembly including pleat tip shapes

Solutions for efficiently filtering air for a machine are disclosed. In one embodiment, a filter element for a filter assembly of a rotary machine is provided. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

False downcomer lips

Embodiments of false downcomers are described having a lip extending inwardly from a bottom portion of the wall of the false downcomer. The lip has a length sufficient to deflect downward vapor from exiting through the bottom opening.. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Dianthus plant named 'kledg15176'

A new dianthus plant particularly distinguished by bi-color dark purple-pink, semi-double flowers, and an upright and bushy habit, is disclosed.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Dark surface finishes on titanium alloys

The disclosure is directed to treated titanium alloys comprising a titanium substrate coated with an oxidized surface coating or an oxide-interdiffused titanium substrate. By creating an oxidized surface coating or oxide-interdiffused titanium substrate at the titanium substrate surface, the resulting treated titanium alloy has a dark color (e.g., grey to black).. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Cranberry plant named 'wi02-a4g-x1'

A new and distinct cranberry variety ‘wi02-a4g-x1’ is described. The variety is distinguished by having very early flowering and fruit color development, strong bud sets, and consistently high fruit yield.. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Converging algorithm for real-time battery prediction

A method predicts the battery state in “real-time”, which is based on a nodal algorithmic model. Under this method, the battery is modeled as a network mesh of both linear and non-linear electrical branch elements. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Containment system and adaptive sealing systems therefore with collapsible feature and methods for operating the same

A containment system includes a bounded container having a shaped rim region and a sealing multi-hinged lid system engaging respective rim regions and respective closing lid members. Optionally, the wall sections are collapsible and a rim-lid interface and a lid-lid interface are discontinuous to aid sealing. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Client device, method and computer program for playing media content

Client device for playing media content, comprising: a connection interface for establishing a connection with a server and for receiving a media content from the server via the connection; a detector for detecting, whether the media content is to be continued beyond a termination of the connection with the server, and for providing a detection result in case it is determined that the media content is to be continued beyond a determination of the connection with the server; and a processor for taking an action to continue the media content beyond a termination of the connection with the server.. . ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Chilled n2 infused beverage dispensing system and method to prepare and dispense a chilled n2 infused beverage

A system and method to prepare and dispense a n2 or n2/co2 gas infused chilled beverage is provided. The beverage may be any non-carbonated liquid and in one embodiment the beverage is coffee. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Carboxylated derivatives of glucosaminoglycans and use as drugs

The invention relates to glucosaminoglycan derivatives, endowed with heparanase inhibitory activity and antitumor activity, bearing carboxylate groups in positions 2 and 3 of at least part of the glucosaminoglycan residues, and to the process for preparing the same. The glucosaminoglycan derivatives of the present invention are generated starting from natural or synthetic glucosaminoglycans, preferably heparin or low molecular weight heparin, optionally 2-o- and 2n-desulfated by two steps of oxidation. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Bedding product with age indicator

A mattress age indicating device includes an enclosure and an indicating assembly contained within the enclosure. The age indicating device may be configured to present an indication related to the mattress's age and may be coupled to the mattress or other bedding or seating product.. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #

Antimicrobial 4-oxoquinolizines

This invention provides novel 4-oxoquinolizine compounds and their uses for a series of broad-spectrum antibiotics having no cross-resistance to existing or emerging classes of antibiotics. In addition the novel 4-oxoquinolizine compounds are useful against cdc category a and b pathogens the invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising certain 4-oxoquinolizines in combination with subinhibitory concentrations of polymyxin b against clinical isolates which are resistant to quinolones, carbapenems and other antimicrobial agents.. ... Floricultura

08/17/17 / #the present invention relates to a drilling composition comprising an organic phase having at least one linear or branched, cyclic or non-cyclic, saturated hydrocarbon, at least one ester, water or aqueous phase, and at least one additive.

Floricultura Novazel S.a.

. . ... Floricultura

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