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Ford Global Technologies Llc
Ford Global Technologies
Ford Global Technologies Inc
Ford Global Technologies llc
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100114
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100128
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100121
Ford Global Technologies Llca
Ford Global Technologies_20100121
Ford Global Technologies5
Ford Global Technologies Loc
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20131212

Ford Global Technologies patents

Recent patent applications related to Ford Global Technologies. Ford Global Technologies is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ford Global Technologies may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ford Global Technologies, we're just tracking patents.

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07/21/16Independent thigh extension and support trim carrier
04/14/16Integrated coat hook and light source assembly
04/07/16Torsion bar upper seatback support assembly
04/07/16Keyless entry system
10/01/15System and braking recuperation in motor vehicle
07/16/15Method and system for determining a primary direction of force resulting from a vehicle collision
07/16/15Method for operating a braking apparatus with a service and parking brake function
07/16/15Method and system for operating a motor vehicle brake system
07/16/15Bearing cap
04/16/15System and desulfation of a lead-acid battery
03/05/15Trailer identification system for trailer backup assist
02/26/15Trailer heading angle using vehicle wheel speed sensors
12/25/14Maximum trailer angle determination and control for a trailer backup assist system
09/25/14Hitch angle estimation
09/25/14Detection of and counter-measures for jackknife enabling conditions during trailer backup assist
08/21/14Trailer length estimation
08/14/14System and steering torque compensation during braking event
08/07/14Trailer active back-up assist with lane width hmi
08/07/14Trailer active back-up assist with object avoidance
05/29/14Method for sensor threshold compensation
04/10/14Method and system for determining a primary direction of force resulting from a vehicle collision
03/20/14Multiple speed transmission with integrated low range
03/06/14Brake pressure apply
02/20/14Trailer backup assist system
02/13/14Detection of and counter-measures for jackknife enabling conditions during trailer backup assist
11/21/13Velocity sensitive passenger vehicle trailer brake controller
08/29/13Airbag with tethered slit
08/22/13Airbag with tethered slit
06/13/13Power on demand steering wheel angle sensor
05/16/13Method and determining a reference vehicle velocity and a rear wheel speed in a vehicle having three speed sensors
12/08/11Vehicle control system with advanced tire monitoring
07/07/11System and determining an expected vehicle drive range
06/02/11Integrated control system for stability control of yaw, roll and lateral motion of a driving vehicle using an integrated sensing system with pitch information
04/28/11Switchable radiator bypass valve set point to improve energy efficiency
03/10/11Anode loop pressure control in pem fuel cell system
01/27/11Power assist steering system
07/01/10System and qualitatively determining vehicle loading conditions
06/24/10Method for detecting rollover of an automotive vehicle based on a lateral kinetic energy rate threshold
02/11/10System for dynamically determining axle loadings of a moving vehicle using integrated sensing system and its application in vehicle dynamics controls
02/04/10Fuel cell system with ultrasonic detector
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
11/05/09Copper conductor with anodized aluminum dielectric layer
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
04/07/11Inductor topologies with substantial common-mode and differential-mode inductance
04/07/11Inductor topologies with substantial common-mode and differential-mode inductance
02/02/17High voltage battery contactor arrangement for dc fast charging
03/03/16Charge air cooler condensate reservoir
12/31/15Metal oxide stabilized platinum-based orr catalyst
12/03/15Limit management for multi-function systems
04/23/15Integrated side impact and rear occupant front impact protection bolsters
09/19/13Transmission control during regenerative braking
08/06/09Self-adjusting automotive radiator grille support
01/26/12Intake manifold metal posts
09/02/10Enclosed separator unit for a gas supply of a fuel cell system
09/21/17 new patent  Device for recovering energy from exhaust air
09/21/17 new patent  Thermal management assembly for an electrified vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Method for regenerating odor absorbent in a motor vehicle hvac system
09/21/17 new patent  Trim panel assemblies of a vehicle and methods of assembling the same
09/21/17 new patent  Independently operating motor vehicle doors with an articulating door interface
09/21/17 new patent  Powered dual closure system for vehicles
09/21/17 new patent  Window seal assembly for limiting air leaks from a vehicle frame into a passenger cabin of a vehicle
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09/21/17 new patent  Aerodynamic body panel system for air flow management at a rear underside of a motor vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Hybrid/electric vehicle charge port door
09/21/17 new patent  Vehicle seat assembly with integral child seat module
09/21/17 new patent  Dual suspension seating assembly
09/21/17 new patent  Composite seat structure
09/21/17 new patent  Pick-up truck bed with rope tie-down cleats and manufacturing tie-down cleats
09/21/17 new patent  Hinged cargo tie-down cleat
09/21/17 new patent  Smart light assembly and smart lighting system for a motor vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Geofencing application for driver convenience
09/21/17 new patent  Vehicle lane boundary position
09/21/17 new patent  Multi-purpose storage compartment
09/21/17 new patent  Versatile article retainer assembly for a motor vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Downwardly inflatable vehicle airbag
09/21/17 new patent  Seat-belt retractor assembly
09/21/17 new patent  Method and system for motor vehicle longitudinal control
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09/21/17 new patent  Controlling engine auto-start while in reverse
09/21/17 new patent  Avoiding or alleviating travel sickness in a vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Steering column including a protective cover
09/21/17 new patent  Steering system for a steerable vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Removable steering-wheel assembly for an autonomous vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Active air dam
09/21/17 new patent  Recovery heat treatment of highly strained components
09/21/17 new patent  Method of separating fiber tows
09/21/17 new patent  Method of joining panels with flow drill screws and an adhesive to form an assembly
09/21/17 new patent  Transmission oil filter assembly
09/21/17 new patent  Method and system for engine cooling system control
09/21/17 new patent  Method for pre-ignition control in a pre-delivery phase
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and systems for engine fuel and torque control
09/21/17 new patent  Methods and systems for engine fuel and torque control
09/21/17 new patent  Spark plug fouling detection for ignition system
09/21/17 new patent  Systems, methods, and devices for communicating drive history path attributes
09/21/17 new patent  Systems, methods, and devices for fusion of predicted path attributes and drive history
09/21/17 new patent  Orientation-independent air gesture detection service for in-vehicle environments
09/21/17 new patent  Scripting on a telematics control unit
09/21/17 new patent  Pedestrian detection and motion prediction with rear-facing camera
09/21/17 new patent  Formulating lane level routing plans
09/21/17 new patent  Thermal management assembly for an electrified vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Thermal management assembly for an electrified vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Over mold with integrated insert to enhance heat transfer from an electric machine end winding
09/21/17 new patent  Electric machine for vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Electric machine for vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Electric machine for vehicle
09/21/17 new patent  Method and cellular subscription tethering
09/14/17Transcranial neurostimulation system for a vehicle
09/14/17Method of producing a decorative structural plastic part
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09/14/17Method for in-mold manufacturing of a decorative structural plastic part such as an air register louver
09/14/17Nested hvac lines
09/14/17Control system for regenerative braking in a hybrid vehicle
09/14/17Power-module assembly with dummy module
09/14/17System and vehicle wireless vehicle charging communications using location based services
09/14/17Power capability estimation for vehicle battery systems
09/14/17Battery terminal voltage prediction
09/14/17Battery power management in hybrid vehicles
09/14/17Circuit and detection of battery cell degradation events
09/14/17Battery capacity estimation based on open-loop and closed-loop models
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09/14/17Battery state of charge estimation based on reduced order electrochemical models
09/14/17Coolant channels for power module assemblies
09/14/17Detecting occupant presence on a vehicle seat
09/14/17Sliding mechanism for a vehicle floor console and a floor console sliding armrest assembly
09/14/17Integrated bicycle rack attachment feature for rear spoiler
09/14/17Double hook attachment system
09/14/17Vehicle badge
09/14/17Bumper reinforcing assembly
09/14/17Water collection system for a pickup truck
09/14/17Vehicle seat side air bag assembly
09/14/17Vehicle table with deployable airbag
09/14/17Methods and systems for starting a vehicle
09/14/17Locking assembly and method with authenticated unlocking of electric vehicle supply equipment
09/14/17Method and system for control of motor vehicle longitudinal movement
09/14/17Vehicle lane placement
09/14/17System and powering start-stop and hybrid vehicle components and accessories
09/14/17Method and system for providing torque-assist
09/14/17System and engine starting in a hybrid vehicle based on engine stop position
09/14/17System and coupled and decoupled engine starting in a hybrid vehicle
09/14/17Method and system for controlling a vehicle
09/14/17Electric bicycle
09/14/17Door restraint mechanism
09/14/17Method of controlling a movable closure member of a vehicle
09/14/17Two-port integrated exhaust manifold for an internal combustion engine having three cylinders
09/14/17Condensation control in a charge air cooler by controlling charge air cooler temperature
09/14/17Method for controlling transitions in a variable displacement engine
09/14/17Engine system with rotatable flow guide
09/14/17Systems and methods for reducing vehicle evaporative emissions
09/14/17Engine exhaust system
09/14/17Exhaust-gas-turbocharged internal combustion engine with partial deactivation
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09/14/17Systems and methods for fuel vapor canister purge
09/14/17System and methods for operating an exhaust gas recirculation valve based on a temperature difference of the valve
09/14/17Methods and systems for adjusting sensors and actuators during engine fuel-off conditions
09/14/17Methods and systems for mitigating fuel injector leak
09/14/17Method of controlling an engine of a motor vehicle
09/14/17Method to identify automatic transmission lubrication oil flow rates corresponding to a running vehicle without direct oil flow measurements
09/14/17Vehicle transmission control module reset detection and mitigation
09/14/17Cooling system for vehicle sensor modules
09/14/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing
09/14/17Systems and methods for driving risk index estimation
09/14/17Curb detection for vehicle parking
09/14/17Over-the-air trigger to vehicle interrogator updates
09/14/17Method and congestion reduction through cooperative adaptive cruise control
09/14/17Methods for forming ionically conductive composite separators
09/14/17Method of welding a bus bar to battery cell terminals
09/14/17Proton exchange membrane fuel cell with stepped channel bipolar plate
09/14/17Fuel cell stack thermal management
09/14/17Batteries including solid and liquid electrolyte
09/14/17Assembly and method to maintain clearance to a thermal fin within a battery assembly
09/14/17Electric machine rotor
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09/14/17Electric machine rotor
09/14/17Dynamic igbt gate drive to reduce switching loss
09/14/17Method and providing portable telematics services
09/14/17Power electronics system
09/07/17Systems and methods for internal thread forming in composite materials
09/07/17System and modulating power to vehicle accessories during auto-start and auto-stop
09/07/17Battery cell state of charge initialization in a presence of voltage measurement uncertainty
09/07/17Customizable vehicle charge status tones
09/07/17Vehicle badge
09/07/17Cargo blind end cap assembly in a vehicle
09/07/17Autonomous vehicle operation based on interactive model predictive control
09/07/17Spare tire detection
09/07/17Hybrid vehicle and lash mitigation strategy
09/07/17Smart driver presence strategy for police and commercial vehicles to increase auto-stop engine availability
09/07/17Outer panel for a motor vehicle
09/07/17Composite hybrid cam carrier
09/07/17Mixer for mixing exhaust gas
09/07/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing
09/07/17Vehicle and controlling a vehicle
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09/07/17Method and system for exhaust catalyst warming
09/07/17Cylinder head of an internal combustion engine
09/07/17System and controlling a stop-start vehicle after jump start or battery replacement
09/07/17Method of assembling a friction element assembly for a transmission
09/07/17Hose and system for hose clamp registration
09/07/17Ultrasound range correction
09/07/17Vehicle lane learning
09/07/17Alternator with front end accessory drive
09/07/17Control of alternator with front end accessory drive
09/07/17Secure tunneling for connected application security
08/31/17Rocker reinforcement bracket having anti-corrosion holes
08/31/17Rapid prototype stamping tool for hot forming of ultra high strength steel made of aluminum
08/31/17Method of molding a composite sheet
08/31/17Motor vehicle with at least partially electric drive
08/31/17Axle assembly for hybrid electric vehicle
08/31/17Device for influencing an air flow in an engine compartment of a motor vehicle
08/31/17Fault detection in a multi-high voltage bus system
08/31/17Vehicle charge system
08/31/17Systems and methods for battery state-of-health monitoring
08/31/17Manual seat height adjuster mechanism
08/31/17Hidden foldable tray table
08/31/17Vehicle illumination system
08/31/17Vehicle component with a mounting component for attachment of a functional component
08/31/17Air tight sealing support clip for attaching fluid-carrying tube to substrate
08/31/17Rotatable seat energy absorption
08/31/17Vehicle seat part
08/31/17Spring-assist lock and release lower leg front-end stiffener
08/31/17Keyless vehicle systems
08/31/17System and modeling and estimating engine cranking torque disturbances during starts and stops
08/31/17Paddle shifter control of hybrid powertrain
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08/31/17Method and system for increasing engine braking
08/31/17Autonomous vehicle control transitioning
08/31/17Handwheel obstruction detection and inertia compensation
08/31/17Fastener for providing a clamp load between two parts
08/31/17Moving object detection for power door system
08/31/17Power management for vehicle door system
08/31/17Temperature control for powered vehicle doors
08/31/17Method and system for reducing engine exhaust emissions
08/31/17Methods and systems for exhaust gas heat recovery
08/31/17System and determining exhaust temperature
08/31/17Methods and systems for adjusting engine airflow based on output from an oxygen sensor
08/31/17Methods and systems for fuel rail pressure relief
08/31/17Extruded cylinder liner
08/31/17Head gasket for an internal combustion engine
08/31/17Method and system for vacuum generation using a throttle comprising a hollow passage
08/31/17Dual clutch transmission for motor vehicles
08/31/17Dual clutch transmission for motor vehicles
08/31/17Damper cover and attachment interface for a crankshaft damper
08/31/17Pushbutton vehicle shifter interface using proximity sensing
08/31/17Noise attenuated fill limit vent valve
08/31/17Autonomous confidence control
08/31/17Autonomous occupant attention-based control
08/31/17Autonomous peril control
08/31/17Collision avoidance using auditory data
08/31/17Multi-passenger door detection for a passenger transport
08/31/17Autonomous probability control
08/31/17Autonomous vehicle passenger locator
08/31/17Electric motor cooling system
08/31/17Mobile device control for powered door

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