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Ford Global Technologies Llc
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100114
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100121
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20131212
Ford Global Technologies Llca
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Ford Global Technologies Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Ford Global Technologies Llc. Ford Global Technologies Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ford Global Technologies Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ford Global Technologies Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/02/10Enclosed separator unit for a gas supply of a fuel cell system
06/22/17Wrapped part assembly with edge/corner defining inserts
06/22/17Multi-stage solution for trailer hitch angle initialization
06/22/17Hitch angle detection for trailer backup assist system
06/22/17Method and device for starting an air exchange operation
06/22/17Dynamically controlled vapor compression cooling system with centrifugal compressor
06/22/17Vehicle with moonroof and panoramic glass
06/22/17System and controlling multiple electric drives
06/22/17Self-adjusting cup holder assembly
06/22/17E-track tie down system for a vehicle cargo bed
06/22/17Illuminated vehicle panel
06/22/17Centerline trailer hitch angle detection
06/22/17Hitch angle detection for trailer backup assist system using multiple imaging devices
06/22/17Drawer assembly with anti-squeak and rattle system
06/22/17Storage assembly and vehicle console employing the same
06/22/17Handle device and a trunk carpet assembly
06/22/17Trim assembly with robust attachment feature
06/22/17Attachment sleeve and vehicle interior trim employing the same
06/22/17Back panel lower clip anchorage features for dynamic events
06/22/17Key off energy management system
06/22/17System and adapting a vehicle component using an active material
06/22/17Seatbelt buckle assemblies and seat assemblies including the same
06/22/17Movable steering wheel for autonomous vehicle
06/22/17Trailer curvature control and mode management with powertrain and brake support
06/22/17Method for operating a motor vehicle
06/22/17Vehicle mode determination
06/22/17Method for operating a motor vehicle
06/22/17Steering wheel for a motor vehicle
06/22/17Electrically controlled steering assistance actuator
06/22/17Vehicle turn signal detection
06/22/17System for attaching vehicle fenders to a common front end structure
06/22/17Systems and methods for preventing fuel tank overfilling
06/22/17Method and system for variable cam timing device
06/22/17Methods and systems for introducing reductant into an exhaust passage
06/22/17Charge air cooler shroud with access panel
06/22/17Air charge estimation via manifold pressure sample at intake valve closing
06/22/17Methods and systems for a fuel injector assembly
06/22/17Coated bore aluminum cylinder liner for aluminum cast blocks
06/22/17Intake manifold having failure controlling features
06/22/17Engine block with recessed main bearing cap
06/22/17Trailer type identification system
06/22/17Virtual sensor data generation for wheel stop detection
06/22/17Template matching solution for locating trailer hitch point
06/22/17Drawbar scan solution for locating trailer hitch point
06/22/17Method and wireless parking meter payment
06/22/17Convoy vehicle look-ahead
06/15/17Net build process for seating subassembly
06/15/17Vehicle component fabrication
06/15/17Adjustable and flexible hood panel support
06/15/17Two-piece axle shaft
06/15/17Trailer safety chain attachment monitoring system
06/15/17Suspension damper temperature compensation systems and methods
06/15/17Arrangement and feeding ventilation air to a ventilation device for a vehicle interior, and motor vehicle
06/15/17Air outlet for heating and ventilation or air-conditioning systems of motor vehicles
06/15/17Inverted focalized transmission mount
06/15/17In-vehicle component control user interface
06/15/17Infotainment systems for a vehicle
06/15/17Variable carrier switching frequency control of variable voltage converter
06/15/17Battery charge equalization system
06/15/17Net build process for seating subassembly
06/15/17Illuminated trim assembly
06/15/17Water collection system for a pickup truck
06/15/17Electric parking brake for autonomous vehicles
06/15/17Dust resuspension system for a motor vehicle
06/15/17Diagnosing and supplementing vehicle sensor data
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06/15/17Vehicle body component
06/15/17Methods and systems for estimating exhaust pressure with a variable voltage oxygen sensor
06/15/17Method and system for pre-ignition control
06/15/17Vapor blocking valve mounting system
06/15/17Charge motion control valve seal and assembly
06/15/17Clutch system for a vehicle powertrain
06/15/17Rear axle lubrication oil temperature control using exhaust heat recovery and a thermal battery
06/15/17Hydroform tube and forming
06/15/17Fuel tank pressure sensor rationality testing for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
06/15/17System for sensing particulate matter
06/15/17Motor vehicle having dust sensor for reducing dust resuspension
06/15/17Identification of acceptable vehicle charge stations
06/15/17Vehicle antenna assembly with cooling
06/08/17Temperature maintenance and regulation of vehicle exhaust catalyst systems with phase change materials
06/08/17Trailer backup assist system with hitch assist
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06/08/17Vehicle power distribution having relay with integrated voltage converter
06/08/17Anthropomorphic pivotable upper seatback support
06/08/17Seat with deployable plastic beam
06/08/17Illuminated door-open warning for center-opening door
06/08/17Vehicle side mirror system
06/08/17Automotive storage compartment
06/08/17Method and system for regenerating a gasoline particulate filter
06/08/17Vehicle acceleration determination
06/08/17Vehicle curvature determination
06/08/17Vehicle roof structure
06/08/17Impact-activated latch lock device, system, and glove box doors
06/08/17Vehicle closure system including speed-based latch release
06/08/17Engine air path cooling system
06/08/17System and improving canister purging
06/08/17Fuel vapor flow based on road conditions
06/08/17Fuel vapor flow based on road conditions
06/08/17Method and system for determining knock control fluid composition
06/08/17Variable displacement vane pump
06/08/17Vehicle navigation system having location assistance from neighboring vehicles
06/08/17Deceleration determination of a vehicle
06/01/17Mobile transport device
06/01/17Methods of forming hollow extruded vehicle frame component for subassembly attachment
06/01/17Method and system for an energy storage system
06/01/17Illuminated badge for a vehicle
06/01/17Bumper unit for a motor vehicle
06/01/17Structural member
06/01/17Heat treatment to improve joinability of aluminum sheet
06/01/17Internal combustion engine with interbore cooling
06/01/17Internal combustion engine
06/01/17Soft engine cover for intake manifold
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06/01/17Method of locating a balancer shaft bearing
06/01/17Precisely aligned, friction welded spiral bevel or hypoid ring gear and differential case assembly
06/01/17Vehicle liftgate and garage door synchronization
06/01/17Method and distributed connectivity vehicle management
05/25/17Vehicle positioning to charge tpms batteries
05/25/17Method for motor vehicle interior climate control
05/25/17Active door edge guard system for a motor vehicle
05/25/17Vehicle accessory attachment system
05/25/17Electrified vehicle energy dissipation
05/25/17Method and system for charging an electric vehicle
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05/25/17Hinged cargo tie-down cleat
05/25/17Automotive side view mirror attachment structure
05/25/17Vehicle seat back including a pyrotechnic fastener
05/25/17Driver knee bolster deployment control
05/25/17Front passenger knee bolster deployment control
05/25/17System and webbing payout
05/25/17Lock for vehicle active front steering system
05/25/17Dynamic lane positioning for improved biker safety
05/25/17Vehicle speed control system
05/25/17Energy absorbing steering column assembly
05/25/17Methods and systems for controlling steering response and steering torque feedback based on steering position
05/25/17Underbody mounted rim engagement member
05/25/17Impact resistant door retainer for vehicle glove box
05/25/17Charge air cooler shroud mounting system with one fixed and three floating attachment points
05/25/17Methods and systems for purging condensate from a charge air cooler
05/25/17Single rail combined fuel injection
05/25/17Systems and methods for purging a fuel vapor canister
05/25/17Systems and methods for fuel vapor canister purge routing
05/25/17Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus
05/25/17Robust pendulum crank bumper
05/25/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing
05/25/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing
05/25/17Methods and systems for enabling gesture control for a vehicle feature
05/25/17Systems and methods for regulating control of a vehicle infotainment system
05/25/17Method and interior/exterior vehicular environment alerts
05/25/17Method and wireless fuel price advertising and fulfillment
05/25/17Simplified connection to and disconnection from vehicle computing systems
05/18/17System for a urea mixer
05/18/17Sliding trailer hitch cover for a motor vehicle
05/18/17Rolling trailer hitch cover assembly
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05/18/17Air box cover with integral air flow straightener pattern
05/18/17Integrated extruded battery enclosure attachment
05/18/17Passive air suspended seat comfort layer having areas of differing pressures
05/18/17Headlamp module slip plane bracket
05/18/17Body structure pillar reinforcement for spotlight shaft
05/18/17Integrated holder system
05/18/17Decklid trim interlocking feature
05/18/17Side airbag for vehicles
05/18/17Valet parking security system for a motor vehicle
05/18/17Front grille emblem for releasing a hood and filling a windshield washer fluid reservoir of a motor vehicle
05/18/17Method and system for an aspirator for a brake booster
05/18/17Methods and system for mitigating undesirable conditions during regenerative braking
05/18/17Systems and methods for detection and mitigation of liquid fuel carryover in an evaporative emissions system
05/18/17System and autonomous valet parking using plenoptic cameras
05/18/17Controller to quickly raise and slowly lower an air dam
05/18/17Storage device with infinitely adjustable storage divider system
05/18/17Seamless exterior handle for a vehicle door
05/18/17Hood release system for a motor vehicle that automatically raises the hood
05/18/17Vehicle safe and authentication system
05/18/17Exhaust gas mixer
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05/18/17Engine assembly with an engine cover or housing comprising a boss
05/18/17Method and system for vacuum generation using a throttle body comprising a slidable throttle valve
05/18/17Method and system for vacuum generation using a throttle body comprising a slidable throttle valve
05/18/17Methods and systems for boost control
05/18/17Manifold volume determination based on surge frequency
05/18/17Method and system for improved dilution tolerance
05/18/17System and bypassing a particulate filter
05/18/17Systems and methods for piston cooling
05/18/17Continuously variable transmission (cvt) ratio control
05/18/17Vehicular signal and daytime running light assemblies with uniform illumination
05/18/17Method and device for assisting a parking maneuver
05/18/17Distinguishing lane markings for a vehicle to follow
05/18/17Automotive drone deployment system
05/18/17Automotive drone deployment system
05/18/17Method and tuning speech recognition systems to accommodate ambient noise
05/18/17Spin-welded electrical ground assemblies
05/18/17Method and secure wireless vehicle bus communication
05/18/17Method and utilzing nfc to establish a secure connection
05/18/17Method and wireless proximity based component information provision
05/18/17Method and utilizing vehicles as mobile network nodes for digital data transfer
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05/11/17Drawer assembly with integral latch mechanism
05/11/17Static flow mixer with multiple open curved channels
05/11/17Stamping press line station apparatus and making the same
05/11/17Systems and methods for vehicle dynamics assignment
05/11/17Air conditioning system and controlling the same
05/11/17Air vent register for a vehicle
05/11/17Electric vehicle opportunistic charging systems and methods
05/11/17Vehicle controlling torque delivery during transmission engagements with road grade and mass estimation
05/11/17Shield for attachment to a seat base
05/11/17Cross shut gap lighting source
05/11/17Headlight beam adjustment system and related method
05/11/17Vehicle lighting assembly having retractable cover providing a lighted image
05/11/17Vehicle lighting assembly with retractable cover providing daylight running lamp
05/11/17Disinfecting handle
05/11/17Child seat monitoring system and method
05/11/17Trailer monitoring system and method
05/11/17Multipurpose cargo net and hook system
05/11/17Roll cover assembly
05/11/17Cargo management system and multifunction hook assembly
05/11/17In-vehicle bicycle attachment system
05/11/17Bumper assembly including lower leg stiffener
05/11/17Electrified vehicle powertrain mode selection system and method
05/11/17System and controlling a transmission gear shift
05/11/17Method for providing a pressure point for a haptic gas pedal of a hybrid vehicle
05/11/17Steering column with decoupling j-slider
05/11/17Hill parking aid
05/11/17Method and device for assisting a maneuvering process of a motor vehicle
05/11/17Easily accessible and foldable storage unit for a pickup bed
05/11/17Method and system for using an irreversible thermo-chromatic indicator for quality assurance of a part subjected to heat treating
05/11/17Sliding door brake assembly
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05/11/17Vehicle window management
05/11/17Approach activated closure entry system for a motor vehicle
05/11/17Lubrication system for an internal combustion engine, and lubrication
05/11/17Heat recovery device of a vehicle and an assembly having the same
05/11/17Systems and exhaust warm-up strategy
05/11/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing
05/11/17Engine controlling turbine operation
05/11/17Vacuum control via a compressor bypass valve in a twin-compressor engine system
05/11/17System and methods for preventing premature refueling shutoff
05/11/17Methods and systems for open loop and closed loop control of an exhaust gas recirculation system
05/11/17System and operating a transmission power take off
05/11/17Methods and system for catalyst reactivation
05/11/17Methods and systems for dual fuel injection
05/11/17Evaporative emissions detection method with vehicle self leveling suspension compensation
05/11/17Remanufacturing a transmission pump assembly
05/11/17High energy absorption joint
05/11/17Bevel facespline with line contact
05/11/17Anti-tilt feature for torsion spring for default-to-park lever
05/11/17Multi-speed transmission
05/11/17Four pass torque converter
05/11/17Method and system to control vehicle operation
05/11/17Transmission drive mode user selection systems and methods
05/11/17Low restriction variable flow valve with directional control
05/11/17Headlight assembly with multiple high aspect ratio lenses
05/11/17Vehicle control based on connectivity of a portable device
05/11/17Autonomous driving at intersections based on perception data
05/11/17Method and device for generating test cases for autonomous vehicles
05/11/17Method and testing software for autonomous vehicles
05/11/17Method and securing and controlling individual user data

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