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Ford Global Technologies Llc
Ford Global Technologies
Ford Global Technologies Inc
Ford Global Technologies llc
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100114
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100128
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20100121
Ford Global Technologies Llca
Ford Global Technologies_20100121
Ford Global Technologies5
Ford Global Technologies Loc
Ford Global Technologies Llc_20131212

Ford Global Technologies patents

Recent patent applications related to Ford Global Technologies. Ford Global Technologies is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Ford Global Technologies may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Ford Global Technologies, we're just tracking patents.

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07/21/16Independent thigh extension and support trim carrier
04/14/16Integrated coat hook and light source assembly
04/07/16Torsion bar upper seatback support assembly
04/07/16Keyless entry system
10/01/15System and braking recuperation in motor vehicle
07/16/15Method and system for determining a primary direction of force resulting from a vehicle collision
07/16/15Method for operating a braking apparatus with a service and parking brake function
07/16/15Method and system for operating a motor vehicle brake system
07/16/15Bearing cap
04/16/15System and desulfation of a lead-acid battery
03/05/15Trailer identification system for trailer backup assist
02/26/15Trailer heading angle using vehicle wheel speed sensors
12/25/14Maximum trailer angle determination and control for a trailer backup assist system
09/25/14Hitch angle estimation
09/25/14Detection of and counter-measures for jackknife enabling conditions during trailer backup assist
08/21/14Trailer length estimation
08/14/14System and steering torque compensation during braking event
08/07/14Trailer active back-up assist with lane width hmi
08/07/14Trailer active back-up assist with object avoidance
05/29/14Method for sensor threshold compensation
04/10/14Method and system for determining a primary direction of force resulting from a vehicle collision
03/20/14Multiple speed transmission with integrated low range
03/06/14Brake pressure apply
02/20/14Trailer backup assist system
02/13/14Detection of and counter-measures for jackknife enabling conditions during trailer backup assist
11/21/13Velocity sensitive passenger vehicle trailer brake controller
08/29/13Airbag with tethered slit
08/22/13Airbag with tethered slit
06/13/13Power on demand steering wheel angle sensor
05/16/13Method and determining a reference vehicle velocity and a rear wheel speed in a vehicle having three speed sensors
12/08/11Vehicle control system with advanced tire monitoring
07/07/11System and determining an expected vehicle drive range
06/02/11Integrated control system for stability control of yaw, roll and lateral motion of a driving vehicle using an integrated sensing system with pitch information
04/28/11Switchable radiator bypass valve set point to improve energy efficiency
03/10/11Anode loop pressure control in pem fuel cell system
01/27/11Power assist steering system
07/01/10System and qualitatively determining vehicle loading conditions
06/24/10Method for detecting rollover of an automotive vehicle based on a lateral kinetic energy rate threshold
02/11/10System for dynamically determining axle loadings of a moving vehicle using integrated sensing system and its application in vehicle dynamics controls
02/04/10Fuel cell system with ultrasonic detector
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
11/05/09Copper conductor with anodized aluminum dielectric layer
01/21/10Integrated vehicle control system using dynamically determined vehicle conditions
04/07/11Inductor topologies with substantial common-mode and differential-mode inductance
04/07/11Inductor topologies with substantial common-mode and differential-mode inductance
02/02/17High voltage battery contactor arrangement for dc fast charging
03/03/16Charge air cooler condensate reservoir
12/31/15Metal oxide stabilized platinum-based orr catalyst
12/03/15Limit management for multi-function systems
04/23/15Integrated side impact and rear occupant front impact protection bolsters
09/19/13Transmission control during regenerative braking
08/06/09Self-adjusting automotive radiator grille support
01/26/12Intake manifold metal posts
09/02/10Enclosed separator unit for a gas supply of a fuel cell system
03/30/17 new patent  Method for thermal control of cast-in components during manufacturing
03/30/17 new patent  Obstacle avoidance system with active suspensions
03/30/17 new patent  Hybrid vehicle with multi-zone cabin cooling and integrated battery cooling
03/30/17 new patent  Identification of acceptable vehicle charge stations
03/30/17 new patent  Battery state of charge estimation based on current pulse duration
03/30/17 new patent  Electrified vehicle charging during a non-drive cycle
03/30/17 new patent  Charging station for electrified vehicles
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03/30/17 new patent  Hybrid vehicle with combined cabin and battery cooling
03/30/17 new patent  Infrared bin lighting
03/30/17 new patent  Drive history parking barrier alert
03/30/17 new patent  Active detection and enhanced visualization of upcoming vehicles
03/30/17 new patent  Virtual tag display system
03/30/17 new patent  Cargo cover assembly with gap-hiding panels
03/30/17 new patent  Package tray assembly including hidden expandable storage system
03/30/17 new patent  Integrated center console latch opening close-out feature
03/30/17 new patent  Flexible contour managing license plate bracket
03/30/17 new patent  Airbag for oblique vehicle impacts
03/30/17 new patent  Airbag
03/30/17 new patent  Deployable pedestrian safety device for vehicles
03/30/17 new patent  Methods and system for operating a hybrid vehicle in cruise control mode
03/30/17 new patent  Vehicle fuel maintenance systems and methods
03/30/17 new patent  Coordinated control of transmission and accessories
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03/30/17 new patent  Instrument panel secondary service joint
03/30/17 new patent  Pickup truck box reinforcement for fifth wheel pedestal
03/30/17 new patent  Vane oil pump
03/30/17 new patent  Systems and methods for an air-fuel ratio imbalance monitor
03/30/17 new patent  Machinery casing portion
03/30/17 new patent  Evaporative emissions testing using inductive heating
03/30/17 new patent  Input clutch assembly
03/30/17 new patent  Liquid cooled fan clutch
03/30/17 new patent  Dual clutch transmission for motor vehicles
03/30/17 new patent  Method for controlling a limited slip differential
03/30/17 new patent  Transmission with fluid distributing clutch hub
03/30/17 new patent  Efficient telematics data upload
03/30/17 new patent  System and range-boosted key fob
03/30/17 new patent  Internally segmented magnets
03/30/17 new patent  Segmented permanent magnets
03/30/17 new patent  Battery assembly
03/30/17 new patent  Relative humidity estimators for fuel cell stack ports
03/30/17 new patent  Methods of manufacturing a solid state battery
03/30/17 new patent  Battery degradation accumulation methods
03/23/17Apparatus for holding an electronic device having a mechanical self-adjusting retention element
03/23/17Parameter estimation of loosely coupled transformer
03/23/17System and charging electrified vehicles
03/23/17Ball bearing application for seat recliner disk mechanisms
03/23/17Rotatable anchors providing enhanced child restraint system interface accessibility
03/23/17Air bladder reclining system for a vehicle seatback
03/23/17Air suspended seat having auxiliary air supplies for comfort, dimensional adjustment, and personalized comfort dna
03/23/17Motor vehicle seat having an armrest
03/23/17Center armrest lock
03/23/17Climate comfort system for vehicle seat
03/23/17Locking cargo tie-down
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03/23/17Dome light assembly with integral removable lamp unit for use in emergencies
03/23/17Tactical threat assessor for a vehicle
03/23/17Cargo management system incorporating a dynamic load floor and a swing arm assembly
03/23/17Cup holder-compatible console tray
03/23/17Blow molded load floors
03/23/17Method and secure pairing based on fob presence
03/23/17Autonomous vehicle unauthorized passenger or object detection
03/23/17Methods and system for transitioning between control modes while creeping
03/23/17Inhibit engine pull-down based on past driving history
03/23/17Method and system for controlling shifting of a vehicle in cruise control
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03/23/17Parking feature multi-function tilt knob
03/23/17Vehicle sill reinforcement
03/23/17Bowtie shaped roof bow
03/23/17Retractable striker cover assembly for vehicle
03/23/17Exhaust runner collar
03/23/17System and methods for cold starting an internal combustion engine
03/23/17System and methods for preventing hydrocarbon breakthrough emissions
03/23/17Method for humidity measurement enablement
03/23/17Methods and system for improving vehicle operation
03/23/17Method and system for selecting a cylinder for engine starting
03/23/17Bidirectional valved aspirator for surge control and vacuum generation
03/23/17Method for pre-ignition control
03/23/17Face-spline drive element with axial retainer mechanism
03/23/17Terrain adaptive shift scheduling
03/23/17System and method to provide lubrication for a plug-in hybrid
03/23/17High speed, flexible pretreatment process measurement scanner
03/23/17Vehicle trailer angle detection system and method
03/23/17Virtual, road-surface-perception test bed
03/23/17Fob with increased power level from hand-antenna coupling
03/23/17Formulating lane level routing plans
03/23/17Temperature regulation of an inductor assembly
03/23/17Bracket attachment structure with fault folds
03/23/17Battery cell venting system for electrified vehicle batteries
03/23/17Battery pack flow control system with fan assembly
03/23/17Battery pack flow control method
03/23/17Apparatus and initiating an emergency call using a personal communication device
03/16/17Method of forming extruded tubing for vehicle body component
03/16/17Active vehicle suspension
03/16/17System for determining clearance of approaching overhead structure
03/16/17Floor mat with intelligent control system to remove moisture
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03/16/17Auxiliary utility duct for a vehicle
03/16/17Integration of add-on interior modules into driver user interface
03/16/17Diagnosing a pressure sensor in a vehicle body structure
03/16/17Vehicle information display and method
03/16/17Electric or hybrid vehicle battery pack voltage measurement functional assessment and redundancy
03/16/17Hybrid vehicle and conditioning a vehicle battery
03/16/17Vehicle 2nd and 3rd row seat adjustment based on anthropometric characteristics of 2nd and 3rd row rear passenger
03/16/17Beverage cup holder convertible to self-venting ash tray
03/16/17Cargo tie-down assembly
03/16/17Illuminated indicator
03/16/17Illuminated latch system
03/16/17Collapsible storage bin for a motor vehicle
03/16/17Vehicle roof impact absorbing apparatus including a deployable device
03/16/17Airbag assembly including depressed region below steering column
03/16/17Overhead side air curtain protective barrier
03/16/17Side airbag including forward facing vent
03/16/17Side airbag includin forward facing vent
03/16/17Methods and systems for starting a vehicle
03/16/17Enhanced electric drive mode having predicted destinations to reduce engine starts
03/16/17Electric creep torque control in vehicles having a manual/mechanical transmission
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03/16/17Method and device for operating a motor vehicle
03/16/17Park out assist
03/16/17Method for automatically adapting acceleration in a motor vehicle
03/16/17Method and adaptive drive control including fuel-economic mode engagement
03/16/17Apparatus and controlling motor vehicle movement
03/16/17Traffic light anticipation
03/16/17Preconditioning for vehicle subsystems
03/16/17Guidance system for a vehicle reversing a trailer along an intended backing path
03/16/17Energy transferring apparatus of a vehicle
03/16/17Electric cycle
03/16/17Vehicle unlocking systems and methods
03/16/17Electronic interior door release system
03/16/17Mounting and aligning a vehicle side door motor within the current bill of process
03/16/17Regenerative braking power to operate vehicle electric heater
03/16/17System for sensing particulate matter
03/16/17Oil maintenance strategy for electrified vehicles
03/16/17Method and system for surge control
03/16/17Lubrication circuit and forming
03/16/17Internal combustion engine having structural frame
03/16/17Methods and systems for diagnosing an intake oxygen sensor based on pressure
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03/16/17Intake manifold with impact stress concentrator
03/16/17Turbocharger compressor noise reduction system and method
03/16/17Pin bracket and valve assembly employing the same
03/16/17Flexible and stress compensating fuel line connector
03/16/17Method and electric vehicle trip and recharge planning
03/16/17Windscreen display system
03/16/17Vehicle radar perception and localization
03/16/17Vehicle positioning system
03/16/17Methods and systems to synchronize vehicle settings via a home network connection
03/16/17Sensor-data generation in virtual driving environment
03/16/17Method and advertising utilizing dedicated short range communication
03/16/17Array frame design for electrified vehicle battery arrays
03/16/17Cold plate assembly for electrified vehicle battery packs
03/16/17Vehicle traction battery assembly
03/16/17Method and processing audio signals
03/09/17Vehicle hvac system with auxiliary coolant loop for heating and cooling vehicle interior
03/09/17Vehicle hvac system with auxiliary coolant loop for heating and cooling vehicle interior
03/09/17Vehicle fuel filler assembly
03/09/17Method for a hybrid vehicle
03/09/17Single wire torsion-limiting lower seat anchorage
03/09/17Bladder system for vehicle seating assembly
03/09/17Cup holder retainer incorporating an integral preloaded retainer clip
03/09/17Automotive exterior lamp assembly with charge port
03/09/17Automatic vehicle lighting control
03/09/17Methods and systems for a vehicle computing system to wirelessly communicate data
03/09/17Side pillar air curtain guide
03/09/17Composite subframe detachment
03/09/17Method and system to operate a compressor for an engine
03/09/17Method and system for identification and mitigation of air-fuel ratio imbalance
03/09/17Leaky injector mitigation action for vehicles during idle stop
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03/09/17Cylinder head for an internal combustion engine
03/09/17Systems and methods for evaporative emissions testing
03/09/17Systems and methods for dedicated egr cylinder exhaust gas temperature control
03/09/17Intake manifold retention bracket for long-short-runner-control
03/09/17Vehicle hvac system with combination heat exchanger for heating and cooling vehicle interior
03/09/17Method and recommending power-saving vehicular utilization changes
03/09/17Device and measuring powertrain backlash
03/09/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing
03/09/17Isolated differential voltage probe for emi noise source
03/09/17Symmetrical reference personal device location tracking
03/02/17Vehicle blind spot system operation with trailer tow
03/02/17Adjustable stamping die
03/02/17Wheel anti-theft system
03/02/17Method of controlling a cabin temperature of a hybrid or a start-stop equipped vehicle
03/02/17Motor vehicle ventilation device
03/02/17Door trim panel for energy absorption
03/02/17Vehicle power system
03/02/17Electric or hybrid vehicle battery pack voltage measurement
03/02/17Integrated seatback storage
03/02/17Vehicle storage assembly
03/02/17Vehicle interior trim assembly and forming the same
03/02/17In-vehicle control location
03/02/17Protective structures for air sensors in a vehicle body structure
03/02/17Vehicle occupant safety system
03/02/17Aberrant driver classification and reporting
03/02/17Multi-purpose, dual side tape with pull-down peel tab
03/02/17Plasma vapor deposited (pvd) coating process
03/02/17Gesture-activated hood release system
03/02/17Method and system for exhaust particulate matter sensing

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